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tv   News  RT  September 22, 2019 11:00am-11:31am EDT

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in the stories that shaped the week here on r.t.e. tensions escalate in the gulf with the u.s. sending troops to saudi arabia and imposing new sanctions on iran over terror an alleged attack on an oil facility. plus more chaos in hong kong where anti beijing protesters clashed with police respond with rubber bullets and tear gas. deadlock in israel after a 2nd election failed to give any side a majority to form a government post prime minister benjamin netanyahu and his main rival battling to lead any coalition. and thousands of children as young as 5 have been held
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without charge in cramped detention centers in nigeria human rights watch says the arrests were made as part of an anti terror crackdown. he described severely overcrowded cells 250 or 300 detainees packed into that was 10 metres apart to be yours. welcome to the weekly here when are to international where we bring you the top stories in the past week. the iranian president says he wants gulf nations to work together to provide security in the region that comes after his country standoff with the u.s. intensified this week washington accused iran of being behind a drone attack on an oil refinery in saudi arabia and made this pledge of support to riyadh. the president has approved the deployment of u.s. forces which will be defensive in nature and primarily focused on air and missile defense we will also work to accelerate the delivery of military equipment to the
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kingdom of saudi arabia and the u.a.e. to enhance their ability to defend themselves it is clear that even the saudis themselves don't believe the fiction of the raney an involvement the drone and missile attacks were claimed by who think rebels in yemen on friday saudi forces launched several air strikes near the yemeni port city of hadera a saudi coalition spokesperson said the goal was to prevent the rebels from launching remote controlled assaults on shipping in the red sea at the saudis and the u.s. still blaming iran for the attack on the oil facility. gusti of has more. it has been decided that iran did it and that started opinion will find it will the result of an investigation that's a decision guilty secretary to gather any new evidence that shows who is behind the attacks and do you think it is slam dunk case to bring to the un next week. i think it's abundantly clear and there is an enormous consensus in the region that we know
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precisely who conducted these attacks was iran i didn't hear anybody in the region who doubted that for a single mom trub is doing what trump does best signing pieces of paper bringing to bear a slew of new sanctions against iran but these are the highest sanctions ever imposed on a country we've never done it to this level. and it's too bad what's happening with iran it's going to hell the americans who weren't attacked of already decided what happened then who is guilty the saudis who were attacked and have all the day bri and bits and pieces of the missiles still working on technicalities like evidence and proof let that sink in. the attack did not originate from yemen the attack was launched from the north and was unquestioned be sponsored by iran
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it's not in the range of yemen's capabilities if it was them who conducted the attack this is one of the missiles we have recovered and we have information that leads us to the source of these kind of components were made in iran. so what they found is the weapons were allegedly made with components they were fired from the north the direction of iran and its neighbors so cutting to the chase it was iran that's what you're going to say right not once during the presentation did the saudis specifically say that iran did it 1 may ask what on earth saudi defenses were doing at the time they've got the 3rd biggest military budgets on earth but of america's best clients the countries lifted with patriot and other anti missile systems $80000000000.00 a year should protect you from a score of drones and missiles no the only thing that might be iranian related is
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that maybe some of the equipment some of the technology that the who these have might have been incorporated into the attack but why why or why is anyone complaining especially the saudis since the us has been providing the bombs and the aircraft to the saudis to bomb yemen for 4 years so the who with these are just responding back then again to those saying it's iran because they're alleged iranian components in the daily brief doesn't that mean that the u.s. is responsible for her refit massacres in yemen i mean sure saudi arabia dropped the bombs but those say made in the united states more likely than not has been clearing the shelves of american arms manufacturers recently by this logic is new need to investigate to collect evidence it's american bombs it has got to be
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america. and. an entire country reduced to misery and paid untold thousands dead more to die but you know what it's the oil refinery in saudi arabia the book was vengeance. and beijing activists in hong kong have staged another protest some autonomous chinese territory is in the grip of a 16th consecutive weekend of demonstrations and unrest the protesters have been waving american flags and destroying chinese ones on saturday police in the city used tear gas and rubber bullets all writers threw molotov cocktails and started fires in the streets.
