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tv   Cross Talk  RT  November 25, 2019 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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snow. unnamed employee at global chemical weapons watchdog casts doubt on the group's of special report into last year's chemical attack in syria. doctors say wiki leaks founder julian assange life is at risk and about his condition in a u.k. prison is critical. to amazon sues the pentagon for handling a $10000000000.00 contract and giving it to microsoft after accusing the president of interfering in the. latest on these stories you can head to our dot com crossfire coming up next discussing the conflict in eastern ukraine and if you're watching in the u.k. political talk show renegade is next and also in about an hour's time to be here
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with. a welcome to cross talk we're all things are considered i'm peter lavelle with ukraine remaining in the headlines we have a look how russia's foreign policy is changed since the 2014 kids and the impeachment circus continues but it's anything but funny. talking some real news i'm joined by my guest here in moscow dimitri she's a political analyst and editor at interest me internet media project and in london we crossed alexander macarius he is
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a writer on legal affairs as well as editor in chief of the duran dot com all right gentlemen crosstalk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want and i always appreciate let me go to 1st in london. well ukraine remains in the headlines and the 2nd half of the program we'll talk about the impeachment circus but let's focus on how ukraine the ukraine the ukraine project that the west has had since the coup in 2014 is changed russia's foreign policy and it's something that's beginning to worry people. in and i mean worrying people at the neo cons in washington in the in the swamp we could talk about sanctions we're going to energy policy that turned to china and europe's reassessment there's a lot going on right here that's never talked about in western media go ahead allan well indeed we just happened over the last. period of about 10 years but it is specially since 2014 is of the crisis in ukraine i think is crystallized
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russian doubts about the extent to which a partnership with the west is possible and what we saw after 2014 is that there you can take the russians by surprise you can never panic them and they will always adjust very rapidly and very effectively to changes in policy by the west and to aggressive moves by the west so what has happened is that the russians firstly adjusted their energy policy and they weren't going to let ukraine continue to sit on top of their transit pipelines and try to block or control russian gas exports to europe so the russians forged ahead with all these other part lines north street to turk stream which are birds now rapidly coming to an. end the end there being they have been they've been built and they've been successfully built and attempts to stop them have not succeed it and of course
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they have successfully motu for ways with a major realignment with china they've built gas pipelines with china they've developed very close police equal relationships with china china's now become their major trading partner and in almost every respect what we see is that russia has distanced itself from the west it's made his position diplomatically much stronger and he has succeeded in countering western moves within ukraine itself crimea is now once again part of russia nobody expects that to change their russia or is also a major player in ukraine in politics it's the ukraine. is realize they have to negotiate with the russians and they're talking about in the end what will probably be very significant constitutional and foreign policy realignments
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but the ukraine if it is to find a way out of the crisis well let me say yes but that. given there is if the u.s. and its western allies let that happen another thing i think is really important here is that over the last few days we have the european union basically tell the ukrainians get their energy policy together because europe is tired of underwriting it which means that must be a return to dealing with the russians just as alexander make euro said in every single sense the project they've had for ukraine has been an utter failure well i am not concerned about russia in chair and i think the world should not be concerned because things are developed in. if you're a neocon sitting in an air conditioned office in the swamp you are very worried well i am very wired to some other countries 1st i am worried about ukraine which is in the situation of course the political crisis since 2014 actually since
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2013 when the european union and the united states encouraged these so-called peaceful protests in which 8 policemen died violent deaths you know protesting the perfectly legal decision by the ukrainian president viktor to 1st form the association agreement with the the fault of the e.u. and what happened in ukraine is huge you know so 1st i'm concerned about ukraine now i'm also concerned about the united states because this whole ukrainian affair is now the basis for these so-called impeachment hearings where i hear i'm sorry a lot of inaccurate information a lot of people i get an angry and if trying to support us. feel deceived they aren't being easy if they feel that you know they voted in 2016 for this man and the view it as their last chance to keep the country that is slipping out of their
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hands under their control this is not my words you know i read it in there plenty of it's an article by young bremmer a pretty good article you know about the supporters so which see how 1st ukraine was destabilized the united states was destabilized now the european union is destabilized and they blame it all all trump trump and putin i hear them almost like charlie chaplin saying all the time competent competent competent which it was common in reality it's the same people in washington in brussels who destabilized ukraine destabilized the united states now through these impeachment hearings and destabilize the european union because we see a real conflict denmark has been blocking the north street. by applying for several new one of those russians have been able to overcome that so it's coming to here as there are they have all the comment but with a huge deal we the e.u. has been put in hurdles on their way for this project or this fall called 3rd energy package the kill the south korean project which was great for greece great
