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tv   News  RT  September 24, 2019 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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nancy pelosi says the u.s. house of representatives will begin impeachment inquiry into the president. today i'm announcing the house of representatives moving for the. impeachment. violating its international commitments the u.s. fails to grant several members of the russian delegation to the u.n.
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general assembly. court rules the prime minister broke. parliament. will convene again tomorrow. thanks for joining us and holkins here with me tonight i'll begin this hour with breaking news coming in out of washington where democratic house speaker nancy pelosi said formal impeachment inquiry against president trump without further ado let's cross the live for us correspondent to guess more details caleb this has been talked about for some time as that big move by the house democrats what can you tell us. indeed now nancy pelosi the representative from
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california and long time speaker of the u.s. house of representatives stepped forward and announced a formal impeachment inquiry from the u.s. house of representatives that's one of the bodies of the u.s. congress now in her declaration she alleged that donald trump quote seriously violated the u.s. constitution and this refers to donald trump threatening to withhold $400000000.00 in aid from ukraine military aid from ukraine and urging the ukrainian president to investigate joe biden and his financial dealings in ukraine and the financial dealings of his son hunter biden this is the announcement that we heard from nancy pelosi this week the president has admitted to asking the president to crane to take actions which would benefit him politically the action of the trial the actions of the trump presidency reveal which dishonorable fact of the president's betrayal of his oath of office betrayal of our national security and betrayal of
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the integrity of our elections therefore today i'm announcing the house of representatives moving forward with an official impeachment inquiry and directing our 6 committees to proceed with their investigations under that umbrella of impeachment inquiry the president must be held accountable no one is above the law . like to talk about how to develop it so that's what we heard from nancy pelosi announcing this formal investigation. so what has actually led us through this why there's such concern about what i have said in what appears to be to modify what the president of foreign countries but obviously so what's your. well it's interesting there was just this lengthy probe into allegations of trumped russia collusion but nothing came of that as we saw the
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report from the special counsel investigator but this particular issue regarding trump's dealings with the ukrainian leader it was actually brought up by an unnamed whistleblower and this unnamed whistleblower apparently reported it to the office of the director of national intelligence in the united states now the the oh d.n.i. was courting 2 u.s. procedures if he thought it was significant should then have raised it with the u.s. congress however the odeon i did not do that so this unnamed whistleblower as essentially come forward and been in communication with democratic representatives at this point trump is calling it a witch aren't you saying that this is a witch hunt against him basically you know coming forward and presenting it as if he's done nothing wrong and he says that he actually plans to release the full transcript of the conversation with the ukrainian leader so trump plans to release that conversation in the coming days so we shall see what happens when that full
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conversation is released at the moment the allegations revolve around what was said by an unnamed whistleblower who brought that complaint to the office of the director of national intelligence who then did not raise it with the congress. goes . with a lot of updates for us from new york. sunday trump denied any misconduct over discussing biden in a phone call with ukraine's president about him is a linsky he's also accused the former vice president of corruption tied to his son's business activities in ukraine the phone conversations comes along as offer a whistleblower claim that the troops of his that help from a foreign leader. you've got to give it to the democrats they're hard working bunt especially when something's related to the biggest pet peeve canoe said but with all attempts over the past 3 years to push trump out of the white house haven't for a bit flat new rumors have put the fire back in their bellies complain about
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president trump it involves ukraine troubling promise president may have made to a foreign leader years ago 1st got in office were also nervous the donald trump was some sort of sleeper agent who was going to sell america out to a foreign power behind our backs. well throwback thursday no balled into multiple reports of potentially illegal activity new allegations of attempted foreign collusion the washington post reported that back in july trump and the newly elected wanted to ms and how did a little chat in which trump asked his ukrainian counterpart to investigate former vice president joe biden and apparently top level whistleblower leaks that trump unethically said he'd be generous with billions worth of american military and intelligence aid if selenski was cooperative whistleblower is under what i can only imagine must be the most. intense pressure sharing anything that is truly sensitive and endangers our national security you're in our world
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a trouble sounds to see but then things took a slightly disappointing turn the washington post sort of backtracked and admitted that well actually they might have jumped the gun just to listen. one source familiar with the conscience of the phone call so the crew did not raise the issue of american military and intelligence aide that the administration was at the time withholding from ukraine indicating that there may not be known explicit quid pro quo expressed in the conversation but for the desperate damns even the with of the scandal was enough reports of a reliable whistleblower complaint regarding the president's communications with a foreign leader brings grief urgent concerns of our national security when you have the president call him in from other countries and whistleblowers are talking about compromising who he has deemed a political enemy this is serious this is very very serious and we have to investigate it this is all in the spirit of pursuing justice and protecting the american people from shady political dealings so probably a bit awkward that trump was gunning for an investigation into how a bomb as
