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stane it's nearly 2 trillion dollars valuation is by artificially offering it from the global markets and offering a sweetener 10 bester is in the form of local banks making loans available for the sole purpose of investing in this i.p.o. so what is the purpose of this anyway they don't need to raise any more money it's already the world's most profitable company and its previous goal of getting a ramp circulated and diversified outside of this region seems to be a moot point if now they're limiting it to only domestic investors so why go i.p.o. now. do we do we know they don't need the money i mean do we know that they're the most probable gumby in the world i mean i think a lot of questions and what the real details are now i'm not saying they're not i'm saying they're coming out of your brain this i.p.o. to market because maybe they want to have the the billions of dollars to play with their own mind paying the 4.4 percent dividend which is higher than the other is better than their competitors and what they want to do i mean again there's a lot of reasons to go public but again i think the other thing we're looking at is the overall the increasing demand plus the fact that they have
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a general competitor in united states i mean we can produce enough of our own oil we are no longer held hostage by opec around or saudi arabia so there's a whole bunch of things that could be created this by the end of the day i mean who couldn't use the extra $2627000000000.00 laying around and just to put it back and flush around the markets i mean you know to me it's just easier for them to do so and it doesn't cost them anything and again we know that their profits are really there. all right peter let's look at this in the other current reigning i.p.o. leader ali baba's also planning the secondary h.k. listing hong kong listing they could raise 13800000000 so it's a trade november 26 why do you think they're looking at this secondary listing now . well you know it's an old saying on wall street that you feed the ducks when they're quacking and i think that's what they're doing right now and you have some markets making record highs you have some special demand for the right issues not always shoes or there are a lot of speculative stocks that are blowing up right now but wall street investors
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are still buying the ones that have momentum and i think the balboa is taking a look at that and they think they could get a good price so they might as well sell so if alibaba has such good momentum behind the stock why this market valuation half that of amazon when currently they do even more business more revenue that even up higher than amazon already. well it's hard for anybody to have a valuation is high as i was on i mean there's a lot of speculative money that's in that stock and i'm sure one of these days is coming back down to earth i just don't know when that is. so now peter let's go back on to the domestic front we have conflicting reports and sentiment yet again from china and the u.s. the mood in beijing right now is increasingly pessimistic as trump refused to scrap tariffs dampening hopes for a resolution the u.s. however seems more optimistic with the markets up today and larry kudlow we had already yet again that they are getting close so why are we getting the conflicting reports here. well 1st of all i think the chinese are actually posturing for
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a negotiation you know if you're negotiating with with somebody you don't want to admit that you're close to a deal you want to say that a deal is far away because that way you can try to extract more concessions from the other side to get a more favorable deal so i think when you hear the comments for china that's what the chinese are trying to do but i think trump has a different agenda i was in trump only cares about boosting the stock market and he knows that every time. he comes out and says that a deal is close we have a deal it's going to be great he gets another $1200.00 out points and so that's what he cares about and so as long as the market is going to keep running every time he cries wolf he's going to keep crying wolf what do you think about that but do you think that's true that this is just about boosting the market and ultimately is there ever going to be a quote unquote winner associated with this trade war anyways. first of all i don't believe that we all know the president wants the markets go higher but i don't think that he's using the china deal as a reason
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a puppet hire because typically get some bad news it flushes right down for a few months i was but i think one thing you're seeing here is this in the markets are going higher because there's no place else to go with your money today if you want to get old you have to go to united states stock market so that's what you're seeing is this money chasing and chase and is the market overvalued probably will it sell off at some point it 100 percent will sell off heavily at some point but the question is is it tomorrow or is it a year from the morrow or 5 years we don't know when that sell is going to come we know it's coming it always does it's been the history of all markets that there's always a meltdown but again do we know what example we have no idea we have to continue to chase it up and that's what you're saying you may be seeing as they say the fools rush in right now maybe this is near the top but at the end of the day the markets go up until they don't and we just have to be prepared to sell it you know as a trader and to be prepared to sell it when it's time to sell it and that wouldn't be until it started come down certainly you don't want to try to pick that up with bubba speaking of unsustainability here despite the trade to the downside the market continues to grind higher like we're talking about but is this really due to