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for italy it could provide even in greece with cheap energy reducing the u.s. unemployment there but that we have the e.u. acting against the interest of european countries which need cheap russian energy and that's why a lot of things are in flux sarah lucas let's go back to alexander i mean it's kind of on the tail of the movies having just said there about ukraine in an interesting article but probably totally expected when you don't have states is beginning to imitate ukraine in its political crisis ok where you it's the factions are very very clear the media sort of particular political interests that are talking at cross purposes it is remarkable the deeper the u.s. gets into ukraine the more it seems to resemble the ukraine go ahead. alex absolutely true and if you drill through to what these impeachment argument is all about what it is is accusations made by each side not without
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some course that they have become implicated in ukrainian corruption yet that's what it's all about ultimately that's what that's why we're talking hearing all this about you know hunter biden and resume holdings it's all about people being involved in getting payoffs in ukraine american officials american politicians the sons of american politicians receiving large amounts of money to provide protection to bear is all ego arks ukrainian oligarchs that one side is saying the other side is accusing the republicans of dorothy's or donald trump of rummaging around ukraine getting drawn they're trying to use ukrainian politicians or you create an agency is to investigate their opponents
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it's all about this and of course it's unsurprising because when the united states went into ukraine in such a massive way in 2014 it had totally unrealistic geopolitical objectives it seriously underestimated russia and it completely overestimated its own ability to control the situation in ukraine and to distance itself from what was going on there and it's now paying that price but what was stakes were going for a lot all of us to make this comparison look at the new york times you know this week there is an article there by bret stephens redolent do notice these are real beasts of the united states a started talking like ukraine and then the subtitle why the. must be impeached and removed well yes in fact he wants the united states to look exactly like ukraine because they're the president was impeached and removed by illegal violent action
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right so also you actually have the illegal coup in 2000 and now we have another dodgy legally dodgy power play in washington so it's a deed indeed the united states president of. the line and sub headline you know the united states is starting to look like a queen that's why the president needs to be impeached and removed it reminds me of the soviet dog we were standing on the border over the precipice but we must make a big step forward rate that's exactly what they say right there so that their arguments their side are also bred stiffens makes in this article ludicrous you know parents are wrong he compares for example trumps your chance to. hillary clinton he compares them to the fact that you are too much i was putting jail for abuse when she signed the deal with russia well they should have asked their own best laughed ukrainian president viktor yushchenko if the machine could
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deserve this she was the prime minister and she didn't fulfill your shrink as directives she didn't talk to the president as the brain is that she went to meet portman and signed that agreement without having powers to do that so any current issue would be put in jail somewhat legally don't you remember her nickname exactly gas princess i guess we got about 40 seconds hours go ahead finish up this blog. just quickly it was years ago who initiated the criminal prosecution of her but this is exactly where the problem is with the united states bruce hughes i'm realistic foreign policy is easy illegal methods to engineer changes in other countries and what it finds inevitably is that the methods are known being used. in the united states it was only a question of too long before they were imported back and that's what we're seeing playing out now and i am so tired of hearing american commentators and politicians
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so completely miss just describing ukraine comparisons between ukraine and the american war of independence. all right i x i got a job in your alex thanks for joining in syria that's right people defending the coup were minutemen apparently that's all the time we have in this part of the program after a short break we'll continue our discussion and some real news stay with r.t. . look at your dollar bill that says the federal reserve no no if you look that up it best to pedia it'll tell you it's debt debt is a no right they're not creating this stock has nothing to do with money it's
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created is formaldehyde it's monetary formaldehyde and they're trying to they're complaining that the corpse as a great thing and they just are failing to acknowledge that the global economy died in 2008 all stopped. we still got you to tighten the let's move. on. we're going to close with these credit and i knew you. were going to think about getting out of your conveyed to you. you tube until 100 m. is home. to my target to be a guitar on the video gamble often to get a link i feel they know not good children tell me on the phone that you can play
