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tv   News  RT  November 22, 2019 8:00pm-8:31pm EST

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oh. of the supporters of the president clashed with police during the funeral of a protester we speak exclusively. about what's happening in his country. a dictator but this is not so these are real dictators on the other hand you generations will not understand what a real dictatorship is. the latest star witness impeachment hearings claims that russia is planning to meddle in the 2020 u.s. presidential election we assess whether democrats can attract voters with a vat warning. and a new spat over secularism in france
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a retirement home closes its doors to a 70 year old catholic nun for refusing to take off for having. a lot of direct from our studios in moscow this is our international i'm sean thomas certainly glad to have you with us. all right bolivia's self-proclaimed interim president has proposed fresh elections. wants to a null the results of the last vote which were mired by allegations of fraud that led to the ousting of a us and deadly unrest in which 32 people have reportedly been killed most recently police clashed with people attending the funeral of a protester. when she took. caused controversy by giving police dealing with protesters immunity from
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prosecution. was granted asylum by mexico has spoken exclusively to our t. about what is happening in his country. i've learned in my life that you never choose a position it finds you this applies from the position of trade union had right up to the post of presidency in the there is an official report confirming i won the 1st round this is a very extensive report you can check it and any time you can see the election results but there is an important point to be made there was an agreement that the organization of american states was supposed to publish their fishel report last wednesday around 2 pm that was the arrangement but unexpectedly on sunday morning they called us and informed us that the preliminary report was ready we requested this report and there was complete confusion one part of it said that i won and that carlos massa came 2nd but this did not prove that i won the election in the 1st round i ordered that i be put in touch with lewis and margaret but i was not
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connected the report was published on sunday morning i spoke with a representative of the organization of american states and told him there bade him if you do not double check your report it will cause unrest and believe me and there will be victims by publishing its report their organization of american states actually supported the kook who is in charge of everything now people from the us and whore here to talk with all got a follower of who for 7 years will believe you as a dictator i was called and tory tarion ruler a dictator but this is not so these are real dictators on the other hand new generations will now understand what a real dictatorship is. i would say that some of the groups in whose hands are going to make power is concentrated in not forgive us for creating social movements especially if the indigenous populations movement which has changed the image of our beautiful country they also cannot forgive us for nationalizing our natural resources and strategic companies which has improved
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believe his economic system upon the successful creation of a developed lithium industry mr alberto and i plan to set lithium prices on the world market i realized that some industrialized countries are afraid to compete 1st in the field of technological development and 2nd they do not want other countries to follow the example of our economic model which is based on socialism. this is a colossal struggle i'm convinced of it i had faith in the armed forces because i thought that in the military there are patriots and imperialists however certain generals on the center of the highest gear they surprised me i could not believe it i had a wonderful relationship with all the military leaders of course there are good soldiers and military leaders but when it comes to the class struggles with some forget about their ideological stance and their patriotism consequently their interests are affected they lost part of their power and cannot forgive us for this has nothing to do with being indigenous or not self proclaimed leader and is backed
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by bolivia's military and she's appointed her own cabinet despite the ongoing protests against her the organization of american states says people should support her until after the new elections. the work of the orient us the experience and expertise that is gained from other episodes in the americas have helped promote and defend the right of the bolivian people to democracy from a president apparently willing to maintain his power by non democratic means including through electoral fraud we call on all bolivians to support the bolivian transitional government as it guards the democratic transition through electoral reforms and to a new free and fair elections as soon as possible. might save that she's only holding the fort until fresh elections have been held but she appears intent on putting the country on a radical new course. they
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had sent out to make it clear once again this is a provisional government that will 1st call for general elections and the legislature of assembly will have the job of carrying out the election of the members of the court to lead and i think that the one on.