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trade optimism or is it more likely the fact that the fed and the e.c.b. they keep injecting these billions tens of billions of dollars in liquidity every single month which you know clearly is artificially boosting the market so how much longer can we sustain that. well that's what i'd worry about it either is or. is it from here peter because i was for you but. go ahead get a yes as lays long as a market share remaining with free money is long as they continue to give it away you debts where the money's going to go right i mean you're going to go to get the highest return the lowest borrowing cost of the highest return and that does this is the quality issue is ridiculous ok because if you know negative rates and what they're doing it is totally off course and of course the fed you know the manipulated the dollar and manipulated the rates forever and they have no idea what they're doing with it i mean it is really a lack of common sense but at the end the day present trouble had to be right and they could lower rates here only because the old we could still borrow that money
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which is what we're doing that we're borrowing money we could brought a lot less the rate because we're still at it one full point earth there are 3 quarters we're still the best game in town. the idea that that sentiment that right now there's nowhere else to for investors to pull but that money company u.s. equity markets for the precious metals have been getting a lot of love too especially with palladium leading the forefront instead of their regular gold. i disagree with that completely i think there's pretty much a lot of good places that you could put your money long term that are going to be much better than the u.s. stock market i think the u.s. stock market is dramatically overvalued and the reason it is going up is because the federal reserve is creating money it's doing q.e. $4.00 but you know investors expect q e 4 to be like q e 3 but there was a big difference you see when the fed did q e 3 investors were still foolish enough to believe that that was the last time they were going to do it they actually bought the fed when the fed said that they had an exit strategy they were going to shrink their balance sheet they were going to
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normalize interest rates the markets were looking forward to that and they thought that what the fed was doing was working but it didn't work it was an abject failure that's why they're doing it again but soon the markets are going to discover that q.e. is permanent and that there's never going to be a real reduction in the balance sheet the balance sheet is going to grow in perpetuity and i think we're going to have a dollar crisis i think we're going to have a sovereign debt crisis i think this is going to end very poorly for people who have been enjoying the paper gains in this stock market bubble and i think the smart money is already out but if you're if you're if you're in you need to get out and look at other stock markets that will benefit from the dollar's demise and that will benefit when money is allocated out of u.s. assets to assets in other parts of the world and you know as you mentioned precious metals gold is a much better place of the u.s. stock market i know that gold has been outperforming the stock market over the last 510 years but it hasn't been outperforming gold since the beginning of the millennium you know gold is doing better than the dow if you start in 2000 but i do
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think over the next 5 to 10 years the price of gold is going to dramatically outperform the dow and paid a big unless there was a meeting monday between. president and the fed chair powell now trump is known to attack and disparage powell for not doing more to stimulate the economy for not dropping rates negative so right now we seem to independence of the fed in question and that can rely on the fed now as a backstop in a trade war with china. well i've questioned the independence of the fed for a long time in fact i think the independence is really just a smokescreen i think the fed has been working hand in glove with congress and presidents for decades and i think that is continuing now under trump that is why the fed is cutting rates that is why the fed is doing q.e. but it's not really stimulating the economy it's stimulating the bubble that's all that's happening and donald trump was correct when he criticized janet yellen for pursuing these tactics when obama was president and now he's applauding or actually
