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tv   Watching the Hawks  RT  September 24, 2019 2:30pm-3:01pm EDT

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i think it's time to start watching the hawks. want to see you treat the place like real with this one. as the plot of. the day like you said i got. with. the. welcome on the watching the hawks i am tired robot. and i've been to mackinaw island you have and i'm offended for if people of michigan this is a this is one of those stories were just like it just shows you how right it's like it shows you how obvious the kind of distain for rules and decorum a lot of our politicians actually have when they get into that spurs issue of powers like no by security because person. well that yeah i mean it's just
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a very strange thing because it's i mean it's such a long held tradition it's such an important part it's why people go there it's part of why certain people live there and it's strange to me that you know republicans especially tend to be so big on tradition and respecting tradition and respecting the wishes of people in communities like that that i did find a very strange that it wasn't it wasn't one which most of them will bring one for emergency and i was. vehicles inserted but there's literally at a car motorcade i don't think there's 8 total cars in all of mackinaw island that are even allowed it and i guess is not it's like i mentioned it's like ford you know he was from michigan yeah and went there and when he when he was there a horse drawn carriage took them around the island when they stopped one car in case of emergencies and they never used it and that was in 1975 and al was suddenly decides i want to what was so important mike and i learned that he had to be there to. julie paul over
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a registered nurse and michigan had tweeted for those of you not from michigan you should understand what a huge transgression this is our mackinaw island has been a car free haven forever a piece of history frozen in time tell anyone from michigan that b.p. just drove not one but 8 cars on this island and watch their blood boil so this is an island that gets about a 1000000 visitors a year it's it's for people in michigan and wisconsin in that area it's kind of a track that you all take because it's as you would a full piece of history that is protected it's one of their most precious natural resources and i. i don't know how you show up with 8 cars and don't realize that that's my specially when you're trying to win an election next year you know it's not you know you're up in the locals the wrong way you know what the locals the roadway mashable security letters about for a trip there should be in transit how many cars do you think you can. route when
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you look at that as r.b.i. imaginal security one of the it's incredible i mean we're talking big big small banks universities money transfer services domain registrar's and voiceover writers they even when they've been sent these letters to biddy you know game companies when you go through this list it was 750 that were made available through this foyer lawsuit and it's truly incredible because a tab it's estimated that since 2001 when the patriot act sped up the powers of this the national security letters half a 1000000 have been used and these are the ones that get the person that gets the letter their credit here is not you can't tell anybody that you got it ever and if you do then you're in trouble it's it's ruthless it's rude well is this is why it's so important that in a free market there has to be a free market in which there company is that that enough that people can use that don't. go along to get along when it comes to things like this so after the passage of the usa freedom act that was one in 2015 the f.b.i.
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had had adopted these guidelines that is yours and you would. tell them that they had to be reviewed for every 3 years after they were issued or after an investigation is closed so aaron mackey who's a staff attorney at the electronic frontier foundation has always been sort of on top of this stuff said the records also show that the f.b.i. is falling short of its obligations to release an s.l. recipients from gag orders that are no longer necessary and i think that's the thing you really have to to look at in this situation is that these are our major. problem this is major weight on the constitution when it comes to our privacy and to our rights and as since for the last 20 years myself and others pointed this out it's a very slippery slope of actual slippery slope and where we're going to be in this place where we don't have a right to say no to the government and that's exactly what we fought
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a revolutionary war for is to have the right to question our government and this is another things are as like you can say security all you want but at the end of the day are you just putting 8 cars on an island with a big band scars to prove a point and show power and maybe these letters are about power not actually keeping anyone saying it is that is i think exactly what this is all about. in the shadow of u.s. president donald trump's 3rd trip to the united nations general assembly this week tensions are once again rising between the top administration and the iranian government in the wake of united states sending military troops and support in to saudi arabia after the recent attack on saudi oil facilities and september joining us now to discuss trump's united nations plans in the meetings and the latest on the state of u.s. iran relations is our t. america correspondent sara modest welcome thank you general so. there's a lot of. water of the main topics of water over the years we should all be look at no 4 well iran is definitely at the top of this list right now tensions are
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extremely high especially after the saudi attack happened just last week in which the united states is blaming iran for it as well as other countries and let me start by saying that just a few hours it broke that france germany and the u.k. also agree with the united states and say that iran is responsible for these attacks but trump is scheduled to have bilateral meetings some are scheduled for today actually and he was scheduled to meet with pakistan leaders of poland new zealand singapore egypt and south korea but one of the most anticipated bilateral meetings is going to take place on wednesday this is when president trump meets with the ukrainian president bulleting mirrors the lenski now this is also the timing of this is particularly important as growing concerns that trump pressured ukrainian leaders to investigate joe biden's family let me show you who will not be attending so canadian prime minister justin trudeau russian president vladimir putin chinese president xi jinping israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu and
