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tv   News  RT  September 23, 2019 2:00am-2:30am EDT

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the headlines is that the iranian president will unveil his plans for peace in the gulf at the u.n. as the u.s. sends extra forces to the region we canvassed americans about their thoughts on another possible intervention in the middle east. we think iraq was bad or rather be a 100000 times worse i just think we should be less involved in other world affairs no desire for profit with. us democrats say they may try to impeach president donald trump amid allegations he pressured his ukrainian counterpart to find 2020 hopeful joe biden and are saying is it's enough can refugee camp in pakistan where people are desperate to return home the prospect of maybe 2 decades 2 decades of war ending darkened u.s.
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peace talks with the taliban again. we want peace in afghanistan we would be very happy to be able to return to our country we came here to work because the situation in afghanistan is too difficult to live. there good morning just gone 9 o'clock here in moscow you're watching international our top story this hour the iranian president says he will unveil a plan for security in the gulf at the u.n. a san rouhani also warned against foreign powers meddling in the region amid escalating tensions. if foreign powers are sincere in seeking peace and security they must stop deploying dangerous or hers to our region and provoking an arms race they should stay away because their presence is always a pain and misery. while the announcement came after the us said it would send more
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troops to the gulf region that was in response to an attack on saudi oil refineries washington blames iran for the attack something to iran rejects artie's down hawkins looks now at how the standoff could play. iran and the united states go way back a relationship at sea in a coup terrorism sanctions even direct confrontation for over half a century it's hard to find enemies more bitter could we see all out war the question today on the minds of many listening to recent rhetoric you'd certainly think that possibility is growing that if any country wants to attack iran it will seize territory turn into the conflicts main battlefields will never let any war be dragged into iran we will continue until the end we will continue until the full destruction of any aggressor and we will leave no safe place for enemies and that
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was a very large attack. and it could be met with an attack many many times larger very easily by our country the saudis have called for u.s. help after those attacks on its old refineries it seems all those billions spent on u.s. military gadgets weren't enough to keep them safe back in may the u.s. sent an aircraft carrier strike group to the gulf to this latest incident the u.s. was quick to announce another military deployment the president has approved the deployment of u.s. forces which will be defensive in nature and primarily focused on air and missile defense we will also work to accelerate the delivery of military equipment to the kingdom of saudi arabia and the u.a.e. to enhance their ability to defend themselves many see some historical deja vu in this latest move dating back 3 decades at my direction elements of the 82nd airborne division as well as key units of the united states air force are arriving
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today to take up defensive positions in saudi arabia i took this action to assist the saudi arabian government in the defense of its homeland operation desert shield back then protecting these to the of the region and the world's oil markets and supply lines was one key factor but. i'm intervention but much has changed in 3 decades the u.s. is now the world's biggest oil producer protecting gulf oil exports just isn't a priority anymore neither is being in the middle of a war between riyadh and tehran the united states is pursuing its own interests and that is to control the floyd's flow of oil to the world and that means providing oil to its friends and denying oil to its enemies we've seen the united states embargo oil to play countries like syria the sale of oil from iran sudan libya many other places this is about the united states control over the most important commodity in the world that keeps industry going keeps country standing on their
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feet and domestic appetite for sending the boys to a place of sand and death is weak according to a recent poll just 13 percent would support a military intervention to protect the saudis adding a 2nd or 3rd party into that kind of tense scenario doesn't necessarily deescalate things if anything it escalates things even further just so we get into another war like afghanistan or iraq and get stuck over there for another 1015 years we think iraq was bad iran to be 100000 times worse and we would absolutely destroy there i just think we should be less involved in other world affairs no desire for conflict with iran this seems to be a war that neither side wants or at least says they want yet still seem to be on a collision course we have made it very clear that we don't want war we have made it very clear that we don't want escalation making a statement that we don't want war we don't want to engage in
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a military confrontation america 1st has been trumps mantra since before his election campaign ending costly conflicts no more world policeman with analysts warning of the devastating costs of a war with iran the u.s. stands at a crossroads just how high a price are they willing to. paid to meet their objectives the u.s. as we know is now the world's number one oil producer fracking has changed the nature of oil production to in the u.s. and there is an overhang in the oil market so many americans are saying why are we interested in the gulf we don't need saudi oil but you know if the less said the fact of the matter is that oil is not just a product it is leverage over the international community is geostrategic lee important ever since world war 2 the united states has wanted to control energy in the world so the united states is very loath to leave the gulf even though
