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tv   News  RT  November 23, 2019 4:00pm-4:30pm EST

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give me a trial donald trump wants his day in the senate says the ins. is concerned over germany's new attempt to tackle paedophiles online as critics and bold could be using police resources to create fake child porn videos on the dark web also ahead . columbia imposes a curfew in the capital a major new to launch county government protests and the deadly car bombing in the south american nation.
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is very welcome you're watching r.t. international with mina karen it's great to have take the impeachment inquiry to the next level the president laid into rival democrats after a week of testimonies which he describes as a hoax and says they looked like fools the proceedings now head to the republican controlled senate and mr trump says the whole affair has actually united his party behind him. had a tremendous week with the hopes you know the great hoax the growth the impeachment hopes and that's really worked out. incredibly well and we have tremendous support if you grudges around whose numbers i don't think i've ever seen support in the republican party like we do right now we know that it's going to support the house judiciary committee chairman hit back a republican claims the testimonies have been here say and observe that democrats adam schiff also didn't rule out holding in all public hearings as this panel begins to draft its inquiry was hoarse but the around the clock news coverage is falling flat with the loss of ordinances artie's taylor has been sharing her
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emotions when it comes to impeachment 50. dr what a year it's been and hasn't felt like it's just been dragging on and ever my speak to says the same thing that that confused and anxious the democrats are stressed because they've been struggling to find a single candidate who can take on trump in 2020 and the best they've come up with is a man whose heyday was when he posed in a short sleeved button down more than 40 years ago then you've got the republicans they're just riddled with anxiety they keep checking alerts on the phone just praying their leader hasn't gone on a twitter run page or put his economy in a choke hold and then of course that they're fending off attacks from the democrats left right and center you always told me doc it's bad to keep things bottled up inside and really politicians that just like us they need this stress relief to. so the people on the hell have signed up to a group therapy session and it's
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a classic safe space where everyone supports one another and to see going over old ground no other president has betrayed his office like this because the president got caught the president in fact tried to trade a political favor for official government resources now this anti corruption president who cares so much about rooting out corruption and ukraine putin's primary objectives within the united states is to so as to foment unrest for their nation would you agree with me that r.t.d. is putin's propaganda machine here in the united states i would agree with you yes honestly it's been a huge and that down it's a bit like you and me really i mean i come every week i hope he'll kill me even though i know it's hopeless but we're in so deep we just have to keep going but at least i have the decency to eat pretend i'm interested in what you have to say.
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even the democrats who have the most to gain from the session are suffering from what i've diagnosed as impeachment i just think we're going down this road keep spending more time hundreds of years of history no one has ever been convicted of impeachment and it's not just the people who've been sitting through the herrings that are bored it's the ordinary voter to massacre mr morris and i have some bad news for you t.v. ratings are way down way down i don't hold it personally i don't think it's you guys. whatever drug deal the democrats are cooking up here on the. american people are buying you might not remember how it will start to dr joe biden was just being helpful father lending a hand in getting hunter setup in
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a good job been trumped he was just a concerned president worried that hunter biden sitting on a board of a need to ukrainian dance company while his father was the country's point man was a conflict of interest so best saying he not just the ukrainian president to look into the matter may be used as a bargaining chip that $400000000.00 of aid the us have promised which reminds me even ukraine's tired of this whole impeachment saga i think everybody really is the . reason we're all going i walk on the street we have always. been this we have 0 problems and grace that's right i've got bad news it looks like we might be stuck in this therapy session for a while because to put it simply even if the house of representatives dominated by the democrats votes to endorse trumps impeachment it still has to pass the upper
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house the senate and there are rumors that the republicans won't just unanimously vote to quickly dismiss the charges but what actually get embroiled in the long trial a trial that could be 6 days a week every week. until an agreement is reached the only person who's apparently not too down in the doldrums about that is trump don't know why one of the 1st orders because frankly i want to throw you know i can give you want to try out every one 0 i wouldn't. you know more one they should never ever impeach them i think about with this the more i realize just like our sessions it's it's a whole lot of money a whole lot of time and it leaves a whole lot of nowhere. meanwhile us democratic presidential hopeful told cigar bar has been the burst of some custom remarks in the new york times over her choice of clothing the paper reports that her white suits are more cult leader or it could to
