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tv   News  RT  September 25, 2019 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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an embattled president meets with his ukrainian counterpart in new york. back in july grows. a summary of that conversation has now been released it shows. did urges ukrainian counterpart to investigate the business dealings of rival presidential candidate joe biden and his son u.s. president is now on the defensive. now and that's what they're choosing but i didn't do it i didn't threaten anybody. the british prime minister tells m.p.'s to either kick out his government or let him get on with lawmakers are back in the comments after the supreme court ruled johnson's parliamentary suspension was unlawful and they didn't hold back. these government.
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shake. sit please don't leave to go private. so we. are broadcasting live. this is r t international i'm john thomas certainly glad to have you with us. right in one of the most closely watched sideline of meetings at the u.n. general assembly the u.s. and ukrainian presidents face reporters about a now infamous phone call that has led to an impeachment inquiry being launched against donald trump the us president meanwhile is claiming that it was not him but rather his rivals who threatened ukraine they wanted to force the new president to do things that they wanted under the form of political threat they threatened him. if he didn't do things now that's what they're choosing me of but i didn't do it i
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didn't threaten anybody yes democrats claim that the president instead abused his powers by attempting to get the ukrainian leader to help investigate a potential election rival in return for funds. sure that we had. i think good cold he too was normal we spoke about many. and the so i think and you read it is that nobody bullshit bullshit me yes it was no great you know there was no pressure or you have to do it is one of the goal but you know that's what you could ask the question and i appreciate the attention and i think if somebody if you look at what he did it is ok we're his son he goes to china he walks away with a video of their dollars he goes to you graded he walks away with $50000.00 a month and a lot of money in addition to that and the whole thing with the prosecutor in
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ukraine and he's ok this isn't like maybe he did it maybe he is he's ok or doing it is now the contents of that conversation they were describing is now fully public declassified by order of the president and if you look at this brief conversation held for 3 minutes on july 25th it's pretty clear there was a mention of joe biden his son hunter biden and a prosecutor in ukraine this is from the transcript that was just released there's a lot of talk about boy he didn't son the body didn't stop the prosecution and a lot of people want to find out about so whatever you can do with the attorney general would be great i will have mr giuliani give you a coup and i move so we're going to have attorney general who and we will get to the bottom of it i'm sure you will figure it out but in this in this transcript there is no mention of the $400000000.00 of military aid in the initial allegations
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from the democrats it was alleged the trumpet threatened to withdraw aid from ukraine unless they gave him information on joe biden that simply is not in this transcript however the democrats have moved ahead with their impeachment inquiry and at this point we are hearing some very low. how denunciations a prompt from the democratic party like any mafia boss the president didn't need to say that's a nice country you have it be a shame if something happened to it because that was clear from the conversation there is no quid pro quo necessary to betray your country or your oath of office even though many read this as a quid pro quo i'm not concerned whether it is a quid pro quo or not. president trump abused the powers of his office and b. trade the public trust. for personal political gain and they haven't seen it so i've just come from. but that. is. the fact
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is that the president of the united states. in breach of his constitutional responsibility has a foreign government helping in his political campaign while the us constitution lays out a procedure for removing the president by impeachment so essentially you've got 2 houses of the u.s. congress the 1st house being the house of representatives they would be the house that decides to go ahead with impeachment at this point we've got 6 committees investigating trump it would be the judiciary committee they would be the ones to ultimately bring impeachment articles against donald trump and if they were to then vote to begin impeachment proceedings it would be then the u.s. senate that would convene an impeachment trial and then vote on whether or not to remove trump from office now in u.s. history only 2 presidents have been impeached bill clinton was impeached as was andrew johnson and both of those u.s. presidents remained in office they were not removed from office the impeachment
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trial happened and the senate voted to keep them in office now richard nixon was facing an impeachment inquiry leading to an impeachment trial he resigned ahead of time so we have not had any president in u.s. history ever removed through the impeachment route not all democrats are immediately jumping on to the idea of impeachment gabbert has spoken up and said she doesn't support the idea of impeaching trump she says it would hurt the democratic party in the country in the long term and divide the country so tell us again and she she has spoken out but many democrats seem to be excited about the potential of beginning an impeachment proceeding against donald trump it's important to note however that at this point the senate. is controlled by republicans and it's very likely that if impeachment proceedings began mitch mcconnell who is the senate majority leader he could simply have the senate vote not to carry out an impeachment trial so a lot remains in question about what comes next but donald trump and the ukraine
