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we. are giving the president. for the upcoming 2020. 2.0 the pentagon exploring ways. genetic make protect them from. people on the streets of new york what they think. i think i think god created them is enough good enough for me. there's got to be. the most outrageous thing i've ever heard. on rights campaigners accuse the u.k.
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government a feeling in its commitment to protect young girls from female genital mutilation britain's high court accepted it was powerless to prevent the home office from deporting a 10 year old. 247 news live from moscow this is r.t. international from the team if you don't know me well hello and welcome. we begin in the u.s. where impeachment inquiry into. picking up momentum as democratic party leaders claim the president has betrayed his country and is no longer fit for office. this occupant occupant of the oval office poses a clear and present danger to our future to our democracy he's endangered by putting his personal and political interests ahead of the interests of the american people place that i hoped we would never be and never thought we would see
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a president take the actions that he has it's not about politics it's not about partisanship it's about patriotism. choose they have a host of representatives launched a formal impeachment inquiry into donald trump it came out 3 whistleblower claiming wrongdoing during a phone call between the president and his ukrainian counterpart vladimir zelinsky it is the latest in a slew of impeachment attempts that mr trump has faced since he took office in january 27th. the walls feel like they're closing in on the trumpet ministration right now and i'm not sure they can hold them off for much longer the walls are closing in and everyone is freaking out the walls are closing the wheels are coming off. the walls are closing in on president trump the walls are closing it with trump on the walls are closing in on the trump white house. column the walls are
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closing in at this point the walls are closing in fast on donald trump. and us you'll remember the democrats onslaught was mostly dominated by russian colu jand probe our senior correspondent steve has been taking a closer look at the moves no against president obama. if you're a democrat the hard cool liberal type you knew in your heart the trump would be brought down the only question was how long it would take just needed a reason and come on there were plenty the people put their money on the trump russia collusion story treason collusion between the trump team and the russians and trump knew about it that would truly be impeachable it's miss prison of treason and so far his response has been exploding and unfortunately proved entirely fabricated but to hell with it obstruction of justice
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a federal seat in the united states that ought to do it to president trump trying to block the f.b.i.'s rush investigation committed impeachable offense are we getting closer and closer to the possibility of yet another impeachment process no dodges that to come on let's go in on the guy slept with the porn star media told us and paid hush money to keep it silent no way he'd survive that bicycle you see the trump team stepping into every trap. she and her lawyer said for them evan a president knowledge that he was actually meant to be a party to the nondisclosure agreement and now of course she's got a an avenue and a way to fire back at it cohen what is going on how many get out of jail free cards this trump have you can keep this up surely every excuse to get rid of
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trump was bought up the sky just dissected and this guarded nothing would stick until now it seems like ukraine is the 1st nail in trump's political coffin bloodhounds democrats smell blood weakness at long last trump is vulnerable i think focusing on this he crean scandal singularly is important i think we have to act quickly but not with haste of the more able to speak with one voice on that subject than on some of the other we've got to go narrow no question about it i would hope within a 6 week frame we could get the evidence on the table so the american people can see it just one phone conversation and trump signed his political death warrant and if you thought it was about russia you thought wrong even a russia was discussed in that very call i would like to find out what happened
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with this whole situation with the ukraine they say crowd strike i guess you have one of your wealthy people the server they say ukraine has it that sounds crazy the democrat servers hacked by the russians allegedly somehow ending up in ukraine what these things are so secure crowd strike the d.n.c. as computer security squad warden let the f.b.i. look at them would threaten their security if the f.b.i. investigated they claimed all that the agents received were redacted. draft reports all the information about russian hacking was pushed amongst others by crowd strike and the f.b.i. putting him politely said this isn't how things easily done it's not the way we would prefer to do the investigation 2 years have passed than trump still hasn't been able to find those servers from may or may not have reason to think
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that the servers are in ukraine and is trying to rule whatever they know in washington it's clear that the democrats would lead to this whole ukraine business they finally got solid ground for their long awaited impeachment oh and russia forget it all when cares anymore the democrats are desperate. they're terrified of losing the election joe biden. is a disaster as a candidate if if he is the nominee he will i'm almost certain he will lose to trump and the democrats are hoping to bring trump down through this whole impeachment process this idea of. finding a scandal and running around hysterically where 'd there really is no criminal offense so they're hoping to bring trump down but i just can't imagine it will work . for him moving on donald trump earns dismissed
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a claim from the iranian president and the u.s. offer to lift all sanctions against tehran in exchange for talks the comment appeared on her son rouhani as official website after he returned from the u.n. general assembly in new york on friday iran wanted me to leave the sanctions imposed on them in order to meet i said of course no. the u.s. has been pursuing a much pressure campaign against iran last week donald trump ordered that sanctions be imposed on iran's central bank penalties that he characterized as the toughest ever to be imposed on a foreign country iran's foreign minister responded by saying the measure would make future negotiations on impossible. let's go live now to ford as before this professor of political communication up the university of tehran good to see you given the pressure of the u.s. has been placing on iran for quite some time is it likely that american officials
