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tv   Politicking  RT  November 14, 2019 10:30pm-11:01pm EST

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on this edition of the politics. of the politicking on larry king the impeachment inquiry of donald trump has moved into the public phase voters now have an opportunity a big of their own mind on the president's actions based on the steady stream of testimony from diplomatic and defense experts for analysis on this what we've seen so far and for just some idea of how we've gotten to this point in the 1st place i'm joined by ken adelman he formally citizen best to the united nations and on his control director under president reagan he accompanied him on several summits between reagan and the former soviet leader mikhail gorbachev it's a pleasure to have his expertise on all of this he joins us from washington thank you for doing this can it's good to see a larry you're doing great and you look great too you voice. diplomacy in defense
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positions throughout your career anything close to as happening today well i think what's close to what's happening today is the integrity of those who serve in the foreign service and who serve our country in uniform even if the uniforms is true a striped suit because these are people who have dedicated their lives to service who sign up to help the united states who don't avoid the draft or avoid service in any way and they're there to serve and it's just sparkling to see them come forward tell the truth not try to get involved in the politics of it all but tell it like it is so i think that's the same i saw that in my most 20 years 1820 years in government and it's inspiring to see larry do you think they are being in some way moe online and yes they're definitely being. maligned the trumpet
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ministration has made it very rough for them the secretary of state has an obligation to. protect those in the foreign service to come back his team and the secretary of state has been very very deficient in that he's just been a lapdog president. in beijing we presently know and you've been just in the present to the president's actions viz of the crane qualify as extortion. extortion usually has a gun related to it and lots of cash it is certainly true that trump held up something that the president of ukraine really wanted 2 things a visit to the white house which is big stuff in the international affairs and number 2 the 400000000 dollars in military aid which he absolutely needed to protect the country against russia he held that up until the ukrainians.
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really investigated the biden family and they're the firm that biden joined as a board member in a very in my opinion kind of stupid manner to join it at all but anyway they wanted that and he wanted an investigation in 2016 of ukrainians involvement in our elections the purpose of the 2nd one was kind of strange to me it is to let putin off the hook and to say that the problem of foreign intervention was not russia it was ukraine which doesn't really affect the 2016 elections at all it's again trump trying to forward and be a pansy to putin former ambassador to the u.n. nikki haley is said in several interviews this week that she doesn't think mr shrum did anything wise's to an impeachable offense do you. i think it's very
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disappointing what nikki haley said i was a big fan of nikki haley i don't think she had to answer the question truth i think that she is a person who is known for her integrity and for her honesty and her background in south carolina was impeccable and i think like most people in the trumpet administration you get they get smeared by being with trump and that's been true his whole career way before you entered the white house those who dealt with them ended up with 30 or themselves. by members of the something ministration to show up in response to use of teams i think it's kind of smart to tell you the truth because if they started to testify they'd have to testify that what the president did was impeachable offense and they were want to avoid that and therefore drag it out in the courts and just say that stiff the subpoenas and say we're not going to testify and you know from their point of view i think it's very
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smart from trump's point of view it's very smart i think would be deadly to have john bolton you know testify that he thought what trump's was doing with the ukraine president was outrageous and tried to stop it every way he could i think that kind of testimony would be very very you know upsetting to the trumpet administration and put the lid on the so i think i think it's smart to stay away you hope that he testifies though you know i think you should what's your assessment of secondary you pump. performance so far what i told you larry i thought he really should back up his team these are fine foreign service officers who serve republicans who serve democrats who keep on the foreign policy of the united states going in a very competent way in a very dedicated way and they risk their lives in a way that i like our soldiers risk their lives especially. forces rest their lives
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their intelligence officers risk their lives in fact someone did a calculation once and as many foreign service officers die overseas as a percentage of the service as military so it's wonderful what they do and the secretary of state should be there saying i got your back but this one says i'm turning my back what's happening to our. can since you have well i think the whole thing that's going on is the decline in the sense of trust and decency larry i remember when you and i dealt together a lot with president reagan it was impossible for reagan to treat anybody with anything but decency and it was true of tip o'neill his main opponent in the democratic. race i remember one time i was told by frank. frank. hold on i'll get his name he was the head of the republican party at the time and he was in a car he was in
