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cultural chemicals we know that these chemicals have consequences they are major irritants there's no question otherwise why would that the chemical company workers themselves be geared up that suited up locals attempt to combat the on regulated experiments that often in day and you have many of these people who have one foot into the biotech pharma and the other foot in the government regulatory bodies this kind of collusion is reprehensible while the battle goes on the chemicals continue to poison hawaii and its people so one has to ask the question whether there is a form of environmental research going on in hawaii whether these companies feel they can get away with this because the people have less political power. the christian doctor in the u.k. fails to get his sacking overturned at an at and employment tribunal after he was
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fired for refusing to use the different pronouns for transgender people we spoke to the doctor. christian believes. a man fatally stabbed 4 people at the police headquarters in paris you tacker was shot and killed by officers. and as you had democrats rally to protect the whistleblower claims have triggered an impeachment inquiry look at how they previously sought to prosecute those who revealed uncomfortable truths. and broadcasting live direct from our studios in moscow this is our to international and john thomas certainly glad to have you with us. now in the u.k. a christian doctor who was sacked after refusing to use female pronouns when discussing a transgender woman has lost his legal fight against his former employers in an
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interview with dr david mack or if explained why he refused to back down in the dispute. as i'm a christian i would consider the dishonest you know. deeply affected my christian or a lot. of the doctor it's quite simply unscientific. unproven and therefore a good conscience. that i would never refuse to treat any patient that whatever. they are they come from the question here is whether i can be forced to do something and say something which goes deep the it's my functions. and then we put it in. and then what the but i desire not to be forced to do something that i cannot do or do you shadi a edwards daschle has more on the story. well you're probably familiar with pronouns such as he or she and them and respecting them is especially important for
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the transgender community gender nonconforming and binary people however fail to get it right could now cost you your job at least that's the case for one dr he himself was sacked he faced dismissal because he failed to use these pronouns due to his own personal religious beliefs and in a controversial court statement it read to his christian values are in direct contradiction with the fundamental rights of others and lack of belief in transgenderism and conscientious objection to transgenderism in our judgment incompatible with human dignity and conflict with the fundamental rights of others in so far as those beliefs form part of his why different ethos he's why different also does not satisfy the requirement of being worthy of respect in a democratic society so what's the case well dr david margaret as a christian man who worked for the n.h.s. for 26 years now he was subsequently sacked after a conversation with his boss who asked him how would you respond if
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a 6 foot tall man came into your office and asked to be called mrs or she well dr macro's refused and said he would simply not be able to conform to those requests and he was subsequently sacked from his position now the department for work and pensions argues that dr david mark critz fears are in direct breach of the equality act of 2010 on top of all of that the firm that hired the man is also being sued for religious beliefs but the fact remains that the tribunals did rule of course that his beliefs could cause offense and in fact many people in the trans community and trans activists say that all of this has psychological ram of ramifications is tantamount to abuse not to mention of course that medical health care professionals should be treating people and not judging people in their opinion well anyway dr david is now saying he will appeal the decision. dr says the ruling against him sets
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a dangerous precedent i was taken off the shore for and i was i see interrogated all the judges. about her believe in my manager of people the people of the shop floor of the national health service known very good about their beliefs this it really is that really the precedents that have been set for my case and that's that's why we're really quite shocked at the poor person very quickly the 1st one is that you know leave the transgender movement macit and the 2nd one is. the. crest and believe me it's male and female and then 6 out of pronouns of fixed it's not allowable and the ball is a cool christian believes all christianity is not compatible with modern society or human dignity these are very big questions each one of those huge is a huge blow to freedom. and that i would never refuse to treat any patient or whatever they are they come from. poor people have been killed and
