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i. i. i i i i. democrats seize on a new opportunity to get donald trump out of the oval office no rush of collusion this time around though the key word is ukraine at the moment it comes after numerous previous attempts at ousting the president failed. to get a generation of genetically modified soldiers immune to chemical and biological attacks. york city what they thought about the ethics of it. i think i think how god created them is enough good enough for me. there's got to be consequences to. the most outrageous thing i've ever heard. an asylum seekers daughter facing the
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risk of female genital mutilation and after the u.k. government says it can't prevent deportation at the same time as london spends millions in the fight against g.m. abroad. and oil gas and coal companies facing a backlash from the climate change movement as a 3rd of the world's. vestment we debated the policy see the state of the. time people are extreme extreme that. the only reason that the solutions required to deal with these problems are now so extreme that we have produced more emissions in the last 30 years than the entirety of human history before. friday the 27th of september welcome to the program my name is kevin. round up from out international h.q.
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1st of all than the straight to the us where democratic party leaders pushing for swift action to impeach donald trump saying that he's betrayed his judy as president and is no longer fit for office. this occupant occupant of the oval office poses a clear and present danger to our future to our democracy he's in date. by putting his personal and political interests ahead of the interests of the american people place that i hoped we would never be and never thought we would see a president take the actions that he has it's not about politics it's not about partisanship it's about patriotism while tuesday the house of representatives launched the formal impeachment inquiry into donald trump after a whistleblower claimed wrong doing during a phone call between the president and his ukrainian counterpart let him is the lenski this is the latest in a slew of impeachment attempts donald trump has faced since he took office back in
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january 27th. but the walls feel like they're closing in on the truth ministration right now and i'm not sure they can hold them off for much longer the walls are closing in and everyone is freaking out the walls are closing the wheels are coming off. the walls are closing in on president trump walls are closing it with trump on the walls are closing in on the trump white house. all of the walls are closing and at this point the walls are closing in fast on donald trump well. remember the democrats it was mostly dominated by debugging to russian collusion probe next us senior correspondent takes a closer look at the moves against president trouble now. if you're a democrat the hardcore liberal type you knew in your heart the trump would be brought down the only question was how long it would take just needed a reason and come on there were plenty new people put their money on the trump
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russia collusion story treason collusion between the trump team and the russians and trump knew about it that would truly be impeachable it's miss prison of treason and so far his response has been exploding and unfortunately proved entirely fabricated but to hell with it obstruction of justice a federal system in the united states that ought to do it to president trump trying to block the f.b.i.'s rush investigation commit an impeachable offense are we getting closer and closer to the possibility of yet another impeachment process no dodges that to come on let's go in on the guy slept with the porn star media told us and paid a hush money to keep it silent no way he'd survive that bicycle you see the trump team stepping into every trap that she and her lawyer set for them having the
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president knowledge that he was actually meant to be a party to the nondisclosure agreement and now of course she's got a an avenue and a way to fire back at it cohen what is going on how many get out of jail free cards does trump have you can keep this up surely every excuse to get rid of trump was brought up the sky just dissected in this guarded nothing would steak until now it seems like ukraine is the 1st nail in trump's political coffin bloodhounds democrats smell blood weakness at long last. trump is vulnerable i think focusing on the c. crean scandal singularly is important i think we have to act quickly but not with haste of the more able to speak with one voice on that subject than on some of the other we've got to go narrow no question about it i would hope within
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a 6 week frame we could get the evidence on the table so the american people can see it just one phone conversation and trump signed his political death warrant and if you thought it was about russia you thought wrong even a russia was discussed in that very call i would like to find out what happened with this whole situation with the ukraine they say crowd strike i guess you have one of your wealthy people the server they say ukraine has it that sounds crazy the democrat servers hacked by the russians allegedly somehow ending up in ukraine what these things are so secure crowd strike the d.n.c. as computer security squad warden let the f.b.i. look at them would threaten their security if the f.b.i. investigated they claimed all that the agents received were redacted draft reports
