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headline of this one of the democratic congressman of the u.s. office is over president trump's phone call with the leader of ukraine which proves to be far removed from the summary released by the white house while others claim russia had a hand in the affair. victims of oppression sit down file a complaint against a major french bank saying it was complicit in the suffering. and the west is failing to admit the loss of its dominance in world affairs is the message russia's foreign minister had for delegates in his address to the un in new york city. there are to the weekend very good morning for me kevin i would just say nani in
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this saturday welcome to the program half our world needs round it for you 1st the latest one donald donald trump impeachment inquiry continues now a prominent critic of the us president democrat adam schiff is offered an explosive interpretation of trump's now infamous ukraine phone call amid the ongoing impeachment investigation president trump struck back accusing schiff of making up his version of the conversation. want you to make up dirt on my political opponent understand lots of it on this and on that there's a lot of talk about biden's son and a lot of people want to find out about that so whatever you can do would be great. i'm going to put you in touch with attorney general united states my attorney general bill barr he's got the whole weight. of the american law enforcement. behind him i'm also going to have attorney general. and we will get to the bottom
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of it. and by the way don't call me again i'll call you when you've done what i asked whenever you would like to come to the white house feel free to call give us a date and we'll worked out i look forward to seeing you. on tuesday the house of representatives launched a full impeachment inquiry into trump over alleged attempts by the u.s. president to force his ukrainian counterpart to investigate hunted by the son of joe biden his potential 2020 democratic rival league let me to run this line will told us adam schiff played fast and loose with facts when presenting concocted details of a phone call. it is extremely duplicitous it is extremely misleading and very troublesome for the way adam schiff came about and basically provided a parody a unique way of looking at it and he was reading what people thought was actual transcript provisions actual statements made sentences
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a conversation sent and then later on when pressed he says well i was being. a bit loose with this i was giving you one kind of a perhaps a parody of a kind of a satirical look well that satirical look is absolutely 1st of all so necessary but it was most problematic and the cause of many many people being very very angry with what he did it was on call for duplicitous misleading and wrong speak to the u.s. house of representatives nancy pelosi loads the impeachment inquiry into trump's noses mosco play the role of the affair to. it is wrong for any foreign government to interfere and narrow elections and here you have the president of the united states asking for that by the way i think russia has a hand in this by the way the week before now polo seat told her staff told her
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democrat she is the speaker of the house of representatives she told her democrats enough with this impeachment talk that all of a sudden when a certain faction of her democrats said you're not tough enough you're losing favor with us all of a sudden she changed her mind. volcker american special envoy crane stepped down to discuss trying to look at the speculation that his resignation is triggered. so the reason why the president is after the man who's most likely to challenge him next year is nothing but a conspiracy so many voices are saying just that he implored the president to work with his personal attorney to manufacture a smear against a domestic political opponent we cannot have a debate about a conspiracy theory democrats have to keep this very clean let's dig into these unproven claims that trump is making about the former vice president but just how much does the public in america know about the case of a ukrainian energy company
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a few years ago but the root of all this stir the public deserves to be aware and make up their own mind conspiracy or proper investigation material so joe biden. was on the board of directors at mr biden senior as vice president was washington's point man with kiev at the time meanwhile this man victor schalke in the prosecutor general there was in charge of investigating barista ma and its founder for economic crimes he eventually lost his job well just have a look at how frank joe biden was about his involvement i said you not getting a 1000000000 i'm going to leave in a year i think it was about 6 hours i looked as i'm reading the 6 hours of the prosecutors not fired you're not getting the money oh son of a. fighter jets guess what happened later after the new prosecutor came in his office eventually gave the company a free pass obviously though we cannot connect any dots here but just so you know
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the fired ukraine official no matter how corrupt he ended up being was confident about why he got kicked out here's a quote from his affidavit the truth is that i was forced out because i was leading a wide ranging corruption probe into recent holdings of natural gas for active in ukraine and joe biden son hunter biden anyway let me move on with a few more relevant findings by a journalist from the hill who studied a bunch of a. emails then ukrainian government memos. it turns out the folks from a us p.r. firm that represented breasts were really eager to get a meeting with the most senior prosecutors in kiev one a male claimed to have been sent by craning embassy diplomat to one of the people from the firm said this with regards to the missing some give i suggest that you wait until the next week when the reason the expected vote in the government. has
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been revealed that on the same day prosecutor shocking was shown the door the top guys of the p.r. team once again got in touch with kiev and only took them several days to get a meeting with the new acting prosecutor general his memo suggests the folks that helped bristol raise the changes at the prosecutor's office the visiting side was surprised by the info and sent the us state department has completely different information describing the failure of the reforms at the prosecutor's office but then they changed their mind and realized u.s. officials were misinformed they also promised to hook up ukraine's incoming law enforcement officials with ties to the state department and help organize a trip to the u.s. they informed me that they would seek to facilitate my visit to the u.s. to pass on the correct information to state department officials. after this man you are that sankoh officially took over from the acting prosecutor general step by step all proceedings against the firm where hunter biden had one of
