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tv   News  RT  November 3, 2019 3:00pm-3:30pm EST

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thank. you i'd like your dog died like your coward of the stories the states this week donald trump revels in declaring the death of the i still leader in syria compare the raid against baghdad he and barack obama has been lost in operation. breaks it gets to late again but the british prime minister finally gets his way over the general election which for most will be seen as another referendum on leaving the e.u. . and an american journalist claims political persecution off there is a recipe for an alleged assault he tells r.t. it's payback for opposing venezuelan opposition violence. be have been on the forefront of exposing the u.s.
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crew against venezuela and now they're trying to steal my freedom. hello and welcome you watching the weekly here on r.t. international bringing you all the latest world news along with the stories the shape the week the 1st donald trump announcement of the death of ice the leader abu bakar al baghdadi just over a week ago shook the world the terror group passes confirms the claim morning america not to be happy or arians about it the u.s. president said the terrorists detonated a suicide vest during a u.s. raid in syria killing himself and his children a brutal killer one who has caused so much hardship and death. has violently been eliminated he died like a dog he died like a coward this drone video purports to show the off the math of the us operation the
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compound is located in italy province the last rebel held foothold in syria our senior correspondent correspondent wideout ever looks into the similarities of the u.s. raid against banks that they and president obama's been not an operation on asleep at this point it's turning into whack a mole whack a terrorist it's like an initiation now for american presidents to kill the biggest the baddest guy you cad and take a really cool photo. the united states brought the world's number one terrorist leader to justice of move a car i'll bet daddy is dead. but the united states has conducted an operation that killed osama bin laden the leader of al qaeda. and a terrorist who's responsible for the murder of thousands of innocent men women and
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children deja vu doesn't do this just this big bad bin laden hiding out in pakistan a friendly nation that washington liberally sprinkles with billions in aid big bad baghdadi i doing out in the evening a bastion of u.s. supported rebels which up until 2017 washington liberally supplied with guns ammunition and missiles it is the last a major rebel stronghold in the north of syria the last rebel stronghold of in them one of the last remaining areas in western syria that the government does not control booth tera honchos were given the same burial ceremony with the same writes baghdad his remains were buried at sea the in accordance with the law of armed conflict within 24 hours of his death some of it lodges corpse was taken by the troops to the aircraft carrier the u.s.s. carl vinson the he was buried at sea according to muslim tradition of cool 7 things
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classified new pictures new proof that it was the men they claim to have killed just their would also hero dogs the dog that helped sniff out bin laden and the pooch hoods in the raid in baghdad what are the chances are all well and good the great click bait for the tabloids but the timing in both cases a year before elections to kill the biggest the baddest 0 guy you can add has got to get voters and you aside right the feet of al qaida defeated isis problem is of course they didn't 8 years since bin laden's death we find al qaida alive and kicking with their own mini caliphate didn't even live where they were hosting the . of isis is a province it is the largest al qaeda safe haven since $911.00 killing bin laden
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didn't stop al qaida they all googly grew since then now a week off to trump off the baghdadi isis has already proclaimed the newquay live but hey at least both a bomb and trump got absolutely bad pictures to 30 commanders in chief my colleague in o'neill discuss what's next in the fight against terror with the america correspondent voice on knowledge assuming he is dead how significant a development is that what extent will i still be weakened well they've lost the territory long ago i mean what we're dealing with for all intents and purposes are small bands of. leftover bands of fighters their power their true power was was broken long ago with the end of the if it's confirmed and that's a big if always because he's been dead what 5 times by now is would be
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a significant development in so far as he declared himself the colleague and this the manner of his death has been. there only the legitimizing to that particular role somebody who claims to have the mandate of heaven such as it is and you know ending in such a fashion which i think was the purpose of president trump's comments the way he phrased it there'd be a lot of anger directed double trouble over his. what was called his betrayal of the kurds and that wasn't very long ago potentially beneficial might this be in the other aspect for him taking out such a high profile target well your vast majority of americans would react to this with pride and joy ok baghdadi. isis is done for fantastic the media absolutely hated because this ruins their entire narrative about being a bumbling politician who's who's messing up the syria policy who's just needs to
