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tv   News  RT  November 27, 2019 11:00am-11:31am EST

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following a huge blast early morning 3 workers are. also ahead. of the world chemical weapons. one of the u.k.'s biggest cinema change brings a controversial form to the big screen despite the movie triggering dozens of them to release last week.
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around the clock across the world this is your introduction from the team and myself you know neal a little welcome to the program we begin in the us a chemical plant in east texas is a blaze following an explosion early on wednesday morning in which 3 workers were injured. the refinery owned by bit t.p.c. group produces followers of tons of chemical petroleum based products now the
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situation important which is is ongoing as far as we understand them urgency services seek to bring the fire under control as quickly as they can journalist campaigner on health and environmental issues oliver to kill believes that a substantial investigation will be needed to determine any background toxicity. somebody quite toxic compounds are used on this site and the manufacturers on this site i think that the really quite a lot of investigation will be needed just to determine the background toxicity in the local mayor of following this since the local community will have a love hate relationship with this plant and these plants are responsible for quite a lot of wealth in this area they provide a huge amount of employment they are the economic lifeblood of this golden triangle area but at the same time there are these pollution incidents i think that this incident may actually bring quite
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a lot of additional political pressure on to the trumpet ministration not to cut the resources of the e.p.a. as it's intending to do. delegates at the un's poison gas watchdog conference are at odds over a new body which will be able to assign blame for. toxic a tux several countries are threatening to block funding during whedon's these budget vote if into each provision for a new fault finding team previously vo p.c. w. could only say whether or not a chemical attack had taken place but as the of reports even that mandate is in question after leaks from whistleblowers. u.p.c. w. was all that stood between humanity and the terrible terrible curse of chemical weapons they did this by never taking sides they never assigned blame they came they analyzed then reported not what they thought but what they knew not who but
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what there was never any reason not to trust that you can't argue with pure science it was utterly impartial objective apolitical it was past simple. is highly likely that russia was responsible to the old russia culpable culpable culpable for the attempted murder.
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it was always a technical organ where consensus prevailed and now we see that it is completely politicized with a politicized agenda from various parties we want the o.p.c. dobby to get back to where it was before wasn't enough for the p.c. w. to present facts some wanted opinion to political opinion they wanted to give the u.p.c. w. all them it power to blame the sentence and condemn nations we look forward to receiving the 1st reports in the near future it will then be for us . to decide huh. to respond to the i t. is a crucial in this area means of identifying the pit the trade is behind these horrific attacks we cannot accept impunity for these horrible crimes other nations are putting their foot down why they are sick would you want to destroy the essence of
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what made the u.p.c. w. so special so trustworthy and are you doing this in the interests of humanity or for your own personal ambitions as we know this whole attribution mechanism adventure was started to put pressure on damascus a number of these missions investigations including the last one which made headlines the incident in duma on the 7th of april 28th have convinced us that we cannot take the special missions conclusions at face value we also refused to fund in. this team and refused to grant access to a war. confidential documents provided to the office w. and a security council and therefore reject any reports issued by this team i reiterate india's principle lead. to the attributes of mechanism due to the manner in bits because i didn't disregard of india's concerns on the substance as follows the process they couldn't have picked a worse time to give the o.p.c.
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w.-a judges not lest multiple o.p.c. w. insiders have sparked a huge scandal alleging that the organization cherry picked the facts on the alleged chemical attack in syria last year to suit a political agenda. after passing through the ceiling in impacting the floor at lower speed the cylinder continued in altered trajectory until reaching the position in which it was found the 1st whistle blower said that the gas canisters used in the attack were likely placed at the scene rather than drop. from the air. observations of the scene of the 2 locations suggests that there is a higher probability that both cylinders will money placed it there is $2.00 locations rather than being delivered from aircraft u.p.c.
