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tv   News  RT  October 11, 2019 7:00am-7:31am EDT

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door of the shopping past it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely for watching the hawks. people in the central russian city of toronto have demand that even murder suspect you put to death after the body of a strangled 9 year old girl is discovered. also this hour a ukrainian m.p. publishes documents revealed russian involving kiev and u.s. democratic presidential candidate joe biden. after clearing the way for turkey's military operation against the kurds in northern syria by pulling u.s. troops out of the region president all tromped now offers to mediate between the 2 sides.
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you're watching our 2 international bring you your live news update from our studios here in moscow welcome to the program hundreds of people have been protesting in the central russian city of toronto after the strangle hold body of a 9 year old girl was found there demanding that the suspected murderer be put to death. it was. was. was it were i was. a guest on of joins us in the studio with the details tell us what happened well of 1st things 1st basically on wednesday 9 year old lisa she went to school and never came back home and essentially her relatives the remained
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and everybody concerned remained in the dark for almost $24.00 about 24 hours and well being a relative being a you know something close to you know being kept out of the loop hearing absolutely nothing about about the child it can be really heartbreaking still for instance here is the arms of the girl almost begging for help almost begging for other people to help you know find any information as about the about her needs. for your son to girls aren't we really need help we've been searching everywhere if you can help in any way crease contact us we've been looking for her since wednesday launch time where we've realized that she's gone missing. so that was on wednesday and all god i mean again 24 of 24 hours absolutely out of the loop and there were a lot of concerned citizens as well who shared who shared the emotions of the
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family of the little girl so with within this information vacuum they kind of organized and essentially the showed up at this garage sect basically their only garage is where people store their their vehicles and they showed up there because they believed that where the girl was killed and that's where the suspected murderer i mean. as well when they showed up there they saw the police i mean we've already showed you the clip where they are walking this police van and. yelling open the door open the door open the door they did that because they believe that the murderer of the suspected murderer was inside and they lashed out at the police for keeping so quiet for instance they did that like this. because. she was teaching if
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i did you know what you could do you think. you know something's not right you have to feel. a lot of emotions flying there again mostly angry at the silence had nothing coming out of the out of the official sources they eventually went on you know just busting into these garages looking for this is back to the murder a looking for the girl. and then the official information came from what do we know about the official investigation while the official investigation they released a statement saying that they did that they did detain the suspected murderer promptly the man has already confessed to killing the girl his version of events again this is all his words and it has to be checked by the investigators he's saying that he kind of squatted in one of the garage is illegally and the girl was processing by and she asked him like do you know who is the owner of this garage
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and so he says he thought that maybe it's parents that maybe the garage was her parents so he did i mean a lot of used to be the judges of this logic this is a man with a criminal background he is a convicted rapist and sex offender so. so he has been known to the authorities he has been known to the authorities and he is what he's the moment is . the moment of interrogation at the police station. should be useful morally. that. is. all this is this is him essentially answering the questions of the prosecutor and what's the situation now after last night's rally all people unsettled there and. they demanded they demand the many many demanded capital punishment is brought back into russia's legal code i mean there's
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a lot of people who. have been unsettled by this tragedy. only volunteers gathered in front of the garage he was in a police car everyone was shouting give him to us and then he changed his clothes and the police drove even away god will judge him what else can i say these people should never be allowed out of prison but our government lets them out but this is just my personal opinion and now we're very afraid of livin our children alone in the streets so people are afraid they're. again unsettled and they definitely want this man to feel the full force of the law but they're thinking that maybe of the law is just their feeling that maybe the law is not capable of delivering a punishment harsh enough for this person. a truly disturbing story r.t. as it goes on of thank you for bringing us the details. a ukrainian m.p.
