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tv   News  RT  October 5, 2019 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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prosecutors say the man who fatally stabbed. police station on thursday. just hours after getting started with. bringing. the. us government approves the sale of millions of dollars worth of.
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this is are to international. with us are the deadly stabbing at a paris police station is now being investigated as an act of terrorism according to prosecutors the man who killed 4 colleagues on thursday was linked to islamic extremist networks. yes you what the investigation has revealed the perpetrator was in contact with several individuals likely to belong to the salafist an islamist movements in addition testimony indicates that he did hear to a radical vision of islam this knife attack was a catastrophe that shook paris to its core the assailant was a 45 year old michael harp and who had worked at a police station for 15 years and all that time the police who are tasked with preventing such attacks had no suspicions that harping would kill 4 of his
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colleagues with a knife he smuggled in. what exactly are the authorities actually saying about the attackers motives well anti-terrorism prosecutors are currently handling this case and they still don't have enough information to pin down the the assailant motivations exactly but they did reveal that the assailant converted to islam 18 months prior to the attack now of course the authorities say that that's not an automatic sign of radicalization but there's other information they also revealed that he had a radical vision of islam and was also in communication with solid islamicists
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which of course is enough to keep terrorist motivations on the table in considering the situation but so far the police haven't found any evidence as to anything pointing towards religious motives after they searched his house in the suburbs of paris you've been talking with some of the details a 45 i think you said. what else do we know about the attackers but. well his wife was arrested after he was shot dead in the police station up. the murder and she told authorities that hartmann was actually acting to ranged and was hearing voices in his head the night before this attack took place and that have something to do with his motivations of course maybe but so far the authorities haven't connected all the dots to say for sure. right staying with paris police have attempted to move hundreds of environmental protesters from a shopping mall campaigners or from extinction rebellion movement along with. italy tomorrow in the southeast of the french capital on saturday morning they
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called it their demonstration in the last occupation before the end of the stores in the complex were forced to close as a result of. ecuador is in the grips of a massive civil unrest over soaring fuel prices demonstrations began over the government's decision to end fuel subsidies which is expected to cause prices of petrol and diesel to more than double. was due to workers have been leading a nationwide strike and the president is using emergency powers to deploy troops in an attempt to maintain order but there have been scenes of chaos as police clashed with protesters and there has been at least 350 rounds. fuel subsidies cost the government more than a $1000000000.00 a year and to quito says there is no chance they will be reinstated it is all part
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of the president's plan to cut public spending to meet the terms of an i.m.f. loan agreed in march he takes a deeper look at the impact. i.m.f. is the generous dessie and open handed and giving and seeing whenever a country's economy is in grave need my immediate priority for the i.m.f. is to help members minimize the risk of crises we focus on job creation we focus on productivity we focus on stability stability actually will be my my my key focus is to build your own key quality means so people fly through broad except far too often when they stayed places it's trust in the i.m.f. it ends up in scenes like these. like
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like ours sure scrooges. tax issue such as yourself. the last pictures we showed you are from ecuador a country that proves that the i.m.f. does business the same way on both sides of the atlantic at the expense of the people the ecuadorian administration reached a 4 point $2000000000.00 deal with the fund in exchange for a forms abiding by its trusted playbook the i.m.f. marketed it in a non surprise fashion achieving their own last fiscal position is at the core of the authorities problem which will be supported by a 3 year extended arrangement from the i.m.f. well i've already kind of spoiled to you how this has turned out so far in turmoil
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in the streets and the state of emergency the authorities have voluntarily renounced their right to choose they must follow through with the tax reform. strip the citizens of some labor protections and cause fuel prices to double measures wildly unpopular among the people well but these are the commandments of the sect of a stereotype and like with any cult it's easy to get in not to get out in 2002 the president of malawi a nation in africa said that the i.m.f. had forced them to sell the country's strategic grain reserves they did and as a result millions of people were exposed to famine when the drought hit something the i.m.f. outright refused to accept any responsibility for the causes of food shortages in malawi are complex including lapses in the government's early warning systems distortions in domestic markets and mismanagement of food reserves in more recent
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cases the i am of bailout programs for italy greece ireland and portugal ignited europe wide and to your story to movement just when people realize that in reality the money comes not from the i.m.f. but from their wallets in ecuador just over 20 percent of the population support the reforms that came until with the funds billions because the i.m.f. is a robin hood who got it all wrong and now gives to the rich and takes from the poor the i.m.f. is given a credit to our country is under certain conditions on the. day they control the economy and they're going to go on which is about the goal of the i.m.f. what they are really following this right to open the economy of whether just to make the. ecuadorian people in the future going to get access to a different kind of private services that they big they've got but the thing is was the cause of this going off to ration of the economy anything they're doing we know
