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tv   News  RT  September 19, 2019 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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u.s. security chiefs discuss potential action against iran after saudi arabia claims to iran was behind the recent bombing of its oil refineries. a global security body in supposed says at least a dozen suspected terrorists have entered europe by crossing the mediterranean. powers failed to agree on a ceasefire for syria's live province and russia and the us clash at the un over how to deal with terrorists in the area. and human rights watch reveals thousands of children in nigeria have been detained in a counterterrorist crackdown we hear from the british. they describe severely overcrowded cells with 250 or 300 detainees packed into
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a stone that was 10 meters by 10 liters. you're watching the altie international i'm whereas on a lot could welcome to the program. the u.s. secretary of state might pump a 0 has accused iran of an act of war against saudi arabia following the recent bombing of saudi oil refineries top u.s. security officials met on thursday to discuss possible military options against iran which denies any involvement in the attack meanwhile president trump says he still hoping for a peaceful solution. i mean you may have some very strong here who will see what happens a lot of things could happen if we can have a peaceful solution that's good it's possible that that won't happen my pompei is currently on a middle east tour trying to shore up support for action against iran the u.s.
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says it is confident iran was behind saturday's drone and missile strikes on saudi oil facilities artie's merde gas deal of looks at what evidence has been presented so far it has been decided that iran did it and that started opinion finding with the result of an investigation it's a decision guilty secretary to gather any new evidence that shows who was behind the attacks and do you think you have a slam dunk case to bring to the u.n. next week. i think it's abundantly clear and there is an enormous consensus in the region that we know precisely who conducted these attacks was iran i didn't hear anybody in the region who doubted that for a single mom trub is doing what trump does best signing pieces of paper bringing to bear a slew of new sanctions against iran to come into effect within 48 hours
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and it isn't done and we'll see what happens we'll see what happens i think we have a lot of good capital and we have to do something we'll do it without hesitation the americans who weren't attacked of already decided what happened then who is guilty the saudis who were attacked and have all the day bri and bits and pieces of the missiles are still working on technicalities like evidence and proof let that sink in. the attack did not originate from yemen the attack was launched from the move and was unquestioned be sponsored by iran it's not in the range of yemen's capabilities if it was them who conducted the attack this is one of the missiles we have recovered and we have information that leads us to the source these kind of components were made in iran so what they found is the weapons were allegedly
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made with iranian components they were fired from the north in the direction of iran and its neighbors so cutting to the chase it was iran that's what you're going to say right. the rain regime and the i.r.g.c. are trying to hide any evidence of the components and the technology i'm sure we will spot a launch site we're working and whoever is responsible about it will take the accountability not once during the presentation that the saudis specifically say that iran did it and there's no love lost if they could they would say it but technicalities but saudi arabia won't do brave journalists will too happy to undeniable evidence of a reign in aggression it almost has the fingerprints of the revolutionary guard in its influence over the hutu rebels tonight u.s.
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intelligence indicates the unprecedented attack on saudi oil fields originated from around our top intelligence officials think iran did it and so does our top an intelligence official donald trump course 1 may ask what on earth saudi defenses were doing at the time they've got the 3rd biggest military budget on earth one of america's best clients the country's livid with patriot and other anti missile systems $80000000000.00 a year should protect you from a score of drones and missiles no. the news conference from the saudi arabian defense ministries press secretary is a catastrophe for saudi arabia they've shown they cannot prove or know exactly when the cruise missiles and drones were made from exactly with that attack was launched or why a defense systems could not prevent that attack the only thing that might be iranian related is that maybe some of the equipment some of the technology that the who
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these have might have been incorporated into the attack but why why or why is anyone complaining especially the saudis since the u.s. has been providing the bombs and the aircraft to the saudis to bomb yemen for 4 years so the who with these or just responded back then again to those saying it's iran because there are alleged iranian components in the day bri doesn't that mean that the u.s. is responsible for horrific massacre in yemen i mean sure saudi arabia dropped the bombs but those say made in the united states more likely than not arabia has been clearing the shelves of american arms manufacturers recently by this logic is new need to investigate to collect evidence it's american bombs it has got to be america for.
