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as supporters of the ousted bolivian president clash with police for a 2nd week against his resignation the senate approves a new election but. prosecutors dropped almost a decade long rape investigation against. the decision clears the way to speed up of the wiki leaks founder of the extradition to the united states from the u.k. where he is currently in prison. in the stories that shape the week washington pulls the plug on
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a key element of the iran nuclear deal by. an atomic facility secretary of state. support for ongoing protests. glad to have you with us as we recap the week's top stories right after weeks of deadly violence in bolivia the country is now set to hold fresh presidential elections but lawmakers have barred the ousted evo morales from standing in his supporters have caused widespread disruption with protests in the capital and other major cities and recently took 8 soldiers hostage as well.
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were released but there's still no information on the remaining officer ever morality was forced to resign after a wave of protests following october's election amid allegations of fraud but it's his loyalists supporters largely among indigenous groups who are behind the current unrest during which more than 30 people have died and self proclaimed interim president janine onions and has herself sparked controversy by giving. dealing with protesters in unity from prosecution and former alice who is currently in mexico after being granted asylum spoke exclusively to actually happening in this country . i learned in my life that you never choose a position it finds you this applies from the position of trade union had right up to the post of presidency in the there is an official report confirming i won the 1st round this is a very extensive report you can check it and any time you can see the election results but there is an important point to be made there was an agreement that the organization of american states was supposed to publish the official report last
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wednesday around 2 pm that was the arrangement but unexpectedly on sunday morning they called us and informed us that the preliminary report was ready we requested this report and there was complete confusion one part of it said that i won and that carlos massa came 2nd but this did not prove that i won the election in the 1st round i ordered that i be put in touch with lewis and moderate opposition but i was not connected the report was published on sunday morning i spoke with a representative of the organization of american states and told him there bade him if you do not double check your report it will cause unrest and believe me and there will be victims by publishing its report their organization of american states actually supported the kook who is in charge of everything now people from the us and whore here to talk with all got a follower of hugo bonser who for 7 years will believe me as a dictator i was called an employee tarion ruler a dictator but this is not so these are real dictators on the other hand new generations will now understand what
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a real dictatorship is. i would say that some of the groups in whose hands are going to make power is concentrated in not forgive us for creating social movements especially if the indigenous populations movement which has changed the image of our beautiful country they also cannot forgive us for nationalizing our natural resources and strategic companies which has improved believe us economic system upon the successful creation of a developed lithium industry mr alberto and i plan to set lithium prices on the world market i realize though that some industrialized countries are afraid to compete 1st in the field of technological development and seconds they do not want other countries to follow the example of our economic model which is based on socialism. this is a cluster igle i'm convinced of it i had faith in the armed forces because i thought that in the military there are patriots and the imperialists however certain generals on the serve the highest gear they surprised me i could not
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believe it i had a wonderful relationship with all the military leaders of course there are good soldiers and military leaders but when it comes to the class struggle some forget about their ideological stance and their patriotism consequently their interests are affected they lost part of their power and cannot forgive us for this has nothing to do with being indigenous or not. archie america news anchor rick sanchez discussed the situation in bolivia with pulitzer prize winning journalist chris hedges who says the u.s. has a hand in the crisis. this is the revolving or story of latin america that as soon as a populist figure like evo morales appears the knives come out on the part of the empire and on the part of those corporations that hold especially the natural resources in a place like bolivia hostage there's been a constant conflict between. these corporations and evo morales let me stop you there because you just said something that's very interesting there may be
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a reason for the united states government the government of chris hedges and rick sanchez for the country where we live to do things from time to time in other places right but it seems like what you just described is something where no one asked chris no one asked rick no one talked to our media no one talked to our congress it just happens out of thin air we go and destabilize the government doesn't that seem crazy yeah but that's you know decades of practice of the you know the so-called invisible state was the but it's how the cia operates they operate you know completely in the shadows and they operate on the be hast of the business interests i mean united fruit didn't want arbenz around before they got rid of them so on and on and on this goes back decades and decades and decades it of it's about the maintenance of empire and that's what we're seeing in bolivia where i lived in bolivia the spanish in bolivia this is the powder and now they