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leader and the democrats have a very different interpretation of the conversation that we now have the full transcript of. our discuss this more we're now joined by karen turk a t.v. and radio host of thanks for being with us here in our 2 international. so this is . an interesting case i mean it's unprecedented in many ways the transcript of trump's call with the ukrainian president has been released and he did ask his alinsky to look into joe biden's dealings that's not disputed is it evidence of illegal illegal conduct or is it just a president doing presidential business. this transcript shows nothing except what he's been saying all along that this is a witch hunt and it's a witch hunt for political gain on the part of the democrats this is all about elections it's all about voters and it's all about eyeballs in the media right now
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and all they're looking is to create a salacious headline to distract from the fact that they have nothing to impeach this president on and it's sad it's sad for the american people that are voting democrat right now these democrats are not serving them properly so how will the release of the transcript impact to the impeachment inquiry announced by nancy pelosi i mean when it was announced there was nothing really substantial for anyone to grab onto now there is a there there if you will. this impeachment this impeachment proceeding that nancy pelosi is calling for has been her narrative all along nothing has changed she's just looking to do whatever she can do to which the president and to take shots at him this transcript proves absolutely nothing this is a president doing presidential business doing what he does best which is respecting and serving our country and finding a way to work with other countries in a way that's in the american people's best interest and the fact that people want
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to take a hit him for this is unbelievable it's unprecedented and. there is some evidence of the democrats kind of engaging in the same behavior back in a different administration they are accusing trump of putting pressure on president selenski but zelinsky denies that there was any pressure what about those democrats 3 senators sending a letter to ukraine's prosecutor general back in 2018 quote unquote strongly encouraging him not to impede the investigation is this comparable or are these apples and oranges. i think that these democrats didn't want him to impede the investigation because the democrats are guilty i mean let's look at the facts here and let's look at the situation let's look at joe biden let's look at joe biden's son all the things that were brought up in the transcript none of this proves anything but the democrats are dirty they play dirty since the beginning of this thing they will stop and do whatever they need to do and stop at
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nothing to impeach this president and reality doesn't even matter anymore the fact that this transcript was released and shows that the president really did nothing wrong on this call yes he asked the question about biden and biden's son and i think it's a question that a lot of americans would like the answer to and the fact that biden may have brought block this prosecutor from prosecuting in his own interests here is really scary i'm going to push back on you just a little bit because president trump says that there's nothing incriminating in the whistleblower but why then did he refuse to turn it over to congress when it was 1st requested i mean it is the law that the inspector general should turn it over. i think that the president really isn't sure that this whistleblower is a real person and who is this whistleblower right now and what information does this whistleblower have i think this whistleblower is just another figurehead for
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the democrats or an article or it's just another tool in another way for them to take a shot at the president and move towards impeachment they are stopping at nothing and they're really grasping at the little tiny little fragments of whatever they can at this point and this squalling this transcript is really evidence of that because there's really nothing there like the president said or this is a big nothing or nothing this is a russia gate scandal just continued they didn't get anywhere with that they didn't get anywhere with a smaller investigation and now we're here at election cycle is creeping up on them and work heading towards the 2020 election and they have to find something so they're taking this transcript and they're making it something more than what it is and this whistleblower it'll remain to be seen who this person is what information they have and whether or not it's even real let's wait and see what happens when when this person comes out of the shadows all right very interesting to hear your thoughts television and radio host karen turk thanks for being with us here in our
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2 international certainly we're at the very beginning of something that's going to be interesting to watch as it play out that's for sure i hope you'll come back to talk with us about more. right over jeers and heckling from m.p.'s the under siege british prime minister is facing a furious house of commons after the supreme court ruled his suspension of parliament was unlawful despite suffering defeat after defeat and taunting the opposition to force an election they have rejected twice boris johnson blamed m.p.'s for trying to derail bridget. good people of this country can see perfectly clearly what is going on they know that probably because you're going to honor its promises to respect the referendum the people in this parliament will keep delaying it will keep sabotaging the negotiations because they don't want a deal this is because the truth is good members all because it's our living it up and to see what i want breaks it down and people want us out on october 31st yet
