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tv   News  RT  November 10, 2019 7:00am-7:31am EST

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and i'll be speaking to yes to the world of politics or business i'm sure business i'll see you that. was unbelievable what we had planned and we had everything. i tried for 3 years to get it on to no avail and then leaked video a t.v. anchor at a major u.s. network claims the station aquash her explosive interview linking powerful people to convicted pedophile just abstain. she says there seems to be some type of network of people. you know that that is covering up for this and she says she has got all of it. and the other stories of the week whistleblowers become the new frontline in the political battle battle being waged in washington d.c. as a bill to protect their identities is blocked in the u.s. senate. and tackling hate and hospitals and health trust in england plans to root
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out racism by threatening to withhold treatment for people who abuse the staff who put the issue up for debate. the mother was in the us. for most of them on the n.h.s. and nothing was done on the news that she she faced the n.h.s. she said to treat people but should treat people. without question. welcome to the weekly here on r t international where we bring you the top stories from the past week. a lead to video appears to show that america's a.b.c. news channel shelved a story on disgraced billionaire geoffrey upstream 3 years ago and network anchor was recorded ranting about the station quashing her explosive interview with an accuser of the convicted pedophile and it's a number of powerful figures are implicated in his crimes the following clip is part of the video obtained by the transparency group project. had
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a story for 3 years i've had to interview with virginia roberts the palace found out that we have her whole allegations are false and true and threaten us a 1000000 different ways. she told me everything she had pictures everything she was in hiding for 12 years making history come out and we convinced her to talk to us it was unbelievable what we had cleared with everything. i had i tried for 3 years to get on to no avail and now it's all coming out and i think these new well of revelations that i presume had i was so pissed i have to wonder why did they not air these stories why why were that why was the shelled now this came to us from an insider within the network an insider who currently works at a.b.c. news leaked us this tape she says there seems to be some type of network of people that you know that that is covering up for this and she says she has a she thought all of it quite telling that this insider leaked this tape to project
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their it's us and not the washington post the new york times c.b.s. or c.n.n. because they seem to want to protect the people that we're working with jeffrey epstein again amy roebuck saying that steam was blackmailing people there's a lot of powerful people on those airplanes that amy is 100 percent certain that he did not commit suicide i don't know why she won't say that publicly but there she is in the leaked tape on the set of the program saying these things when nobody is looking. a.b.c. news has defended its decision not to broadcast the story back then stating it didn't meet editorial standards at the time thank you anchor any work robock agreed explaining her comments made in private moment a frustration our minder of how the story developed 66 year old multimillionaire jeffrey epstein was convicted of soliciting prostitution from a minor in 2008 and with unregistered as a sex offender and july of this here he was arrested again and was to face trial over the alleged creation of a sex trafficking network charges he repeatedly denied but
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a month later obscene was found dead in his cell and apparent suicide. the founder of project veritas again james o'keefe says despite a.b.c. saying the allegations were on cooperated and that work doesn't shy away from other high profile cases you can see how frustrated amy robock when you listen when you watch this tape it directly contradicts what a.b.c. news is saying publicly now about not having enough corroboration there they're fine airing the allegations against maybe brett kavanaugh for or trump or anybody else but when it comes to bill clinton and some of these folks 'd that are mentioned by amy in this hot mike tape they say they just didn't have enough corroboration i'm not sure how a.b.c. news defines a corroboration when it comes to credible witnesses talking about sexual assault but the only conclusion i can draw is that a lot of these network executives are very close to the people they were hanging out with jeffrey epstein per amy amy roebuck. us democrats have
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failed to push through a bill to keep the identity of whistleblower secret it comes as the president's son has tweeted the alleged name of the whistleblower who triggered the trump impeachment inquiry. reports on the fate of those who recently dared to speak out and america. for the democrats impeachment must now seem tantalizingly close all they need is the final piece of damning evidence to seal the deal and to senate minority leader chuck schumer he has come out arguing for the protection of whistleblowers only rather of one intelligence officer whose insider info could make or break the impeachment dream the calls to make public the whistleblowers identity are despicable whistleblowers should be protected period period that's quite the radical departure from his previous comments on those exposing government to be uses and each day that snowden is allowed to room 3
