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fortunately you. will still not know. in the headlines this morning a u.k. organization tasked with routing out this information names among the culprits generating billions from google ads apparently look at who is behind the report. still in my dreams my childhood with your work and you would see teen climate activist global attention by addressing world leaders at the u.n. but it seems not everyone is buying into an emotional speech. good act she asked her actor slash director grandfather to thank cruel descript seems like greg has had some acting lessons seem so fake to me at the age of the u.k. france and germany should joint statement condemning iran for attacks on saudi oil
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facilities and calling for to run to open dialogue. over good morning just had money and this tuesday 24th of september here in moscow money was kevin 0 in welcome to the program it's a 30 minute world news roundup of got for us out of you this. well web site spreading to some from ation generate millions of dollars in online advertising revenue from well known brands are according to a new study by the british organization the global to some from asian index may be no great surprises there that the maid cited though include those peddling conspiracy theories pseudo science a conservative website if we go. our senior correspondent takes a closer look at who's behind the study. in simple terms everything's become automated even the ads you place online they are placed by algorithms you never
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know what sites will end up on and the algorithms can tell about the good websites with real and honest news and the bad websites with fake news and stuff the good guys don't agree with the problem is the real journalists are incensed that they aren't getting enough of your money global dissin from ation index the g.d. i estimates that a quarter $1000000000.00 is paid annually to our database of $20000.00 dissin from ation sites by ad tech companies placing adverts for many well known brands these brands include household names that many of us know already and honda american airlines and office max among others well loud sounds like a catastrophe imagine buoying being advertised on a flat earth or website or a construction company being advertised on a 911 truth as blog it's the kind of crazy websites the report means right the
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sites in our sample include addicting info dot com r t v dot com twitchy dot com and 0 hedge dot com. of all of your virtues this information websites twitchy fairly conservative gig with of many more mistakes or fake news than c.n.n. or the new york times 0 hedge much the same and of course us where would any list be without r t but enough about us that see the judges global this information index coalition the governments business and civil society based on neutrality independence and transparency. independence or so who funds them a few non-profits and well there it is the ukase foreign office the one that
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organized journalists to attack british politicians advocated invading iraq on a false premise constantly say to people there are decisions that to be made in relation to iraq at all but the reason no doubt that iraq poses a threat in respect to weapons of mass destruction and there is no doubt that this issue is an issue that should be dealt with but state funding aside the advisory panel is a wonder to an apple bomb married to a former polish foreign minister noted for his anti russian stance she herself prominent peddler of the trump russian collusion story which was all fake in seeking russian support not only to become president but also to make money even as he launched his presidential campaign he hoped to receive a major influx of money from a proposed trump tower in moscow so an independent organization who
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funded by a foreign ministry the noted peddler of conspiracy theories helping to run it and to think it's these people who are angry that they don't get enough of your money make no mistake. once they nail down an algorithm to do the censorship for them you'll never be misinformed again or well hear a different opinion. see development like this created some bugs once again grab global attention this time of the un's emergency climate summit she addressed world leaders accusing them in very strong words of ignoring the problem and of stealing a childhood but it seems not everyone fell for her emotional speech. you
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have stolen my dreams my childhood with your kids you could see it i'm one of the ducks once we are in the beginning in mass extinction and what you can talk about isn't money and it can be tales of just dumped economic growth. did you. remember she comes from a long line of actress parents grandparents i'm certain she has been trapped and called shoshoni indignant child or a teen i can't even anticipate the eventual crash and burn it will be something good acting she has her actress slash director grandfather to tank crew in this script ironically nothing about growth on birth is organic she's an actor reading
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the script and playing a part she's barely cognizant of how the world functions beyond what her handlers tell her normal person looks or her and believes in what she is saying seems like gretta has had some acting lessons seem so fake to me great up to her and this and i was meant warse the big pressure there as a child who has got a very very good management in the high end but it's crawfish already entered. like every figure in the internet there wherever there's life for her i would. actually he said yes it's a. mediocre. processes and of course the profit making process and so i don't really see what you wrote she says and the recurrence. if you regard the facts you are more of that on the on the better side we just stick stick to the