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they're going to increase inflation we know they've been increasing unemployment rate at the moment theory yes in theory whether of the future going to. similar like usa going to real mexican economy let's say by the way usually with a high of like i say with the cost of mystery and that's going to be the. top nuclear negotiator has said that talks which of the us have broken down just hours after they started in stockholm we are disappointed that the united states has not put anything on the negotiating table now the responsibility for the continuation of the talks lies with the us. well it was the 1st meeting between delegations from the 2 countries since donald trump and kim jong un met in the demilitarized zone between the 2 koreas in june ahead of saturday's talks u.s. secretary of state my pump ale had said there was still a lot of work to be done to build trust and improve relations contrary to north
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korea statement though washington has claimed that the latest discussions were not a failure and followed it or allowed it to come up with a number of creative ideas. in the run up to the meeting north korea said it had tested a submarine launched nuclear capable missile the pentagon then fired its own intercontinental ballistic missile in response political analyst on david jack told us that he did not expect the latest discussions to be successful. actually what. experts always expected this political sanctions against. against them and it's pretty simple it should demand too considering that north korea never attacked anybody and definitely doesn't pose much to do to anybody in the region most korea all these the lifting of the sanctions on north america is not willing to united states is not willing to do it even on the go
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she'd on this point i don't even understand the war except for the beyond avoid these meetings and negotiations take place because at this obvious ones that are now that they will end up. this way and if you look at the u.s. negotiation community. since so they're all came to power basically the only country of the world that never achieved anything it will be north korea be china. or any other country that doesn't seem to that the u.s. is really willing to make critical of my sis if only partner or enemy. i billionaires should not exist and of all the people nodding in agreement with that statement from us presidential hopeful bernie sanders is mega rich facebook founder mark zuckerberg sanders also says that wealth inequality is out of control
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but despite that surprising admission from zuckerberg the world's 5th richest person and not all of the super rich are on board and willing to give up their luxuries some are even suggesting that they are part of an oppressed minority inside he's killed mopping comment. billionaires pretty much rule the united states the president himself is a billionaire but apparently he is the most threatened and bullied man in the country he has turned american diplomacy into a cheap extortion racket let's be honest donald trump is a loser count all his failed businesses cares about exactly one person and that one person is named donald trump i'm sorry. that you're a terrible president. well perhaps but the bullying of donald trump has very little to do with him being a billionaire billionaires almost live in a parallel universe with elite parties private jets and little islands that they own but apparently some billionaires feel like they are
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a persecuted minority it's the ordinary people that are persecuting them led by a boogie man named bernie sanders. billionaires billionaire billionaire billionaire billionaire killian as billionaire i am not a billionaire due to all that class hatred incited by bernie sanders the rich are forced to hide in fancy restaurants and the studio of the fox news channel is no longer safe for them to roam the streets with commoners let's go back to bernie sanders for a minute when we're having a standard here what the hell has he done it's aspirational i didn't start with anything just penalize everyone that's done well now steve schwarzman the founder of blackstone says that the treatment of billionaires in the united states is starting to resemble the treatment of the jews in nazi germany seriously he actually said this it's the wall it's like when hitler invaded poland in 1939 and he's not the only one it's
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a rising trend if you go back to 1933 we differ from woods this is what hitler was saying in germany you don't survive as a society if you encourage and thrive on and view it genesee the wealthy t.v. preacher kenneth copeland has also reported suffering at the hands of the not so wealthy or a huge fire lines you can't manage that today right this don't feel old world right get in an air get in alone too with a bunch of demons so the gap between the rich and poor in america has reached its peak in half a century so do you think that billionaires are really an oppressed minority we decided to ask new yorkers what they think that's a joke right oppressed. not. malcolm we approached minority women in a world where i don't think they should be hated they didn't get that way well most people did a really successful got that way because they worked soft they have enough money so they can protect themselves don't believe in demonizing the successful i mean there
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are a majority of them have created a product or service ness or result of. the good work that they've done theirs is their success so i don't demonize them for being successful now this notion that the rich are somehow mistreated by society is certainly not new the cold war novelist and philosopher ion rand wrote an entire book called atlas shrugged it was about how the rich of the world go on strike against the ungrateful rabble who levy taxes against them but average americans just don't buy the argument seems that when the ultra rich claim the world has been unfair to them they don't really know what fair means kaleb up and r.t. new york. the us are the proof of the sale of anti-tank weapons to ukraine that story and much more after a short break this is our chief international. join
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me every thursday. and i'll be speaking to guests of the world of sport i'm sure i'll see you then. lead.
