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tv   News  RT  September 24, 2019 9:00pm-9:31pm EDT

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this. breaking news is speaker nancy pelosi and the u.s. house of representatives will begin a formal impeachment inquiry into whether donald trump broke the law in his communications with ukraine's president. today i'm announcing the house of representatives moving forward with an official impeachment inquiry also accuses washington of violating its international commitments after the us fails to grant leases to several members of the russian delegation to the un general assembly. and highest court rules of the prime minister broke the law by suspending parliament
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the judges unanimous decision means m.p.'s will convene again tomorrow to take on the looming deadline and the embattled premier. broadcast a lot of direct our studios in moscow this is r.t. international i'm sean thomas certainly glad to have you with us. first to our continuing breaking story out of washington where democratic house speaker nancy pelosi has announced a formal impeachment inquiry against president our u.s. correspondent has more. nancy pelosi the speaker of the u.s. house of representatives has come forward to announce the formation of a formal impeachment inquiry into donald trump and simple osi argues that donald trump has seriously violated the u.s. constitution this relates to a phone call and which donald trump was speaking to the ukrainian president and in
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the conversation he threatened to withhold over $400000000.00 of military aid from ukraine and he urged the ukrainian leader to launch an investigation into joe biden and his son hunter biden in their business dealings in the country this is nancy pelosi announcing the launching of a formal inquiry of impeachment into donald trump this week the president has admitted to asking the president to crane to take actions which would benefit him politically the action of the trial the actions of the trump presidency dishonorable fact of the president's betrayal of his oath of office betrayal of our national security and betrayal of the integrity of our elections therefore today i'm announcing the house of representatives moving forward with an official impeachment inquiry now kevin mccarthy who represents the republican minority in the u.s. house of representatives has basically disagreed with nancy pelosi as move and said
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that nothing new will come about as a result of today's announcement this is the republican leader speaker pelosi happens to be the speaker of this house but she does not speak for america when it comes to this issue she cannot decide unilaterally what happens here. they have been investigating this president before he even got elected they have voted 3 times on impeachment on this floor twice they voted before one word the mall report came back what she said today made no difference of what's been going on it's no different than what natalie has been trying to do now an unnamed. blower is the source for the information regarding what donald trump is alleged to have said in this phone call an unnamed whistleblower who the identity of which has not yet been revealed apparently found out about donald trump's conversation with the ukrainian leader and he then brought it to the attention of the office of the director of
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national intelligence now that is the procedure laid out in u.s. law to bring such a complaint to the oh d.n.i. now when the odeon i heard about the complaint they deemed unworthy to bring it to the u.s. congress so now from what we understand democratic leaders have been in touch with this unnamed whistleblower and they wish to now launch a formal impeachment inquiry based on what this unnamed whistleblower has reported about the conversation now donald trump has spoken up on social media and called this a witch hunt and trump is threatening and plans fully to release the transcript of his conversation with the ukrainian leader that seems to be the source of the controversy he says he will shortly be making that full conversation a full transcript of that conversation of vailable to the public that will come within the next day so folks are waiting to see what what will be revealed when the full conversation is made public but at the moment we do understand that the u.s.
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house of representatives will be moving ahead with a formal impeachment inquiry into the president of the united states to determine whether or not to hold an impeachment trial and possibly remove him from the office of the presidency. in just a word on the latest developments as this is a rapidly developing story the white house has now confirmed it will approve the release of the whistleblower complaint by the end of the week not just a phone call this is according to a senior administration official there that is after trump also said before that he would release the full transcript of the phone call with ukraine leaders olinsky on wednesday now the whistleblower wants to testify before the house intelligence committee chairman adam schiff has announced that as well and joining me live is a political commentator john william louden thanks for being with us here on our team international as always. so. how expected was proces announcement i mean do you expect impeachment to finally pick up
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a momentum in this congress. well you know it took 2 years of the mueller investigation for the democratic party to look like a bunch of jack asses and this will take about 12 hours before they look like jackasses they're going to look really silly over this and i think they're doing this to run interference on a major announcement today that hasn't become really public that michael flynn general flynn's business partner was exonerated today by a judge i think they're covering up that news because it is it impugns the entire new investigation so president trump had said before post his announcement that he released the full transcript of his call with ukraine president zelinsky on wednesday and he has now since amended that and the white house is saying that they will release the entire whistleblower complaint which before they had objected to being released. it's kind of interesting that this is changing and some ways you