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w excuse that self by saying that it took into account other reports not just his then the 2nd whistle blower struck a veteran who was on the ground in syria connecting some poles and he went one better or worse the squad big political pressure secrecy and potential fraud most of the duma team failed to see reports on the instant interim report and the final report was scientifically impoverished procedurally irregular and possibly fraudulent all he wanted was a little transparency to be able to speak at this conference where the vote is taking place to set things straight all he got was a letter from management telling him no i would like to. find. the end of the day every country in that room is going to have to decide for
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themselves whether to let the u.p.c. w. play god to blame accuse and condemn nations and governments to be the excuse that spock's was to give that power to new organization which doesn't even have the trust of its own employees a former british ambassador to syria peter ford believes it's dangerous to give the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons blame giving powers because it has become highly politicized. and indeed got less. competent in. the. which you not even capable of mounting a reliable investigation of whether a chemical attack occurred in at all let alone assign responsibility national organization. dominated by one country you add
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them with generally it not be liberating an object there would be in any investigation within 3 days. the us france and the u.k. had bomb syria without waiting for any investigation they needed. who just knew by act of the fact. that their illegal bombing of syria go thought. a major u.k. cinema chain has backtracked on its bombing of a critically acclaimed film the blood in london gang was firm after it was accused of institutional racism upon its release last week blue stories of violent themes spilled out beyond the screens after british cinemas with dozens of violent incidents reported the plot centers on the lives of 2 young friends to become a boy then gang life. from death to the know where you
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live it right in with my. dad and it takes one to remember. sometimes to this day we should be. at least 25 incidents were reported across several cinemas showing the movie prompting security measures to be enhanced following a brawl involving around 103 youths in birmingham some carrying machetes view cinemas drop the. well if you say as its initial decision came after careful consideration was taken to ensure the safety of its stuff customers it denies the move is a race issue however that said it's the last face claims of suppressing black art while the movie's director insists his piece is about love not violence
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conservative radio host a perkins 1st london social activist lee just shared their thoughts with us. away incident so all sorts of fail right across the welt almost every day those films to no end up getting banned. culture is under constant attack grime music now they say now black failings whatever we're doing even in the areas where we have fabulous they successful we still don't a scape bit to criticism why don't we just assess all leisure and to tame and activities in britain in relation to the hot coals because football least of all people should then movies in a cinema if we could think of thousands of types of activities that take place where serious crime and criminality is much more in excess than we witnessed over the. us so let's treat everybody on an equal playing field i don't think it's possible for the movie to cause violence so i think it's possible for the movie to
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set the foundation for violence and then predict with some level of confidence or even certainty that violence is going to happen so i want to clarify it like that ina since in the sense that all movies do when they're about a cultural feature it glorifies the business of being in a gang that doesn't mean a glorifies the violence per se but people involved in gangs do have a considerably higher rate of violence than people who aren't involved in gangs and here's the thing when you draw them all to a place at night a whole bunch of young people together with a very high degree of involvement of one form or another in gangs that's why they come to see the movie because it glorifies the culture that they're in the likelihood of something terrible happening is very high say look i'm a regional head of human rights watch is facing expulsion from israel we take a look at why after this.
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imagine a powerful and. then you have to recall and what we have done is to try and identify something happening in the brain where the explosion of the ripples. of your consciousness. you know world big. lot and conspiracies it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smart we need to stop slamming the door. and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now we're watching closely watching the hawks. join me
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every thursday on the alex simon chill and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics. i'm showbusiness i'll see you then. a quarter of an hour into the program welcome back democrats labeled fox news x. the stench will threat to the us describing it as a russian stooge indeed with some of the blue house washington calling for the channel to register as a foreign agent for more. than a new york city indeed what is behind these accusations against one of america's biggest news networks. well it's quite amusing a mainstream democratic voices have been outraged by some recent coverage on fox
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news related to international issues and now we have some mainstream democratic voices going as far as calling for fox news to be forced to register as a foreign agent this is what we heard fox news should register with far as an agent of the russian federation if it's going to peddle the kremlin's agenda and propaganda while hurting u.s. national security interests then it should be treated the same as our t. and nick now this was in response to a soundbite from tucker carlson a an evening host on fox news who has his evening program this is this is what he said i don't like what they are about to go on in the conflict between ukraine and russia but i'm curious like i don't like to watch that why should that run for russia which i am because now he said later that it was a joke that he didn't actually mean what he was saying but in addition to that there seems to be outrage from democrats about some of his coverage regarding the 27000 chemical attack in duma in which he actually cited an o.p.'s c.w.
