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tv   Keiser Report  RT  September 26, 2019 3:30pm-4:00pm EDT

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say blackstone a massive private equity firm is allowed to take over much of the property market here in the united sates also in germany and ireland in the united kingdom in 2013 if you recall they announced a program called help to buy you and i here in kaiser report we said that day we said well this is like a ponzi scheme essentially because those in it the property market already need to be paid out by new incoming people people in the rest of the economy who did not own a property did not have the resources to enter this scheme this pyramid scheme of property so the taxpayer provided a huge portion close to 20 percent of the deposit for a certain sector of the population anyway we call that a ponzi scheme and except for george osborne's mother thought it was a great program of course she thought it was a good idea. this is from the financial times 6 years 6 and
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a half years after we said this and this is how to buy has failed to make homes more affordable ok let's talk about this for a moment so the government injects a bunch of free money into the housing market and prices go up and as a result people find they are less affordable so the government puts in more free money to help people buy these on a form which as the effect of moving the price of the homes up again. so it's not that people can afford houses that's not the problem the problem is that the central bank the bank of england and the banks in the u.k. keep injecting lots of. bailouts for home builders and the banks that support the mortgages and the homebuilders that's causing the prices to go up that's now it also has a corollary effect and that would be a moral hazard because people who buy into these homes and they keep the price
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keeps going higher because the bank printing money they then use it as an automatic teller machine and they don't work anymore and we know we've lived in london for many years and there are many many people that live in london who don't actually have a job right they just wait for the government to keep boosting home prices and then they take it out of equity extraction as cash this is incredibly detrimental to the fabric and the character of the nation because they're not working. and this is what led to bricks in my view well that's my view as well that a cause breaks it across trumpet cause all of the populist uprisings happening around the world of course that the elites instead choose a conspiracy theory that some guy living 4000 miles away who doesn't even speak english that he's he's manipulating our population into thinking our programs are bad and of course you know that they're the central banks and to
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a lesser extent government bodies and treasury department's for example have been picking winners and losers and therefore losers because you're a loser now in the united kingdom if you haven't been able to come up with that 5 percent because in order to participate in the 15 percent of your deposit from free money from taxpayers you have to be rich enough to come up with a 5 percent so if you're not rich enough if you can't save up that 5 percent and property prices keep on going up faster and faster so you know the 7 to run faster and faster to accumulate the savings to put deposit down so you know cavil ism is about you know the market decides who's the winner and loser we have the zombie corporations we have this is the zombie you know housing market we have this zombie unicorns that's in the headlines to this week we worked all their i.p.o. they've been getting all sorts of free money losing money hand over fist signing breaking all laws of basic banking like you know in terms of duration mismatch they they have long term leases for all 47000000000 dollars of the leases and short
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term like weekly or daily or sometimes monthly contracts with various tenants and that's obviously a recipe for disaster in any long term property investor like say sam zell would tell you this is this is a disaster and of course we have some headlines regarding this is sort of this is the classic mistake of property developers and now they've turned it into a huge market like that we work to open ear pern companies go we they've signed the billions and billions of long term leases. isn't the idea is to fill it up with short term tenants and now the economy is going under and the company's probably going to go bankrupt and that they're the biggest leaser in major cities all over the world and it was totally predictable there the number one tenant in london denver new york and i think it was a los angeles as major cities around the world they are the number one there if they go under there's going to be huge dislocation and in fact we're going to get
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to that headline from the fed president of boston he talks about that but here's a 1st tweet if you wake up on a cast for a mattress hail a lift to get to your desk that we work used or dash or a launch and have to bring your dinner you've spent your entire day interacting with companies that will collectively lose nearly $13000000000.00 this year there is the tech unicorns allegedly of course they are all operating the meatspace but they say they're actually just to service their tech service so they don't how many employees them there like they deserve a multiple of a tech company we've covered as well in fracking fracking also loses money hand over fist and makes no sense only in the past 10 years when there's free money all over the place so we have these zombie like disaster economy developing where it all can just disappear overnight you know it's all based on leverage and people thought that the natural barrier for this leveraged economy this ferrante economy this financial eyes economy would be 0 interest rates and yet that barrier
