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i. protest in hong kong turns ugly with rounds fired by police demonstrators throwing acid this is. u.s. presidential hopeful joe biden t.v. news networks the stop giving it time to trump's lawyer accusing him of spreading lies about the former vice president new york rudy giuliani should be from t.v. . giuliani should be able to speak and biden should be able to refute any any charges they try to shut out the other side everybody has the right to be.
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literally sees a spike in the rivals off the road turns former interior minister. to close. here in the capital you're watching all the international kids a recent street unrest in hong kong has left at least 66 people injured with more than 180 people arrested in the latest standoff. used tear gas water cannon and rubber bullets to break up the crowds. tens of thousands took part in the anti beijing rally cooled national grief protest
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this build barricades causing traffic chaos they also smashed up entrances to the metro system somewhat challenging proud to be british but the latest shuffle in virgo talk to. this has been the worst violence the city has seen in weeks if not months and the preparations were well advanced the authorities even shut down the entire metro system in the chinese rule city it appears that the weapon that was used most by the protesters were molotov cocktails or fire bombs they were being thrown around different parts of the city and that's why we saw so many things in flames including vehicles 'd and motorcycles in fact the police have confirmed that number of cars were torched all around the city although one location the protesters even used corrosive fluid injuring police officers and a number of reporters now on the other hand the authorities have confirmed that
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a police officer shot a protester in the chest with a live round in it was caught on camera. we know that previously just because rubber bullets have been widely used there have been dres from that but this is definitely a precedent police though are saying that they were grad having to pull the trigger although they're saying they were obliged to do so by. the logic of riotous attack police offices despite a warning from the police they say linds continued their violent attacks the police officers lives were on the serious threat to save his own life and the lives of his colleagues he fired a live shot at this sale and the police force really didn't want to see anyone been injured it is really heartbreaking. now these protests have typically been confined
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to the weekend so what was the exception today this is a very special day for china it is a tobar the 1st china's national day so to say but tobar the 1st $21.00 thing is even more special because it is the 70th anniversary of the founding of the people's republic of china and there are massive celebrations a lavish parade in beijing with all the communist party leaders there including the chairman paying this is why the protesters felt they were obliged mostly young people in hong kong to make sure that their message is hard to make sure that they are seen in beijing and all around the world and they had been preparing well in advance police still banned any kind of such rallies ahead of that and this is a statement that was issued by the authorities before these protests began dahlan acts are one step closer to the acts of terrorism the latest development of the situation or extreme walvis that happened in hong kong. and to the police we
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continue to collect intelligence and liaise with different stakeholders including the relevant government units to sets assess the level of threat like i said the worries were out there and now the scenes that we were seeing on tuesday they do resemble some of the worst violence during the arab spring protests or the worst days of the yellow vest protests it has really as a very much. now the demands of the protesters have volved over the months what is the motivation at this point we do have to remember that initially when the protests began several months ago and in fact something about 4 months ago the youth in hong kong they were mostly unhappy with the possible changes the proposed changes to the controversial extradition walk these changes would have allowed. to move suspects or people that were fully criminally charged to mainland china and
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the fear among the youth was some unfair trials things like that however these plans were later officially suspended or fully scrapped that was the announcement although the protests didn't stop and this movement really turned into something pro-democracy anti beijing in some cases even separatist that's why as i was saying again it was very important for them to come out and put their message across on china's national day and just for you to get an idea of what the protest is like right now what their ideas are just listen to one of the protest leaders joshua long. time to let member or she aware that now is our battle no matter on the battlefield and. on the straight and international level so let's have a look at where this goes because clearly there will be more entries and arrests in
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the streets of hong kong. meanwhile police raided various locations on monday and tuesday over suspicions that explosives were being made in makeshift factories the large amount of weaponry tiriel to make molotov cocktails were reportedly seized $51.00 arrests were made former police officer peter cook him says rioters are leaving police with little choice but to use lethal force. you would only use potentially lethal force if you honestly believe that someone's life was in danger at the protests steadily become more and more violent. attack in profits setting fire to things the police are going to hold the line as best they can and unfortunately that means whatever force is used against them if appeals for people to stop and so dispersed aren't met then i'm afraid that the only option for any police service anywhere in the world is to meet force with force if that's the nature of the protest this isn't just people carrying placards around this is