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still criticizing powell for not doing enough he wants negative rates he wants even bigger q.e. because he doesn't care about the u.s. economy all of this is counterproductive if you care about the u.s. economy all he wants is to make the numbers look better he wants to get the stock market to go up so we can claim that that proves that he has a successful presidency but the reason the fed is pursuing these policies is because his presidency is that big a failure as obama's and bubba let me just get your last word on this because we're almost out of time but what are your thoughts on that because obviously connecting not only the fed to interest rates and and the printing of money but also to unemployment the fact that they have this dual mandate that really doesn't seem to be under their purview does that muddy the water even more. there are many as opposed to be for ever the fed is stayed away from what the real mandate is forever they they're worried about a number of things that don't make sense and are probably not totally legit is what
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they've done but they do in many ways because they do have congress but again one thing is to peter's point the overall the best investment last 100 years by the u.s. equity market you can say whatever you want about the bubble and they're going to collapse. but the best investment in 150 years is when the u.s. equity market continues to be the best and eventual so often break and will be time to maybe run somewhere else but for now it is my eyes and i continue to chase this market up i thought the time i have now taught horrors about the trading peter chef of europe with a capital thank you. if you. are the c.e.o. of t. mobile john leisure will be stepping down next year as you will be replaced by the current t. mobile president c.e.o. mike severed the news isn't exactly shocking several was already expected to take over after t. mobile is 26000000000 other merger with sprint is complete leisure to go over to mobile in 2012 making aggressive moves including being the 1st to offer unlimited data plans and pain early termination fees on behalf of customers who would switch
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over from. by the way everybody has copied him since then so the question now is this where is leisure heading just last week it was reported that he was approached by softening to take over as the c.e.o. of we work but only a few days later ledger said that he is not interested and that he was never in talks to take over we work. air b.n. b. has close to $500000000.00 deal to partner with the international olympic committee to sponsor 5 olympics and paralympics over the next 9 years that includes the upcoming 2020 tokyo olympics all the way through the 2028 l.a. olympics the i.o.c. president says that the deal will not replace the olympic village where all the athletes from around the world stay but instead will guarantee accommodations for families of athletes visitors and officials one of the goals of their agenda is to make the olympic games more feasible and more sustainable there the partnership will greatly help because it will provide a combination that will greatly reduce the costs for the olympic games organizers
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and all the stakeholders the total list for cities for upcoming olympic games include tokyo beijing paris milan and los angeles who are all major rental hotspots for air b.n. b. . and so what do you think about that i mean obviously it's seems like it's a little bit of a forward thought for the olympics to say well let's connect ourselves in this way but they do want to retain the olympic village so they're not all the other b.b. no and now the biggest. how is air b.n. b. going to manage all of this because they've already previously had problems and lawsuits concerning with parties in their house should anything on the linux are going to be the biggest party of them all so how are the hosts going to manage all of this rioting essential a go and then a very thing he is obviously when you're in a city like tokyo or beijing or even los angeles right air b. and b. it can be spread out all throughout the city so do you have centralized locations that are close enough or people having to commute from pretty far distances and i guess that might just be the case regardless of where you are when you're out in the olympic event not to mention now at these high profile events safety is going
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to be a major issue in the air b.n. b. consider that it's a safety and privacy right by the way the last cycle we just did they were talking about storing value and all that nobody even bothered to mention cryptocurrency which way they should have by the way speaking of which after the break crypto it's known as banking for the unbaked right but where do crypto firms go 'd with their business is needed because sometimes you do a u.k. for a promise is that they're going to be just that we're going to tell you how it works and why that company sees a bright future for the sector. plus the us supreme court is looking at a case involving google and oracle and it could have enormous implications for copyright law whether existing software can be used to build new computer programs or break it down and as we go to break here the numbers of the quote.