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one next time you don't come. within your. welcome back across the uk where all things are considered i'm peter lavelle to remind you we're discussing some real news. and now to nicosia we are joined by alex christopher he is the director and writer for the duran dot com alex it's quite interesting to me watching the divergent interpretations of the last 2 weeks of testimony to the ship's congressional committee but i think that we should look at really what the outcome of all of this
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white noise is none of these witnesses were credible in terms of what was being pursued impeachment so what the result is basically is that it's dividing the democrats it's a uniting the g.o.p. and it has put the media in disrepute even more if that's even possible all the outcomes that these people on this witch hunt wanted to avoid but here we are alex . yeah this was a terrible mistake by nancy pelosi to put schiff in charge of this in teevan move forward with this peter think this impeachment hoax inquiry is over because this was really they use the word cloud show this was an absolute clown show the ratings show it trumps approval ratings show it is well they've gone up people just did not buy into this this ship show as they call it i mean the last day i think peter the last day of the impeachment inquiry hearings the testimony to fiona hill and sherlock holmes a man with
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a superhuman hearing they have really not. really revealed a lot and they reveal the democrat panic because these witnesses that they brought up on the last day were manufactured witnesses yet they were manufactured no one even knows what fiona hill was doing there because she had nothing to say about quid pro quo extortion bribery whatever the claim is now because it's shifted so many time i can just was just there to convince us i can tell you i can tell you why she was there she was there to reinforce the narrative ok she was she was the like at it a cafeteria monitor showing up and making sure that the cafeteria rules are in effect ok it was to maintain this week she took it she knows very little of anything about ukraine her she in and she is a well known anti russian a hawk ok that's why she had the job in the 1st place also a good jump in where he badly informed that's the problem with phil and he was that she's very badly informed i mean the titles in the u.s.
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space of about her the entire country should be grateful for feel any commitment to the truth that there's the washington post then the new york times is cotton in the . you know in the headline our nation has been torn apart truth is questioned why don't this question because our highly professional expert career foreign service is being undermined well these foreign. service go out and marry queen trouble in ukraine in syria in libya everywhere you have civil wars wherever these highly professional foreign service gets involved and miss feels predictions before have all been wrong she's a bad expert i don't know why trump took her it was a mistake 1st because she betrayed him basically what we saw was betrayal of your own boss and 2nd i'm going to quote you only he was interviewed. in 2015
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right after you know the crimea thing in and after their history just started in donbass here's what she says to figure all putin doesn't know the limits he will certainly go further than ukraine he would destabilize other countries and of quote well this is to put it mildly not curate information and now the whole nation is supposed to believe fiona here when she says something about highly professional foreign service about russia definitely definitely destroying m.h. 17 and she says it all under all how does she know russia down to any 17. can she be sure you know russia by crania feel when the he'll was in russia she traveled to these vile day club discussions many times and give you would put it many times i'm sure she was in crimea she knows that this is not the truth that crimea is you know it's really interesting but it's go back to and you can see what's interesting here is that you've seen the rhetoric of patriotism being.
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shown on the liberal corporate media and this is what's really orwellian about it because these people are actually traders they act in a. in such a way that undermines the electoral decisions of the american people nobody elected these people none of them and having been a russian watch an eastern european watcher for almost my entire adult life the testimony i heard from these characters was lame at best and ideologically possessed and most go ahead alex yeah we heard the word a lot peter during the in test testimony from everybody there about official us foreign policy who sets us foreign policy that's the president not these guys what america saw they saw these mid-level managers who are hell bent on pushing their foreign policy on to the american public they saw mid-level
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players of the deep state and they were upset that their boss president trump who the american people elected had his own thinking as he asked how i wanted to deal with ukraine and russia and europe and these people did it like it and they didn't like it peter because what we've realized now in ukraine is that there's a lot of money flowing into ukraine and flowing out of the rain and trump was there to spoil the game he was going to take away their cash cow and they're all scared to death of it. that's the simplistic bottom line of what's going on here well demon i think we're. going off what we just heard from alex is that i think there's a whole lot more to learn about this carpetbagging in this and people are beginning to panic because you get into this unregulated environment controlled by oligarchy politicians in the pockets of all guards and then you have this qadri of american
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american people their children coming in and scooping up all of the cash here and there is there are paper trails and we're going to hear about this and particularly if there is a trial in this senate or i hope that we'll hear from hunter by absolutely well i mean the. confused you know the wrong good or bad guy vigilante and we're let me just quote you know david holmes these show records who testified against trump although he's just a minor official at their u.s. embassy in ukraine he said that he was sure there trump has frozen security aid for ukraine because he wanted to pressure the country to commit to an investigation and also if you want to heal says best of the your bondi beach was smeared and attacked by whom. why i was sorry she was attacked by mr wood sam call the prosecutor general whom the new york times just a few months ago called