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was broken with negative interest rates so it's never been tried as michael hudson would say dr michael hudson since the bronze age there's no record of it ever occurring that's purely to keep this ponzi scheme as misfires stein wrote the book planet ponzi it's a pull its entire global economy based on. selling bags of garbage to somebody else at a higher price until the music stops remember the 2008 financial crisis the head of i think it was dick who was running lehman brothers at the time i was the head. citibank made the comment that you know as long as the music's playing we will continue doing this dance and then the music suddenly stop there is a liquidity crisis you had the financial crisis and they instead of allowing them to do its work of weeding out the we can see the weak players in the frauds they injected $151617.00 trillion dollars worth of voodoo money to keep the game going and now here we are in 2019 with negative interest rates and multi
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$100000000000.00 trillion dollar venture capital unicorns are all going bust and the colossal failure is being felt in every corner of the global economy and the us was smart countries are buying gold so i believe that was chuck prince who said that at the time back in 2008 and of course the music is going and that's why people keep on lending money to these corporations like casper matches like live like jordache like and they keep on losing money and losing money and fracking as well so here's the headline we work business model is systemic risk to economy rosengren says so remember back in 2008 when the economy collapses the banks that were too big to fail we could have he's you know accordance with mythical magical business models that apparently might be too big to fail and we might need to bail these companies out because we work they are the largest tenant in new york city chicago denver and central london they have 47000000000 liabilities and eric
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rosengren who's the boston fed president he was speaking at n.y.u. your alma mater and he's he's saying he's looking at he's basically against all this cheap money and that is encouraging a huge amount of leverage in particular he says the commercial real estate market and he doesn't mention we work by name but he says that you know that coworking companies are in particular a concern to him as fed president at boston he said in a downturn the coworking company would be exposed to the loss of 10 an income which . both them and the property owner a risk if they cannot make lease payments to the owner of the building i'm concerned that commercial real estate losses will be larger in the next downturn because of this growing feature of the real estate market which could ultimately make runs and vacancies more likely due to this new leasing model we could see a run on commercial property in new york city people storming out of the building well lord and taylor the retailer has been there for i think 100 years was taken
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over by we work and that's a real punch to the fabric and the character of midtown manhattan to lose that company but you know this is the risk of the carriage the magic cycle and you see in politics you saw jim jones. mass suicide jim jones you know drinking the kool-aid as it was that's become a euphemism now for committing financial suicide but when you have these charismatic psychopaths who run we work or he was the bumped out the original c.e.o. and they give them unlimited money that's like ok jim jones he's he's getting people to commit mass suicide and if and if janet yellen or ben bernanke he or jay powell were running the show they're there so their answer would have been let's give them a 100 times more kool-aid ok with their committing suicide with arsenic or cyanide laced kool-aid let's ship in 10 tanker boats full of cyanide kool-aid that's how we're going to solve this problem of suicides and beyond with more spiked cyanide
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kool-aid right so that the central banks have there's supposed to be calm. respectful of something called the business cycle you know when the capitalism ebbs and flows of communism or socialism tries to create one steady drumbeat dulness they don't like the volatility doesn't work capitalism they have the volatility people say it's a little bit too much to handle but there has to be volatility if you have capitalism without penalty. that's like a fall without help if there's no penalty for trading fraud like that jamie diamond j.p. morgan now or twice convicted predatory monopolist bill gates moves no penalty for fraud that's not capitalism anymore so and i want to quickly at the end here turn to another headline that's relevant to your interview with kim dotcom but also to kaiser report because reinvolved are up close to you tube you tube creators may
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lose verified badges this company makes verification program even stricter that was in the verge followed quickly on line by you tube won't take verified badges away from creators after a backlash however their regional intent was exposed in this quote from the original story these new verification rules seem like another move from youtube to more effectively moderate search results and recommendations which is an area where the company has faced widespread criticism company executives have said they want to work on ensuring that the algorithm recommends authentic and authoritative videos from well known and respected creators when it comes to several topics so they're deciding that ok well known and respected creators they've they've removed the verification badge from some people who have over a 1000000 followers which would presumably suggest that they have their well respected and well known. yeah censoring content yeah
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because they got in trouble because the mainstream media got it so so so long as the parties came out to be supportive at all costs because if they anybody were to rationalize markets it would cause a massive financial armageddon and that's coming or going to mean they got it wrong in the financial crisis they got it wrong in j.p. morgan they got it wrong and helped by they got it wrong on hillary they got it all wrong and now they're saying well they're the reason for it is because you know people like if we if only our truth were heard then maybe it would alter the outcome. right they've got just double down more doubling down market or a wall going to come back right after this break with a great interview with them dot com. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy
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confrontation let it be an arms race is often spearing dramatic development only personally i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time time to sit down and talk. seemed wrong when all the rules just don't call. me. yet to stamp out this thing comes to consecrate and engage with equal betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. you know world of big partisan new things a lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that