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can argue that the white house doesn't really have a choice. is palosi taking a risk though making this formal inquiry before any information is released what if there's nothing inappropriate in the call or in the complaint at all. well exactly she's certainly taking a risk and she's caught between a rock and a hard place as we say in the u.s. she's she's stuck between the hard left flank of her party that wants to take extreme measures and block the president and obstruct him any way they can and the american people who think that this makes no sense so she's walking a fine line with this impeachment inquiry a proper process would have the house vote on a recorded. vote that they want to impeach the president and move forward with that inquiry but this she's trying to have it both ways she's trying to satisfy the left flank and not offend the american people are just not bought in that we need to be
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impeaching the president because he's nothing impeachable now it's safe to say that you come from a right leaning perspective so let me push you on something just a little bit the u.s. senate under mitch mcconnell's guidance has unanimously called for the justice department inspector general to release the whistleblower complaint which alleges violated the law in his call with alinsky and also the complaint is believed to establish more of a pattern of behavior than more than just this phone call the white house has now says that it will do so what do you think that we will learn from this document and why do you think that republicans in the senate of all places are going along with this. i don't think the republicans in the senate would have just called for something and taken a hostile position to the president i mean look i held office 14 years i've had
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these conversations there were was definitely back channel discussions they're not going to do something to embarrass the president especially something that that is so groundbreaking is that we don't have whistleblowers that were listening in on conversations that the president made with foreign leaders just released that in those discussions that is that is unprecedented lease in my political lifetime i've never seen that kind of pressure we have what's called you know separation of powers congress has their powers the president has his powers the courts have their powers and to force the president to release a private discussion. and i understand the president is to have some latitude to negotiate. with people these are negotiating discussions they don't have the force of law so to take the president's negotiation and say we need to
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make that public that is is highly unusual and i don't think to answer the question the republicans are going to say we're on board with releasing that unless they had approval from the president just being very candid all right very interesting to hear your thoughts you do come from an experience background on this and for being with us john wayne loudon who is a political commentator right here in our international. all right the u.n. general assembly is underway in new york but not everyone got their ringside seat to russia's foreign ministry has said that 10 members of its delegation were not granted u.s. reeses ahead of the session kremlin called the move a provocation which warrants a tough response. joining my colleague you know neal earlier in the studio with details. well moscow is absolutely furious because if you think about it that's a huge thing. constant in russia's prominent politician and diploma a term and all of the foreign affairs committee of the upper term for the russian
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parliament said he's not going to attend the un general assembly that is open these days in new york because of visa issues and he wasn't actually denied american visa but what basically happened as far as we understand is that his application didn't go through and he was not to fight about that very very last moment and he failed to protect american visa on time it doesn't sound like anything criminal he can still reapply but clearly there is no time enough. so he's going to miss the discussions he were planning to participate in and the thing is that he was not the only one to put in this unpleasant situation we know that at least 8 other members of the russian delegations i mean they arrived this morning in one of moscow airports with bags with tickets to new york with plans to participate in important debates and they expected their passports with american visas to be delivered to the airport from the u.s. embassy this is normal procedure but it never happened so this is an aspect of this
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health situation is that these people were not naughty fied about what's going on and the only learned about that very last moment and the u.s. side says talks about some technical problems but constant calls that provocation this is absolutely unprecedented situation the little states of america does not have to determine who. to participate and who is not to participate in the. united nations. will be responded by the russians say no doubt about it you can see he is very angry it's not exactly clear what marriage is a constant was talking about what we heard from russian president. spokes person also that they will be response from the crowd when there is a furious reaction from the russian foreign ministry as well we know that the us deputy ambassador has been summoned to the foreign ministry here in moscow over
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some pleasant situation maybe we can expect some clarification later on and we heard from the foreign ministry spokesperson. i mean she described it as an example of huge disrespect from the americans let's take a listen documents that we handed over for process in earlier a couple of months before departure were returned to us with the wording they have been handed in early it's an outrageous example of disrespect by the u.s. to u.n. members as well as an example of failure to fulfill obligation as the host country of the world are going. well good thing is that we hear that said a lover of russia's foreign ministry who is leading the russians allegation that the u.n. general assembly is going to address this issue at his meeting with. his secretary of state maybe there will be some explanations. are there any other cases though when when foreign delegations have problems entering the u.s.