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all the information about russian hacking was pushed amongst others by crowd strike and the f.b.i. putting him politely said this isn't how things really done it's not the way we would prefer to do the investigation 2 years have passed than trump still hasn't been able to find those servers from may or may not have reason to think that the servers are in ukraine and is trumbo after all whatever they know in washington it's clear that the democrats won't let go of this whole ukraine business they finally got a solid ground for their long awaited impeachment oh and russia. forget it all when cares anymore the democrats are desperate. they're terrified of losing the election joe biden is that is a is a disaster as a candidate if if he is the nominee he will i'm almost certain he will lose to trump and the democrats are hoping to bring trump down through this whole
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impeachment process this idea of. finding a scandal and running around hysterically where 'd there really is no criminal offense so they're hoping to bring trump down but i just can't imagine it will work . today to move this one straight from science fiction the pentagon says it's seeking to boost the immunity of u.s. soldiers against chemical and biological attacks by gene editing but there are fears that defensive human upgrade could be weaponized to caleb maupin has got the story. this soldier of the future won't just be battle trained and ready to kill they'll be genetically engineered to withstand a biological attack the pentagon has a plan for editing the d.n.a. and creating super soldiers why is defense advanced research projects agency doing this to protect a soldier on the battlefield from chemical weapons and biological weapons by
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controlling their genome have in the genome produced proteins that would automatically protect the soldier from the inside out so far this sounds a little bit closer to science fiction perhaps a bit more fantasy than fact he will be the 1st in a 3 person. earlier this year a chinese scientist announced that 2 girls were born with edited genomes genomes that were edited to be a child be resistant so with potentially boundless possibilities the question now is what altered genes would a u.s. soldier need for i put some brains in them so they can question the policies they're already good soldiers i think i think how god created them is enough good enough for me are you kidding me no no well i'm asking you that the most outrageous thing i've ever heard you do better fix of d.n.a. could be could be used to live longer. maybe mitt be less relying on things like
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waste why what do we use this with soldiers who don't like the idea no i don't that's sad because there's got to be consequences to the oh i change you know their strength their vision you know anything's the. anything that would make them a better. soldier asbos but before you let your imagination run too wild remember the u.s. military says there is no need to worry it's all for a good cause all these technologies they were dual use. you can use them for good and you can use them for evil defense advanced research projects agency is about using them for protect our war fighters these fantasies of the super soldier again if they tie into these fantasies of arsenal i'm just the superhero fantasies. better been with us for a long time and it relates to any myths the hero is the champion that doesn't mean
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that some of them might not be be realizable to some extent. but there are many reasons why we should not go in that direction really it's very dangerous you don't know what kind of. what kind of sex will occur from a genetic change because. interacts and often interact in unexpected ways. as well as the fact that our ability to targets. certain cells is still far from perfect the potential of genetic engineering should not be underestimated there's a lot that could be done beyond simply fire breathing always on fully weaponized maurier's and keep your eyes out for the genetically modified soldiers of the future unlike g.m.o. foods they may not always be labeled kaleb up and r.t. new york. another day of the breaks and stories britain edges closer to bricks it may be it seems it's tightening up its migration policies along the way now
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a 10 year old girl is facing deportation and a risk of female genital mutilation in sudan after her mother has been refused asylum in the u.k. he said rallies following this story for us. putting aside his enthusiasm for war and its cozy relationships with sports and the title is the british government style the self of the staunch defender of human rights around the world the latest crusade they've taken up is the fight against of g.m. in other countries they've pledged 50000000 pounds by 2030 to combat the issue the bible it's very clear that he isn't any requirement it doesn't make. sense to war in the state of god but the british home office is pushing ahead with supporting a woman and her 10 year old daughter to bahrain from where lawyers fear then be deported on to say done with the mother is originally from the country has one of the highest rates of conducting f g m in the world and the risks being another
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victim they are happy to prosecute female genital mutilation they're happy to give money abroad to stamp it out but they're failing to protect women who are at risk if deported a british family court earlier ruled that the cold face the risk of being circumcised against her will if sent abroad but it was are ruled by the home office which said immigration issues are none of the court's business perhaps the most hard profile attempt by the u.k. to deport someone it was the case of abu qatada a radical cleric the u.k. accused of having ties to al qaeda it took 12 years and 1700000 pounds to remove him and was a victory for the british government since his departure britain has spent almost 200000 pounds protecting his wealth in jordan and the question now is whether the mother and her little girl would also get that much protection from u.k. authorities if she ends up back in sudan in all good conscience in the u.k.