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be impeached right away that's the narrative they've been trying to sell the american people for the past 3 years it was a terrible day for them and a really good day for trump from the standpoint of inter merican optics for the for the population of the country at large because it helped obama didn't win and to bin laden photo that went everywhere and now they're saying that you have a sim very much the same situation analogous situation and yet the treatment is completely different. it was supposed to be a treat for many in britain on thursday as the u.k. was due to leave the european union october 31st halloween however thanks to parliamentary tricks boris johnson was forced to ask for another extension to the breaks it down the line with the potential of a no departure now of a move to opposition parties have finally agreed to a snap general election next month probably work over sums up the saga of. which has hit its hollow we brags it deadline i mean case you haven't noticed the u.k. hasn't left the european union again they've called
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a general election instead it's fair to say that for many here in britain brags it is now a joke ever since the country voted to leave the e.u. back in 2016 the u.k.'s internet users have been trying to console themselves through the 5 stages of grief denial when the braggs it was all was fust announced even the queen was confused the british people have to leave the european union right she said the people. and then there was the time that everyone realised that adele song was about bread visit. and brags it werry journalist started talking about the most important meal of the
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day instead she will say that bricks it means breakfast bricks it until it breaks breakfast and you keep the. breakfast we will make breakfast breakfast a success. after denial there was anger best summed up by john bercow trying to keep a lid on parliamentary proceedings or did. she. 6 know what i'm doing. oh do 6. i want it was time to officially trigger article 50 that's that letter telling brussels that the u.k. really does want divorce well the analogy is well priceless. then there was bargaining when to resume a made trip after trip to brussels trying to get herself
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a bragg's it deal after that the set of bragg's it induced depression that was when brits started coming up with drinking games just to make things a little more exciting what we need is a bricks drinking it would be so much more interesting that the whole country lined up some shots and took one every time certain words were mentioned the government is still searching for the censorship. come on us like you've been drinking going to see a little bit go on. to reason raised government's vision of a successful brags it had become this magical unattainable unicorn. politics you know basically parents who promise their daughter a unicorn to reason why is presenting them a horse with an oist cream cone glued to each wall over in brussels the u.k.'s inability to get a briggs it deal through parliament turned into existential angst that has
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a special place in hell for those promoting bragg's it without a plan said donald tusk and the guest list is still being finalized according to. those still empty and. it means the. one man we can bet that may think will make an apparent is britain's new prime minister boris johnson. with another extension agreed with brussels under a general election on the way the u.k. gets to stay in gregg's it limbo for another few months in fact her good tree has become the norm for those of us living in these green. pleasant pastures which brings us to the final stage of grief and that is except.
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an american journalist claims the us is trying to steal his freedom and silence him after his recent arrest concerning an alleged attack on a woman during protests at the venezuelan embassy in washington in may max blumenthal has told r.t. he believes it's linked to his reporting in which he's critical of u.s. support for political change in venezuela. why 5 months after the incident alleged in the court documents and this false charge did i have a team of police officers show up and demand entry to my house and take me to prison for 2 days without access to a lawyer i was told by someone who has very good inside knowledge of this case that a judge already rejected the warrant and i for the last 5 months have been able to walk free i have traveled in and out of the country if there had been a warrant at any point i would have already been arrested furthermore. why
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didn't they notify me that there was a warrant so i could turn myself in and show up at my own arraignment because i have nothing to fear i'm completely innocent i'm not a flight risk why didn't they do that it's an attempt to persecute me for the journalism that we've done at the gray zone because at the gray zone we have been at the forefront of exposing the u.s. against venezuela of exposing one team for the covert and overt u.s. support they've received and for the massive corruption and now they're trying to steal my freedom. police say the woman in question identified the journalist from a photo she's a supporter of the venezuelan position was reporting from outside the venezuelan embassy where the woman claims she was bound to be said. they kicked me pushed me to the 2 of them then they tried to grab me and take me to the passage so i started
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to clue police for help but they would be talking and beating me. early this year u.s. backed opposition leaders in venezuela trying in vain to oust the elected president nicolas maduro and in washington supporters of the opposition attempted to install themselves in the country's them the city during the tussle for control with pro-government activists the alleged assaults took place next moment those attorney told us more about the political persecution. they decided to arrest him right after the gray zone had republished a story that showed that. and his team were receiving funding from usa id now are those 2 things related it certainly would seem like this is some form of retaliation if you sit in a court for arraignment you'll see 3040 people come up and their cases if it's a simple assault allegedly. will be what's called no paper the prosecution won't bring a case here we have
