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the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. the complaint which proceedings against president trump is released about the whistleblower admits not being a direct witness to most of the events described while rival democrats are sticking to their guns. we were presented with the most graphic evidence yet. that the president the united states has betrayed his oath of office. betrayed to defend our national security and betrayed us to defend our constitution. reiterate his desire for investigate the alleged corrupt activities of former u.s. vice president joe biden and his son which he now claims that go well beyond
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ukraine we look into the. court finds and the woman behind the french need to movement for defaming a man she had accused of sexual harassment. and british businessman and banks and his leave a new campaign are cleared of receiving millions in funding from overseas including from russia u.k.'s national crime agency stating there was no evidence that any criminal offenses were committed. are broadcasting live from our studios in moscow this is r.t. international. controversy is growing in washington over a july phone call between the presidents of the united states and ukraine after a whistle blower's complaint against donald trump was declassified on thursday it alleges that the. white house attempted to keep the details of the 2 leaders
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conversation secret democrats say that during his discussions with vladimir zelinsky mr trump likely committed a crime by urging his counterpart to investigate democratic 2020 hopeful joe biden's activities in ukraine parties and comments if you take a look at the complaint it's from an unnamed whistleblower and this whistleblower essentially argues that they are working in the interests of the united states they heard about trump's conversation with the ukrainian leader they were outraged about it and they had to speak up now what's interesting is the whistleblower admits they never actually heard the conversation i was not a direct witness to most of the events described however i found my colleague's accounts of these events to be credible because in almost all cases will officials recounted fucked pot's ins that were consistent with one another in addition a variety of information consistent with these private accounts has been reported
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publicly and they're fulfilling my g.-t. to report this information through proposed legal channels to the row of an oath or cease we were presented with the most graphic evidence yet that the present united states has betrayed his oath of office betrayed his oath to defend our national security and betrayed his oath to defend our constitution sacrificed our national security. and our constitution for his personal political benefit the director of national intelligence says he fully stands behind this whistleblower you don't believe the whistleblower is a political hack do you director i believe that the as i said before mr chairman i believe the whistle blower on it is operating in good faith well then there was money in the law they couldn't be in good faith that they were acting as a political hack good day mr chairman my job is to support and lead the entire intelligence community that individual works for me therefore it is my job to make
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sure that i support and defend that person you don't have any reason to cuse them of disloyalty to our country or suggest that beholden to some other country i mean i'm sure absolutely not i believe that the whistleblower followed the steps every step of the way now the white house has released the full transcript of the phone call in question between president trump of the united states and the ukrainian leader and as that transcript shows trump did indeed bring up joe biden his son hunter biden the issue of the firing of the prosecutor however there was no mention of a threat to withdraw military aid from ukraine as was alleged by democrats additionally and that transcript is available and when they were at the united nations speaking together trump and the ukrainian leader reiterated that there was never any pressure or threat placed on the ukrainian leader and. i think. cole was normal and we spoke about many seeing that and so the so i
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think when you read it is that nobody bhushan bush and me yes no 3 at this point the democrats have opened a formal impeachment inquiry into president trump now the way the u.s. constitution lays things out the house of representatives decides to begin impeachment proceedings that would be the house judiciary committee that would write up articles of impeachment butt. the u.s. senate that would then convene an impeachment trial and vote on whether or not to remove the president so at this point we have the democrats and house of representatives beginning impeachment proceedings against us president donald trump in response to this phone call and the whistleblowers complained about it however at this point of the senate is controlled pretty solidly by republicans so they could very easily vote not to convene an impeachment trial so the next move will be quite interesting to see but regardless of what we now have with the transcript of vailable that says that the whistleblower didn't actually hear the conversation the
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complaint that is now available from the whistleblower to the transcript of the conversation that is now available it'll be quite interesting to see what happens next but the impeachment ball is rolling in washington d.c. however while many democrats are praising the whistleblower some republicans are raising concerns about the number of leaks coming from the white house is it normal for the president of the states to have their conversations leak out this the 3rd time ranking member of the obligation in the whistleblower complaint was that there were about 12 people who listened in on the conversation so there were a number of people that from the white house briefed on the call this would not be something that i'm quite i'm quite sure this this white house probably didn't leak this out i wouldn't say the white house but there are individuals within the white house that may or may not i don't know but it will not be from an intelligence