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you know world are big partners. and it's. to wait to dig deeper to hit the stories that made stream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the back and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. and finding another one of the. ways or both the food. bank itself movie
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theater i. was in this way got to talk so hard not to think i know how to decide this moment then walk up to what they call it and i don't just tell it then if. this is the only thing that we do is music because everybody fights his way. through our loop and the fee is worthless woody and then you have a whole $1000000.00 adults look at the. what i think is this is the fund that is a complete. i'm going to fulfill the repeated promises apologise to the people and promise to be
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you know we've all pots to. break free from. now you want to 1st. know. paul. is your media a reflection of reality. in
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a world transformed. what will make you feel safe. isolation for community. are you going the right way or are you being led some. time in. what is truly wants is faith. in the world corrupted you need to descend. to join us in the depths. for a mate in the shallowness. so
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i know as shocking headline but the u.s. banking system has never been a fan of crypto currency and for businesses that work in the crypto industry finding banking services has always been a challenge but now there is a new option for banking services for the crypto industry coming here to the u.s. it's u.k. based 'd cash which describes itself as a banking service platform and it's about to launch bank accounts for crypto firms in the u.s. earlier this year r.t. producer brigid war spoke with kumar garage of about cash and the business opportunity of providing banking to crypto firms that have been shunned by traditional banking and what they figured out that it's not like all the banks does not to want to give a construct to companies it's just they are 20 for that so the point is that these banks have really want to go ahead and take close or try these new technologies the problem is they cannot do that the existing one of it's the cloud. yeah and by the
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way banks do not want to work with crypto companies because their competition cash is new service is a partnership with metropolitan commercial bank that bank has said that working with crypto firms has brought more than a 300 percent increase year over year in the bank's non interest income. the metropolitan commercial bank has been in partnership with multiple capital currencies arm in addition to that they've been in partnership with pay bases around for cryptocurrency credit card as well as the new one minera that has just launched in the u.k. as well yeah you know it's look i think it's great that they're doing this but the idea that banks are only doing it because they just don't understand is not true that if you're if you're a bank you control finance across the board they hate the idea of losing the swift system they hate the idea of anyone being able to go around them remember the original calling the original white paper for big koreans describe it as removing the banking system upset and moving to peer to peer transactions and so why would
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beings like anything that disrupts their business model this is absolutely perfect for every single segment that the bank currently considers a high risk segment that includes everything from the thing to porn to cannabis to all those sectors that the banks currently refuse to work with it's called opportunity my friend. for the united states of. the united states supreme court has agreed to hear google's appeal of a controversial ruling that many experts believe is detrimental to the software industry the case enters on who has the right to use complex software programs that were once considered open for everyone to use legal journalist martin contributor with america's lawyer joins us now with more on why this case matters. this is a big deal so what is the ruling that google once the supreme court overturned. it is a big deal and i have learned a lot about software today so in 2004. routine the federal circuit appeals court
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offended a longstanding belief that no one could use copyright law to restrict the use of application programming interface or a.p.i. that's essentially the glue that holds complex software systems together building block a few well but all that changed when the federal circuit appeals court ruled that a.p.i. has can be copyrighted and google has violated oracle's copyright by reimplementing a.p.i. as from their java programming language oracle sued google for infringing its copyrights when google created an independent impulse implementation of that program and the case has been working its way through the courts ever sense with the federal circuit court issuing a 2nd controversial ruling in 2018 related to the same case which basically said software developers are not free to use existing software interfaces to build new computer programs and that google in fact was not free to use the java a.p.i. back in january google asked the supreme court to overturn that controversial ruling and this week the high court agreed to hear the case but we don't know
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exactly when that will happen yet so why the scholars right now think that the federal circuits ruling thought decremental. well it goes back to simple communication really some experts including public interest groups and software companies will never have weighed in on the case saying the decision has far reaching implications that threaten what they call the interconnected software ecosystem in other words the software programs need to be able to communicate with each other they're very similar in a lot of ways and many ways that they communicate are basic building blocks so in order to be efficient they want to be able to to use these programs and using similar a.p.'s can do that so this ruling has created some uncertainty as well about how the law will be applied in the future if you're developing a software program how do you make sure you're not going to get sued if it looks something similar if you've you know accused of ripping off someone else's program so legal scholars say the supreme court also needs to weigh in on this to create a uniform legal standard because if they don't it could cause some legal chaos yet