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a dynamic where one individual was arrested in may and now 6 months later. they are now bringing a case against max blumenthal on the same matter i do believe that there are political motives i mean how else does one explain a case but you know is brought 6 months after the fact right you know what was going on in those 6 months prior why did they not bring the case then because there's not evidence this man didn't do this so here we have a journalist on this topic and on others who has been critically reporting inconvenient facts about powerful people. you know both in the u.s. government and u.s. interests and you know it's been reported critically on those which is a journalist is supposed to. you and now he's being retaliated against and now you know this is his punishment for speaking out that is what this looks like when
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we've contacted the prosecutor's office in washington but a small cup on to us with a comment just yet. now another nation facing a huge protest movement we take a look at how things are unfolding in iraq after this very short break stay with us . so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy for them to let it be an arms race off and spearing dramatic development the only move really i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time to sit down and talk. to people who are printing the money don't rely on taxes to get wealthy they're not
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part of the real economy that's a does the same thing as saying the rulers of saudi arabia rely on the wages of the people living in saudi arabia to get rich they they don't they just print more or pump more oil so in the america the princes that run our economy just print more money they don't need the workers they don't need their taxes that's why they don't have wage growth that's why there's been this aeration because there are needed. to. welcome back huge anti-government protests are continuing to buffet alone. has caused growth for a radical overhaul of the country's sectarian political system in the capital baghdad demonstrators have been blocking major roads and burning tires and
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government offices and businesses to close major rallies have also been taking place in the country as predominantly shiite south but protesters disrupting transport networks. iraq's government is accused of failing to tackle any chemical reaction that being unable to meet its citizens basic needs adding to the anger it has also launched a violent crackdown on demonstrators killing over $250.00 since the uprising began . to love all of the university students in baghdad taking part in this protest it's for our country and most of the people here are deeply patriotic. these protests are sending a message if our demands are not mad we will hold even bigger demonstrations. lead the people decide for themselves that the people form the government at least. people are protesting and so the government should resign everyone is taking to the streets students young people the elderly when everyone is on the streets middle
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eastern affairs expert ali risk told us more about the grievances driving the protests. does fact is that you do have the words 'd for corruption in iraq this is something which iraq all these iraqi citizens have complained all the time and again you have to remember that there's a lot of a lot of resources iraq iraq is a very rich country you know somebody iraq should be a prosperous nation if you take all new starters in mind do you know its economic strengths you already it's as i said we're used to restructure towards place where many shop programs don't visit so you're in iraq does indeed suffer from this problem. was donald trump's former national security adviser pushed into pleading guilty to lying to the f.b.i. in 2017 u.s. federal prosecutors have refuted those claims but michael flynn's new legal team
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claim evidence against him had been manipulated flynn had admitted misrepresenting conversations he's had with the russians the u.s. ambassador at the time and was prosecuted as part of the investigation into suppose that russian meddling. michael flynn lied to the f.b.i. flynn is a proven liar practice liar michael flynn is a liar why did the f.b.i. was a lawyer general flynn casualty number one of the russia gates saga is calling out the f.b.i. he claims they changed the wording of his responses to their questioning and did so to arrest him we also have information that the agents did manipulate the 3 o 2 you know it was long in
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a quote deliberative state as they called it which is highly unusual in a novice self we attach as exhibit 11 to our document the comparison of the february 10th and february 11th 3 o 2 that show the addition of substantial additional claims that were not in there before and are not supported by the notes. the f.b.i. uses 30 tuesday keep an official record of their interviews in flynn's case the form was used by the f.b.i. to claim he lied but did he really it's not so clear anymore flynn's defense team just released a court documents suggesting something very different happened that the f.b.i. actually significantly changed the meaning of what he actually said. the f.b.i. wanted to know if len had ever discussed sanctions with the russian ambassador he said he wasn't sure he had spoken to many i'm basters and didn't really keep