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intercept i will say that. but for now to political journalist to joe lauria for some reaction to this thanks for being with us here on r t international. now we just heard a sound byte of republican congressman devon is asking about the number of possible leaks coming out of the white house we should clarify that this isn't a leak that this was a whistleblower process through legal channels and then the white house then released that information what does it tell us though about the political climate there that we have a whistleblower coming forward. well 1st of all you know they don't seem to care about whistle blowers like chelsea manning but think this guy's as founded as a whistle blower he now turns out to be a cia agent look there's a big story here several big stories that are not being mentioned all the really big stories are drunk probably had political motives for asking for the investigation. but no one in the mainstream media is talking about why vide should be investigated in the ukraine and in the u.s. now we know from the victoria nuland and geoffrey pia take the assistant secretary
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undersecretary of state for the european affairs an american investment kind of the time that joe biden was to coordinate the midwife thing of the overthrowing of an elected president in ukraine that's the biggest crime that's in this whole story no one is talking about evil overthrow of a government and as booty for that 2014 crew the sitting vice president's son joe biden gets a seat on the board of ukraine's biggest gas producer this is a transparency neocolonial type movie overthrow of the government you install the son of the vice president even an american citizen was made to ukrainian citizen a before she was made the finance minister then a ukrainian prosecutor's looking into this company and buying votes in public that we had and it's on video that he withheld a credit line of $1000000000.00 until he got that prosecutor fired and he was fired within 6 hours so this points to the other major part of this story that's not being told and that is this is the routine way the u.s. government conducts foreign policy threats intimidation bribes blackmail we have numerous examples from the 1901 bowl for when yemen was told it was the most
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expensive boat they ever had and foreign aid was pulled back and they didn't vote for the then 1901 gulf war that we know from catherine gunky the whistleblower that the u.s. the ass juice the h.q. in britain to help them spy on u.n. mission to the get leverage over security council members to vote for the invasion of iraq in 2003 we know that ecuador was pressured and threatened to have paid with how they didn't turn over julian a songe this is the way give us a governmental organization. dux foreign policy this is not being discussed so looks like why would he wanted biden don't we want a president for we don't even know trump got what he wanted which was to look into blood let's talk about the whistleblowers complaint itself though it has been released it singled out trump's lawyer his personal private lawyer not the white house counsel in the claims and alleges the the white house itself tried to restrict access to details of the controversial call with ukraine's president how damaging is that going to be to him for the troubled ministration during this
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entire impeachment process well it could be as i'm saying i want to separate 2 things here one that biden should be investigated but julian was a political motive most likely in and giuliani and drums moves and therefore any any sign that they happened with this phone call transcript whatnot would be damaging to trump but this is a purely highly politically motivated move against trump and it's highly hypocritical because this is how the u.s. conducts foreign policy biden did it and he admitted it so trust me he tried to do that he didn't want to look like so they didn't get him on russia gate truck they're going after him on ukraine gate so you just mentioned that there probably is a political motive of some sort but going back to that call summary that came out on wednesday do you think it shows evidence of a crime by trouble and how strong of an argument is it that it was a breach of campaign finance laws. well tulsa gabbert said the congresswoman running for president that she didn't think this was an impeachable offense
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anywhere to be found in this transcript i think i'd have to agree with her we don't see a quid pro quo clearly spelled out here in this conversation that we're withholding military aid unless you investigate biden again we don't even know if you investigate it but they have investigated by him in ukraine so i don't i don't see any need for laws being broken here and again i repeat myself this is the way u.s. conduct foreign policy it's move gene is a wrong yes isn't it abuse of power yes we should try to get away with it if you actually did this no but we can't take it out of the whole context and i've tried to lay out here of the of the coup d'etat of biden's son getting this job and truck trying to investigate this guy because he's trying to 1st also get to the bottom russia getting asked about the crowd strike possession of the server this is the d.n.c. server that was supposedly not by the russians that the f.b.i. never got you asked about that so i think would trump was doing year was trying to 1st thing he asked was about that trying to find out what he could about the whole thing and then he wanted to get to the bottom up biden's role in ukraine and by the
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way trump has taken the view that he that ukraine should negotiate with russia which would upset your const in the administration so they want to get him on that they don't like his political positions of wanting good relations with russia or of ukraine to negotiate with russia they want from now technically if they can prove that he broke along then he broke the law and he should suffer the consequences for that but of course he won't be convicted in the senate as your reporter pointed out how the system works and can be indicted which is an impeachment or what is that we don't know but then the senate would have to convict and willing if they need 2 thirds and i don't think they'll ever get that really so i'm just trying to so much trying to get trump off the hook here i'm not saying you don't do anything wrong you may well have but it's just par for the courts that's the way the u.s. conducts their business and go on and that's what biden didn't even mid in the video where he says he would have a $1000000000.00 so he got this prosecutor fired and that's what we don't want to get and it's. should be investigated even if it has. very interesting to hear your
