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tv   Cross Talk  RT  November 6, 2019 11:00pm-11:31pm EST

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invoking the russian menace as a general election campaigning gets underway in the u.k. boris johnson attempts to smear his main rival jeremy corben claiming the labor party sided with putin over the screen poisonings. major u.s. network of knowledge is it did not run explosive allegations of sexual abuse by vid disgraced financier geoffrey epstein because the story did not meet its editorial standards. and desperation in iraq as protests and violence gripped the country on a scale unseen since the overthrow of saddam hussein. kevin allen he's the man who has your next world news update in just about an hour from now right now though it is crosstalk with a look at how the deep state quote unquote has entered the mainstream of american
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politics the. following welcome to cross talk where all things considered i'm peter lavelle the good news if you like can use the term deep state you are no longer deemed a conspiracy theorist the bad news the deep state is very real and powerful and a danger to the democratic process the deep state as the 4th branch of government is a dangerous. cross stocking the deep state i'm joined by my guest ben swann in atlanta he. he is an
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investigative journalist and founder of the truth and media project in fort lauderdale we have christopher metzler he is a legal scholar and in budapest we cross a george said newly he is author of bombs for peace nato is humanitarian war on yugoslavia right gentlemen cross-like rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want and i always appreciate let me go to george 1st in the beautiful city of budapest you know george you and i have a great sense of relief now because we've been using the term deep state for quite a while here and we were demonized and called conspiracy theorists and up puppets and paid off are just plain stupid ok now it is way it's in the mainstream the mainstream is the term and even the deep state it's come out of the cold and compliments itself on the liberal media where it has the backing and support and cover so tell me about your deep sea deep seated sense of relief george.
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now there is no question there is a great sense of relief. but also as you said in your intro it's definitely very chilling. what does happen is that you're in the past 40 years a massive military security has grown up in the united states and it's fundamentally a parasitical clause that nobody can really touch and the moment they feel that somebody might interfere in their workings they come out of for roche asli against elected leaders so what we're now having is people who have held the highest office in the united states you've had cia director john brennan you have 4 star general barry mccaffrey they openly expressed their desire for the president and they openly advocate. the bly.
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ignoring of the president's wishes by a permanent bureaucracy and this is indeed quite frightening because you know the only people who are accountable ultimately in a democracy are elected leaders and the national security up i wrote exactly ben let me go to you in the beautiful city of atlanta watching how the mainstream media and you know who i'm talking about covering all of this here they're legitimizing this they're legitimizing unelected officials determining policy. policy directions and policy outcomes so i have a simple question for you ben then why do we need a president and why do we need elected officials i mean the media carries water for these people and they're going to get their way no matter what so what's the point of having democracy then go had been though i think that's a great point look the bottom line is that exactly what you said in the beginning here that. there are folks who have talked about this for years who have claimed
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that there is this other like that shadow government that is running things and those people have been called conspiracy theorists for decades now and we know that these individuals do in fact exist and as you said what's really stunning about this is how the media's responded to it instead ringback of saying oh well there is a problem here there is a problem with the unelected folks in these positions who are career law enforcement or career cia career agencies and they are allowed 8 to run the government and so it does explain doesn't it why nothing ever changes it doesn't matter which party is in control the wars don't stop they only continue to grow the dollar continues to be devalued jobs continue to go away what is what is really happening and it explains that when you step back and say wait a minute the encroachment on our civil liberties that's been taking place for decades the complete disregard for the rights of the public does not change no matter who was elected to office what certainly makes sense when you realize that it's not that office that's controlling things but what's really interesting here
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is how these agencies remember the cia the n.s.a. the f.b.i. these are the agencies that just a few years ago saturday part of congress like the cia and john brennan lying about torture to congress you know there was no representation for that absolutely none whatsoever thing with the page same thing when clapper same thing lined up the end of that those who are of authority don't ever change anything because they're not the ones who are actually in power you know christopher one of the things i find most insulting in through all of this here all of us know in that our viewers know that the deep state has in fact been in existence for a long time and has tried to exert and probably often successfully exerted influence here but christopher what insults me is calling them patriots ok and somehow knowing better than we do that they're somehow morally they have higher moral fiber than we do ok and they also these patriots so-called devalue
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my vote go ahead christopher. yeah absolutely patriots ha that's a joke if we look at this man i am equally insulted if we look at someone like susan rice or her who goes out there with the whole benghazi thing if we look at this roving bunch of idiots who continuously undermine democracy and then the media has the nerve to call them patriots look if they believe that they can represent democracy if they believe they can represent us then run for office you're not running for office because you can't win and you prefer instead to stand behind the curtain and manipulate the way the government works the deep state has nothing to do with patriotism it has to do with a naked grab for power and control period end of discussion there not preterists
