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tv   Worlds Apart  RT  November 27, 2019 11:30pm-12:01am EST

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into his hands to discuss that i'm now joined by edward lazear president of the wild russia forum and a frequent commentator on the u.s. russia relations. it's good to talk to you think you very much for your time my pleasure now we russians are no strangers to acrimony and we think we know that americans while but i have to say i'm constantly surprised sometimes even shocked at what i see play out in the american politics the fact that a simple phone call between 2 halves of state and a pretty big now phone call a dive could trigger impeachment proceedings that's pretty mind boggling to me is it the same to you absolutely and not only to me. congressman steve scully's. a republican. that compared to what's what's going on. is reminding him you're ceasar. i slightly
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disagree with him because in the u.s.s.r. . can and leaders are saying something no one believed a single wart and actually people who said it also didn't believe what they were saying but no you see that half of the country believe it just. people say those things they don't believe it so it's not exactly your ceasar but there's some resemblance. well it's not exactly the year ceasar but i think the the level of ideological influence on the policies is chai king and i think what is absolutely shocking to me for example is that the fact that people would use so much time so much added you so much resources on deliberating something that has very little bearing on the lives of ordinary americans do you feel that do you feel that frustration among the ordinary people in the united states because within the
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euro ceasar people definitely were very much a nerd by the fact that most of the ideological debates have very very little bearing on how they leave well the good thing is. that half of the country or you probably even a little more because according to their recent polls for just 7 percent or believes that are good u.s. russia relations are good for america and they're what are people who are pushing the preachment their goal of course is no to overthrow president trump and they use russia as an instrument but to more than half of the country don't believe them. and this is something that makes me feel much better and not through . be so through like. we were in your ceasar when their 100 percent didn't believe what our leaders were saying to us now going back to the impeachment proceedings
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i'm sure you have a chance to read the transcript of that fateful july 25th phone call between president trump and he's ukrainian counterpart president selenski and i think psychologically it was a fascinating and very revealing conversation but in terms of inappropriately using the office of the u.s. presidency the charge that the democrats a leveling against trump did you find anything of substance. maybe. if you're talk about psychology. then maybe there's something but nothing close to cry high crimes and misdemeanors of course trump wanted to get some what we call compromise on bargain but the same time he had legitimate reasons for that. united states spend billions of dollars and most of this money was stolen and
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everyone simply understands and the greatest of them so present has the right to put on hold and some what they call $8.00 until or ukrainians brings a harvest in order so i would say maybe 10 percent or 14 during this conversation may be a little bit suspicious but 90 percent it's pretty legitimate if you know one of the most jarring things for me in that whole conversation was the absolutely shameless forming off president lansky him saying that trump * is not 100 but 1000 percent right and achieve getting zilinskas all presidential victory on things that he has learned from tribe i mean it was clear in that conversation that he would say anything to get into chums good graces and yes throughout these impeachment hearings ukraine was presented as these poor little made them that trump is trying to abuse if anything shouldn't be the presidency lansky who ought to be if not impeached then at least questioned about how he carries the office of of the
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president. well her presence around school of course all of us were disappointed we were extremely happy when he won because of her was that in country and to the world in the war. torn a corrupt. and 73 percent of people more subsume of course voters not for their own script but just for their greed or for. and that's why things were very hard but as usual it's happens that. then become disappointing i wrote one of my articles that there was a famous novel by stephan sweig who said their history sometimes give you a chance and if you really know something someone has guts you use this chance you can even change the history but in this case history gave sagansky a chance and he basically blew it and then no one knows where it's going or it's
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going to happen certainly he's not on the way of fulfill the promises that he gave to ukrainian people well to some extent the history is being rewritten it within the united states itself and by that i mean the way god american presidents from now and we'll be able of carrying out their duties because i think you know any president. would let alone a u.s. president would have major difficulties conducting your policy or simply even engaging with he's counterparts or her counterparts knowing that everything everything that he or she sat could most likely would be used against them can you actually be a president in such an environment let alone a president of one of the most. important countries in the world i think look at this more optimistic i think that this is. america going through some difficult