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welcome back this is on t. international now the impeachment inquiry into donald trump over his that phone call with the leader of ukraine has seen white house officials subpoenaed over the u.s. president's contacts with kiev the democrats are spearheading the probe say mr trump has left them with no other choice as for u.s. military aid which plays an important role in the whole scandal the u.s. state department this week approved the sale of nearly 40000000 dollars worth of anti-tank weapons to kiev $150.00 javelin missiles come on top of the $200.00 sold to the country last year of course you have comments now on how ukraine has turned into a gold mine for us. the 1st site you wouldn't take ukraine for
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a land of opportunity unless you're into peddling weapons the javelin system will help ukraine build its long term defense capacity to defend its sober instance oratorial integrity in order to meet its national defense requirements now ain't that just the american dream selling weapons to a nation that can barely afford to keep itself warm in the winter and not just any weapons the javelin by far the most expensive and its class more than $200000.00 for the launcher and a rocket was uneasy though it took a concentrated push by arms manufacturers lobbyists and politicians to overturn a ban on lethal weapon sales to ukraine and this man this man was at the center of it the significance of this is that we lifted the. arms he
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did provide. anti-tank weapons. and now we're prepared to treat like any other normal country which is this just look at this face doesn't it radiate honesty and empathy but appearances can be deceptive curt was naughty curt had a little side gig going on that was all hush hush the sod from representing trump in ukraine he also worked for the b.g. are a huge and powerful lobbying group which surprise lobbies for a theater the company that manufactures javelin missiles and will make millions by selling them to ukraine cut unfortunately resigned in september aside from the whole potentially corrupt thing with b g r a great he was also embroiled in the trump ukraine scandal speaking of which trump has recently put on hold almost $400000000.00 in military aid to
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ukraine it leaves out. a scheme to use the leverage of the presidency you'd use the leverage of the. vital military assistance to a foreign nation. to provide or tame dirt on a political opponent it's hard to imagine a more serious set of allegations than those contained in the complaint cheerlead they can't all be rotten this is adam adam has a much friendlier face than kurt adams seems genuinely concerned about ukraine and last adam doesn't seem to be any better see among adams sponsors is a fellow named igor pasternak who makes a lot of money on military contracts with ukraine is the pasternak recently hosted a fundraiser for adam after which the congressman began all but the mondeo. that
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the u.s. send money and arms to ukraine which would allow his generous sponsor to rearm the tire ukrainian military and just last replay year project was conceived some time ago as ukrainian on forces border guards or national guard will be time switched to nato standards on a city you could probably film sin city 3 with characters based in these guys but even if you don't sell guns and don't get kickbacks or donations from mama's manufacturers you can still use ukraine here for example as ukraine's national corruption bureau chief. nick recorded bragging about how he helped hillary clinton during the 2016 election. not trump but hillary i help to rebuild longs to the co-hosts of politicians who
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comprise the huge money in the us both in the u.s. and in the entire world for runs that is sort of better oh you could definitely film sensitive 3 with these guys but the audio is real confirmed by ukraine's attorney general it was mr sit nick by the way who published dirt on trump's campaign manager in 2016 in the real last anyway but the fellow tried so what if you don't have guns to sell or elections to win what if for example daddy wants to get his young boy a nice cushy job where he didn't have to do much well ukraine's there to help booth john biden's son and john kerry's stepson landed executive jobs at a ukrainian energy company now strap yourself in hunter biden earned $50000.00 a month 50000 in a country where the average wage is a few $100.00 and you know what in the weird. why he world of u.s.
