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russian foreign minister feels questions that an international peace for remains quizzed about geo political fingerpointing. the west is pretty much. everything. no not for just. grand silent bolivia's former president evo morales who resigned from his position and fled his country following weeks of. people across latin america rallies in his support. and israel kills a top commander of islamic jihad in an airstrike in gaza prompted the palestinian
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militant group to return fire with. their thanks for joining us this is r.t. international. russia's foreign minister is in the french capital this tuesday attending the paris peace forum aimed at promoting better global governance. drawing on the subject of global responsibilities. the west is pretty much playing to be blamed for everything. no no. just mistakes well very strong speech by the russian foreign minister outlining his a vision of what's happening in the at the moment and talking about some of the issues of what he sees as the way that the west is viewed itself in the past and how 'd we views itself in the presence in terms of its global domination he said
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that the west needs to take responsibility for its actions they need to understand that it's domination of rule to frazz has been melting away it's said that it needs to accept that the world at the feet change is a centric world in fact he even went as far as accusing the west of preventing this from taking place of course on france. because for more than $500.00. more than 5 centuries they don't mean that the political economic and cultural civilizational life on this planet. as this objective. breaks well he also was talking about some of the recent events over the last few weeks he talked about catalonia he talked about things that were happening in bolivia of course the resignation of now the former president evo
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morales and he talked about the fact that the intervention there wasn't the pointed finger being pointed at russia russia hasn't been accused of meddling in any of these countries but he suggested that essentially somebody else was somehow we have not been accused of the coup in bolivia and this is strange so something discrepancy in the minds of those who normally a great job political agenda i believe that it is very unfortunate what we see in the uk it is very unfortunate. stage. distress but don't forget that. the people steal. the. american invasion we also saw a little bit of humor from the russian foreign minister he was asked during the questioning session how is russia preparing for the 2020 us election he talked
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a lot about the u.s. today so i wondered the presidential elections are coming up in 2020 russia getting ready for that. we will resolve the problems on tour. but the main thoughts of sergey lavrov at the paris peace conference was the fact that they had to respond to the global demands to global conflicts that countries need to work together and that means that the way forward is upon the centric way forward and not the dominance of the west. the ousted libyan president over all this is in mexico have to be granted political asylum that he resigned one day apparently under pressure from the military in what he described as a coup he gave a speech shortly after landing. of the beginning i'd like to say that i stepped down in order to avoid bloodshed and further confrontation i'm grateful to mexico for saving my life why do i say this i was by my security that people would hand me
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you in exchange for $50000.00 and that's why i think the mexican president. you must protest in bolivia 1st began over the recent presidential election amid claims of folk rigging but since we're all this is resignation of the week and bolivia is being rocked by yet more of a rush for the scenes of looting in the capital some locals of actually being forced to build barricades and stand guard over their homes. as the must be here and honest as we're watching our homes because there's a lot of vandalism that is happening in our area this is last night he began to loot the story to surround us the criminals 32 surrounding area and we had to come out to defend it. is there yet isn't the since yesterday the looting has begun in the streets police and fire stations were torched and hung with shops cars buses everything was burned in my district looters began to timid us. meanwhile supporters of morale as if turned out in large numbers both in bolivia and across
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latin america as some are hailing is ousting is a victory for democracy despite the power vacuum that behind. the resignation yesterday of believe in president ever more rallies is a significant moment for democracy in the western hemisphere these events send a strong signal to the illegitimate regimes in venezuela nicaragua that democracy and the will of the people will always prevail i don't know if it was a breeze in south america or if it was oblivion hurricane of democracy be here today i feel a little breeze in venezuela or freedom in justice. from the president of ecuador rafael caret believes that once the dust the settles believe ins will say that they've been manipulated. but he does for a daily sort of a moment that the opposition is now enjoying its fleeting triumph i hope that this will not lead to even more violence because even more or less has huge support among the populations when everything calms down or almost bolivians and i believe that they're good people women will realize that they have been manipulated they
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have something to compare the 13 to 14 years bolivia has experienced the highest level of prosperity in its history there has been stability economic growth the elimination of illiteracy reduction extreme poverty it is almost a question of who won the election isn't worth it everyone knows that evo morales won the only question is the margin by which he won and the right are calling for violence in the most insulin way there are considerable resources and weapons behind them so if there are clashes in the streets when there are no law enforcement agencies when the police tape part in riots when the military says it will not go against the people we're not god the embassies the palace of government what is left evo morales to do to avoid bloodshed to avoid more violence furthermore the army commander asked him to resign what could he do to avoid more bloodshed and violence just leave but this is what we call a coup the organization of american states not only allowed this but is also part of this coup the organization of american states has always been
