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tv   Going Underground  RT  September 23, 2019 5:30pm-6:01pm EDT

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in a lot of great responses for that that we are not a part of the status quo when it comes to american politics and the 1st african-american to even run in my district so. give me the carolinas have never been more environmentally conscious what with hurricane dorian but do you see the green new deal as being a vote winner on the doorstep yes i believe that is the road map to where we need to be especially where our climate is today. our state was one of the states that was a part of the regulation mandatory evacuations when it came to hurricane door and. on the things that we did gracefully we wasn't impacted as much as the bahamas was we probably got $1100000.00 in damages along our coast stretches from south to north carolina for hurricanes stay over the bahamas something that has never been seen before or thousands of people are missing and the fact that our country we're only allowed these people that are trying to escape pale to come in is just shows
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you what our nation is today why do you think we're not hearing more about the destruction in the bahamas now that you mention it a former british colony and people are you more interested in that all trump believing it was going to hit alabama again door in our president has a stretch of this imaginations but i think one of the reasons why we're not hearing too much is about the bahamas it's because i don't think is doing a good job is keeping it at bay our news it's saturated with our president all across the works so yes kind of hard to focus in on on the promise when we have a president who is more focused on his selves we're talking about mothers with sick babies we're talking about school teachers we're talking about students we're talking about children that have been kicked out boats because our president says there are too many bad people on those boats even though that most of us use the promise as our vacation destination is a spot that we go to where we share family memories but they can't have it go to
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escape the hill that they're living to over there. but as you know president obama of course deported 3000000 people from the united states and now the d.n.c. is banning a climate change debate as your party and is it making it difficult for your body to campaign or is this just another attempt at destroying bernie sanders who used to work with how i will say that d.n.c. would do everything in their power to take down any progress specially since you'll see more and things that is making it hard for young people to get out here actually run as the money king is that the d.n.c. make sure it's specially teachable seat make sure that you have to meet a current tyria raising funds before they even pay attention to your race are you have to mobilize a certain number of people are you have to develop their virus and station yourselves but we like to tell our freedom here in the united states but climate change is freedom to our world is freedom our health is freedom our hope is
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freedom it's not just the words not just a word that we can just sprout round and i think that the seeds for getting but we still have several presidential candidates still taking money from the fossil fuel industry yet joe biden who is caught. at a fossil fuel fundraiser is still touted as the favorite to lead your party into the 20 tony presidential campaign even is better than burgers it's new york joe biden i was one of those people beginning of the year that was waiting for joe biden to announce because i was on the board anybody who works under president obama should be our next president of the united states but actually being a candidate and being a bernie bro campaigning it's a different story he doesn't speak to the american people anymore he doesn't he doesn't see us anymore at times of spin i have eaten dinner with the vice president and he uses the same line over it's basically. everyone loves him that's not
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telling us what we can do to help change our country we're looking at civil war 'd among ourselves one of the things about the d.n.c. is they care about seat the when it comes to their voters they care about the majority more than they care about the issues and one of the that's what we're running for us where we see a lot of democratic socialists and democratic progress that's out there running these fights to break down the democratic leaders because we love our party but we feel like it should go into a mom i'm more progressive us. instead of a more moderate that because moderations just hasn't worked and america but the past 150 years it's time for us to overhaul our entire political system and change it and that's the only way we can see change in our own party so why does the d.n.c. still think like that we know from wiki leaks how the d.n.c. tried to destroy bernie sanders and we know that trump certainly doesn't go for the safe angle and he wins so why would they still be.
