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created here ran for invading north korea etc and this was very much not working for the president wanted to go so why he pointed to some bit of risk. ukraine's president refutes accusations he was pressured by donald trump into investigating a u.s. election rival after a summary of a phone call between the 2 leaders has been released the democrats republicans though is taking firmly to their party lines over it it was launched. by the white house confirms this behavior which undermines the integrity of our election this phone call is not an impeachable offense either which way donald trump still wants to investigate the alleged corrupt activities of former u.s. vice president joe biden and his son that he now claims goes well beyond ukraine we look into the allegations. looking into this in britain british m.p.'s back in
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parliament after a suspension by the prime minister was ruled unlawful use of a vicious verbal attacks flying from both sides. we know how very wide number of this house tributes for use against leave. this prime minister to talk. about 3 days i think i. mean time british business banks in his leave you campaign it cleared of wrongdoing he was accused of receiving millions in funding from overseas including from russia. and one of the afternoon of moscow my name is kevin owen great you with me this thursday live for our 30 minute world news update we can stay 2 1st then the summary of that phone call between the u.s. new cranium president that led to an impingement inquiry against donald trump has
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been released us democrats claim the president abused his powers by attempting to pressure the ukrainian leader into investing in a potential investigating rather a potential election rival of tribes in return for military aid firms though as expected the democrats and republicans have interpreted these summary to fit their very different political agendas. piece of the note that called by the white house confirms this behavior which undermines the integrity of our election the dignity of any presidency and our national security that is the smoking gun it's right there in his own words he's admitted it and this means it is time for the house to do its impeachment proceedings what those notes reflect is a classic mafia like shakedown of a foreign leader what we have learned what has been admitted and what we see in writing. is about as damning as you can imagine this phone call is not an impeachable offense all our friends across the capital rushed to judgment and
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deeper into their nearly 3 role impeachment addiction in this transcript there is no quid pro quo there is no improper leverage the democrats think they're going to pitch on this i think it will be politically fatal. in the summary trump did selenski to investigate the business dealings of rival presidential candidate joe biden and his son however there's no mention of threats to cut military aid for the team is a lenski on the sidelines of the un general assembly he also confirmed that. sure that we had. i think good phone call it was normal we spoke about many scenes and so i think you read it is that nobody bullshit bush me yes and no kerry you know there was no for sure you have to do is see if one of the call but you know that's what you could ask the question and i appreciate the answer and i think that somebody if you look at what he did it is
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over there where his son goes to china he walks away with a video of their dollars he goes to your grave he walks away with $50000.00 a month and a lot of money in addition to that and the whole thing with the prosecutor in ukraine and he's ok this is like maybe he did it maybe he's out of shape for doing this so as it stands at the moment donald trump still wants to investigate the alleged corruption in ukraine by his potential election rival joe biden but the u.s. president's accusations now also extend beyond just one country to donald coulter's got it. trump's doing something there's a naysaying liberal media following close behind despite president trump and rudy giuliani's repeated allegations against the bidens no evidence of wrongdoing tied to his son hunter biden's ukraine business has actually been found the allegations against him which which have indeed been been proven baseless at least to this point these are proven claims that the president is making about bud right well
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he's making up to the allegations against the vice president i think that's really important to understand so does biden and his family have a squeaky clean track record let's look at the facts in 2014 biden was in charge of washington's policy stance for ukraine and for some reason his son was put on a ukrainian oil company's board of directors around that same time when a prosecutor launched an inquiry into that weird coincidence biden had this to say and i went over. $1230.00 time to key events and i was good supposed to announce that there is another $1000000000.00 loan guarantee and i got a commitment from poroshenko and from. you know that they would take action against the state prosecutor and they did so that they're walking out. and i'm not going to we're not going to give you $2000000000.00 shortly after the prosecutor was fired
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and the inquiry dropped biden said neither had to do with one another just another coincidence but let's go back to biden's 2013 trip to china for talks with president cheesing paying 10 days after that a subsidiary of the bank of china cut a deal with joe's son hunter to form a $1000000000.00 joint investment fund another $1000000000.00 coincidence then there was 2011 when he oversaw u.s. troop withdrawal from iraq that same year joe's younger brother sealed a $1500000000.00 deal to build homes in you guessed it. iraq there's plenty of money for everyone if this project goes through and that mountain of benjamin's 2 was only a coincidence it seems when you're related to the former vice president things just tend to work out and joe scott no problem with it mr vice president your take on that was a conflict of interest there was a clear conflict of interest but you heard him people move along nothing to see
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here i'm not seeing now questions about well it could also be distracting us from what joe biden has done and others have been involved maybe there really is something there that's a question that's not coming through really the questions that are being asked in the hope i think for those who are were answered from this and this leads into really great. leaked information or juicy information not about joe biden but about donald trump. people who are upset with his politics and this could be a way to move us away from when joe biden might be involved in a family thing in another twist trump also mentions in a speech that it was the democrats that pressured kiev to reopen an investigation into him as part of the probe into collusion with russia they sent a letter to ukraine's then prosecutor general in 28 tape that the mcadams things the democrats said guilty of rank hypocrisy that. this whole thing is about supposedly trump saying hey we give you