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a right hand man biden had pushed for a top ukrainian prosecutor to be fired but hey it's probably just a coincidence that the prosecutor was leading a corruption investigation into a natural gas company that biden's son was linked to biden bragging that he basically blackmailed x. president petro poroshenko into firing the guy isn't that convincing is what i said you know i get the 1000000000 i'm going to be leaving iraq i think it was about 6 hours i looked as i'm leaving in 6 hours and the prosecutor's not fired you're not getting the money or son of a. fighter no not biden surely not he looked so good in those shorts back in the 60s he had such a lovable bromance with obama he can't be shady i love joe biden but there is still so much good in this country and joe biden i think represents that the democrats will see him as the best choice voters in the battleground state of wisconsin say they favor by never president trump everyone loves your by if you're trump because
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an elusive phone call from a secret source reported in a classified document leaked in an article but that corrected itself would be declared hard evidence and bring the year. democrats knocking at your door but if you're the only candidate your party has mustered up that even stands a chance of getting the vote of the american people in 2020 shadiest something that's up for interpretation and turning a blind eye. no harm no foul. let's cross live to a panel of experts for more reaction on this. american hosts fuse on political journalist dave lindorff thanks both for coming in guys great to have you in the program what are we expecting here i mean this has been discussed for so long has that the possibility of a never actually been completed of course in u.s. history do you have do expect this to gain momentum scotti. well they know this is the 4th time in u.s. history that a president has come under impeachment as you pointed out they've never been
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successful but that tarnishes staying does stand yet bill clinton was still able to be reelected even with that tarnish on their 977 days no the donald trump has been in office that 977 nights democrats have been dreaming of today and they are celebrating however there still is a process while this vote did happen within the house meeting it did not happen on the floor of the house so the next 48 hours until the house can convene on the floor and formally vote to open up articles of impeachment is going to be very interesting from a p.r. perspective it's going to be with the president trying to saying he's going to release the actual transcript or now released the audio tracks or whatever he has regarding this phone call in question if it turns out this call turned out to be everything above board completely legit and even showing what caused this phone call in the 1st possible and wrongdoing by the biden campaign this could turn out to be a very big problem the democrats are going to have yet here in america those that
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supported trump are already declaring that thank you miss pelosi you just got president trump reelected. i mean that phone conversation transcript is going to really dave i mean do you think democrats they've jumped the gun a bit haven't they because trump is effectively cooling the bluff saying i'm going to release the strong script nothing top nothing to fear if. it is a little bit of bold this is going to be a p.r. disaster isn't it. well you know this. things that you're mentioning here that are it really changed the situation 1st of all i did back to the nixon impeachment which was also looked at as a you know very risky move originally because it was totally democrats that were for it but gradually as that information came out about what nixon had done republicans came over the the point that has to be made is that an impeachment hearing has special powers that the judiciary committee and the other committees
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investigating the president all this time have not had and that is that it's cited in the constitution specifically as being a body that has nice power and and so the likelihood is that the president would not be able to get away with withholding documents were. just testimony from staff. even his own lawyers from an impeachment panel because it would ultimately go to the supreme court where most of the republicans on the supreme court are originalists who believe in going by the words of the constitution and they would be many of them would be inclined to certainly i think roberts and alito and maybe thomas i'm not sure of all the others but when they get the democrats you know they're going to vote for what the constitution says which is the impeachment panel has pretty much absolute power to investigate or there so that changes the game for trump he can't withhold his income taxes he can't withhold this document you know.
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so it does change the situation for him he's in a much weaker situation once there's an impeachment inquiry. the set of course has been calling for the justice department inspector general to release that whistleblower complaint of course that lets him trump all eyes of the law in the phone call that calls also come from former presidents a vice president all the joe biden he's called for it to be released let's just take a quick listen to what's what he said. it is time for this administration to stop stonewalling to provide the congress of all the facts it needs including a copy of a formal complaint made by the whistle blower. it is time for the congress to fully investigate the conduct of this press the congress does not the president does not comply with such requests from the congress he continues to obstruct congress and flunked the wall. will leave congress in my view no choice but to shooting fish.
