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tv   News  RT  October 11, 2019 4:00pm-4:30pm EDT

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that was. i i. suspect. intensifies as more people killed a. democratic
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presidential candidate. and a true. hundreds of people have been protesting in the central russian city of after the strangled body of a 9 year old girl was found demanding that the suspected murderer be put to death.
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as shock spreads across the city a local resident was arrested and admitted to the crime my colleague jacqueline very good was joined by r.t.c. just on a few has been following the story. over 1st and foremost what happened a lot of anger and paying that's what happened but 1st i would like to go back to the video that we just showed you just because it really it is really representative of the scale as to what happened as to how angry the people were like look at this here they are rocking a police vehicle why because they believe that the murderers inside and they're all for more justice i mean they were so angry at this man and a lot of people still are very few areas with him that the police had to actually when they 1st want him out in the open that they did so they put a mask on him so that nobody could identify him his movements for the time being
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and they apparently had to cover him with riot shields and basically put their bodies between him and the mob ascension and now what happened what's what is all this about on wednesday 9 year old lisa went to school and well never came back and her relatives and all kinds all the concerned people they were kept out of the loop for a very very long time so would come when it comes to a family well they were growing desperate. and the girls aren't we really need help we've been searching everywhere if you can help in any way treece contact us we've been looking for her since wednesday ranch time where we've realized that she's gone missing a lot of volunteers along with the with the police were looking for the girl but there was no news no not negative not positive for $24.00 some 24 hours so eventually on
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a night from thursday to friday they went to this garage area it's literally like a 2nd were nothing but like garages people store their vehicles there they went there because they believed because there was a rumor. that the murderer of the suspected murderer was there a long while with the body of the girl when they came there they saw the police and i mean the the rocking of the police vehicle happened on that site and a lot of people they vented their anger at the law enforcement for well keeping everybody in the dark was. going yes. she was. going to see how much did. you know something's not right here at this well eventually there was an official statement put out that the that they managed to detain the suspected murderer and whereas the in the station at this point at this
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point the investigators they have questioned the suspected this is back to murder he admitted he admitted his guilt in fact we have a moment of his confession on tape that should be useful morry. very. very very. so his version of events was again all of these i his words and all of those have to be verified and checked and investigated by the police but he's saying that he kind of squatted in one of the garages illegally and the little girl little lisa she was just passing by and she asked him a question as to whether or not he knew who the garage belonged to so he figured that it must have belonged to her parents so strangled her and what's the situation in the city right now well this is the city's a shaken up i mean it's it's not it's not the smallest cities some
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800000 people live there but i mean still it's not it's not it's not it's not too big but people are scared and they want justice over volunteers gathered in front of the garage he was in a police car everyone was charlatan. give him to us and then he changed his clothes and the police drove him away got will judge him what else can i say these people should never be allowed out of prison but our government lets them out but this is just my personal opinion and now we're very afraid of living our children alone in the streets but their concern and their dissatisfaction is rooted in the fact that many of them believe that the law simply is that right now is not capable of delivering a punishment was severe enough punishment this man is deserving of so there are calls for instance to bring back the capital punishment for him but i mean there's still a long way from that and the investigation is still ongoing. more people have been
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confirmed killed in more than a week of unrest over government austerity measures in the capital of ecuador among the demonstrators with thousands of indigenous people their leaders condemning president lenin merinos decision to cut fuel subsidies as part of his loan deal with the international monetary fund. could was god. god. god. 9 days the rest and riots. is another day of violence hundreds and hundreds of indigenous and still indians in the capital they joined thousands the camp in just a half a mile away of where i'm from and they straight just went straight to the to the national assembly and riot started it made me immediately and they still clashes with police often more than $750.00 arrests and indigenous people say in 6
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protestors at being killed in the end these riots what we have behind me is the cause of the couture it's a public building a theater actually they've used they set their headquarters and they actually kidnapped they retained 8 police officers here yesterday they had them or take hours off the released in them and and they had some journalists in there to the rest of the protesters the indigenous people said that it wasn't them it was an isolated incident incident but i have to say that today i've noticed a lot of tension with media as well i don't really like us showing anything around that they blame us for lots of things here that are going on in the country that's why we took a step back and but over there there's thousands and thousands of people still clashing with police they were armed in what i can only describe as a small army because they came in march in and they were where in.