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the top jobs began to vanish now back to mr biden seeing here and someone who used to meet him quite often as the head of ukraine according to the fired prosecutors testimony the president was pushing too on several occasions president poroshenko asked me to consider the possibility of winding down the investigative actions in respect of this company but i refused to close this investigation now where that would lead experts in conspiracy tagging or the us public as a whole i have no clue. victims of oppression in sudan are accusing a major french bank of complicity in human rights abuses in the country been people who done this to the central bank during a period when widespread rights violations by the regime occurred out of the country of the show to do because he takes a look at the accusations. charges of crimes and genocide linked to the conflict in
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sudan's darfur region have been made against the country's former president bashir but now an alliance of human rights organizations waltzed to broaden the responsibility to include french bank b.m.p. . we call on the french authorities to promptly open an investigation to determine whether b.n.p. is criminally responsible for its dealings with sudan 2 out of knowing plaintiffs have waived their right to remain anonymous they are my son an activist who spoke out against the government he was injured during an attack on his village in darfur later arrested and beaten and he says he saw close relatives shot and killed the 2nd is how a silly who was kidnapped by jun 2 read forces unoiled to the former sudanese government she was short tortured and saw 100 family members executed so why did they hold the bank responsible for what has happened to them behind the
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greatest crimes and human rights violations there is always money by granting the sudanese regime access to international money markets b.n.p. power allowed the government to function pay its staff military and security forces make purchases abroad all while sudan was a pariah on the international scene for planning and committing crimes in darfur and the crimes were widespread human rights violations between 20022008 led to the deaths of more than 300000 sudanese civilians b.m.p. power to sudan's defacto central bank giving the former government access to international money markets that's according to the u.s. department of justice the complainants say that despite sips. tensional evidence of such crimes they have largely gone on punished we want to make the voices of
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sudanese victims heard through this complaint to this day they have been denied the possibility of justice whether it's done before the international criminal court or in the u.s. that reference to the u.s. relates to a previous case against b.m.p. party about the violation of u.s. sanctions partly for its dealings with sudan back in 2014 the bank's 2nd case for a record $8900000000.00 following so why did the money end was it used to compensate the victims who had been identified and submitted their testimonies quite simply. before these testimonies could be taken into account the u.s. congress passed a law that diverted the b.n.p. power of us find to american victims of terrorism leaving the sudanese and other victims without any form of redress for the harm they suffered and which the bank is believed to have played a role so with the money in the pockets of the americans and the sudanese victims
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now making another attempt to receive restitution this time here in france that's because it snows allow for corporations to be prosecuted if they've played a role in crimes committed a brute party asked to be m.p. power for a statement it is yet to respond to that request the parish tribunal must now decide if this new complaint warrants a criminal investigation into b.m.p. power as involvement any case though is likely to prove complex and lengthy meaning the victims still have a long way to go before they may feel that they perceived any justice. ati paris the french lawyer familiar with the case thinks the bank will get off lightly though just be fined. hard to say they feel they are going to get any sort of justice because the judge is going to is going to have a look he's going to review the case and he's going to he's going to tell the
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people to come is going to hear them lawyers going to submit all the evidence is they have but let's say we in france and b.n.p. is one of the biggest bank in the world and the biggest bank here in in france so in a criminal case. the court is not good. enough in the. bank and tell the bank to close so what's going to happen at the end it's going to be a fine. some kind of big fine for there for the for the 9 so then is going to be it's going to be a long long process must never find the real truth so it's going to be in agreement between these people and their b.n.p. . into the afghan presidential election there's already been 3 blasts in different parts of the country injuring 17 people there's no word so far on who's behind the attacks but taliban militants earlier promised to disrupt the vote it's the 4th election of the u.s. force be removed the taliban from power in 2001 of the 1st since donald trump
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halted peace talks with the group earlier this month or the $9000000.00 people are registered to vote in the election but the latest service just only 20 percent of afghan people believe it will be free and head of the vote spoke to people in kabul about their expectations and about security the country. the security is good right now we are proving to have a democratic country our man should be peaceful and our people should be happy we want peace make god ensure peace security and stability in our country do no good security if you are physically was. busy. he would be risking you. trying to see verses from these gun laws. the security has been made tight for us by afghan security forces not just here they provide security everywhere where they have set up checkpoints because tomorrow is election day no one is afraid of any enemy no one should be afraid of
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anyone they should vote for president because it is their right to vote the security you know. it will be sufficient. action is. going to get me. because. i think. the afghan government control slightly more than half the country the rest is either under the taliban or contested are about 5000 polling stations open today for more than 7000 a national plan hundreds of them are situated in dangerous areas let's get a handle on this from the center for conflict and peace disease studies heck. where they say they're good morning she thinks being with us so this is mentioned to our viewers there are 3 attacks on polling stations so far and this is just the start or there's enough security to stop any more violence what's the thought.