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would have offered to lift all sanctions in exchange for talks. this is what president obama said this morning when he came back from new york but i think we need to make sure that me translate his statement correctly what he was saying was that the u.s. wanted a meeting with him and european leaders the german chancellor. the british prime minister and the french president very encouraging president rouhani to do their meeting and they were saying that if you do this and you do negotiations at the end of that process you could have sanctions left that this was the offer that president rouhani was talking about what iran wanted to do in new york was to make sure that the u.s. government understands that policy of maximum pressure is not working out iran was
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open to talks but what iran was saying was that the u.s. can either go back to the nuclear agreement or if they don't want to go back to the nuclear agreement because of political reasons inside the u.s. what they can do is that they can actually do more for more this was the phrase that iran's foreign minister used so the idea was iran will accept political earlier than it was a scheduled under the nuclear actually meant iranian parliament would approve would pass a law approving that idea and then the u.s. congress would lift the sanctions ok so that i think what we were supposed to get at the end of the day i suppose for i suppose for dodo that the point about the to and fro between iran and american leaders is does the u.s. need to be making concessions to iran at this point is it not in a much stronger position than to run. that's what people in washington think they
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are waiting for the sanctions to and in some sort of demonstration and those demonstrations and the current government in iran that's what they are hoping for the only problem they have is that that's that that has been their hope for the last 40 years since the 1979 revolution and that has not been happening and i doubted. talking to you. i don't see any. anybody sort of forecasting the collapse of the current government you know this economy obviously is hurting ordinary citizens are i think but you know you can continue to live under the current condition conditions for many years to come what all the prospects of talks then taking place between washington and what conditions would have to be in place. you know i said proposal was very clear the u.s.
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can go back to the nuclear a demand or they can move forward with the idea of you know having the most intrusive inspections any country has experienced iran accepts and ratifies political nonproliferation treaty and then the other side would lift sanctions so it does go back to the nuclear agreement. lift sanctions and at the same time make sure that if there be a problem that the site has with iran's nuclear program. and never become militarized under those conditions if you run these under the additional protocol so that was you know. and people in washington are not interested i think they're in some sort of show you know the type of show that the president. played with north korean leader taking photos and so. looking at it from
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a propaganda. there are using 2024 thanks very much for coming the program this hour for it is a professor of political communication at the university of. moving on in a move straight from a piece of the pentagon say he said seeking to boost the m. unity of u.s. soldiers against chemical and biological attacks by gene editing there are fears the defense of human opp grade could be weaponized as killer and report. this soldier of the future won't just be battle trained and ready to kill they'll be genetically engineered to withstand a biological attack the pentagon has a plan for editing the d.n.a. and creating super soldiers why is defense advanced research projects agency doing this to protect a soldier on the battlefield from chemical weapons and biological weapons by controlling their genome have in the genome produce proteins that would
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automatically protect the soldier from the inside out so far this sounds a little bit closer to science fiction perhaps a bit more fantasy than fact he will be the 1st marine. earlier this year a chinese scientist announced that 2 girls were born with edited genomes genomes that were edited to be a child the resistant cell with potentially boundless possibilities the question now is what altered genes would a u.s. soldier need for i put some brains in them so they can question the policies they're already good soldiers i think i think how god created them is enough good enough for me are you kidding me you know not well i'm asking you that the most outrageous thing i've ever heard you do a better fix of d.n.a. could be could be used to live longer. maybe mitt be less relying on things like
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waste why what do we use this with soldiers who don't like the idea no i don't that's sad because there's got to be consequences to the oh i change you know their strength their vision you know anything's the. anything that would make them a better. soldier asbos but before you let your imagination run too wild remember the u.s. military says there is no need to worry it's all for a good cause all these technologies they were dual use. you can use them for good and you can use them for evil defense advanced research projects agency is about using them for protect our war fighters these fantasies of the super soldier again that they tie into these fantasies of arsenal i'm deep in the superhero fantasies. that are being with us for a long time and it relates to any myths of the hero the champion that doesn't mean
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that some of them might not be be realizable to some extent. but there are many reasons why we should not go in that direction we do it's very dangerous you don't know what kind of. what kind of sex will occur from a genetic change because. interacts and often interact you know expected. as well as the fact that our ability to targets. certain cells is still far from perfect the potential of genetic engineering should not be underestimated there's a lot that could be done beyond simply fire breathing always on fully weaponized more years and keep your eyes out for the genetically modified soldiers of the future unlike g.m.o. foods they may not always be labeled kaleb up and see new york. food for thought isn't it well evolutionary biologist armand le roy he's not exactly a tick and he told r.t.
