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tv   News  RT  October 12, 2019 3:00am-3:31am EDT

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i i. had. to push against the kurds in northern syria despite international outrage over the operation plus. violent unrest in ecuador's capital over steroids in measures and to their 10 consecutive day with indigenous protesters rejecting the government's offer to talk and a journalist accuses his former network n.b.c. of trying to impede his police surprise winning expose weinstein's alleged sexual abuse is also names hillary clinton among those standing in the way.
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10 o'clock here in moscow you're watching international faced with a barrage of criticism from the international community he says it won't hold its military operation against the kurds in northeast syria here's what president. you know i've told mr trump and others too if you're going to stop this stop it but you haven't stopped it so we'll take matters into our own hands we won't take a step back and we will continue this fight into all the terrorists further south from the 32 kilometer border. or turkey's incursion into syria was launched on wednesday right after donald trump announced he was withdrawing u.s. troops from the area the 2 border towns of ras al man and tell abie ad have been the main targets but despite the official u.s. exit an american border patrol was reportedly seen on friday near tell of bad the
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pentagon also said its troops came under turkish artillery fire near kabbani another border town although nobody was hurt i was there spin a backlash to donald trump's decision to step aside in northern syria attitudes towards america's supposed ally it seemed less settled is more against the explains the kurds a hero's shout that people who couldn't point out on the map where the kurds live brave say the people who never have never would fight alongside them how old how could trump betray them say the people who couldn't care less about kurds it's just fashionable these days playing the card using them to get attention or for pathetic little political games where is the honesty where is the truth. well let's try c.n.n.
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in this case you're looking at not only betraying the kurds and betraying some of our other allies in the gulf region what the president has done to the kurds the betrayal of the kurds to be butchered by the turks. but the ground forces that destroyed the caliphate with american air power we've abandoned them there breaks my heart the message is clear c.n.n. stand by the kurds or well rather some cnn's other cnn's want those terrible kurdish terrorists stamped out as soon as possible this year not to go to c.n.n. right now on the frontier of the border point you saw it was one of the 1st targets that the p.k. k. terrorist organization as you can see at that point there was a huge explosion that area is in the hands of the p.k. k. terrorist organization and we see an end a rise of the boundary where approximately 70 meters away and the areas that you
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see around us all of them are in the hands of the p.k. k. terrorist organization absolutely remarkable c.n.n. turk license is the name on the condition that they adhere to cnn's strict journalism standards so how how did the same journalistic standards and with one c.n.n. almost worshipping kurds and the other c.n.n. all but cheering their deaths but come on. picking an easy targets what sane person trust journalists these days scratch the journalists what about celebrities with their newfound admiration for. surely this sincere i want you to ask can there is blood on anyone's hand starting with has a president trump who is letting this happen because these people are being slaughtered after standing with our troops in the middle east for a long time fighting against terrorists powerful words from the door to the late
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john mccain like father like daughter but i've been so mad this morning and so upset about this news that we are abandoning our kurdish allies in the middle of august these are allies of ours that american soldiers are still continuing to fight alongside all we did was arm them and they fought for america and to everyone in the white house and every republican who was mad that president obama pulled out of iraq you that was unpatriotic cowards that feckless unpatriotic coward is also your daddy meghan all of you not see this photo is your father and next to him is syrian rebel commander general salim idriss who your daddy did his best and train who is now eradicating the kurds we are ready for the operation to the east of the free t. s.
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these lands are currently under the control of the syrian democratic forces group which includes the kurdistan workers party ringleaders these terrorists point our homes. but c'mon meghan mccain isn't john mccain she may have reason to fame entirely for being his daughter that doesn't mean she can't have different opinions again last example justify this contradicting yourself we destroyed our ices with the help of the kurds we can't abandon the kurds now we can't turn it over to turkey to think that will work is really. really mr graham seems like there's 2 possibilities either the senator really supports the kurds with his heart or is just another spineless hypocrite using the kurds to score cheap political points in case you're on the fence enjoy this it's a recording of
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a righteous senator speaking to pranksters who pretended to be the turkish minister of defense your y.p. g. kurdish problem is a real problem i told president trump obama made a huge mistake and relying on the why p.g. kurds everything are worried about it come true and now we've got to make sure that turkey is protected from the spirit in syria and sympathetic to the wipe e.g. problem and those to prosper quite frankly it honestly seems like principles and integrity going extinct i feel sorry for you abandoned by your allies facing invasion death and on top of all of that every 2 faced hypocrite has called out from under the rocks to use your hurt your pain your suffering for their own pathetic advantage.