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found lithium it believed well and apparently that is a huge it is the oil of the future and guess who wanted to control it and guess who they didn't want to control it even more out exactly evo morales said even though he brought poverty down in a country where no one else that i needed to do this in was we want to control the lithium and the multinational corporations they they set the machine in motion. on tuesday swedish prosecutors dropped the 2010 rape investigation against a week you expounded julian assange citing a lack of evidence the case was shelved 2 years ago but was reopened after assad was forcibly dragged out of the ecuadorian embassy in london in april that came about after the country terminated his 7 year asylum there assad is currently being held in belmarsh prison in the british capital where he is serving a 15 week sentence for breaching his bail conditions in 2012 separately the
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australian is fighting a u.s. extradition request over wiki leaks publishing of classified information on american political and military dealings with more here's our alley. for 9 years due to the thaw in his faith and uncertain future in the u.k. it all started with a sex crime charges in sweden that could have seen the wiki leaks co-founder being extradited back to the scandinavian country he himself he would then be handed over to the u.s. for releasing classified information but sweden has now dropped the right case against the thaw and after dinner issue investigation and investigative steps taken over the summer indeed is now clear that the oral statement testimony and support given by the injured party has weakened therefore i have come to the conclusion that additional interviews with julian assange were not on terror d. avid in cherry basis in a decisive manner as such i have decided not to hold an interview with him up until
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now sweden could have still off of the extradition now the no longer a threat that ironically means other than the impending hearing there's nothing standing in the way of mr thaw and extradition to the us. that is now focused on the threat mr science has been warning about for years the belligerent prosecution of the united states and the threat it poses to the 1st amendment the swedish sex crime allegations led to the ecuadorian embassy in august plenty of film where he was basically dragged out of april this year he's currently in prison now swedish charges have been dropped all the time sometimes his extradition trial scheduled for february next year but some are concerned about whether he'll get a fair hearing i think it's absolutely fair to say that politics now is coming to. an extradition proceeding it was not designed to be political or say that
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politics absolutely positively should not come into play but should be treated as any other. perceiving where the u.s. are seeking to have someone extradited from u.k. to the us or u.k. or shaking down one extradited from the u.s. back to you. but i think it's cruel ish for one to assume that politics will not come into play in this particular matter and if he is eventually sent to the u.s. he may not ever that leave with a potential of 175 year sentence if he's found guilty of the 18 counts the u.s. has charged him with.
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i'm. ill. tell her i'm illyria . i am. the pursuit of julian the thought that the fear is about how whistleblowers are treated by washington almost every whistleblower is treated the same not if they're protected
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by the cia whistleblowers should be protected protecting whistleblowers who see wrongdoing of any kind and that government is essential is basically on the verge of not only revealing the identity or getting somebody else to reveal the identity of the whistleblower but also bringing harm to that person everything's politically motivated that of the trumpet ministration as obsolete no credibility and no principles whatsoever when it comes to these flights. whistleblowers should be protected whistleblowers should be lauded their heroes whistleblowers do this sort of thing not for personal gain not for their ego they do it for the public good and it's proof to me that donald trump doesn't care about the public good he cares about self and no one else. but supporter and british rock musician roger waters
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told r.t. the whole extradition in case has nothing to do with the legal process. somebody banged up in belmarsh for 23 hours out of every 24 being slowly muddied by the state because he told uncomfortable truths about this for me to buy saves him. aids it purely purely political this is supposed mystical he's being hung out to dry as a warning to other. others who might decide that they might be journalists that they might fulfill that function as jim this by informing the public and the electorate of what goes on quickly in their name so this business tibet's tradition has nothing to do with the legal process. hong kong's pro-democracy candidates have scored a momentous victory in the chinese territory his district council elections after
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a record number of voters flocked to the polls on sunday according to local media the opposition camp has taken 300 $86.00 of $450.00 declared seats and there are just 2 more to be announced now the vote which comes after 5 months of violent people who was being viewed as a barometer of public opinion and a test of support for the anti beijing protest campaign opposition has said that the result sends a clear message to the authorities and shows the demonstrators demands must be taken seriously your earlier asked economist benjamin chao what a victory for hong kong's pro-democracy candidates would mean for the territory. to be used in mosed. on one hand the leaders security measures or. words on the other hand both sides will can't actually call for a ceasefire today he's encouraging the why not race back to the city at least for