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back on tuesday and leading name in the hong kong protest movement appealed to u.s. lawmakers in congress joshua long ones them to pass a bill that would see greater u.s. support for home. hong kong special status under american law that bans on the city being treated as a separate customs area beijing should not have it both ways wrapping all the economy benefit of hong kong standing in the world while erosion of our freedom this is the most important reason why the hong kong human rights and democracy act and just to vote some throws off hong kong civil society. has a prominent student activist who organizes protests against the chinese government
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in support of hong kong's independence the 22 year old is also the leader of the pro-democracy party and. he's already served several jail terms for his activities interest on them explains why once planned for us supervision over hong kong may backfire. they are many they've won the fight with the authorities by early submission but they are anything but done the american flag waving taskforce among the hong kong protesters are sending their poster boy to convince us legislators to do something big on autonomy. well for those of you having difficulty making out the absence of this boilerplate script it's the human rights and democracy act and it's meant to show beijing that the u.s. is serious about fighting for hong kong's rights the united states must make clear
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to china that its interference in hong kong affairs will have consequences this month we must possibly cameron bipartisan on consumer rights and democracy act the bill was devised in response to what the u.s. has been calling a chinese infringement on the region's autonomy and requires for america to review own homes special status annually and if that status is ever revoked the region's autonomy would not so much been friendly to but rather new to dust since the early ninety's hong kong has been enjoying huge advantages for wearing washington's special status badge. and some believe that a small yet vocal group of protesters is laying an explosive tripwire for the whole
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region which will not enjoy the konami chain reaction if it's ever triggered in a way that is they've just signal the biggest orderly in the world without us this city will always just ordered. it's going to hold a great deal but it's not just the whole portly there are thousands of united states. and it would likewise be affected of course it's a political war because. it's only or percent of china's economy he was the. head of the deal years ago in be a kind of tool more as far as equality is also. it's now but this isn't on the other hand of course we like we wish the one country this is the sea so as to help china with the international isolation that really 'd the. whole
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american legislators see the bill is designed to punish mainland china specifically as protesters want. but while the end goal may very well be punishing beijing in pursuit of a geo political supremacy washington my just overlook the collateral damage. the israeli president is intervening to break the deadlock around the formation of a new government he's initiated 2 days of crunch talks of prime minister benjamin netanyahu and his main rival benny gantz both want to head a coalition after snap elections fail to return majority. according to the election commission we have received $33.00 seats and netanyahu did not achieve the bloc that he had hoped to achieve citizens of israel want to the unity government even after previous elections and they want to now i was talking about it almost for the whole year. why do you need to government with me as the leader. i was
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surprised and disappointed by the fact that as of now benny gantz still refuses my cool to meet the president called for unity and without a meeting between the 2 major party leaders a unity government cannot be formed israel faces the prospect of a 3rd round of elections and less than a year of an agreement between the blocs is not reached kansas center left blue and white alliance won $33.00 seats on the yahoos a center right party was just behind that a bloc of arab parties known as joint lists came 3rd the block gained 5 more seats than in the previous election posing a major threat to netanyahu his party as it could enter into a coalition with gangs that thought that was spurred in part by the yahoos inflammatory remarks about arab districts and their potential for voter fraud that led to a spike in arab voter turnout which hit around 59 percent the leader of the arab joint listen alliance said the outcome of the election that was the price of incitement political analyst michel barack believes netanyahu has personally
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destroyed his own political career. the ironic thing is the last election which was a few months ago and it's you know had really all the options in the world he could have formed a right of center government a narrow one with about 61 seats or he could have sat down with benny gantz and had a unity government with 70 and added more parties he chose to do neither he wasn't successful and either called for new elections now what it appears is i would say it's the final countdown to the end of the career of that and you know he's talking about a narrow right of center zionist government you know a narrow government and benny gantz is sounding like a leader unifying the people the will of the people he's going to talk to all the parties most of the parties that have run from the left blue and white to the labor party to the democratic camp party all of them has said we'll join a national unity government with the likud even we just won't do it with nets and you know and you know for most israeli politicians and many and many of the israeli people is damaged goods. social media giant facebook is apparently undergoing an