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caution about being progressive or or socialist it's our southern democrats it's an area democrats it's the ones that you find in the southeast. where a majority of african-americans or joe biden even said so in order to an african-american transforming killing is to get rid of donald trump but as we told the vice president is that track's women was already being killed when obama was in office so it has nothing to do it donald trump in a lot of these issues don't donald trump it just putting a i didn't sensation on these issues where we are now paying more attention to it because it's him when some of these issues are already in place and didn't see it's been blanket over the past 20 plus years because we're still coming out the obama effect especially in my community in the should not be there in my opinion we need to have to bernie effect trump. has fired his pro israel. national security advisor
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you probably know when you are working to organize for bernie sanders how popular the antiwar ticket was trump arguably was one on an antiwar take it do you think trump understands the popularity of being against a war on iran or any other country just as presumably you do on the doorstep i don't think trump understands anything you're thinking understand what he's. going to morning when the tweet comes out so i think our presidents that interest president i'm not going to lie he's a racist he's a dictator and the sec now that we're looking into going into a war with iran and our own party is not saying anything about it and we're focusing on the wrong issues here our party that allowing this to happen the d.n.c. yes they are allowing this to happen just as much as the g.o.p. is allowed to happen we've been calling for impeachment on the president the united states for the past 2 years and still nothing happened done it's time for change
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white has probably deny trump a dictator or indeed a racist but a larger value thank you well as progressive candidates in the u.s. wage war in the name of the green new deal here in the u.k. the shouting that a parliament arguably means even less will be done to save the 10s of thousands of die prematurely every year because of talks of appalachian with thanks to a new website we can all find out how a chance is a premature death and even how it could destroy the housing market joining me is the creator of address pollution dot org humphrey mills humphrey welcome to going underground the pollution where i live is greatly exceeds legal limit. so i going to die we're all going to die it's a question of what we can do to minimize the risk of things between them they're going to do us harm i guess and the point of the 2 we've created is to show people and so 1st let's make this invisible problem visible to people in london is an incredibly polluted city and more importantly give people very valuable information
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that in some cases can save lives people who might be considering buying property with a young family they might want to go and check the pollution rating of the property i think you're buying you're taking these levels in terms of premature death and you actually tried to bring it also to the idea of that great idea of capitalism property itself anyone to give buying a house is in danger of buying buying a pup because you explain if i buy flat or that i own it it says clearly. 20 percent the price should be lowered because of the lethality of the pollution around it we did some independent research on londoners who own houses and we spruced we asked them questions like if you found out that a property was in breach of the world health organization legal limit which is $400.00 micrograms per cubic meter of motion dockside would you want every fund as you might do if you suddenly found out that there was asbestosis in the building we also know that pollution is carcinogenic there when i say levels of this and
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because there has not been one single government funded awareness campaign on this issue it it's not a consideration to people when they're thinking about buying houses because it's an invisible project problem for a lot of people. namely u.k. government a lot of councils onto me about it they just kind of getting away with not doing anything about this we're giving them another reason to want to do something about this toxic problem is affecting all of us and i know that you so you'll be the lead visible visible but i don't know you've been talking about the fact that usually. this is the job of government yeah but in fact the government has shut down the kind of institution that might be then i guess about this ality has c.o.i. which central office of information was shut down and in december 2011 it was the government agency the commission all those old awareness ads like the green cross code nabeel sarah t. cut the basics it was shut down after the coalition government came in in 2011 on
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the basis of a liberal democrat conservative bill and yeah they shut down our source of government and shut down a source of good information to you know to people on the basis that it was too costly wasteful and it didn't fit with the new liberal kind of doctrine which is the juice government and stop you know meddling in public affairs but what we found is that now they're in information environment is just flooded with quote you know commercial and corporate interests and some of it is a list of the johnson government britain is batting new diesel and petrol vehicles are 24 together drazen may 24th and it's very late we have a climate crisis 1st 2040 is well past the 12 years the intergovernmental panel on climate change has given us to to do something about this problem which is over alliance on fossil fuels this pollution thing which is is the same problem you know pollution is the same it's all about we're burning petrol and diesel boris johnson himself while palm just shut down when he was mayor of london he was