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venezuelan president nicolas maduro so those are some pretty big top leaders where tensions are pretty high with what the united states that will be missing out on the meetings. few of them have some slight problems just. so that the top of these meetings this situation what are the expectations what obviously you know president has always been about pushing and pushing to get them to the table so that you can get what you want what are the expectations that he might get what he wants well really it's really hard to say but right now tensions continue to escalate as u.s. secretary of state mike pompei o last week said that iran was responsible for the saudi attack trump has not come out and directly said that he's responsible but pompei also. i said our mission is to avoid war you saw what secretary esper announced on friday we are putting additional forces in the region for the purpose of deterrence and defense so the
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u.s. is responding by sending more troops to the middle east and iran has warrant us and foreign forces to stay away from the region to stay away from the gulf earlier today before leaving to new york this is what rouhani said take a listen. to my city or saudi arabia and the u.s. are exaggerating the damage inflicted on aramco it is because the united states wants to fully take control of the region they say they are bringing in air defense systems such as the patriot it is clear that they would like to completely take hold of eastern saudi arabia's oil so secretary of state my pompei o has said that the iranian leaders accuse them of being a bloodthirsty and eager for war and that he's the one that wants to avoid war but really i mean there is there is no way there's nothing really to say where it's going to go from here it's really impossible in the terms minutes of that kind of where this could go is there any possibility the donald trump will actually meet
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with the iranian president rouhani because i mean that's the big thing you have to keep them talking if you want to avoid war you have to keep the leaders talking is there any possibility that could happen at the u.n. this week well they're both under the same roof but iran will not meet with trump unless sanctions are removed trump also said that he has no intentions to me with rouhani take a listen to what he said before leaving. but i am telling. you. that. like a. lot of. other running. so the u.s. is trying to build a coalition against iran is trying to create a platform here at the u.n. g.a. however it's going to need a lot of international support i think both are. and the united states in order to deescalate the situation and not let it go further into hopefully not any military action but are on did have
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a military parade where they showed off some missiles that are capable of possibly destroying american bases around the world so it's really a tough call where it's going to not think of diplomacy i mean the u.n. was created in the idea of keeping things like this one happening where you you did you have rebuttal you agree that at some point no matter what was going on you could come to the table and keep people from dying because that's the only there is only one you know alternatives to diplomacy and that's war so hopefully dialogue can overcome our very day there's a lot of pressure on that from the military industrial complex and what they want to do and all that lot of different for them aspire to still get thank you so much for coming on always a pleasure having you on and informing our viewers of what's happening this week at the u.n. thank you all right as we're going to break court watchers don't forget to let us know what you think of the topics we cover over social media and be sure to check out watching the hawks the podcast is now available on spotify apple music and everywhere he was in the podcast coming up we get
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a firsthand look at the climate change protests currently taking place in cities around the world with digital campaign of course the brooks of $350.00 dot org stay tuned to watch in the. the world is driven by dreamers shaped by one person with those words.
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the day. thinks. we dared to ask. the tense situation in venezuela is still all over the news the problem in venezuela is not that socialism has been poorly implemented but that socialism has been faithfully implemented for inside venezuela things look different we're going to announce sanctions against petroleum to venezuela associate. in the school have a son of a moment to. get out of that political battle so honestly advocating. the moment the focus of the who story isn't new makes him cold in henry kissinger to tell him that it would not be tolerated in latin america an alternative that konami and social system could take hold and therefore the policy would be to make
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the chilean economy scream so wants now making the economy of venezuela screed. this weekend and into this week all around the world activists have taken to the streets and massive demonstrations the size and scale we've not seen since the iraq war protests back in 2002 here in washington d.c. on monday protesters took over major street in our section stopping morning traffic an attempt to shut down city commuters but this time it's not an impending war or civil rights violation that has pushed children along with men and women into the
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streets and protest it's the very future of life on this planet. protesters started gathering at intersections like this or at k. and 17th in downtown washington d.c. and you can see they're starting to open the lanes up again but before that intersection was completely blocked off and these protesters say that they want to do stop all business as usual all in efforts to promote climate change earlier that morning at the same intersection we were at protesters bound themselves to a sailboat and police were forced to cut the metal to let them go it took authorities several hours but by 10 o'clock they were freed and given warnings those who didn't cooperate were arrested but this wasn't the only area that was met with protesters here's a look at all the different intersections spread all across downtown d.c. where protesters blocked intersections ultimately slowing down traffic or bringing it to a complete halt when asked about why protesters wanted to shut down traffic here's
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what they had to say i'm 13 it's so important to make a difference because when i grow up i want to have a family like my parents did i want to get an education i want to get a job and be in for him but if china doesn't change i'm not going to have the experience and i'm not going to have. time to do that so that's why it's important to come here and support everybody and make a change we are standing on the cross walk in the police start getting kind of hands the pushing people to say get out get on the sidewalks and i mean people protesters are obviously biting my hands off me don't touch me all of that. but that's the only thing we've had to deal and so for now as of this afternoon only 26 people have been arrested and they've been charged with blocking an intersection and that's about as serious as the crimes will get right now but i want to take a look at this group behind me these were protesters that all met after the intersection was closed off they all just took a vote asking if they were going to come back tomorrow and do the same thing and all their hands went up reporting in downtown washington d.c.