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whistleblower who said that the attack could have been staged this is some of tucker carlson's coverage on foreign policy and specifically in relation to syria faux news host says he roots for russia against the west he said the quiet out loud this clip is just one more exhibit supporting the case that it's no longer left vs right but democracy versus authoritarianism i think many still underestimate the threat to the republic at this point fox's open the fascist day and g.o.p. are existential threats to do us a. now it's important to know we have reached out to fox news for comment we hope to hear back from them now this is not the 1st time that conservative media outlets in the united states have faced this kind of attack and these kind of allegations currently a court case is taking place in which one america new is
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a conservative outlet is suing m s n b c host rachel maddow because she referred to them as a quote paid russian propaganda as paid russian propaganda is how she referred to them this is one american news a conservative outlet in the united states they're hoping to win a $10000000.00 settlement from her in response to this allegation that they say is slanderous so as hysteria seems to grow and as democrats become harshly critical of those who don't seem to go along with standard us foreign policy narratives it seems this is this particular allegation that those who disagree with their mainstream democratic party view of foreign policy this allegation that their critics are agents of russia seems to be becoming much more common. thanks for breaking down in the story for us live from new york at this hour in. the u.k. foreign secretary has been branded a coward after
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a partly refusing to speak to the family of a young man killed in a car accident that deadly incident happened in august on the american military base in england reportedly involved the wife of a u.s. diplomat the parents of the deceased have been fighting for justice in the main suspect since returned to the united states. this is done how does although you know what really happens to you in so a bit of agreement but i think really have you or anybody really thought it was right but it sounds like not all people who are very well i think people are very happy for you and to go down and try to speak to him because he had been in contact . troubles with how restrikes sorry i went down to speak to him but he didn't want to talk to me because there was some press that would be trying to speak to mr for a long time now or yes james coleman goes on nobody knows where. orders to do is get in touch us and we can arrange
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a reaching out oh i don't want you out since there is we've been asking since the start we haven't had any support from the u.k. government really i had one meeting with mr brough which wasn't very substructure 1st he's a family. lover now there has been no contact with the right we failed as a family that. they're more concerned with helping the american citizen is accused of killing our son then how can us british citizens that live in the country teenager hari don't die 3 months ago as a result of a traffic accident between his motorcycle and a car the suspect in question. admitted thought she had been driving on the wrong side of the road she left the u.k. after the accident and invoke diplomatic immunity through our lawyers les said she had no time to react and apologised to the family the u.k.