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that would be a tragedy but a tragedy of his own making. depending on what's in the transcript offending all of the trauma administration complies and does release the transcript looks like they are going to do that i mean this could actually have quite wide ranging implications for the 2020 presidential race couldn't it school to you as well. and that's the thing dana about an hour ago the senate unanimously voted with the schumer resolution to bring out the whistleblowers for complaint here is a problem that just come out that some of our competitors here in american media have reported those that are not necessarily friendly 5 are even saying the whistleblower is actually turning out to be 2nd hand knowledge and i think president trump and his staff knowing what that is in the phone call because they are the only ones that really know the contents are counting on all of this information to come out but here's where this also works and president trying so i think his grand strategy you brought up the elections because now president travel as he did in 2016 is going to be controlling the narrative of every headline every
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news hour for the next year and a half which is exactly how he wanted 26 to he's not going to give air for any of his competitors and for joe biden this is all regarding joe biden and his sons experiences in ukraine as our previous story talked about so that is what is more it's not about tax trump tax returns that are going to be exposed it's going to be all of the corruption that's wrong on the transom as alec is. happened in the biden family and that's what now is going to be at full disclosure to come out and the senate is still controlled by the republicans so this isn't just going to be like a witch hunt as president trump has said that house democrats are doing you're going to have republicans they're going to also going to be bringing out i guarantee they're not going to be going easy on the biden family or the democrats. on the sets the tone doesn't it for this race dave i mean the many people probably celebrating that this impeachment inquiry has been else but it is quite
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a long process from here isco to point that out it's never been fully completed in u.s. history. this procedure here i mean how do you see this playing out from here with the release of the transcripts or if it's released. well you know this could go a lot of different ways and for one thing trump can fall into a trap because if he thinks that they invent nobody's going to get the transcript and he submit a incomplete transcript of the phone call that's where nixon got tripped you know if you if you have to bris and you think i've got this i can thank you dr this i can be you know limit it the way i want and then somebody in the intelligence community has the whole thing then you know then he's. committing fraud and he gets himself in real trouble. you can also have a situation where. you know it's good for the democrats too because a lot of people think biden is
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a loser like clinton and this might kill 2 birds for 11 stone for them you know you tarnish the president with your inks that embarrass him and you also get rid of the candidate who's the sort of hillary of this campaign and liable to drag democrats down to defeat and you get somebody who is in pretty good polls likely to be trump say we're in or sanders or somebody that you know is a better candidate than biden so you know as you go a lot of interesting ways just speaking as a journalist i'm really looking forward to this this is so unpredictable yeah we all wanted election cycle it's turning out to be a wonder if it can beat the draw more of the election cycle 2016 i suppose we have to wait and say to scott analyses of political journalist dave lindorff exploit for coming on that i great to have you on. thanks. to. the u.n. general assembly is underway in new york and everyone got the ringside seat russia's foreign ministry has said that 10 members of it's that occasion was not
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granted to us because as the head of the session the kremlin called the move a provocation which warrants a tough response or if a loss of joy he did o'neill audio and the studio with the details. oh moscow is absolutely furious because if you think about it that's a huge thing. constant in russia's prominent politician and they term and all of the foreign affairs committee of the upper term or the russian parliament said he's not going to attend the u.n. general assembly that is open these days in new york because of visa issues and he wasn't actually denied american visa but what basically happened as far as we understand is that his application didn't go through and he was not to fight about that very very last moment and he failed to protect american visa on time it doesn't sound like anything criminal he can still reapply but clearly there is no time enough that we're being so he's going to miss the discussions he were planning to participate in and the thing is that he was not the only one to put in this
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unpleasant situation we know that at least 8 other members of the russian delegation's i mean they arrived this morning in one of moscow airports with bags with tickets to new york with plans to participate in important debates and they expected their passports with american visas to be delivered to the airport from the u.s. embassy this is normal procedure but it never happened so this is an aspect of this health situation is that these people were not not to fight about what's going on and the only learnt about that very last moment and the u.s. side says talks about some technical problems but constant calls that provocation this is absolutely unprecedented situation the latest states of america does not have to determine who. to participate and who is not to participate in the. united nations. will be responded
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by the russians say no doubt about it you can see he is very angry it's not exactly clear what marriage is a constant because joe was talking about what we heard from russian. president spokes person also that there will be response from the crowd when there is a furious reaction from the russian foreign ministry as well we know that the us deputy ambassador has been summoned to the foreign ministry here in moscow over some pleasant situation maybe we can expect some clarification later on and we heard from the foreign ministry spokesperson. i mean she described it as an example of huge disrespect from the americans let's take a listen documents that we handed over for process in earlier a couple of months before departure were returned to us with the wording they have been handed in early it's an outrageous example of disrespect by the u.s. to u.n. members as well as an example of failure to fulfill obligation as the host country