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thank you for having me the security is high alert in we could see a lot of security measures in checkpoints along the way particularly inside kabul so i think it made it difficult for the taliban or any other groups to carry out attacks in inside kabul and the number of attacks that. we have seen so far i think people were expecting more but it appears that the there is a lot more security than expected which is making it difficult for for the taliban and other groups to carry to target the polling stations in the waters but nonetheless. having said that despite all the security a think. the turnout appears to be extremely dope so that's that will be a challenge and that's because people are already afraid that there will be more more of more. tax in the 1st place a lot of people did not expect the elections to happen because of the peace talks that were going on in but eventually they were suspended by president trump so i
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think the election some came by surprise. your countries have 4 decades of war a new president is going to take over from the hopefully bring maybe peace into it but it's not a great start is it 3 blasts already in a low turnout will people hoping for better. i think that the major problem is that yes we will have a very low turnout the elections. and by the end of the day but the main issues will arise when the candidates well start to refuse the results i think that's where we were i hope i'm wrong but we will enter to election crisis where the top contenders particularly the president his chief executive of the love that i would both refuse to accept the results due to the fraud issues so i think that's that's where the main challenge will start i think in 2014 we had
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similar challenges but at that point the americans were able to broker a deal i don't see that happening in this during this elections because the leverage americans had back in 2014 that's no more. so by the end of the crisis i think we cannot expect to recreate a national unity government between 2 top contenders being president in his chief executive of the law the law so i think at that point what the likely scenario would be that yes election cannot be sorted out then let's have. an interim government where the taliban are so. happy about it in that it could give a chance to. peace peace as well be. i think you know one of the key reasons for the taliban to not negotiate with one government is president romney because in
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2014 before the elections he made promises to them but once he took power. that he could not fulfill those promises so i think that's a likely scenario where interim government will be created. after the election crisis come in so i think that would be the only solution in the end in if you look at the reports that are coming that a peace process is going to start in a week it makes more sense to me research analysts the center for conflict in place to these things have a smudge coming along with us this morning hopefully to take those of more peacefully. later to see what the results are or what the latest thoughts are have a good day for now thank you. she's out international it's 9 19 in the morning saturday morning still ahead the program a weight loss pill which is reportedly banned as many as 2000 deaths sees the drug maker face a lot of trouble in france proud to be here probably broadcasting from russia this is. international.
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just manufactured sentenced to public wealth. when the ruling classes protect them so. when the final merry go round lifts only the one percent. we can all middle of the room see. the real news. just like richard marles worst nightmare is like hi i'm richard burr i want them to dead planet everything on planet earth is dead because bin securitized and we've
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consumed it all well there's a teenager in the us and more and more they're heartbroken crying her eyes out because she's going to grow up on a dead planet because all been securitized and sold and resold and repack is really propaganda 1000 times 10000 times we're left with nothing except a dream of what it was what it was and it is no more. i going to boning russia's foreign minister to the podium of the un general assembly on friday so the lever of spoke out to the undermining of international law but countries pushing the vision of the world to others outside the un new york caleb maupin next. during the general debate the russian foreign minister sergei lavrov used his remarks to essentially to lay out the russian view of the world and argue that russia is trying to deescalate conflicts around the world that dialogue
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is necessary in his speech he criticized the united states for basically ignoring the interests of other countries and replacing the rule based international order with new rules that were convenient for them in the moment you do she is up with the moment with the leading western countries are trying to impede the development of a multi-polar world in order to regain their privileged position to impose standards of conduct on others that are based on the narrow western interpretation of liberalism in a nutshell were liberals and everything is permitted in pursuit of this policy the west has been increasingly loath to recognize international law and more often and more insistently dwells on a rules based order in the press conference that followed his remarks before the general assembly he seemed to hit on similar themes he talked about many instances around the world where it seemed like the united states was not helping to stabilize international tensions i pointed to the situation with iran where the united states unilaterally pulled out of the j c p o