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accused of being a reporter and talks a gerund and loss in a way deprived schools he's got form i think in kind of denying the evidence and denying stats i think when someone confronted him with the fact that oxford street was the most. polluted streets on the planet in terms of like notched and knocks gases his response was basically said it wasn't true. and it was found to be true it was it was tested it was found to be the most polluted city on the on earth and so when it comes to you know asking for. for facts and evidence on this issue i wouldn't go to boris johnson to ask for you know for a clear a clear understanding of how of how problematic at work 60 is what we've done as an organization as we talk to scientists and look at what what they're saying royal college of physicians who wrote reports in 2016 called every breath we take which states that it's causing
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a chest one in 20000000000 which is about 50 years and your budget in related health costs finally then but if $1.00 doesn't go to fossil fuel sponsored cultural events joins the global climate strike which is on right now all you can do is go to your website and just realize you're going to know absolutely not but then i would urge you to go and check your rights and there we should demand change and that's exactly what this website is designed to do. you can sign our petition to bring the band the petrol diesel power forward. to 2030 which a big one would be u.k. government shifting subsidies of the oil industry which is about $10000000000.00 pounds per year on to clean energy clean transport changing the infrastructure in every city across the country so we can all get around. without polluting the air and without breathing this toxic stuff because it is killing us come from mills thank you thank you very much after the break we asked extinction rebellion of even gratified by
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a global protest can stand up to the power of multinational fossil fuel companies all the more coming to the going underground. in a world of big partisan. and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the bat. shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the troops the time is now we're watching closely watching the hawks. the tense situation in venezuela is still all over the news the problem in venezuela is not that socialism has been poorly implemented but that socialism has
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been faced only implemented from the inside venezuela things look different we're going to announce sanctions against petroleum to venezuela associated. in a school that have a son of a moment goes. down person. than it is so on the cutting the mass of the moment the focus of the who story isn't new nixon told in henry kissinger to tell him that it would not be tolerated in latin america an alternative economic and social system could take hold and therefore the policy would be to make the chilean economy scream so wants and making the economy of venezuela screed. welcome back in the 1st half we heard from those fighting climate change in the
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u.s. and u.k. that is around the world right now the global climate strike encourages people to leave work and march against a system prioritizing profits over people joining me is jim jones from extinction rebellion one of the organizations leading the charge him thanks for coming on so what is this week long strike action for the environment so it's lots of different organizations who are all encouraging people to walk out of their jobs to walk out of schools and to make their voices heard to influence policy makers to take some action which has been completely lacking for decades now to really engage with the climate an ecological emergency we're in now and the extinction rebellion a part of this you must have noticed that in mainstream media a lot of the coverage is rather that there are children being exploited in this in these days of action for the environment and whether there's a whole debate ongoing where the children should be involved i know you have as a teacher particularly think it's important to children are involved yeah
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absolutely the rebellion and the movement that separate organizations but the student led student organize group and they are incredible but they do it because they they care and it's they're not in any way influenced by by adults or any other organizations. within extinction rebellion and as a teacher and i coordinate the educational aspect of what we do we think it's the most urgent thing is at least the very least we should tell students the reality of what's happening in schools and then let them decide what they want to do about that at the moment you can go through the whole school into the national curriculum 10000 lessons you know you 10 of those lessons you might hear about climate change even mentioned so there's a complete absence of meaningful education but how do you mean a teacher who took a group of students to see an art gallery sponsored by b.p. wouldn't be told about b b. well they would like it but so as not on the national curriculum that's that wouldn't have to happen yeah they would be going to they were going to be peace
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pointed out gallery i don't know what that teaches children i think that gives them the perfect message of dissonance about the fact that we are running a good thing so you argue for b. peace with absolutely no absolute you know go to you also about. the importance of education in terms of you just said 16 to 17 year olds with the youth groups they don't have the vote absolutely they also campaigning for votes at 16 like the british labor but i think they probably should yeah but there are so many things we need to change about society there are so many systemic thing problems about the way we operate but children who are going to they've country at least to this problem and they're going to suffer most because they're the ones who are going to be growing up when they're young adult lives to experience the things that are we're already seeing happening now around the world they need to have some way of expressing their voice and this is how they're doing it you see one of the most influential near liberal think tanks arguably self-styled. jewel but they have got laws change they claim your group extinction rebellion has