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a tool in the hands of the us it is time for us latin americans to create something of our own because we cannot continue to resolve disputes in washington or even worse in the organization of american states or believe his political turmoil has given rise to questions regarding the future of the country's resources some are predicting morale is a departure could now open up opportunities for multinational mining companies bolivia is estimated to have $9000000.00 tons of lithium reserves the 2nd largest in the world and that's just once like we're talking about if other sites were added the country might contain up to half of the world's lithium significant because experts predict global demand for the chemical element will triple by 2027 . now that increase is being driven by the rapid expansion of certain markets that used lithium for example today it's used in electric cars batteries for various portable electronic devices and even military hardware checkout and from the alliance for global justice thinks that bolivia has been hit by the resource curse
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. there is no question that washington is behind the coup in bolivia as it's. behind regime change efforts in. every country of the particularly that has resources in june of this year. that will have you it was going to be. industrialised there or there lithium up till now it's just exporter of raw materials but his plan was for bolivia to begin to produce and batteries refining the lithium ion producing batteries themselves which cuts for. transnational corporations for a profit stream. bringing the troops home has been
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a frequent call of the trumpet ministrations and the troops all around the world to you'd like to think they know exactly how many they're talking about but that doesn't seem to be the case. i want to get out i want to bring our troops back home it's time to bring them home we're no longer the suckers folks. up until recently the only way to get an accurate reading of u.s. troop numbers was from an agency called the defense of manpower data center which reports directly to the secretary of defense however it would appear that the d.m. d.c. is no longer releasing figures like you steve. we learned on january the 9th 2019 that juta new security guidance d.m. d.c. can no longer report currently deployed service members this new guidance places us in jeopardy of not having the information necessary to count those who are deployed overseas that's why the rhetoric troop numbers started to rise steadily under the trump presidency until september 27th team or the numbers abruptly stopped d.c.
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figures for afghanistan iraq syria and several african countries are simply left blank. we will not talk about numbers of troops or our plans for further military activities we are obliged to learn from overseas reporters from journalists on the scene where the wars are happening how many us troops are there as well as what we've been obliged to learn that same way for years how much bombing is going on by both of those measurements trump increased most of the wars he inherited and then stopped reporting the information and in some cases clearly has continued to escalate or maintain levels of troops and bomb strikes well talking about his opposition to war and being reported on in the us media as a so-called opponent of the war's a think you've seen recent poll swear 16 percent of the u.s.
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public wants these wars to continue so 84 percent of us need to shut up where we're not as likely to shut up if we're told accurate information and so we have all this us so called journalism about trump the opponents of the war are strong the bringer of the troops home. recent polls show the most veterans do not believe that the conflicts in either iraq or afghanistan were worth fighting the general public is similarly unsupportive of washington's involvement in those who are the founder of the bring our troops home movement says so just pay a heavy price. the weight that a deployment takes on a soldier in both mental and physical toll is is in kabul you can't put a number to it it's not quantitative and when you do that back to back times and 3rd or 4th or 5th or 6th time those emotional and those physical scars build up scar upon scar on star and then the healing process takes longer and longer and
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longer and some some of our brothers and sisters that deploy this never do fully recover either physically or mentally we come on broken we come home damaged we come on broke and financially ruined we come home and we go through divorce and hard time integrating back into normal society and we just grew tired of seeing the same soldiers carry the burden of a war that 75 percent of the congress that we have today hasn't ever authorized 25 percent of those that served in 2001 in congress and signed the initial authorization of use of military force or all that's left in congress and so to the 3 quarters of the population congress has never formally given authorization for these wars. because this health ministry claims 7 palestinians have been killed more than 30 others wounded amid an ongoing exchange of rocket fire between palestinian militants and israel toll includes a leading commander of islamic jihad he was killed monday night during an israeli air raid on the gaza strip such targeted assassinations have occasionally been
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conducted by television in recent years. shortly after the israeli assault the palestinian militant group responded launching a salvo of rockets over the border hitting television and surrounding cities the border between israel and gaza has been closed television says that it's continuing to target islamic jihad locations a middle east correspondent paula sleep has the story. the israeli army has confirmed that its most wanted man in gaza and in fact the 3rd most wanted man internationally was assassinated just over midnight in the gaza strip now he is the leader of the islamic jihad militant group. and the strike occurred in the early hours of this morning we understand that an additional person was killed initial
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reports suggest that it was his wife and that 2 other people has been injured after the strike on a house in the east of gaza now dozens of rockets have been fired into israel primarily southern and central israel in a response to the situation here in israel is extremely tense the reserve units have been called up people have been told to open their bomb shelters and people living in the south and say into the country have been told to stay home and not go to work and unless they have essential jobs now the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has said that this leader was a commander who was poised to launch imminent attacks against israel take a listen in the past year this terrorist was the main generator of terrorism from this trip initiated planned and carried out many attacks hundreds of rockets communities in the gaza periphery suffering we haven't ignored he was in the midst of prancing additional attacks these very days he was taking to clarify israel is