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facts and we have to make good propositions on how to make the world better and no just making no demonstrations the kids away from school or whatever it's all a few just some bucks not the only one making headlines on the climate change platform of course french president monochrome is making headlines too but he's annoyed french climate activists by telling them to move their rallies 6 from paris to poland so do bensky delve deeper into that story this morning. president matt corner fronts has a once again called the banners to help in the fight against climate change speaking at the un climate change emergency summit he said he understood the frustrations of the millions of schoolchildren who had been striking on fridays next amended to be deployed in one week for months and months now we've heard the young people speaking and i think they've identified as absolutely urgency that we have to respond to him but while much corn understands their frustrations his
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government didn't seem too keen on those climate activists who protested in paris over the weekend with some alleging brute force was used by the police as the violence spiraled out of control. and much corn has made it clear he really wants the protesters to go away well from false at least as what he really wants is for them to take their anger out on a number you country code that. every friday to say that the planet is burning that's nice but that is not the problem people should go protest in poland help me move those i cannot push forward who is upset that poland is refusing to commit to an e.u. target to be carbon neutral by 2050 pence walking the floor from adopting this is
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official policy that's not going down well in poland where the country's deputy foreign minister is accused of the lecturing and it is perhaps difficult to swallow such a lecture when france itself has been accused of calling behind and tackling the climate emergency france's mission emissions targets in 3 or 4 big sectors a wise person once said people who live in cost houses should. throw bricks advice some may counsel to take challah to evil ski party house where the main debates at the united nations general assembly due to get underway later 2 meetings between world leaders on the sidelines already producing results following one of them the heads of the u.k. france and germany issued a joint statement condemning iran for attacks on saudi arabia's all facilities and called for to random open dialogue it is clear to ours that iran bears
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responsibility for this attack there is no other plausible explanation we are committed to continue our diplomatic efforts to create conditions and for so it's a dialogue with all relevant partners interested in discrimination of turn shoes in the middle east earlier the u.k. prime minister also claimed that he would assist the united states in any actions against iran including a military option easterly a small explores the u.k. in america's team work against a random. there are some things you can always be said it's a no brainer in england traffic in london and the special relationship between the u.k. and the usa remaining well special so no wonder that british prime minister boris johnson is backing up his best pal donald trump in assessing that it was a drug but it's the saudi oil facilities and mr johnson has said that he's also willing to commit british forces to any potential u.s. military action in the region we will be working with american friends and european
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friends to construct a response that's tries to deescalate tensions in the gulf region clearly if we are asked either by the saudis all by the americans to have a role then we will consider in what way we could be useful and that backing doesn't just stop with the words the u.k. has been the 2nd largest seller of deadly weapons to saudi arabia in the campaign against yemen and while the iranians have denied any involvement in the recent incident in saudi arabia they say it's time for the u.k. to stop their role in the crisis the government of england instead of its fruitless efforts against iran should stop selling deadly weapons to saudi arabia which is the request of many people in the world and free itself from accusations of war crimes against the people of yemen as for secretary in 2016 bars johnson was enthusiastically approving the sale of weapons to saudi arabia since the war in
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yemen began the u.k. has sold over 6200000000 pounds worth of weapons to saudi including fighter jets missiles and bombs all thought to have been used in the conflict in june the court of appeal ruled that the sale of weapons to saudi arabia was norful and that ministers had improperly assess the risk of an inappropriate use of those arms however since the freezing of sales ministers. approved soon licenses for which they've said sorry the government legal department has today informed the court of appeal of 2 inadvertent breaches i have apologized to the court unreservedly for the error in granting these 2 licenses for opposition politicians just saying sori isn't going to cut it well my personal opinion is that we should not send almost to saudi arabia we do have an export regime which is
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intended to stop almost being in the kind of civil war that is going on in the yemen. it looks as if the saudis may have reached this. system. but quite apart from whether it's right to set arms or not the way in which safety is clearly. meanwhile the u.s. secretary of state might pompei oh it's time to the u.k. france and germany for blaming iran for the attack on the saudi oil refineries every nation to condemn to around russian foreign minister sergei cough gave an exclusive interview to r.t. about that as well the measures seen in the last hour discussing the current global situation to be on air for the day in full of various times. it's unexplainable if you talk logically on this on one hand the u.s.