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identity crisis it's changed the way describes itself from a platform to a publisher and that could have major consequences and they recently the case facebook claimed it was a publisher insisting it has the right to ban whoever it once but that would also make it liable for what goes out on its platform responsibility its previously tried to dodge it between go has more snow water have we got here. that's better. plaintive ultra right activist laura luma who was taken off pretty much all major online platforms defendant facebook one of the giants which kicked her out we carefully flicked through these court papers which the defendant filed could fly and bury the lawsuit and here's what really caught the eye. to the extent miss lewis claimed targets facebook's decision to deactivate her accounts it
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is also deficient on the well established law need to facebook nor any of the publish it can be liable for failing to publish someone else's message 1st amendment provides absolute protection for such decisions what was it again neither facebook nor any other publisher protection by the 1st amendment so in this particular case the lawyers of sucking co are happy to legally refer to their social network as up publisher digging a bit deeper will reveal facebook has done that in the past as well when last year and app startup was crossing swords with facebook in court this is what came from the network spent the thought discretion is if 3 speechwriter respect to what technological means is used so is it just me or something's wrong with how the platform we use every day identifies itself because when facebook bosses take questions in other places it seems they always try to distance themselves from the
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notion publisher which are you are you a tech company or are you the world's largest publisher because i think that goes to a really important question on what form of regulation or government action if any we would take. senator this is. a really big question i view us as a tech company because the primary thing that we do is build technology and products are you responsible for your content which make exactly on of a publisher. well i agree that we're responsible for the content we don't produce the content and that's been the message for quite a while. we are a tech company not a media company. i do think we have to be the publisher and we definitely don't want to be the arbiter of the truth now just imagine what kind of legal trouble the tech giant may put itself in if it becomes universally recognized the company mr zuckerberg is running is a publisher not just
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a tech platform are they really ready to be responsible for anything disturbing more outright criminal that gets posted under the blue logo the examples have been out there in abundance. the way or what if simply someone decides to lawyer and bully me with all kinds of offensive stuff right on facebook should i then also follow defamation suit against the network because they as a publisher alloted it's well known you can't have a cake and eat it at the same time will probably unless your last name is sucker berg we've asked facebook to respond to this story so far they have not commented still to come millions of people walked out of work this week as part of
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a global climate strike to manning urgent action over carbon emissions that story and more after the break. let me make this manufactured consent to public wealth. when the ruling class is some project themselves. the flaming. lips and neither one. nor middle of the room sit. to lose any more you mean. the world is driven by dreamers shaped by one person or those with.
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their dares thinks. we dare to ask. welcome back to the weekly a long term crackdown on terrorists in nigeria has seen thousands of children being detained that's according to human rights watch we spoke to one of those behind the report. since 2013 nigeria has detained about 3600 children and in june a human rights watch went to the northeast of nigeria where boko haram is most active and we interviewed more than 30 children who had been detained the vast
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majority of these children were never charged with a crime in fact they were never taken to court they never had the opportunity to see a judge the children were denied contact with their families and held in orrible conditions they described so little space that they couldn't turn over at night they were you know piled one next to the other they described it like the razor blades in a pack many of them something began losing hope that they would ever be released some felt that they would die in detention children as young as 5 are reportedly held in overcrowded facilities spending months or even years there they were frequent reports of sexual physical add mental abuse the children have been accused of involvement with the boko haram terror group they radical islamist organization is based in northeastern nigeria that carries out attacks throughout west africa in 2015 a pledge allegiance to islamic state many of the in present children were rounded
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up during military operations against the group. they are asked me if i was a member of booker her and beat me up when i said no they tied my hands and legs and hung me to a tree and continued to flog me they flogged me and left me tied to the tree from morning till evening one person from my village was killed during the interrogation if you make a noise if you drink water without asking them if you go toward the door to get fresh air they beat you. the soldiers had girlfriends one of the girls from our village was a girl friend of a soldier she would usually take her out of the compound some leaders got pregnant in the cell and delivered while i was there. more than 2000 children have been released from detention centers 2013 but joe becker again believes more effort should be made to free those still being held without charge. nobody knows the current number of children may still be in military custody nigerian authorities do