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now there have been more violent clashes in ecuador's capital which has been in the grip of anti sterrett and protests for over a week now spearheading the rallies are indigenous ecuadorians who. continue to converge on keto one of their demands as the country's president overturns his cuts to fuel subsidies that were implemented as part of a loan deal with the international monetary fund though that is something that lennon rayno refuses to do. i. was i guess another day of protests and violence here on the streets of quito as riot police clashed with protesters specially with members of the indigenous communities that came here to tito from all around the country. that.
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hundreds of indigenous people came from all across the country to join the large group that has been camping in the city center for days this new group came from the amazonian region should shoot the shit and was well organized and ready to clash with police forces and that's what they did 1st in old town quito and then they surrounded the national assembly and again dozens of injured on both sides president lenin merino hasn't moved an inch and remains firm on implementing his economic measures merino did propose direct talks with indigenous leaders but for now these are standing their ground and say they will be no talks as long as the president doesn't provoke his economic plan so many here it's time for the president to step down they are here killing people it is unjust lenin marriner should resign we mourn the people who are not with us the president can't govern
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like this is a practically turned into a dictator or shooting people indiscriminately it can go on like this international organizations are calling for both sides to see. gail down the violence and starts a serious dialogue but for now these calls haven't been heard now ecuadorians hold their breath hoping for the other dog peaceful solution to the country's worst crisis in decades nicholas o'donovan. in a new book a former n.b.c. news employee details the difficulties he faced trying to get the network to run a sexual abuse expose a kid says the channel trying to kill his 2017 investigation into the 9 disgraced hollywood producer harvey weinstein and claims too that even hillary clinton tried to get in the way of reports harvey weinstein the man who triggered the me to
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movement. who. even the former 1st lady couldn't stay away because women stick together i was shocked and appalled i was just sick i was shocked i was appalled the issue really is how terrible his behavior was and finally women have come forward to speak out about it this almost became a story that could have been because the investigation into weinstein in the rape allegations was almost killed by a channel that considers itself to be a bit of women's rights there has been no clear example this year of journalism's ability to change the world training films do almost nothing to stop the harassment when it comes to women were and sexual harassment the topic you know i care a lot about it appears need to movement has finally hit wall street ronan farrow
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a pulitzer winning journalist says that n.b.c. wanted to end his investigation they ordered a hard stop to reporting they told me and a producer working on this that we should not take a single call that. to cancel interviews the question for years has been why why because the network got a call from a certain harvey yes the same harvey harvey weinstein who threatened to expose matt lauer's nefarious activities if the story saw the light of day well it did anyway and farrow went to the new yorker and even wrote a book catch and kill weinstein made it known to the network that he was aware behavior and capable of revealing it and it looks like hillary clinton didn't want pharaoh's investigation to be published either her of all people hillary clinton had scheduled an interview all of us at the head of the weinstein reporting and her folks got in touch and said we're working on a big story sounded very concerned and tried to cancel that interview over the weinstein over the weinstein stuff errol claims that clinton's publicist approached
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him and pressured him to drop the story and what he says was weinstein's behest clinton's press people tried to distance themselves from the scandal. i genuinely respect ronan's work but have no idea what weinstein was saying to people to save himself what i do know is simple i've already rejected a weinstein copra pose dog about the election before talking to if i misrepresented facts it wouldn't be the 1st time n.b.c. denied any wrongdoing n.b.c. news signed the harvey weinstein's story to ronen we completely supported it over many months with resources both financial and editorial after 7 months without one victim witness on the record he simply didn't have a story that mesereau a standard for broadcast nor that of any major news organization. now for n.b.c. to say that ronan farrow didn't have a story has got to be embarrassing at this point not only did he expose the rich and powerful but he got
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a pulitzer prize for doing it makes you wonder if news outlets ditch their principles when the powerful start pressing i think his words can entirely be trusted i think what we're seeing right now is just the advancement of fake news in america you know it's like the president said just last week it's no longer fake news it's now corrupt news and n.b.c. has jumped right on that train you would think that these liberals would be all about this being that they preach social justice and feminism and women's rights but the reality is that these people have deep pockets i think that hillary clinton is only about women's rights when it's convenient for her so when you have somebody like weinstein who is able to contribute to the democratic party and able to you know have the media in his pockets because of the amount of money he has the agenda for these democrats goes out the window we've been shown this time and time again that money talks over policy so they can pretend that the policy is something that they want it here too but the reality is when their friends have money and their
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friends can finance their campaigns and finance their agendas they play dirty and i think hillary clinton's about as dirty as they come she's right down there with harvey weinstein still ahead this hour a muslim soldier in germany has been sent for refusing to shake the hands of female officers we've got the details just on.