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government claims that it has no intention to arrive at a regime change in tehran on the other hand they say they pretend that this maximum pressure policy which is officially announced for and propagated for. would ultimately bring a change of behavior over iran but it doesn't work the way they believe i mean if you want to get into a better place with iran you need to negotiate you need to arrive at a deal to use a favorite word of president trump but deal means not just to trade but also to deal with give and take and do with this with this to give we see huge difficulties in today's washington and it is across the board not just iran but everyone everyone including russia they should know in the u.s.
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that russia in no way will sacrifice its national security interests just because the u.s. once a different arrangement here and there so i don't why is it would be you know treason on our part it cannot be allowed so either we will negotiate and. arrive at a deal or whatever format or character that free will where our interests are observed and the compromise is real or there will be no deal i think it's very relevant for the case of iran as well. this isn't international very good morning from me and the pro here today ahead in just a few minutes families turn out in force against a school ban on unvaccinated children in new york it's all over missiles to tell you no on the back.
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you know world the big part of the law and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that made stream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the back and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now we're watching closely watching the hawks. run and this is when the bank solvent and folks are concerned about their money so they. withdraw the money so here you have $1.00 of the foundation blocks of the global derivatives market and the repo market and it's being bailed out every day by
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$75000000000.00 a day so it's the biggest ballad per day for our it never seen a bailout on an hourly basis this big average history. from school for investigation into democratic 2020 presidential hopeful joe biden over alleged corrupt conduct linked to by the sun's business activities in ukraine he comes out for whistleblower open the lid on a phone call between the u.s. new cranium presidents would trump allegedly pressured his ukrainian counterpart over biden with more of the story than you holkins this morning. everyone loves a good election meddling story but what does a country in eastern europe russia have to do with the 2020 us presidential election turns out quite a lot ukraine could be more worried about who will be in the white house next year than americans themselves out of they get into this situation well take president
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trump and leading to. hopeful joe biden. blower some corruption allegations in you have a great scandal involved biden's son a well paid position other top prosecutor being fired but no evidence of joe's wrongdoing was found a low trump's office sees things differently but that's just half the story the democrats have their own demands for answers also featuring ukraine they say trump pressured the ukrainian president vladimir selenski into finding dirt on biden and that means impeachment we are seeing a real shift here on capitol hill when it comes to the question of impeachment some democrats trying to ramp up talk it includes maintain pietschmann would be a potential avenue to deal with this leaders with the blower accusation there are people who can give our answers to both sides and those people work in the ukrainian government but they have their own dilemma picking
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a team in this election dogfight but given the choice between the sitting president and a possible future candidate they seemed to play it safe preferable it was more i know what the conversation was about and i don't think there was any pressure the conversation was varied leaders have the right to discuss any problems that exist the discussion was long friendly and it touched on a lot of topics including those requiring serious solutions providing those serious answers for the trouble ministration could mean an investigation into a void and a man who could well be president elect next year is stuck between a rock and a hard place and incredibly we've been here before not so long ago during that now infamous 2016 election campaign the d.n.c. needed dirt on trump's campaign manager paul minor for and they went to ukraine for help links between metaphors and ukrainian oligarchs who were too cozy with russia quickly emerged and he was swiftly out of the picture while the trump campaign took
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a p.r. . beating for a while things really seem to lose good news for the president who made those secrets of which candidate he wanted in the white house the rest is history one against all odds with key of betting on the losing team now it's election season one small and key of must again make a choice risk the wrath of trump and take a biden or risk being at the center of another meddling scandal it seems there are few good options. families against vaccinating the children of riley did new york office of a banned from attending school as a result of a new law brought in admitted measles outbreak under the new rules authorities ended religious exemptions from vaccination. from this artie's killam opens across this morning. school is back in session here in the u.s. state of new york students are rushing from class to class keeping track of their notebooks and pencils and trying to get top notch grades however for one specific
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group of 26000 youngsters school is not back in session they are banned from the classroom by law and they say it's religious discrimination meet the anti vaccine a new law here in the state of new york bans them from being mixed in with other students chapter $35.00 of the laws of 2019 prohibits the school from permitting any child to be admitted to such school or to attend such school in excess of 14 days without sufficient evidence that the child has received all age appropriate required vaccinations now the new laws were passed after an epidemic of the measles that was pretty big over 600 people infected and the main hot spot was an ultra orthodox neighborhood here in brooklyn where parents refused to vaccinate their children so we decided to ask some of the anti vacs parents what is more important their religious beliefs or getting a shot and allowing their kids back in school why is it they don't want your