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has published documents that he says reveals corruption involving u.s. democratic presidential hopeful joe biden in 2014 biden was u.s. vice president and a go to man for ukraine while his son hunter was on the board of a ukrainian gas company saskia taylor reports. with its big personalities and explosive revelations politics is like a good t.v. show to take the bidens ukraine plot for example which is currently stealing time former vice president joe biden his son hunter trouble of course on the ukrainian president have recurring roles but a new character has appeared on the scene ukrainian m.p. andrey catch now captures and to center stage and accuse biden of making a pretty penny from his dealings in ukraine and with one company in particular mission it was conspiracy this was the transfer of the barisan group's funds for
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lobbying activities and events to gauge his believe personally to judge why didn't through the law being company funds the amount of 9 $100000.00 were transferred to the u.s. based company send it to partners which according to open sources in particular the new york times is if. payment reference was payment for consultative services just a quick intro to the reason a group is one of the largest natural gas companies coincidentally or not hunted by tomorrow on its board of directors for almost 5 years a job he was entirely qualified for having no background in the energy sector many experience of ukraine but his father was the obama administration's point man for ukraine so why not any way to captures published documents which show that over many years the brits macgruber almost $1000000.00 to a company called rosemount seneca partners before anyone cries foul and says photoshop been up to its old tricks. the money transfer can be seen black and white
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in a federal court fall from an unrelated new york law suit there's nothing concrete to suggest that biden sr has been sconce in a big leather chair rosemont seneca but let's just rewind a few years. the year is 2009 joe biden is riding high he's vice president but poor old hunt is not doing so well his cryptocurrency fund is going through a rough patch off to one of its key people and stanford is court red handed and charged with forward to the tune of a tidy sum the indictment alleges that stanford in his co-defendants engaged shouldnt scheme to defraud investors who purchased approximately $7000000000.00 mr tickets of deposit c.d.'s administered by the stanford international bank ltd so hard to decide to see green a posture has and sets up
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a new company rosemont partners he got sutton christopher hines on board who conveniently happens to be the steps on a future secretary of state john kerry it's a small world of people who can cash in on the family name residence anika advertised itself as a consultancy that just wanted to help small and middle sized companies expand not just across the u.s. but into foreign markets to. the year is now 2010 months on it has partnered with a little for the stilton group and continuing his good company hunted chooses as his partner james bulger the nephew of new tourists us thanks to whitey bulger who modified a gruesome and in prison just last year so since a tional was his life he even got a movie based on it. from. the movie. so here we have this happy
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trio the piece on the future of state stepson and the nephew of a mob boss flying around the wall trying to get money from investors. but he is now 20 thought teen and joe biden's on an official visit to china. and in photos from the trip hunters by his side just a regular full of the song trip except 2 weeks later and his buddies signed off a $1000000000.00 investment contract from china is the wall just full of coincidences. the year is now 2018 and hunt is again in a bit of a pickle as co-founder of rosemont sanuk up owen fellow director of the barista group is charged with security for what it's funny how many bad apples hunter has
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been surrounded by like i said every t.v. show has got big personalities and big revelations and it would seem a very tangled web of characters with joe biden's 2020 presidential campaign hit by controversy others in the running have received a boost kilmartin looks at the different ways white house hopefuls are trying to win over voters. elizabeth warren the current front runner among democrats contending for the 2020 nomination says that she has been the victim of an injustice she says that back when she was 22 years old she lost a teaching job because she got pregnant when i was visibly pregnant about 6 months along. the principal called me and and. that he wished me luck but he'd be more comfortable having someone else now back in 2008 she was telling the story a little bit differently you actually pursued that career i did that for you here
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and within that song. i actually didn't have the education courses so i was on an emergency certificate it was called and i went back. to graduate school and took a couple of courses in education but in 2019 it looks like she decided playing the victim card would get her a little bit farther just like her claim to be native american which helped her get into harvard university the democratic candidates absolutely believe that voters need a victim mentality she needs to be authentic with voters more than being a victim to voters it appears that she was never actually fired for being pregnant in fact there is a resignation letter that she apparently turned in at one point and here's another presidential candidate he's chosen a different role as i've stated strongly before and just to reiterate if tookie does anything that i've had my grace in a match wisdom considered to be off limits i will be destroying and a brooch or a the economy over i've done before now donald trump can certainly play the victim
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when it comes to impeachment inquiries and media bias however he's also clear on other things he's big he's rich and he almost always gets his way for them in trouble also considers himself a victim he refers to the witch hunt against him especially in the russia collusion case now with the impeachment he refers to himself as being the victim of one of the biggest hoaxes in u.s. history and a witch hunt so he uses the victim term in many cases but then he will flip that on its head and suddenly talks about how he has this unmatched unparalleled wisdom many americans don't like the idea of being the victim they like the idea of being a victory for being stronger or being a winner as opposed to somebody who's been put down so different camps and different means of appealing to your voters democrats seem to seek sympathy by showing ways they have been mistreated for a few years ago the small modest family moved into the town i grew up in. to be denied because of the color of their skin it was tied to distance with white
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activists you know there was a little girl and california who was part of the 2nd class to integrate her public school and she was passed to school every day and then. little girl was me in each generation in my family starting with my growth my grandmother who came in 1902 from mexico as an orphan. we found out that it's not enough in america to just work hard and for your family to work hard not trump's tone at all let's review how the donald presents himself i am the. i'm a very stable genius i'm so young i just leave it on the young person i am a young vibrant. i would give myself a plus now to be fair donald trump is not facing any serious primary contenders he's got the republican nomination pretty much in the bag but it is interesting to compare the 2 different approaches the victim mentality is not the winning strategy when it comes to
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a general election in the primary system in the united states you are actually playing to only about 2 to 3 percent of the electorate in order to win a primary when you get into the general election and now you're facing all voters it's a very different mentality i think the general sentiment of americans is to be confident to be strong to not be a victim to be a winner perhaps it's just a different psychology if you're a republican you want someone who is strong undefeated and will come into office in order to make america great again and if you're a democrat you want someone who has suffered and understands what you have been through and when they get into office they'll help level the playing field now there's admirable aspects to both approaches but the gap between them is pretty staggering caleb mop and artsy new york still to come donald trump has offered to mediate between turkey and the kurds after pulling u.s. troops out of northern syria that story and more after the break.