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a subversive agenda it's rooted in political extremism eco socialism and capitalist environmentalist yeah so the 1st thing ses policy exchange is a is a think tank who have they don't declare their funding so we can guess where their funding comes from comes we can assume from big business you have a vested interest in not changing the system we need system change the i.p.c.c. has said we need radical change across the board so of course these people are going to be saying whatever they can to undermine our organization we're a nonpolitical movement people within the organization do have political views but we are one of our key messages is that we are beyond policy probably beyond politics off the demand is going to systems assembly so we are democracy is at the root of everything that we're doing real democracy not voting up to a vote every 5 years after being fed lies from a biased media that's not democracy democracy is active engagement that's what we're concerned vitamin. can be pro-capitalist. it could be i mean again that's that but that's where it becomes
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a political conversation we're not saying that we have all the answers i personally think that the current form of capitalism is a really big part of the problem that's what's killing the planet and we need to change that we're not saying that we haven't come up with a political manifesto for what we want the future to be like that's not just a little part of the problem and what brought of the problem was with occupy and other movements or is that an asset so you can bring about ideas number of people to your demonstrations the difference between us and occupy is that we have 3 specific demands the 1st one is to tell the truth and that's a big part of why i care about as a teacher that we inform that the government needs to inform the public and use the media to inform the public use the education system to inform the public of the reality of climate breakdown was our 2nd demand is that we want radical reductions in our emissions so we we say 2025 to be at net 0 most people would say ah that's only 6 years away it's impossible in the 2nd world war in 6 years we we completely transformed our whole global economy we turned into a war machine michael mann who's a leading climate scientist at penn state university he said we need that kind of
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effort is what we need now so it's difficult but it's not impossible and that's what we need to achieve and i 3rd demand as i mentioned before is a citizens' assembly so having a large group of people from the general public to come in to learn about the crisis and then inform the government about what they want to do is work in ireland with the abortion and gay rights gay marriage issues and it could work here you see the government would say we are the 1st country here in britain to declare a claim of emergency and i'm sure if you spoke to a fully disgraced defense secretary gavin williamson but now runs out of education he'd say that when you deface the department saying tell the truth the government are telling the truth ok so there is going to there is a commitment to 0 percent of the missions but how difficult is it to declare an emergency or make a commitment i mean it's it's the easiest thing in the world it takes no effort it takes no. political commitment you just say something right it's the easiest easiest possible thing they can do to try and make it look like they're taking
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action at the same time as them declaring an emergency and making commitments about 2050 which is was that 30 more years of continuing business usual at the same time as doing that there sanctioning a 3rd heathrow a 3rd runway at heathrow which will destroy any of those targets they're continuing to subsidise fossil fuels and they're not making any real structural policy changes at the moment so we want action not words she being a teacher yourself you must be aware that if you are it school you're 16 or 17 you're going to be thinking well this future employment and so on difficult for extinction rebellion to even talk about i didn't know him job because the c.e.o.'s model is short term profit for shareholders even if it does destroy the planet it's inherent i don't think it's inherent or i went to an event recently where we went to listen to leaders from the indigenous communities around the world for 10000 years people have been living sustainably listening to working in nature and i mean is c.e.o.'s of big companies right so this is the c.e.o.'s of big companies who
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might have a problem but we can we can change the system so that they're not the people who lead that lead the world and the students who are growing up in this economy in this system they're beginning to realize now that what we're promising them through the system that we have now through the current education system that is just an empty promise because that future isn't there they're not going to grow up in a world where you can continue to have endless material growth endless burning of fossil fuels they know that that's not that future is gone and they're asking for something different and that's why they're walking out of school would members of exhibiting rebellion think about the fact that debate on television here a lot of it is about plastic bags and plastic straws more than arguably c.e.o.'s priorities so most people find it really really difficult to engage this probably because it's too big and it requires change and we are i think we have become especially we are inherently conservative is you. as we as we get older we get more comfortable with our lifestyle and the way we live and when somebody comes along and says the reality is this all has to change people don't like it it's completely
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understandable. but the plastics and those things which are a big problem but they are complete destruction really from the fact that we are facing we're not heading for 1.52 degrees we're heading 434-567-8910 degrees and once you emotionally engage that reality you realize that getting your shopping in a paper bag is just what was it on the titanic i think is the little another to the iconic better than we're given or been arrested yet loads of members of extinction rebellion have how concerned are you about undercover policing there has been inquiry was an inquiry announcement to raise him a 4 years ago real problems apparently with the inquiry the boss resigned in ill health we're not sure where it's at do you see people you think are undercover police when you were demonstrations yeah at the start of every meeting that whenever we have a large meeting with lots of people we say everybody's welcome every part everybody