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we've got a crumbling infrastructure roads bridges tunnels are not working we've got students that are in massively in debt and probably will never add to the productivity of society all because. the propaganda. doesn't matter we just know it to ourselves. again the u.s. says it will deploy more troops to saudi arabia it follows last month's attack on the country's oil facilities blamed on iran by washington and also. we are sending
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troops and other things to the middle east to help saudi arabia but are you ready saudi arabia at my request has agreed to pay for everything we're doing the additional troops dispatched by the white house will bring the total deployment of u.s. forces to the kingdom to $3000.00 since mid september the us will also increase the number of patriot missile systems and provide riyad the thad defense system also washington says it's all to counter the threat from iran after last month's attack on saudi oil refineries meanwhile an iranian oil tanker has reportedly been hit twice in attacks of the cole off the coast of saudi arabia a fire erupted following the incident along with an oil spill the place is since been put out and the leak contained to condemned what happened the investigations conducted by the national iranian tanker company indicate the
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uranium tanker has sustained damaged after being targeted twice and how far away intervals from a place near its shipping route in the east of the red sea over responsibility for the act including the extensive environmental pollution in the region follow on those behind this dangerous adventurism we got analysis on these developments from the middle east expert to shamoun also former pentagon official michael maloof. from my point of view we're not sure who did it but i think it's an accident it's the americans that are our problem really in mind these these really are the english we're not sure but we can we can almost be sure that it's not something you know love. and they can response to and it. has been stepped down from the twenty's will decide. company so it just it just it is god's will and this is just me is he on electoral college to say now i see
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a lot of people but i'm try to make the peace i question the use of fads and patriots against stuff drones they're very difficult to pick up by stealth drones which was the basis for the attacks that occurred. a month ago or so into saudi arabia and you need a low low frequency radar system so i i question the the type of equipment that's going and certainly they need. i was surprised that the saudis hadn't put. defense systems around their oil installations in the 1st place but be that as a may it's meant to show u.s. support for the saudis that equipment went in at the saudi request and of course they're paying for it so that means more coin in the u.s. car for so i think that it's meant to be very defensive in nature. now in germany a court has ruled against the appeal of
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a muslim soldier who was fired for refusing to shake the hands of his female colleagues. the plaintiffs position on the refusal to shake hands with women contradicts constitutionally ordered gender equality and represents disregard for the free democratic order there are serious doubts that the soldier who refuses to shake hands with women serving with him will be able to perform his duties and be ready to stand up for protection of his fellow female soldier. after 4 years as an army contractor the soldier was dismissed last year he refused to shake hands with women due to his religious beliefs with $3000.00 muslims currently serve in germany's armed forces that is 7 times less than the number of female soldiers we discussed the issue with the women's rights activist power deanna and also war correspondent yvonne ridley. if this soldiers you know they're not willing to respect the law and the rules of the country in which they're leaving i think it's
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better if they leave it's better if they go and do another job unfortunately muslim soldiers have not been treated equally in the german military which is quite shocking when this pointed out germany is a democracy as for this soldier i don't believe he should have been sacked obviously battlefield conditions are quite different to the social. conditions we have to put women's rights and of course human rights on the top of everything on top of traditions on top of relations if not to we could be trapped we can allow you know our single religious you know traditions way of thinkin to overrule the rules of the common law and what about the female perspective since you are saying that you you promote women's rights i promote women's rights i'm a muslim woman i would not go and shake
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a man's hand. if i thought it was inappropriate we can balance women's rights and at the same time respect someone's religion totally we have to respect a cv will in our rights of this women who doesn't feel comfortable in shaking hands of man fine but here we are talking about a saudi air and we're talking about other soldiers serving with him and risking their life with him and we're talking about this women risking their life with these you know and not feeling respect not feeling you know comfortable feeling that he's some kind of extremists who doesn't believe they're not only might have to do is clearly that it was a stand his religious point of view. but then i also know it's a very proud. not really very practical judy i mean you can save someone if you can even touch the hand how can you think they've someone in the battlefield without
