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tv   Cross Talk  RT  November 27, 2019 11:00pm-11:31pm EST

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democrats in washington demand fox news register as a foreign agent calling the channel a russian stooge a joke. a 2nd explosion rips through a chemical plant in eastern texas 12 hours after a fire engulfed the facility injuring 3 workers. and the parents of a man killed in a traffic accident paul pressure on the u.k. foreign secretary demanding justice and the wife of a u.s. diplomat and main suspect escapes punishment. the american citizen is accused of killing also and then the last british citizens
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living in the country well those are the headlines and that's it for me for now daniel hawkins will be taking the latest news from around the world stay with us here on international. hello and welcome to crossfire where all things considered i'm peter lavelle it's an understatement to say america is a very divided country many have even spoken openly about the possibility of civil war what is scaring the country apart what is keeping it together it cannot only be about donald trump what will it take to start a sustained social and political dialogue before it's too late.
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crosstalk in the political divide i'm joined by my guest john kearns a new your. she is a g.o.p. strategist contributor to the daily caller as well as the founder of women for a great america also in new york we have britchka style though he is a political strategist and tech c.e.o. and in washington cross to arvind bora he is a libertarian party presidential candidate as well as author of the book pull out men modern life and mutiny all right crosstalk rules in effect that means you can jump in in the time you want and i always appreciate arvin let me go to you 1st i love the title of your book by the way i think it's fascinating it makes me want to read it you're kind of the odd person out on this panel so i'm going to go to you 1st here and reflect upon what i said in my introduction if you could quite in a short way i asked the questions what is tearing the country apart but what's keeping it together and that's the tension here what is keeping it together and what is dividing the country go ahead in washington. what's dividing the country
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right now is a deep level of in my opinion partisan intrenchments and what we have is you have some people who are going to side with trump no matter what even when he acts against basic conservative principles you know when trump does a gun restriction a gun bad a silencer ban a bum stock ban that's something that enraged conservatives but having dug in on bad side there just sticking to it no matter what on the other side you have progressives that no matter what somebody on the other side says or does they are reacting in just crazy and exaggerated ways so on one side i think we have a high level over level of loyalty on the other side you have people who will not tolerate any view that disagrees with their view with their core value system that they're not open to discussing it well i think that's what's keeping what you are then what the ok let me go to jenna. this is an age of irrationality because you're
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against your. ear against your opponent and you going to take a position you respected but respective of your own values it's not about values then it's about something else jan what is it go ahead. well i do believe we are already in the midst of a civil war and i think is the 1st shot in the civil war was actually yeah it was actually fired by the obama administration the day they filed that 1st pfizer request to eavesdrop on their political opponent donald trump in trump tower in the 2016 elections and ever since that time we have been in a civil war and the democrats can't believe that the american people actually elected a reality t.v. star donald trump and they just haven't gotten over it and so there you see the their rhetoric being ratcheted up and what aravind just said it is amazing you look at the poll numbers 1015 years ago as a political strategist you had about 10 to 15 percent of enda pendants to work with
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now that number is down to around 5 or 6 percent if you look at the impeachment proceedings and the independent views on those 47 percent of republicans feel they should you know he shouldn't be impeached and 47 percent of democrats say no yes he should and then there's only really 6 percent in the middle that are open minded and those people according to a poll out this week aren't even paying attention so you have the right versus the left and not very many people in between rich same question to you in new york go ahead well i happen to agree i think we're in a cold civil war i believe what's happening is we're seeing the democrats and the far left they're just not going to accept the results of the 2016 election and they're going to use any method they can to try to take president trump down and the problem that you get into here is that you know when 2 people stop you know people become so radical on that side that you know it doesn't just end with
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a censure it doesn't just end with impeachment then they want to go right down the line they want to impeach pretty much anyone who disagrees with them and debts a dangerous precedent to set i think it's very very dangerous for a country as well but you know. but let's then stay with that theme because i think that's very very important i mean there was a time when it was before 2016 that's for sure where you could sit down and you could have a pleasant constructive even alert a conversation where you would learn something new i don't i don't see any dialogue anymore they look at you they ask you a few questions and because they they don't agree with your values and values translates into you're a good person or a bad person that's not not a political conversation it's only been recently now where that is the case where if you don't hold values you are beyond the pale that is ridiculous it's nonsense and fox does it all the way to c.n.n. ok i got it's good to be fair here are our been in washington go ahead. i think
