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tv   News  RT  November 20, 2019 1:00pm-1:20pm EST

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talked with. carnival for much of the plea. for david putin has tackled the global economy sanctions on relations with the united states and the top 4 in russia. how she sent a military police to kill us like animals we're not animals for them to kill us like the death toll in bolivia's and t. who protests rises to 27 is the country's self-proclaimed leader gives the security forces impunity when it comes to dealing with unrest. was the talk of a university by feminist artist is cancelled after she's accused of being transposed we hear from the artist herself. it was ridiculous i mean i'm talking about art and i don't believe i said anything trans transpired i mean we're having
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a discussion based on facts. the french police are accused of using weapons of war by a journalist left with severe facial injuries he claims he was hit by tear gas grenades reports of. other thanks for joining us this is our team to. the current state of the russian economy has been picked over at a key forum in russia putin gave his assessment at the russia calling events which also touched on the global economy and international relations with details. widely reported has been uncertain questions from participants all the 11th annual russia calling investment for haiti mosco they say are the event gathered guests from 80 countries for almost 2 hours and i have to tell you not all of them were purely about money but
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a lot of politics i can say sions of russia medlin into well basically everybody is that fairies and what is known commonly as russian rat on topics brought up the till now the us has been saying that it is an umbrella giving protection to europe from the soviet menace but you have to pay for this however nowadays it doesn't work despite all the problems in ukraine speculations around crimea and everyone clearly understands that russia is not going to invade anyone it is nothing but nonsense it is a myth made up by those who are trying to gain benefits from their roles as vanguards fighting against russia together but it was slow moving last feingold nobody accuses us of meddling in the us election anymore now they accuse ukraine well ok it's their business but of course talking to khan and they can hardly avoid discussing c.v. or economic sanctions the us keeps and comes in on russia and it's a facts on the global economy if we talk about sanctions and the perspectives of
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lifting them this is not a juicy here but it was the us administration about this it was the us congress which imposed them not us 1st of all it forced us to implement the substitution of imported goods in those sectors which are closely tied to our national interests and security is a very wide range of sectors culture medicine pharmaceuticals armaments and we've reached a very good and positive results i see it as a boomerang effect many u.s. companies invested a lot of money in this or that project but then had to cancel them so they lost to punish themselves and it seems that why report inspiring to be shared by many including global business and international financial media just recently forbes. oblation article calling russia bullet proof and claiming it's market is doing better than chinese or american surprisingly despite all the restrictions the magazine added that russia has over a $541000000000.00 u.s. dollars in foreign currency reserves and the largest gold reserves in one emerging
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markets with russian bonds becoming increasingly attractive pain considerably more interest than for example u.s. ones but all in all as the participants have this forum here in moscow agreed it wasn't just about how attractive russian economy is but it was an honest professional conversation how to act together globally to make global market balanced. experience thomas fassbender he's a journalist on a former businessman very good evening to you tell this 1st of all do you agree with forbes saying that the russian economy's now become bullet proof or pretty much because the economy which can pay its external public cash out of its pocket has not much to fear to begin with we're looking at about 10 to 15 percent of g.d.p. the russian public debt which is very very small compared to 6162 percent in
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germany much higher. in the united states so from that point of view of view yes bullet proof that they were putin said that sanctions imposed on russia are actually backfiring on the west would you agree with him or not. i wouldn't i wouldn't say they backfired because over the last years basically both sides have come to terms with their relative position towards sanctions what of course still hurts the european economy of the same tunes by russia against producers agriculture producers from western europe but that is just a part of the whole picture backfiring i would say the most important is that russia has managed to find ways around the same chance to make them at the end of the day. i wouldn't say irrelevant but not really painful but
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there's an image of russia as being weak. pushing that image how realistic is it and how do they benefit from sending that message. well i wouldn't say that russia is is weak when you look at russia's today position the focus has been on safe on. bracing for negative developments bracing russia for any further. scenario but of course those people who are behind the sanctions they want to. project them as successful and that the best way to do that is to point out that russia is weak but at the same time when we look at any growth is of course russia could do much better but when we look at. russia has an inflation of last year or 2.8 percent and it's expected to increase a little bit but it's nothing against in comparison with with previous years and