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. it has been at asians have refrained from in the center the white suits are of somewhat converts of righteousness also cult leaders. near liberalism. that is the most ridiculous supposed to be article of everitt. of the continent that you. see she challenges the democratic establishment she is
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not supportive of regime change and lists war all the money the military is spending often needlessly so she's somebody that really calls that out and i think the democratic establishment you know really is like how dare she do that and they come after her so and they come after her in ways as frivolous as this you know. to say that like her white pantsuit makes her a sort of like you know a cult leader and she's on the fringe and a complete radical and that's really unfair to her it's an unfair characterization . germany wants to double down on catching paedophiles online but a new tactic to infiltrate the so-called dog web or see it and to some ethically suspect territory by creating fake child pornography investigators will be able to use computer generated images in the future if crimes cannot be detected another
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way we are now laying the legal foundations and we must never forget the behind child pornography images are terrible acts of abuse against children the authorities say investigators will be given all means available to track down sex offenders but it's proving divisive supporters of the strategy insist it will help kill off the so-called dong net of illegal websites while opponents long view that crimes cannot be solved by creating new crimes more tickets go from the u.k.'s christin legal center told is that evidence gathered in such a way could potentially prove an adequate in court. and you look at the crime shows on t.v. and they have solicitation of prostitution or or pl undercover policeman doing. selling drugs those are incidences where they're not committing crimes now generating child pornography certainly is so whether they're creating a crime or not is one question to me the bigger question is the issue of whether you can convict someone based on evidence that was gathered through criminal
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activity and i think that this might backfire on them by catching people not having to release them because of tarnished evidence the internet watch foundation report on child sexual abuse imagery found that europe is the world's worst when it comes to online child pornography the constant hosts around 2 thirds of all confirmed cases with the netherlands having the most defend this political commentator andre wulkan former british police officer peter cook come schatz their views with us. it would obviously have to be used very carefully and will be used sparingly. there are various things that could be done to minimize the risk of it being spread further but if the aim is to close down and arrest all those using the particular platform or chat room that you're gaining access to then in a way it's sort of self destructs to a certain extent anyway in the united kingdom these sorts of images and videos would be illegal and the reason that they're illegal is not because there's
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a victim of them because clearly there isn't it in a simulated image but what there it what it has the potential to do is to excite offenders and what we don't want to do is have a government in your producing material that can potentially excite people into offending in real life or outside the virtual world and i can understand that view but the amounts of child sexual imagery that's out there is absolutely enormous anything added by the german police would be an absolute drop in the ocean i also think there's another more general concern about the issue of entrapment we have as a society have to protect our society from police going too far and i think that these potentially is a bridge too far this wouldn't be entrapment and entrapment is unlawful it would be a means of getting into a closed close space for a very long time in the u.k. the police have used informants who have participated in the commission of crimes
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in a minor role classically the getaway driver. in a bank robbery. would be able to pay off for us as a participating informant in the crime i think the significant concern is that people who starts on child pornography will begin offending against children in real life it's hard to imagine anybody saying i'm only willing to consume fake child pornography i should majed you. stuff i just don't see that everybody would would delineate in that way if they were a sex offender and i think putting more material onto a dark web seems instinctively to me to be making the problem potentially far worse policing in these sorts of areas is a dirty business and sometimes you have to get your hands dirty to a certain extent to take out the really bad players. you believe in senate has
