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i. in the u.s. charge a former twitter stuff with being saudi spies accusing them of gathering data. users critical of the country. crunch time for whistleblowers in the united states democratic senators feel to protect their identities republicans pushed to reveal the anonymous figure and the trump. talking hates in hospitals and health trust plans to root out racism by withholding treatment for people who abuse stuff. control the n.h.s. he said to treat people that should treat people. without question.
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one minute. 10 pm in sydney 2 in the afternoon right here in moscow this thursday november the 7th hello and welcome to r.t. international. 2 former twitter employees have been charged by the united states with spying for saudi arabia claimed they were recruited to steal the personal data of users critical of the kingdom r t correspond to the quarter is across the story for us don what is known about the suspects what are they actually accused of well you know right now there's 3 people in total that are being charged in this case and 2 of them were former employees at twitter one of them is a u.s. citizen and the other is a saudi citizen they're both accused of using their positions at twit. or to access
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the private personal information of thousands of people now and that was for the saudi government against critics of the monarchy now on wednesday the justice department filed a criminal federal criminal complaint against all 3 of them so let's take a look at what he had to say. the defendant did knowingly act in the united states as an agent of a foreign government acted within the united states under the direction and control of the kingdom of saudi arabia and foreign officials working on behalf of the kingdom of saudi arabia without prior notification as required by law they had access to proprietary and confidential twitter information including information about twitter users including the user provided e-mail addresses birthdates phone numbers and internet protocol addresses. now the complaint also said that the people in question didn't have jobs that require to access to private information of twitter users and that they were actually they also received rewards into secret bank accounts of numbering up to tens of thousands of dollars in designer watches.
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just to be clear these were people critical or otherwise around the globe it wasn't just in saudi itself yeah absolutely. in terms of damage then with you know the question has been for a long time much information social media companies actually hold a. user's much damage has been done here do we know yeah well actually a large amount i mean these are social media accounts that could be from any country all over the world where twitter is used which is basically the whole world the american involved in this conspiracy was just recently arrested actually for tampering with 3 twitter accounts but that was not of course the bulk of the damage that was done that happened back in 2015 when over 6000 people had their private information accessed by these people stolen by the saudi coconspirator of the 2 who is now believed to be long gone he's back in saudi arabia and this is again like he
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said this is twitter it's an international company and it's a serious concern when these when only 2 people were able to access so much personal information on the platform when twitter says that it should have been confined to a limited amount of trained personnel. we recognize the length but this will go into a on to my no service company limited access to sensitive account information to a limited group of trains and that employee. now twitter has agreed to cooperate with the investigation into this into these charges and we don't know obviously how long. has been going on at the hands of saudi arabia in the united states but this moment is still a significant one because it's the 1st time ever. that the u.s. justice department of the u.s. government has accused saudi arabia of using agents within the united states and at the time that this happened it's important to note that the current king of the current monarch of saudi arabia was just coming to power after his father had died
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so the saudi embassy has been asked for a response but they have yet to react on place for breaking that down for us i'm sure it's going to develop down quarter r.t. correspondent. us there across the field to push through a bill to keep the identity of whistleblower secrets republican senator ron paul block the proposal accusing the democrats of spreading selective arbitrates the amendment was designed to bolster the senate's position which is that whistleblower should be protected from retaliate their contribution acknowledged that comes in the heat of the trump impeachment inquiry that was sparked by anonymous testimony from an insider so i ask you to report on the fate of those who recently dared to speak out in america. for the democrats impeachment must now seem tantalizingly close all they need is the final piece of damning evidence to seal the deal and to
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senate minority leader chuck schumer he has come out arguing for the protection of whistleblowers all rother of one intelligence officer who is insider info could make or break the impeachment dream the calls to make public the whistleblowers identity are despicable whistleblowers should be protected period period that's quite the radical departure from his previous comments on those exposing government to be uses and each day that snowden is allowed to room 3 is another twist to the mary snowden is a one of the few picked up by the media he chose the path of raising his voice and go in cologne ball unlike the hundreds of office who chose the path of least resistance you see they quietly launched official complaints hoping for the system to reform but they were out of luck because as
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a damning report from an intelligence watchdog shows the cia and n.s.a. 189 out of 190 cases of whistleblower complaints by descent do the link by. the report was shot down and i wonder if mr hume appraised or even remembers all those whistleblowers who ruled against what the name for example rich barlow bring about now living in a trailer in remote montana with his hunting dogs back in the late eighty's bhalo worked for the cia now he found himself in a patriotic di lemma when he uncovered what he said amounted to the u.s. helping pakistan become a nuclear power including by selling band technology and though he followed protocol he became the victim of a smear campaign disgraced and discredited barely able to scrape together a living i was disgustingly patriotic and i thought the government is allowing