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our team erica host rick sanchez discussed of the situation in bolivia with pulitzer prize winning journalist chris hedges who believes the u.s. has had a hand in the crisis. this is the revolving door story of latin america that as soon as a populist figure like evo morales appears the knives come out on the part of the empire and on the part of those corporations that hold especially the natural resources in a place like bolivia hostage there's been a constant conflict between. these corporations and evo morales let me stop you there because you just said something that's very interesting there may be a reason for the united states government the government of chris hedges and rick sanchez for the country where we live to do things from time to time in other places right but it seems like what you just described is something where no one asked chris no one asked rick no one talked to our media no one talked to our
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congress it just happens out of thin air we go and destabilize the government doesn't that seem crazy yeah but that's you know decades of practice of the you know the so-called invisible state was the but it's how the cia operates they operate you know completely in the shadows and they operate on the be hast of the business interests i mean united fruit didn't want arbenz around before they got rid of them so on and on and on this goes back decades and decades and decades it of it's about the maintenance of empire and that's what we're seeing in bolivia where i lived in bolivia the spanish in bolivia this is the powder and now they found lithium it believed well they had apparently and that is a huge it is the oil of the future and guess who wanted to control it and guess who they didn't want to control it even more out exactly evo morales said even though he brought poverty down in a country where no one else that i do this in was we want to control the lithium
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and the multinational corporations they they set the machine in motion. donald trump's former advisor on russia has become the star of the impeachment hearings into the u.s. president by rehashing an old narrative be ware of moscow. the impacts of the successful 2016 russian campaign remains evident today our nation is being told to pass through this questions our highly professional expert career foreign service is being undermined right now russia's security services and their proxies have geared up to repeat their interference in the 2020 alexion we're running out of time to stop them. comments now on how the co-author of a 500 page book on volume reporting has stolen the show. you go to give it to the democrats they've tried everything to get rid of trump take him seriously you look
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like an idiot ignore him you look like an idiot criticize him and his ratings go up doesn't make any sense the guy seems to metabolize scandals feed off of them sue the democrats fed him poison impeachment. that trump the president has used his office for personal gain the president got caught it's pretty simple question is now who would benefit from an investigation of the funds i assume president trump would there we haven't seen a thing is for impeachment to work you need momentum and they are losing it a 1000000 less americans chewed in for the 2nd round of impeachment hearings and trump's ratings have gone up according to gallup i'm telling you it doesn't make any sense soo confused are they that they've reverted to their base behavior instinct i found out that vladimir putin doesn't want me to be president so i
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learned a lot about the c.b.s. early on from the series that was. perhaps relayed to me a putin also wants you to stop sniffing strangest hair but hey that hasn't stopped yet has it joe putin kremlin moscow russia. we've heard it all before everyone has so desperate are they that they turning to the spiritual the democrats are making a sacrifice crucifying one of their own to beat trump it's unfortunate that we have someone on a stage who is attempting to be the democratic nominee for president united states . criticizing people on this stage affiliated with the democratic party let's also talk about judgment or the. foreign leaders you mentioned meeting. that i would not have sat down with a murderous dictator like that. that should do it that should beat trump
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smearing a fellow democrat and alienating her voters they did the same thing to bernie in 2016 remember even rigged a primary against him it didn't work so they're doing it again only logical plants are tea apparently favors tool see the thing thank analyzed thousands of pages on dot com built graphs and charts and plots and came to the conclusion that russia would prefer a u.s. president that wouldn't want to launch missiles at moscow you know how the saying goes you can't teach an old dog new tricks and add seems to be the problem with a democrat sticking to old tricks to cliches all i can say is fellows good luck winning that election. is story in arkansas news paper has
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led to more concerns over russian trolling all because of the use of some odd looking punctuation. my. name is devotion quotation mark. i'm pretty sure the publication just put in whatever looks like an error in an attempt to instruct readers to click on the article link which came immediately after the hour if they meant to use it to indicate a russian quotation mark where is the other quotation. milt is the amount of foreign taken the correspondent gets here keep up the professional work. we use those quotation in french and italian keyboards as well so this is occurring in these 4 languages. it had