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helmets and they were they were using homemade weapons sticks and then rocks and bottles they were headed straight forward to the national assembly but i've heard that their intention is to storm the presidential palace. one day so i'm pretty sure the intelligence community knows that and that's why they brace in and that's why they protected that presidential palace with the military force what we see in here if we can have a little town over there is plenty of police but not the military the military's not leavin that perimeter. presidential palace that they still clashing only with police if they try to storm the palace officer will say the military won't step that they won't step down so if that happens on monday that's going to be a bloody day there's been dozens and dozens of people injured among them 6 dozens of policeman injured today we know that we've seen the footage from seeing the
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images they were very close to the national assembly and they've been badly hurt by molotov cocktails were thrown at them by protesting what they want i say they still want moreno out of the government if you can. that that austerity measures are scrapped subsidies for fuel basically diesel and gasoline if you can't do that they want him out and they want the minister of defense for sure regardless of what they say he's not been handling the situation correctly and has been using excessive force actually lots of international agencies have already said that force being used here in quito has been excessive what we see now is violent clashes especially in the city center and tension tension after a non days of political unrest and riots here in ecuador.
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iran says its oil tanker has been hit twice in attacks of the saudi coast in attacks started a fire causing significant damage and an oil spill fire is now been put out of the lake contains tehran condemned the incident. investigations conducted by the national iranian tanker company indicate the iranian tanker has sustained damage done after being targeted twice and how far lea intervals from a place near its shipping route in the east of the red sea over responsibility for the act including the extensive environmental pollution in the region fall on those behind this dangerous adventurism meanwhile the u.s. has announced that it will send additional troops to saudi arabia to counter a potentially reigning threat saudi arabia is a longstanding security partner in middle east and has asked for additional support to supplement their own defenses and defend the international rules based order. in response to continue threats in the region i've ordered the deployment to the kingdom of saudi arabia of 2 additional fighter squadrons and supporting personnel
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along with additional patriot and that air missile defense batteries taken together with other deployments extended or authorized at the last month this involves about $3000.00 united states forces. in addition to 3000 new troops the want us will send military equipment including to find a squadrons and an expeditionary wing the u.s. will also increase the number of patriot missile systems and provide with the sad defense system its all to counter the threat from the ground it said after last month's attack on saudi oil refineries washington blames tehran for the incident. it's remarkable the former sick senior security policy analyst in the office of the u.s. defense secretary michael welcome i don't know how much information you've managed to glean a cell phone from you're own contacts any suggestion he thinks to be behind this attack on the old tank. i think there's no indication
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that it was actually a missile. i think if it was a missile the u.s. who paints electronically that entire region might have said something by now but there's no hint that it was a missile. and it could have been commandos it could have been another country. some some people are speculating that it could have been done internally to jack up oil prices and in fact the oil prices have gone up what 2 percent since that explosion so it's. no no one seems to know i think we tear on as being very cautious in casting any blame but there is no no one has pointed to any evidence of a missile per se and for the fact that it goes into the side of the of the vessel which is and tankers are generally double hold which means they're pretty thick and but to rupture their tanks within the structure of the ship and create
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oil spills means that it was a powerful explosion i wouldn't doubt that it was i wouldn't i wouldn't put it past the israelis doing something to try to instigate trouble between iran and saudi arabia. or that it could have been like before limpets hung off the side of the vessel by someone in that in that region and the to me the israelis would have every reason to try to foster such tensions at this moment as what would you make of the one say sending more troops to the rabia. well strictly defensive in nature and will see it alter in the balance of power in any way i question the use of fads and patriots against stealth drone you need a low the there they're very difficult to pick up by stealth drones which was the basis for the attacks that occurred. a month ago or so into saudi arabia and of
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equipment that's going in certainly they need i was surprised that the saudis hadn't put. defense systems around their oil installations in the 1st place but be that as it may it's meant to show us support for the saudis and the that equipment went in at the saudi request and of course they're paying for it so that means more coin in the us coffers so i think that the it's meant to be very defensive in nature my concern is reintroducing u.s. troops as you point out $3000.00 additional american troops that. this is the reason why some of bin laden decided to launch an attack on 911 was the introduction of foreign troops on saudi soil which is the home of 2 of the 3 most
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holy sites of islam and i and i'm concerned that this could create new problems for inadvertently for the united states by reintroducing u.s. troops on. what's the difference why america's so willing to get involved center stage in the saudi run conflicts very different situations keeping at arm's length now between the disagreements in turkey and the kurds. well on the one hand you have trump saying he wants out of the middle east but on the other hand we have i guess he feels we have a commitment to the saudis but if it's lukewarm it's not it's not united reducing combat troops for example or even though you have squadrons the defensive in nature . of aircraft but they've got to travel long distances so it's really meant to bolster the morale of the saudis and and give them a warm fuzzy feeling of defense when in fact it may it may it may now be i think
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what the saudis really have to be concerned about and i think the who these in fact did fire the missiles last month on those oil refineries and they hope these have admitted that they got help from within the kingdom and within the regime itself so i think the saudis need to be very concerned about the potential for a coup inside the kingdom itself and if that's the case then it looks like people from the. saudi family is seeking outside help to do just that and that's a very that would be a very intriguing development michael good speech appreciate. former senior security policy analyst in the office of the u.s. defense secretary. thank you. for the news ukrainian m.p.'s publish documents he says reveal corruption involving kiev and u.s. democratic presidential hopeful joe biden 2014 budget was u.s.