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pakistan to develop and spread nuclear weapons and i got destroyed for trying to stop it what about a former u.s. marine affronts gayo he thought he'd found a way of reducing the number of u.s. troops dying in iraq as a result of improvised explosive devices all that was needed was a simple swap of patrol vehicles and given the i.d.'s were responsible for over 60 percent of all american losses in the country between 20032008 surely the pentagon would have been interested the response was more of. an automated response he's not obeying our instructions he's he's gone off the reservation as we often say. and we've got to stop him from doing that and just as it took 7 years to restore his reputation it took just a few months to discredit peter van buren raising 24 years of loyal diplomatic
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service from pure and found himself on the wrong side of the table when he shed light on state department mismanagement i'm waste in iraq what happens when you're thrown. out of the government and blacklisted that use your security clearance and it's very difficult to find a grown up job in washington you have to step down a few levels to find a place where they don't care enough about your background to even look into why you washed up there the list of nameless faceless and unrecognized whistleblowers goes on and who to blame them for choosing to do to free fall their complaints because if you follow and non-mobile snowden's footsteps sure you might end up with your name on a packet and become the face of the fight for transparency but you might also find yourself behind bars and while you're sitting in prison think about how your brothers in arms only have a how to one and 190 chance of success whistleblowing protection
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should actually exist in all countries because it helps the country to have people tell the truth about corrupt officials united states pretends to have allies that protect whistleblowers but they often either don't work or they are deliberately sordid and certainly the government officials do not want anyone ever telling about things they do illegally the governments are basically wanting to control saying and control public opinion they put john kiriakou in prison for telling that for instance is that the cia was torturing so they normally absolutely do not want to protect whistleblowers and they actually hate anyone who tells the truth about their illegal activities schumer about him alongside the washington elite needs to clarify his position on whistleblowers if you are a whistleblower you need to accept that harassment prison self-imposed exile we've
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just been consigned to the forgotten pages of history are all on the cards unless of course you happen to be that rab breed of whistle. blower who finds himself in the right place at the right time with just the right exposé. across the atlantic from bare patients who abuse staff at a hospital in western england could find themselves without medical help the north bristol health trust launched the red card to racism campaign which could see treatment refused when it's safe to do so. the hard to avoid this no question we are seeing in the wrong but we really do need to use it to safeguard our stuff and work on from colleagues every 6 of us and i want to be able to say well here's what's been spoken about the campaign aims to cut out a wide range of abuse that our hospital staff could face aside from racism the
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national health service will apply as 0 tolerance policy to sexism and offensive language and also inappropriate behavior malicious allegations and intentional damage to property patients found to be abusive will face a sports like disciplinary system warning or yellow card will be given on the 1st incident a 2nd time and patients will be given a red card which means treatment will be drawn once a patient's condition is safe. but some of the reaction we got to the plan from the national secretary for the english democrats party stephen morris and women bennett of the stand up to racism pressure group but mother was a nurse for for most of her life for the n.h.s. and nothing was done about the abuse that she see faced and there's no reason why she should have put up with the abuse after nursing people in very serious conditions i think a message to 0 tolerance towards it would lead to
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a level of self control is there to treat people it should treat people. without question the issues of sexism racism is a massive can of worms because obviously the hospitals could be in breach of the only quality because obviously a female there who wants to be treated by a female will not be allowed to because it will be. or if you have certain religious views you won't be allowed because it be deemed a racist or sexist in some form but if you're racist you will have a problem with this because you think it's a normal discourse of normal behavior some framed in some ridiculous notion that you've got freedom. insult and abuse people want to lock them up as it is serious actually most of these people will find that one state behavior is deemed unacceptable people realize they can no longer behave like that it's not true that just clogging up the court system we say people should be prosecuted but you don't want to prosecute it because your actual word was it would only call got the court system you may have a feel philosophical or religious belief about being treated by women are being
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treated by a certain person then their philosophical and religious beliefs have to be also respected and if the n.h.s. are not going to respect their views then begin to fall foul of the courts the n.h.s. was built on immigrant a migrant labor from all over the world it was you many people yes and my god oh here we go you have no ideas and build it on the trees don't use the oil because it wasn't built just on the this is ridiculous if somebody says i don't want to be treated by some of these black or asian there's no reason to respect that at all been a race isn't a philosophical view it's just plain wrong only those people who believe it should be tolerated actually resist any kind of basic principles. because all the way it. prosecuted you're talking about people under normal circumstances these are not normal circumstances where people go into a in a. in their wanted us so these are an absolute wide