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as as a matter of fact it seems to me that that is an insult to patriots everywhere there are more bottom feeders with colleges to bottom feeders. who are bottom feeders. ok let me let me go to let me go to george you know you know george if the deep state actually had a winning road record had something to be proud of and somehow defended our liberties and our freedoms you know maybe could be a debate but their road record is up hauling ok i mean they're running on a record of failure disaster waste and they destroy a lot of innocent people in the process and we're supposed to call them patriots we're supposed to say that they know better again this is just another in a series of insults go ahead george. no that's absolutely right but what they deem success is success for their costs for the people like them
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and the huge number of course she jobs that they and their friends continually circulate among themselves so the amount of money that is a lavished on the military on the f.b.i. on homeland security and intelligence on nuclear weapons all of this money is in their hands and for them success is measured as to how much of that money they can scoop up for themselves so they don't really care that their policies fail as long as the budget just keeps increasing and more money goes into their hands and so when they leave the military they retire they go to a nice cushy job in the think tank they get a nice gig on fox news or an m s n b c o c and then maybe they have a nice little turn in in the next administration or they do some law being so they
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don't really care what's good for the united states they only really care for what's good for them that's why i say they're a parasitical clause and only going sun with the self interest of the it's close you know ben we seems to me the only failure the only downside for these people is that they're moved to a different air conditioned office in a suburb of washington d.c. that's the only thing they fear a different air conditioned office that's pathetic go ahead been well no look i think it's very important that when we we use the term patriot mean this is all p.r. this is nothing to do with even how they actually view themselves because if you really believe that you are patriots why have you been hiding for years why have you hidden that these clandestine operations going on for decades now the other important thing here is that well what we've seen happen over the past 2 decades is the increase of authority. and power that the deep state has been given through bills like the patriot act through fights the court that allowed the secret
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behavior to take place they have been empowered to become more and more powerful and at the same time have less and less accountability but they don't actually believe that they're patriots because they've been hiding for all this time and the truth is that had president trump not been elected they would continue to be hiding anything they ran all of these operations against his campaign the reason they reached out to forget hillary was most their we have was hillary was there when hillary clinton was president and no one was going to know about this and it was going to write in you want as business as usual but one thing whether you are a fan of president trump or not one thing that you cannot argue about his presidency is that the mask has been ripped off of the state and there are not just the activities they would involved in for many decades but the actual steps they have taken to influence elections all this talk of russia influencing the elections our own cia and f.b.i. and n.s.a.
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those agencies were working in. the election before hand and have been working to overturn the election ever since it took place that is a much bigger threat than facebook ads by a russian troll far christine let me go to you before we go to the break here i mean one of the other things i think is really terrifying is that you have the liberal media a century justifying a 4th branch of government and that is something that i find terrifying 35 seconds to before we go to the break go ahead christopher yet more the liberal media in fact as you indicated in your opening they are the ones carrying the water and their expectation is that people are so stupid they don't know the difference but the fact is with the president now with office we are starting to see the difference we are starting to understand that the media it's not about objectivity . it's not about facts it's about self preservation are you liberal media the
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mainstream excellent point here chris wragge i have to got to i got to jump in here had to go i think go to a short break and after that short break we'll continue our discussion on the deep state state with r.t. . seems wrong. but. just don't call. me. yet to say proud to stay active. and engaged in the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart. just to look for common ground. what politicians do. they put themselves on the line they get accepted or rejected
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. so when you want to be president. some want to be rich. but you going to be crushed it's like the 3 of them can't be that. interested always in the why. question. welcome back to cross talk where all things are considered i'm peter lavelle to remind you we're discussing the deep state. ok let's go back to george in the great city of budapest george what i find really very very interesting is that i know that you have chronicled regime changes for decades and your sky. really work but what is interesting in this case in this time
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is that the regime change playbook that has been played out in so many countries around the world has come to washington d.c. that is the playground for this playbook ok and they're using all of the same tricks and shenanigans and if and where did they're doing it against the duly elected president and i want to echo star in the christopher i did say irrespective of what you think of donald trump ok that's not the point here the point is is there is a constitution and this is being subverted in broad daylight and cheered on ok by the parasitic class i love that line and by the liberal media so the interesting thing is that this coup is come to washington and it's being played out right in front of us go ahead george. it is indeed it's absolutely terrifying and it's strange how short american memories. are remember an excellent film from the 1960. i'm sure you see that yourself 7 days in may yeah which