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touching hair so only now you'll see it without any silly now you're being no no no no i'm just i'm just me and you are family living in the west does not mean that people have to abandon their faith it's normal that traditions have to change with society but there's nothing bad with that or that's what i'm saying it's just enormous organic. international monetary fund has weighed into the bait over climate change is now telling nations to increase carbon taxes adding though that it will be the public who will have to foot the bill to limit global warming to 2 degrees or less the level deemed safe by science large emitting countries need to take ambitious action for example they should introduce a carbon tax set to rise quickly to $75.00 a ton in 2030 this would mean household electric bills would go up by 43 percent cumulatively over the next decade on average more in countries that still rely
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heavily on coal tricity generation and less else were all those proposals have had a mixed reception we asked people in germany france and the u.k. if they were willing to pay more. i think it's very unfair to a system which is build on fossil fuels which is built to exploit the planet and then to basically make individuals in a new liberal logic pay for it we actually already pay too much taxes for things that are actually i would say even nonsense often we depend on the ring come for those pressure off so i can see why the prices should go up because if you do that there has to be support for the people at the bottom in contra food it feel like that's a good way of approaching climate change aspect of things yeah things will be good you know we're going to i'm on a little risky security in my opinion the risk is that wealthy people would pay just more money for the bells while people with an average salary would be put in
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a difficult situation for me it's not a practical solution of course it's not a fact that everyone can pay everyone can go for it for me it's a bit difficult because i live alone but in fact as long as major countries who do nothing at national or international level i believe not as much would change at individual level unfortunately. some world news in brief one person has been killed in japan which is being battered by heavy rains is the worst typhoon in half a decade approaches over a 1000000 people have been advised to evacuate trains and flights have been suspended. hundreds of people formed a human chain around unix in the gold is a sign of solidarity with jewish people that after the deadly and semitic attack in the german city of we left 2 people dead on wednesday issue to try to enter the local synagogue while jewish people were celebrating on kapoor the holiest day in
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the calendar. and in hong kong people there are mourning the death of a 15 year old girl her body was found 3 days after her disappearance the cause of death has yet to be established but and he beijing activists allege the police was somehow involved at a memorial people late. post it notes origami figures and it can use. so that brings you up to date that's how the news is looking so far today is always plenty of stories i don't website but out into. the swarms of them so many. good viewers who are local was before. much of those who heard it's a preview are you ever see him with the north we will. move
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. move. move show you just look beautiful the media look or good. more muslim also these girls will give you films for good girls. to go to school so look i do the same you want me to show the story to you should go. to starbucks to get it to me to do it with the little girl must say look it is it's. just such thing understand just me it's the mashed old truck stop the president and please control this project until. we have produced a ghost whisperer to snap them up on you of course that is the girls with you swear your supporters to your sure station shouldn't for you should cook door for the one
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who's doing. what politicians do something. they put themselves on the line they did accept the reject. so when you want to be president and you. have to be right to be right that's what before 3 of them all can't be good. i'm interested always at the water's edge. should. join me everything. simon chill and i'll be speaking to the politics. i'm show business i'll see that.
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this is a boom bust broadcasting around the world and covering all aspects of our global economy in the 21st century i'm daniel bell in washington christiane is on assignment in new york we start today in ecuador where protests in kenya even after a government was forced to flee the capital to rouse former official of the ecuadorian central bank joins the show to give us his take on why these protests are happening as well as the i.m.f. role in the turmoil plus the strike a general motors continues as the company's management sets for talks with u.a.w. union leaders but there's still no end in sight and demands are still not met lauren fix the car coach is standing by to give us a tour of recent developments in the global water all this plus trade talks the
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stock walks and the troubled comeback of another legacy music format straight ahead let's go. to missile struck an iranian oil tanker traveling through the red sea roughly 80 miles from the coast of the saudi arabian city of jeddah on friday according to iranian state media. the atomic took place in the early morning hours in damage storerooms on the oil tanker said bt which is 0.09 by the national iranian oil company according to multiple reports the ship carrying 1000000 barrels of 1000000 barrels of crude oil leaked some of its cargo into the red sea for a short period of time but the link leak was soon stanched following news of the attack brant crude was up more than 1.5 percent over $60.00 per barrel the saudi government made no mention of the incident saudi arabia and iran have been waging proxy battles for regional influence most directly in yemen in september yemeni militias claim credit for attacks on saudi oil fields that instantly took more than half of saudi crude pretty.


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