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tv   News  RT  October 21, 2019 3:00am-3:31am EDT

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6 the visions in spain deep into the catalonia crisis intensifies separatist protests into the 2nd week i guess the issue. is. so you don't want to negotiate. you're. also an 8 year old rabbi helping helping palestinian farmers in the west bank was briefly beaten by water or alleged to have been in place.
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for all the violence. to defend the palestinians from the. media in the us come up with a new catch phrase denigrate conventional use of presidential hopefuls. hello there is 10 am here in moscow you're watching international. madrid protests have been raging catalonia with prime independent supporters angered by the jailing of separatists leaders a week ago 2 years on from the region's failed independence bit the issue is dividing spain again on sunday people rallying dioxide the spanish government's residence in barcelona they were calling for the release of 9 jailed separatist leaders found guilty of sedition for their involvement in the referendum the vote
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was deemed to be illegal by madrid activists or bags of rubbish in front of the building meanwhile a national newspaper has also been dragged into the castle and control of a say has been a question of now explains. one country one nation well not when it comes to spain the status once again divided over catalonia and its and dependence and still here says the referendum and it hasn't done much for them that and it seems there is not much clarity over the issue so are you spanish or are you catalonia well it's hard to decide even for the country's leading newspaper that came out on saturday with 2 differ in hand lines well this is a national edition and it says massive march of independence for the freedom of the damned and this one says violent groups kaos and the center of barcelona barcelona has become the at the center of the separation movement and is literally on fire
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alfre day some protestors take the idea of and dependence to the extreme. but not everyone shares that view even in barcelona. this road to self-determination but whatever you do do it within the law if you want to have a referendum do it according to the law we've seen a lot of violence and alarm on the streets we can't allow that to scare off the tourists our streets to be destroyed and the protesters do whatever they want the constitution must be respected and must be respected no matter what that yes the
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catalonia belongs to everyone that alone is what it is because of the efforts of all for us people like my grandparents my parents and myself so why should they drive me away from. when must to stop being spain ish the man who started all this is quietly sitting out the crisis in brussels but protesters in the streets are blaming madrid our politicians have been asking for dialogue since years and they always deny you just said that the police and they think that with the restoration we would change our thoughts that they could be uplifted because during this week every day and every night there is more and more protest in the street yard establishing this conflict dates back centuries it goes way back now the stakes are high and we need to show that we are ready for the day we can talk and have a referendum agreed by all let us vote in peace and tranquility since this relationship between spain and catalonia has been broken out old old so no no way no way out no
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no way back you know what i mean because i don't believe in spain i don't believe in. anything in spain and i don't want to be part of this pain anymore while the catalan president says violence has never been their past radical groups have spread throughout the city hijacking the protest and what has been the response from petro sons has government the government to spain reiterates that the problem of catalonia is not independence which will not occur because it's not legal nor to the majority of catalans want it but rather coexistence madrid could still trigger article $155.00 of the constitution which would allow in just the found the ration of government and assume direct rule but so far prime minister sanchez has fallen short of doing this is facing a general election in november and right now it's not looking good these protests
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and the lack of response might prove fatal to the central government sanchez has been accused of sticking his head in the sand over the crisis. sanchez says that with moderation everything will end up going where it has to the community dialogue with those who make us alone. the government cannot remain paralyzed before this tsunami of violence mr sanchez article 155 we are late. it's not unusual for spain though the pack for getting adopted after franco died and his regime fell basically an ally of the new government to not deal with anyone or anything franco related like move on nothing to see here but will this approach work nowadays or is it time to take have out of the sand and finally face the problem because until they do cats a one year could be burning within a quarter of the reporting there will the newspaper has since said that the
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consistency in its headlines is down to the different opening times of their divisions in the country and said that the final national version did actually have the word violent and its headline we discussed possible solutions to the catalonia crisis with 2 political scientists. the solution is quite easy it's to sit down to negotiate a referendum of that mission bracing all the political precedents and then their policies without hitting the streets that's if when the moment that we reach this thing anything ever made to stop traveling to stop but that's a growing that's a problem for all and not of the professors thus blackmail so all you are descended by all in stew for state government to negotiate. when the government is its neighbor said one of the government you agree we saw one thing you have pre-approved so you don't want to negotiate you want me to accept your conditions and well we had to know that they got down on one point decisions all of. the