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not interested in an escalation but we will do everything necessary to defend so now the islamic jihad has vowed to take vengeance on his desk they've issued a statement with us and this is despite israel's warning hamas not to get involved situation there is extremely tense now all of this comes as a separate attack on the damascus home of a another islamic jihad political leader took place also in the early hours of this morning and according to islamic jihad the son of the commander was killed in a blaming the israeli army as of yet there's been no comment no response from the is. defense force in syria media is reporting the attack they say that 2 people were killed and 6 people were wounded but at this stage they are not saying who was killed and who is responsible for this assassination indicates a resumption in the israeli policy of targeted assassinations we discussed the high tensions with experts who had differing views on the conflict. the cease fire is
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very shaky is very far john that has been violated by israel many times and it seems to me that our we are again in the cycle of violence between israel and the palestinian resistance to groups but up until this moment i think maybe egypt will be will succeed in bringing a new cease fire into the hold since it's only the islamic jihad who is fighting back it's the only group who is retaliating by hamas so far has refrained from any provocation has a friend from 90. 4 months to live on iraq it's a gives israel and they believe that egypt might succeed in the coming few hours. stopping and preventing this cycle of violence from going into a broader warfare between israel and the palestinians there is a subtle reality of the catch 22 when it comes to gaza saw maybe people
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all talk a belt. dealing tough hand with other people with other causations but they need to see the consequences of anything that will happen because next year the gaza strip is entry into a crisis the huge crisis so you need to think in any response and be in a strategic response to understand what will be the consequence i think both sides are trying to avoid. another war or another round of escalation. the prime minister benjamin of the all said it think. i must declare richard of they're not going to stop any revenge if it means we are not going to interfere if you want to. get a better but don't hit us it's abuse they also want to avoid another round of escalation both sides actually want the same thing. in finland the politician who also works as a taxi driver has been forced to apologize after admitting that he made up
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a race hate attack to him her saying he belongs to the social democratic party claimed he'd kicked a passenger out of his taxi after he was racially abused. i apologize for my actions and for lying is the decision make it is my duty to be honest i depend on my voters trust and i have now broken that trust i should do everything i can to restore trust in my actions the somali born driver claimed an abusive passenger had behaved in a brace's manner by asking him about his reasons for being in finland and then telling him to go back to his native country the story collapsed under scrutiny and the taxi company he worked for found his story didn't match the g.p.s. data of the vehicle now the incident of finland is far from being the only recent high profile case of fake race hate remember u.s. actor just telling police that he'd been attacked by white men shouting racial and homophobic slurs they turned out that incident was staged social science professor
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adrian grillo po believes that the issue of race has been politicized because of rising immigration in europe. domain name was to highlight a question of racism in finnish or sorry to now a dog doesn't excuse their disabilities oh look i'm not lying or mainly. due soon what i'm here to broaden the question was what is going on how actually in relation to the question of race just been highlighted on politicise today we have migration into europe it didn't feel each browser's of this only. europe aspirant or one race i would say that race is the key concept john that's down politics today in different nations in. a teenager who was injured in january by a rubber bullet fired by french riot police has suffered
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a setback in his quest for justice quick warning him a fine is images now disturbing incident occurred during a yellow vest demonstration the teenager's jaw was broken in claims that he was just passing by the rally and not intending to join it. however strasburg prosecutors now dropped the case saying that the probe could not identify the shooter it was brought by the mother of the teenager when we spoke to her about what happened she claims officials have ignored the son's plight. it sure was and when you commercial were to visit i was told your son is badly injured the operation lasted 16 hours after that he had to stay at home for 3 months with his jaw wired can you imagine how hard it is for a teenager not to go out anywhere for 3 months nobody helped us i dealt with everything on my own i went this is called me and offered their support but not to the government i'm disappointed because of this it's terrible i'm not a part of the universe movement i don't condemn them though they have the right to
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demand the things they demand but i'm definitely against the violence i was told there were several policemen who were shooting at the same time that's why they can't identify the one who shot my son but i keep telling myself that all the governments of registered and what about c.c.t.v. they are just shutting their eyes to what happened to my son as if it's not important as if it's just a scratch but it isn't my son could have been killed we. were yellow 1st demonstrators have been venting their anger against the manual micron's policies for almost a year the movement began against rising fuel prices but then it got broader making a number of socio economic and political demands the protests of the most violent of recent french history some of those involved have sustained severe injuries. such.