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then when you look at what was mentioned when you look at bond yields russia of course even not only in dollars but also in terms of very strong very strong and the fact that the dollar years and the ruble not really differ so much says a lot for how the market evaluates not only russia but also its currency. do you think there's any truth to the perception that perhaps when you know when sanctions iran and things do get more difficult actually it's the mother of invention and it helps her in some ways to perhaps look to. become more creative and that can actually become a strength. i would say that of the of the 2 sides in this. type of economic war game russia has turned out to be the
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stronger because what we can say today is that 1st of all internal stability economic stability as we pointed out but at the same point of time russia has been scoring points on the internet in the international arena and as one of the russian leading politician political scientists has pointed out russia and the. reason has been continuously able to punch above its weight and if we stick to this picture we could say that the west the west's rhetoric is above its weight so the west the russia has a punch that is above its weight the west has a rhetoric above its weight because the west cannot deliver on its promises and the cannot deliver on its sanctions they remain meaningless and result less. and finally it's obvious imposing sanctions on the country is an attempt to hurt it it's. time to destabilize it make the public unhappy with for example rising prices
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long term if sanctions continue even more sanctions will it achieve that desired impact. the same chance yes surely surely not the no they were not because as you said. you would expect that prices rise but as i mentioned the inflation shows that prices do not rise of course the russian economy the russian population could live. probably a much higher a significantly higher level of economic prosperity if there were no sanctions if there were full integration and peace and harmony everywhere but russia again is a country that puts the focus on avoiding the worst and avoiding the worst is more important i would say including for the russian population is more is more important at the present time then. making the most out of what we have thomas
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good speech appreciate it thomas fassbender my guest journalist former businessman thanks the. protests in bolivia are intensifying with demonstrators denouncing what they call a coup against the country's former leader ever morale is resigned to weeks ago on the advice of the country's military and was granted asylum in mexico in more clashes with police centered around the capital of powers of the $27.00 dead hundreds more injured supporters of morality say security forces are being heavy handed. it was we want justice from this president and how we she sent him military police to kill us like animals if we're human beings we're not animals for them to kill us like that. yet we come in i would like publicly to denounce the killings that the military police are carrying out this self declared president and her killer cabinet
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ministers and criminals this is what the country's getting. was that we are unhappy with you need 9 years because she's issuing decrees authorizing the military and police to killers without there being any justice. conservative senator jeanine honors has proclaimed herself interim president but without consensus in parliament she's also not recognized by politicians law to the former president morales and on thursday she issued a controversial decree protecting the military from criminal prosecution while maintaining public order. early believe in security forces said helicopters and armored vehicles to disrupt a weeklong blockade by protesters at a major fuel plant 3 people were killed during the operation human rights groups are urging bolivia to repeal its new police immunity law. the current social political and human rights crisis and believe runs the risk of deteriorating is
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authorities continue to respond in a violent manner to criticism protests media scrutiny and violence by 3rd parties of the us sector states commented on the rallies taking place across the globe but not on those in bolivia my pump did praise janina as for expelling hundreds of cuban officials and doctors from the country or quarter looks at washington stance on will protests from latin america to the middle east. the process of the most violent in recent french history with frequent clashes with police many people have been caught in the crossfire.
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the journalist who was injured at the anniversary rally in paris police there's no justification for the police using quote weapons of war. i was angry with the police because they should only defend themselves like this when the situation gets out of hand but to use such a powerful weapon that they can't properly control after all they can injure journalists and peaceful citizens passing by. seriously injured demonstrators and i'm not sure that using this type of weapon is necessary but you should know that this kind of grenade is classified as a military weapon for me they are weapons of war and i will go to the court i have already filed a complaint and i will also follow a complaint with the inspector general of the national police but i think that even with all the evidence the investigation will be stopped just like the other ones it is open again. stay with me the saving join me for updates on our top stories in just over half an hour.
