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delegates clash at the world chemical weapons watchdog conference with threats to its funding over plans to allow the agency to assign blame to me growing concerns over the bodies investigative credibility. cannot take these special missions conclusions at face value. gave. big guns including facebook signed up to a major project to clean up the web despite. its biggest privacy violations. gets an invite to the upcoming impeachment hearing slamming it again as a democrat former u.s.
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congressman ron paul tells our people uncomfortable with. this country are looking at the way the democrats handled these hearings and say hey this isn't quite fair this isn't right so i think that's why there's less enthusiasm for impeachment. good morning. wednesday the 27th of november just here now welcome to the latest update with me is going good so far so we're starting with this delegates at the week's international chemical weapons watchdog conference are at odds over a new body that will be able to assign blame crucially for toxic attacks several countries are threatening to block funding if the new team is included in wednesday's budget vote previously the o.p.c. w could only say whether or not
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a chemical attack had taken place but as our senior correspondent word goes to reports this morning even that monday this in question after leaks whistle blows. u.b.c. w. was all that stood between humanity and the terrible terrible curse of chemical weapons they did this by never taking sides they never assigned blame they came they analyzed and reported not what they thought but what they knew not who but what there was never any reason not to trust that you can't argue with pure science it was utterly impartial objective a political it was passed simple. immediately after this tragic incident russia submitted
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a draft decision promoting an immediate dispatch of international experts to concha could and the chirac airbase with the sarin used in country could was allegedly stored. however this draft decision was unanimously blocked by the western group of countries under flimsy pretext. is highly likely that russia was responsible we do hold russia culpable culpable culpable for the attempted murder but escape is culpable.
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it was always a technical work consensus. veiled and now we see that it is completely politicized with a politicized agenda from various parties we want the o.p.c. w. to get back to where it was before. wasn't enough for the p.c. w. to present facts some wanted opinion to political opinion they wanted to give the o.p.c. w. all that much power to blame the sentence and condemn nations. other
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nations are putting their foot down why they are would you want to destroy the essence of what made the u.p.c. w. so special so trustworthy and are you doing this in the interests of humanity or for your own personal ambitions and as we know this is that hope in tradition make it an adventure was started to put pressure on damascus faces on a number of them discussions of this mission including to last one which made many headlines the incident in june and 7th of april $2800.00 it was an incident i had to convince to say that to a cannot take these special missions conclusions at face value we also refused the funding of this team and refused to grant access to a world. confidential documents are provided to the office w. and a security council and therefore reject any reports issued by this team i reiterate india's principled opposition to the act to be submitted as
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a due to the manner in which it was set up and didn't disregard of india's concerns on the. substance as follows the process they couldn't have picked a worse time to give the u.p.c. w. a judge's malice multiple o.p.c. w. insiders have sparked a huge scandal alleging that the organization cherry picked the facts on the alleged chemical attack in syria last year to suit a political agenda. after passing through the ceiling and impacting the floor at lower speed the cylinder continued in altered trajectory until reaching the position in which it was found the 1st whistle blower said that the gas canisters used in the attack were likely placed at the scene rather than dropped from the air. observations of the scene of the 2 locations suggests that there is
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a high probability that both cylinders were money placed there is 2 locations rather than being delivered from aircraft u.p.c. w excuse that self by saying that it took into account other reports not just his then the 2nd whistle blower struck a veteran who was on the ground in syria collecting samples and he went one better or worse the squad big political pressure secrecy and potential fraud. most of the duma team failed to see reports on the instant the interim report in the final report was scientifically impoverished procedurally irregular and possibly fraudulent all he wanted was a little transparency to be able to speak at this conference where the vote is taking place to set things straight all he got was a letter from management telling him no i would like to read.