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thoughts and of course this is just the very beginning of what's to be a very long process we hope you come back and talk to us through the course of the impeachment process political journalists. are right now donald trump has reiterated he still wants alleged corruption claims involving his potential election rival joe biden and a ukrainian company we just heard is discussing that just now he wants it investigated and the u.s. president's accusations now extend beyond just one country's artie's don't quarter comments. and trump's doing something there's a naysaying liberal media following close behind despite president trump and rudy giuliani's repeated allegations against the bidens no evidence of wrongdoing tied to his son hunter biden's ukraine business has actually been found the allegations against him which which have indeed been been proven baseless at least to this point these are proven claims that the president is making about bud right well he's making up to the allegations against the vice president i think that's really
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important to understand so does biden and his family have a squeaky clean track record let's look at the facts in 2014 biden was in charge of washington's policy stance for ukraine and for some reason his son was put on a ukrainian oil company's board of directors around that same time when a prosecutor launched an inquiry into that weird coincidence biden had this to say and i went over. 1230 time to key events and i was good supposed to announce that there is no the 1000000000 dollar loan guarantee and i got a commitment from poroshenko and from. you know that they would take action against the state prosecutor and they did so that they're walking out. and i'm not going to we're not going to give you $2000000000.00 shortly after the prosecutor was fired and the inquiry dropped biden said neither had to do with one another just another coincidence but let's go back to biden's 2013 trip to china for talks with
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president paying 10 days after that a subsidiary of the bank of china cut a deal with joe's son hunter to form a $1000000000.00 joint investment fund another $1000000000.00 coincidence then there was 2011 when he oversaw u.s. troop withdrawal from iraq that same year joe's younger brother sealed a $1500000000.00 deal to build homes in you guessed. iraq there's plenty of money for everyone if this project goes through and that mountain of benjamin's 2 was only a coincidence it seems when you're related to the former vice president things just tend to work out and joe's got no problem with it mr vice president your take on that was a conflict of interest there was a clear conflict of interest but you heard him people move along nothing to see here i'm not seeing now questions about well it could also be distracting us from
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what joe biden has done and others have been involved maybe there really is something there that's a question that's not coming through really the questions that are being asked in the hope i think for those who are for him to trump is how does leads into i really agree leaked information or juicy information not about joe biden but about donald trump. for people who are upset with his politics and this could be a way to move us away from when joe biden might be involved and if anything. the founder of the french me 2 campaign is slapped with a fine for defaming a media executive she accused of misconduct in this story much more a short break this is international. it's. a little bit messy bio d.n.a. and something way over the complete i'm not sure it is such
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a quick thing you know i'm sure you look better now than when you had hair. well it's nice of you to say so but i do i went through when i was 25 and it wasn't so great. you know world big partisan movie lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the back and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks.
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are welcome back this is our to international now the u.k.'s national crime agency has found no proof of wrongdoing by the braggs a campaign group will leave you and one of its fundraisers and banks cleared him of receiving donations for the brady campaign from a foreign source namely russia with more on the story here's artie's could park. britain's national crime agency says it's dropping an investigation into our and banks one of the biggest donors behind the brics it referendum campaign the n.c.a.a. looked into potential offenses concerning $8000000.00 pounds worth of funding it was claimed banks wasn't the true source but the inquiry found banks illegally took out a loan from a company and so he could give the money to the brits that campaign the n.c.a.a. investigation has concluded that mr banks was legally entitled in his capacity as
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an individual to release these funds to the better for the country limited by instructing another of his company's rock services ltd to make the transactions on his behalf but it's worth noting the n.c.a.a. felt the need to highlight the hype surrounding the case the. investigation has been subject to press and social media commentary the n.c.a.a. has not received any evidence to suggest that mr banks and his companies received funding from any 3rd party to fund the loans or that he acted as an agent on behalf of a 3rd party why is this important because our in banks with the russian ambassador to the u.k. a few times as well as russian businessmen as is often assumed by associating with russians you must be a russian agent something banks. that crimea you know what the police are going to investigate lunch with the russian ambassador butler university but the media seem eager to find a russian connection or exit is now being pinned on russian interference baron
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banks has been dogged by repeated accusations of close links with russia the parallels between the russian intervention and bragg and the russian intervention in the trump campaign appear to be extraordinary so we travel to south africa to find one they also filled russian opposition figures with no knowledge of the case as they brought up his russian wife mr banks is a perfectly good reason to visit russia whenever he wants his family he has 3 children by his russian wife in 2015 aaron banks tried to raise money in russia to invest in his mines here in south africa and surprisingly they try to connect banks with donald trump and felt it was newsworthy to discuss banks some time visit to transcribe and publish pictures of it to controversial backers of the breaks a movement would guess last year at donald trump's mar a lago club are in banks and the wigmore known as the bad boys of bricks it visited the palm beach club in april according to
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a review by the palm beach post of instagram post tagged at the spot mainstream politicians also pushed him on the issue so much so banks walked out of a select committee meeting as m.p.'s questions on the exit and russia ran late because you're going to see this is the. or is that it was it is it is which is the n.c.a.a. found no evidence banks had committed any criminal offenses he says the allegations against him were part of a political witch hunt as with claims of trump russia collusion reports of banks in russia collusion were apparently founded and perpetuated on fear rather than proof the decision to leave the european union was something so monumental that it impacted the elites in britain both in the politics in civil service and in business and media that they needed to find the enemies they needed to find a way of discrediting the whole campaign and so the 1st thing they did was start to