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sophie shevardnadze about breeding people for specific tasks a long way off so he's full show if you'd like to catch it as shown here throughout the day. at the moment we still have a very poor understanding of the genetic variation that allows people to become one to excel in one kind of profession and another the notion that you can breed people for particular aspects. although in principle is possible in practice is very far away what we do is we what i'm suggesting will happen soon is selection for such an attribute and but the number of choices that you get are relatively few what i simply mean is that you've only got a handful of eggs in embryos in a petri dish and you can only make a limited number of choices between them and the choices that you're going to make are the basically to eliminate the bad things you're not going to be breeding
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soldiers or super and super intelligent kids out of that. ok time for a look at some more programs coming up on r t international else even one minutes time. it's like richard marles worst nightmare is. dead planet everything on planet earth is dead because been securitized and we've consumed it all well there's a teenager in the us who are there heartbroken crying her eyes out because she's going to grow up on a dead planet. securitized and sold and resold and. 1000 times
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$10000.00 times with nothing except a dream of what it was what it was and it is no more. you know world of big partners. and conspiracies it's time. to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than we need to be smart we need to stop slamming the door. and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the troops the time is now we're watching closely watching the hawks. a u.k. court said it is only able to prevent the home office from deporting
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a 10 year old girl at risk of female genital mutilation after her mother's asylum application was rejected a sally elsa story. putting aside his enthusiasm for war and its cozy relationships with sports and the title is the british government style the self or the staunch defender of human rights around the world the latest crusade they've taken up is the fight against of g.m. in other countries they've pledged 50000000 pounds by 2030 to combat the issue. the bible it's very clear that he isn't any requirement it doesn't make. sense to war in the state of god but the british home office is pushing ahead with deporting a woman and her 10 year old daughter to bahrain from where lawyers fear then be deported on to done but the mother is originally from the country has one of the highest rates of conducting f g m in the world and the risks being another victim
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they are happy to prosecute female genital mutilation they're happy to give money abroad to stamp it out but they're failing to protect women who are at risk if deported a british family court earlier ruled that the coal face the risk of being circumcised against her will if sent abroad but it was are ruled by the home office which said immigration issues are none of the court's business perhaps the most hard profile attempt by the u.k. to deport someone it was the case of abu qatada a radical cleric the u.k. accused of having ties to al qaeda it took 12 years and 1700000 pounds to remove him and was a victory for the british government yet since his departure britain has spent almost 200000 pounds protecting his wealth in jordan and the question now is whether the mother and her little girl would also get that much protection from u.k. authorities if she ends up back in sudan in all good conscience in the u.k. today 21st century we constantly just just say the whole mob is decided and the
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little cannot be overturned i think that we how. to read the conversation. and make sure about at least when children are concerned when hall made being john to people then we should ban should be accommodating sometime people coming to the u.k. they receive no oversight when we don't even know who they are what they are and so we need to ask ourselves the question i'll we'll pay you know this kind of moral politics i mean there is a point in time where yes we have to be pragmatic when it comes to when it comes to know when you've been immigration because of course the country cannot just simply going to open up its border and you know and hope that it will be ok that being said i think that we need to be very careful about how we treat people is special when those people harm should they go back on the story we're closely following in the u.k. home office is yet to respond to a request for comment on the case of. the united states announced on thursday
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that it is sending 200 military personnel a patriot missile battery to saudi arabia to help defend its allies or oil production facilities it comes after attacks on 2 major installations in the gulf state knocked out 5 percent of the world's oil supply in made september so the arabia really hurt a number of patriot missile systems in the area when the attack took place they were rendered useless at least 17 drones and cruise missiles hit the oil producing facilities u.s. secretary of state mike pompei o gave the following explanation as to why the batteries were not able to order the attack. look anytime we've seen air defense systems all around the world have mixed success some of the finest in the world don't always pick things up. but i'm happy to say that security analyst charles schumer bridge joins us live on the program
