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what's going on in hawaii whether these companies feel they can get away with so much because the people have less political power. going to 20 hopeful joe biden's team demands news networks stop giving air time to donald trump's lawyer accusing him of spreading lies about the former v.p. wells' new york because if rudy giuliani should be banned from their t.v. . giuliani should be able to speak and by that should be able to refute any any charges they try to shut out the other side everybody has the right to be interviewed. it's nice he's a spike in my going to rivals after broke over terms former interior minister venus decision to close the ports to rescue. on social media platform twitter's middle east editor turns out also to be an officer in the british army's psychological
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warfare unit raising concerns over the tech giant's agenda and. a very warm welcome to you watching r.t. international with me nicky aaron's great to have you with. us democratic presidential candidate joe biden's campaign team has demanded that major t.v. networks donald trump's personal lawyer from appearing on those shows it alleges that rudy giuliani is spreading damaging falsehoods about biden on behalf of the u.s. president more purports. former new york city mayor rudy giuliani is making his rounds on america's t.v. networks now rightly or wrongly donald trump is under a lot of heat facing an impeachment inquiry and rudy giuliani intends as the president's lawyer to tell the other side of the story but the president's talking about is however there is a. lot of evidence that the ukrainians created false information people were
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ignoring that that biden played a role in getting these collusion allegations covered up i didn't ask him to look at the job i know yes knew of the allegation of the related my client which tangentially involved joe biden in a massive bribery not unlike what he did in china one of the points that rudy giuliani has been making is that there seems to be evidence of potential corruption from joe biden and his son in both ukraine and china now the biden campaign seems to believe this talking point is off limits in an unprecedented move we've actually got the joe biden campaign asking t.v. networks not to interview rudy giuliani saying that what he says in these interviews is somehow out of bounds we want you to demand the 1000 service to the facts you no longer book rudy giuliani a surrogate for donald trump who has demonstrated that he will knowingly and willingly lie in order to advance his own narrative it's now an open question will
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t.v. networks in the united states that claim to be fair balanced in showing both sides of the issue actively boycott one side the president of the united states aside to be precise let's not forget that the debunked conspiracy theory that somehow russia and trump colluded in order to win the white house was in the headlines all over the us media and at this point rudy giuliani says they are conspiring to silence him why because they're afraid of the facts and the reason they want me to be silenced is not because i'm funny and it's because i've got. facts and because he's guilty and these folks are repeat offenders. of the co-authors of the letter is a need to done now she was a former white house communications director under obama and it's reported that as white house communications director she declared war on fox news the white house had no dealings with a major t.v. network now some saw that as an affront to the 1st amendment let's be realistic
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here howie you know and they are they are widely viewed as you know a part of the republican party take their talking points put them on the air take their opposition research put him on the air and that's fine is this move against rudy giuliani or is it just a presidential race where all means are good let's talk to new yorkers we're not idiots we all know what channels feel a certain way which shows officers. that's what they do all the time they try to shut out the other side. i think that giuliani should be able to speak and biden should be able to refute any any churches it's rudy giuliani i think he's earned the right to be a t.v. be in fact he was the mayor of new york city through a very traumatic situation not 11 i think everybody has the right to be interviewed . that's when you knew there was a more christie even here in the democratic party stronghold of new york city seems like very few americans are sold on the idea that t.v.