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today 21st century we constantly just just say oh the whole mob is decided and the little cannot be overturned i think that we have to sue. the conversation and make sure about at least when children. all concerned when hall made being john to people. did you know we should bend ditto should be accommodating sometime people coming to the u.k. they reached no oversight whatsoever we don't even know who they are what they all and so we need to ask us how the question we u.k. with you know this kind of moral politics i mean there is a point in time where yes we have to be pragmatic when it comes to when it comes to going to when you've been immigration because of course the country cannot just going to open up its border and you know and hope that it will be ok that being said i think that we need to be very careful about how we treat people especially when those people call should they go back. kharif be filled with good will what a much a reason to from
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a hollywood film takes on an old to real full now the u.s. military warning that screening is about the joke a film could end in a blog. so if the break. most people think just stand out in this is this you need to be the 1st one on top of the story or the person with the loudest voice of the biggest great. truth to stand down whose face is just the dance the right questions to the right answer. survival guide.
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the 7 thanks bill of the. record. international appreciated this and next to cinema chain in the u.s. and movie goers from wearing costumes and face paint during screenings of the new joke. you just use me as joker.
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i. will while that band comes amid fears of possible violence during screenings especially after concerns were raised by families of victims of the mass shooting at the batman movie back in 2012 but then there were some unproven claims that maybe just maybe the killer was inspired by the joker character the shooter also became a hero to to the in the cell community the in voluntarily seller but at the time the studio distanced itself from violence you may recall denying the dark knight rises movie influence the perpetrators actions in any way instead in this latest release won't be shown at the venue where all 4 massacre happened but now the u.s. military has a up today issued warnings to its service members about a mass shooting threat at showings of this new joker film several potentially dangerous messages posted by the intel community were discovered by intelligence
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offices. bruce and social media have made reference to interest so but in so extremists replicating the 2012 theater shooting in the rural county around screaming save the joker movie at nationwide theaters this presents a potential risk to department of defense personnel and family members though there are no known specific credible threats to the opening of the joke on the 4th of october so the threat is allegedly coming from the ansel community whose philosophy resembles that of the film's main character the joker let's look at the insulin a bit more details here we are an online group who describe themselves as in voluntarily celibate as mentioned these described old men apparently feel neglected and undesired in our modern day sexualized society not being able to find a romantic or sexual partner so it seems they then go on allegedly openly hostile to society and promote violence well told phillips the director joker rebuff solar's accusations and believes it's a political matter. it's a little troubling when people write think pieces without having seen it and even
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in their think pieces wrote i don't need to see it to know what it is to me that you know i find it astounding to be quite frank how easily the far love can sound like the far right when it suits their agenda i think the reason for that is is somewhat hypocritical the concern over the joker movie is warranted because according to the f.b.i. they have been picking up chatter on some dark web websites that indicate that there is talk about a possible incident that could occur somewhere at a movie theater that's been undisclosed the united states especially right now we're in such a fractured society in terms of the view of you know racial politics and how everyone views each other there is a huge concern about this idea of white males being a threat to the society in general i don't think that's an accurate assessment in terms of the actual belief that white males in general are a danger to society but this is a needy
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a narrative that's been playing out for some time now elsewhere reports today swedish daily newspapers banned all advertisement of fossil fuel based products and services with immediate effect the paper's editors cited the environmental concerns for its decision just a week of the biggest mass climate protests in history of course separately a 3rd of the world's banks have signed up to a un initiative on efforts to tackle climate change such as cutting back on investing in fossil fuel projects among them big players like. citigroup and buckley's in fact in total $130.00 financial institutions in $49.00 countries a signal that they're on board but big but several of the world's 10 biggest banks missing from said list well the initiative calls on banks to harmonize their strategies with the paris climate agreement and work towards a sustainable future from being seen on one side as an overdue move to mobilize the influential finance sector to maybe on the other a fad that will cause more problems than it solves we put it up for discussion here
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. what we really need to be looking out looking at is eliminating the funding of fossil fuels as quickly as possible and the key thing here is not to focus too much on the banks they will do whatever they can within what is profitable and and legal key thing is to put pressure on governments to utterly change the rules in terms of what banks do to get rid of anything that is destroying the future for our children the green technologies that are presented as growing are not a toll in many instances in the energy sector today say no to nuclear energy there is no reason to say no to say no because nuclear energy doesn't emit in the c o 2 and they say yes the electric car dealer car is an awful l.c.a. life cycle analysis if you look at their environmental footprint it is much worse than my diesel car today and it will be for the next 50 years so because of the production of the batteries so this is all rubbish this is perfect rubbish frankly and it is enough you know having 16 year old girls like the one we had