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a car with reagan during the 64 reelection campaign and some guy was right outside the car screaming with a poster impeach president reagan president reagan's the worst president in the world and. reagan and fair and cough it was frank fahrenkopf was sitting next to reagan got very mad about it reagan turned to him says frank you see that guy frank says yeah and he was all red faced and mad about it and reagan says to him put that guy down as undecided. and maybe leaning against reagan couldn't hate anybody he ever and now it's anybody the decency was just overwhelming and all of us in the administration we knew that we could give the reagan's lines we could absolutely give his foreign policy we could give his overall approach to the world in the most raw and straightforward manner possible but we could not do what we could not do. as disrespect to anybody on the other
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side who opposed us we could not do is to question their patriotism or create question their decency and that was a cardinal rule of us in the reagan administration and that was a pretty damn good rule to abide by larry is the obama administration was too timid to syria yeah it's do you think we made a mistake in pulling our troops out you know absolutely i think that when you are there to defend somebody like the kurds who's been your allies and been fighting alongside of you and then to say bye bye i'm outta here that's a that's a betrayal and it's a betrayal of our allies and it raises questions the south koreans why would they ever believe us now when we betrayed the kurds he's as easy having isis a chance to rebuild oh i know yes yes of course they let all kinds of isis leaders out of jail right now and so they're running around in their reestablishing their network and they're doing so in
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a very damaging manner can only always the leader of the free world 'd is a marathon the no i don't think of the free world as long as we have a president doesn't really believe in freedom very much he believes in strongman as we saw the barricades around town today with their gun from turkey here is the president of hungary here is as you know he loves putin for some reason that republicans excuse he things kim jong un is we know he fell in love with him he's a great guy and so any dictator or anybody that in the reagan administration we would say that person is bad or evil that person is to tell a terry and that person is against everything america stands for with president trump it's everything he loves. we think is going to end. well i think it's going to and probably not with a conviction in the senate. with the voters in 2020 realizing they made
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a bum decision in 2016 and that you know they can't stand 4 more years of trump and i hope the nation realizes that and all of us realize we can't afford 4 more years to trump is there any democratic candidate you are supporting you know because i'm not in partisan politics and who cares about my support and he did say the truth larry but the fact is that i'd vote for any candidate running against trump he's the worst i think the world is safer now well it's safer than it was in the and the cold war that's for sure when we were in government $980.00 s. with reagan we realized that the soviet union and then a monolith with tremendous power could wipe out the united states in 20 minutes or half hour when i was growing up on the south side of chicago larry man bryn mawr grammar school actually the same grammar school that michelle obama went 2 years
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later when i was there at tuesday morning at 10 30 in the morning we would be marched down the hall get down on our knees put our heads in the locker because the so we used to practice against a soviet nuclear attack and i remember asking miss milroy the principal of that. ok my head's in the locker but my family still out in the hall isn't going to be going to be fried and she says no we've thought of that and just don't ask any more questions. are our grandkids are not putting their heads in the locker these larry and they're not fairing a thermonuclear attack what region of the world are you most worried about. well i worry about nuclear weapons i worry about north korea's nuclear weapons or worry about pakistan and think i were about iran getting nuclear weapons that's the ultimate the ultimate nightmare i have. ken it's always great seeing you let's not
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leave the distance be too fast between as from now on out larry you are a work of nature i mean you know you should be a national monument in yourself you told me you're what you ate for breakfast and i decided from now on i eat the same thing as you so i do as well as as you are doing when i'm your age i can edelman great to see you and thanks very good today ok good to see you again larry in american policy again after the break.
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terror of russian airline it's. you know world big partisan lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the back and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. and.
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aeroflot russian and i guess. those who consume corporate media will believe the bolivian army rightfully overthrew the democratically elected president of bolivia the word coup is not mentioned but this is exactly what happened the tried and tested color revolution playbook was on display for anyone paying attention bolivia's democracy is in retreat. and we're going to fulfill repeated promises apologise to the people and come on you know we've all pots. pretty rough.
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pretty good. now you want to work correct that. no. cut. was about to politicking let's turn now to law for the gold panel they are brian joyce host of the brian joyce show on talk radio airing on dummy geo w.