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an entire country reduced to misery and pain untold thousands dead more to die but you know what it's the oil refinery in saudi arabia the book wires vengeance. meanwhile iranian foreign minister mohammad javad zarif has warned that any strike against iran by the us all saudi arabia would lead to all out war the un has sent a team of experts to saudi arabia to investigate the refinery bombing russia too has underlined the necessity for an unbiased probe. of abuse and it is important to make the investigation objective details are numb biased as the allegations against iran that are not backed up by facts do not help the situation only intensify tensions in the region where the risk of confrontation is already highs on the
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drone strikes have highlighted potential weaknesses in saudi arabia's air defenses the country has spent billions of dollars on the us patriot system which can detect and shoot down incoming missiles an enemy aircraft however the drones managed to get past a whole cluster of patriot systems which you can see on this map middle east expert ali rizk believes the case demonstrates the failure of u.s. and saudi arabian anti-missile systems. well i think these attacks expose the limits of the capabilities of both the united states and saudi arabia and i think that the conclusion which has to be reached by the trumpet ministration is that it can no longer continue to support this war in yemen but rather it has to go into talks or enter some kind of a diplomatic process in order to put an end to this situation there's been numerous attempts they've been u.n. mediations they've been other diplomatic initiatives all of it has failed the other
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states the trumpet ministration has in fact doubled down on its support for the war on the amman so i think that the many who thieves were given no choice but to escalate attacks with the aim of forcing the enemy to bell down and to put a stop to this war and to find some kind of mother another supplement a peaceful settlement for the conflict that we have in fact seen the trunk administration and sanctions or this talk now about cyber attacks which could target their own but as for all out war i think that is very unlikely. after an almost 2 month long large scale maritime operation the global security body interpol says it's detected at least a dozen suspected foreign terrorist fighters who've entered europe by crossing the mediterranean seanad debate he has more. this is operation she she the idea is it to look for threats posed by foreign terrorists fighters who may
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be using maritime routes so forcing them at training in attempts to get into the showing the area into the european union interpol of said that during the oprah show in the summer there were so one point she would 1000000 checks that took place this is checks that just looking at people's legal documents making sure that they all who they say they are and they see as a result of all of those checks they intercepted 12 individuals who they believe all potential terrorists interpol says it's always only god when information is shared between regions via into pools networks of the global level and every check border control or random search is a potential break in the terror investigation while no further details have been released about those individuals such as where they're from or indeed which works they use are trying to get into the european union but many will be concerned that
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this is yet another element to this the only issue of immigration the e.u. leaders are yet to agree a way forward on we know ministers will meet next week to discuss that but countries such as italy and greece and rome said that they are shown during the heavy burden and they've asked for other european countries to do more to help out and there is this concern that although the numbers in the last 3 years have been declining in the last few days there has been a shopping crease in areas such as greece leading to see is that they could be another spike yet again the migration present michael was in italy on wednesday evening to meet the prime minister just sepic own sake and he said that it is time to listen to those countries on the up should the new european union is not shown enough solidarity with the countries of 1st arrival particularly italy but france is ready. move forward on this point i hope that together we can work towards a new stronger a more united solution i believe that here too we can defend
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a common position with the new european commission so that all countries can put to support me in some form of european solidarity in this area or be penalized financially and it's not just how to deal with the sheer number of migrants that europe has seen coming into the continent over the last 2 years it's also about what they do when they hear and we know that the commissioner designate for the european union this level delay is going to have to deal with a she's already been criticised the some of the things that she's put in place just in the last week or so she announced that the commission of that would be looking off to the brief of immigration i would be called the commissioner for the european way of life some accusing her of the using fractious rhetorical with that title including the president. who said he just didn't agree with the idea of this title
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so an issue of immigration many elements to it and it looks like it's far from over and it's something that european union leaders and also their ministers will be discussing for many months to come. now and some rather headline news the un security council has rejected to draft resolutions on the humanitarian crisis in the syrian province of idlib failing to find consensus on key points of disagreement between russia and the us are these kind of mopin explains why the un is against running headfirst into brick walls when it comes to syria. the 15 member body that leads the united nations convened a meeting and at that meeting 2 resolutions were put forward now one resolution was backed by germany kuwait and belgium and that resolution was vetoed by russia and china then a joint resolution from russia and china regarding it was put forward and that resolution was also rejected vetoed by members of the security council so what was