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had a president who was seeking to an improvement in relations with russia and you had an alliance between the cold war hawk generals and the various cold war hawks in congress and they're kind of a forming media who decide that they know better what's good for the united states and they will remove this ineffectual president who has who thinks about peace and boring things like that and this is exactly what we've experienced since donald trump i mean emerged in 2015 i mean god knows trump is no peace candidate but just for the sin of making a few noises about that it might be a good idea to improve relations with russia he has had this for roche a attack on him by the government in the media which 1st came up with this russia
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gate nonsense that somehow putin and trump were in collusion to steal the election and so on and now they switched you know within a matter of hours they switched to oh it's all ukraine gate and so and but it's the same cast of characters you have the cold war also for. the democrats now in congress in alliance with the media and in alliance with these cold war crazies generals who just love the poor that's coming their way you know chris for the you know george brings up a really interesting point and i think it's very paradoxical because if you look at terms foreign policy and now it's the only reason why i took interest in his candidacy in. 1st place the only reason ok so i mean he makes some sounds about pulling out some troops in in syria and he's for oil to over and over again doesn't it doesn't make him look good to be honest ok doesn't ok but also the troops aren't
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coming home from afghanistan the u.s. is still helping saudi arabia with its disaster is inhumane war in yemen and i could go on and on and on there was no peace overture towards north korea's gone no no where i mean you know trump really has what does he really done to ruffle their feathers i mean on a policy level very little has actually changed ok but they still want him he still has a target on his head i mean it is a paradox go ahead. yeah it indeed is a paradox because our agree with you relative to that i mean what what has been so threatening what has been so threatening is not only the exposure of the deeps state but let's look at their attempt to remove a duly elected president so the democrats have started really releasing the transcript i'm going to ask the question that remember that when these commercial
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a while ago where's the beef because in fact the transcripts simply indicate at this point that the former ambassador had her feelings hurt and people were talking about her ok what about it but this is in fact part of the attempt to remove a duly elected president look you want to get rid of him vote him out at the ballot box one year in fact that's not what they're doing exactly here yeah i tell you what is all of this crap i think i think we've lost ben in atlanta maybe we'll get him back but i'll go back to george in budapest george. trump is not always going to be president ok he's reelected let's say in 20202024 there will be a new president ok are they going to be able to undo what they have done i mean is the presidency forever changed because now we have the media and the political
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class heralding the deep state now this parasitical class are they going to go back into their caves i have to wonder i don't think so. no not at all. because if you remember back in 2016 when john kerry and a lover of signed an agreement that both the united states and russia would go off to isis how did the u.s. military respond they launched a completely unprovoked attack against the syrian military and the agreement collapse within a matter of hours yet this was a deliberate attempt by the military to sabotage political answer he didn't like this is going to continue because you have this powerful class who who then to say oh yes he was sorry you're absolutely right it was. so they they they think that they know what's better than what should be us foreign policy they know better than
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what the elected leaders want and they will pursue it so it doesn't matter whether it's democrat or republican you now have a group of people who are of arab league decided that they run foreign policy and elected politicians should have no say in the matter ok i don't want to give the impression that i'm being exclusively part of sin on this issue here then we can go to the the established stablish once attack on tulsi gabbert using the segregated hillary clinton which was. there was that that was simply a shameful thing to do punching down like that is this while whatever happened to any kind of ethics here also the arrest of max blumenthal with the gray zone ok i've just given an example of a democrat and a progressive ok everyone knows i'm a conservative i'm sticking up for the democrat and i'm sticking up for the
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progressive ok because what if they have done they have violated the rule you cannot expand the conversation ok and you will be punished for it just like the. being punished for it this is what i'm worried about it's just not the deep state they have their tentacles everywhere and if you get out of line you can be punished ok particularly if you're in public life go ahead ben well as and i think as a as a journalist what's most alarming to me about that is when you see the public face as we said james clapper john brennan people like this who have taken jobs as analysts with major networks in this country see it in an n.b.c. hiring these guys to go on their air and to talk about these issues with a straight face as if they're speaking about it from some place of authority they're not they're literally talking about what i think you could argue crying's they have committed yes we're going to find out whether or not crimes were committed against not just against the candidate not just against the candidates