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children in school. a reason that. i don't want my child in school is because they mandating and pushing people of faith not so have an elitist choice which would be the means choosing not to put vaccines into my body because they have aborted foetuses cells they have pork in them they have having models that have so many things that don't belong in body that god give we've all been healthy without vaccinations our grandparents have been healthy without vaccinations there is no gap demick some people died and that's why they had vaccine is a that is propaganda that is propaganda that it's a narrative that the pharmaceutical companies would like you to believe there have been $445.00 or many many more deaths from the m.m.r. vaccine. that is like hundreds of percentages more something that the vaccine is preventing more people from dying for measles actually what is
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happening is dead many people who are fully vaccinated get measles and mumps saying your kid doesn't have accidents they get a disease they take it to school they give it to another kid right i mean you're not concerned about that. when you stick the chicken pox in a kid they get it anyway and other kids are going to be exposed to chicken pox anyway because you're getting it and you're exposed to going to expose anyway regardless if they're like jumpstarting exposing you and injecting stuff that you may get naturally anyway or may not. as for the globe smalling small stories in brief is to stay on to trungpa testers of really did new york as the city hosts something to talk about earlier testers denounce the u.s. president current post is condemning his immigration policies elsewhere to kazakhstan baikonur cosmodrome what's happening there well the last of a soyuz f. g. rocket as it's called carrier has been a stalled. it's the 70th and the last time this type of rockets going to be used it
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will take a soyuz m.-s. 15 spacecraft into orbit on wednesday with 3 crewmembers aboard and is expected to dock for the international space station right about 8 hours after the launch starting next year a new type of rockets going to be used with digital says. the senator in haiti is shot photojournalist in the face during the antigovernment protests in the capital port au prince an opposition protest was also hit both are expected to recover from the injuries the senator said he was acting in self-defense patients have been demonstrating against power blackouts and petrol shortish since a fuel deal venezuela collapsed last year. that's news round up so far this choose the life i will do center here in moscow with me kevin i mean so much more few of course about the dot com and let's know what you think of the stories you see as well if you go up you'll get all the breaking headlines straight your mobile device when the great day.
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the world is driven by a dream shaped by. the day or thinks. we dare to ask. the but if she warned you posted by you than i did then the show would be sure that there was more of those g.'s nudist beach and you see me.
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as and about that when you die c.t.'s will be. in the news that me that is or that infants involved. a lot of you will see as it bites into 2 kids out the both. of them but as in the adults to me as if i choose. the. cabinet i found days of doing it so. people who simply knew she would include in what little.
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greetings and sell you take so the season of fall has officially started here in the united states hawke watchers and from the massive protests around the world in the effort to fight climate change to the curtain once again being lifted on our leaders and law enforcement and how they truly operate behind the curtain of public service the early season of change has brought with it many reasons for change take the f.b.i. for example their controversial use of free speech gagging national security letters or and ourselves the new york times. documents obtained from a foil lawsuit by the electronic frontier foundation uncovered that the f.b.i. has used secret subpoenas to obtain personal data from far more companies than previously disclosed encompassing scores of banks credit agencies cell phone carriers and even universities naturally this discovery has brought the harshest of questions and condemnations from constitutional rights advocates given the personal
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privacy violations and law enforcement overreach the highly secretive letters are synonymous with and speaking of breaking long held traditions and rules in the name of supposed security our good friend vice president mike pence broke all of the traditions of decorum on his recent visit to michigan's mackinaw island while motorized vehicles have been banned on the idella guyland since 898 on saturday 8 cars descended upon magen island as part of vice president plans as a motorcade yes my friends not even gerald ford a former republican president gerald ford the man who pardon nixon had the audacity to break the island's rules on motorized vehicles so with rules traditions and constitutional rights being broken left and right as we enter the season of change . i think it's time to start watching the hawks. you still want to see you treat the bank like real with this one. as you see to the
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bottom if you like what they like you know what i got. was that we. would. be. welcome on watching the hawks i am tyrone butter. and i've been to mackinaw island you have and i'm offended for if people of michigan this is a this is one of those stories where you just like it just shows you how right it's like it shows you how obvious the kind of distain for rules and decorum a lot of our politicians actually have when they get into that spurs issue of powers like no by security guards person. well that yeah i mean it's just a very strange. thing because it's i mean it's it's such a long.


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