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a lot of money you need to investigate biden it didn't come out that way but you know in fact in march to april 2018 the u.s. senate sent a letter to the ukrainian prosecutor general saying if you don't investigate trump there's going to be trouble so there's actually a record of the senate explicitly mentioning u.s. aid and threatening that aid if they don't investigate trump so this is another example of the democrats accusing trump what they have actually been doing. focus on the latest in britain i would brag said in an unrepentant boris johnson returned to britain to face and pay czar for the u.k. supreme court ruled his suspension of parliament was unlawful the prime minister faced a barrage of criticism. was i was . sorry to the people who are saying the prime minister should have done the honorable thing and resign. these government
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stands in shame tendering you legal advice to a monarch and not even able to uphold the most basic the most important of principles abiding by the rule of being if you see that we can if you like your priority you should try shy child the child was like china because you can certainly talk out and i would you do you i wish i was really just like they ceased prime minister to talk about was i was actually here he's i guess i should say in response to the criticism the attorney general for the british government geoffrey coke's blasted m.p.'s for ignoring the will of the people. we now have very wired number of this house. again it's leverage to. reduce government draws a logical inference from our position which is really just really verify all without any do you at all still serious it's very denying the charge of
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having. how this matter should be resolved this parliament is very good. so what happens next is still unknown territory there are several possibilities though maybe boris johnson could get a break deal as he says he'll try to do which would eliminate the options of asking the e.u. for an extension which he says he doesn't want or plunging into the e.u. without a deal or maybe a vote of no confidence in the prime minister's government could also be called which could potentially trigger a general election you'll recall boris johnson suspended all perogue parliament earlier this month which was supposed to stay shut for 5 weeks any longer it was seen by critics as a move to prevent him from scrutinizing his plan to exit the european union or mile away with or without a deal from his 1st day in office the prime minister has maintained that he's ready to leave the e.u. without a deal if necessary however then at the beginning of september parliament so at the
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last minute squeezed in the law they just got it passed the stop no deal exit but will the pm abide well lecture in international politics david says brussels on the other side of the fence of this of course is tired of the whole brecht's it all deal. they concern the letter to brussels and say we would like an extension and the government is already implied that it will send a 2nd letter full of reasons why the europeans shouldn't grant the extension because it's not an automatic process just because we asked for it doesn't mean we get it and the europeans especially the french seem to be running out of patience with the united kingdom there's been no alternative put forward this is what the europeans are so frustrated about nothing. on paper that is feasible has been for put forward as to what another extension will achieve it's anyone's guess it does take no deal imminently off the table and that would be damaging for the country but it just kicks the can down the road more delay drama and the people seem to be getting a little tired of the surfing around. meanwhile aside to this the u.k.'s national
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crime agencies found no proof of wrongdoing by the brics a campaign group leave dot com and one of his fundraisers. that close in that have accusations that he received donations for the bricks of campaign from a foreign source namely russia with more on that one true. britain's national crime agency says it's dropping an investigation into arran banks one of the biggest donors behind the referendum campaign the n.c.a.a. looked into potential offenses concerning $8000000.00 pounds worth of funding it was claimed banks wasn't the true source but the inquiry found banks illegally took out a loan from a company theo and so he could give the money to the brits that campaign the n.c.a.a. investigation has concluded that mr banks was legally entitled in his capacity as an individual to release these funds to the better for the country limited by instructing another of his company's rock services ltd to make the transactions on
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his behalf but it's worth noting the n.c.a.a. felt the need to highlight the hype surrounding the case the investigation has been subject to press and social media commentary the n.c.a.a. has not received any evidence to suggest that mr banks and his companies received funding from any 3rd party to fund the loans or that he acted as an agent on behalf of a 3rd party why is this important because our in banks with the russian ambassador to the u.k. a few times as well as russian businessmen as is often assumed by associating with russians you must be a russian agent something banks. that crimea you know. what the police are going to investigate lunch with the russian ambassador butler university but the media seemed eager to find a russian connection russians is not a uniquely american phenomenon breck's it is now being pinned on russian interference the parallels between the russian intervention and bridges and the
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russian intervention in the trump campaign appear to be extraordinary so we traveled to south africa to find one they also filled russian opposition figures with no knowledge of the case as they brought up his russian wife mr banks is a perfectly good reason to visit russia whenever he wants his family he has 3 children by his russian wife in 2015 aaron banks tried to raise money in russia to invest in his mines here in south africa and surprisingly they try to connect banks with donald trump and felt it was news worthy to discuss banks some time visit to transcribe and publish pictures of it too controversial backers of the brakes movement were guests last year at donald trump's mar a lago club iron banks and the week more known as the bad boys of bricks visited the palm beach club in april according to a review by the palm beach post of instagram post tagged at the spot mainstream politicians also pushed him on the issue so much so banks walked out of a select committee meeting as m.p.'s questions on the exit and russia ran late.