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several others wounded after a man armed with a knife attacked a police headquarters in paris you say lead has been identified as an i.t. specialist the motives for the stabbing are still unclear as of yet are to get reports. a deadly night for rampage unfolded just behind me about 100 meters away in the hague the paris police say lunchtime it's been confirmed now that 4 people died in that attack we understand that the attack was carried out by one of their own one of their colleagues who also injured several other individuals let's get the latest details now very specific. we have 4 people dead their staff members of the police headquarters 3 men and one woman an investigation has been opened and is being headed by the judicial police we will seek to establish the motives of the perpetrator who was neutralized by a police officer at the scene the presumed attacker is age 45 and his home is
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currently being searched additional searches will take place within the next hour as well those investigations now under way christopher customary the interior minister president of france as well as the prime minister philippe all come here to find out exactly what happened there are also being many tributes paid to those officers who lost their lives. paris's morning it's on the south to noon after this appalling attack on the police headquarters the toll is heavy several policemen have lost their lives in my name and that of presents my 1st thoughts go to the families of the victims and their relatives the motive for this attack is not yet clear but one police union described this as being a moment of madness and it is of course just 24 hours since we saw those huge police protests here in france across the country with police officers talking
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about the stresses that they face in their work the psychological stress is the sheer amount of work they're having to do and also the violence they face as they trying to carry out their jobs we spoke to some officers at that march on wednesday to get them to explain those precious to us the best usually 3 today the police have no money or salaries keep filling our status and our pension are being attacked officers are tired with the yellow vast movement there is a lot of work sacrificing their family life and we are expressing a deep depression in our profession. i'm here to defend our working conditions the threat to our special pensions status the lack of resources across the board. we are the police officers from france not just riot police but also misses all the unions we've all gathered to express our discontent with the administration the silence about the wave of police suicides this year we are short of staff short of money we cannot do our job and here to tell the administration that that stress
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police officers are also coming in is due to the volume of work that they've been doing paris of course france of course has been at the high alert for terror incidents since 2015 and since then officers support some 23000000 additional hours and much of that has not been paid for them the motive for this attack is not . actually what we do know is that the assailant was 45 years old he was neutralized at the scene before being lice was able to attack and kill 4 of his colleagues and injure several of those so that people ski all see paris. us democrats are demanding protection for a whistleblower whose revelations triggered an impeachment inquiry against donald trump an anonymous cia officer alleges the president pressured his ukrainian counterpart to investigate an issue involving joe biden one of his potential rivals
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in next year's race for the white house trump has dismissed those claims of any improper conduct and branded the informant a spy. either got a totally wrong made it up or the person giving the information to the whistleblower was dishonest and this country has to find out who that person was because that person is a spy in my opinion the president probably doesn't realize. how dangerous his statements are when he says he wants to expose he's the whistle blower is and those who may have given the whistle blower that information while democrats are trying to protect this particular whistleblower they have been less supportive of other whistleblowers in the past artie's and commons. we are now told that in this dark age of trump tyranny one heroic individual has spoken up like a voice crying out in the wilderness we don't know his name or his occupation but we know that he is good and i think the whistleblower did the right thing i think
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he followed the law every step of the way the inspector general of the intelligence community found this whistleblower complaint both credible and urgent i want to say thank you also to the whistleblower for having the courage of the bravery to come forward on behalf of the nation now not only must this gallant hero be held in the highest level of reverence but he must also be protected from any attack on him would be an attack on the american way of life from everything we know and we don't know much this is a experienced person who saw things that bothered him that's what the whole whistle ball blower statue is for and it is to protect their identity and i understand he's going to testify and we'll let the process unfold now do you remember how hillary clinton apparently wanted to kill julian assad with a drone well let's not get lost in details but let's go over some recent whistleblowers in u.s. history.