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moment and gave the idea because they broke the demographic groups and it was group in there with the do stick with regard to justice that's. one therefore find the fish story but i don't think that it's pretty far from the throw of the constitution that there is no right to feel that it does not recognize this their private so that their mission i think we've been asking for that for this right to be recognized that contentious and got on is to have self-determination on referendum on we can be talking if it is like. so but that of endeavor and then the 48 percent or $55.00 about the only way that all the way to solve the situation it with is without referendum so that their mission that we didn't get a warning out we didn't know spain or which ever gone democratic country you got a few rules to follow and you can't you can't you have goals. you got so many
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artists much greed so many decision that are supporting you've got john kyl you can just think you can go to madrid with them and you can but we depend on them and they can change the constitution but please don't stand they don't be able to fight . just reach because they are going to ruin the lives this conflict needs to be solved democratically the problem is not think i don't have a problem is with a planet or an honor or a spring. and other news this morning masked attackers and beaten up an elderly rabbi in the west bank while he was helping palestinian foreigners to pick olives for other volunteers including foreign nationals were hurt the rabbi tell just what happened and suspects his attackers were israeli settlers were picking all leaves suddenly we heard shouts in hebrew go away go away don't be you he'll settle etc people started to run away because we are not violent
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of course we are against any violence whatsoever they came with clubs i don't clubs and stones in the old people you know or run away but i'm. 80 years old it was it would be difficult for me after all between ran away they returned in to me for 5 people and started to beat me with clubs and with stones i started with with the clubs on my head so i just tried to defend myself with my hand through the broke my you held i mean plaster now. and stones one of the stones. to my head and it was blood in terribly the people probably form the settlement called me to how the. jewish school. and the people the students the known for the violence and for aggression
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in the us this is actually the reason that we are we all there to defend the palestinians from them. well the israeli police have launched an investigation and the local officials do say to the day security has it was created when palestinians along with what they describe as extreme left activists approached the settlement the west bank is home to a large palestinian population that is also an occupied territory with israelis establishing settlements there clashes between palestinian and jewish communities occurs frequently in the region mr you hard day again says he wants the fighting to stop. politically i think they put this thing in. the right for self-determination as we jews have our all right for said the nation in israel i think the 2 states where this thing in israel you should leave each to our to other next to the other in peace the but unfortunately it's not happening.
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but our aim is that organisation is not political our aim is human is human and we do our best to. this mission. now that we can expound and journalist in the sand is expected to appear in person later on monday at westminster magistrates' court in london the full extradition hearing is scheduled for february today's hearing though the sides will present their respective initial arguments for and against the u.s. extradition request meanwhile now smelt a un special rapporteur on torture visited the sangean prison in a along with the medical experts and he says that his songes been subjected to sustained psychological torture and that is called a for a probe into the matter has been ignored. i asked the u.k. to nest on their current. case file the violation
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to all of prosecute and punish all and of officials. for 4 months i didn't receive any results. she. responded in a very short. to paragraph letter but they rejected all allegations. all to do treatment for mr assad and that he was free to leave the embassy or at any time so clearly they did not investigate. because of course requests. are added to the oceans convention against torture which required has. to conduct. investigations assuming there is a reasonable ground in the united kingdom especially you're trying. to investigate
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this case passion well in the u.s. a songes charged with possession and the distribution of classified information if found guilty he could receive up to 175 years in prison the journalist has been in washington's crosshairs for more than a decade that after wiki leaks published a video showing the u.s. military attacking journalists and civilians in iraq in july of 2007 in a sign she's currently serving a 15 week sentence in the u.k. for bail evasion back in 2012 hours meltzer again says his right to due process though has been systematically violated. clearly showed his pattern but it is typical for victims of such a logical torture and because mr assad has been isolated in a very controlled environment for more than 6 years. we could identify the causes for the symptoms because i did read of certainty we could see is that there was
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this huge military of stress levels that were added by the various systems the arbitrary just the procedures that's a sound like torture for something once the train is late but after a couple of years when you're busy with every state authority you are exposed to treats you with extreme arbitrariness and by this you will become an axis and you will lose the trust in your imagined and. still had for the savvy us is really like a thing its troops from syria but they aren't heading home as some had hoped we'll see where they going just after the prank. politicians to do something to. put themselves on the line. to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. or some want to.