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the difference between these 2 resolutions regarding the situation well both sides and both different resolutions called for a cease fire there is universal agreement that there needs to be a ceasefire in live now the russian representative explained the point of disagreement between the united states and russia regarding the draft resolution while the united states seems to advocate an entire total cease fire russia argued there should not be protection for terrorist organizations and that anti terror operations should continue here's some of the disagreement we heard between the united states and russia at the security council look. unfortunately the content of the draft on the course of the work on it is a clear indication of the real objective of our colleagues which is to save the international terrorists in from their final defeat and put the blame of what's happened their own rusher in syria rushes to veto of today's resolution. 13th
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veto in syria represents yet another attempt to absolve itself in the assad regime of their culpability in the deaths of thousands of syrian men women and children as the debate ensued it became pretty clear that there was pretty solid disagreement about what was designated as a terrorist and what was designated as just syrian opposition now the russian representative said that the the proposal and the draft resolution put forward by kuwait germany and belgium was going. to be vetoed it was very clear that russia would veto that resolution before it was put forward but it seems that rather than trying to reach a solution that is agreeable to all parties the desire as as according to the russian representative other desire is simply to blame russia for the continued situation in the breaching of the ceasefire rather than reaching an agreement that could actually stick so different views of the situation is presented by different
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countries at the u.n. security council no resolution was passed both of them were rejected thousands of children have reportedly been detained in an anti terror campaign in one area will have that story i'm all after this short break. in a world of big partisan through the mob and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that made history video refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the back and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now we're watching closely for watching the hawks. what politicians to do
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something to. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. for something i want to press. you to go right to the press this is what the korean people are. interested always in the why. question. welcome back the leader of the israeli opposition insists that he will head a unity government not benjamin netanyahu that's off to the prime minister's ball and the opposition both failed to win a majority in
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a snap election. according to the election commission we have received $33.00 seats and netanyahu did not achieve the bloc that he had hoped to achieve citizens of israel wanted a unity government even after previous elections and they want it now i was talking about it almost for the whole year i intend to create a wide unity government with me is the leader. i was surprised and disappointed by the fact that as of now benny gantz still refuses my call to meet the president called for unity and without a meeting between the 2 major party leaders a unity government cannot be formed. the opposition latest statement comes after netanyahu asked him to form a coalition with 97 percent of the vote now counted netanyahu center right bloc is 2 seats behind the center left the white alliance on wednesday the prime minister added that if he doesn't leave the government it will be quote dangerous and receive its mandate from the arab parties but we spoke to
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a diplomatic analyst who thinks there will be a struggle for leadership of a coalition. netanyahu is somewhat disappointment that guns is refusing even to meet him so we are quite skeptical phase now there's never going to be a 3rd round here 9999.0 percent certain here i think we are going for as said by those 2 leaders for a coalition unity government and now here everyone they think just is trying to play the tough guy here who is going to be the one who will get the mandate to be the leader who will serve under whom by any by any position by all sort of by this ministry by this portfolio in the negotiation psychology here that's the main thing i'm seeing here behind the scenes. in other news this hour a u.s. drone strike has killed 30 civilians in eastern afghanistan according to local officials the victims believed to be farmers who were working on an up to
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plantation a spokesman for u.s. forces says the raid was intended to hit an islamic state hideout u.s. forces conducted a drone strike against terrorists it. with fighting in a complex environment against those who intentionally kill and hide behind civilians as well as use dishonest claims of noncombatant casualties as propaganda weapons we're aware of the allegations of the death of noncombatants are working with local authorities to determine the facts to ensure this is not a ploy to deflect attention from the civilians murdered by the taliban that a hospital in zabol. the taliban bombing mentioned there happened in southern afghanistan earlier on thursday a car blew up outside a hospital killing at least 20 people the taliban has carried out almost daily attacks since peace talks with the us collapsed earlier this month and amnesty international has voiced alarm over the devastating impact on civilians. on yet another deadly day in afghanistan once again it is civilians who bear the brunt of
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the violence involving armed groups the afghan government and their burkas in the u.s. military that a u.s. drone strike proposed he target in iceland militants could instead resulted the deaths of cause a pharmacy is unacceptable and suggests a shocking disregard for civilian life. and we spoke to a conflict and peace studies and research based in the country he says the afghan government needs to step in to prevent further bloodshed therefore government is often silent when it comes to civilian casualties particularly. by the international forces so i think this is this is a serious problem in and if it continues it will widen the gap between the of one. population in the garment and at the same time create more enemies for the. american forces it's the responsibility of all parties the afghan government the