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what we're seeing is people resorting to non political types of argument i don't want to call it our political methods of pressure and persuasion for political issues listen we are a political country have always been a political controversy supposed to be a place or ideas are debated but instead we have you know for example the left you have the save space culture which was refusing to tolerate any difference of views you have people banning people from social events entirely non political events non political areas because of their political views that is not a pole way of having political discourse that's a way of just telling your opponents to shut up a messy way of side trying to silence and bully any kind of opposition and on the right you're seeing the same thing where we're people who don't fall in line with with trump even when trump is not saying something conservative are just bullied and shamed and pressured to conform and this this idea that what you that your political views are somehow now part of your identity yet rather than your
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considered and analyzed opinion that is a huge problem when you start to turn that into your personal identity there's no room for discussion anymore now it's a religion to you know janet the thing is i can i jump in go ahead please do i support of the program go ahead a new york you know i happen to agree when you come to the left you know but we see a ton of dissidents from from president i mean we see people all day on the right oh you know so-called republicans going after him attacking him you know siding with democrats against him and you know i speak with democrats republicans all the time and democrats are not even happy with with their own party at this point you know moderates and b. people in between are saying what's going on here this is not the party of j.f.k. this is not the party of even bill clinton or barack obama anymore it's going really far left and the problem is is that people on the left don't call out their own you know aleck to officials when they start saying really radical things that people on the right do it i see it all the time and data. they don't hesitate to
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tell when it comes to presidential you know you know 10 you know it because they want to well taken ok but let me go to get here before we go to the break i know you have all taken it's what's really important here it gets down to it seems to me is not politics it gets down to power you know when i hear about court packing getting rid of. the electoral college things like that i mean they want to structurally change things they don't they don't like how the rules have been set out that we've all we're all used to agree to and now they want to change the rules and it to them to me that means they don't have a political argument they just want power what do you think jed in new york. well it's not just about power peter it's really about what barack obama said which is that they were out to fundamentally change america and i think they started to do that and there's a whole generation coming up 60 percent of millennial now don't believe that the 1st amendment should actually be a constitutional right and that's because they believe you shouldn't have the right
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to free speech because it might say and somebody that speaking this speech and how how did it get to this point i think it goes back to barack obama i think it was in 2012 he they sent out talking points of how to talk to your family have a debate politics at the thanksgiving table well we're at thanksgiving week here in america and i look back at that and i think that was the time that politics and filtrated into the personal realm and you can't even now sit down to a family dinner without having to worry about being confronted by these nasty politics and look it has gotten that true alec it is a civil war and it's to the point now where you can't just be right or wrong if you disagree with the person then you must be evil and i think we go to that level we are sinking to a devilish new low in this country you know rich. it's very well i mean did it happen under obama it seems to me this has been approved i mean i used to be in
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academia ok in the 1990 s. and i know what's what's happening in mainstream now was in academia in the 1990 s. it just went into the mainstream right now you have hollywood you have big. capitalism they're all channeling the same thing ok the same kind of ideology it's really an ideology of anti-politics go ahead in new york. well i agree with you we do we see a constant attack on on conservatives within within college campuses and i've been saying for a long time and you know i don't blame one particular party i believe that a lot of the weight does fall solely on the left but i believe that both all elected politicians dish falls on their shoulders that we need to upgrade our education system and we need to stop having an indoctrination system you know right now our education system does not prepare people for the future of what it is it's a lot of these radical professors who go into teaching and they want to indoctrinate they want to revise history and it's spilling over so it's not it's no
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longer just on a college campuses we're seeing a spillover like you said at the dinner table it's spilling over into the workplace people are scared to post something you know on a social media which did to a certain extent they should be able to but you know at this point you know there's no there's no more argument it's all about the fact that if you support someone they go out for personal destruction it's no longer about battling ideas it's about labeling someone something so you can demean and you can make sure that their opinion is looked at like it means a lot less so that's their tactic they used to in academia for many years and now they using it just it's spilling over into society at a rate that we've never seen before. 30 seconds before we go to the break we're going to reflect upon that you were nodding your head go ahead in washington that is absolutely true i mean what you're seeing him in academia both at the college level you're seeing that if you if you believe that that biology determines gender you are disagreed with you are hated and shut down you are shrieked into silence at
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the high school level i've had students who've who for political papers of said that they wanted to write about ending the department of education they were shut down by their teachers and that is a valid political position is a political held position held by most republicans all the returns and it's held by me personally i think the and when you see people being silenced because they disagree with the status quo at that place you're no longer doing education you are just doing a dock. and you know it's gone so far away and one of those reasons that we're i'm not going to jump in here we're going to go to a short break and after that short break we'll continue our discussion on the political divide stay with r.c. . join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics or business i'm showbusiness i'll see that.