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as we see is police violence violation of the professional code of conduct old when . some policemen used illegal methods they pooled. and tear gassed people with disabilities but the cases didn't progress. i don't want to accuse all the policeman but some of them may get orders from above and that should also be investigated. california has decided to spend billions of taxpayer dollars on a new high speed rail link the trains will run of the most 300 kilometers an hour but critics have pointed out some major flaws.
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if you're driving from los angeles to that to by the time you get there you're pretty much half way to vegas. so why would you stop and leave your car somewhere and take a train and then have to move to where you're just nation is when you can just drive your car. it's an ambiguous money waster at a time when we have many demands on public resources.
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california has been forced to cancel the massive bullet train project after having spent and wasted many billions of dollars they owe the federal government 3 and a half $1000000000.00 we want that money back now whole project is a green disaster and. abandoning high speed rail entirely means we will have wasted billions of dollars with nothing but broken promises and with all due respect i have no interest in sending $3500000000.00 in federal funding there was allocated to this project back to president on drums. i just say without international i will be back with a place in our top stories in our time i hope to see that.
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i am. time after time to repeat the same mantra sustainability very important. transition to sustainable transport sustainability. the more equitable and sustainable. they claim their production is complete the hama. companies want us to feel good about buying their products while the damage is being done far away and this is a this. is
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a tense situation in venezuela is still all over the news the problem in venezuela is not that socialism has been poorly implemented but that socialism has been a fully implement inside venezuela things look different we're going to announce sanctions against. venezuela associate. famously have a son of a moment too soon to. put. the pedal to the moment but the who story isn't new nixon called in henry kissinger to tell him that it would not be tolerated in latin america. terms of economic and social system could take hold and therefore the policy would be to make. the
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chilean economy scream so want some. of the of venezuela screed. i am our skies are this is the kaiser report yeah we could go on presidents come and go countries come and go whole new solar systems or discover doesn't matter going. i'm going to call this episode give us this day our daily billions of course that's the wall streeters the big crybabies we call them crybabies all the time and they cry all the time for free money and i realize that's why we have 2 economies going on the real economy where the 99 percent live
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and the one percent economy where these bankers live and the corporate elite live and there's never enough free money they want more more more and more and you can see that in the jobs numbers that came out this past week week and a half and what you saw is that as boom times the ira continues to be boom times and you can see with the consumer spending that consumers are spending life is going on and yet when you come to wall street you see the nonstop interventions required increasing escalating interventions into the repo market that's the overnight cash market you see quantitative easing more q.e. needed you see interest rates that were cut again this week for that top one percent so we have a tale here of 2 economy without the president constant drip. the free money. we would have a day of reckoning and prices would revert back to reflect supply and demand.
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and there would be a catastrophic trapdoor opening underneath the u.s. economy because the u.s. won't do it for itself china will do it for the u.s. in the form of announcing as a surprise $20000.00 tons of gold and the introduction of a gold backed cryptocurrency this will kill the u.s. dollar better than a doornail and it will be a harbor type event and it's coming in the next 6 to 9 months but the domestic situation here and of course we're in new york city so that means everybody knows who watch the cable news you see it culturally and politically the top one percent who are represented on the cable news are having a breakdown about the political situation that it's all doom and gloom and yet the rest of the world if the rest of the country if you drive across the country you'll see nobody's hysterical like them nobody's constantly triggered like them so again we come back to the economy in the tale of the 2 economies.


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