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people attacking police lines attacking and destroying property and no police service anywhere in the world can allow that to happen and it's just a question of what tactics you use to do that. u.s. democratic presidential candidate joe biden's campaign team is the man that manger t.v. networks banned all trump's personal lawyer from appearing on their shows it alleges that rudy giuliani spreading damaging false hoods about biden on behalf of the u.s. president in a more explained. former new york city mayor rudy giuliani is making his rounds on america's t.v. networks now rightly or wrongly donald trump is under a lot of heat facing an impeachment inquiry and rudy giuliani intends as the president's lawyer to tell the other side of the story but the president's talking about is however there is a. lot of evidence that the ukrainians created false information people were ignoring that that biden played a role in getting these collusion allegations covered up i didn't ask him to look
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into joe bugner yes knew of the allegation of the related my client which tangentially involved joe biden in a massive bribery not unlike what he did in china one of the points that rudy giuliani has been making is that there seems to be evidence of potential corruption from joe biden and his son in both ukraine and china now the biden campaign seems to believe this talking point is off limits in an unprecedented move we've actually got the joe biden campaign asking t.v. networks not to interview rudy giuliani saying that what he says in these interviews is somehow out of bounds we royds you to demand to the facts you no longer book rudy giuliani a surrogate for donald trump who has demonstrated that he will knowingly and willingly lie in order to advance his own narrative it's now an open question will t.v. networks in the united states that claim to be fair balanced in showing both sides of the issue actively boycott one side the president of the united states aside to
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be precise let's not forget that the debunked conspiracy theory that somehow russia and trump colluded in order to win the white house was in the headlines all over the us media and at this point rudy giuliani says they are conspiring to silence him why because they're afraid of the facts and the reason they want me to be silenced is not because i'm funny and it's because i've got. facts and because he's guilty and these folks are repeat offenders. of the co-authors of the letter is a need to done now she was a former white house communications director under obama and it's reported that as white house communications director she declared war on fox news the white house had no dealings with a major t.v. network now some saw that as an affront to the 1st amendment let's be realistic here howie you know they are they are widely viewed as you know part of the republican party take their talking points put them on the air take their
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opposition research put money are not find is this move against rudy giuliani the 1st step in pushing pro trump voices off of mainstream american t.v. networks or is it just a presidential race where all means are good let's talk to new yorkers we're not idiots we all know what channels feel a certain way what channels all feel a certain way. that's what they do all the time they try to shut out the other side i don't think it's fair i think that giuliani should be able to speak and biden should be able to refute any any churches as rudy giuliani i think he's earned the right to be a t.v. in fact he was the mayor of new york city through a very chimeric situation 911 i think everybody has the right to be interviewed. that's when you knew. the more christie even here in the democratic party stronghold of new york city seems like very few americans are sold on the idea that t.v. networks should be boycotting the president's lawyer kaleb up and r.t.
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new york. that move against giuliani follows the democrats launching an impeachment inquiry against trump over claims he offered ukraine military aid if it investigated biden for corruption trump alleges biden tried to quash a ukrainian probe into a gas company that his son worked for so far $224.00 democrats out of $235.00 along with one independent member have voted in favor of the inquiry of a less than 30 of those have publicly stated they want the us president impeached $143.00 republicans are among those against the probe with some branding the process division politics as democrats push for the impeachment inquiry the us department of justice is running its own inquiry looking into the origins of the a probe into russian collusion and its not been short of twists so far the new york times reported that trump pressed the australian prime minister during a phone conversation to help dig up information on the a probe however
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a spokesman for the scott morrison played down that claim of yours truly and government has always been ready to assist and cooperate with efforts to help shed further light on matters under investigation the prime minister confirmed this readiness once again in conversation with the president a conservative political commentator chadwick moore believes the new york times story as little substance. media is basically like a dog with the stick and wherever the democrats throw this stick the media will go and now it's just get the attention off biting and keep trying to get this russia investigation going i mean it's dead there's nothing there there's absolutely nothing there but the media will keep biting as long as the democrats want them to they are completely biased and they're trying to make a story where there isn't one so and all you have all relies upon is that word pressed what does it mean to press another foreign leader. to put a high level coersion or were they simply having you know normal diplomatic talks
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about about any number of issues. if the president did ask prime minister morrison to help find out if some of the australian government was behind this hoax there's nothing illegal about that the u.k. government has been forced to deny claims it will push for reform of hard border between northern ireland and the republic of ireland after a break said it would pose all is reportedly part of london's latest negotiations with brussels which have been leaked to the media when the documents number 10 is claimed to have proposed a string of customs posts along both sides of the border as an alternative to an actual physical border another measure would be the introduction of a custom of a simplified customs that collaboration process all of them is said to remain adamant that northern ireland should not be part of the e.u. customs union alleged plan has drawn a rebuke from the irish officials but or as johnson insists checks will have to be in place whatever the outcome of brics it that's just the reality and i think that