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is another twist to the merits snowden is a one of the few picked up by the media he chose the path of raising his voice and going clone ball unlike the hundreds of others who chose the path of least resistance you see they quietly launched official complaints hoping for the system to reform but they were out of luck because as a damning report from an intelligence watchdog shows the cia and n.s.a. wouldn't 189 out of 190 cases of whistleblower complaints by had to send you the link but the report was shot down i wonder if mr schumer praised or even remembers all those whistleblowers who ruled against what the name for example rich barlow bring about now living in a trailer in remote montana with his hunting dogs back in the late eighty's bhalo worked for the cia now he found himself in
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a patriotic di lemma when he uncovered what he said amounted to the u.s. helping pakistan become a nuclear power including by selling band technology and though he followed protocol he became the victim of a smear come. pain disgraced and discredited barely able to scrape together a living i was disgustingly patriotic and i thought the government is allowing pakistan to develop and spread nuclear weapons and i got destroyed for trying to stop it what about former u.s. marine affronts gayo he thought he'd found a way of reducing the number of u.s. troops dying in iraq as a result of improvised explosive devices all that was needed was a simple swap of patrol vehicles and given that were responsible for over 60 percent of all american losses in the country between 20032008 surely the pentagon
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would have been interested the response was more of. an automated response he's not obeying our instructions he's he's gone off the reservation as we often say. and we've got to stop him from doing that and just as it took gail 7 years to restore his reputation it took just a few months to discredit peter van buren raising 24 years of loyal diplomatic service from pure and found himself on the wrong side of the table when he should light on state department mismanagement i'm waste in iraq what happens when you're thrown out of the government and blacklisted is that you lose your security clearance and it's very difficult to find a grown up job in washington you have to step down a few levels to find a place where they don't care enough about your background to even look into why you washed up there the list of nameless faceless and unrecognized whistleblowers
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goes on and who to blame them for choosing to do to free fall their complaints because if you follow and manning all snowden's footsteps sure you might end up with your name on a plaque card and become the face of the fight for transparency but you might also find yourself. bars and while you're sitting in prison think about how your brothers in arms only have a how to one and 190 chance of success whistleblowing protection should actually exist in all countries because it helps the country to have people tell the truth about corrupt officials united states pretends to have laws that protect whistleblowers but they often either don't work or they are deliberately sordid and certainly the government officials do not want anyone ever telling about things they do illegally the governments are basically wanting to control
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saying and control public opinion they put john kiriakou in prison for telling that for instance is that the cia was torturing so they normally absolutely do not want to protect whistleblowers and they actually hate anyone who tells the truth about their illegal activities schumer about him alongside the washington elite needs to clarify his position on whistleblower as if you are a whistleblower you need to accept that harassment prison self-imposed exile just being consigned to the forgotten pages of history are all on the cards unless of course you happen to be that rab breed of whistle blower who finds himself in the right place at the right time with just the right experts say. also this week patients who abuse staff at a hospital in western england were told they could receive lengthy bans from using the n.h.s. the north bristol health trust has launched
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a red card to racism campaign which because the treatment refuse when it's safe to do so. with the heart to voice the question we are seeing in the fall but we do need to use it to safeguard all star i'm working for cold leaks every 60 of us i'm not going to be able to show that i say. it aims to stamp out abuse that hospital staff often face aside from racism there is a 0 tolerance to sexism and offensive language malicious allegations and intentional damage to property patients found to be abusive will encounter a sports like disciplinary system a warning or a yellow card will be given on the 1st incident a 2nd time the patient will get a red card meaning treatment will be withdrawn once the patient's condition is safe we've got reaction to the story from the national secretary for the english democrats party stephen morris and also from women bennett he's from the stand up to racism action group. a mother was a nurse for for most of her life for the n.h.s.