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every undercover police person in the room is welcome and they really are and most of what we do is open you know we're no terrorists we're not doing anything secretive all of our planning is completely open so the police have no problem have a policy exchange as you want to break the law ok so you certainly get and i would invite them to come on the cover or not to one of our meetings and actually see what we do isn't the problem with secret police if you have meetings that they can skew the debates when you're talking about policy you're going to have people there going look maybe it is about plastic straws more than a huge net 0 targets we've agreed to or we would welcome their input. and yet the police in general i think they understand as individuals they know because they know that when there are food crises which they're already across europe in america went through their food shortages which are going to happen sooner or later they're going to be the ones who could have to deal with angry hungry people they know that and they understand. the problem and they as individuals i think mostly are supportive of what we're doing and when this week of action is over more plans for october absolutely so the 7th of october will be on
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the streets of london again for 2 weeks so people need to take some time off work on them get involved is the place to be this is this is action this is being alive this is getting involved it's facing reality and it's necessary and that's what we base all of our action on this hand and given we're coming up to an imminent general election perhaps. will your people be lobbying all these different different political parties and how much can the extinction rebellion lobby versus the millions some say tens of millions so that's why we want you to try lobbying in the traditional way and i think you know that lobbying the traditional way within the power within the parameters of our existing political system is it's a fool's game it doesn't work that's why we're doing something different and we're encouraging people to join and do something different which is to actively step on to the street and say i am not going to work within this system anymore and we're going to be disruptive and we're going to cause noise and fuss and we're getting it was a tension i'm going to keep doing it until we are 3 demands are met and that's that's
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our only plan and it's the only plan that we see is viable now because doing things within the traditional paradigms just hasn't worked and good people have been working really hard but it hasn't worked so there's and you think there is more power in the i don't know fossil fuel companies sponsoring debates and they have a certain kind of power they have a certain kind of power but already now in this week there was a headline on the front page of the financial times acknowledging that the current model of capitalism that we have now is broken around the world people know this arguably the japanese when i was saying now we have to try to save capitalism in recent years well the u.k. a financial times was was you know martin wolf a big article about this so even people within the financial the existing financial system they know that there that this is this is unsustainable and the general public know that even more and we just need a critical mass of. people to join us and express their views in a much more radical powerful active way than has ever been done before and if they
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do that we've got a good chance jones thank you thank you that's over the show will be back on wednesday when the head of an imminent u.k. general election the leader western europe's largest socialist movement addresses his party called but still the social media don't forget to subscribe to our you tube channel. i. think you. know what it is something i. love. 7 to get the. kind of financial from i'm with you
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today with my money laundering 1st visit this cash in the 3 different. oh good this is a good start well we have our 3 banks all set up here maybe something in europe something in america something overseas or cayman island you never know all these banks are complicit in their tough talk or say we just have to say hey i'm ready to do some serious money laundering ok let's see how we did while we've got a nice luxury watch for max and for stacy oh beautiful jewelry house. again for max you know what money laundering is highly illegal don't you watch guys record. pain years in the cross started 10 years and i think it's time to shake things up maybe change the branding maybe the format here is what i've been thinking about next season related episodes
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filmed on an island 10 experts cited out for a trophy what do you think ok a more affordable option $25.00 experts. and one red rose another suggestion. jeopardy parody no political cookout we will literally wrote the elites. late night show it's a rare format piece basic and it's cheap all you need is an old microphone in a printed banner but to leave me with one of my girls i can do this candle after politics gone wild like music. ok crosstalk is not about hype it's about meaning 10 years of talk and still going strong. peter if you want to change something why don't we get rid of the bow tie i know that is too much.
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bush is being investigated over claims he gave manipulated data to the will down to doping watchdog casting doubts over the country's participation in next year's olympics the russian side says it's fully complied with the regulations. say highly likely when not sure the u.k. follows washington's lead saying there's a high degree of probability around his attacked saudi oil facilities british pm stressing he's ready to join the u.s. military efforts in the gulf region if needed. and you say that they may try to impeach president donald trump for alleged collusion with another foreign power but they seem less concerned by accusations of corruption against 2020 hopeful joe biden.


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