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fair in front act. joining us now to discuss the climate strike and more is writer community organizer and digital campaigner for 3 or clarissa brooks thanks for joining us. hey how you doing closely related as we said over the weekend we've seen massive globe spending protests and strikes you know over society and governments lack of real action on climate change i want to ask you because you know you're part of this what do you feel is the most important message of these protests regard list of the country your region you're living in what is the real heart of this. yeah it's a great question and i think the real heart of the work that youth black and brown folks are doing is really about understanding that we have a limited amount of time some of the most important to me and that the youth organizers and coalition workers were focusing on was really around the green new deal for the u.s. and really like ending fossil fuel money that's a big part of our government and really discussing the ways that we can start to
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lessen the amount of carbon that we produce the way that we're affecting the environment because we do have a limited amount of time and i think that's something that these young folks are very aware of probably more than any of us and i've said it's weird to see that for 20 years you know even back in the ninety's when i was a kid we had earth day we were told and we were kind of lulled into this sense of everything's taken care of there's policy there is legislation and everything's great don't worry so we've seen these climate protests in recent years but this is so different what sets these recent demonstrations apart from the ones that have come before. yes i think i mean like any mass mobilization a movement right like this didn't come out of nowhere people have been organizing around the green new deal for years people have been having other small or medium sized mobilization for the past 5 years around climate change and really thinking about just like the conversation of climate justice that kind of started in the early 2000 and that has really been
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a part of like lower level conversations but it's coming to the forefront now and i think with these young folks especially with they have seen the direct impacts and i think you know we do have to like in. college ancestry and realize that these are also kids who came up during the b.l.m. movement and who have seen how mass mobilization is important to their work. and understand that they're not going to be able to be a part of the future if they don't start to really get engaged in the world that we have been fighting to involved in school. one of the things that's interesting about that is i'm seeing the generational change where i feel like a lot of people they sort of said you know if you do this it's enough and then people kind of lost hope. because we became this very suddenly again very corporate sized world that didn't worry about these things and where i see these kids they see what happened and they see it and there are so committed to it in a way that we haven't seen before and i think that a lot is because of black activism over the last 5 to 10 years because that's the
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new generation of activists in that movement have made such a change and moved so many needles and change so many lives so i have to point out how the connection between those things i do you think that part of like you had said black lives matter and that activism do you feel like that set the stage to show these kids how they could do that how they could have power and to use it for what they're trying to do. yeah i mean i also want acknowledge like the you know dapple in the keystone organizing that made a focus of me doing i think that like these historical moments that are emerging are really helping young folks realize that like they have a voice and they can say something also for myself like being around the young folks if we can d.c. they have such a great analysis of the world of capitalism of neoliberalism of imperialism right so i think a lot of politicians and older folks really kind of were condescending towards them but like they have such a beautiful analysis of what's going on they're fully aware of corporate money they're fully aware of corruption. and i think they're coming from that legacy of
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b.l.m. movement no dapple of keystone organizing because they see that you know like they have to do that research and they have no problem showing up to protest talking about the importance of the new sexuality in understanding how you know environmental racism is a reason why black or brown folks are dying from cancer at higher rates and you know just these super nuance conversations so i think it really is a testament to that work and also just a testament to their spirit like those kids fearless they truly are and one of the things that kind of strikes me is even today you still hear the pushback. well you know climate change it's an orchestrated van didn't movement meant to push the globalist agenda you know you're that thrown around all the time about climate change is a natural phenomenon and humans have no impact on it how do we reach those folks and help them understand what's really happening i mean that's the key you can't just dismiss them you can dismiss their arguments but you still have to bring them
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under the tent at some point because this is going to take that many people in this massive a movement how do we reach them and really convince them of the truth of what's happening in the reality of what's happening. yet i think the question really lies in what are people like live realities right like being someone from the south seeing the temperature change talking about water quality conversations even thinking about like you know places like denmark south carolina who has had. lead field water for 10 years right like we're really looking at history and not just like conspiracy theories or government theories right like who is being the most affected by this and i think people who are saying that climate change isn't real and it's a phenomenon and. are looking for like an easy excuse to ignore the fact that like climate change is killing black and brown folks. and putting their lives at risk and i think to be a part of that work you have to come to that truth and i think also the organizers