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period. which sucker unique now don't say consumers this happened before and hopefully when the north happened again so sometimes this organism's sick but then you know overcomes a sickness and maybe the next time i ever see we'll be ok for at least which is what i'm hoping. but i don't think that this is now continues history run conversation between 2 leaders will be mutually expose it's just a temporary situation and i believe in america america is a great country and i think that if we're able to overcome this tragic period you know we we have this saying in russia and in some other languages of it as well that offense is the bast defense do you think the democrats are acting offensively because perhaps they genuinely smell impropriety or criminality in trump's behavior
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or ave trying to defend one of their own and prevent the trump administration from even asking questions about the biden's added them conflict of interests. again as they say they don't believe ward's is saying what happened that trump selection was a shock truck and they still in the same state of shock despite all the failing over for murder and all those impeachment hearings are just circus . there not to overcome to. shock takes time. i think it will continue until the next election in november 2020 and a lot will depend. on what american people will say. at this point if elections were today i think pretty sure the term for it when many things can happen during a year next year. this sickness will continue and the only
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hope for recovery will be off her nov 9th 2020 now while the democrats need a lot of things to defeat at the ballot box come 2021 of those thinks would be the support of the independent voters as well as of their own representatives in the congressional districts which voted for trump in 2016 but down supported the democrats in 2018 other any indication so far how these very specific groups and very vital groups of voters are relating to the beach meant proceedings do they see them as a worthwhile. use of worthwhile allocation of time and energy you wrote 1st of all their call to democratic members of congress no. even in the beginning they didn't vote for to proceed now always we can't run
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a congresswoman she said that maybe it's better to stop because it hurts our party and. even schiff said that. under question so i'm going to proceed was finishing this process he said i have to go back and doctor my constituency so there's some hesitation. but still the party apparatus probably would not that this stop they just start throwing around the word train bashir will continue until full collapse but it shows a some hesitation and now we're going to see the next round of the circus and next week up to 10 is giving prestigious school moved to. comedian richard chandler and. expect the same thing since jordan nothing their magic can happen because already all information is on the table. interest in same is that trump now
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welcomes that the vote for impeachment becomes i think will move to the senate and then republican party which majority will be able to known in the right to testify any ways they want including biden schiff. anyone else well this is actually an interesting prospect because the republicans as you just sat promised that if the impeachment proceedings indeed moved to the senate they're going to roll out old we haveour tillery ab they would insist on the tacit monies from both biden the father and by the son how big of a risk do you think politically it could be for the democratic party because i assumed that the this could ultimately end up playing very handsomely into donald trump's hands on the eve of the elections of course because. of the democrats who just don't have the facts only some and i'm guessing that
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republicans do have more over and some documents john saw a month from from the hill is doing the. great work he's using free information act and he is producing that documents phone calls between biden and state department and there are also those lawyers. for bruce my saw he has a huge shoe and pack of those documents and several be produced he's holding them for now just to see is read in full for the for right moment and then when people see the real facts i think it will be not 57 percent but maybe. 70 or 75 who will say that enough is enough we want congress to go back to war. i checked the recent radiance of congress it's 18 percent approval only 18 percent of american people believe the congress is doing right war
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with ward and 80 percent disapprove so this shows that the american people are on the right start and as i said in the beginning it's a good and this is some sort of that you know eventually truth will come out and america will recover and know we'll be happy again. well you you sound like presidential level bit and i hope you don't mind me saying that sometimes you also look like he as well but for the time being mr let's give you have to take advantage should break we'll be back in just a few moments states. much in a powerful and strong a stone then you have the record and what we have done is to try and identify something like that coming in the brain where the extension of the ripples corresponds of the dumps of single consciousness.