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vice president on a go to money for ukraine his son hunter was on the board of a ukrainian gas company saskia taylor reports. with its big personalities and explosive revelations politics is like a good t.v. show take the biden's ukraine plot for example which is currently stealing time former vice president joe biden his son hunter trouble of course and the ukrainian president have recurring roles but a new character has appeared on the scene ukrainian m.p. andrey catch now captures and to center stage and accuse biden of making a pretty penny from his dealings in ukraine and with one company in particular mission it was conspiracy this was the transfer of the barisan group's funds for lowering activities as the u.s. to gauge is believed personally to judge why didn't through the law being company funds the amount of 9 $100000.00 were transferred to the us based company rosemont
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seneca partners which according to open sources in particular the new york times is if. payment reference was payment for consultative services just a quick intro to the recent group as one of the largest natural gas companies coincidentally or not hunted by tumors on its board of directors for almost 5 years ago he was entirely qualified for having no background in the energy sector many experience of ukraine but his father was the obama administration's point man for ukraine so why not any way to capture the published documents which show that over many years the brits macgruber almost $1000000.00 to a company called rosemont seneca partners before anyone cries foul and says photoshop been up to its old tricks the money transfers can be seen black and white in a federal court fall from an unrelated new york law suit there's nothing concrete to suggest that biden sr has been sconce in
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a big leather chair at rosemont seneca but let's just rewind a few years. the year is 2009 joe biden is riding high he's vice president but poor old hunt is not doing so well his cryptocurrency fund is going through a rough patch off to one of its key people and stanford is court red handed and charged with forward to the tune of a tidy sum the indictment alleges that stanford in his co-defendants engaged in a scheme to defraud investors who purchased approximately $7000000000.00 mr tickets of deposit c.d.'s administered by the stanford international bank ltd so hard to decide to see green a posture as and sets up a new company rosemont partners he got such an christopher heinz on board who conveniently happens to be the stepson of future secretary of state john kerry it's
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a small world of people who couldn't cash in on their family name residence anika advertised itself as a consultancy that just wanted to help small and middle sized companies expand not just across the u.s. but into foreign markets to. the year is now 2010 and response on it has partnered with a little for the stilton group and continuing his good company hunted chooses as his partner james bulger the nephew of new tourists us thanks to whitey bulger who modified the gruesome and in prison just last year so since a tional was his life he even got a movie based on a. come. remove. the movie. so here we have this happy trio the piece on the future secretary of state steps on and the nephew of
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a mob boss flying around the wall trying to get money from investors. but he is now 20 thought teen and joe biden's on an official visit to china. and in photos from the trip hunters by his side just a regular full of the sun trip except 2 weeks later hunter and his buddies sign off a $1000000000.00 investment contract from china is the wall just full of coincidences. the year is now 2018 and hunter's again in a bit of a pickle as co-founder of rosemont sonic up owen fellow director of the barista group is charged with security fraud it's funny how many bad apples hunter has been surrounded by like i said every t.v. show has got big personalities and big revelations and it would seem
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a very tangled web of characters. 2020 presidential campaign hit by controversy those in the running have received a boost more print looks at the different ways white house hopefuls are trying to woo voters. elizabeth warren the current front runner among democrats contending for the 2020 nomination says that she has been the victim of an injustice she says that back when she was 22 years old she lost a teaching job because she got pregnant when i was visibly pregnant about 6 months along. the principal called me and and. that he wished me luck but he'd be more comfortable having someone else now back in 2008 she was telling the story a little bit differently you actually pursued that career i did that for you here and within that song. i actually didn't have the education courses so i was on an