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so it seems wrong. just. all in. all the yet to say proud disdain become educated and in games from an equal betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. most people think just stand out in this business you need to be the 1st one on top of the story or the person with the loudest voice of the biggest raid in truth to stand down the news business is just the dance the right questions and demand the right answer.
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questions. welcome back after pulling u.s. troops out of northern syria and essentially clearing the way for the turkish military operation targeting kurdish fighters present donald trump has offered to mediate between the 2 sides so what we have is really 2 choices you have the choice of bringing in the military and defeating everybody again or you have the choice of financially doing some very strong things to turkey so that they take it a little bit easy on really competition that is how do they get big fairly or we can mediate i hope we can mediate. the 1st phase of the turkish operation began
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with airstrikes on 2 kurdish controlled border towns the kurds have ordered a general mobilization along the border with turkey bowing to confront the attack and call washington's troop withdrawal a betrayal international community has condemned turkey's assault ankara in turn has warned that it will send millions of syrian refugees currently in turkey to europe if the e.u. calls its operation an invasion middle east analyst burnout says turkey may not benefit from its current operation against the kurds. most of turks and the kurds are saying or suggesting that they've been betrayed the kurds have been betrayed many times and this is the standard policy of the west in fact but it's not just the kurds who were betrayed this is been the western policy in the middle east for a long time there have always been this unity between this president and his own republican party so particularly on issues regarding the middle east and u.s.
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involvement. we talked i asked and he's an m.p. for the turkish justice and development party and condemns america's treatment of the kurds. top on to turkey did not break any rules or norms of nato that it is the united states which is breaking the rules this is why we have to ask the question about the us and that alliance of friendship this alliance pledges to take any of its members if they are not danger. danger but we don't see the us cooperating with us that ally on the contrary they are part of the threat it is the us who is breaking the rules of the alliance would be turkey maintains its position if all the members of nato agree with this violation everyone will be infringing the rights of other members of the blog i don't even want to talk about it. t.v. shows will now have to meet strict ethnic gender and sexual minority diversity standards if they want to win britain's top small screen awards the bafta shows
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must meet at least 2 of 4 diversity standards including that at least one main character come from an under represented social group there should also be a $5050.00 gender balance with 20 percent of the cast from an ethnic minority and 10 percent from the l.g. b t community however many bafta winning films of recent years like 3 billboards outside missouri while land and the king's speech would fail to meet the criteria as leading characters are white and don't represent sexual minorities critics say the new rules go against freedom of expression. are the future of all the decline of bafta i tend to think is the lot in jews the bust is as important as the orcs because you can't impose rules on aunt is a form of expression not a checklist of criteria to fulfill who cares about good writing direction or acting when you can just virtues signal was diversity hires. if i'm trying to do was
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story about a group of men in the war or students or whatever sometimes the subject matter lends itself to a particular demographic not because i am bi is not because i'm hateful not because i want to exclude but sometimes in the scheme of the imagine doing the godfather with more swedes more asians represented i mean it doesn't make any sense they're doing this gratuitously i respectfully submit because it is posh it is the neck tattoo the stud the the it so to speak it is what is hip what is new and what it is it's the ice falling it is taking the free exercise of unbridled creativity and saying you may do this but if you would like to win wards which of course you are commercial success is dependent upon this you
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must compress your particular creativity within this particular framework it is intellectually disingenuous it's modern day blacklisting horrible. donald trump has refused to hand over a u.s. diplomats wife to the u.k. despite a request from the british prime minister police want to question the woman after a teenager was killed in a road accident commenting on the case trump pointed out that americans find it hard driving in the u k. i was telling doris we have a lot of americans that you know they side on on the fact that you know you have 2 wonderful parents that lost this son and the woman was driving on the wrong side of the road and that can happen you know those are the opposite roads that happens i won't say it ever happened to me but it did when you get used to driving on our system and then you're all of a sudden the other system we're driving it happens i have to be careful very careful and cyclist is suspected of hitting and killing harry done while driving on