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what today people have lost their mind. that the actions and actions of the rioters heidi coordinated contrary having no mastermind behind even people breaching can last most of these elections is not directly impact much the majority of. north reconnection for me to see for the next few exactly so i expect why it's could still go on respect people that you actually results expression of ultimate intention of the right is really not just about the welfare of hong kong but on a bigger global competition between powerful nations. u.s. secretary of state my pompei announced on monday that washington will end sanctions waivers on iran's fordo nuclear facility. a key component of the landmark atomic deal this comes after tehran said it had resumed the process of uranium enrichment
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plant pompei also reiterated his support for the ongoing protests in iran which the country has slammed as hypocritical. people enjoy a better future when their government to respect. basic human rights a bit it's revolutionary. and it's destabilizing foreign policy in the region and simply like. if you strange the united states and its officials who have committed the greatest of crimes by imposing much pressure and the tougher sanctions on iran. that they support these protests expect anything else from mr he describes how he defends the. position of sanctions on iran. broke out after a surprise 50 percent hike in fuel prices earlier this month the iranian government said the revenue would be used to help the less well off but anger boiled over in at least a dozen cities with buildings vandalized and pictures of iran's supreme leader
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burned he described the rioting as sabotage and branding the protesters as school against here's. more. the trumpet ministration seems jubilant about the recent protests in iran said the people of iran almost a year and a half ago the united states is with you now the protests are being driven by the economic situation g.d.p. growth projections are down by 9.5 percent inflation is it 40 percent and unemployment is at 16 percent and rising but it was a 15 percent increase in the price of fuel that sparked the recent turmoil. now an economic squeeze like that is bound to get people upset but why is iran in such poor shape well donald trump has
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a lot to do with it in 2015 the international community agreed to lift a decades old sanctions in response to an agreement that was reached about iran's peaceful nuclear energy program but then along came donald trump. decided to pull out of the nuclear agreement he says that iran broke the spirit of the deal however international observers say that iran fully complied as of today i can state that iran is implementing its. commitments after pulling out of the deal the troubled ministration began imposing sanctions on iran intended to wreck their economy accusing iran of quote destabilizing activities around the region the usa even threatened to impose sanctions on other countries that dared to buy iranian oil anyone doing business with iran will not be doing business with the united states i'm asking for world peace nothing less. on any activity subject.
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after the iran nuclear deal in 2015 iran was exporting roughly $2500000.00 barrels of oil per day now that number is down to roughly 200000 in a country where the economy is centered around state run oil exports that's a pretty big financial loss and it has been detrimental cuts in fuel subsidies and other benefits for the population had to be made so i don't know top. down and made a decision for the country based on expert assessments and this decision must be executed. but according to donald trump working to economically ruin iran makes him the best friend of the iranian people nothing says i love you like bleeding someone dry nations to support a ranch people as they struggle to reclaim. their religious and rights is. today i want to deliver a message to the long suffering people of iran. the people of america stand with
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you will be arrayed in people return to the nations proud roots as a center of civilization culture and wealth where there. people can be happy and prosperous once again the united states throughout the reigning in history has always been against democracy i mean the united states was the country together with britain instigated the 1000 who were against democratically elected mohamed mossad there right now it's no different i mean the united states has imposed very severe sanctions on iran which is 1st a lot of ordinary so coming out and saying that they support these people is hypocritical it. last week was another week of the trump impeachment saga in the united states and it started with an embarrassing incident during a t.v. interview with a democratic lawmaker which instantly went viral and in its own bizarre way it
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highlighted the divisions in american politics with her very own unique commentary here is our tucson's cattail are. more so than at the at washington is thick with intrigue and contrive a see the public hearings in the latest trump impeachment saga into the 2nd week and everyone wants to know how has he done it will this be the straw that finally breaks the camel's back president used taxpayer dollars to ask the ukrainians to help him choose an election that can't be right guys i think we've got the wrong sound bite in the. what. really. ok no apparently that is right. what gate is on everyone's lips democratic representative eric swell was weighing in on the ongoing impeachment hearings when he dropped. dropped an explosive bomb on m s n
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b c do you think though that while one world human stuff happens move on and 2 the president of the united states of america could possibly be impeached potentially just the thought in the country's history but no the scandal over that quick moment is refusing really. to blow over and mainstream media is leading the charge trying to get to the bottom of it i'm really sorry about the but i have to ask if this was you or someone in the studio it was not me and i didn't hear it when i was speaking you look like you heard it and. i guess i did not hear it even politicians have jumped on to the bandwagon even to show off the shop wit cutely when i 1st.