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because you're going to see this is the system. that is ok with this is that it is which is the n.c.a.a. found no evidence banks had committed any criminal offenses he says the allegations against him were part of a political witch hunt with claims of trump russia collusion reports of banks russia collusion were apparently founded and perpetuated on fear rather than proof the decision to leave the european union was something so monumental that it impacted the elites in britain both in the politics in civil service and in business and media that. they needed to find enemies they needed to find a way of discrediting the whole campaign and so the 1st thing they did was start to attack the donors to the campaign to leave and of course mr aaron banks and the leave means leave movement came into the firing line of their anger without
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a doubt this was a witch hunt it was a witch hunt against those who campaigned for brix it like myself and the leaders of the movement it was a campaign to discredit those who donated it and they also tried to discredit it by saying that there was collusion from other nations such as russia or that there was russian money behind mr r. and banks and all of this was to discredit the movement discredit the referendum it was a disgrace and should be something that's looked into by a royal commission in my view in the way that we look after our elections in the future. and also in the world $200.00 firefighters right now touting a large fire attend a chemical factory in the northern french city of rio are no reports of victims at this time but a lot of smoke there check this as security coordinates are in place around that facility which makes oil additives here and things are under control as best it can be able to smoke drifting over the populated area the residents of the surrounding areas have been asked to stay at home close the windows schools close despite that
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thick smoke you can see authorities say there is no evidence of any serious risk of the obvious associated with the fumes but asked people to be cautious any way i see those pictures before it's a big fire there isn't it ok we've got coming up at 17 past the hour now on the head of the break new documents reveal the f.b.i. is been harvesting personal data in vast amounts from institutions like banks and even universities were on it for you when we come back. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy for him to let it be an arms race in this on off and spearing dramatic development that only personally i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful
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very critical time time to sit down and talk. what holds and to do something to. put themselves on the line. they get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president i'm sure. some want to be rich. but you'd like to be close to what the $43.00 of them or the people. interested in the waters are. there should. be.
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a story from france mexico in paris is ruled the founder of the french version of the me too movement defamed the man she queues of making lewd and sexist remarks back into the 17 that's going to cross has got all your clothes from the forest show devinsky how big a blow is this them for. the french me to movement. well some are saying it is being a very big blow indeed what happened in this case is sundram was the lady that was created for starting the me too movement here in front she started that back in 2017 here in france it was called hash tag a balanced poll which essentially means rats on your pick now as part about movement she tweeted back in 2012 a t.v. except. made inappropriate advances towards her at an event and then she went on to name and shame that individual now the individual of then went on to say well as a result of being named and shamed on twitter as part of this me too movement in
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france his career and his personal life were ruined because he was labeled as being a sexual offender now what happened during that party's after he made those advances which she had rebuked he later went on to apologize for them now the court decided to side to him and said he had been defamed and ordered miller to pay some 15000 jurors in compensation as well as 5000 euros in legal fees their son john miller has said she will appeal this verdict. is it by going. i didn't win the other one i lost here today but in any case we were all genders have started talking this decision doesn't take away from the fact that women's voices have been liberated that he must continue to speak out that he must continue to do now is reprehensible acts of any kind fear must not win the year must not change sides. and her lawyer said
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after the case as well that while it must be expected that magistrates will be in their ivory towers to this extent he said was incredible and there was furious reaction on social media against that verdict as well as those who welcomed it now the me too movement was a movement that has been shining the light or sexually inappropriate behavior not just in the workplace but also in daily lives of women and men across the world and while many people welcomed it for shining that spotlight there are other people who have been concerned since beginning with this idea of naming and shaming people on social media about things that might have taken place many years ago. it's being unfair and by doing that social media has been acting as the judge and jury in ruining many people's careers and also their personal lives so the question is now whether this case in this judgment could start a reversal in the fortunes of the me too movement and whether other individuals
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who've been named and shamed in the past as part of this movement well now this site take their own cases of defamation to court because cooper potentially room porn cases from couldn't thanks the update on it charlotte empowers the cia later thank you. previously classified f.b.i. documents obtained by the new york times have shed some light on some of the bureau's covert activities there a veil of multiple court orders have been used to collect personal data from far more companies and institutions that was previously thought the demands can scoop up a variety of information including user names locations ip addresses and records of purchases they don't require a judge's approval and usually come with a gag order leaving them shrouded in secrecy fewer than 20 entities most of them tech companies have ever revealed that they've received the subpoena known as national security letters but the new documents show that the f.b.i.