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of the world are. a good thing is that we hear that. russia's foreign minister who is leading the russian delegation that the u.n. general assembly is going to address this issue at his meeting with. his secretary of state maybe there will be some explanations. are there any other cases though when when foreign delegations have problems entering the u.s. oh yeah of course you have those thoughts for the 1st time and even during the 74th session we heard from tester and the several members of the rat in delegation were north american so we know that the iranian leader mr heinie and the foreign minister mr going to attend general assembly there delegation is dramatically cut and if you are going to yeah but i mean if you think about it that's a huge thing because the u.n. general assembly is an annual event it's a huge platform and if you do
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a geisha it's cut by have i mean of course your work is a factor and your expectations a lawyer and that doesn't sound fair. on the 1st day of high level debate at the u.n. general assembly the u.s. president took to the stage to make a wide ranging address donald trump's speech touched of on issues including global trade the crisis in the persian gulf nuclear proliferation and democracy promotion among the range of topics donald trump touched upon during his speech in new york he didn't let the escalating tensions between washington and tehran slip by u.s. president condemn the reigning leaders for a blood lust which he says is isolating the country. all nations have a duty to act. no responsible government should subsidize iran's bloodlust. as long as iran's menacing behavior continues sanctions will not be lifted they will be tightened. iran's leaders will have turned
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a proud nation into just another cautionary tale. of what happens when a ruling class abandons his people and embarks on a crusade for personal power. and riches the iranians don't really take anything that trump says about its evilness very seriously but with when it comes to negotiations the iranians are saying that look we have negotiated with the united states the iranians have said repeatedly that if trump goes back to the nuclear deal if he abides by us commitment then negotiations can start again. trump was at the negotiating table rex tillerson was at the negotiating table they left the negotiating table so it's for them to come back and those are the conditions they have to accept their own commitments it's very hard for the americans support any more sanctions on iran because there's nothing really left to sanction there's a joke going around in iran that where people say i have
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a cousin somewhere in some village that hasn't been sanctioned yet so all these sanctions are rip repetition of older sanctions the central bank has been sanctions recently but it was already sanctioned before so nothing really new is happening. we're going to toss quarters delf unprecedented legal defeat of the prime minister the judges unanimously ruling that boris johnson is decision to suspend paul and this once was unlawful. the prime minister's advice to her majesty was unlawful void and of no effect. this means that the order in council to which it led was also a little full void and of no effect and should be quashed the probation was also void and of no effect parliament has not been roped gentlemen however discontented from m.p.'s on the public the from minister suspended parliament at the beginning of september for 5 weeks widely seen as a move to prevent m.p.'s from scrutinizing his plan to exit the european union
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october 31st with or without a deal scottish court later ruled to move on a lawful now the highest court in the land agrees this means parliament can now sit again a common speaker says it will convene on wednesday morning boris johnson is now returning early from the un saying intends to carry on with it regardless and do with it this is a thought it did we will respect and respect the judicial process i have to say i strongly disagree with what the justices who find i don't think that. it's right but the most bullies we get on with and deliberate sit on october 31st and foremost page always got away believes that while m.p.'s will celebrate the court's decision voters might think differently. oh sure it's dead in the water it's in the water i'm not sure of it's waving or drowning but it certainly for the complicates the british position in the run up to halloween when we're supposed to
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be leaving the european union and that of course was what the whole thing was about this is a coup judicial coup where our committee of 11 lawyers have forced their way in to the british political system by judgment would be that the public will see all of this today as for the evidence of the establishments the very richest the very most powerful being determined to do anything that they can including dragging the queen's into such an imbroglio in order to stop breaks it and the danger for the opposition is that people will think well at least boris johnson is trying to implement a decision made by 17 and a half 1000000 british people the biggest number ever to go for anyone or anything in our entire history and that's the danger that when the election comes they'll be a backlash against the establishment and boris johnson will be the beneficiary of
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it or that's it for the team for thomas will be with you in half an hour style bring you tonight's headlines states you know for programming from a documentary channel. world is driven by a dream shaped by one person of those. who dares thinks. we dare to ask.
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and 2040 you know bloody revolution to crush the demonstrations going from being relatively peaceful political protests to be creasing the violent revolution is always spontaneous or is it just a lawyer hiccup what if i mean your list put video clearly in the new bill is that i mean you just pulling it out of the former ukrainian president recalls the events of 2014. of those who took quite invested over 5000000000 dollars to assist ukraine in these and other goals that will ensure a secure and prosperous and democratic. future news. or he's like.
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oh. let's listen. the more i tried to understand venezuela the more i could see the signs of all solitary an ism emerging on my continent as well.
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however what venezuela's critics didn't do was compare human rights issues to those in other countries on the american continent. civil and political rights have been violated in venezuela. but they're violated every day in colombia and they're violated every day in mexico and they're violated every day in brazil. what i call human rights. what i call selective integration. you show enormous in the nation with regard to one country. and you keep quiet with regard to many other countries where the situation is many times worse. in brazil the police killed 14 people a day on average. the colombian army killed 10000 civilians between
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