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networks should be boycotting the president's lawyer kaleb up and r.t. new york democrat influenced an impeachment inquiry against trump a claims he offered ukraine military aid if it investigated biden for corruption trump alleges biden try to quash a ukrainian probe into a gas company that his son was full of the media analysts leinil thinks democrats are running out of options. the constitution asks the question let's assume everything this president did was indiscreet wrong i'll even say for the sake of argument illegal the only question that we have to ask pursuant to this wonderful document is that has what he has alleged to have done assuming it to be true is it so egregious so constitutionally problematic that it demands and requires his immediate removal from office by year from the election the bottom
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line is the democrats have this as their only weapon if they don't come up with one article of impeachment with a majority if they don't do this they're going to have to explain to their constituency why. this is a political matter they cannot make this president's meter move they are hoping maybe something will take hold this time that. the number of migrants arriving in italy has risen sharply over a 150 reported he landed on the shore with a plan produced over the weekend recently lifted former interior minister needs ban on rescue boats docking in italian port depends he picks up the story. under the cover of darkness fresh arrivals set foot on the tully soil these migrants were picked up off the being spotted by the coast guard in the mediterranean over the space of a few hours 5 of the boats full of people also landed on lampedusa the island for
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years has been the front line of italy's migration crisis. former interior minister mr you said beany may not be everyone's cup of tea but his hardline anti immigration policies did seem to resonate with italians his most famous perhaps and most popular move was to close italy's ports to charity rescue ships before so be nice parties believe came to power as part of the coalition
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italy had been described as collapsing under the weight for my quince in 2017 almost 120000 or right by sea routes in 2018 the year so we need close the ports that dropped to a little over $23000.00 many had hoped that the end forcing sites now that seems to be fading we're going to shave i think there has already been a new immigration papers this is the new beginning of migration from producer so i'm very worried to be i'm especially worried but all the small boats that are empty i would not want because. it wasn't 2011. but this i hope they sold me my feet turned to the government so that he might. let's say an equilibrium in the island and stop this trafficking now italy has a new government one that is more pro e.u. and has distanced itself from the politics of selvi me it's using much softer
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language over the issue of migration and it's where you open the ports for some this is the start of a slippery slope we probably have and you serve people who. want to believe we are not able. and that it's going to lock you. up for all they say so all we can be for. migration. in the 1st few weeks of september official figures show that around 1700 my quince landed in italy via c. that's double what it was in the same period last year now while 4 e.u. countries have agreed a relocation plan for migrants sit and write in italy this is only a temporary emergency mechanism itself has to be presented to of the e.u.
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members later this month and it will remain voluntary that's raising some eyebrows in the lampedusa there is also skepticism over the offer of help from the e.u. well you know i say they do nothing at all everyone thinks about themselves what if you got it i would like to trusts birdseye do not because everyone has their own interests in europe germany looks after its own interest from. cradle. i believe you rip looks more to tell me interests than to those of a single country that has often left alone too many times. even if e.u. members agree on a way forward to deal with migration it still doesn't resolve the issues italy continues to face as a. result of migration that's already taken place 6 countries have already reimposed random border checks to stop migrants moving and stop and search operations are being ramped up on the german border and if the levels of
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immigration rise once more many italians fear that they will be once again left struggling alone with the burden. for opti. and with a tense standoff between iran and the u.s. it's emerged that the reuters news agency may have aggravated tensions with their sloppy pace of reporting saskia taylor explains. timing is everything as mortise has apparently only just discovered the news agency has got itself into a bit of a pickle over this article in it a senior figure in your brain your military is quoted shaking his belligerent fist at washington and saying it better watch its back u.s. forces in the region where threats but they are now an opportunity for iran they do not talk about war with iran because they know how susceptible the now the head of the gods aerospace division i mean already hajizada said on state television sounds
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hostile and sounds like a lighter fluid being added twin already raging fire because avoid claims that hatches are to set this in june this year a month which saw tensions between tehran and washington had unprecedented heights troop deployments tanks sieges drones being shot down and fingers on the retaliation trigger the world watched on as the 2 countries seemingly lot towards a military conflict president tropper approve military strikes against iran last night and then changed his mind u.s. surveillance drone flying above the straits of hormuz over international waters shot out of the sky by iranian missile present approved military strikes on a number of iranian targets of an american drone by the iranians last night but this is a direct attack on a u.s. military asset and given the quote fit the favored narrative of iran iran the wool monger a iran the disobedient child the headline got picked up by news outlets from al-jazeera