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see but against the people of this country and yet they are advocating for their position as if they are some kind of 3rd party individual but i want to go back to toll c. for a minute you mentioned tulsa gabbert and what's fascinating about this is that if you look at the polling tolson gabbert is not polling very high she gets no time from the media she barely gets into debates they help her out of one completely because they kept changing the rules for polling so gabbert is not a huge threat and it tells you something about the movement behind her not just her but against people like ron paul when he ran. behind president trump right now there is a nasa of swell of people in this country who know that this is a sham and they know that these agencies are not looking out for their interests they are serving the power of the people they are the greatest threat to democracy in this country and that is what needs we push back against what's going to be fascinating is what happens if trump becomes reelected that is their worst
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nightmare do you know remove the cia and f.b.i. agents who have any contact with the white house or the administration you have to because they're spying on every single thing he does. and trying to turn it into a crime a high crime or misdemeanor yeah you know critter i'm going back to clapper and brennan on cable t.v. they still have their security clearances so what do you bet they get it they get a briefing then they then they inform a producer at their cable t.v. and then you have a presenter say well we just heard from a source an unnamed source a confidential source and then they ask the question of the source on the air i mean it's a circular loop ok this is a farce this is this is the feeder christopher this will do you as well. yes indeed it is and so in fact what you have here is you have the does honesty of these highly placed sources who then are paid by the
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mainstream media c.n.n. m.s.n. b.c. whomever they are paid to then give them ratings but more importantly give them classified information that is a scandal and it just seems to me all these people ok if you want to be on c.n.n. then get rid of your security clearance you shouldn't be on there if you have that clearance and that's the issue because in fact what ends up happening is you have both parties feeding each other that's pretty much what you've got in this particular case and i don't understand why more people are not outraged by the scandal and how in fact this is undermining democracy in this country the deep state has run amok with and it's being done and you didn't abetted by the media dan you want to jump in go ahead last word 25 seconds go ahead. no i was just going to say very quickly that it's important to also remember that when the media takes
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these leaks they're not actual leaks what these are is is specific information being you know reported in the public view of things these same journalist and these same people who are doing the leaking despise individuals like julian assange who takes those classified documents and i'm so glad i'm so glad we ended on that note julian assange is absolutely right a real journalist that's all the time we have gentlemen many thanks to my guest in atlanta fort lauderdale and in budapest and thanks to our viewers for watching us here at r.t.c. you next time and remember crosstalk. time after time called her ration to repeat the same mantra sustainability it's very
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important to accelerate the transition to sustainable transport sustainability space for man at a more equitable and sustainable well. they claim that production is completely hama's. the big. thing to compass. it does not the prison companies want us to feel good about buying products while the damage is being done far away this is something else this must be going to mean and i mean look. this is the movie you missed me didn't even and i'm stunned seemed to be based on disconnect with who. you know world of big partisan. lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to see. slamming the door on the show because
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it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. a. clone of welcome to worlds apart angry has long positioned itself as an independent player within the european union capable of putting its foot down and standing up to brussels when it comes to pour national interests but when dealing with the trump administration is the organ government equally forthcoming in putting hungry
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1st will to discuss that i'm now joined by the country's foreign affairs minister. this it's always a pleasure seeing you in russia thank you for your time and you're happy to be here now judging from your recent interviews one of the most popular words in your vocabulary is hypocrisy involved with almost every time you're asked about congress' relations with china this russia with the e.u. itself is really so prevalent in your line of work. well actually if you look at european politics recently especially during the campaign of the european parliament elections you will see a big big portion of hypocrisy political correctness and the fortunes of double standards and this specially when it comes to cooperation with china when it comes to cooperation that we need russia and when it comes to internal issues of the european union as well sometimes you do have the feeling that some smaller member states. the same things for which some of those got praised you know and this is
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really something that we have to change that's why we are very vocal comes to debate about the future of the union we want to take part in these debates in very actively in order to. now the last time i heard you mention that word was in relation to. central and eastern european countries willingness to do business with china and you made the point that bigger countries like germany and france are far ahead in the game and yet for some reason they seem to be rather displeased about other countries willing to catch up how do you interpret that kind of criticism is a competition is it an effort to exert control is it something else. making good business with china is pretty beneficial for everyone because the chinese companies are getting stronger and stronger. chinese investors. and you can be sure they help countries technological upgrading no question about it i mean the old.


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