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young elephants have come to us. myspace li brutal budgeting incidence because sadly the baby elephants often do see their mothers. killed but also be caught up and voted. i do believe the elephant smiled i see it in these little ones the whole facial expression changed. the. welcome back to worlds apart with added worthless jobs keep president of the world russia forum ad the frequent commentator on the us russia relations mr goes on in
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the american media your sometimes credited with introducing the american republican party's conservative movement to russia do you think there is add a thing in common between the. american conservatives and the russian ones i'm if so what is it. well it's just historically what happened is that when. came to power. i received unexpectedly invitation from his science advisor to come to moscow for me this was pretty shocking because sort of press didn't like me at all and receiving the stations to come to moscow was pretty high i would say it's not shocking but strange nevertheless you know i thought it's a good idea it was my dream to go back home sometime and my wife and i have a rant and limits to
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a new generation and people around me and then the wrong yeltsin and most of the people who were talking about. the time. they wanted to. improve not just improve relations with united states they wanted to be america l.-i this is a very strong war eline because sometimes these partnerships something like that and i helped them to build tires for his american conservatives especially poli rick who unfortunately he's now are no passed on by the. best of it but paul was very influential and paul helped to link. russian. pro-west armed forces with to say oh by the way all russia was progressed from and one to one even that started with 99 to russia was progress to i think some people have paid a very shabby price for trying to establish
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a dialogue between these 2 groups that you're talking about boots in the who just recently spent 9 months in behind bars for essentially trying to you reanna gys that dialogue her for a friend and former boss senator alexander torsion is now on to the u.s. sanctions i wonder if you have faced any pressure if you have feared any legal action over the last couple of years as the russia gate was gathering steam for everything that you have tried to do have reaches to bring a russia of the united states if not closer together to these better understanding of one another the only pressure i see some time as an intern unfortunately i don't see any pressure from the sort of yours and they know very well so are you i'm doing this since 89 this is the 1st time when i went back to moscow and i became like a messenger between russian. political and business community
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education cultural and american so i'm doing this now for oh it's 30 years and. sorry. they can't blame me as it's pushing who actually. is asking me or you know paying me to do it they know this is my life this is what i do and actually i did. you mentioned 2 hours of old russia for him it's annual event on capitol hill and the song wrote i i don't want to there are be too optimistic and something happened but so far fortunately i didn't have any pressure from from the sort of hers but i walked off going to a bet awards on the rap but there's no internet people can do anything they want and yet you know that other people have been called to testify for essentially doing what you're doing and i know that you have
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a very interesting life story you're a nuclear scientist your a dissident who fled the soviet union back in the ninety's and i know that both role in the reagan add that time vice president george h.w. bush played a role in your own life how do you bring your family over i wonder if it's actually dad legacy of those 2 former presidents dad's been shielding you from the after knocking on your door as it did on the door of many other people who were trying to do so essentially the same kind of worry that you're doing right now. maybe you and maybe you mention to our own reagan and george w. bush who indeed played a very important role but there are 2 more people at the temperance tosser conservative republicans sent to dole and congressman jack kemp who actually became member our family because when i was kicked out of thrones a service union my wife was behind we had at some point decided to have
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a. no marriage american marriage ceremony because our russian soviet marriage was a newt so we had the ceremony on the capitol hill and. bob dole and her camp are my best man in business in washington d.c. you can do marriage by proxy saw dole and joe can raise their hands and they testify that they know that tiana was a time in moscow really wants to marry me so maybe he's always for people to do a lot more of her some democrats over a part of this campaign like to ted kennedy center morning and so i had a great bipartisan group of people who know like which i'm doing and song i don't know again i don't want to be too optimistic but so far it's it's ok so what do you talk to these people these days when your campaigning or advocating for
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a more progressive a pragmatic or even and the an adversarial relationship between the united states russia do you can they really support here in this advocacy i mean i think it's tantamount to treason and the betrayal of the american interest if you voice and all been support for a dialogue between these 2 countries i mean this is one of the charges against president tromp till this day the fact that he's he's saying that you know the good relationship between russia and the united states would be a good thing i mean that these. as he being a puppet of the kremlin i can't believe that you haven't encountered any difficulties again as i said i do on the web but i mentioned already that polls sometimes they say 57 some polls even close to 60 omerta and feel the same way they don't see that ukraine come all those