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attack the donors to the campaign to leave and of course mr sharon banks and the leave means leave movement came into the firing line of their anger without a doubt this was a witch hunt it was a witch hunt against those who campaigned for brix it like myself and the leaders of the movement it was a campaign to discredit those who donated it and they also tried to discredit it by saying that there was collusion from other nations such as russia that there was russian money behind mr r. and banks and all of this was to discredit the movement discredit the referendum it was a disgrace and should be something that's looked into by a royal commission in my view in the way that we look after our elections in the future. the court in paris has ruled that the founder of the french need to movement defamed of the man she accused of making lewd and sexist remarks in 2017 years our friends correspondent dubinsky. well sundram has been told to pay some
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$20000.00 euros in fines and damages after being found to have defamed to t.v. executives who she said had sexually harassed her now she is known as being the leader or the start of the me too movement here in france which is called pole which means rat on your pig and back in 2017 she had tweeted about an incident for many years before in which she had said it the executive who she went on to name and shame had made inappropriate advances to her but the t.v. executive in question says as a result of this he was labeled as a sex offender he received a huge barash of criticism on social media and he was unhappy he said even more so when she rejected his advances which he admits actually happened he then went on to apologize effectively i did make misplaced comments to stand during
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a drunken cocktail party very late one night but only ones i later i told her was so heavy handedly and only once i must point out i don't want to exonerate myself from my boorishness so the time i read to read my apologies was sundram isn't happy with this verdict in the court and neither is her lawyer and both say that they will now look to appeal. i didn't win the other one i lost here today but in any case we win it all genders have started talking this decision doesn't take away from the fact that women's voices have been liberated that he must continue to speak out and he must continue to do now it's reprehensible acts of any kind fear must not win here must not change sides well this isn't perhaps the 1st embarrassment for me to movement to think about the italian actress an activist asieh our center who is one of the fore. bearers of the
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me too movement across the globe and also new york professor vito ronald talked about being victims of sexually inappropriate behavior in the past but both women when they trick used by young men of making them the victims of sexually inappropriate behavior and many people have long questioned this idea of naming and shaming people who are being accused of being sexual offenders or sexual predators given that in a public space such as social media there is often little to no evidence to back up those allegations those claims have got a real grain of truth to them and many people saying why didn't you take them to the courts in the 1st place and some saying as a result of that they careers have also been growing their personal lives have also being ruined so some people question now whether this defamation case marks a real reversal in the for me to not perhaps just here in france but across the
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globe with many other people perhaps looking at this case and wondering if they too now could bring their own defamation case there's a for me this hour i'll be back in let's say 34 minutes with another dog the news this is our attention. now to the financial front that it was all about money laundering 1st visit this 3 different. oh good this is a good start well we have our 3 banks all set up something something in america something over the cayman islands it will all of these drugs are complicit in their top doctor says we just have to deal with all it's a very to do some serious mood ok let's see how we do well we've got hold of that and i did not watch for max and for stacey all beautiful jewelry and how about.
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motorola bill again you know what money wherever. you go. watch. in 2040 you know bloody revolution 2 to crush the demonstrations going from being relatively peaceful political protests to be creasing the violent revolution is always spontaneous or is it just no lawyer here. is. split needle the former ukrainian president recalls the events of 2014. those who took the boat had invested over $5000000000.00 to assist ukraine in these and other goals that will ensure a secure and prosperous and democratic. votes seemed wrong but. just don't hold. any belief yet to
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shape out this day because that's ok and it gains from it because the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart. just to look for common ground. when lawmakers manufacture consent to instant of public wealth. when the ruling classes project themselves. in the financial merry go round lifts only the one percent. we can all middle of the room signals. mean real new real world.
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building. evolution. phase if. only to do so who show you. the solutions disinfection continually listening to. the circuit and thinking little. fellow. any honest. person to. figure out to go. run a mile of the. solution with us and that's a. couple of guys really like bill is watching the show or more than
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if he'd used in the media of television by choice out there. there's this weird side of sport but that's good for. the views of the full story that whoso views this for the be inspired lesbians. as an. unwelcome when you die yes. seniors i mean died so that in football. you know yes it's. a comparative she warned you possibly could not do you sure but it was more than i did g.'s newbie speech machine me. we. saw you know me in both calf and bring me if i don't do it now because if it is found me you have vision of the man to keep down the bolshoi to do that less than half of his job as a spy.


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