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like i think it's important to remember that we're not going to capture everybody there's some folks my family died delta is as important and that's fine i'm so that i do work for them i'm still going to make sure that they know that there is a clean water resource that they can check their water that they. are afforded rights in like to be safe and breathe clean air because they deserve that but it's ok to understand that not everyone's going to be captured but it is our work as organizers to characters many folks as we can. well i think this is this is one of those things when you have either generationally or politically you have someone who just doesn't want to accept the reality it's usually because they're not at risk for it it's like the titanic with a lot of you know the people who survived were not poor people who were working putting coal into the engine and the people who survived the titanic were very well to do very rich and you know i think what we're looking at here is the same thing where this generation from like generation x. all the way up to millennia they see that that's wrong and they see it and they
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can't see that and they can't change their minds that it's different a lot of people now are you know they do agree that we know that there has to be but they don't know what to do to help what's your advice to those people who just feel like you know i can recycle i can do these things but what can i do every day what do you suggest. yeah i think i always tell folks you know like don't reinvent the wheel a lot of people come into organizing feeling like i'm disheartened is a sion i need to do this. probably there's already an organization doing this work advocating showing up every day so really i was tell folks go to city council meetings who showing up all the time who you see every single week start looking and asking questions to folks in these meetings in these spaces about who's doing advocacy work right and also remembering that these issues are intersecting and that issues of housing justice are also going to be related to issues of environmental racism injustice because
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a lot of times people are being pushed out of their communities because of lack of clean air bad water. and landfills being closed to impoverished communities. taking the time to really do that that's a great sort of advice i want to thank you clarissa brooks writer community organizer digital campaigner for 350 thank you so much for coming on and enjoying this conversation with us today great work. the national statuary hall of the united states capitol. and here in washington d.c. is dedicated to statues of our most prominent americans and on september 18th nebraska replaced one of their statues in the hall with what many consider to be one of the most important civil rights leaders in all of us history chief standing bear back an 875 standing various people the congo were moved time and time again by the government onto increasingly worse land leading to the deaths of over a 3rd of their people and trapped them in treaties the forced them on to even another tribe's land in oklahoma when standing bear 16 year old son died that the
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chief tried to return him to their ancestral lands of the brassica so that his son could be given a proper burial he was then arrested by the us army during the trial she's standing there argued against the government's claim that he and his people were neither citizens nor persons eventually winning when the judge declared they were a people and that they should be allowed to return to their lands here city standing there and the honor he so rightly deserves and the pantheon of american civil rights icons that he most certainly doesn't it's nice to see something like that. here in the nation's capital specially with the years of over all the degradation that this country is committed to the native peoples of this land and next in the process replacing the other or the other statue with one of will account are so good that every good orator everybody in that is our show for you today and remember one in this world we are not told but we all love that up so i tell you all i love you i am very well for him to have a lot of people are watching all those arcs out there are great day and night ever
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ron this is when the bank is insolvent and folks are concerned about their money so they. withdraw the money so here you have $1.00 of the foundation blocks of the global derivatives market the repo market and it's being bailed out every day by $75000000000.00 a day so it's the biggest bailout per day per hour and never seen a bail up on an hourly basis this big average history of. pain years and cross-talk started 10 years and i think it's time to shake things up maybe change the branding maybe the format here is what i've been thinking about next season related episodes filmed on an island 10 experts cited out for a trophy what do you think ok a more affordable option $25.00 text birds. and one red rose another
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suggestion. no political cookout we will literally. be elites. late night show it's a rare format these days and it's cheap all you need is an old microphone in a printed banner. to leave me with one of my goals i can do this and laughter politics gone wild like music. ok crosstalk is not about hype it's about meaning 10 years of talk and still going strong. peter if you want to change something why don't we get rid of the i know that is too much. the tense situation in venezuela is still all over the news the problem in venezuela is not that socialism has been poorly implemented but that socialism has been only implemented inside venezuela things
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look different we're going to announce sanctions against petroleum to venezuela so as you. have a son of a moment do you think that absent that. battle psionic move to keep the map of the moment the focus of the who story isn't new makes him cold in henry kissinger to tell him that it would not be tolerated in latin america an alternative economic and social system could take hold and therefore the policy would be to make the economy scream so wants now making the economy of venezuela screed. i. knew
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i knew. i. could. get. the u.s. . the u.n. general assembly. wrong. from. an address in a speech. on britain's. paula.


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