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businesses some democratic side to say and is vital to american interests resume today my article in the washington times own explains that this is just the opposite and it shows that huge portion of americans believe trumper and the belief. me. maybe i don't want to compare myself with trump but then i'm trying to prove in my writings that good u.s. russia relations are good for america. and it's interesting that they're now i mention president i always are closer to the right but now we have people who left like you know steve cohen who became like a leader sometimes we call him others are harder for. for modern times who believe the same thing and so he had no union then or emergence of right and left of people who believe that trump is right and he's saying that she thought we had
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steve going on the show several times but i have to say that i like you he has faced some very serious repercussions for a position that he has taken now speaking broadly about the u.s. russian relationship i know that you believe that when the soviet union collapsed back in 1901 america have a he's toric up it's you need to transform its top anime into an ally a repeating what had happened previously with joe many ad japan but could that template really have. war with russia because i think as weak as russia was back in the early ninety's it would never give up on the idea of its own army like japan and would never sees part of its sovereignty to the united states like west germany so was that ever a realistic scenario. no what we're talking about it's not russia becoming like a junior partner we were talking about equal partnership so as i sat.
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i was carrying a lot of messages from russian leadership and. who have x. as their access to the white house he was delivering them to president bush. and there was a message that russia is ready to become american ally now in terms of course should be negotiated and again i don't think that russia would agree to be a junior partner but you can be allies equal partners and 6 it would be good for russia it would be good for america george bush but it's really. inclined to accept this idea but he. lost elections in $92.00 and assume he lost elections new team clinton and then george bush jr and obama went on the pass of each actually was devastating to the united states has sent
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and then in the world. a study by brown university have a special center and several prominent scholars they came up with exact numbers specific numbers what sos mill is to adventure or whatever you can use another word caused this region and also united states trump was elected just to change the course but the establishment doesn't want to do it and now they're said to have plenty of friends from capitol hill who believe the same thing but i think we are talking more about the u.s. image of itself and they are we would your a couple of parallels with the soviet union before and one thing that happened to rush off to become laps of the soviet union was that russia had to change the way it projects itself both domestically and to round the world do you think a similar transformation will happen to the united states once these polarization
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hopefully settles down. if we have to. make sure that this happens because otherwise it's some to none who kind of no one can accuse center number of being put in storage for terror he said that we are now sleepwalking and to nuclear disaster and not on the some not even. former. us ambassador jon huntsman who over oh some time said many thanks for the truly good for diplomats when he said that their best american diplomacy is 100000 tons of force to go in the u.s. missile carriers but then when he came back he said that we have to do dialogue because it's very dangerous situations very dangerous but unless those people realize that to be sleepwalking this nuclear disaster then then this is this really
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can happen so. that we have to do we have to continue what we're doing i think still believes that they're going along with russia is a good thing not a bad think and you know i want to simply an optimistic note that. close to 2 thirds of americans saying the same so it's so america still democracy and in democracy final work is for the people well mr lesson ski on this note we have to leave it thank you very much for sharing your insights and for our viewers can keep this conversation going our social media pages as well me and the team we help to syria get same place same time and well supplied. by.
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he always still got units are too tight a duty that's one of the. diplomatic corps. screwed up you. can do you want to take it by getting out of the law to your. children tell monogamous all . you don't have them do eat too much good to be argued all you could fall under your thumb to get those people to feel when i'm in the good children tell them with all that you can play when next time you don't come fall through the muck with.
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join me every thursday on the all excitement show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics or business i'm show business i'll see you there. i. i i i.
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believe in t.v. operator says it's been ordered to take spanish. we speak to the country's president. the mass media. has a chance of. a chance to say how long the strain of terror. and how long people will tolerate it as he sees. it the way that is although you know you wouldn't sort of agree that. the parents of a british man killed in a traffic accident involving a u.s. diplomat pressure on the u.k. foreign secretary to avoid talking to the. family. helping the.


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