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to me if i should speak up and keyboard used as a quotation mark and looked like a sloppy attempts by russian trolls to push stories i apologize for the mistake and explaining it in the interests of full transparency. france is a strict rules on religious displays have sparked another rally after a retirement home shut its doors at 2 an elderly catholic nun for wearing her habit reports now from paris. a nun from eastern france had been learning how to hold more than 70 if she didn't plan on changing that when she decided to cash in her retirement plan and move into a nursing home that didn't happen because the facility refused to provide her with it services because she in turn refused to take off her religious clothing and that
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hasn't gone well with the religious community here i do not see how a nuns veil can be described as offensive it is not a symbol of submission but the symbol of consecration but the nursing home says there will be no appeals the case is closed they say all religious apparel is banned at the facility to buy to buy friends is more than a century long reign of secularism a small chain with a cross that was the only bit of faith the nun was allowed to physically take with her into the home shedding the rest at the gates the nun refused the place we offered her and didn't want to accept the house rules that are the same for everyone within our homes our residents may have preferences and beliefs and they should be respected with regard to secularism all ostentatious religious symbols cannot be allowed in order to guarantee everyone's tranquillity. christianity is
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a relatively new phenomenon born out of france's strict secularism there's another one you might be moved from illegal with islamophobia the muslim community in france has been fighting for the right to wear their religious clothing in public for a long time. from the carbs to the workers to blue counties the muslims when we have women france has been through countless scandals around islamic clothing that christianity has been steering clear of this controversy until now. charles de mer president of the middle east aid group as a west christians of the east says france's immigration problem has raised tension over such issues. our country is beginning to forget isn't a christian country or. without cutlasses i'm friends with not exist a tall order to serve on his results in the political debate some are using it in
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order to buy an already just or agents from privileged debate forms of critics for and it's not a good way to deal with problems here in france the troubador always. arrive are often used in new como's is at that time to have some difficulties to adapt to the french curvature and you know we can understand them because if we present them to french culture as some sings that does not accept footage of a total it's not a good mother to assume it adds themselves to the french culture and their way to assimilate it was understand and see if everybody understands that the christian made this country now the trouble is immigration in france it's so that some are getting crazy and are ready to let our is tory go in order to abide by these are. those secularists viewpoints. still to come ukraine detains a 2nd isolator in a week will bring you the details of a short break stay with us. join
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me every thursday on the alex i'm unsure when i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sport i'm showbusiness i'll see that. you.
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are welcome back this is our team international now ukrainian authorities say they have detained a 2nd tire ranking islamic state leader in just 7 days breaking down the case and the security implications here. ukraine has revealed that it's arrested of russian citizen who was on interpol's wanted list and this happened on thursday injured told me which is a city in the northwest of the country and now let's just take a very quick listen to the exact reasons that were given for his arrest the man was wanted by interpol for murder according to the information we have the detained
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person was a member of the terrorist organization islamic state in fact one of its leaders who lived on the territory of ukraine to escape responsibility for the murder all the information that we are getting is coming from police authorities in the region where he was apprehended now they say that he is called oh we do not have his full name yet and that he is a 30 year old male from dagestan which is a republic bordering georgia in the north caucasus it's interesting because the head of the operation said that this particular arrest was part of a wider clear out of potentially dangerous individuals which by implication means that this is not a one off case and we can actually look to recent events for confirmation of that just last friday for example ukrainian authorities announced that they had detained a georgian national by the name of shiny now he was a top commander he fought alongside. in syria before escaping to
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ukraine via turkey last year and he actually continued to coordinate terror attacks from his house not far from here of his detention was part of a joint operation between ukraine georgia and the u.s. and it was following. the shawnees arrest the questions were raised how it was possible that a man who had allegedly held the role of isis deputy minister of war had managed to go unnoticed or at least untouched for such a significant period of time really right under their noses. some talks not just about inability to cope with this kind of high level terrorist but actually it's willingness to do so critics have drawn attention for example to how. inefficiencies within the ukrainian government which facilitate these kinds of dangerous individuals to slip through the net they drew the attention for example