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the wrong side of the road at 1st she cooperated with u.k. police but then fled to the u.s. claiming diplomatic immunity prime minister boris johnson has strongly objected to her use of this legal instrument. do you want think that it can be right to use the process of diplomatic immunity for this type of purpose and i hope that and secure that this will come back and will engage properly with the process is of was there carried out in this country some reports suggest oculus as husband who was an intelligence officer rather than a diplomat casting doubt on their entire moment to community we asked people in london what they think about trump's response to the case. oh well i wonder if he would be so. dismissive. anybody in this in a power like he is should be making such for about something and it also makes it seem very personal terms of his own personal view is that he doesn't really care if
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you've killed someone then you know this that's beyond diplomatic immunity you have to face the law even because it looks like it wasn't even a promise or. really strange yes i mean this isn't a intelligence officers might not diplomat so it's a bit. is a bit of a stretch isn't it people who come to this country should have to live on trial when they get too much so normal they should rule the diplomatic community and face consequences i think she should he should have made her come back up he should come back diplomatic community should be really looked at because there's a whole load of the fence you sit down. collusion of corruption of both governments british government is corrupt corrupt collusion and called the government. we end with some sad news coming in just now the legendary soviet cosman out of who conducted the 1st ever spacewalk has passed away at the age of 85 born in 1934
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became a member of the 1st soviet cars without team along with 20 other soviet air force pilots including german 2000 and. now that's our global news update for this hour but i'll be back at the top the hour with more thanks for tuning in. on this edition of cross talk we demystify syria's kurds almost all of the criticism launched against from syria policy is not rooted in facts actually that criticism is driven by false narratives and the inability to admit that
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international proxy war to overthrow the damascus government has failed the sooner all american troops we've syria the better for syria and the beach. public support for a peace when proceedings is growing and that what point should donald trump on the g.o.p. worry bill mccollum former congressman from florida one of the managers of bill clinton's 1998 impeachment is here with us to give us his take on this edition of politics. in the politicking on larry king according to several polls all recently public support for the impeachment of donald trump is growing in a washington post poll released this week nearly 6 in 10 americans now support the
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actions of house speaker nancy pelosi in launching an impeachment inquiry how worried should down from be about those numbers for analysis i'm joined by an old friend former g.o.p. congressman bill mccollum of florida he served on the judiciary and intelligence committees he was also attorney general of the state the floor then he was one of 14 so-called republican manages a bill clinton's impeachment and he resumed the urge caution about rushing into an impeachment of president trump bill joins us from washington thanks for being with us bill various my pleasure so i should. a cause for waiting and jumping too soon on trump well i think in the time we did the clinton impeachment trial we had kin starr is independent counsel investigative report we have lots of data that supported what the actions that were taken by congress and
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the house went through a vote on the floor sent the matter as a full impeachment inquiry to the house judiciary committee we held hearings we had witnesses in public we went through a quite a process ourselves an addition to the previous investigation material that was enormous as a nax room that would take a lot of people a long time to sort through in this case we're dealing with a much barer issue right at the moment it appears it's all about a phone call and a potential abuse of power by the president a conversation with the ukrainian president we do not have presently with president trump in any resolution from the floor so the appearance of this is that there's a rush to judgment on everybody's part you hear a candidate for president on the other side saying even before they saw the transcript that came out a couple of days ago that that he should be impeached and then you hear republicans absolutely certain that he's done nothing wrong which you know maybe on the 4
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corners of that document he has it so i think that it's a mistake to have these hearings in closed door sessions like the are right now in the intelligence committee at least in less there are some national security information there you can have hearings in open public session either by the intelligence committee judiciary somebody if there's a whistle blower you can put literally what i've done is chairman in the past you put a bag over their head to put a sheet over something that then muffle their voice so you aren't disclosing them but it's not a national security issue they say these hearings should not be behind closed doors and there shouldn't be a rush to judgment we should get all the facts out and then we'll know we'll all be able to decide we may still disagree but at least everybody working from a full amount of information does it not consume you congressman that the president as the head of another country to look into his possible opponent in the next that does not concern you.


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