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good food descriptions sound up to even for the owners so how to choose the pet food industry is telling us what to feed our pets really more based on what they want to sell us than what's necessarily good for the pet turns out may not be. people believe we have animals that have you know diabetes in arthritis they have auto immune disorders they've got allergies we are actually creating these problems and it's a huge epidemic of problems all of them i believe can be linked to very simple problem of diet and some dog owners so heartbreaking stories about their pets treats the larger corporations are not very interested in proving or disproving the
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value of their food because they're already making it a $1000000000.00 on it and there's no reason to do that research. and welcome the boom bust broadcasting around the world and covering all aspects of our global economy in the 21st century and i'm christiane watching ted coming out today. very optimistic as they try to pass this fall i think it's a homerun i think it's going to pass some are calling it that the 2.0 but the u.s. m.t.a. is reportedly close to being approved by congress labor unions are concerned and there are some big fuss. whether this deal will actually be good for worker former u.s. congressman from florida alan grayson joins us to break it down. no
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longer be considered a i have on and it cast for my narrow when it comes to privacy i'll tell you what one of these that analysts found and what it means for privacy and they do with the continues over to the wildly popular app is now pivoting to other countries we've got the report straight ahead a lot to get through today so let's get to it. and we begin with what has been a good year but really a great year for tech stocks in fact tech stocks are racing toward their 'd best year in a decade and that means that investors are interested in companies offering everything really from memory chips to social media platforms tech stocks seeing their best year since 2009 demonstrates that while the broader economy may be showing signs of cooling there is a lot of confidence that tech companies will be able to continue delivering sales and earnings growth so kristie so while this is for many here because a lot of people when they think of tech companies in the time we brought bring this
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up they're going to think that's represented by just really a few companies amazon apple google facebook but really what we've seen over the past 2 or 3 years especially is an incredible surge in the number of companies that are getting into the space right exactly so we have this represent coming in from every single sector that is somehow overlapping with tech so for example in healthcare we have we have med tech and we have biotech both making great progress and in advancing like minimally invasive surgeries and then even from things like agriculture you have ag tech there are now making it possible to to deliver nutrients and fertilizers to and do slow reading things that we have never seen before and furthermore with the entire retail and shopping space we now have data computing and our passion talent is now driving marketing is driving a lot of things but some of these tech stocks let me tell you be the debbie downer here for a 2nd some of these tech stocks it feels like are a little bit artificial in that everybody calls themselves tech companies. no i think of we work for instance they would say they were a tech company but they were the tech where they were real estate company produced
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to be something else in order to get that investor money and actually worked with we were seeing that was something that the company did and that's why it's so easy because as soon as you say that you're a tech stock you automatically attain a higher multiple tech stocks right now trade on average about 11 percent premium over the broader market and they trade at a much higher multiple so things like we work or even for that matter cloud kitchens the new one that's right that one is essentially we work for restaurants and that somehow managed to get 400000000 funding in seed round when it's merely a concept when it hasn't even been been proving yet how is that possible in your name and all the sudden the money starts flowing in exactly. japan and south korea are going back to the w t o for a 2nd round of talks tuesday regarding a dispute over japanese export restrictions but observers say that it's unlikely this round will and differently on a slightly more positive note of japan's lower house of parliament approved a limited trade deal with the u.s. but now there is uncertainty over progress regarding highly contentious tariffs on its cars and car parts japan and the u.s.
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formally signed a limited trade deal to cut tariffs on u.s. ag giving president trump a moral victory but now there's fear about next steps as trump known for his flip flopping ways have not confirmed that the u.s. with scrap tariffs on japanese cars and car parts despite giving jack pan assurances it will analysts cited these times as unfavorable as details were intentionally vague giving us leverage to win more concessions at a later date what was actually close to a trade deal with mexico and canada just last week house speaker nancy pelosi said that a breakthrough on the new trade agreement called the u.s. in ca was this is her word imminent president trump has been pushing for this new trade agreement but one of the groups pushing back or u.s. labor unions the same labor unions whose workers were deeply hurt by the way by the previous nafta trade agreement if you're president richard trumka told union members at a convention in maryland. on monday evening that nafta had been a quote disaster for working people with maryland alone losing more than 70000
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manufacturing jobs quote we've been lobbying the white house specifically on nafta for more than 2 years slowly but surely moving the ball down the field but we are not there yet he said quote let me repeat we are not there yet trumka went on to say that getting the deal done right is more important than getting that done fast by the way the u.s. embassy it was signed by all 3 countries the us mexico and canada but a year ago but it has to be passed by lawmakers in all 3 countries including the u.s. congress joining us now to talk about this issue and whether alterman.


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