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foreign office a's it's providing all the necessary help to secure a resolution to this case but hari dunn's father told r.t. more must be done for justice to happen. probably we want securest to come back to the u.k. and be charged through our courts for the crimes he has committed and except. for us that is what we are after 100 percent but also we're going to try and have the governments or the countries look at this diplomatic community law because it's a city rather than. the spouse of an american worker can kill a 19 year old out in their house who needs a coach your own beauty i think the laws need to be updated so be more concurrent with the work you are not songs we live in we feel we cannot let this injustice go forward was a young lad just starting now 19 years old started to enjoy his life and it was
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take your wife of him and we would feel we would not be the parents we should be for we do not try and say mr and get the justice he deserves. the director of human rights watch for israel and palestine has vowed to continue his work after being expelled on monday from israel television as omar secure of supporting a ban boycott movement on the country which it sees as a strategic threat. the israeli government has been trying for 3 years to expel human rights watch their rationales have different have differed most recently of israeli government claim that we call for boycotts of israel and their focus has been our work on the illegal settlements we do not take a position on boycotts of israel what we do across the world is documented abuses by all actors including businesses in call for actors to a frame from contributing to rights abuse in order to comply with their obligations
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under international law and when we applied that universal call to the illegal settlements in the west bank israel said it was a call for a boycott and under a new law called revoke my work permit and then deported me on november 25th human rights watch has long been critical of the israeli government's rights record on the construction of settlements in the west bank it's the 1st time a human rights watch stuff member has been expelled from israel in the organizations 30 years of operating in the country omar sheikh here believes the ruling is part of a targeted campaign against rights advocates. clearly they're trying to do you by throwing out a representative of one of the world's largest human rights organizations is to say to others that you know your work documenting rights abuses could result in you facing a punitive sanction this move shows the degree to which israel has lost even the pretense of 1st spect for basic international norms if israel despite
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criticism from much of the world deports me as it did earlier this week for my rights advocacy how would ever stop abusing rights the reality here is the israeli government feels emboldened and the world spoke out against this and they still deported me so i think the message is quite clear here that the government intends not only to continue with systematic assault on human rights organizations but intends to continue its abusive policies that we've been exposing and bringing to light a lot of our new stories are looking for another stay close the us where crossing 12 of america's most dangerous cities next for a warts and all a gun culture and one horror tale in particular.
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welcome to max geysers financial survival guide. looking forward to your pension account. yanks this is what happens to pensions in britain delegates have to watch kaiser report. on arizona's johnson. and i just got out of prison for. 41 years. i'm 73 years old now i got arrested for too many for something to. throw on like just everything was taken out of. my working moms who think it was. meant to snow man that looks a little bit like me. about.
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homicide want to come. now. we're tough you is doing that so you're going. to go. and i didn't do no i'm afraid of trying to frighten. us no good something right didn't. work started for real involved on the side of the nation can still call us. man
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best knew she was there and he she can search one of the foremost yes was a good judge correct needed in some her tricks to teach. new students even when there. was an interview on the side on july 5th 20 points he never approximately 30 can tell you that a. usage without folding her it's a good time to use consistent coverage the kurds are a bit steeper were you able to establish where the phone was across. the $24.00 to the generation system to ration you say that just comes with time. and. playing an economy has been attacked by random airports for instance through in south africa nation. in fact it's well it's . no total nonsense it's. been to your heart
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ours and you're still on the road you have mr bridge close. to testify that part of why there are more is a number of pretenders there and. you don't have any role whatsoever the investigation of this case that involves the murder of genesis recall right and you have no personal information whatsoever with regards to how this murder took place. you weren't there where you noticed you didn't see fire the shots fish know nothing for. a quarter. let's talk about some and each of you were arrested on september 21st 2015 for the distribution of possession as you tend to distribute drugs correct those cases still can use now being resolved just another pending charge you were arrest. on
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july 6th of 2016 percent harold craft was that's not yet been resolved i just as you sit here today testifying on behalf of the state those 2 pending charges have not yet been resolved that direct to the. heart started this mess 57 you recognize that don't let your statements of the police probe do. what you said that. you said that you were sweeping up a little bit correct. but the fact is you warm sweet to do or selling drugs around little balled up them. for each part. of this to be true the whole of you not the material your face names on a record. of how you see the whole world was 6
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showpiece in 400 i know leaders want to rule the 3 account 'd for a noble good month it could have been so good i'm not depressed. that it would really hard to cope decent and found the seeming you were never able to connect the loose showcasing this with any specific goal or. i don't know for concert covers. of the for our possibly. very well as a listen if you could show the other your carpet but the evidence we have. says you were there that's the problem that that's the problem so me personally i am but i'm not letting people sign my feet and needed their own opinions only when it now.


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