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oh yeah of course you have those thoughts for the 1st time and even during the 74th session we heard from tester and the several members of the rat in delegation were north american so we know that the iranian leader mr heinie and the foreign minister mr is going to attend general assembly there delegation is dramatically cut and if you are going to yeah but i mean if you think about it that's a huge thing because the u.n. general assembly is an annual event it's a huge platform and if you do a geisha is cut by half i mean of course you work is a factor and your expectations a lawyer and that doesn't sound fair. on the 1st day of high level debate at the un general assembly the u.s. president took to the stage to make it wide ranging address donald trump's speech touched upon issues including global trade of the crisis in the persian gulf nuclear proliferation and democracy promotion among the range of topics donald
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trump touched upon during his speech in new york he didn't let the escalating tensions between washington and tehran slip by the u.s. president condemned iran and its leaders for a quote blood lust for which he says is isolating the country. all nations have a duty to act. no responsible government should subsidize iran's bloodlust. as long as iran's menacing behavior continues sanctions will not be lifted they will be tightened. iran's leaders will have turned a proud nation into just another cautionary tale. of what happens when a ruling class abandons its people and embarks on a crusade for personal power. and riches the iranians don't really take anything that trump says about its evilness very seriously but with when it
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comes to negotiations the iranians are saying that look we have negotiated with the united states the iranians have said repeatedly that if trump goes back to the nuclear deal if he abides by us commitment then negotiations can start again. trump was at the negotiating table rex tillerson was at the negotiating table they left the negotiating table so it's for them to come back and those are the conditions they have to accept their own commitments it's very hard for the americans support any more sanctions on iran because there's nothing really left to sanction there's a joke going around in iran that where people say i have a cousin somewhere in some village that hasn't been sanctioned yet so all these sanctions are rip repetition of older sanctions the central bank has been sanctions recently but it was already sanctioned before so nothing really new is happening. britain's highest court has dealt an unprecedented legal defeat to to the prime minister with judges unanimously ruling that boris johnson's decision to suspend
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parliament earlier this month was unlawful the prime minister's advice to her majesty was unlawful void and have no effect. this means that the order in council which led was also a little full void and of no effect and should be quashed the preservation was also void and of no effect parliament has not been. made how's of discontent from m.p.'s and of the public the prime minister suspended parliament at the beginning of september for 5 weeks it was widely seen as a move to prevent m.p.'s from scrutinizing his plan to exit the european union on october 31st with or without a deal a scottish court later ruled the move on lawful now the highest court in the land agrees it means parliament now sit again the commons speaker says it will convene on wednesday morning boris johnson is now returning early from the un saying he intends to carry on with bags of progress. i mean this is
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a vote it did we will respect and respect the judicial process i have to say i strongly disagree with what the justices who thought and i don't think that. it's right but the most point please we get home and leave a brick sit on october 31st former british m.p. george galloway believes that while m.p.'s will celebrate the court's decision voters might think differently. i'm sure it's dead in the water it's in the water i'm not sure of it's waving or drowning but it certainly father complicates the british position in the run up to halloween when we're supposed to be leaving the european union and of course was what the whole thing was about this is a cool front of our judicial. where our committee of 11 lawyers have forced their way in to the british political system by judgment would be that the public will
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see all of this today as for the evidence of the establishments the very richest the very most powerful being determined to do anything that they can including dragging the queen into such an imbroglio in order to stop breaks it and the danger for the opposition is that people will think well at least boris johnson is trying to implement a decision made by 17 and a half 1000000 british people the biggest number ever to vote for anyone or anything in our entire history and that's the danger that when the election comes they'll be a backlash against the establishment and boris johnson will be the beneficiary of it. websites and spreading disinformation generate millions of dollars in online advertising revenue from well known brands is according to a new study by british organization the global disinformation index the domains cited include those peddling conspiracy theories pseudo science but also
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a conservative website and r t. you have takes a closer look at who is behind the study. in simple terms everything's become automated even the ads you place online they are placed by algorithms you never know what sites will end up on and the algorithms can tell about the good websites with real and honest news and the bad websites with fake news and stuff the good guys don't agree with the problem is the real journalists are incensed that they aren't getting enough of your money global dissin from ation index the g.d. i estimates that a quarter $1000000000.00 is paid annually to our database of $20000.00 disinform ation sites by ad tech companies placing adverts for many well known brands these brands include household names that many of us know already and honda american
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airlines and office max among others well loud sounds like a catastrophe imagine buoying being advertised on a flat earth or website or a construction company being advertised on a 911 truth as blog it's the kind of crazy websites the report means right the sites in our sample include addicting info dot com r t v dot com twitchy dot com and 0 hedge dot com. oh all of all. this information websites twitchy fairly conservative gig with are many more mistakes or fake news than c.n.n. or the new york times 0 hedge much the same and of course us where would any list be without r t but enough about us that see the judges global this information index