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good to see you charles to what extent will this the point do you think helped to protect the arabia's oil facilities would be the good. prevent the sort of attack that we saw 2 weeks ago. i think that's a car council tenants will be no it weren't if we're talking about the same type of attack that was so successful a couple of weeks ago she just indicated the system isn't really designed and doesn't really have a great amount of capability to combat these kind of attacks using a basically low level by which i mean low altitude attack methods here we have cruise missiles and drones that we used these are flying at a quite a low level and a date that helps them to avoid being detected by radar what the patriot system is designed for is really largely to combat against ballistic missile systems that's to say systems that fly high in the sky and then in most cases actually end to
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actually. space itself and then come down a great philosophy and the vertical trajectory to hit their targets at great speed is designed and has been effective against such targets if we think about these scud missiles thought he's having a pos flight into saudi arabia these scuds just in case anybody thinks it's been a case that i've come from iran and elsewhere in fact they were in the possession of the yemeni army that has in many cases defected to the site. of use those against saudi arabia and have been reports of interceptions using our system but really i think this american deployment is symbolism it's just to say we're doing something but it wouldn't be effective necessarily against in fact so much so it would be effective against these kind of very low flying systems despite their great expensive things consistent is that the point then because we've heard the question since. a fortnight ago why isn't security at the sites better given
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their importance for not just saudi arabia but the world economy are you saying that it's not that security isn't better it's just that they can't keep up with the . it's true that these the use of drones is really a big leveler it's made it much more level playing field between people who have got limited capabilities limited finances such as the groups and other rebel groups around the world compared to states have vast resources that disposes of saudi arabia and so it has become a much more level playing field but there are systems perhaps more old fashioned systems that can be looked at that can defend more effectively against these types of targets even if i don't want you and you also is going to say do you think they are looking at alternatives to charles yes they are i mean the israeli system the armed system that itself the performance of that has been criticized and the performance of it isn't supposed to be as great as the israelis are claimed but nonetheless it is more effective against low flying targets such as this also close
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other close in weapon systems such as rapid fire ordinary gun systems such as the filing system to this been around for many decades against low flying missiles particular on ships would also be more effective than the patriot system his sort of fact that the patriot system is to be deployed says to me that it's more of a symbolic gesture that actually a meaningful contribution to defense against these kind of attacks which and certainly if they continue will be continued to be effective charles always learn something when you're on the program thank you very much you curial is charles shoot bridge. is our lot for but next do stay close because i'm crosstalk peter and guests are here debating whether the democrats might ruin their desire for donald trump to be impeached starts involvement.
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most people thing to stand out in this business you need to be the 1st one on top of the story or the person with the loudest voice of the biggest raid in truth to stand out in the news business you just need to ask the right questions and demand the right answers. question. but if she wants you to buy you can i do the dishes at the balls more of those g.'s new speech and see me we need to you. know when you're. in the news i mean that so that in such a ball. a lot of you will see as if parts of the 2 kids each other both.
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cab but they don't. keep. you. a little. slow and welcome to cross talk or all things considered i'm peter lavelle it's always only been a matter of time impeachment has always been on the agenda settling on the issues and process is the sticking points the democrats and the liberal media aim to
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remove over a telephone call to the ukrainian president what could possibly go wrong. talking impeachment i'm joined by my guest rob talbot new york he's a humorist as well as a newsmax columnist in washington we have a lionel he's a legal analyst a news decoder at lionel media dot com also in washington we cross to christopher no way he. as the republican strategist and founder of the ny one group are generally crosstalk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want and i always appreciate it lionel let me go to you 1st here do you agree with what i said in my introduction was only a matter of time they just were looking for an issue and with the election cycle upon us they want to get what they want one more bite at the apple to see if they can remove him.


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