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has interest read far beyond just tech companies we're talking boeing's credit agencies cell phone companies even universities receiving hundreds of national security demands those letters have been the subject of controversy for decades issued back since the 1980s the f.b.i. is required to show clear reasons for sending the orders initially but that's since been downgraded to include anything linked to information on terrorism counterterrorism or maybe a leak investigation the f.b.i. has yet to comment on this particular revelation but previously said it is for the safety of citizens and the only investigate if there is a suspicion of a threat you spoke to us they will supply william binney he believes the agency's actions are illegal. national security letters are issued by the individual federal agents of the f.b.i. and they simply couldn't say right away or say give you all the data on all your people and they've been after all data from the beginning to natural going to every executive order going to triple 3 which they're using as a basis also to collect books across the fire up it lying around the world and
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inside the united states so it's a matter of they're likely everybody you know it's there that's what they're after all that heat on everybody so they can monitor anyone for their criminal activity or use it against them to pressure then you do anything they want basically i call this population control that's what it is in terms of using leverage to get people to do what you want them to do and when you have knowledge about people to this extent that easy to happen. the painstaking process of removing land mines and booby traps and started in the syrian city of car that was liberated from militants 1000000 months ago the moves part of a large scale restoration campaign some people can return there hopefully safely can shake was a stronghold for more than 2 and a half 1000 this before it was liberated unorganised by syrian government forces authorities there have also found
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a huge cave network too near the city that operated apparently as a base for the terrorists packed with weapons and droves is more of the story roman culture of importing direct from syria. syrian army claims that says this cave in the province was used as a base for some 3 and a half 1000 terrorists that severus were completely autonomous according to military officials they found a command center along with a detailed map of the recently liberated area at this particular cave was a real fortress with an area of around 10000 square meters fully equipped with various weapons and other recent discovery is the drone factory terrorists use these. these for both reconnaissance and to deliver bombs according to experts some of the drones were so sophisticated they could fly as high as 4000 meters and as far as 150 kilometers syrian army also discovered a field hospital and what they claim to be
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a white helmets office now the syrians say that it was here where the white helmet staged filmed and caught their footage of the fake chemical attack by damascus against its own people now following the video release of that so-called itzhak the united states launched a missile strike against syria. syria a quick recap maybe for you a bit about the white helmets the group claims to be a volunteer organization providing medical and humanitarian assistance for civilians but along the way they've been embroiled in numerous controversies in syria including accusations they staged a chemical attack. 27 is past the hour just a bit of breaking news before we go the former french president jacques chirac has
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died at the age of 86 the politician had an active political career having been the mayor of paris and the prime minister sure of course the president of france for 2 terms from one to 95 to 2007 he was no physique anomic reforms and active opposition to u.s. actions in iraq he was later devoted to various humanitarian activities so former french president jacques chirac has died at the age of 86. i'm a so many things looking for moscow so far this thursday as always keep abreast of all the news that r.t. dot com 247 the team of money not for you for now it's kevin i wish you a great day review watching around the world this is. international.
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this is a story about what happens auster a stray bullet kills a young girl in the streets. what happens to her family and daughters in florida know the mother daughter is buried in a cemetery it really messes with your head what happens to the community the public was screaming for a scapegoat the police needed a scapegoat so why not choose a 19 year old black kid with a criminal record who better to pin this on him and what happens in court the be the. shock shock smar society we feel. we don't know still justice for the. end of this trial unfortunately you truly will still love no chill just.
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join me every thursday on the alex simon shore and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sports business i'm showbusiness i'll see you then. go back and ask if they are wishful thinking you know what. but if it would change 5 years or so. close in that. show 7380. living in the hotel she goes to bed now look at the new only new cover. and they keep seal. mated year stone 1st so let's get that could be. the challenge 1st.
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coming out as it says is. this is. very very it's a pretty much the. sydney courage that. you're presuming. you're pretty. much all the pics of us that you produce forth from your pledge you my lips you silly creek which there are those little forks you reach with them surely you think them. seem to matter but i understand they're all about id and there's sawing at my 2nd to keep as i have a matter of my life and then why all of that coming out of that i don't see the boys use it that i buy them with my art.


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