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tv   News  RT  November 6, 2019 3:00am-3:31am EST

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a major u.s. network killed a bombshell interview allegedly proving sexual assault crimes have disgraced billionaire jeffrey epstein according to a leaked video featuring an anchor for the channel. everything. i tried for 3 years to get to no avail and now it's coming out it's a new well of revelations and i'm pretty happy. i was so pissed. just gratian in iraq where mass protests and violence bring the country to a level and seem since the overthrow of saddam a say. president claims the rise of islam as the extremist groups threatens the very existence of his country despite the presence of french forces in the west african nation.
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ever good morning just turned 11 am on wednesday here in moscow life in the outer world view center and kevin owen welcome to this half live update starting with a leaked video appears to cast doubt on the impartiality of america's a.b.c. news in it a network anchor claims that the channel quashed her explosive interview with an accuser of disgraced tycoon geoffrey epstein back in 215 legibly detailing the convicted paedophiles predatory behavior well this is part of the video obtained by transparency group project veritas. with everything. i have i tried for 3 years to get on to no avail and now it's all coming out and thinking is lou well of revelations and i presume. i was so pissed right now that every day i get more and more pissed because i'm just like. it was all what we had
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it was unreal now this came to us from an insider within the network an insider who currently works at a.b.c. news leaked us this tape and that person is still on the inside so that we expect more to come here it's quite telling that this insider leaked this tape to project their it's us and not the washington post the new york times c.b.s. or c.n.n. because they seem to want to protect the people that were working with jeffrey epstein again amy robach saying that f f c was blackmailing people there's a lot of powerful people on those airplanes that amy is 100 percent certain that he did not commit suicide i don't know why she won't say that publicly but there she is in the leaked tape on the set of the program saying these things when nobody is looking for a quick reminder some a back story here the 66 year old multimillionaire was convicted of soliciting prostitution from a minor in 2008 and then registered as a sex offender back in july and he was arrested again and was about to face trial
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over the alleged creation of a sex trafficking network he had repeatedly denied those charges a month later epstein was found dead in his cell an apparent suicide says cattail reports. live t.v. one o one check your mike then check it again project veritas has published bombshell footage of an a.b.c. anchor recorded in late august shortly after the disgraced billionaire was found dead in his new york jail cell amy roebuck said over 3 years ago she had exclusive material relating to peter following material which had direct testimony from one of the victim's photos as well as other evidence of his dealings which implicated high profile figures like bill clinton prince andrew she told me everything she sure did everything she was fighting for 12 years making history come out we can is here to talk to us it was unbelievable what we have cleared with everything robot claims the story was stopped from going to 2015 because according to the people up
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stuff as no one knew who was funny because just a few years before they've been happily sipping champagne on his manhattan townhouse you see back in 20 media heavyweights gathered out to dinner and on of the u.k.'s prince andrew a dinner which was arranged on hosted by you guessed it south and among those who wouldn't know who epstein was were both a.b.c. and c.b.s. phosphor 2015 managed to entice virginia robots to free one of the victims out of hiding produces few her and her family out to the a.b.c. h.q. in new york and hosted them and one of the big apple's most luxurious hotels what they got was the scoop of a lifetime to free through wind open the door on the marquee world of epstein and his entourage as they flew around the walls on his private jet dubbed the express
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palace found out that we have whole allegations of our prince andrew and threatened us a 1000000 different ways i viewed b.b.c. interview. as a potential game changer appearing on a.b.c. with its wide viewership would have been the 1st time for me to speak out against the government for basically looking the other way and to describe the anger and betrayal victims felt i was defeated once again by the very people i spoke out against and once again my voice was silenced i could not believe that a formidable network like a.b.c. had backed down and given in and for all those who are going to cry conspiracy one of the joys even came forward and confirmed he put pressure on the network to kill the story i simply provided a.b.c. with incontrovertibly evidence proving that jeffrey had a long history of lying about tipper and al gore her age and other matters and that
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her credibility could not be counted on and while this exposition was sussing more salacious than all the reports on that side it wasn't the fust time his morals have been called into question stories piecing together a tangled web involving bill clinton and prince andrew had sophos before images of the finance his little black book with hundreds of victims names and mugged alongside testimony from a 14 year old go claiming to have had sexual relations with a billionaire manhattanites gossipped about how new york city it was being ferried around on his private plane to his private island along with the coterie of very young women but all those revelations just like roebuck's were put back in the troll at the time not all are reporting there are standards to air but we have never stopped investigating this story ever since we've had a team on this investigation and substantial resources dedicated to it that work