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a hero of my done a former political prisoner a strong friend of the united states why did god send could do it because you are skull and he saw that there was a change of administration in the united states he decided that it was exactly like in ukraine where the winner gets it all so he decided i was this woman told me you know you're gonna be chosen to put in jail and who not to put in jail these people pressured me know another man is in charge so i can report on them to a tramp veer this interview in the field in the sense that you know what we said in the 1st part of the program i think it's absolutely fascinating is that it is the united states now that is imitating ukraine let me go and pick up on the family now just. very quickly you know something that will tell you who didn't understand elections do not decide the fate of the united states anymore the same people the same establishment you're on your reiteration of my point here and you know let's
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go to that alex reflected on that because we did talk about that a little bit in the 1st part of the program but this imitation this demonstration effect is really quite remarkable because it's the u.s. now that is imitating the political practices and corruption i would say that we see a new ukraine. you know we've got a paper trail now peter we always say follow the money we have documents now that show that money was being poured into ukraine and money was going back out only to american politicians i imagine e.u. politicians as well everyone is making money on the back of all this i.m.f. u.s. e.u. aid going into ukraine that is a fact now we've got documents we've got the paper trail of this money being funneled back out into the u.s. from ukraine and back out into the u.s. this is documented now peter this is what was going on in ukraine why did obama decide to go through with this coup god only knows why it has opened up a huge pandora's box of corruption misinformation lies deceit all of it and not
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to mention a war in the east which has killed many many lives is a tragic tragic foreign policy mistake by obama no one talks about the cool no when they talk about javelin missile pillows you know it's all the no mentions the coup they only go back to 2016 as if you crane came in existence in 2016 they never want to go back 2 years before when this mess started which was completely unnecessary drama and now they're the cows are coming home and we see it clearly here and everybody has dirty hands well or yes because it was after all it was not trump it was a bomb on the support and the coup in korea and what is it and do we have just very little bit of time how would you compare obama's foreign policy to ukraine and trams foreign policy to ukraine in light of all the nonsense in these hearings well i mean our bomber. you know he destroyed ukraine he destroyed ukrainian politics
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you know because a lot of the no my point is the point is is that it was trump that agreed for military aid and i know that barbara well i mean but you never do you don't see that in these he just said well i'm going to say on the left a weapons trump started sending left or weapons but he didn't save him from. q should so-called persecution in the united states but in fact you know when you want to heal said and all the main press mainstream press quoted her this deeply flawed theory of american ukrainian influence on american policy which originated in the russian special services ukraine all of vias the influence of some american policy because of biden has been doing business in ukraine rick perry is now accused of doing business in ukraine unfair so when you create these employees i'm going to not be surprised at the end of the day that we find out that a good deal of the steel dossier probably came from ukraine as well ok alex if you
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have your last 30 seconds go ahead. no doubt that the still dicey it came from you create peter i think we're going to find find that to be fact as well i mean the whole the whole thing is all goes back to 2014 coup peter no one talks about no one talks about the nuland pyatt phone call no one talks about the coolio new code that should what they did all of this generates from there everyone is trying to deflect this whole thing on to a russia did it narrative again and that's what fiona hill was there for that's what showcase homes what they're like again to end a program by saying but they never expected trump was going to win that's why we have our that's all the time we have there many thanks to my guests in moscow and in london and in nicosia and thanks to our viewers for watching us here r.t.c. next time and remember bull's.
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eye our block. ah ah ah ah. ah. this is a story about what happens auster a stray bullet kills a young girl in the streets. what happens to her family and daughters i'm sorry no mother daughter is buried in a cemetery it meaning messes with your head what happens to the community the public was screaming for a scapegoat the police needed
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a scapegoat so why not choose a 19 year old black kid with a criminal record who better to pin this on than him and what happens in court be the. shock shock as far as i feel. we don't know she'll share this truth on. the end of this trial unfortunately due to this film love no chill just. a need to. turn into pretty nasty to say.
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that. this is so and so korea an economic powerhouse everyone has heard of korea and household appliances korean cars computers and beauty products to. get us to. no one. that's. fair social competition the need to be 1st in everything they are the flip sides of success as a result the country consistently tops the world ratings in dissatisfaction with life.


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