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avoided october's election in the country which was won by now ousted president evo morales as after the interim government also accused him of terrorism his claims were all as masterminded a blockade that prevented food from entering the latin american nation government representatives say they have recordings of the former leader taken from the protesters confiscated phone the voice alleged to be that of the morale is heard advise always to shut down roads and also mentions returning to bolivia the bolivian foreign minister says the lawsuit goes against his status of political asylum or morale as himself has called the recording fabricated. by denounce bolivia's defacto government for making this up with the intention of forming an international lawsuit against me this is judicial manipulation to imprison and imperialist leftwing and liberal leaders. this comes as the interim government has announced its plans to shut down left leaning media outlets the move would include international channel telesur that reportedly received notification it will be
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taken off the airwaves as part of a so-called reorganization that china was founded back in 2005 in venezuela and is mostly funded by left wing governments around south america including bolivia it was promoted at the time as a latin socialist answer to c.n.n. a reminder now of how things are quickly in bolivia even morale it's resigned after mass protests and accusations he had rigged his election victory last month his place was taken by a vice president of the senate's janine and years you had the support of the country's military and with the protests against her she granted immunity to law enforcement officers responding to the demonstrations we heard from a former u.n. officer who believes there is foreign pressure behind the accusations against. 1st of all the circus which doesn't mean a terrible piece of script coming right from wipeout or a big bomb or print that will i mean they're doing i mean they're trying to convert
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you or out of that kind of like you know american so i'm hussein i'm excited to rate it but more lives toward that direction somebody's going to be punished and should be punished and should be persecuted it is by international law and these are very much an american decided sort of this should be a very clear agenda for the security council i mean the u.s. cannot do that. because they can do it with anyone who poses north american or u.s. see it don't want i mean these are the problem you know you don't need the national guard so there's a cutie comes to my view should you know take part in these and these mediating do a complex situation that has been invented from from from the usa with the with the . overthrow. couldn't. still ahead
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sandsting times that is the electric vehicle make his own break opposed to cyprus that felt about. and that's often the way. well i do object now and then i will continue objecting to people and republicans serbska never one agrees those in power and their position but he must not become a nato member under any circumstances our reason is clear nater people because nothing will be bombed using depleted uranium munitions. that still is killing our children today. if we decided to become a nato member to be what we would give it a moral right to believe that it did the right thing this way we would betray the
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memory of those who died as a result of the bombing operation it was called the angel of mercy can you imagine that. welcome back to our car bombs going off outside a police station in southwest colombia killing 3 officers and injuring a further 10 it happened in the town of to kill a chalo cased about 500 kilometers from the capital it's a known hot spot for violence local newspapers reported that the explosion caused a major blackout was basic not yet spoken on who was responsible for the attack.
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colombia's already been enjoying widespread anti-government protests the mayor of the capital has imposed a citywide curfew to try and keep the renewed wave of demonstrations a bay about to lead to clashes with police. oh. i. know. the tests are out today on thursday as thousands turned down against president iran decay maisie's take out some water cannon as demonstrators 3 rocks that demanding better living conditions tax and pension reforms and moves to tackle government corruption the leaders say there are no plans to change course nicholas sanchez o'donovan reports now from the colombian capital. hello from bogota where the day the historic national anti government strike has shown us the consequences both
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politically and on the streets here we can see some of the damage as many others this. was completely vandalized destroyed by protesters we can see what they used not only to destroy this bus stop but right here they were throwing these rocks at police that were on syrian with tear gas with water cannons and rubber bullets. i i. i. i. i i i. was but mainly it was a peaceful protest and it was a massive protest as well over 200000. marched nation wide
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protesting and it demanded more infrastructure and more money for education that is where the students but then you have the indigenous leaders they have thought. social justice in rural areas so that's a different drug and then you have the unions they're fighting so that the government doesn't implement the tax reforms that they trying to implement and more importantly they don't touch so that the government doesn't touch the pension system so these different fronts and now it's going to be very interesting to see how the government addresses all of those different fronts it's going to be very difficult for the government to try and address all of those once. you let your vehicle make a tesla may be renowned for pushing the boundaries in eco transports but the showcase launch of its futuristic new cyber truck proved to be well not exactly the smash hit is the servant hoped.