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has led to a 2 hour documentary and 6 point podcast that will air in the new year you'd be forgiven if that rings a bell because a.b.c. is response is uncannily similar to. b c's comment about its coverage. of of media mogul harvey weinstein in the end b.c. killed the story because they said you did not have enough facts it didn't reach their level of journalism yes we had multiple named women in every draft of the story we had audio of harvey weinstein admitting to a crime but more pertinently they ordered us to stop and it seems a.b.c. was not the only one to fall into the trap of enabling epstein to evade true media scrutiny but it's vanity fair and the new york times had several allegations of his inappropriate sexual behavior but chose to stick to safe stories on things like the origins of his wealth and was sought careful to avoid reporting some of the more suspicious details surrounding his death are a lot of men in those planes
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a lot of men who visited that island the powerful man who came into our and so do i think he was killed 100 percent yes and maybe a.b.c. was right no one knew who epstein was or maybe it didn't want to get on the wrong side of some very powerful people people who if you believe the room was might just now have blood on their hands. the anchor very roebuck's explained us of some more saying the comments were made in a private moment of frustration while the founder of project veritas james o'keefe again told a.b.c. seldom pulls his punches when it comes to other high profile cases you can see how frustrated any robot when you listen when you watch this tape it directly contradicts what a.b.c. news is saying publicly now about not having enough corroboration there they're fine airing the allegations against maybe brett kavanaugh for or trump or anybody else but when it comes to bill clinton and some of these folks 'd that are
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mentioned by amy in this hot mike tape they say they just didn't have enough corroboration i'm not sure how a.b.c. news defines a corroboration when it comes to credible witnesses talking about sexual assault but the only conclusion i can draw is that a lot of these network executives are very close to the people they were hanging out with jeffrey epstein per amy amy roebuck. so today iraq's holding talks on constitution amendment submit on going violent unrest in the country 260 people have been killed this in santee government demonstrations started a month ago protest as a demanding a major overhaul of the political system that was established after the u.s. led invasion back in 2003 dozen holkins reports. iraq is no stranger to turmoil the country's seen little piece and even less the billet since the us led invasion of 2003 mass protests and violence of regulating gulf the state of these though are the worst since the overthrow of saddam hussein 16 years ago.
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hundreds killed dozens in just one week by live ammunition many thousands injured amid a heavy crackdown by security forces other governments to provide special forces imposed curfews and an internet blackout across the whole country but that's just angered crowds even more roads and bridges have been blocked by demonstrators who have also tried to take over buildings both in the capital baghdad and across other cities why is this happening to some these protests address years of grievances corruption unemployment poor public service is there
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a source of anger across many countries but in iraq things should be different iraq should be thriving the country's oil revenue has exceeded 850000000000 in the post saddam years with production nearly doubling despite the internal strife with iraq estimated to hold almost 10 percent of the globe's proven reserves its prospects should be growing a report by the international energy agency predicts revenue to hit nearly 5 trillion dollars in just over 15 years time and optimistic estimates set back by years of conflict but you get the picture just months ago any joy in sex on a b.p. we're fighting for the right to build a pipeline in the country with tens of billions. of dollars at stake and yet reality for most of the rockies is bleak last year iraq was ranked $168.00 found of under an 80 by corruption index but for people surviving on a day to day basis that's one of the smallest concerns the world food program
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reveals more than half of iraqis are at risk of food insecurity with unicef figures last year showing one in 4 children living in poverty so what happened former u.s. defense secretary robert gates stated on a visit to baghdad that a new era was just around the corner more than ever i believe the goal of a secure and stable and democratic iraq is within reach almost 12 years on things couldn't be further from the truth to make sense of post intervention iraq and where exactly is grievances lawyer let's speak to nicholas j. davis author of blood on our hands the american invasion and destruction of iraq mr davis thanks so much for joining us today good to have you with us now these protests they've been going on since mid october they show no sign of slowing down indeed there's been a government crackdown condemned by many organizations where do these grievances that lie that are spinning out with such violence all over the country the people of iraq you know i still you know have really been ignored and all this there's
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still suffering from the absolute destruction and economic devastation of iraq by the u.s. invasion and occupation by statistics iraq having 10 percent nearly 10 percent of the world's oil reserves this should be a wealthy state yet we're seeing something quite different here how much of this is about that inequality about that the wealth which is not trickling down which is being lost going down the drain to a corrupt system there were large state owned companies that that was the very basis of the iraqi. to me and they supported this you know mixed mixed economy beyond that that was all completely destroyed unemployment under the u.s. occupation at $1.00 each to at least 60 percent essential leave the sort of. you
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know pyramid of power. you know occupied and post occupation iraq where you know this tiny group of u.s. and iranian backed exiles has you know with u.s. and iranian support created a monopoly on power that the vast majority of the disenfranchised dalian aged people of iraq have never supported the u.s. who really has completely discredited itself from start to finish it has done nothing that has helped the people of iraq at all you know either before or after the invasion. this is not it's not still folks watching this morning look would come including more twists and turns of the trump impeachment saga the key witness now backtracking on his words and really released e-mails expose even more you 3.