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a tally although the record showed he said this. flynn stated he did not the narrative of flynn the liar was born but that wasn't the only problem with the interview some of which were there from the get go. the f.b.i. wanted to send agents into the white house itself to interview senior official you would work through the white house counsel and the discussions and approvals and it would be there and i thought it's early enough to send a couple guys over so who did call me sundown over agent peter struck who was fired for sending messages to his f.b.i. girlfriend funny enough it's those messages that shed some light on how flynn's 3 o 2 was apparently tampered with a major edits and sent them to joe i also e-mailed you the day 2302 full of this was proven to be a lie it was a set up and there is an investigation that is going on by attorney use the f.b.i. for political purposes in order to manipulate or to target certain people like
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michael slain by using the countries like russia and others as scapegoats as enemies of the people as is those not to be trusted all of this was set up in order to harm political opponents and these notes that were typed up later were altered in edited even so much so that the written word in it was altered later it would be as if somebody say you are either normal person was questioned by police officers about a robbery and you say i did not commit this robbery but instead the officer writes down they committed the robbery and then you have to go before a judge and argue that your statements weren't lies within the notes of the officer and that's what this case is talking about that's why this is so important. firefighters in california are working to contain the wildfires that have been ravaging large parts of the u.s. states including it's a cultural areas in the south the latest to break out the new reify housing go
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39000 acres of land in the city of santa paula. well thora these are investigating whether a technical fault or the local energy provider may be to blame the company is one of the biggest power firms in the state has been implementing blackouts to try and stop the fires from spreading even millions of people without electricity and this isn't the 1st time the company has hit the headlines as caleb moore breaks down. major life threatening fires have become a normal situation in california the latest caused thousands of people to flee
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their homes many are pointing to global warming as a potential root cause of the fires however they could be ignoring a much closer to home factor negligence p.g. and e. which is a utility company that provides electricity throughout the state has admitted that one of their transmission towers malfunctioned near the site where the kinkaid fire began in sonoma county the genie maintains that it is not necessarily their towers malfunction that caused the fire and investigators are currently getting to the bottom of that but while we're here let's review p.g. and e. is record.
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p.g. and e. actually filed for bankruptcy this year after it was forced to pay $11000000000.00 in damages however the corporation remains one of the biggest state utilities in california despite being linked to so many unnatural disasters furthermore california is now plagued with blackouts the public is not thrilled about that we had several days that we couldn't work that we can access the building only special access because as i said canceled a lot of people that have access to facilities a lot of the buildings were closed like m.l.k. where people go and study post up our business was was drastically affected there were 3 days in a row few weeks ago and then also this last monday i think should be held accountable because they are the only. power company in this whole area so they are responsible for that and these company is very ineffective in what it does and it
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keeps. basically making mistake after after mistake causing fires instead of preventing them. basically affecting people's life they're not doing what they say they're supposed to be doing then i feel like they're liable for it outrage is coming from the state governor there are people potentially up to 300000 customers that may continue to see their lights out which means roughly a 4 week with their lights out which is simply unacceptable i'm not goes with the issue greed mismanagement and decades of utility that didn't focus on you on public safety but focused on shareholders but he also received 820-8400 dollars contribution from the company at a time when they're already facing a felony investigation that's news that's going to pour more fuel onto an already raging california ok look them up and r.t. new york. it's using r.t. international we're back at the top of the hour with a late fee. and
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we're going to fulfill repeated promises possible to the people and how much you know we've all but the truth really. really wrong. that you want to work. no.
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well you. can link up join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics. i'm showbusiness i'll see that. today there are good and bad the bad news in yemen the united states deems to be a threat the good. word in syria the cia and u.s. military were engaged in covert actions really throughout the world. where they were assassinating populist leaders they were backing up right wing military funding an army that's why there's no end because there's always a small. for a really good. profit.
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right and a family at mit and i think. getting more headlines as a war activities for the last few years. noam chomsky has made to international reputation. is one of the national leaders of american resistance to the vietnam war the deepish this is a professor of linguistics who before he was 40 years wrote to transform the nature of his subject. you are identified with a new level whatever that is you certainly have been an activist as well as a writer. as the times. in his 1st.


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