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i never tortured anybody. but i'm not into prison while the tortures of the lawyers and people who were and the people who deceived and the man who destroyed the proof of the tapes will never face justice i've never gained anything through what i've said publicly that i've lost everything. we got special ops forces the dead man can leak stuff this guy is a traitor a treasonous illegally shoot the son of a. mr
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snowden was a patriot he is a law breaker he violated american law he violated his duties that he assumed when he took the job that he had let's look at snowden here you know some might try to should say that oh he's a great human rights crusader he is not at all like the great human rights crusaders in the past might argue that this case is different because this whistleblower didn't run to the press but simply followed standard procedure but the record seems to show that a lot of cases have whistleblowers who do follow this procedure so why jail time for some of them but turns out the law does not actually protect them from retaliation they can be fired or prosecuted so are all future whistleblowers doomed well not quite secure backers carefully protecting whistleblowers who see wrongdoing of any kind in our government is essential so if you're
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a whistleblower in america take a step back look over what you have been ask yourself get this information benefit anyone powerful in america if not your official complaint will probably be ignored and if you don't shut up after that the consequences could be severe the current case is very different from others. the others were blowing the whistle on the system so these were real real abuses what crimes and abuses of our 4th amendment no this new whistleblower we need to put in quotes what was he reporting of course there are double standards there are standards for those who want to put pursue their political aims using this particular whistleblower in quotes and there are other rules for people who really oppose the system and its abuses. one of the people just mentioned in caleb's report is edward snowden he has
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reacted on twitter highlighting the case of former n.s.a. analyst daniel hale who is it being prosecuted for lifting the lid on u.s. a drone warfare programs meanwhile with the league's founder julian assange still awaits his fate in a u.k. jail an extradition hearing has been set for february next year to decide whether he will be sent to the u.s. to face espionage charges songs was arrested in london earlier this year after spending 7 years inside the ecuadorian embassy we spoke to his father about his concerns and hopes for his son. he lost 15 kilos weight and. has some anxiety some strongly every day he can look where there's no windows actually he. that is you often think when this is going to rain. he was
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a little too visits to. the if you could get. no exit 2223. and he's. so so cheap no access to computers limited access to books know exists at the gym. so you can see the. crew. well it's been in the case of you cables constant distortion of procedure the laser hopes to cation and screaming in the case of international of course the united kingdom has. turned its and will ignore the conventions that it signed on to for saw at least
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a. 175 years joe is a death sentence also the progressive procedure will prosecution julian over the years and needs and knees and there are manning to 9 years well what would you call progressive murder. of julian and wiki leaks julian as a journalist and we could leaks as a publisher he brought immeasurable benefits to millions of people that are left us to see how the geo political structure is composed and disposed and the disposition of people there in the who took the bribes whose sordid and treacherous to the invasion and who resisted. and maintained
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their integrity. just to seek some truth and some justice against obscene cruelty seems well it motivates me and. my looks like in june. president trump has lashed out at the u.s. house intelligence committee chief adam schiff calling him a fraud this follows a media report that shift may have met with an unnamed individual who leaked part of a conversation between trump and the president of ukraine. there is a report that came out just before you and president minister walked out here that the whistleblower met with the staff member of adam schiff prior i love that question to be filed it shows that schiff is a fraud i think it's a scandal that he knew before i go a step further i think he probably helped write it. this is not the only controversy involving the u.s. house intelligence committee chief at least from the right parties that have been trying to comment in his own unique way. if there was an award for the. tater of
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president certainly this man would make it to the list of nominees no need to remind why all right just watch this for a bit president was essentially trying to coerce a foreign leader to help us presidential campaign there seems to be no floor below which this president can drop serious a level of misconduct about his fundamental betrayal and obviously with that in mind it's a piece of cake to guess what this guy's most cherished dream is impeachment for the maggot man it may be that we undertaken a piece nonetheless that compels us to travel down the road towards impeachment well if you try and properly imagine yourself and mr shifts shoes you would probably say oh yeah what he's up to is totally legit because mr trump is on a mission to dig as much dirt as possible on his most dangerous democrat political opponent and for the president all means are good even if it's done through
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a phone conversation with ukraine's president who mr trump asked to once again hit the trail of joe biden and so adam schiff was like it is illegal improper a violation of oath a violation of his duty to defend our elections our constitution for the president to merely ask for foreign interference in our election well it's time to remind you of a different phone conversation from 27 thing between now not donald trump this time adam schiff and supposedly the speaker of the ukrainian parliament the nature of the compromise well there were pictures of naked. ok so you have recordings of both so check. where they're discussing the compromising material on mr trump absolutely on that meeting and he told flynn so all those compromising materials
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will never leave. will can so little russian saying so. well obviously we would. welcome a chance to get copies of those recordings forgot to mention something really important that was a prank although it seems mr shift was so hungry for the trouble he totally fell for it schiff was pretty serious he wrote all of what we said on the paper remembered all the detail surely when you're looking for something to get trump out of there you're good to cross any lines nothing improper or probe worthy by the way speaking of dealing with the russians in some shape or form as we know anyone who gets themselves involved in that could be compromise responded on for the rest of their lives mr schiff once spoke to us r t r t made in russia get it one of those members of congress a leading the effort is adam schiff from california he joined me earlier and you