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the world is driven by shaped by. the bears thinks. we hear. to ask. the good news if you like and use the term deep state you are no longer deemed a conspiracy theorist the bad news is very real and powerful. the democratic
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process the deep state as the 4th branch of government is it. again this in president trumps impeachment inquiry has backtracked on his previous statement the us ambassador to the e.u. has no acknowledged telling key of the financial aid would likely be withheld until ukraine agrees to a certain quid pro quo also i now do recall a conversation on september 1st 29 seen in warsaw with you mr your mac this brief conversation followed a larger meeting involving vice president pants and president selenski in which president selenski had raised the issue of suspension of u.s.
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aid to ukraine directly with vice president pence after that large meeting i now recall speaking individually with mr your mac rest said that resumption of u.s. aid would likely not occur until ukraine provided the public anticorruption statement that we have been discussing for many weeks us democrats allege donald trump tried to force ukraine's president to stop the corruption investigation into bruce small holdings in ukraine and gas company where the son of democratic presidential candidate joe biden held a top position but former cia officer robert govern thinks the democrats have made a massive miscalculation here in trying to impeach trump this way. it's a big mistake this is all a political game here in washington it's a big mistake for the democrats to circumscribe their their inquiry their peach mini tori to the ukraine problem what effect does that have. joe biden is out of the running as far as i'm concerned there's so much dirt on joe biden i just wonder what more dirt president truck was trying to dig out so as the
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stage become revealed it's going to be also revealed that the people talking to the democrats here have been in touch with these other people like the whistleblower so-called and they in turn had been working for the deep state brennan and others and so you know the thing's going to fall apart they should be shown right quick but not on these flimsy charges of quid pro quo. meantime newly released e-mails reveal how the ukrainian gas company used to biden's connections to get out of a corruption probe most of the time his father was u.s. vice president kalam opens call that. briss my holdings that's the natural gas farm in ukraine that vice president joe biden's son hunter biden worked for and it's now at the center of a scandal or i guess it isn't mainstream us media insists that any claims of wrongdoing are simply a conspiracy theory that donald trump made up is fair see if there is
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a conspiracy theory that biden conspiracy theory vice president might paint has just repeated his bosses debunked conspiracy abidin conspiracy theory the conspiracy theories continue while documents that have newly been released under the freedom of information act reveal that the u.s. government was already looking into potentially shady activities from the company in 2016 furthermore the documents reveal that morrison holdings even dropped the name of hunter by hoping to win a few brownie points from the obama administration but attorney karen truman tonneau requested a meeting to discuss with undersecretary novelli the state department's official overseeing international energy u.s. government remarks alleging bruce ma the ukrainian energy company of corruption she noted that 2 high profile u.s. citizens are affiliated with the company including hunter biden as a board member another board member mentioned his meeting with u.s.