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unprofessional. reached by finding. the end of the day every country in that room is going to have to decide for themselves whether to let the u.p.c. w. play god to blame accuse and condemn nations and governments to be the excuse that sparks wars to give that power to new organization which doesn't even have the trust of its own employees were against every polling former british ambassador to syria peter ford believes it's dangerous to give the o.p.c. deadly blame giving powers because the organizations become highly politicized. and then the lesson of the crisis of confidence in we the c.w. which you're not even capable of mounting a revival investigation of whether
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a chemical attack occurred in the old let's go the sign with the conventional organized 'd nation. dominated by one country a year after them by the way generally is not capable of liberating an object would be seen in any investigation within 3 days with the alleged incident the us graham and the u.k. had bomb syria without waiting for any investigation they needed the w. we just knew by the black eye. illegal bombing of syria on the story goes on just like you don't choose days watching the hoax which you can catch online they tell me a fancy to discuss the latest whistleblower leak with out to america correspondent rachel blevins. now the timing of this release is really notable because this comes as o.p.c. w. is having their annual conference well the western officials that have spoken out
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according to reports have actually placed the blame here on russia and syria once again and they have said that this is an attempt by the governments from both countries to sort of muddy the waters where this is concerned and they claim that that's because russia and syria have been asking questions about these claims reported chemical attack from the very beginning we also have to remember here that of course because the u.s. the u.k. and france were the ones to launch air strikes against syria just one week after reports of this attack they have a lot to lose here so they're not going to be nearly as quick to admit that they were wrong were all of this is concerned as about something to keep in mind especially because it puts them in a bad light if they come out and they suddenly say wait a 2nd there may be problems with this report you know. how dare anyone ever ask any questions about what happens we just have to take their word for it up. tempo c.e.o. good morning next the man who invented the world wide web wants to save the internet no less a tim berners lee is unveiled
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a plan to prevent humanity from sliding into a digital dystopia and there's backing for the likes of heavyweights like google and facebook no less but our correspondent donald call to question is next with those same companies should have a role in it given a series of scandals privacy breaches censorship fake news with all the controversy surrounding the internet these days it's easy for people to feel pessimistic and now we have good reason to be the founding father of the internet itself is back in the public eye creator of the world wide web in 1989 tim berners lee is a bit concerned if we leave the web as it is there's a very large number of things that will go wrong we could end up with a digital dystopia if we don't turn things around. but fear not he's unveiled a 9 point plan to fix it it's called the contract for the web intended to prevent that digital dystopia he mentioned so there shouldn't be anything to worry about
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especially when big names like google facebook and microsoft have all publicly back to the contract even a handful of governments have joined in approval so what exactly are the principles there all throwing their support behind respect and protect people's privacy personal data and other own line data rights to build online trust respecting people's privacy surely no one can disagree with that definitely not facebook after the cambridge analytical scandal remember that using an app that the social media giant knew about cambridge analytical harvested personal data from millions of facebook profiles without their consent and for the purpose of political advertisement surely facebook supports that principle here's the next one we will have succeeded when a critical mass of governments and companies have put the right laws regulations and policies in place to create an open and empowering web for all government regulation ok but take
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a look at who's working on it the french government which recently began demanding information from facebook about people who are accused of spreading hate speech and the german government which approved a bill to find social media for failing to censor what it considers hate speech or fake news let's see what else the contract says develop technologies that support the best in humanity and challenge the worst so the web really is a public good that puts people 1st. putting people 1st is easier said than done especially when companies like google and facebook are supposed to lead the charge they are the oligarchy of private information online accused of ignoring human rights for the sake of profits by amnesty international and if you don't support the principles they do well prepared to be sidelined there will be some global actors who will never back the contracts principles just as they florida other global agreements but we know will have succeeded when those governments and
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companies are true outliers if google facebook and others want to be able to prove that they've changed then they're going to need to adhere to the principle set out to particular initiative and one of the issues here is the fact that there is limited information disclosure so that if companies are behaving badly they could always stonewall you would prevent you having information about aig and the lack of enforcement is a major reason if a company is found to have been obviously breaching this accord how do you react do you strike the most of mediately one of the sanctions against them and how serious is a measure need to do before any measures to be taken against them for them to be a jetted from this particular group very little in this is actually been defiant one has to be a little bit wary if companies are signing up to this simply by the letter of the law only to the extent they can get away with it then that would be