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got thank you should someone put him under a federal probe for that he or his assistants were probably talking to a few russians while the interview was being arranged oh that was long before donald trump showed up in the white house politics should be fine then. schiff is certainly a very also a trans also accused him of being shifty and shifty i think is a much more apt description of a state he wants to bring down donald trump he tried to do it with the russian gate i mean the ship was really one of the key figures in russia and so now here is is suddenly you know from russia gate is moved on to ukraine get a chance to lead which i think is reasonably based that the origin of truck russia gate is to be found in ukraine and he was asking since israel in investigating this and in this case ukraine gave his even flimsier the russian gate so i think that
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will probably do a lot more damage ship. thursday march to 29 years since east and west germany were united but for many people the process is still not over than joe evangelise the press reports now from berlin. 29 years ago western east became one unity after decades of the vision idea of hope for people on both sides of the wall. the 'd it was. was. the but it seems that the initial euphoria felt wall the wall was coming down has lost a child over the years just the realisation the how big of a task bringing these 2 sides together would be the grace luck of german unity must not be gilded and placed in the nation's trophy cabinet rob i it remains unfinished it challenges us to demand something from us chairman unity is not
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a state of affairs that is wrapped up and completely just wants but rather a continual process a constant mission that affects all germans well that is certainly the case if a recent poll is to go by which shows that many east germans are dissatisfied with democracy 41 percent of those quiz say that they have no more freedom of expression now than what they had before the walking down 58 percent of those say that they don't feel more protected by the state now than what they did during communist times the best germany over be 40 years of separation has developed in a way in which was not to expect. western europe at all has a problem with its identity they went away from the history from the culture and east germany like most eastern european countries remained quite conservative in terms of culture tradition and right now when merkel decided to open the borders
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how must be creation because the east germans well you do culture and tradition and history much more to the west shamans want to be very modern and very western and very globalist for them such a must meet relation is the other threat to their identity less an east german. me when you want to stay in a culturally jimena room and you see it as a threat to your collective i just see the growing dissatisfaction in the east was made all too clear in a recent election the region was soaring considerably support behind the right wing none the solace of an alternative for germany party in a way the unity day is like a family reunion everybody's happy to be back together but with all tensions never being far from the surface. more news at the top of the hour truck thomas this is our contraption.
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he. brought. you here. to tell. us about that i. think it is yes that is. senator chuck schumer famously said shortly after trump was elected to take on the intelligence community they have 6 ways from sunday at getting back to get in line of the failed russia gate hoax and this nonsense with ukraine this characterization appears to be spot on should be all fear the deep state.
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in 24 to you know bloody revolution to correct the demonstrations going from being relatively peaceful political protests to be increasingly violent revolution is always spontaneous or is it just a lawyer here i mean your list put me in the. school in the middle of the former ukrainian president recalls the events of 2014. those who took. invested over $5000000000.00 to assist ukraine in these and other goals that will ensure a secure and prosperous and democratic. guy. in the end by north it's so many people because they copy him he's so good that even such a bad copy is sending. i'm not going to be
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a good guy i'm here to find the next guy. who looked up live again in the human being done the infernal to feed the dog she even dumped the attempt. to deflect some 40 c.e.o. thing is the deflection board is tougher to say. that is going to do that than i got up the mini answer. that he and others are going to going to see a lot about that on the morning. that you can bank on you probably get nothing back up. long long the next you know is along the bottom there's a bonus which i don't control can not all. and to a new person and they've done
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a move $100.00 gandhi a new normal gandhi run the series 1st david begnaud do you then go to mock you then they will join you. this is bone boss broadcasting around the world and covering all aspects of our global economy in the 21st century i'm daniel and i'm christiane washington has a look at what that hit that. i don't choose begins north of 2000 the night down to them but it quite possibly is going to be a recession at which the. certainly trump tried it would have played a part of. american manufacturing continues to slide dragging global markets with it but good advice by the parent meant to protect the in the street he managed to
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catch up with author and economist to get his take on the international slump and what we can expect on the horizon was the european central bank has backed out of a microscope in the make wake of its major rate cut and now the central bank is feeling some heat within the e.u. the way forward for the birth american business association is standing by to take us through the turbulence across the atlantic so much use so little time let's go. the u.s. equity markets drop after the release of disappointing economic data adding to fears over the health of the global economy but it turns out that the old mantra good news is bad news once again holds true stocks got a panic bid up as the odds of an imminent rate soared above 90 percent now all 3 major u.s. indexes turn around from early market plunge to call back to flat earlier this week the i posted its weakest readings on the manufacturing sector in more than 10 years this weakness raise concerns over the china u.s. trade.


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