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secretary of state john kerry and the icing on the cake a month goes by and the prosecutor investigating barista holdings gets fired and we've got the vice president joe biden the father of hunter biden on tape bragging that he made it happen i said you know i get the 1000000000 i'm going to be leaving here i think it was about 6 hours i looked as i'm reading the 6 hours of the prosecutors not fired you're not getting the money well son of a. fighter now joe biden insists the only one of the prosecutor gone because he was known to be corrupt and that has nothing to do with his son's employer's my insistence. that a prosecutor who is. viewed as corrupt be replaced. was the official position of the prison in the united states the united states government supported by republican senators who sent a letter sent a letter. in 2016 calling for the move will show because of corruption
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although the fired prosecutor claims otherwise biden was acting not like a us vice president but as an individual like the individual interested in having me removed having me gone so that i did not interfere in the barisan investigation now mainstream us media glosses over it and says it's all just a big conspiracy theory well look over these facts for yourself and determine if you really believe everything here is just a ok. r.t. new york. french military forces in mali say they've killed the leader of an islamic extremist group in the west african country comes after a militant attack which killed 53 soldiers last week molly's president recently warned that the very existence of his country's at risk now because of a rise in violence by terror groups france has stressed its commitment to fighting this but it is the missed extremism in africa's vast sail region. nothing
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would be where is the antipodes attends a stright my lumbering our guard at a time when says your magic events are happening and so we must be able to continue but for that there are conditions there are conditions for success even the 70 years of bloodshed and violence isn't just continuing in mali some say it's worsening in recent weeks attacks have been increasing with islamic states claiming responsibility.
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another casualty of the mounting violence is france french troops have been stationed in mali a former colony for years. i have from now on will account for 50 percent of our budget for international security and cooperation because this is where the security of the african continent and more generally security of a good part of our planet europe included is being threatened. charles has been leading the charge of the mali was split in 2 in 2012 by islamists who declared surely a law in the north of the country they deployed troops to the region in 2013 but despite initial promise to hold this have regrouped and they've spread violence has spilled over into neighboring countries but kenya faster and nisha now despite repeated commitments from president mccone to shore up the fragile region he's just not been able to stabilize the. government and the number of attacks has
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a doubled since 2016 despite that france is intent on staying in this as the violence spreads across mali the failure of the french and un troops to keep a lid on it is storing other tensions molly in military families have complained that the army is not being given sufficient resources to fight the insurgency that's said to protest not just to denounce terrorism but also the presence of foreign troops patients for military progress is wearing thin some groups are calling for change tack advocating opening up dialogue with the chartists that something fronts as previously ruled out so to have mollies top officials but with the current impasse a new solution is needed or the death toll is likely to only. r.t. paris journalists and africa expert johnson told us he believes the french presence
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in the region could have become counterproductive. it comes at a time when people say that they are those that have come from the outside and that people should only europeans and the french specifically so the times when people say they overstayed their welcome there's a time when they've crossed a line and feel that the local support that they once were receiving might be declining i think we're coming close to that point because at some point in time we're coming close to 7 years that they've been there and will be so close to 10 years if not law and that's what some point the money government has got to realize that they're not making the relevant gains that they once were and more so. if things become counterproductive over time the settlers always been a difficult one again we are seeing for the 1st time if not in many most recent times where i asked and al qaeda seem to be working together and we've seen them
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act if your operating on the same territory mallees clearly one of those territories so it will be very difficult to dislodge them and it's going to be very difficult for the cells become free of terrorism and free of jihadist. just post 26 minutes past 11 mosco thomas is so far this wednesday from the newsroom. today with him from doing it all to coleman of social media for those who bust off the break and have a great. wrong
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. to shape out. and in. themselves worlds apart. to look for common ground. you know world of big partisan movie lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door. and shouting past
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each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. time after time called her ration to repeat the same mantra sustainability it's very important to excel or transition sustainable transport sustainability stay in her manner more equitable and sustainable well. they claim their production is completely hama's. companies want us to feel good about buying their products while the damage is being done far away and this is this going to. be doomed any minute.
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this is boom bust broadcasted around the world and covering all aspects of our global economy in the 21st century town fairmont that failed at ellingham and washington cares. well look at what we have on just for you today soft bank stock has slumped on its recent troubles with its we work investment and now the c.e.o. has reportedly slammed the sinking project r.t. correspondent and pasha week brings us the latest on the situation in los angeles where the japanese megan votes are both of here with a flailing firm plus
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a virtual existence is expanding and becoming intertwined to our daily lives we ask just how reliable are these robotics author and tech executive ever lend us a hand from san francisco today to break down the latest security threats the latest developments in artificial intelligence and what it means for consumers and later big oil has been slowing steadily since its meteoric rise to 20000 but recent reports show manipulation may have played a role in this spike cryptocurrency analyst ben swan is back on the program today to guide us through the crypto paper and what it means for the future of the internet we have a jam packed show today so let's jump right into the headlines. as the world's 2 largest economies no hope for a phase one trade deal the u.s. and china are looking at rolling back some tariffs people familiar with the talks say if there's a deal removing tariffs will be part of it the phase one deal would include the increase of china's purchase of american.


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