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what we're coming up to now is as it were the critical moment of choice when i when the u.k. with dru's from the e.u. that must be the state of affairs that we have and scared america's professor of international history at the london school of economics believes johnson's being cryptic on purpose about his bricks of plants. playing his cards very close sees chess this mystery surrounding not only the proposals for a deal but also a mystery concerning what will happen of the isn't going to be a deal and i will get to not signing no not asking for an extension on the surface of a groove there isn't a deal he says he won't he druther be dead in the ditch and under no circumstances would he ask for an extension that apparently will break the surrender of bill the ben bill and would be illegal but you know the rumor is go where on that. i'm
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afraid boris's leaving things to the last minute as far as communicating his intentions either to the british public or indeed to the year. meanwhile ibrox party m.e.p. has taken a leaf out of the book of the famous teen environmentalist gretta 3rd by evoking one of her mortal speeches to attack and he brags that parliamentarians. this is the wrong i should be ok i should be back at my smoke house on the other side of london. you have stolen my dreams my i. my household goods. with your empty words how dare you.
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this is so wrong. i shouldn't be up you. i should be back in school on the other side of the ocean you've still got my dreams my childhood is what you want and you birds can talk about this in money you can do deals just term economic growth how did you. oh for goodness sake something seriously wrong when you have to attack a child in this way. when people on the right try to claim they have a sense of humor and can do it i'll bring this out as definite proof that they are wrong. these these what passes for brilliance in the bread for. grown men taking them out of a teenager mocking what they fear she's really got under your skin hasn't she.
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more than 200 migrants have reportedly learned that on italian shores over the weekend as the country embraces a post. recently lifted the former interior minister is controversial rescue boats and italian ports shot at them as key picks up a story. under the cup of darkness fresh arrivals set foot on the tully soil these migrants were picked up off to being spotted by the coast guard in the mediterranean over the space of a few hours by the boats full of people also landed on lampedusa the island for years has been the front line of italy's migration courses. and.
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former interior minister mr hugh selby may not be everyone's cup of tea but his hardline anti immigration policies did seem to resonate with italians his most famous perhaps and most popular move was to close italy's ports to charity rescue ships before so be nice parties believe came to power as part of the coalition it only had been described as collapsing under the weight for my quince in 2017 almost 120000 or right by sea routes in 2018 the yourself we need close the ports that dropped to a little over 23000 many had hoped that the end was in sight now that seems to be fading and i think there has already been
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a new immigration pick this is the new beginning of immigration from producer. i'm very worried to boost i'm especially worried but all the small boats that are landing i would not want the situation as it was and 2011. i hope that suddenly my feet turn to the government so that he might have been. let's say an equilibrium in the island and stop this trafficking now italy has a new government one that is more pro e.u. and has distanced itself from the politics of selvi me it's using much softer language over the issue of migration and it's where you open the ports for some this is the start of a slippery slope we probably have. and we are not able to place on a very a locket with. a full week
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before. migration. in the 1st few weeks of september official figures show that around 1700 my quince landed in italy via sea that's double what it was in the same period last year now while for a few countries have agreed a relocation plan for migrants that are right in italy this is only a temporary emergency mechanism itself has to be presented to of the e.u. members later this month and it will remain voluntary that's raising some eyebrows in the lampedusa there is also skepticism over the offer of help from the e.u. well you and i say they do nothing at all everyone thinks about themselves what if you got it i would like to trusts birdseye do not because everyone has their own interests in europe germany looks after its own interest from. i believe you rip
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looks more to tell me interests than to those of a single country and has often left alone too many times. even if even members agree on a way forward to deal with migration it still doesn't resolve the issues italy continues to face as a result of my. gratian that's already taken place 6 countries have already we imposed random border checks to stop migrants moving and stop and search operations are being ramped up on the german border and if the levels of immigration rise once more many italians fear that they will be once again left struggling alone with the burden charlotte deep ski for r t. meanwhile the greek government has also announced new deportation measures athens aiming to kick out as many as $10000.00 migrants by the end of next year thousands more are also to be relocated from overcrowded camps to other parts of