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and then. and in washington the dhaval franco former member of the george w. bush administration was also a spokesperson for the john mccain and mitt romney presidential campaigns brian will start with you what's your assessment of the teacher in hearings after day one . after day one i mean quite honestly larry i think democrats almost have all the evidence they need to impeach i mean look at this point to me the impeachment hearings themselves are just a technicality we have the president's own chief of staff on national television admitting that there was a quid pro quo we have republicans trying to claim that the president clearly said on the phone line that there was no quid pro quo which to me larry doesn't make a difference i mean if i were to walk into a gas station and rob a gas station does it matter if i say i'm not robbing your gas station of course not if the evidence is there and we know we have the evidence then that speaks for
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itself i think that's where we are with these hearings and i think they'll play out exactly as we expect i expect republicans to be petulant about this i expect them to be aggressive i expect them to run interference on obstruction i expect the democrats to keep pursuing the charges the accusations that they think are there ultimately if it moves to the senate we all know the senate will not impeach donald trump anyway so ultimately i think it's a fruitless exercise but i will see how it plays adolfo was your read well agreed the last comma is absolutely is fruitless and i agree with brian i guess the evidence doesn't matter for the democrats as it's a fad tack complete we all know that day and piece are proceeding of this type is a political exercise of political theater. think the ranking republican mr nunez said it yesterday very well this is now a continuation of the efforts to impeach president trump for him before his inauguration of course we all remember larry for several years that the other
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hoax which was the the witch hunt carried out by mr mueller was supposed to lead to impeachment that was the playbook certainly nobody's talking about that anymore and the years investigations and then they latched on to a telephone call that is absolutely i've read the transcript i agree with the president and have the american people have his act absolutely appropriate. the situation here though i grew brian i think he was trying to get to this point this is a political exercise in the house and we don't know the foregone conclusion in the senate because the makeup of the senate is completely different so we know this will be as brian said a fruitless exercise unfortunately they are trying to take away the democrats from the american people the ability to judge for themselves in less than a year where the president acted in a properly are and appropriately with this rises to the level of of says gravity that he should be denied a 2nd term there isn't anything to be gained here except political advantage for the democrats or attempt to political advantage during the presidential campaign to
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taint him mean the president because they can't beat him on the merits ryan a jobs bill makes an interesting point it is kind of the issue read the devil has gone into this for us is he will be impeached and the senate will find him not guilty correct i think that's will happen that's what will happen that doesn't make the process a charade larry let me clarify what i said that this is all a fruitless exercise that's because republicans in the senate will not follow the law it will not follow the constitution what democrats are doing right now is they have evidence they have they have evidence in front of them that this president has committed a crime they are doing what congress did back in the days of richard nixon they are doing what congress did back in the days of bill clinton they are pursuing that investigation and pursuing those accusations this is not a political exercise this is an exercise in constitutional law i wish republicans would jump off the political bandwagon and get back on the side of the united states constitution for a change i don't know are you concerned that mr trump involved american politics
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into the ukraine why don't the key did i think he was doing something that was completely appropriate and that was simply asking for clarification and events that happened in 2016 that led to a massive investigation in this country without the. brute without a result of any kind other than a waste of money and more importantly more importantly is why was the vice president a state son on a board where he had no qualifications receiving a large sum of money and the vice president was trying to have a prosecutor relieved that was looking into that matter but more broadly if i could just quickly this is an interesting observation i never remember the impeachment being a constitutional issue of this type in law school but it was clear since brian brought it up vice president clinton committed a crime perjury everybody agrees with it even president clinton agrees with it he
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committed a crime and the democrats were against his impeachment at that time for the crime there is no crime here and they're moving to a do we know the president well they're moving to they have already said they're moving to the move the president on abuse of office and power subjective determinations on the president's style at all the same question it was there in the festa gating they're in there all the all know it richard nixon got impeached the only way bill clear not investigators because 1st there was an investigation the investigation was held behind closed doors did a geisha was done by internet consultation on the records in the senate the investigations briand in the previous cases were done by independent counsel there is no investigation here there is a committee that has closed tort has had closed door depositions and is now engaged in impeachment hearings with a view that has an article of impeachment considered by the house before christmas you know the washington the new york post got it right this morning with
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a huge headline said guilty before it starts. and with a picture of a circus led by nancy pelosi this is a political exercise there is no investigation there will be articles of impeachment already drafted by by by the how it's all photographs ready you will be out on. would republicans feel better if democrats appointed a special counsel we already did that with robert muller he came to the conclusion that the president committed obstruction of justice here we are months later you're saying no he did not include that so what he did not do that yes no he did no he and i often know you know we know you rewrite them you know the last lesson had the mueller report concluded brian that the president had committed obstruction of justice they would have been having and they would know they would have been having impeachment proceedings on that which they did not do so if your logic is correct then they were derelict in their duty the reason they were not derelict in their duty is because there was no obstruction of justice but more importantly on this to answer your question directly yes i think