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range of circumstances just to say can you calm down a bit the can ask you like the situation you want to use a little coward to tell people off i say let's get him prosecuted you didn't want to do that because you said it blocked the court systems are not against prosecute them i think it's easier it's easier for health professionals to give people a warning about their behavior and challenge it without necessarily bringing in the police and the courts i think the people who are a racist need to be challenge to and has to be done in such a way as they can simply understand that their behavior is unacceptable what you need to do is make sure you get them treated get the. reports and then get prosecuted if need be afterwards very simple if you look in the hospitals that school. people more. still ahead on the program takes a tough line on migrants clearing hundreds from the make shift in paris the details of
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a for the short break. seem wrong. to me that you get to shape out just days after. and in. the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy confrontation let it be an arms race. skeery dramatic development that only. exists i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time to sit
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down and talk. again for toughening up on immigration on thursday authorities started to migrants from 2 makeshift camps in the suburbs of paris several 100 people have been cleared from the areas it comes after the french prime minister said the country needs to take control of my gratian it's also planning its 1st ever quarters on new comers as well as restricting their access to the health care. tax or closer look.
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corner was catapulted into the french presidency on a ticket of not being from the right nor the left it was a poor enabling him to attract votes from across the political spectrum and it was a successful tactic off way through his mandate and it seems to still not show i about pinching an idea here all that from his political enemies in order to pepper the french government's policies for some there's a feeling that maybe dipping too much into the pool of ideas from the right with a crackdown on immigration high on his agenda takes the. host everyone if it wants to host people well that seems a bit familiar. right now we're demanding him our time. migration because friendship is sinking and what about shingle in the very machine again area in the ruins of dublin regulation does not work anymore if we have to suspend immediately
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the french public have been given more and more teasers of policies to come policies that many feel wouldn't look out of place had they been announced by marine le pen's national rally the country's prime minister has outlined 20 measures for tighter controls these include making it more difficult for migrants to claim benefits and health care under these new rules let me say claim asylum would have to wait 3 months after launching the claim before being able to access procedures universal health care france is also looking to introduce for the very 1st time economic quotas setting quotas is a u. turn from mad corn during his presidential campaign he had ruled it out so this is a clear attempt to appeal to right wing fotis for whom migration without limit is a huge issue that comes as recent figures showed france had received nearly
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$123000.00 asylum requests last year not only a record high but an increase of 22 percent compared to the year before mcallen himself has admitted his party just can't ignore the problem of immigration the bush was you have no problem with migrants because they don't see them but the working classes do and they have been seduced by marine le pen's and to immigration far right machinable riley. may have thrown down the gauntlet in his attempts to pry voters away from the national rally but lappin isn't backing down either she's warned corn may want to act tough his party is somewhat softer than its leader. proposals to prevent abuse of the salem system virtual shutdown by his own party members although mcewan's attempts to reach out to right wing voters comes ahead of nyssa pull elections it's clear this is about something bigger much bigger in fact
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2 and a half years before the next presidential election in france polls are showing that kwame's only competition will likely come in the form of le pen the indication is that the race could be a tight one and in a bid to stay ahead he's having to pull out all the punches even if that means possibly alienating many of those who put him in power in the 1st place. r.t. . american cash to boost roads rail and other infrastructure appears to be getting lost on route the us is planning instead to plan transport and to asia competes with china even though americans back home are still contending with crumbling roads creaking real ways dated her ports all despite donald trump's election promise to sort it out here but. china's one
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belt one road project of building infrastructure around the world is facing a challenger and the united states is not hiding its intent we have no intention of vacating our military or geopolitical position we are here permanently and we will be continuing to invest more here and we will be continuing to have more bilateral trade and i'm spending much more time in the region but wait a mere year ago donald trump promised to channel money into rebuilding america's decaying infrastructure i've asked republicans and democrats in congress to come together and deliver the biggest and boldest infrastructure plan in the last half century a plan generates an unprecedented one. and 5 trillion dollar investment in american infrastructure well it sounds great but those plans have been show now the american society of engineers has graded america's infrastructure and they are pretty unimpressed when it comes to bridges c.