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and nothing was done about the abuse that she see faced and there's no reason why she should have put up with the abuse of to nursing people in very serious conditions i think a message of tolerance towards it would lead to a level of self control and h.s. is there to treat people they should treat people. without question the issues of sexism racism is a massive can of worms because obviously the hospitals could be in breach of the only quality because obviously a female that he wants to be treated by a female will not be allowed to because it will be deemed a sexist or if you have certain religious views you won't be allowed because it be deemed racist or sexist in some form if you're racist you will have a problem with this because you think it's a normal discourse of normal wear behavior some framed in some ridiculous notion that you've got a freedom to insult and abuse people want to lock them up is in serious actually most of these people will find that one step behavior is deemed unacceptable people
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realise they can no longer behave like that it's not true that just clogging up the court system we say people should be prosecuted but you don't want to prosecute it because your actual word was it would only call got the court system somebody who may have a feel philosophical or religious belief about being treated by women are being treated by a certain person then they have their philosophical and religious beliefs have to be also respected and if the n.h.s. are not going to respect their views then they're going to fall foul of the equality at the n.h.s. was built on immigrant a migrant labor from all over the world she was going many people yes in and my god oh here we go you have no idea as a bill that said on the please don't use that because it wasn't built just on that this is ridiculous if somebody says i don't want to be treated by some of these black or asian there's no reason to respect that at all in a race isn't a philosophical view it's just plain wrong only those peep. believe he should be tolerated any kind of basic principles.
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prosecuted you're talking about people under normal circumstance these are not normal circumstances when people go into a in a. in the u.s. so these an absolute wide range of circumstances just to say can you come down a bit the can ask you like the situation you want to use a little coward to tell people off i say let's go and prosecuted you didn't want to do that because you said it blocked the court systems are not against prosecute them i think it's easier it's easier for health professionals to give people a warning about their behavior and challenge it without necessarily bringing in the police and the courts i think the people who are racist need to be challenge to and has to be done in such a way as they can simply understand that their behavior is unacceptable what you need to do is make sure you get them treated get them out reports and then get prosecuted if need be afterwards very simple if you start. out in the hospitals
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that's going that's going to a people more. the syrian president claims that the west attempt to incite a revolution in his country through sanctions has failed to show our side shared his thoughts and an exclusive interview with r.t. it's the 1st time he's spoken to an international channel and more than a year. what did you make of it when. the british government sent the royal navy to intercept in the rain the universal. they said the iranian government said it was with heating oil for syria. from the european union going to the poorest people in syria. this winter. exactly 1st of all this is by oversee. the biography by the united kingdom and this is the core meaning of the word
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regime called regime and in going to use something similar. they wanted to effect the people in syria why because those people expected to or to rule with against their government during the difference to just all the war but they didn't they were supposed to be supporting the terrorists the moderate rebels with the angels of white helmet but the people didn't this would with their government so they have to suffer they have to pay the price 1st for they have to learn the lesson that you should. with their agenda 2nd this is maybe the last ditch attempt in order to push them to be against the government but they tried to tried it before and they didn't work because the people knew the whole story and they know where their interests lie.
