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tv   Cross Talk  RT  November 29, 2019 8:30am-9:00am EST

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it's but what we have to look at is that mr michael is saying it is a brand this is true but why because what he wants in bottom line is to make an alliance with germany and to sell our french army to the german that has been agenda since the beginning their big idea is to think europe and to kind of congregate everyone in this type of imperial europe they have as an idea a kind of napoleon type of and. and this is a very big challenge for us french because that would mean obviously losing our army losing our sovereignty so he is using this nato this nato thing which is right to her he has a head an agenda if i could say which is to bind our army with the german army and this is something us the french have to look after because losing our army means losing our sovereignty means losing our identity so i think we're probably going to
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come back in the 2nd part on what is the real combat today it's not communism anymore we'll know what the civilization issue is and obviously nato is not the one up for it so that's my point of view on that ok i would say with a lot of market in oxford but i would make the argument that all 27 from the united states being the 28 member of nato their sovereignty is compromised as well and if you look at public opinion polls it's been pretty. trending is there do you know more and more people in western europe in the united states have doubts about you know having a collective security treaty organization for a countries that are so far away and what france and the u.k. in the united states want to get into a military conflict over you know a country like. stonier i mean is that something people are interested in poll say people aren't go ahead mark. well i think this is always the problem with
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a large alliance that you find that the fringe areas the border areas are remote from centers of population centers of contribution by the british the french and so on so it's true not just for eastern europe but also for the south if we think about france italy and spain in nato the the immediate security threat comes from islamic terrorist groups operating in north africa and perhaps potentially threatening them russia is a long way away we've heard mention of the potomac complex we have to remember that moscow is much further from the western border of russia in 812 than it is today and want to present macros controversial ideas from the point of view of the standard nato ferrous of course he's talking about reassessing the relations with russia because he doesn't feel as president of france that russia poses a threat to firms ok well let's go to lou came in in brussels i mean you know you i'm sure you've all been following this ridiculous circus called the impeachment
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process in the united states and you know i watched some of the hearings i didn't know that ukraine was a national security interest of the united states and it's news to me and oh my goodness it's not part of nato there are no obligations to protect ukraine's sovereignty but you wouldn't know that from the mainstream media go ahead look. ok well the collapse of ukraine it's of course started it all of course and the sanctions that were imposed both both ways made it worse and gave nato. a reason to have aggressive language to with russia i think what happens now in the wake up call given by michael is for once excellent in the sense that by accepting to discuss with russia to discuss a memorandum on intermediate missiles so nuclear missiles. will probably gain points in europe everywhere and he will probably come to a result because this is early 001 proposal of common european defense failed like
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most of his proposals actually over the last few years they failed miserably and so this one marks exceed one he said that nato was brain dead he had no no substance in the speech really about this but president putin gave him substance that by proposing to discuss by by hand by giving a hand to nato nato had said no we're not interested we can believe in it you can believe in it why don't you discuss it 1st so that's probably what michael is saying this week to worm to the nato general secretary against stoltenberg. in paris for that precisely so nato would probably change this this course it's speech about. the russia and about the threats that russia could represent ok many many you know that's an interesting
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point but i mean without you know the russian bogeyman then there's even more doubts about what nato is purposes because the in my mind nato is primary mission is to exist ok that's what they want they have 5000 bureaucrats working for nato in brussels. so existence is the mission ok but that's a dangerous mission because of what something that mark said earlier is that we have a large alliance like this with divergent views and interests and actually been going to happen in and then there are some people that want that to happen here go ahead many well in paris yes i think that's a very good question obviously it's like taxes once they all voted it's very rare that you come back on it so nato has its own existence it's a kind of artifact in itself it stays because it is and this is always a problem we have today but i think president trump addressed this question 2 days ago and said well i think if we had to reassign maybe
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a mission to nato it would be today to deal with the enemies or of our civilization and who are the enemies nowadays it's not communism anymore it's something far more real and it is something that is that doesn't really a war per se we're not going to build trenches we're not going to put silo my cells we have we have a civilization war so is nato adapted to that type of war is the question and the 2nd we we question we have us french as you probably have seen in the recent news we lost 13 men in mali yeah 3 days ago in an operation that promptly was. bumping into each other the sunda what we don't know so do we have the means of saying no to nato also if we don't put more money into our defense french i'm saying because every year the defense budget is going down and so you know there's