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plus with more than 200000 around the country that are over half a century old dams d. more than 15500 of them are listed as high hazard drinking water d. with 2 trillion gallons of treated water lost every year essentially wasted and energy lines are also pretty weak take a look around new york city the richest city in the country the brooklyn queens expressway is falling apart city planners say that by 2026 big trucks will no longer be able to use it for gifted children song about london bridge falling down it's the brooklyn bridge that's visibly breaking apart a few years ago 5 people were injured after pieces of granite fell on to the underpass of the iconic brooklyn bridge in fact that bridge is said to be structurally deficient $683.00 bridges in new york city are in disrepair and then there's the subway system constant delays the escalators keep breaking down in fact
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only $31.00 out of $472.00 subway stations are listed as having all structural components in good repair the should be paying attention to what's going on within this country 1st and foremost before we start spending you know a look around new york and tell me if that's what we don't need to do absolutely look at the subway system so 100 something years old and it's still like something from the turn of the century we need to invest in our cities our country and make our country a better place to live it was worth going to as a kid so clean out of it will say u.s. infrastructure is just in a mess by that yes i would because i drive a lot of it the busily you. take new york for the sense that bridge is in bad shape . i guess you should take the initiative to really fix it will start here yes public opinion seems to feel pretty strongly that we ought to focus on fixing
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things up here before we go around the world and try to beat china at its own game caleb mop and r.t. new york came out of some of the news for cross today here at r.t. international next on the program though we turn over the stone on the real cost of war and a corrupt arms deals fuel conflict or rather the world shadow world begins in moments. time after time corporations repeat the same mantra sustainability it's very important to accelerate the transition to sustainable price board sustainability stay number man at a more equitable and sustainable well. they claim their production is completely hama's. because.
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it does not the companies want us to feel good about buying their products while the damage is being done far away and this is something else this let's keep going to an even and i mean look. this is the move you missed me didn't even and i'm stunned seemed to underscore that looks good so when. is your media a reflection of reality. in a world transformed. what will make you feel safe from. the isolation. for community. are you going the right way or are you being led somewhere. direct. what is true what is faith.
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in the world corrupted you need to descend. to join us in the depths. for a made in the shallowness. join me every thursday on the alex simon show and i'll be speaking to guest in the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then. on may 3rd of 2003 the ambassador of switzerland to tehran delivers a letter from iraq to the united states. in that letter the iranians essentially offer negotiations to open up the nuclear program for full transparency. the proposal came in i happened to see it's because it was also given to
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a member of congress that i worked for at the time. he sent it over to the white house and called rove called rove called back he said that he found the proposal intriguing he wanted to know if it was genuine were a promise to put it in front of the president i would call karl rove a dear friend. i've seen him a to far sighted courage put america on a war footing. and protect us against a brutal enemy in a dangerous conflict that will shape this new century no formal response was given to the iranians. i'm grateful to have been witness to history. and the argument was that whatever could come out of a negotiation with the iranians. even more could be achieved by simply removing the regime in iraq. in a way to sum up the arguments however a principle in the bush administration said that we simply do not talk to evil.
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and as tony zinni said former central command commander if you like the rock you'll love iraq that is a 10 to 14 year 3 to $4.00 trillion dollar invasion at the end of which the world western asia will look not much different than it does right now it will still be in turmoil and still be in chaos and 70 plus 1000000 iranians will hate our living. in the pentagon and i want to see your new secretary defense 90 years. wolfowitz shared with me in charge cheney in $9192.00. to the white house people like president america needs a new strategy of force. i went through the pentagon in november of 2001 and one of the general said sure i got this memo on. we're going to go after 7 countries in 5 years.
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i said sent a classified memo to. start with iraq and then we're going to move to syria lebannon libya somalia sudan and iran. i think it's highly probable the administration has already made the decision to go to war against iran there are already u.s. troops inside iran want to repeat that there are already u.s. troops inside iran the u.s. has long had its eyes set on trying to impact regime change in iran and much of what you've seen the u.s. doing with regards to iran has been on a covert level we've seen a report in the new yorker by seymour hersh that a u.s. source told him that u.s. marines who are operating in the blue key.


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