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a. the problem started when the us unilaterally withdrew from the agreement and told everyone else to stop abiding by its 2 promising sanctions over trade with iran which i believe these actions were destructive not only for the situation around iran's nuclear program but also for the nonproliferation of nuclear weapons and the whole situation in the region that was his response to a question that was raised about the fact that members of the russian delegation for the u.n. general assembly had their visas pulled at the last minute so he asked the question who is responsible for making these decisions. i do not believe that either president or secretary mike pompeo had anything to do with that mr trump. also stated that but assuming that's true then the question arises how are decisions being made in the us especially those directly linked to washington's obligations to ensure the normal functioning of un headquarters you are a number of countries were touched on during the press conference on many questions
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were asked about syria about venezuela 2 about the situation in the middle east he emphasized that russia is working with these different arab states to try and resolve the tension and deescalate the situation in the gulf so it was quite an interesting interaction touching on many different situations but emphasizing that russia is committed to deescalation and dialogue not stirring up an exacerbating international tensions or domestic conflicts within countries. come loose rock from snacks to drug makers on trial over a weight loss pill which some slick may have killed as many as 2000 people the drug in question is called mediator it was introduced in 1986 for diabetics who try to lose weight france burned it 10 years ago but that was long after other european countries over officials could be a contributing factor in the deaths of patients those who survived say their lives have been ruined. they stole my life i had just retired and thought i was going to
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begin a new life but they can't lose my house now i can see anyone i get tired all the time something i knew that it was so he poisoned the unlucky ones like me condemned to a slow death my life is ruined the truth was hidden from the patients a lie was created that's why there are doctors pharmacologists and officials that are being accused of conflicts of interest we expect exemplary sanctions because what's at stake is not only what serve you did it's also about prevention because we cannot say today that these practices do not exist a refresher was the 1st dog to link the death with mediators she told us why this trial is so important. well that old use of positivity we have been waiting for this trial for many years because he has been announced and then it was always being delayed now i'm thinking about the victims some of them are now with us and he died without making it to the end of this trial it makes me feel so sorry and it's sad today the trial got in the way we see
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a very carefully crafted sequence of bringing the kings to a tough indictment and a spreadsheet totally reviewing the level of the tragedy more than $3700.00 people have a right to compensation. so what's the current thinking while it's alleged that this pill caused high pressure in vessels that supply blood to the lungs which in turn delivers it to the left atrium of the heart causing a variety of problems it's now reported that some of the deaths indeed were the result of heart failure and cardiac arrest a lawyer for the drug maker though said they didn't know anything about the side effects resulting in heart problems. again believes french people today have little trust in medical companies and that's dangerous. the student was pretty good many scientific publications proved it toxicity which was just enough to be discovered that alone would be enough not to buy this lie from severe the criminal investigation in the victim's interests is not on the way and that it is also in our interests it benefit society to show that the pharmaceutical companies crimes
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if they are recognized this crimes by the 4th won't go unpunished it will quit today we french people want to trust any medication it's necessary to understand what happened with the mistake by the health care regulators was and how the lab was cheating and we have to learn from that and everybody must remember. well that's it for now thanks of us once fortune this weekend i hope we can is going to go well hope you stay with us too because down by coming right up with ducted tonight. that you should walk near to play just one game so suddenly somebody comes and prays another game and they don't know what to do with it you know their best hope is to temporize to continue until their next or belgian election if trump is
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our to decide over a thief because the democrats are better disposed towards the islamic republic so you know maybe we can go back to the old james. quietly give you consistent as i quietly you believe being pressured i'm not. sure tell the guys you live but if she want you cross the ballot and i do the show with the ship at the bottom or those jeans near the speech and she me when she'll do trophies. and about that come up when you die. yes. in the news i mean guys are that infants involved. a lot of you will see as it bites about 2 kids each other both sides most schools. these.
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days are doing. an english lady a people who simply. maximizers financial survival guide. to. yanks this is what happens to pensions in britain. you watch kaiser report.
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that. was your exact this is not the comedy show we're americans in america covering american news called foreign agents. and yes we'll get to the impeachment stuff in a manic hit goddamn pants on our right when you get taken off or you want to run the pentagon. but 1st this past monday climate activists here in washington d.c. blocked intersections jamming traffic and pissing off a lot of people. seems clear that when it comes to our impending extinction no one care is unless it means you have to sit in traffic for 10 extra minutes. there is nothing that upsets us more than being stuck in traffic unable to get to the jobs we hate. to try to snuff. but these are the type of pro.


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