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of to the holes in the legal system and law enforcement to a very low the fake passport trade as one of course unfortunate to corruption which is an endemic problem in the country and which of course allows for systematic abuses of power just as a final point it's worth noting that this is not just an issue of concern for ukraine but also for its neighbors as we know since 2017 ukraine has enjoyed visa free travel regime with e.u. countries so if it continues to apparently offer an undisturbed refuge for such people it could potentially be exploited as an ideal stepping stone for those who want to harm european nations so clearly a warring and significant issue but this latest arrest hopefully a step in the right direction towards tackling the border problem. the former head of the u.k. that counterterrorism security officer chris phillips says i saw has never stopped
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planning attacks on the west despite their defeat in syria. but only gets only ukraine that i've got a problem with this i think other countries as well and of course if you have free movement across borders anywhere then you're leaving an open door for terrorists and criminals that operate this round was a very senior person who knows this but there are many others that have also managed to escape the battlefield and go back to their countries so this is a worldwide problem obviously he's managed a movie they managed to claim that he was being killed so the the or thirty's were on the back foot so it's really concerning it will be interesting to know where he has gone who he's been communicating with whether or not they've been set you know . cells of terrorists dotted around europe and across the world to bring this about they know they never this is the end of ice it's this this latest battle in syria is not the end of us they consider it part will go to war in
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a war that they're going to bring to us i think in the in the coming years ahead. the u.k. has defied a u.n. deadline to give back an overseas territory term russia's the prime minister of the indian ocean island says london's failure to hand over the course islands makes britain an illegal colonial occupier and by an overwhelming majority the un general assembly voted in may to give the u.k. 6 months to return the islands put but britain insists the vote is non-binding despite it being backed by a un high court ruling. which the international court of justice found. to be. of the territory. said today.
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to give up the change. agreed to the move in exchange for benefits. needed for. maintains a military base their. groups are divided on whether britain. we want to remain
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a british overseas territory and we want to be resettled in the whole in our search we want these cond these islands to belong to us we are natives of these islands this is our right and this is our homeland and we don't want it to be given to another state our people want to be resettled 1st then we will make a decision a home we want to be governed by and in future we of course we would want to become an independent country where as far as of your concern right now we want to remain a british overseas territory we need to put pressure on them. you can't govern man just deal what he will do for us we have been fighting back in fact think for a long time 50 years have passed why did you get government did nothing we need to find we need to stick if we need to bring them to the court martial of government
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he's fighting for this to their end did you case back in or still feel the same god we can't concern we want our rights because our right has been nice we want our country back we don't know which we have who we've called it will be but we would like our country that. does a female back of the top the hour with more news this is r.t. international. tough and i mean i'm of the entire system i found a way to go through a suit because danica itself mukti about. 2 hours in this way got to talk so hard not to think of the mother disappeared this moment the work of a coward and an optimist all right then if. this is the only thing that we do is
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music because everybody fights in his room waiting. on. the floor and you can feel the fee was out of this bill frist would have been called the ability to get the death penalty. but i think it is this is the fans that is the constant. thought. what politicians do something to. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president or injury. or some want to. have to go on to be the person this is what the 43 of them or 10 people that i'm interested in always
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in the waters at the college. there should be more. young elephants have come to. my space libra so putting incidents because said leave the baby elephants off and do see their mother has to be killed but also be caught up unfortunate. i do believe them laugh and smile and i see it in these little ones they home so they express some changes. in the.
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this is true but broadcasted around the world and covering all aspects of our global economy in the 21st century unbuttons war and i'm 50 i washington here's what's coming up today investment is a particularly important fault of the response to today's challenges because it is both today's demands on tomorrow's supplying a t.v. to mutilate a behind the reins as christine legarde has made her 1st speech in her new role today will break it down to what the future of the eurozone may look like under fresh leadership what's. sure to. yeah tesla is back in the hot seat as its own breakable window well broke in his grand baby with the cyber truck just trying to. really. i think go through. yeah.


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