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it doesn't actually need the oil itself but i throw in the program we visit an afghan refugee camp where people are desperate to return home as u.s. peace talks with the taliban again collapsed in hopes of ending nearly 2 decades of war. u.s. democrats say they may start impeachment proceedings against president don with trump on the back of reports he pressured his ukrainian counterpart to find it on 2020 hopeful by. been very reluctant to go down the path of impeachment but if the president is essentially is trying to browbeat a foreign leader into doing something illicit that is providing dirt on his opponent during a presidential campaign then that may be the only remedy that is co-equal to the evil that that conduct represents well on sunday trump to deny any misconduct while discussing his potential rival during a phone call with the president
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a lot to me that inskeep back in june he also accused the former vice president of corruption tied to his son's business activities in ukraine the phone conversations only just come to light they were after whistleblower claimed that trump solicited help from a foreign leader. reports. you've got to give it to the democrats they're hard working bunch especially when something's related to the biggest pet peeve kalu said but with all attempts over the past 3 years to push trump out of the white house haven't for a bit not new rumors have put the fire back in their bellies urgent complaint about president trump it involves ukraine troubling promise president may have made to a foreign leader years ago 1st got in office were also nervous the donald trump was some sort of sleeper agent who was going to sell america out to a foreign power behind our backs. well throwback thursday no balled into multiple reports of potentially illegal activity new allegations of attempted foreign
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collusion the washington post reported that back in july trump and the newly elected wanted to ms and how did a little chat in which trump asked his ukrainian counterpart to investigate former vice president joe biden and apparently top level whistleblower leaks that trump unethically said he'd be generous with billions worth of american military and intelligence aid if selenski was cooperative whistleblower is under what i can only imagine must be the most. intense pressure sharing anything that is truly sensitive and endangers our national security you're in our world a trouble sounds to see but then things took a slightly disappointing turn the washington post sort of backtracked and admitted that well actually they might have jumped the gun just to listen. one source familiar with the conscience of the phone call so that did not raise the issue of american military and intelligence aid that the administration was at the time withholding from ukraine indicating that there may not be known explicit quid pro
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quo expressed in the conversation but for the desperate damns even the with of a scandal was enough reports of a reliable whistleblower complaint regarding the president's communications with a foreign leader brings grief urgent concerns of our national security when you have the president calling in from other countries and whistleblowers are talking about compromising who has deemed a political enemy this is serious this is very very serious and we have to investigated this is all in the spirit of pursuing justice and protecting the american people from shady political dealings so probably a bit quick that trump was gunning for an investigation into how a bomb as a right hand man biden had pushed for a top ukrainian prosecutor to be fired but hey it's probably just a coincidence that the prosecutor was leading a corruption investigation into a natural gas company that biden's son was linked to biden bragging that he basically blackmailed x. president petro poroshenko into firing the guy isn't that convincing is it i said
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you know i get the 1000000000 i'm going to leave in iraq i think it was about 6 hours i looked as i'm leaving in 6 hours and the prosecutor is not fired you're not getting the money or son of a. fighter no not biden surely not he looks so good in those shorts back in the sixty's he had such a lovable bromance with obama he can't be shady i love joe biden but there is still so much good in this country and joe biden i think represents that the democrats will see him as the best choice voters in the battleground state of wisconsin say they favor by never president trump everyone loves your by if you're trump because an elusive phone call from a secret source reported in a classified document leaked in an article but that corrected itself would be declared hard evidence and bring the year. democrats knocking at your door but if you're the only candidate your party has mustered up that even stands a chance of getting the vote of the american people in 2020 c.d.'s something that's
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up for interpretation and turning a blind eye while no harm no foul this is a barn that basically joe biden has set off himself that's going to i think in the end push him perhaps out of contention it seems very much that the democrats like to shift public opinion away from their misconduct by alleging misconduct of trump and it fools. a large number of people who are not deep divers into details but it's certainly not pulling me and it's not full and i think many other pundits around the world who look at this and say the democrats are just deceiving themselves at this point they opened this can of worms trump didn't bring it up for 1st they brought it up but now that people have brought it back up there are serious questions about what was going on in ukraine i would argue from 2004 forward. involving corrupt elements of both political parties inside our country
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and now that the democrats are brought this up again i believe trump has a megaphone with his twitter account and we're going to get to the bottom of what was really going on in the changing nature of u.s. ukraine and russia relations going to 2004 forward or maybe even further back than that. filmmaker is being sued for his documentary on the section in slaves and careen women and others by japanese troops before and during world war 2. they were not sex slaves they were prostitutes. although not one i want to. i want to think that someone you know. more or born i thought that's what they're. going to cure or want to. come for ladies to more than ask you to. come for a minute shoot has always been a very contentious issue between korea and japan and some people actually think