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a major concern. to british cinema chains are being branded institutionally racist after dropping a gang thing to movie over security issues and this all kicked off a few days ago blue story centers on the lives of 2 young frenzied become embroiled in a violent london street war. from dept of health where you will be riding with my son and it takes not remember. the full but sometimes you just wish to be rude but you are the sort of a change responded after a brawl at a venue in the city of birmingham during the screening of the movie several police officers were injured after around a 100 you some armed with machetes began causing trouble the incident happened at a venue operated by britain's 3rd biggest chain view cinemas which immediately pulled blue story from its screens it denies the move is a race issue saying the film would in fact been connected to $25.00 significant incidents has been described at 16 cinemas during its opening weekend but
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nonetheless has been a backlash against a view which is accused of suppressing black art the movie's director also criticised the move to insisting his film was about love 2 more violence conservative radio host dave perkins and london social activist lee jasper shared their thoughts about what's going on here. away incident so all sorts of fail right across the welt almost every day those films do you know and getting banned. culture is under constant attack grime music now they say now black failings whatever we're doing it even in the areas where we have fabulous they successful we still don't a scape bit to criticism why don't we just assess all asia and to tame and activities in britain in relation to the hot coals because football at least people should then movies in a cinema if we could think of thousands of types of activities that take place where serious crime and criminality is much more in excess than we witnessed over
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the. us so let's treat everybody on an equal playing field i don't think it's possible for the movie to cause violence i think it's possible for the movie to set the foundation for violence and then predict with some level of confidence or even certainty that violence is going to happen so i want to clarify it like that in a since in the sense that all movies do when they're about a cultural feature it glorifies the business of being in a gang that doesn't mean it glorifies the violence per se but people involved in gangs do have a considerably higher rate of violence than people who aren't involved in gangs and here's the thing when you draw them all to a place at night a whole bunch of young people together with a very high degree of involvement of one form or another in gangs that's why they come to see the movie because it glorifies the culture that they're in the likelihood of something terrible happening is very high this is out international moscow thanks for being with us today on the way wakes up to
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a chemical factory fire left the residents of one friend sitting struggling to breathe they're still demanding answers they say as a top secret atmosphere over government trust pickens coming up. new things a lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the bath shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now we're watching closely watching the hawks. seem wrong. well we just don't. get to see
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palin. become active. and engaged because betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. i get morning fearing for the health and demanding transparency protesters have gathered in the french city of rule exactly 2 months after a devastating fire engulfed a controversial chemical factory in the area he goes down often that it take a look to see what's going on. walking with a crowd over it looks like a 100 maybe a bit more see all the way to the end of this column through on and indeed there
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are concerned people from all really the whole society spectrum is here all of them are indeed demanding transparency from the government and from lubrizol the company the chemical plant that while of that released all these chemicals into into the atmosphere some 2 months ago. many of the locals complained about the burning sensation in their throat for instance or about feeling nauseous after the release of the chemicals just simply because of breathing the contaminated air and they're accusing the government of failing to release the air samples they which were taken right after the fire and the government's position and look results position has been that while there was
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no immediate health threat that all of those effects would pass and that there was no environmental impact but people here are not buying this i found this in my garden and every day i can find it it comes from the new ways early. fire and so my children's doesn't go in the garden so that's that's why i am i am very very hungry and i created this this exhibit to show that we are boring about people who we money and how our life are becoming like that. removed through the surgery this was right we want the truth to be revealed about what happened in the loopers over accidents because now everyone's just passing the buck and no one wants to take responsibilities or it's the truth about the accident has not been established they're going to just today we should have health monitoring which we currently don't we. denied more extensive blood tests we expect resignations over this year people are concerned about their health but it wasn't
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just about that local businesses the local farmers suffered immensely for instance some 1800 farmers who were banned from harvesting their own crop by the french government because all of that well because because of the fears of contamination so you can clearly see why people here are demanding more transparency and they want an in-depth look as to what's going on at that lubrizol plant. the trump impeachment investigations are entering a new phase and a step closer to a vote on whether to impeach the president the us house judiciary committee now is set to hold its 1st hearing next wednesday and it's invited donald trump along he said on twitter that he'd love his council including secretary of state mike pompei you testified to while calling him a democrat scam as well either way it's got in the washington press fired up as you'd expect president's own pentagon and his own security staff detailed