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young elephants have come to us. especially brutal budgeting incidents because the baby elephants often do see their mothers. killed but also because. i do believe they laugh and smile i see it to be someone's. express untamed says. welcome back to crossfire where all things are considered i'm peter lavelle to remind you we're discussing the political divide. gen you know you said at the opening of the program that you believe that the
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country already is in a civil war and i actually happen to agree with you it's really the intensity and where we go next i have i don't want to talk about where we're going to go next because any country and we've had a civil war in our country is probably the most defining moment in our country's history was very tragic very difficult and i think we learned a lot of lessons from it though a lot of people on the left don't believe that anymore unfortunately pain can bring people together and i think that was the case how do we avoid going to the next steps how do we do that or is it inevitable because the 1st part of our program was pretty depressing go ahead jim. well there's good news and bad news here peter i'll start with the bad news since i'm a political strategist. the bad news is i think we're very close to this tipping point there was a study done recently in the last week or 2 that said that 52 percent of americans that's a majority of americans said that there would be quote unquote riots in the street
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if donald trump is removed from office not just impeached by the impeached and removed and i think that that underscores the point that you and i have said here that we are already in this civil war and there's been a lot of people blaming things like russian meddling you name it but i think this has been boiling for quite some time you know the old quote eleanor roosevelt quote i think applies here no one can make you feel inferior without your consent you can't get angry about something in politics if you weren't already angry so a guy like donald trump doesn't just come along and get elected for a particular reason or because people supported him or were against him he got elected as a symptom of what was going on in america and that is i believe the elite bureaucratic class in washington d.c. versus the rust of america in places like i grew up oklahoma and texas and so i think that's the bad news i think we're very close to the tipping point i think the good news is though i did an informal poll on my social media yesterday in
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preparation for coming on today and said are we past the divide or can this nation be saved and i was surprised by the result 100 percent of people 100 percent said it can be saved but we have to go back to what we just discussed in the last segment which is we have to allow free speech and debate and discussion without name calling without calling the other person evil we have to go back to this what the country was founded on which was the 1st amendment and a civil exchange of debates and ideas you know big rich the problem with that is and it's something i've experienced and on social media is shut. banning taking my followers away deleting my current comments to me i mean it's so patently obvious and then you ask why this is happening and it's the orwellian silence here i mean if we if the if the it's not a level playing field how can we get to the point where jen's informal poll thank
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you for doing it for preparing for this program but if we don't have a. fair level playing field how are we going to get to avoiding the next steps that could be tragic go ahead rich in new york. well it's a it's a great question i know i was a victim of a shadow betting myself i know many people are and it still happens and this is just goes back to the testament that some people can accept the results of the 2016 election they can accept the fact that one side is actually you know doing what they said they're going to do so they resort to tactics where it's like if we can't beat you let's silence you and that's that's a serious problem now to take it back to your point about the civil war i happen to disagree with thinking that will ever end up in another civil war i happen to study the civil war very closely and there are a lot of similarities in the way that there is so so much part of partisan divide here 'd but back in the original civil war it happened in america it was kind of it was much different you had a south that had its own economy you had a north that kind of was operating in its own capacity so i don't think and i hope
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we never get to that level but i do think again that we're in a cold civil war i think one of the tactics that they're using is to silence people because if they if they believe they can silence of voices that can rally up you know supporters that they've already won half the battle so what they try to do is make sure that someone who is influential who speaks common sense it's not even it's not even about something right wing a left wing anymore then they're eating their own that if someone in their party doesn't fall in line precisely to go as far left as they want they're going to eat their own so they go for silence as their main weaponized tactic in irving and i may be going john if i'm not support of the program you know good question. the number one difference between the civil war and the lower case a civil war that we're in is one difference today given the 2nd amendment and those rights bestowed upon the folks in other parts of the country. my money would be
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on the fly over states any day vs the bureaucratic lease in washington that war with the over and about 5 hours you get a bunch of guys and pickup trucks in texas going to washington d.c. pitchforks and all that were would be over in about 5 hours the snowflakes in washington d.c. would completely cave in and that that's how that would end but i don't like that i guess i can i don't know i would have thought it would be that way but i doubt it would because are going to keep going on what we just heard from jen now that that what the stakes couldn't be higher everybody's playing for keep ok this is what's going on right now because the of the people and specifically thinking of the democrats and their liberal friends in the media they're playing this is a this is a blood sport for them ok because they look at us as being inferior how could an inferior group of people be right again going back to what you said in the 1st part
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of the program is that if you base it on values then you get into the point of being going down the path of good and evil we are by definition evil for these folks and they will fight go ahead in washington the motto of the weapons of modern warfare just aren't guns anymore the what weapons of modern warfare are economics and the fact is right now the left bad economic ideas are backfiring their college is where you go to study social justice nonsense for 4 years is not giving them the benefits they thought in an economic way their schooling system you know public schools are being demolished by homeschool me home schools outperforming which tend to be a little bit more conservative outperforming public schools by a humongous margin so what's happening here is yes a total separation but we're seeing an economic war we're seeing a war of i. it is yes it's true that i've been facebook shadow ban twitter shadow bad i've been banned from social events because i oppose welfare and i oppose government schools that's that's fine but at the end of it bad ideas no matter how much you try to silence the opposition the good ideas are always going to win just