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americans and the taliban to resume negotiations i think everybody here has a stake and are responsible for what's happening in afghanistan in the last then the in for the killing of afghans that are losing their lives. and anti terrorist crackdown in nigeria has led to thousands of children being detained and that's according to a new report from human rights watch we spoke to them about their findings. since 2013 nigeria has detained about 3600 children and in june a human rights watch went to the northeast of nigeria where boko haram is most active and we interviewed more than 30 children who had been detained the vast majority of these children were never charged with a crime in fact they were never taken to court they never had the opportunity to see a judge the children were denied contact with their families and held in horrible
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conditions they described so little space that they couldn't turn over at night they were you know piled one next to the other they described it like being razor blades in a pack many of them something began losing hope that they would ever be released some thought that they would die in detention children as young as 5 were reportedly held in overcrowded military detention facilities on little or no evidence they spend months even years there without charge with reports of sexual physical and mental abuse as well as overcrowding the children have been accused of involvement with the on terrorist group boko haram the radical islamist organization is based in north east in the ceria and carries out suicide bombings as well as armed assaults throughout west africa and 2015 boko haram pledged allegiance to islamic state many of the imprisoned children were rounded up by nigerian authorities during military operations against the group. they are smee if
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i was a member of booker her and beat me up when i said no they tied my hands and legs and hung me to a tree and continued to flow camy they flogged me and left me tied to the tree from morning to evening one person from my village was killed during the interrogation if you make a noise if you drink water without asking them if you go toward the door to get fresh air they beat you. the soldiers had girlfriends one of the girls from our village was a girl friend of a soldier she would usually take her out of the compound some leaders got pregnant in the cell and delivered while i was there. nigerian authorities have released over 2000 children from detention centers 2013 nearly all of whom had been held without charge it's not known at this point how many of them remain in custody joe back again says the government should make more efforts to release them nobody knows the current number of children who may still be in military custody nigerian
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authorities do not allow the actions or independent organizations like human rights watch to access the military detention centers but what human rights watch is calling for is that nigerian authorities release any remaining children in military detention and transfer them to civilian protection authorities so that they can receive rehabilitation help or unifying with their families and reintegrating into their communities. the nigerian military denies the allegations made in the report saying the children were kept in secure areas and are adequately cared for and we've also nigerian ministry of justice for comment and they have yet to respond. well that's your news update will be back here in about 30 minutes time with more headlines from around the world will see that.
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exit from it's happening. big countries accumulate big positions and go that's an exit problem. because we know that over the past 300 years no fia body have survived. and. that he. was. going to do. the falls so.
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you can sleep. with bullets of. something. you're going to do with the british. so could i mean she's on that sound a soft spot the mouthpiece down this time i don't. need to promote. the state to continue with little to show she could pull the ripples from the way. for. israel's parliamentary elections to begin ended in deadlock feel after it is divided divided on the political right sitting prime minister benjamin netanyahu says it's either my right wing blog or a dangerous backed government how does this kind of rhetoric bode for the palestinians and middle east ability.
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enter. women's civilian world and rape is a very very traumatizing thing to have happen but i've never seen trauma like i've seen from women who are veterans who suffered military sexual trauma. i cannot remember how many times a young female marine that had been raped or sexually assaulted had told me that she looked at these guys as your brother or the suspect as your brother it's a kin to what happens in a family with incest. because you know in the military when we're functioning at our best a cohesive unit with brothers and sisters of the band of brothers and sisters i mean we are family when that ball and of trust is violated. the wound penetrates to the very most inner part of one's soul one
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psyche. i have this folder that i keep i have all my boot camp letters and if my mom and my sister and . people and. i was just going through some of this stuff and i'm like what's the you know i opened it up i'm like oh my god. my suicide letter. bomb i'm sorry for the grease that you must feel. just because i'm gone physically doesn't mean i will be there spiritually i truly feel that god will take me without question even though i took my own life. i've had the most broken thoughts of dreams and physical pain to remind me of the her if it acts upon me that happened while a duty a mother brother sister and husband should never live with knowing the horrible acts upon me find peace in knowing that my that the body left behind doesn't
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consume my soul i am free now and i'm not afraid. ready to soar corded and you know . i took a whole bottle of pills and woke up strangely enough i'm not sure why. i at that point in my life i just wanted to be over. and think i was 2021 and then. within the next year i tried again i went out into the garage which. up from the house and i turn the car on. the car and fix it myself and we have a little pool blondie one out a little doggie door and she scratching and helling at the door to shut up to me going to wake my wife up so i get out shut the car for i thought for a minute i'll just take her in the garage with me and then i says why would you kill a dog that's stupid and then then it dawned on me or what.


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