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a plot to extort for help to cheat in the reelection campaign the worst day with the most damning evidence for president trump in this impeachment inquiry that was driven by the president's personal political error and his interests course this whole impeachment saga kicked off in september when a whistleblower alleged that president trump abused his office during a phone call with ukrainian leader it centered on trump's efforts to get the authorities in kiev to investigate former democrat vice president joe biden sons senior role at a ukrainian gas company it's alleged pressured ukraine to investigate his political rivals by threatening to withhold u.s. military aid for his part donald trump denies any wrongdoing well as the hearing heads to the next stage for me it was congressman wrong paul spoke to us about it he thinks that what's happening right now is not proving positive for either the republicans or the democrats. i think the whole thing is fake i think it's just not reaching the truth and i've always said that when you want to tell the truth in an
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amp are it becomes treasonous and i think a lot of what we're doing our government is doing right now is all fake as lot of the lying and innuendos trying to figure out what's going on but i don't think it's been very positive for republicans or democrats and i think so unnecessary i think it's actually what they're doing is they're distracting from some of the problems i think they should be dealing with as most people now understand exactly what's going on and i think these hearings were a benefit to trump because i think more people in this country are looking at the way that democrats handle these hearings and say hey this isn't quite fair this isn't right so i think that's why there's less enthusiasm for impeachment now than it was a week or so ago fact the sentiment right now seems to be shifting away from the idea. that the impeachment is going to come and then there's going to be
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a long trial in the senate you know i think foreign policy is important and in the past i've talked about ukraine i don't like the idea that we were involved with could any ukraine a couple years ago so i don't think would deal with those kind of problems and this is a lot of grandstanding and political shit can or a going on between the 2 political parties and i wish both parties would get together and start talking about a more sensible foreign policy and i course support the position that we should be a lot less involved in internal affairs reporter disputes anywhere around the world . trying to break the 2 party stranglehold in elections in new york could be about to get a whole lot tougher for the small so-called 3rd parties a state panel no gave the green light on monday to increase the vote threshold making it much more difficult to appear on future ballots that the public campaign finance committee. agreed to raise the minimum qualifying votes required from $50000.00 up 213-0000 or at least 2 percent of the overall vote commission members
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defended the adjustment explaining that the current limit was set way back in 1936 when there were far fewer voters the us has long operated a 2 party system with the democrats or the republicans as the major political powers and when it comes to election time minor parties seem to get limited resources and very limited success at the polls but the new york governor's representative on the panel denies this sidelining smaller movements. we are not looking to target political parties any credible parties are going to meet these thresholds. well now this higher threshold could push out the majority of minor parties including the working families in the green party for instance their members immediately expressed their disapproval of the panel's decision the public financing commission was created to improve our democracy not restrict it and the proposal must respect the constitutional rights of fusion voting and the role of minor parties in new york to mark received by setting the bar so high for entry the
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commission willfully ignore the systemic barriers to 3rd party success because in reality their bosses don't want competition you are more angry reaction beyond the 2 main parties one of the leaders of the libertarian party's national committee thinks the decision restricts american voters choice of the day. so what we see right now is just an aspect of an ongoing war to silence all political dissenting parties and every state you see which ever parties are dominant trying to silence all possible challengers it's going to hammer them i mean we're told we're talking about something that's going to restrict access it's going to hurt donations it's going to really prevent ideas from spreading but it's going to hurt the american people more and hurt the people of new york more because the things that could improve their lives ranging from ending the drug war making home schooling easier getting the government entirely out of education cutting taxes increasing job opportunities all those great things that are offered by smaller
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parties like the libertarian party are now essentially off the table when you have 2 major parties who are borderline colluding on everything sort of reducing the number of political options and restricting things to things that people even want that's where we get into a huge problem so that's going to be of course going to hurt smaller parties but is going to be even worse hurt the american people. on the program with us says we've got time for for now it's just up to 28 post my mosco time to do this wednesday i hope the day goes great is profitable for you check it out check out facebook or you tube pages or up for the breaking news as it may happen but shut up it's me kevin a great day. what politicians do loosen up a little. they put themselves on the line they get accepted or rejected.
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so when you want to be president or injury. or somehow want to be rich. but you'd like to be prosperous like them before 3 in the morning can't be good but. i'm interested always in the waters of our last. question. when arizona's johnson. and i just got out of prison for don like. 41 years. i'm 73 years old now i got arrested for to marry for somebody to. fill you know i'm like just everything was taken out of. my work in the hospital but that was when. god meant this young man that looks a little bit like me. i would rather color about.
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homicide want to cars. now. going to. work tough you this doing that so by yourself you're going. so they don't let you go system and do the crime not. a good number for the 1st try to frighten us right give. us we are good something right didn't do it. is your b.g. a reflection of reality.


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