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coalition the governments business and civil society based on neutrality independence and transparency. independence or so who funds them a few non-profits and well there it is the ukase foreign office the one that organized journalists to attack british politicians advocated invading iraq on a false premise constantly say to people there are decisions that to be made in relation to iraq at all but the reason no doubt that iraq poses a threat in respect to weapons of mass destruction and there is no doubt that this issue is an issue that should be dealt with but state funding aside the advisory panel is a wonder to an apple bomb married to a former polish foreign minister noted for his anti russian stance she herself prominent peddler of the trump russian collusion story which was all fake in
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seeking russian support not only to become president but also to make money even as you launched his presidential campaign he hoped to receive a major influx of money from a proposed trump tower in moscow so an independent organization who funded by a foreign ministry the noted peddler of conspiracy theories helping to run it and to think it's these people who are angry that they don't get enough of your money make no mistake. once they nail down an algorithm to do the censorship for them they'll never be misinformed again or well here a different opinion. eastern pakistan was shaken by a 5.8 magnitude earthquake on tuesday local media citing officials and have reported that at least 26 people are known to have died hundreds more have been injured the quake has damaged property and roads with people reportedly fleeing
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high rise buildings in case of further tremors effects were felt in the capital islamabad and other major cities including the law or the pakistani army chief says aviation and medical rescue teams have been dispatched. that does it for me this hour i will be back in let's say 36 minutes with another look at news this is our team. what politicians do. they put themselves on the line they get accepted or rejected . so when you want to be president and she. want. you to go right to the press this is what before 3 of them or can't be good. i'm interested always in the waters about how. this city.
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is a tense situation in venezuela is still all over the news the problem in venezuela is not that socialism has been poorly implemented but that socialism has been faithfully implement from the inside venezuela things were different we're going to announce sanctions against petroleum to venezuela associated fitness to have a son of the moment goes. down to something. bad to see on a movie add to the magic of the moment the focus of the whose story isn't new nixon told in henry kissinger to tell him that it would not be tolerated that in latin america. terms of economic and social system could take hold
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and therefore the policy would be to make the chilean economy scream so once in the making the economy of venezuela screed. so much for being with us we really appreciate thank you for last week here in moscow you had talks with us as acting assistant secretary of state mr ritter how would you describe the conversation how to doctor was that and what kind of trends did it with male i'm hopeful that we will move forward we have a very troubling agenda in our relationship which is stuck essentially we were not able to produce any progress nothing to report to her bosses moreover we have problems in areas that directly affect interests of people from the main street in both places where deprived of our consular presence is for instance at the west
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coast and we have long huge rows before people waiting for him to use the u.s. consular missions here this is just an example and it goes across the board from such things further to for instance limitations for normal activities of embassies in both places further over to our economic cooperation and you know arms control and nonproliferation we're just stuck so the beginning of more an intensified piece of our contacts with the u.s. is quite promising but we should deliver i'm hopeful our american colleagues including those you know at responsible positions at this state and the sea and elsewhere will understand that it's not sustainable anymore this way as we saw it in recent years while it what you describe sounds like a little bit like a doomsday how was the conversation did mr ricker understand it the same way as you
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do well they recognize that something should be done about it and i'm encouraged by the message on his part and on the part of some of his colleagues that we should well this is my interpretation but let me tell you so adopt a dog. 3 enough small step progress this is how we want to move from this current situation and we you know heard some promising you know hints if not signals on the part of the us that it might be possible at least in some areas can we expect any changes in particular. to i don't bolton's departure from the white house well persons go persons being appointed we need to see what will happen in practice we should not make the u.s. policy towards russia that personal of course any person has he's or her impact
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on what is going on the eve he or she is at that level and in this position so my expectation would be there would be no changes since we all recognize there is a what we call here and russian bipartisan consensus in the u.s. but at least we have a need to do something different and in some cases in some areas like i'm 2nd traill to do it rapidly otherwise we will not just lose momentum but we will face further troubles. ok speaking about other countries some experts talk about a potential shift in u.s. foreign policy in regards to a number of states saying it could become less aggressive after john bolton's. off from the white house would you rather agree with that assessment we know howard . bolton was to the e.c.u.
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or you know removing any constraints in any area of legally binding nature from the u.s. particularly in the area of arms control so. it's undeniable and i think he himself would recognize that that was the case we saw it firsthand we are hopeful that whoever would be in charge of this further on. would adopt a view that we should at least we russia and the us buy time to consider what can or should come after the demise of i.n.f. treaty after the u.s. departure from. the on the iran. is said it flatly and openly that they expect changes to the better well we can look at it with positive expectations as well but we have no certainty.


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