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emergency certificate it was called and i went back. to graduate school and took a couple of courses in education but in 2019 it looks like she decided playing the victim card would get her a little bit farther just like her claim to be native american which helped her get into harvard university the democratic candidates absolutely believe that voters need a victim mentality she needs to be authentic with voters more than being a victim to voters it appears that she was never actually fired for being pregnant in fact there is a resignation letter that she apparently turned in at one point and here's another presidential candidate he's chosen a different role as i've stated strongly before and just to reiterate if tookie does anything that i've had my grazing on match wisdom considered to be off limits i will totally destroy and a brooch or a the economy over i've done before now donald trump can certainly play the victim when it comes to impeachment inquiries and media bias however he's also clear on other things he's big he's rich and he almost always gets his way for them in
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trouble also considers himself a victim he refers to the witch hunt against him especially in the russia collusion case now with the impeachment he refers to himself as being the victim of one of the biggest hoaxes in u.s. history and a witch hunt so he uses the victim term in many cases but then he will flip that on its head and suddenly talks about how he has this unmatched unparalleled wisdom many americans don't like the idea of being the victim they like the idea of being a victory for being stronger or being a winner as opposed to somebody who's been put down so different camps and different means of appealing to your voters democrats seem to seek sympathy by showing ways they have been mistreated 50 years ago this month modest family moved into the town i grew up in. to be denied because of the color of their skin it was trying to distance with white activists you know there was a little girl and california who was part of the 2nd class to integrate her public school and she was passed to school every day and then. little girl was me in each
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generation in my family starting with my grow up my grandmother who came in 1902 from mexico as an orphan. we found out that it's not enough in america to just work hard and for your family to work hard not trump stone and all let's review how the donald presents himself i am. i'm a very stable genius i'm so young i can't believe it was a younger person i am very young vibrant. i would give myself a plus now to be fair donald trump is not facing any serious primary contenders he's got the republican nomination pretty much in the bag but it is interesting to compare the 2 different approaches the victim mentality is not the winning strategy when it comes to a general election in the primary system in the united states you are actually playing to only about 2 to 3 percent of the electorate in order to win a primary when you get into the general election and now you're facing all voters
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it's a very different mentality i think the general sentiment of americans is to be competent to be strong to not be a victim to be a winner perhaps it's just a different psychology if you're a republican you want someone who is strong undefeated and will come into office in order to make america great again and if you're a democrat you want someone who has suffered and understands what you have been through and when they get into office they'll help level the playing field now there's admirable aspects to both approaches but the gap between them is pretty staggering kaleb mop and artsy new york. legendary coastal to look silly on office passed away at the age of 859065 he conducted the 1st of a space walk marking a major milestone in the history of space exploration and had an illustrious career he commanded the soviet half of the historic apollo mission of 975 that was the 1st joint space mission between 2 superpowers the soyuz capsule docked with the
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american apollo capsule for 2 days in space with astronauts and cosmonauts traveling between the space ships. but. nasa has expressed condolences on the loss of a leg to learn of their interrupted their live broadcast from space to commemorate the causing it we. are writing about. yeah. maybe. even.
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with the solution. to the conclusion to do her swim there's a. new shoulder and says . i am. also a writer and artist creating more than 200 paintings depicting his adventures in space is name was given to mean creators as well as streets and schools in russia
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and there are monuments to the cosmonauts in moscow the sophie shevardnadze interviewed alexian off several years ago when he described what it felt like stepping into outer space for the 1st time. what does the pledge from the outside. go with. when i got out of the spaceship and stood on the shuttle edge i said suddenly indeed the earth is round we left the spaceship at a height of almost 500 kilometers from the media point to the horizon i could see a circle with a radius of almost 2750 kilometers i could see 5500 kilometers which is half the earth it looked like a globe or a very good map and some parts were covered with clouds and it was so quiet it was so quiet i could hear my heart aren't i.


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