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politicians and i think it gave you a taste of just how wacky it is that's normal but underlying problem here was of course hunter biden receiving $50000.00 a month from ukraine energy company do you think that that is evidence of corrupt behavior no people are set on. the mind 3 payments it was always a playground for america ukraine in 2013 victoria nuland boasted about the billions america spent supporting democracy in ukraine or meddling in its politics you pick since ukraine's independence in 1901 the united states has supported ukrainians as they do democratic skills and institutions as they promote civic participation and good governance of which are preconditions for ukraine to achieve its here p n aspirations we've invested over 5000000000 dollars to assist ukraine in these in articles that will ensure
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a secure and prosperous and democratic train well thank you mr nuland didn't ukraine turn out great but then again look at it like an american senator you don't care that ukrainians are poor cold stressed and hopeless what you care about is that your sponsors can make money and keep the meeting to you what you care about is ukrainians helping you in elections what you care about is ukraine providing your kids with comfy little jobs that pay millions over the years and if you are an american senator well ukraine couldn't have turned out the better. u.s. secretary of state has hailed his country's relationship with greece saying that times have never been stronger might pompei it was currently on a 2 day trip to athens where he has been holding talks with the prime minister and
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other top officials but the public reception was less welcoming. thousands gathered in front of the greek parliament calling for washington's top diplomat to go home some protesters clashed with police who forced them back with tear downs others burned an american flag in front of the u.s. embassy and threw red paint on a statue of president harry truman but despite the reaction my pump air was unfazed and made clear the purpose of his visit. it's a bit selfish america needs to keep greeks free successful and to help secure the eastern mediterranean so let's continue our work to stop russian influence both within greece and within your neighbors borders let's continue to exert pressure on the islamic republic of iran the world's largest state sponsor of terror to all that regime becomes a normal nation let's take seriously what it cost china systemic rival.
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let's uphold the rule of law and build partnerships with free nations so that we can extract energy resources in a peaceful and coordinated way my pump air was also asked by his greek counterparts to intervene in a dispute over offshore drilling rights with turkey u.s. secretary of state called actions illegal and unacceptable former british diplomat william mallinson gave us his views on the dispute. this is public relations to make the greeks feel good and secure turkey stretchy deeply more important than greece at the end of the day the u.s. will always can see that turkey more important than greece is been proven by historical documents and proven by the way that isn't to allow turkey to invade cyprus however on the surface with good public relations and good arms sales obviously the members of the greek turkish market has been the biggest one for us in the past the us does not want greece trying to copy turkey and order
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a superior russian systems as well and so turkey is playing a very clever diplomatic game by balancing the forces at the moment turkey will never want to be completely under russia but he's playing a clever game. that does it for me in about 33 minutes i'll be back with more news this is art international stay with us. oh.
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financial times today without money laundering 1st to visit discussion to say this . is a good start well we have our 3 banks all set up here maybe something you're going to america something over the team and i want to do all these banks are complicit in the we just have to give much call it something to do some serious. ok let's see how we did while we got a nice watch for max and for stacy oh beautiful jewelry how about. for a match do you know what money laundering is highly illegal for a watch guys record. 2040 you know bloody revolution. the demonstrations going from being relatively peaceful political protests to be creasing the violent revolution is always spontaneous or is it
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just a lawyer hiccup what if i mean your list book that you would put it in the new bill is that i'm spoiling you to the former ukrainian president recalls the events of 2040. those who took. you've invested over $5000000000.00 to assist ukraine in these an article that will ensure a secure and prosperous and democratic. there are. there. 6 yet active in urging the comedy show where americans in america covering american news are called foreign agents. and no i did not mean to dress like a phantom of the opera all right by they do keep me in a cage under the stage here though. all right donald trump sure do you
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impeached. but not for the idiot reasons are super idiot democrats want to impeach him ok and i'm going to give you the real reasons he should be impeached a 2nd but right now the democrats want to prosecute from for probably the only time in his entire infant teil existence he was trying to root out real corruption why is he doing it to benefit himself of course he was a sight i think asking whether a dog pissed on a fire hydrant to claim his territory or did he do it to benefit society as a whole. so to give you a quick rundown joe biden and obama in our deep state helped create a coup in the ukraine in 2014 in no small part by funding arming new your nazis believe it or not with the help of israel you would think israel might have some quo.


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