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a system at the united nations explaining to adults that they are stupid i mean this isn't often you know she supported by the person's family of billionaires that have invested in the green technologies i mean this is who writes or takes this is a disgrace really it's time to stop and the gulf mums progress of course in the reduction of c o 2 emissions but they should do it normally at a normal pace and for bidding the use of coal of few or gas is stupid especially for example in germany because of their choice for supposedly renewable energy such as wind energy they need coal plants to to produce the energy when there is no went so crazy identified you know perhaps correctly perceived problem to some of what is being pushed forward is green at the moment as a reason for carrying on burning fossil fuels when we know it is already a crime against humanity in the form of catastrophic drought. blood's typhoons like
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clones hurricanes you know and the strength of these things is absolutely vastly greater than before and you know so to try and identify some of the problems with what's being put forward by you know the mainstream green narrative as a reason to carry on destroying ourselves it's just madness that we need to do the right thing at the right time it's not people are extreme extreme activists that need to decide governments cannot allow this and the united nations should not allow this the only reason that the solutions required to deal with these problems are now so extreme is that well we've had 30 years of people like luke saying oh well we need to wait till we know more until the technology is about or what has happened over that period is that we have produced more emissions in the last 30 years than the entirety of human history before so the very very tempting rationale which is that anything that looks greener than before is a step in the right direction we must go at the normal pace we cannot stop planes
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from flying from today on because that's what the extremists want to paraphrase god given low progress with your question i would say well you know obviously it's like progress on this early conversation went on well and finally as they say a destination with a big scary difference in environment unfit for human habitation for years to come we're talking chernobyl the site of the world's worst nuclear accident 33 years ago nonetheless still draws visitors from across the globe for a brief look inside that forbid an area roughly a video agency in fact just gone there to to bring you a rare opportunity to visit the very heart of the disaster that eerie control room of the pub plants number 4 reactor that went up i'm going to leave you with these really rather dark and derelict shots for the safety of your t.v. and thanks for watching r.t. international.
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oh no there is no hole. it exploded the color exploded. but if she warned you posted by you and i did the dishes at the bazemore those jeans nudist beach and you see me we do you believe true she.
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doesn't know about that when you guys u.k.'s. in the news i mean guys without infringing balls. a lot of you will see sawing as it fights about 2 kids each other both sides most schools. but as in the adams to me as if i choose. this path to some bias came along and last. year she became. cabinet at 5 days doing research. english $98.00 for people who simply knew she would include in total.
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this is supposed to see.
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if. this is broadcasting around the world and covering all aspects of our global economy in the 21st century. and i'm. that what we have in store for today. is china making price employments and purchasing us agricultural products based on market principles and. they have already purchased a comparatively originality of soybeans imports we've just slammed my feet one more small normality and away from the u.s. kind of as. well the public has agreed to increase american agricultural products. back to give us his outlook on the future of u.s. farming. an
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atmosphere in the chamber. in the. 22 years in the house. is. angry as well so that. culture. was toxic. battles are reaching a fever pitch as the u.k. hurdles toward the october 1st break that deadline hillary ford which of the british american business association is on hand to give us an aerial view of the state of negotiations as the fateful date approaches and begin a business in the business mind set let's go. a new trade deal between the united states and japan in the midst of a lingering terror fight between the trump white house and china and dismal prospects for a new nafta leader global report today the trump white house announced the signing of the preliminary pact on wednesday hailing new market access to japan for us i
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grew cultural producers a summary from the office of the u.s. trade representative claimed that the terms of the deal would allow 90 percent of us agree cultural exports to introduce a pan either duty free or with preferential treatment on the other side of the ledger some $40000000.00 japanese agricultural products to the u.s. will receive similar preferences some digital video books and similar products from both countries would also receive preferential treatment but perhaps just as notable was what was left out of all the paperwork and discussion any mention of u.s. president donald trump's previous threats to impose tariffs as high as 25 percent on japanese cars and car parts the u.s. president may very well be tiring of his own tangles with tariffs and threats against all sensible u.s. allies and adversaries as a fight with china has caused a 53 percent drop in u.s. ag exports to china from 2017 to 2018 and considering the losses of market share placed growing strain on rural farm econ.


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