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. obviously it makes sense you don't want everyone building in silos because you said that in these software can't talk to each other and then always obviously there's going to you know a position of open source software where everyone's kind of sharing it's not like google couldn't pay kind of a royalty in order to use java they just choose not to do that is there any case law that backs up google's position that ultimately says we don't have to pay for this because unlike basically every other industry in the world this one is the exception. and that's essentially what google is saying and there's a fundamental principle of copyright law that said it's the protection of creative works but it does not extend ideas procedures processes methods of operation things like that's why news operations can bounce off somebody else's new step they just have to do their own work to look into it so in the early 1990 s. one company lotus suit another company borland for allegedly ripping off some of their software and the 1st circuit court of appeals ruled with borland saying that they didn't that the software structure was
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a method of operation and outside of copyright protection so google is arguing that same logic can be applied to this dispute with oracle while liberals contributor to america's lawyer great stuff thanks for your insight. kylie jenner the baby of the car dash in general is selling a majority stake in our beauty business kylie cosmetics one of the world's largest companies and the largest fragrance companies with brands including marc jacobs and moore has agreed to pay $600000000.00 for a 51 percent stake valuing the company at $1200000000.00 cody who is sales based on covergirl and max factor has been on the decline as a struggle to appeal to the younger demographic will be relying heavily on kylie and her 150000000 followers to lead its creative efforts and communication far kylie this will allow the brand to expand globally and enter new categories outside of the cosmetics still maintains control of highly skin her skin care line and kylie hair her line of hair extensions she also filed for 16 new trade. back in may
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including kylie baby and the use of kylie for spirits liquor wine cocktail mixes non alcoholic cocktail bases energy drinks beers and smoothies this application also extends to restaurants bars and cocktail lounges in addition to booze the 21 year old billionaire is also applying her name across furniture home accessories and cookware the undisputed queen of trademark is now trying to trademark the catch phrase rise and shine from her viral video in order to launch a line of hoodies and merchandise but unfortunately that didn't force it was that good copyright the phrase rise and shine which people have been the same for what 200 years and the part of the problem is that a lot of times these like influencers want to pick something that is commonly used and they forget that with you know a trademark and copyright law if it's commonly used you can't suddenly decide that you're the coolest one saying that therefore belongs to there was also someone who tried to trademark taco tuesday as well that was me i confess no i really wasn't but you know what i'm saying you just can't do that on the other hand kudos to all
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the general mean she's making so much want to know what to do with it and that's saying a lot for her dashing because they just seem to turn everything into 16 more appliances trademarks coming up it's like living in kylie's world that's it for this time you can catch boom bust on directv channel 321 dish network or see me 27 i'm pretty easy to feed he acknowledges i mean 9 i was sure this was christie's world and we all just live in it you can also hit us up at you tube dot com slash boom bust r d c tomorrow.
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what politicians do. they put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president and. want to be. the 2 going to be pros this is what will befall 3 of them or can't be good. i'm interested always in the waters about how. this city. is a tense situation in venezuela is still all over the news the problem in venezuela is not that socialism has been poorly implemented but that socialism has been faithfully implemented from the inside venezuela things to different we're going to
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announce sanctions against petroleum to venezuela associate the famous would have a son of a moment too soon in the tempest and that political battle so on the people on the path of the moment the focus of the who story is a new nixon told in henry kissinger to tell him that it would not be tolerated in latin america an alternative economic and social system could take hold and therefore the policy would be to make the chilean economy scream so once in the making the economy of venezuela screed. tries or financial survival. when customers go by reduced. to now well reduce and lower. that's undercutting but what's good for market is not good
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for the global economy. seemed wrong. but. just don't hold. any news yet to shape out this day to come out ahead and engagement because the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart. just to look for common ground. the law. i.
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the usa korea state again expresses his support for the mass protests in iran and announces sanctions on a nuclear facility in the country with iran accusing the us of destroying its economy. will terminate the sanctions were related to the nuclear facility. anything else mr pompei or discretely defends the maximum pressure regime and imposition of sanctions on iran. and in a major policy overhaul of u.s. causes that raged by declaring that it no longer these israeli settlements in the west bank as illegal. to come this hour activists in the u.k. raise concerns about domestic survivors taking part in the country's upcoming elections has claimed that registering to vote.


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