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be scrambled back to work after the controversial suspension of parliament was ruled avoided by the u.k.'s highest court on tuesday lawmakers say the probation that was a cynical attempt by boris johnson to stop them from having a say on preventing britain crashing out of the e.u. without a deal on october 31st that 1st session back was never going to be an easy ride with serious opposition m.p.'s venting at the ruling conservatives but the government's chief legal advisor managed told voice johnson this is pensioner was good to go rails at fellow lawmakers that no any other criteria are easier disgrace we now have a wide number of this house. race against levy to denying the electorate the chocks of having a. very impoverished matter should be resolved this column which is very
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good. really he was hoping that parliament would still be probed until the middle of october but as it was we saw that ruling yesterday by the u.k.'s supreme court unanimously coming to the conclusion that that decision to provoke parliament by the government wasn't lawful and in fact proving that as far as they were concerned it never happened there was no such thing that no legal basis and so m.p.'s were able to once more take their seats in the house on the day where we saw boys very far he seems not just like the ones we saw from the attorney general. but also from other n.p.c. while so with the license to be back in the house also it's a case how the government these government stands in shade tendering in legal advice to a monarch and not even able to uphold the most basic the most important of principles abiding by the rule of law to speak we had notice of the intention to prove with your assistance we could have entertained motions against seats or even
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a motion of no confidence so it was a coup wasn't it. she did clearly you didn't if you like to go prioritization i shall know my style she said. i sat down i got taken suddenly cut in line and i give up trying to like this i believe just like they describe when i stopped to talk about. the ride actually did i guess right now the government say that while they disagree with that ruling parliament had to say it once more they will abide by it and then trying to table the motion calling for a general election we've already seen the opposition in the house of commons rejecting that twice before they say that boris johnson's attempts to try to get an election are just a distraction process and what they want to do is to stop and no deal bragg's it from taking place also those opposition figures calling on boris johnson to stand down it's not likely that he will but with those with that deadline of october 31st
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looming and parliament saying that he must extend school 50 and call for an extension to the gregs a deadline it's really unclear to see what's going to happen next the f.b.i. has arrested an american soldier who allegedly plotted terrorist attacks in the u.s. that story and others coming away after a short break this is art. with negative interest rates a multi $100000000000.00 trillion dollar thank your capital unicorns are all going bust and the colossal failure is being felt in every corner of the global economy and that's why countries are buying gold.
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to put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to present injury. or somehow want to. have to go right to be crooks that's what the 3 of them all can't be good. i'm interested always in the water. there should. join me every week on the alex salmond shill and i'll be speaking to us a little bit politics sports business i'm sure. i'll see you then. welcome back this is art international live from moscow now the f.b.i.
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has arrested an army soldier who allegedly planned to bomb a news network and assassinate a presidential candidate but the arrest has also uncovered a wider plot for the man to join in a tourist ukrainian ultra nationalist group fighting in eastern ukraine and donald quarter comments that he is far from the only american joining the ranks of ukrainian neo nazis. planning a terror attack preparing to murder and tea for members this isn't a movie plot it's the allegations that recently landed jarrett william smith in an f.b.i. cell and authorities say his plans were only confined to the us of a smith had spoken about his desire to travel to ukraine to fight with the ukraine based violent far right paramilitary group as of battalion why ukraine well it's a hotbed for the far right and white supremacy which have a big influence in the country's military the as all battalion for example its insignia features 2 nazi era symbols still widely used by neo nazi groups.
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smith was dead set on joining up with as of and it's not just him reports say some of his collaborators were already fighting with another neo nazi group called right sector it seems kiev has a poll for americans on the far right remember charlottesville. for members of a far right group involved in that riot were arrested and lo and behold they too had a fixation on the battalion they even traveled to europe and met one of the battalions leaders with so many neo nazis in the us you would think washington would unambiguously oppose their growth but that's just not the case at 1st in 2015
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congress unanimously voted against military aid to the neo nazi as of battalion i am grateful that the house of representatives unanimously passed my amendments last night to ensure that our military does not train members of the. neo nazi azoff but talian but just one year later washington changed its mind and all of the sudden pictures began surfacing on social media of as of and u.s. soldiers striking poses together it makes you wonder if the u.s. even thinks nazi ideology is a threat let alone something negative frankly you now are batting screens for human rights violations not for ideology neo nazis you know can join the us army to looks like the us army will take anyone these days as long as they hate the people washington wants them to hate in this case given the civ and the russian.