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mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door. and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. welcome back to the kaiser report imax keyser time now to turn to kim dotcom who will soon be launching kim that's k. dot i am is new social media platform using bitcoins a lightning and liquid full disclosure i'm not either an advisor nor my direct investor in the platform a fund that i am an investor is making
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a passive investment in this thing and but i have nothing directly myself and i have no an input into that but kim dotcom welcome thank you how are you doing fantastically well and it's great to have you on finally tell us about your long awaited platform kim you call it the ultimate content monetization system why build it for whom have you built it how does it differ to mega your previous project. yes ok then i am is basically p 2 p. kramer's we allow people to walk up lead aprile content onto the internet in an encrypted container and then encrypt contain it becomes a file shop so people want to access the content that is inside they do the crypto payment and everything within that container and in on what is inside the container
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so it's a new way of doing e-commerce without a middleman without banks credit cards it's from a consumer to vendor or from consumer to consume are right now this comes out an interesting time in the history of content and spirits we've got year to day monetizing all over the place twitter is the platforming so how does kick a dot i am provide an anecdote to this has it fit into the ecosystem of content. well kate i am really delivers the promise of the internet freedom of speech freedom of cool murders and freedom of finance all in one package. so will you keep the platform censorship resistent can the u.s. or chinese or any other government shut it down cam. what the nature of it is the senate for a life sentence p 2 p.
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it's user controlled we are not hosting any files for anybody so it's really up to the users to you know manage. the containers right and the servers themselves are they are raid like a bit torrent all over the place they geographically are there some how are your ranting hours to keep keep them away from any any eyes 5 eyes i guess you could call folks that are interested in this type of thing while we do have the centralized structure we also offer an a.p.i. for people to add servers around the world so it's a definite definitely it totally decentralized structure right now you know going back to mega. you had at one point i think it was 4 percent of all the global internet traffic and. so with with cam k. dot i am do you think you can capture that number again what's the business model
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i mean that if where were you thinking and you can achieve those heights again. the sky is the limit with this service i belief that you know we can get even bigger and. the great opportunity with kater i am really is that we take it upon itself all of these limitations that are being introduced the states you mentioned earlier you know twitter they spoke all these companies are becoming politically engaged they're no longer just platforms wass to communicate on they are politically biased and therefore this much more potential for growth for service that actually provides you real freedom yeah you know this has been a labor of love really going back a few years because the name for this type of content distribution model is
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definitely there the heavyweights in the industry are applying so much censorship going on and then you've got some in dust industry. you know titans with bit fanatics you've got simon dixon over back to the future these people of and even when i 1st start talking to you about this with simon back going back a few years there's a real. there's a there's a real need for this and i know the industry is is really rooting for something for this to to work it's almost it almost seems mission critical at this stage of the internet and crypto because. the crypto and big coin is now taking on governments and the governments are fighting back on the banks are fighting back so this fight you know this is going to be a big fight. have you been doing you're eating are we as and are gearing up and not are you ready for i do have the stamina are you ready for the scam are you ready
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i'm ready i was born ready you this thing is exciting you know governments are fighting for their control banks up fighting for their survival. these outdated models are going to disappear there's nothing they can do about that and you know i want to be part of this revolution i want to deliver the products that actually allow people to utilize crypto you know in a meaningful way that is still a bit lacking but it's coming you know this that so many developments out there so many cool new products that are coming out there's no way for anyone to stop this train right and getting more into it now so the integration of lightning and the liquid ah the bitcoin network this is going to bang music to many people's errors in a big white space going to tell us a little bit more about it yeah i mean the thing is and this is why it took us so
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long to get where we are now will. you know the whole industry the whole crypto space is still evolving it's evolving rapidly but a lot of the promises. have been delayed and you know issues have to be resolved. called spent to be refined so liquid unlike the not true really nice example of you know how to make crypto. batter and real time unfortunately over the last 2 years a lot of these early promises new protocols new ways of doing things were delayed and it also kind of late what we were trying to achieve but all the all the pieces are now coming together and it's all working schools so we are expecting that this is going to accelerate the development of crypto solutions like ours right how's