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sure yeah. well. maybe i was a little too hard. you. know it didn't go through. i was as taken a big hit after the botched launch tesla c.e.o. long musk's personal net worth it plunged by $768000000.00 the firm's share price also dived 6 percent in one day the internet's already revved up the mean machine comparing this marginal cyber truck to the time traveling delorean from back to the future to a physical metaphor for musk meant to i'm spazzing it's uncanny resemblance to old school video games when musk admitted on twitter that they call some improvements to make before going into production and posted a video to prove that the steel ball stunted go well in the hurtful. well it's not
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the only windows that don't make the cuts a tesla car owner in europe learned the hard way that the very heart of the vehicles the batteries could prove lethal. you've covered this for i enjoyed every minute of driving this car from the 1st to the last it's amazing to drive an electric car but when it catches fire 10 seconds after the collision it just 60 kilometers an hour and you're happy that a passer by saved you from death i'm disappointed. on. lithium is used in the battery cells of electric cars the same that are used for mobile phones and cordless drills if it ignites the fire cannot be extinguished with water it continues to burn it simply provides itself with oxygen from the
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water burns until it burns out completely. lost in the towing company said it was in a vicious circle as nobody would agree to take the car tesla had a company that was supposed to dispose of broken cars at all rather than batteries but this company told me that they've still not received permission from the ministry because apparently mine tesselation the 1st fully electric car in austria which needed to be disposed of. and i'm now very negative towards electric cars as long as there are other cars on the market i would never buy one again not. choosing here joining us here on our back of the top of the hour with the latest.
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her. motives as. you put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. wanted. him to go on to proceed with what before 3 in the morning can't be good. i'm interested always in the waters in the. bush.
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because yes i pay 500 to a new high transparency has been obliterated all sound accounting has been obliterated all economic policy that is tied to any economic school that makes any economic sense has been ignored and obliterated the rule of law has been obliterated everything having to do with the sound society is being ignored to get a number to a higher level and it's getting so higher level but at what cost. is a tense situation in venezuela is still all over the news the problem in venezuela is not that socialism has been poorly implemented but that socialism has been faithfully implement from the inside venezuela things to different we're going to
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announce sanctions against the truest of venezuela associate the famous will have a son of the woman who flew down person. to sit on the people who come to. hope. the who story isn't new nixon called in henry kissinger to tell him that it would not be tolerated that in latin america. an alternative economic and social system could take hold and therefore the policy would be to make the chilean economy scream so wants and making the economy of venezuela screed. thank you our one thank you. was a what exactly is the comedy show americans in america covering american news are
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called foreign agents i have as the 1st presidential primary gets ever closer the mainstream media continues to largely ignore bernie sanders but they'll do articles about how people like like people who judge or a.b. club in charge are making a comeback here's one from the cover of the new york times in iowa amy clover george gets a 2nd look a bold ok here is a video from a recent clover char rally in iowa. with the with. even 2 with the hired marching band. it still looks like a poorly attended baby shower it's like ok you dozen people and several are like why are we here yet 6 i don't even know what a close but it sure is. but even worse than that the front of that march was being
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led by pipeline protesters criticizing amy klobuchar are. all that moment when half of your 12 supporters are you here critics. they were doing worse and raining on her parade they were running her parade. ok so that's what a call over to a rally looks like keep your mind that's someone the new york times will tell you is making a comeback now here's bernie sanders also in iowa. clover georgia rally could have fit inside the bag. at that event. now i'm not saying people at a rally is all that matters but it certainly warrants mainstream media coverage however unless bernie sanders is currently having a heart attack the media don't give a shit. but no matter what happens in these completely rigged d.n.c.
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primaries those of us who care about the world care about our fellow human beings we are winning the war of ideas look at the ideas that are dominating the democratic presidential race even though the corporate media has tried to ignore them and one medicare for all. this is the idea that if you're 5 years old and you break your arm no matter how little you get paid at your child labor job you shouldn't have to fix a broken arm yourself with paper maché cast made from used kleenex and bird poop medicare for all was initially being pushed by the green party and left wing activists now it's a mainstream discussion number 2 the green new deal economics. and the economic package that would give everyone a job and switch to renewable energy among other things initially being pushed by the green party and left wing activists
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a mainstream discussion number 3 legalizing marijuana. rapidly spreading across the country which is not just crucial to people who have gained tremendous medical benefits from marijuana but also crucial for anybody who needs to get back to watch the impeachment hearings. which is the old way the only way you can watch the impeachment hearings without thinking you've lost touch with reality. marijuana has become so accepted that joe biden is became a laughingstock this week when he called a gateway drug to someone give grants of pills he's trying to free the little people living inside to tell.


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