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have to go right to the press it's like them before 3 of them or can't be good. interested always in the waters in the house. one else so seems wrong. but all wrong just don't call. me all that he get to say proud disdain become educated and engagement equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart when she's to look for common ground.
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welcome back you with the us democrat 2020 hopeful. has hit back at hillary clinton's insinuations that she's getting help from russia she explained why she thinks these claims are being made against. but if they can falsely portray me as a traitor then they can do it to anyone and in fact that's exactly the masses that they want to get across to you that if you stand up against hillary and the party powerbrokers if you stand up to the rich and powerful elite in the war machine they will destroy you and discredit your message earlier hillary clinton alleged a female democratic candidate is being groomed by moscow she added that russia has launched an online campaign to support her bid for the white house where the latest democrat to base have seen more candidates tarred with the same russia brush with certain race topics now being branded as kremlin talking points as more. what you're about to seen probably means it's time for someone to go and we get
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pedia and come up with the page for one new yet already well established concept talking points that really came out of the kremlin from the talking point kremlin talking points of russia talking points kremlin talking points of kremlin's talking points around when governments talking points kremlin talking points is what i was talking about so why waste time on pronouncing the full 3 words if the kremlin talking points are really everywhere couldn't we just say katie p's that would probably save white house candidates a few seconds of their debating time anyway speaking of the democrat debates even saying something like this we have to let russia know look we get it we've tampered with the elections you've tempered with our elections and now it has to stop and if it does not stop we will take this is an act of hostility against the american people will get you katie p. busted i now retract any vaguely nice thing i have a set
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a bad yank knowing technology things because he answered the question on putin with moral equivalency and a kremlin talking point it will take a few seconds of let's say googling to realize that andrew yang is making a valid point american journalists people working for the government have written about how the us pulled political strings abroad in the past but nowadays damn it cram one talking point alert comes the reaction here's something else from another candidate donald trump has the blood of the kurds on his hand but so do many of the politicians in our country from both parties wait for it literally crawling talking point that whatever look apart from told seem pretty much everyone who's capable of doing a bit of research pointed that out all kinds of media ran the story on how different generations of d.c. paul. sins turn their backs on the kurds so katy p.s.r.
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haunting americans just about everywhere someone takes a hit at the democratic leadership for not being progressive kremlin talking point someone has a go on john mccain for being too belligerent kremlin talking point fears of a nuclear war another quote one talking point i'll tell you what though wide if you absolutely sane people from way outside the kremlin walls would just call these comments or concerns legit points do you know any more examples for the k t p we keep eating a page anyway at least it's a bit of free publicity for moscow's most famous landmark there are a number of ways that we can refute a particular case that we're talking about in the in this instance number one is a call something a conspiracy theory conspiracy there is when somebody says something which is usually true that you don't like now we have
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a new version of this when you say this repeatedly kremlin talking points kremlin talking point people will start to believe it then when you say it when it's received yes excellent you must be well read you've said kremlin talking point at least 6 times in that sentence welcome aboard remember the election is a 13 months instead of them worrying about what kind of world they're going to be promising democrats or people who vote for them they're talking about the kremlin and dusting off roofs so full that red baiting nonsense. that the us is drawing troops from parts of northern syria that they are not heading back home had hoped. the current game plan is for those forces to reposition in western iraq the ones coming out that's original $1000.00 and then 2 missions one is to defend iraq and 2 is to perform accounts are his mission and again has not ruled
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out the possibility of the troops being sent back to syria at a later date to conduct anti terror operations although president don't trump apparently has the right days because on twitter he did say he was bringing soldiers home but that tweet was then removed a couple of hours later and we posted to you with a reference to bringing troops home removed it's a pledge though he's often made before. we have won against isis we've beaten them and we've beat numb badly now we've won it's time to come back we just took over you know you kept hearing it was 90 percent 92 percent the caliphate in syria now it's 100 percent we just took over we're not get the hell out of isis will become another syria like very soon it's time to bring our soldiers back home that's the way it is. well on thursday washington did negotiate a 5 day ceasefire between turkey and the kurds in syria this is to allow kurdish forces to pullback turkey wants to establish
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a so-called safe zone reaching 30 kilometers into syria both sides of the keys each other though violating the cease fire incursion into northern syria began early this month right after the u.s. said it was leaving the region middle east analyst sandra bruno told us that america's exit has nothing to do strategy. i think trump is trying to find a way to silence his critics so. they've created this idea that they can shift the 1000 troops gradually from the base in northern syria to iraq this makes it seem like they're just redeploying the troops to where they're more needed strategically as if there is some kind of plan so i think it's a tactic for political gains at home rather than actual strategic gains in iraq. the u.k.