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dominated the united states floor at least a decade if not more it isn't surprising that there would be people who were eager to join the military who. are crazy with. russian is on looks wrong is when you have a volunteer. military as as the us does it does attract. not necessarily very good people it also attracts people who subscribe to dangerous etiology there should be a bit pros as to prevent people who have these dangerous. however. probably the us military simply doesn't have the body process there so eager to get as many recruits as possible that they wave almost everyone in nationalist groups in ukraine have also been indoctrinating children with extreme views here are some
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footage filmed by artie's video agency ruptly. it is not interesting for children to sit still and just listen that's why they play war games. if you want to. i want to name them going to school the ukrainian. people it's not for me it's. 5 people were hospitalized after a boeing 767 made
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a hard landing in the western siberia city of barnow on wednesday russian media citing the country's emergencies that ministry are reporting that 49 sought medical assistance the air flight was returning from vietnam and carrying 334 passengers and crew its landing gear caught fire as it touched down on the runway the crew evacuated the plane and the blaze was quickly extinguished an investigation has been opened into the. fold this claim or space is cool a soyuz spacecraft carrying the latest crew of 3 astronauts to the international space station has successfully docked with the orbiter they took off from kazakhstan about 6 hours ago the delicate process of connecting the spacecraft to the i assess it is now underway which will take just under 2 hours it will be the 1st time since 2015 that the i s s will have 9 people on board instead of the usual
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6 it is a momentous occasion for the united arab emirates as it's. 1st ever astra is one of the new crew alongside counterparts from the u.s. and russia saskia taylor watched the launch in kazakhstan. and we can see that the engine has ignited. and the next oh sure are. just so you can understand what it feels like to be standing where i am i'm around 2 kilometers away from the launch pad known as the garden start on the ground underneath me can hear the people call to the ground underneath me is just read about the rating this is not a trauma but the shaking from that last off is going through my whole body combined not of course with the deafening roar as those engines kicked into action imagine
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the power that is needed in order to propel that 50 me to tool $310.00 ton rocket into the ad and then of course you have that beautiful the mesmerizing flame of the fuel that ignited it really is almost indescribably dramatic not flying today of russian cosmonaut script which got american just a command and. months away from the united arab emirates not this you want has drawn in a bigger crowd than usual why while film a military pilot tunde a small element story will become the fust amorality and indeed the 1st arab to ever set foot on the international space station what are they going to do once the up that well that huge come down in march 2020 and they have got lots to get on with not only have they got to conduct over $300.00 experiments with a focus on astronauts healthy like pumpkins with fish and that also have several canned spacewalks and this is really all in preparation for
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a contribution to future plant mission to help. to the moon and 2024 but off to that 10 chile 2 mas so that we have that the 100 and 44th launch of a so i use rocket into space expedition 61 on the way to its new home that i assess full 200 kilometers above the sky joining a long and prestigious history and space exploration it's been almost 60 years since if it cosmonaut yuri gagarin of course became the fast man to fly in space and hey we are decades on still exploring still innovating and still think if the cliche reaching for the stars. i have to admit watching that makes me get if you're watching are 2 international back in about 33 and a half minutes there was. the
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democrats want to recapture the white house in a bad way their hatred of trump with the help of the liberal mainstream media as witness presidential candidates say some of the most extraordinary things but there is nothing extraordinary about their hatred of the president the question is do they have ideas to win please one. of the 10 situation in venezuela is still all over the news the problem in venezuela is not that socialism has been poorly implemented but that socialism has been only implemented inside venezuela things are different we're going to announce sanctions against. venezuela socio. political moment to. get out of that. battle so on the. moment the focus of
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the who story isn't new makes him henry kissinger to tell him that it would not be tolerated in latin america an alternative economic and social system could take hold and therefore the policy would be to make. it call me scream so wants and making the economy of venezuela screed. bolton's appointment sent tremors around washington to the least among those who are out of government and many of those in government because it is a long track record of being a very strong polemical 1st salaried man who understands how to make the government were very much polarization. various times arguing for invading iran for invading north korea etc and this was very much not what the
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president wanted to go so why do you point to members of bit of this. but if he warned you posted by them and i did the dishes at the bazemore those jeans new speech and you see me. as and about that when you die yes. it means i mean that so that in fact involved. a lot of you will see sawing during fuzzy fights about who could shout to both sides. as the middle east i mean as if. the. people that god know that they would days doing this is. a english lady
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a people who simply knew. she would include in. this is will bus. broadcasting around the world and covering all aspects of our global economy in the 21st century weirdo and i'm christiane washington has a lot about what we haven't started that just so much to leave a sovereign issuance of money it's clearly over private issuance of money it's here again. as the waves of the global trade many investors are betting that spreads have turned things maybe if they think that and.


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