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it's the most contentious issue between the 2 countries and through my own research i realize that you know my korean friends and japanese friends didn't know certain information i thought if i made a film i could possibly fill in this gap in information and bring more context in hopefully both sides would you know be able to talk about this more productively after the council i'm an issue is very taboo in japan and surprisingly a lot of people like the film i notice a lot of people don't like the film are people who haven't seen the film. or the people who are suing participated in the film and represent the view that there is no direct proof that women were forced into slavery however they claim that their views were distorted and that the filmmaker deceived them into thinking that it was for his academic research they did not think it would result in a commercially released documentary where the phrase comfort women is
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a euphemism for girls who were forced into sex slavery by japanese soldiers in occupied territories at least 200000 young women were made to work in military brothels these women were from across southeast asia but the majority of them were from korea that the japanese government issued a statement about all of this back in 1903 tokyo then admitted responsibility for the sexual coercion of women and apologized to filmmaker mickey to sack a thinks that if his film is censored it would violate his freedom of expression. well i think it's definitely a case of freedom of expression and i think my film if it gets silenced or taken down or you know if they prevent bigger distribution then this is another you know. expression in japan and it's these little tiny digs at freedom of expression that make it really hard for the
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media and people in general to talk about these issues and so it just becomes one of these things where the powerful people get to say what they want to say about the issue and then the people who have an opposing opinion can say anything. still to come from this petition to eliminate sexist definitions from oxford dictionaries reaches more than 30000 signatures we'll have a look at why that's the case just off the book. the world is driven by dreamers shaped by one person with those great.
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dares thinks. we dare to ask. one more make us manufacture consent to public wealth. when the running clubs doesn't protect themselves. the family. certainly don't want. to ignore middle of the room sick. to lose any more you leave. the world.
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alone again the taliban has met china's envoy to afghanistan the meeting in beijing on sunday was aimed at reviving the failed to peace talks with the u.s. donald trump abruptly ended those talks earlier this month after a u.s. soldier was killed in a taliban attack in kabul when aussies poorest slayer visited an afghan refugee camp in pakistan to see how the 2 decades long war has affected people there. i'm here in an afghan refugee camp in the pakistani capital islamabad more than a 1000 families called us home and there was a small percentage of the more than 1000000 afghan refugees who have moved to pakistan in the past 4 decades now they keenly watching developments across the border with the american president donald trump recently announcing that he is withdrawing from secret talks of the taliban and russia stepping up to the mark for people living here what happens in those talks has a direct impact on the lives i'm going to meet them on khan family to see how they
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feel about things among the armies i'm here from afghanistan and we don't have a stable income sometimes and sometimes we don't only our is keeping us alive. we're happy here in afghanistan we had the land and the house we didn't see bread and butter for years. we came here to work because the situation in afghanistan is too bad and it's too difficult to live there we are poor people and we have no limbs and have only god well you know of course we want our children to be well educated and to attend school our family runs a store the market would earn hardly anything i'm suffering from here the titles but i don't have enough money to buy medicine as you can see they don't have very much it's 10 people who live here in 3 mad rooms and they survive by selling fruits and vegetables on the sides of the road shaheen is one of the community leaders how would you say the pakistani government treats afghan refugees afghan refugees live
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slightly better here than it's hard but we don't have full rights we want to have the same rights as pakistanis you know after he gets a driving license or a car we want peace in afghanistan and we will be very happy to be able to return to our country the pakistani prime minister in one can in an interview i did with him said that pakistan is willing to do whatever it needs to do to make sure that the talks in afghanistan work america however needs to send its soldiers. the americans. will have to of course leave understand and i think president trump wants the u.s. soldiers to leave understand this is not a lot more than pakistan can do than what it is already doing which is urging the. only who would it has influence to sit down and talk to the americans which which they have done and also talk to the of one government which they haven't done as yet for the more than 1000000 afghan refugees in pakistan they don't have much but the belief that one day they will return home is something making to. r
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t islamabad the afghan journalist habits and he says that peace talks between the u.s. and the taliban must regime. there's been a whole studios of wonderful jews for the last 4 decades almost. these of use living. the have got more part of pakistani society. or economic interest a financial interest in this country and their dog want to go broke unless this is usually the one islam is peaceful and stable. people for it to get a lot to reach a negotiated settlement of the crisis is behind the scene in communication with the us and also with. the government of the most more of these these talks. all the crisis or political crisis
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solution is no solution. no more than 30000 people have signed a petition urging oxford dictionaries to remove sexist definitions of the word woman among the words oxford cites is synonyms are baggage bit and others have a more crude nature but we spoke to maria of an r.d. who launched the petition to have the words for me. they are sexist because the the use very patronizing language as well as. mentioning and offensive so for example they use sentences such as i told you to be home when i when i get home a little one man or. if that doesn't work they'll become women of the streets a lot of santa says objectify women in a sexual way if you look on the matter for example there is not derogatory synonyms whatsoever we think that a dictionary has to be careful to sort of have to be