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cruz made a rookie ara and forgot that he too had been involved in the story that also rippled far and wide to show you senator and thank you for keeping it clean you know without tracing out more so let's see what all the conspiracy theories on the table are the program on which i happened hardball tried to cover up its tracks and said it was just the presenter scraping his mug across the table to which swalwell took a leaf out of trump's book and breathed a sigh of relief but let's test that one out neil over to you. not sure so maybe another one the cameraman was to blame they were wise think they're safe just because the king in the shot but dies is that even possible you know. neither of the theories held up to scrutiny though view was
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smelt a rat pluto was demoted as a planet but eric swalwell is now secure among the gas giants. is not a candidate that you can stand behind the cover of is own way is worse than a crime so while iran faces protests bolivia it faces a coup trump faces possible impeachment and the u.k. faces and not the string of practice that delays the media follows it's very funny excellent nose for stories let's see when this one runs out of gas ok thoughts at this is ridiculous i mean are you know you can talk about this seriously and. there's a for me and the week we go and i wouldn't be here in about 35 minutes with another look and a fresh look at your news at that sargeant. when
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arizona's johnson. and i just got out of prison for don like. 41 years. i'm 73 years old now i got arrested for to marry for some of the. it's still going on like this everything was taken out of. my work in the hospital it was. meant to snow man that looks a little bit like me. because about. homicide want to.
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work hard tough you the units by yourself you're going. to go system and do the crime not. a good number for the 1st try to frighten kids right give. us we are good something right didn't do. what politicians do you should. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president or injury. or somehow want to be preached. at you like to be christian it's like the before tree in the morning can't be good for. industry always in the waters of our. thank you.
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time after time here we're going on the ground on leave of the deadline for british subjects to register to vote to head of a general election in 15 days time the 2020 us presidential rally in florida by donald trump coming up on the show after a 2nd week of arguably futile impeachment hearings in the u.s. comes to an end we asked law professor and democrat turned independent timken over if the democrats should look to their own body when it comes to attacks on democracy talks collapse in the world's youngest nation oil rich south sudan we ask the u.n. with a britain beza share of the blame in the country born of lobbying from london and
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hollywood's george clooney all this of all coming up in today's going on the ground a festival at all trump rallies the supporters in florida as part of his campaign to retain the white house a 2020 but could he be depending on democrat dirty tricks to keep him on pennsylvania avenue last time around wiki leaks exposed attempts within the democratic national committee to favor alleged war criminal hillary clinton of a socialist when he sounded a democrat primaries but is the same thing happening all over again joining me now is jim going to run for congress in florida against d.n.c. boss debbie wasserman schultz who resigned of a wiki leaks revelations he joins me now from miami jim thanks for coming on before we get to florida and the peculiarities of the race in florida what was your take on the democratic presidential debate in the past few days and what's your take on who's going to win is bernie sanders schools his supporters to order in new hampshire today well they spent the 1st hour of the debate discussing donald trump and impeachment and they were wrong in agreement that donald trump is bad and we
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need this impeachment inquiry i'm not sure that's going to. play well for them come next november you can already see that the impeachment inquiry is probably strengthen donald trump in some key swing states a poll that came out recently shows him ahead why i should say public opinion against the impeachment inquiry by a good margin now in wisconsin for instance i'm afraid that even the media and other nato nations seems to reflect your media in the united states because they're very excited about the impeachment proceedings actually and i think you're referring to that gallup poll which shows increased support for trump joining the cause of these impeachment hearings why is that you know 2016 was the year of the outsider and we saw that in the democratic primaries with bernie sanders surging and of course the dirty tricks that the d.n.c. had to play to stop him and we saw it on the republican side with donald trump taking down the entire establishment and you know i think all of this impeachment
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inquiry makes donald trump look like he's still the outsider still battling the swamp inside of washington d.c. and i think after 2 years of the mother report the mother investigation and $30000000.00 plus i think a lot of americans are just tired at this point it's a lot of fatigue and there's been a lot of false alarms you know you can only be kind of the boy who cried wolf so many times and that's the way the democrats i think have been coming across as of late but surely you're not saying that joe biden as it was warren. is bad is the spectacular catastrophic candidate of clinton last time around. it is hard to imagine a worse candidate than than hillary clinton was last time around but you know by the same token trump actually has a record to run on at this point and he's going to have some accomplishments in the
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face of a recalcitrant house of representatives so.


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