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because they are better ideas homeschooling is a better idea college in the current environment just not that good an idea so so yes i do think we're going to see an economic war and i honestly don't think the president going to win it because their economic ideas are just bad rich you know it it seems to me i mean i can i'm old enough to remember when nixon used the silent majority when he was campaigning for president but i truly believe that there is a silent majority because so many people are being silenced and we're being silenced that shows a form of 0 pression and it means the people that are oppressing you'd do not want to open to be open to dialogue that's where a cold civil war can heat up that's where we are go ahead rich absolutely i agree with you 100 percent on that because the fact is that you know again i say it all time let's hope it never comes to having to exercise the 2nd amendment rights because the truth is that it wouldn't be good for for anyone in this country so we
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want to resolve these things peacefully we want to make sure that our country survives for the future generations which is the main goal of every generation is to preserve this culture and this generation for the next and we're not doing that here so what's happening is that you're seeing a lot of this indoctrination that's coming to fruition now from years and years of people who have been told that the world is a certain way it's not the way that that you know they wanted to believe so they go out there and they're going to do everything they can to tear it down and i believe the argument about values comes back to the fact that if you look at what's happening in many parts of society it's becoming more nihilistic you know people are looking at you know traditional religions as a bad thing and and look you don't have to be a huge fan of traditional religions but. people you know respect where people believe and a lot of times they do bring about good good stuff good programs that are good for the people and when we get to a nihilistic approach where people just say there's no point in this whole world
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there's no point to existence bad things begin to happen and that's what i'm seeing that's what worries them worries me the most you know jen i'm i'm very worried about this as well because the antics and cruelty and violence of then teeth is never condemned on the left never once condemned on the left and the and they do not even support the rule of law assaulting people. of violence and vandalism there is they just it's acceptable in the era of trump that's what they say well i say that is unacceptable ok and that is a problem here you have people that are giving it a motivation you're giving it incentives in the media is is culpable in this go ahead jim. you know well you're absolutely right peter and one of my clients is you know gentleman who was attacked in portland in portland by and and look at it's been 4 and a half months and they're still to this day is been no arrest i mean that's
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a shocking this is an attack that happened in broad daylight was caught on tape and was perpetrated in front of the police in portland i mean this that is outrageous and you're right not a single peep from anyone on the left if you can imagine a right wing group doing a fraction of the things that. we would never hear the end of it people would be arrested and thrown in jail but look going back to this civil war point. you know the bureaucracy in washington d.c. has not been challenged in quite some time and i think that's why you see president trump having such a tough challenge in d.c. i mean it's really been since ronald reagan was there the bureaucrats in washington had any sort of challenge to them and we need a regen moment in this country where he grabbed the microphone and said you know please turn back on this microphone we paid for this microphone and we need a bunch of people to go to washington d.c.
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and take back the microphone because the fact is whether you're peter stroke or a or any of these deep state folks they serve at the pleasure of the american people who pay their salaries with our taxpayer funds and i think that it's been reversed for too long they think that we work for them no no it's the other way around take a look at your paycheck it's the american people that you work for and that revolution is coming if they don't in all of this deep state activity i think that's why peter the upcoming i.g. report i think coming out on december 9th will be quite interesting to show the abuses of power that have been going to. be watching it very carefully maybe we'll see you again on the top against all the time we have many things and i guess the new york and. in washington and thanks to our viewers for watching us here darkie see you next time and remember rostock rules.
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are the same to talk about on this show if you read the financial press about the latest scandal it's just a new name for a recurring scandal like there's only 3 or 4 ways you can rip people off changes is the name they call to rip people off. and we're going to fulfill the repeated promises oh politics to the people come on you know we've all but to. be. pretty.
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pretty good. now you want to work correct that. you know 5. cut big.
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hello and welcome to worlds apart the u.s. house of representatives may have wrapped up the 1st round the fit between hearings against president trump but it's certainly not done with trying to oust him del ready plans for a new impeachment proceedings in connection with the miller report and possibly dawsons of other leads chums opponents hope to love for each is that a viable strategy against the 45th president of the united states or is it playing directly into his hands well to discuss that i'm now joined by at the words
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president russia forum and a frequent commentator on the u.s. russia relations. it's good to talk to you think you very much for your time marc pleasure now. we russians are no strangers to acrimony and we think we know the americans while but i have to say i'm constantly surprised sometimes even shocked at what i see play out in the american politics the fact that a simple phone call between 2 halves of state and a pretty been now phone call a dive could trigger impeachment proceedings that's pretty mind boggling to me is it the same to you absolutely and in a tone that to me. congressman steve scully's. a republican. that compared to what's what's going on. is a career.


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