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a prescription of text meaning that any support limits to what including its in a stick scenario because. otherwise you're simply playing the game of the patriarchal society and actually instructing people to be sexist. box of university press though has responded to the criticism it says it does record the use of words or might exclude words just on the grounds that they are offensive or derogatory online opinion is divide these different issues in the oxford dictionary are insane can't believe they still exist in 2019 what is it with guys and their obsessive need to correct a woman's grammar doesn't help them feel important or something just signed reading that petition itself and the example seen the oxford dictionary is even more infuriating it is almost entirely sexist and degrading to women adding or removing words from the dictionary doesn't change what people do or say or are no
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a book of words that includes all words can be saxes ready house and columnist john galt though says the proposal to eliminate sexist words is stupid but i would think is there anyone to start censoring the english language let's see a gender play here the usual radical war this radical feminist who is trying to ban all for bid certain words that's what's wrong not the york oxford university dictionary similar to m's are derogatory but they are all in common usage and if we start censoring them won't be burning books next this woman is or ridiculous absolutely or ridiculous trying to curry a storm of nothing. that's i think looking so fast that i hear not he will back again with more in about 35 mins.
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what politicians do you should. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president and. or somehow want to be that's. what you're going to be for us that's what the 43 in the morning can't be good that . i'm interested always in the waters of our. question. this is a story about what happens auster a stray bullet kills a young girl in the streets. what happens to her family and daughters in florida know the mother daughter is buried in
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a cemetery it is meaning less is with your head what happens to the community the public was screaming for a scapegoat the police needed a scapegoat so why not choose a 19 year old black kid with a criminal record who better to pin this on than him and what happens in court b b b. shocked shocked as far society we feel. we don't know still just screwed on. the end of this trial unfortunately you. will still love no chill just. you know world of big partisan movies lot and conspiracy it's time to wake. up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smart we need to stop slamming the door on the back and shouting
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past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. that action or times you're welcome to this going on the ground global climate strike special coming up in the show but he signed his campaign organizer lawrence enough and the along his campaign to unseat a 10 term u.s. congressman from south carolina one of a new generation of fighting for a green new deal and will you be one of the 40000 who die prematurely in britain every year because of toxic air pollution we investigate a new online tool that not only tells you if your local area is polluted but
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whether house prices in your neighborhood could crash plus as a global strike for the future of the planet continues this week we ask extinction rebellion if it can win in the face of capitalism and school for. all the civil coming up in today's going underground global climate strike special but 1st we go to the u.s. deep south to talk to one of a new generation of politicians challenging the status quo in the most c o 2 polluting country in the world joining me from columbia south carolina is woman bernie sanders organizer and perspective democrat congressional candidate lawrence nathaniel thanks so much for coming on to tell me about the campaign because you're up against a 10 term republican congressman joe wilson who yes. you lie joe wilson on the campaign is actually going great. hours have been mostly people or even. when you were in. a.l.c. kind of changed the political platform for a lot of young political. organizers so
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a lot of us are following her needs which is basically reaching out to the people and going for the people 'd in that for the party itself so we've been getting a lot of great responses for that that we are not a part of the status quo when it comes to american politics and the 1st african-american to even run in my district so. give really the carolinas have never been more environmentally conscious what with hurricane dorian but do you see the green new deal as being a vote winner on the doorstep yes i believe that is the road map to where we need to be especially where our climate is today. our state was one of the states that was a part of the regulation mandatory evacuations when it came to hurricane door and. on the things that we did gracefully we wasn't impacted as much as the bahamas was we probably got $1100000.00 in damages along our coast stretches from south to north carolina for hurricanes stay over the bahamas something that has never been seen before where thousands of people are missing and the fact that our country
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we're only allowed these people that are trying to escape ail to come in is just shows you what our nation is today why do you think we're not hearing more about the destruction in the bahamas now that you mention it's a form of british colony and people are arguably more interested in that old trump believing it was going to hit alabama again dorian our president has a stretch of his imaginations but i think one of the reasons why we're not hearing too much is that the harness it's because i don't think is doing a good job is keeping it at bay our news it's sensory with our president all across the works so yes kind of hard to focus in on on the promise when we have a president who is more focused on his selves we're talking about mothers with sick babies we're talking about school teachers we're talking about students we're talking about children that had.


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