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you can watch the full version of that interview here on r.t. tomorrow as well as on our website r.t. dot com. still to come a small town in one has had to rethink its name of are concerned of racism story and more after the break. the ever present and constant dread. of the free money. we would have a day of reckoning. and prices would revert back to reflect supply and demand. and there would be a catastrophic trap door opening underneath the u.s. economy because the u.s. won't do it for itself china will do it for the in the form of announcing as
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a surprise $20000.00 tons of gold and the introduction of a gold backed crypto currency just will kill the u.s. dollar better than adorning. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy. let it be an arms race. here in dramatic development only really. i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time to sit down and talk. welcome back 7 protesters have reportedly been killed and dozens injured in the iraqi city as a baghdad and basra security forces used live ammunition tear gas and sound bombs the unrest in iraq erupted in october over unemployment government corruption and
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the lack of basic services over 260 people have reportedly been killed something demonstrations started the prime minister on saturday promised to overhaul the cabinet. the us government is reportedly investigating the social media platform take talk over security concerns the video sharing app is chinese owned and is popular among teenagers it's also one of the few to challenge the monopoly of tech giants such as facebook and google. this sounds on now look at may not. yet. i'll be honest with you up until last week i had no idea this thing even existed take tock tick tock for me simply the sound i associate with the clock well if you feel the same i'll have to
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tell you either you're getting old like me or it's just that your online habits need an urgent update take talk a platform to share short videos is now the most downloaded app the king of all apps and twitter and co you've been dethroned just so you know ever heard the song. if it wasn't for his app store majesty the song wouldn't have become a hit you can hear on the radio anywhere in the world but here's something that may surprise old school folks like me even more the king belongs to an asian dynasty tick tock is that chinese app. so that's why the top democrat senator in his late sixty's is more up to speed than me 110000000
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americans who have information with and the chinese government could be grabbing every one of them guess what the u.s. government is already up to reports say they've launched a national security probe into tick talk and the worries are the chinese government could spy through take talk influence through take talk and censor what's on tape talk good god how come the rest of the world hasn't given up american born facebook speaking of the man who introduced the blue f to us all it's only natural he is keen to have a go at his competitors or services like what's up are used by protesters and activists everywhere due to strong encryption privacy protections to talk the chinese up quickly around the world mentions of these same protests. censored now just let me show you what the people will be hiding tick-tock have to say about all that our data centers are located entirely outside of china and none of our data is
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subject to chinese law we're not influenced by any foreign government including the chinese government to talk does not operate in china nor do we have any intention of doing so in the future oh someone here is either being really does honest or outright paranoid or a bit of both it's time to stick in. us china trade wars i'll tell you what this year has shown these has still ities could easily spill over into modern tech slash online territory remember how america once went after i phone killer want to be while way if i want to be still the right word washington even saw jail time for one of while these top executives and held google to the wall over android updates anyway for now clocks in teen minds and quite a few older ones even in america will be picking the chinese take talk way mr schumer do you have the guts to keep up with the times and join the royal after
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party. now look at. a small thing side town in the south of england has been swept up in a storm of controversy over the suggestion its longstanding nickname smacks of white supremacy something that's left the locals baffled. i i i. i. this word thing is not to remove the town counts. could be classed as a racist white supremacist therefore this issue's should be rectified immediately.
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travel through the delicious scenery of north devon must needs know the little white town a bit if it. shocking . i think it's true that. it's a little white. always remember more than. you have to stop all this time i know every. everybody. i ever get married it's unbelievable right. that's a recap of just some of the stories that help shape the world these last 7 days probably latest on up to many reports follow us on twitter facebook.
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join me every thursday on the elec so i'm unsure when i'll be speaking to get a feel of the world of politics sports business i'm sure i'll see you that. said to my hardest to i dash worst you can but if it's a. dollar show. up in design you need to be. on a regular ricky room. in
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the same country because he must not tell a official you make us tell us your face your body has suddenly become one thing my mother but it has been a bunch who. sent. him on the hook including the whole thing as a bozo haha funny thing with the quote this is you just said come. you didn't. fall just so he dumped the last young man who's young they have. deiced so much smoke the soup he chews still so not to sing on. me at such and such.
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is you'll be a reflection of reality. in a world transformed. what will make you feel safe from. isolation or community. are you going the right way or are you being led somewhere. direct. what is true what is faith. in the world corrupted you need to descend. to join us in the depths. or a maybe in the shallowness. you know world of big partisan movies lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever
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we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the bad and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. 'd 'd 'd
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'd one day the latest weapon coupled with the fighting skill of the american soldier stand ready on the alert all over the world to defend this country the american people off against aggression this is the big picture now to show you part of the big picture here is sergeant stuart wait. the privilege of serving the united states and uniform is no longer limited to amount.
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that you please by the women's army koran taking this grooming and feminine grease is one of the 1st lessons learned by the recruit. there were demands that require all her perfect physical health to stamp out. i'm sure you've all heard the saying there's a right way. and the army way. already the line on. a farm. this is probably.


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