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a special prosecutor independent of mr scheft was a political hack would be fair that the democrats decided to forego because they have a canada and they have an advocate mine table and write a timetable if democrats appointed a special counsel the republicans would just smear him the same way they did in mahler so we're right back to square one while the dems not following the low riot brought brought brian to be clear that the democrats don't get to appoint a special counsel that would be the department of justice that would do that so yes they could hear a career person who did not would not have a timetable for political agenda which the democrats have like robert bolton would would be acceptable to me and i think to the white house but that does not fit the agenda because they have already have drafted the articles of impeachment for we've already we see these we have already been we've already been through this exercise robert muller was appointed by the justice department republican still smear him. to politics directly run then he gedge is now the leader in
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iowa according to polls what do you make of that. i think the prodigious is a fantastic candidate for president i've always believed that he's incredibly bright he's incredibly likable he's very smart he has good policy background he's been the mayor of a city if you talk to any mayor of any city in the united states whether it's a democrat or republican larry across the board they will almost all agree that that is the one office that you can hold that really gives you experience making a difference in people's lives actually governing and that's what i like about a mayor running for president i think it's somebody with real hands on policy experience in a way that affects people's lives. davo oh i think that's an obstacle for him i think he's seen it already in his own party with particularly african-american voters as were his statements by the way in
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south carolina and elsewhere the answer is i hope americans do elect a gay president i hope it's not pete good to judge i don't really consider him experienced i don't consider south bend indiana a city it's in the terms of the way we look at chicago or new york or a large city were really really has to manage an executive department of the government so i think he is a young man with probably a future in the democrat party but i think it would be a mistake for the american people to bring in someone which would such lack of experience in terms of probably no private sector experience frankly executive experience i think he would require much more more seasoning before he become president and i hope i hope we do elect a gay president i hope that gay president will be a republican but. the question he will mention to this is what do you make of michael bloomberg. i thought like a bloomberg was
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a fantastic mayor of new york city i think he's another example of a candidate who has impeccable credentials i think is a great candidate quite frankly larry i think this is a sad statement about american society but honestly i think michael bloomberg is a little bit too good for america i honestly believe he's too smart for america i think that his kind of intelligence the way he puts policies into place and makes them work for a city like new york i think it scares a lot of middle middle americans it intimidates them willingly that makes them unelectable and don't vote who is being jewish and think the public do you think i don't think so i think the country has moved on beyond these issues even on even the gay issues i believe we will have a gay president and we will have a jewish president i don't think that that will hurt him i think just in. and practical terms and terms of where the democratic party is and target to populism and ant and leftist extreme leftist leanings right now with this sanders warren faction together they make
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a majority it's hard for me to see how the democratic activists in the democratic party would him and brace a billionaire another billionaire i think this is what they're running away from in terms of their of their of their platform which is free enterprise and capitalism he seems to be a dirty word in the democrat party right now you guys i'm out of i don't think that's possible we'll have you back again real soon ok the light legged will do you one enjoys in a doll vote from the globe thanks for your time today thank you and thank you orleans a joining me on this edition of politicking you can join the conversation on my facebook page or tweet me at kings things don't forget to use the politicking hash tag and that's all for this edition of politicking.
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teraflops russian and lights. you know world of big partisan movies a lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that made stream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the back and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now we're watching closely watching the hawks.
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aeroflot russian an alliance. or i suggest as a call the reverse hunger games then leave us understand our randomly pick 10 to 15 billionaires every year and strip them of everything get it down to 0 and pour some out there and make it into the world of commerce and see if they can build it up to scratch again introduce risk back into the american capital system once you have a certain amount of money there's no more risk you're just clipping coupons for vanity and you have no stake in the game whatsoever.
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as the bricks someone's in brazil wraps up the russian president stresses the old as asians importance for global stability and the for the big future markets. at least 2 people were killed in a high school shooting in california the recall those are injured suspects has been arrested in. the street violence in hong kong shows no sign of abating with the 2nd person killed as china is the us the stop supporting the protests this. played a solo story said to all sit up call stay with us now for the financial news in the cause reports column break will bring you a warning that news headlines are just bottles top.


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