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has triggered emergency breaks it plans known as operation yellow hammer it does mean that hundreds of civil servants will be reassigned to planning for a no deal breaks it comes after m.p.'s force the prime minister seek an extension from the forest johnson currently has until the end of the month to get his new deal with brussels past our guest discussed where the brics is headed next. the problem is not brussels the problem is our own people in westminster who have deliberately set out to undermine the british government deliberately set out to make sure the deal is as bad as possible out of deliberately set out so so but democracy i'd say shave off the steel is a bad deal but it's not a catastrophic deal a catastrophic deal is what you can never escape from and what you saw to read about is by. stop you could never escape from whereas with polish johnson's deal whilst it's bad you can't escape from it and it does give future british
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governments the ability to a bad relationship with europe i think what will happen over the next week or 2 is that we will have a clearer view not of the last because i think that's fairly settled. but of the future relationship and i think that's going to be the real but there are no doubt there will be attempts at amending the legislation going through palmer to for example try and have a referendum to confirm. the agreement so there'll be lots of shenanigans but i think that in the end this deal with slight amendments will be what the u.k. parliament will agree. and he's just coming up to you at 10 30 in the morning here in moscow that's how the news is looking back again at the top.
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the world is driven by a dream shaped by the curse of those great. dares thinks. we dare to ask. there are no official statistics in india consenting children who have been lost all separated from their parents some are testaments that everything 8 minutes in the country the child goes missing. on earth. are you going to. know where you finally got.
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the national human rights commission stated that $44000.00 minors go missing every year while the police quoted. the united nations children's fund has described the situation as genocide and various sources suggest that in india there are several 1000000 missing women and children. you know world big partisan movie lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that made history media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the bad and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the
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middle for the truth. the time is now we're watching closely watching the hawks. following the welcome to crossfire we're all things are considered i'm peter lavelle do elections mean anything anymore well ask the ukrainians they have a new president and a new parliament a change come slowly if at all in ukraine corruption and neo nazis blocked the way forward.
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cross talking some real news i'm joined by my guest robert bridge he's a r.t. website writer we also have nick like petro he is a professor of political science at the university of rhode island and of course we're joined by dmitri bob h. he's a political analyst and editor and interest me internet media project originally crosstalk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want and i always appreciate it robert let me go to you 1st here i think a lot of people going to be surprised by the content of our program because when you crane is in the news flow they're thinking of joe biden paul man a fort 2016 election the d.n.c. we could go on and on oh and of course the famous phone call between the presidents of the united states and ukraine but we're going to talk about ukraine in a different way in a way that most people are not following we had an election where we have a new president's own skin we have a new parliament overwhelmingly supported his agenda and him personally but doesn't seem to have much traction. yes that's very true and it's unfortunate that you have
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this element this far right neo fascist element in ukraine that is really calling the shots and it's amazing to me that. this alinsky has 77 or maybe it's less now i think is about 66 percent support of the people that's a lot you know it's quite alive percent voted for him yes and i don't understand now how it's possible when you have this love of public support that the street can rise up like it has when when i'm starting to wonder when it's going to get to the point when the people say no we don't want another made up because it's basically what the neo i guess called the nazis yes we're going to that's basically what they're calling for there apparently there are there are reports that there's a threat and possible how did we get to this point because he you have to ask basic questions put to shame call came in as a centrist left i think is a much more nationalist right winger and we have zelinsky is very.


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