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the country move comes after another spate of incidents on the island of lismore switch houses one of greece's most overcrowded migrant camps on sunday a group of migrants started a fire there killing one person the incident also fuelled mass riots and violent clashes with the police strategic and political analyst part of a follow believes the e.u. lacks a long term strategy to deal with the issue. europe doesn't have a competence in in handling make rishon flows so european union can just stop those what they call the values of the european union of the chart basically the human rights and all what is connected to it but this is something which goes into the moral and the moral rules more than the strictly legal ones so there is a divide in europe between the see below which should be handling this kind of
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cases the religious rules and the moral rules these 3 axes have to come together to to become a polish and therefore a political move organized by the european union and the member states the this is still very far from happening basically europe remains with other drive with or without in a. on how to handle this kind of events. several more e.u. countries have joined a payment scheme known as inspecting was set up to bypass us sanctions against iran a special advisor to the e.u. foreign policy chief announced the latest expansion. apart from the 3 countries that initiated the creation of the mechanism france germany and great britain 8 more a year member states have decided to join 2 more countries are expected to fall in their food stamps. in our view the international community must confront the hostile and unilateralist approach of the us by taking decisive and effective
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measures america's coercive measures and the use of the dollar as a weapon really to economic terrorism and harm the lives of ordinary people. in stocks was set up in january of this year by france germany and the u.k. it allows firms to avoid using the swift payment system which is heavily reliant on the u.s. dollar is all part of that you use efforts to keep the 2015 nuclear deal with iran alive the agreement to fish early called the j p c away granted sanctions relief for iran in exchange for a scaling back of the country's nuclear activities washington though withdrew from the pact earlier this year and really impose sanctions a former foreign minister of austria told us that european powers are determined to maintain their trade ties with iran. the whole instrument was developed in order to create a sort of puttering trade between a european union member states and iran in order to make it.
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work which means opened a market for european businesses we would face for a short term perspective still some sort of limbo stalemate lots of uncertainties lots of trying limits how far to move when it comes to the european union we have 3 major actors. which are also involved in to making of the tissue pewee this is the united kingdom france and germany i've been observing in particular the efforts of france in order to make something happen in order to move out of that stalemate in such a european union is of course also there is not so much creation as we would like to have we have countries which share much more rigid point of the united states and we have countries which are much more open to more diplomatic efforts. ukraine has signed up to an international peace plan moving away from local
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elections in the contested areas of the country's east this follows a long running talks involving russia the organization for security and cooperation in europe a new plan is known as the formula after the president of germany who proposed it back in 263 it grants special status to the so-called people's republic of donetsk and lugansk however ukraine's president vladimir selenski has stressed that local elections can only go ahead if peace is maintained through commentary to. his views on the deal. i think that i hope ukraine has been to a certain extent of blige to show his folly in its policies not only because the election in ukraine where. change the government the government did change because that situation not ukraine is catastrophically economy could grant and also even on diplomatic grounds it would be difficult to solve very quickly a lot of arms be blynde armed groups. if they had benefit from
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war and they don't really are interested in peace so. it will anyway take time to make those armed more peaceful oriented and that's a big challenge for the archaeal kiev government. what's in the hawks coming up in just a few moments time the time when i'll be back at 5 am moscow time to give you the latest news updates. join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guest on the world of politics sport this list i'm showbusiness i'll see that.
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politicians do something to. put themselves on the line. to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president i'm sure. most somewhat want to be rich . but you'd like to be press it's like a hopeful tree in the morning can't be good. i'm interested always in the waters of my house. first sip. readings and sell you take should. narrative the spoken or written account of connected events the narrative can control the rise and fall of everything from film actors the presidents even the nations will history remember you kindly all my
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friends that depends on who controls the narrative of your legacy and it's this fight for control of the narrative that is at the heart of the controversy surrounding the recent revelations that an editorial executive working for twitter also moonlights as a psyop warrior in the british army a very curious yes the middle east i was reporting that the head of editorial for the middle east africa twitter one gordon macmillan who joined the social media companies u.k. office 6 years ago has for several years also served with the 77th brigade unit formed in 2015 or developed non lethal ways of waging war and just what are these non-lethal ways of waging war you ask well let me lay it out for you at the time of its creation back in 2015 according to the independent british army officials told the media that the $77.00 for great big aid would use social media including facebook and twitter to fight in the information age troops were to deliver means
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of shaping behavior through the use of dynamic narratives using the.


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