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to the new york times but like i said timing is everything because hodge's are to set this not in june 2019 as reuters reported but almost 8 months earlier in november 28th seen during the podcast on a rainy and state t.v. . it was the worst threat for us before but now they are and. why don't they speak with us about war and attack she because the french are almost . u.s. forces in the region were a threat but they are now an opportunity for iran they do not talk about war with iran because they know how susceptible they are for sure even back in november the comment would have got washington's cool up after all it doesn't take kindly to threats unless of course it's the one making them but at a potentially explosive crossroads in a radian us relations it seems reasonable to suggest that should've stopped just
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that much more cautious lead checked its box just not much more farley but hey june it's all the same to reuters roots is the quote from iranian state television here in which we always mourn it's a lie on june the 21st the quote reflects iran's usual stance so it's no surprise that this is being issued on numerous occasions before reuters journalists are history to our trust principles maintaining independence integrity and freedom from bias in our news gathering we stand by our reporting of this story now everyone can forgive an honest mistake but they're just a couple of sticking points here $11.00 rocky the bridge to agency which uncovered the false report started to probe a bit deeper it got posted that is what has just stopped replying to what should be cautious of fooling victim to the crime one accuses others of want as is probably feeling but quit now given its earlier report on how iran has become a monster of dissent from ation readers has unearthed more than 70 websites which
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look like news outlets but are actually channels for a renewed propaganda and fake news often people ask of influence operations actually have any real world impact and in the case of the arabian campaign we can say yes it has and 31 case of honest miss reporting is a mistake but anything move begins to look like a pattern and that is more back in 2018 reuters published this article and with this post quoting those belligerent iranian generals gaev. this citation iran apparently had its eye on expanding its weapons program putting u.s. bases and acrobatic areas under threat of those naughty beloved us to radians but wait let's just rewind one sentence today we are working on increasing the range for air to air missiles therefore one of our most important plans is increasing the range of missiles not munition we are working on beyond visual range missiles not
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munition and consider no limitations in this regard for ourselves because the air force should hyson the country's deterrent power along with other armed forces at to at missiles or there is us bases and at craft cares which up suspended in the sky but a watch out for you can i say sion which markets itself as a fisted us fact checking be seen if it should been unapologetically loose lipped on one of today's most politically volatile topics. twitter executive has been exposed to the british army information warrior story and more coming out of this very short break.
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so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy confrontation let it be an arms race in this on off and spearing dramatic development only loosely i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time to sit down and talk.
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welcome back not be revealed the twitters that middle east editor is also an officer in the british army's fika logical warfare unit artie's east on a look that how compatible those 2 roles are. they have for years been questioned as to who shapes the editorial policies of twitter well when it comes to the social media giants operations in the middle east it turns out the british army has quite the hounded it middle east has discovered that twitter's head of editorial specializing on the middle eastern region also moonlights for the u.k. army former journalist gordon mcmillan has openly shared this information when his linked in page on the 77th progress made macmillan serves in is no ordinary unit created back in 2015 it conducts non-lethal warfare with
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a proud slogan influence an outreach these warriors fight their battles on the front lines of social media seeking to change and influence behavior our aim is to challenge the difficulties of modern warfare use alone lethal engagement and legitimate nonmilitary lever's as a means to death behaviors of the opposing forces and adversaries it's no wonder the middle east has become a priority for the british army with its forces having played quite a role destabilizing the region in the past decade. or. so great 77 certainly got plenty to get its teeth into general nick
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carter the head of the u.k. army was full of high hopes for his social soldiers in a speech he delivered last year 77 pre-k. the show should come back to we've got some remarkable talent when it comes to social media production design and indeed arabic poetry and at least one of them seems to have lived up to the potential since gordon mcmillan joined twitter in 2013 the social me. giant suspended iranian press agency and banned thousands of middle eastern accounts although mcmillan was proven to be working on 2 different fronts simultaneously twitter doesn't seem all that bothered we actively encourage all our employees to pursue external interests in line with our commitment to healthy corporate social responsibility and we will continue to do so so our twitter wants to maintain how independent and unbiased it is its policy of encouraging staff to pursue outside interests coming back to wanted those being the