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the engineering team how many 100 engineers yeah working on this spot about a dozen people for time and you rock. well it's america and we're going to be expanding that. once we are the next. you know if you characterize you know your career. i would say that the whole battle against the copyright cartel as i call them the copyright industry is pretty part of what you've been dealing with for a number of years now and. i think that this is a worthwhile fight to go against the copyright cartel copyright you know i would put you in the category of for example of an era schwartz or someone like this is been trying to fight for intellectual freedom in a lot of ways and this copyright industry and the introduction of perpetual
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copyright and the enslavement of data and the enslavement of information has has really started to impinge on human rights in countries all over the world new zealand of course is part of the i believe our might be just be australia but they're part of the 5 eyes which is a kind of a global surveillance network and so all of the great things about the internet and you started on the internet and you were one of the 1st adopters of the internet you know all that promise from the ninety's all that great the dreams of the ninety's you know were at that point came it seems like there's they're starting to close in they're using all the all the surveillance technologies are starting to really crimp our style as entrepreneurs is kim dot i am is this going to break us free. and i love good to see as well 1st of all let's. look at what happened and in the last 3 years all these accusers that have you know brought this case against me. going to jail for this
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sex offender i don't know if you followed the news with them ph chief counsel. was recently fired because of his sex offending and weinstein of course was going to jail and the c.e.o. of one of brothers also lost his job because of the same kind of conduct so all these people are not free model characters to point a finger at me the other thing is you see that the mo not police are trying to get more and more control over content and that includes now all social media platforms so we need to have technology set can circumvent and o'boy monopolies because they are really the ones causing you know the big issues their greed and their lobbying to try and get a policy strange that are not really benefiting the people but only their corporate
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overlords and shero widders you know that needs to be avoided and this new technology that i'm delivering is doing exactly that ok we've got about a minute now so tell us about what's coming down the pike air while we are evolving we are expanding you know we're doing this next round with between next and then we're doing a listing of our token on the day off for a lunch so our token it's not a promise token it's a token that will be available as soon as the services available people can try it out can see it 1st before they decide if they want to get involved or not so i think that is how it should be done right and i mean a lot of the economics and then are lying aspects of ends and tuck in exchanges these are evolving technologies as you point out they do touch upon the 3rd rail of
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politics and economics that being the copyright industry and banking those 2 and tranche monopolist don't want any competition so can dot com as a sign to take them on both at the same time because he's a russian. oh reasonable guy who's going to tear our new hole in the fabric of the universe by all was. well that's it for i think we're out of time and thanks so much for being once again on the kaiser report. thank you max i proceeded writing well that's going to do it for this episode of the kaiser report with me max kaiser states are but like to thank our guest cam dot com cam that's k. dot i am kim if you like to get in touch tweet us a kaiser report or visit kaiser report dot com until next time by oh. the tense situation in venezuela is still all over the news the problem in
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venezuela is not that socialism has been poorly implemented but that socialism has been great only implement inside venezuela things look different we're going to announce sanctions against the truest of venezuela so if you. in the school let. them. put polling data to see on. the moment. whose story is a new nixon called in henry kissinger to tell him that it would not be tolerated in latin america an alternative economic and social system could take hold and therefore the policy would be to make. the chilean economy scream so wants to make the economy of venezuela screed.
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the but if she warned you post the budget and i did the dishes at the bazemore those jeans nudist beach and you see me we see you blew true. cause and about that come up and when you die zeke yes i'll be home alone in the news i mean that is or that infants involved. a lot of you will see sawing and fuzzy fights about who could each other both sides. as the adults to me as if i choose. this path. and. that god that i found days doing this is. an english lady a thing people who simply knew. she would include in total. in a world of big partners. loftus and conspiracy it's time to wake up to
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dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door. and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. it's the least among those who are out of government and many of those in government because it is a long track record of being a very strong polemical bursary a man who understands how to make the government work but very much polarization. and various times arguing for invading iran for invading north korea etc and this was very much. not what the president wanted to go so why he pointed to some bit of
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. the complaint which sparked impeachment proceedings against president trump is released but the whistleblower admits not being a direct witness the most described democrats out full bloods all sticking to their guns. we were presented with the most graphic evidence yet. that the president united states has betrayed his oath of office. betrayed us to defend our national security and betrayed his oath to defend our constitution. trump reiterated his desire to investigate the alleged corrupt activities of former u.s. vice president joe biden and his son claims goes well beyond you.


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