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not allow the united nations or independent organizations like human rights watch to access the military detention centers but what human rights watch is calling for is that nigerian authorities release any remaining children in military detention and transfer them to civilian child protection authorities so that they can receive rehabilitation and help or unifying with their families and reintegrating into their communities the nigerian military denies the allegations made in the report saying the children are kept in secure areas and are adequately cared for we've asked the nigerian ministry of justice for comment but haven't received any reply. millions around the world took part in a climate strike this week calling for urgent action to reduce greenhouse gases more than 5000 events were held globally from sydney to new delhi new york has been hosting the un climate action summit over this week and demonstrators urged world
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leaders to take immediate action to prevent a global catastrophe one of the topics being discussed is the fires in the amazon something politicians have weighed in on a charlotte devinsky explained. it's an environmentalist would not back wild fully is raging in the amazon destroying the wolves most biodiverse tropical rain forest . our house is burning literally the amazon rainforest the lungs which produce 20 percent of our planet's oxygen is on fire as an international crisis i couldn't agree more manual macro we need to act for the amazon and for our planet talk kids and grandkids accounting on the lines of the entire earth are factored and that's why we need to find common solutions here leaders of the globe's most advanced countries pledged to do more at the g. 7 the heat may have died down but the blame game certainly hasn't with some looking
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closely at where the amazon woos may. europe's financial institutions the companies and the financier is housed in those countries are contributing to the forestation many of these companies are known to have unsuitable practices in their supply chain to be clearing areas for the expansion of agriculture especially pursuing cattle so yeah and cattle ranching account for 80 percent of deforestation major companies such as a.t.m. call gail j.b.s. are being financed by some of us biggest banks including b m p paragraphs don't spank and block walk they not only bankroll the debt they're also major shareholders with a voice in how these companies are run so areas of the amazon are sometimes. to provide all earned for cows to graze or to grow crops to feed life stock these
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european banks are directly building the forestation do it your bank and he black rock in vanguard collectively more than a 1000000000 dollars in debt in just the 3 largest saw in the 3 largest cattle companies operating in brazil these even banks often vocal about this thing ability policies. are also being accused of hypocrisy environmental campaign group amazon watch contacted them about their role in the amazon was fine as well deutsche bank and black orchid didn't respond b.m.p. paragraphs had to say then people rebar has been strengthening insecta policies related to deforestation for several years and is prompting its clients to protect natural ecosystems and preserve biodiversity to the best of their abilities that experts say is just simply not good enough while we have applied
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for it's of things like the peaches street or the seed gardens in their portfolios our research demonstrates that another another process is playing out on the ground they are claiming to protect forests and poorest peoples in their official policies wow fueling the destruction of the amazon their investments. because look this isn't see here that needs to be essentially run to these companies so that they better understand their role and also they can themselves be part of the solution rather than part of the problem without the traceability the accountability of all actors involved including here in europe the fear is that our house will continue to burn. off paris we've also bank to comment on its links to the deforestation of the amazon or bring you any response we get. large scale military drills called center 200-1000 were conducted this week across
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central asia and russia troops from 8 countries took part in china a long time adversaries india and pakistan the goal was to boost cooperation fighting terror groups like islamic state. that's our breakdown of just some of the biggest headlines from the past week for more on those stories and the latest news at our website party dot com.
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so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy. let it be an arms race is clearly a dramatic development the only really i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time time to sit down and talk. you know world of big partisan lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the bad and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the
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middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. the tense situation. in venezuela is still all over the news the problem in venezuela is not that socialism has been poorly implemented but that socialism has been great only implement inside venezuela things look different we're going to announce sanctions against petroleum's to venezuela so as you. famously have a supplemental. person that football data to see on to the. moment. the whole story is a new nixon called in henry kissinger to tell him that it would not be tolerated in latin america an alternative economic and social system could take hold
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and therefore the policy would be to make. the chilean economy scream so wants and making the economy of venezuela scream. i dream of becoming a famous ballerina. still with the crowd mission to think to say. oh it's just right now i really want to dance the cogito and that crank i laugh that i want you. know i've dreamed of being a prima ballerina since i was a child that i'd like to dance solo parts of course but i have no problem dancing in the court about i don't want other ballerinas to be jealous of me to the point of putting glass in my shoes they did that once to a dancer i want everything to be smooth.


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