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u.k. government propaganda operation which has it tempted to create plasters to draw journalists and academics in order to essentially promote the 2 genders in relation to clearly international affairs and this kind of manipulation you mention environment is profoundly unfair across and old some of the profoundly danger if you allow governments to start to shape what people think and understand about what's going on in the world in a way that is going on through the gate 77 an. operation to see any you carry then the ability to maintain any trying to check or balance or control over their government is severely limited we have asked the british army's care spokesperson for comment and he told r.t. there was no relationship or agreement between the 77th brigade and twitter other than you think it as a social media platform. new yorkers could now face
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a quarter of a $1000000.00 fine for using the term illegal alien with the intention of humiliating or harassing someone the same goes for threatening to report a person to ice that's the u.s. immigration and customs enforcement agency. threatening to call ice when motivated by discrimination derogatory use of the term illegal alien and discrimination based on limited in proficiency are lawful discriminatory treatment under the new york city human rights law under the new law telling someone they should speak english or go back to their own country also carries the potential 5 hours do any acts of willful discrimination whatever a person's legal status but term illegal alien refers to people who entered or who are in the united states illegally including those whose visas have expired opponents of the term suggest that it dehumanizes migrants in the country our
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guests debated the issue. with what's going on i think that you know the people in new york may have it right we need to start using the laws to make it too expensive to be racist too expensive to do the fear mongering and the hate mongering that we're seeing become so commonplace and people become so comfortable feeling in our country it's just not what america was founded upon and it's not something with that we should be allowing and no country comes close to being as tolerant as united states is and and diverse so this notion that somehow new york has to protect us from from protect illegal aliens from ugly words it's funny we have throughout our history we've managed just fine without these speech codes and somehow new york's bring in a minute it's just it's absurd these and verbal assaults are a form of domestic terrorism because they're hate based their discriminatory against people based on national origin or their citizenship whether real or
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perceived yeah this is stunning you verbal yelling of people is domestic terrorism when you start redefining terms like that and then you can say will terrorism is on the rise because people are are virtually jerks we used to say sticks and stones may break my phones but words can't hurt me words can't hurt you when a thing caught several times on camera federal people you think that the fear of being called or i having are having i called on them as an intimidation tactic for people and that's not american if you're offended by being called an illegal alien then don't be an illegal alien. i'm not especially sympathetic with that what i'm stunned by is to hear somebody who is an attorney defend the idea of criminalizing speech that is so un-american though with terminology even the that the
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word choice itself. allows you to dehumanizing these people so much that they're not even deserving of basic human rights and they can you can treat them however you need to because they're not even human they're twisting language in an orwellian fractured if some green men get out on your planet they are aliens they are not undocumented space travelers alien is not a pejorative it's what you are and in this site is just trying to turn alien who is here illegally turn it into some kind of project or a given its not if you don't like people being called illegal aliens and send them back or help them. we're bringing you live pictures from hong kong now where a huge anti beijing protest is underway on the day china's celebrates the 70th anniversary of the people's republic with a large military parade in the capital tens of thousands of people are taking part in the protests that have filled barricades power lines in traffic chance if not to
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my national holiday and proud to be british can be heard there are reports of police officers being injured and tear gas being used against the protesters. in somali or u.s. military bases being attacked by the local islamic extremist group al-shabaab it claims loyalty to al qaeda and is listed as a terror group in the u.s. and the u.k. and european military convoy has also been attacked although so far no one's claimed responsibility somalia has been wracked by civil war for decades now with 2 significant parts of the country for claiming so to me the u.s. armed forces have been fighting al shabaab since 2007.
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africa meanwhile says it killed 10 al shabaab militants following a recent attack on an american based journalist and african affairs specialist io johnson sais as strikes will only worsen the crisis one thing is clear is that our ship bob is clearly not a force that's going away they are local jihadists they belong to somalia itself it shows that we would have to start looking beyond bombs beyond guns beyond bullets and something and how if at all there's an opportunity for negotiating with this group because out we've shown over time that the military capabilities that they have the ability to go on the ground. it's going to continue and the and the united states and the african union on likely to be to dislodge him in the short to medium term. as always do share your thoughts on all of our stories by following us
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on social media and join us again at the top of the out the latest. the be. what politicians do something to. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. or somehow want to. have to write the book for us to supply them before 3 of them or 10 people that i'm interested in always in the waters of our. first city. with gold make goods manufactured them sentenced to public wealth. when the ruling closest to protect themselves. from the crime and
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