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a saying in no way i think it's an done mark if you don't have an army you have the army of the country next door you know well we don't have an army anymore in france so who's the country next door a good point you know you know market the. trump is already been mentioned here and again you know i'm agreeing with trump on the same. i think everybody is on this one which is a landmark in itself on this program but you know he's complained about the lack of defense spending by european allies and i mean some people can say take a counter-intuitive way of looking at him saying you know make it so exorbitant that they say they don't want to pay for it ok and that will give a reason for trump to say ok if i will go home if you don't want to pay for your own security if you're so afraid of russia why don't you pay for it i mean that's a very good argument ok and of course the europeans are not going to go along with it but i hope to get back to that dr go ahead mark in oxford. here but he also we have to remember that the europeans are primary focused on their immediate vicinity
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even if they dispute which is the direction of threat or concern but the americans are global and one of the things i think we shouldn't perhaps obsess too much about is trump personally because i think quite often we overlook that the american security establishment shows trumps dissatisfaction with the europeans probably because it wants to spend more money in asia its primary concern is the growth of chinese power and whole issues to in east asia so they want the europeans to provide more self-sufficiency so that america will still be the lead in nato but it will be having to develop game in recent years that maher think that's a very that's a very good point here and i think that that would erode if i was a european i would be very irritated by it so you want us to pay more money but you're still in charge how does that work ok i can see the in the idea about that keep going mark. no i think this is where we see tensions both between washington and its allies in europe but also within europe because we can see that the if you
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like the 3 big players in your britain france and germany are all moving in slightly different directions mrs merkel after all was the 1st to criticize trump when he became president and say that perhaps germany in the europeans would have to do more for their defense and then the german suddenly thought we have to pay for it we don't want to and we as a culture germany has been transformed the british are moving close. so to the united states leaving the european union and so from speak comes the central player but as we've heard from a menu of the problem is that france wants to play a role that it can't really afford to pay for so actually all of this discussion reveals really how fragile the nato situation is and at the same time it's sort of bureaucracy continues to plow forwards ignoring the fact that public opinion domestic politics in the member states is beginning to drift more and more away from it. ok i'm going to jump in here we're going to go to a short break and after that short break we'll continue our discussion on the atlantic alliance with our.
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he always still got you into too tight a duty that's who could sneak. over going there cook all of these credit i knew you. could want to think about getting out of your mates in each room until monogamous hope. you didn't have them do eat too much haha get to be a good tone crew from the author to get those people to feel when i'm in that good children tell them with all this you can tie one next time you don't come fall who
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will do marco quitting your. industry is based on greed and that greed is based on this world rush to cumulate as much paper wealth as possible even though it's not genuine wealth spot actual money it's about gold like a warren buffett just hoards of money like an old granny would hoard phone books and that does incredible damage because of thing called its into the population this notion of holy the. most people think just stand out in this business you need to be the 1st one on top
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of the story or the person with the loudest voice or the biggest read in truth to stand out of the news business you just leave as the right questions and demand the right answer. the. question. thinking of getting a new body once we got her she. said you know what do you strap in this time you know why are you going to use a crate with him he will just start freaking out and she won't let us bring him anywhere near it thousands of breeding dogs are caged in the into lane conditions on people i mean 67 years you know they've been locked up in cages outside you see no protection from the weather the heat you know the cold air the rain the snow the thunder nothing they have no protection. you. know
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it's. across the u.s. crude puppy mills are supported by dog shows and still most of the poppies that are coming from these large scale factory farming kind of operations are being sold in stores even joined a group businesses are involved like. there has been a shocking amount of organized opposition to efforts to increase the standards of care for dogs bred in commercial breeding facilities most of that opposition is coming from agricultural groups and industries that have nothing to do with dogs don't buy dog. welcome across top were all things are considered i'm peter lavelle to remind you we're discussing the atlantic alliance.
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ok let's go back to luke in brussels i want to reflect upon something that emanuel was talking about these outer area operations under the. the banner of the flag of nato here it seems to me that that's also what europe is being used as i can aircraft carrier as it were a base for american objectives of going into africa i mean you know if you look back you know the chinese for whatever you think of them they are building and he. huge amount of in infrastructure in africa the united states is putting in more and more military bases ok and again this is this kind of. effective nato say in search of a mission you know what let's go to outer area right now let's go to afghanistan and see how that worked out ok i mean nato is constantly looking for something to do to justify itself and at the same time it will not answer overtures for i'm russia and i. give you my opinion even if they did now i wouldn't trust them ok
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then with the eastern expansion all the way to russia's border and now this nonsense going on in ukraine this is not a partner you can trust because their motives are very very unclear go ahead look. well totally agree with you in the sense that. europe doesn't pay for its defense so donald trump is right about that and has other priorities than europe understandable to so and so the the warsaw pact to be at it is this appeared in the ninety's i mean why still keep nato so of course hold the military in the national armies composing nato in europe there are salivating at the idea of the shopping list that they're going to give to work in germany for example to a k k 2 on the minister of defense new minister of defense germany is accepted again in bolin presence of the of my can pay off for example that is accepted again to pay 2 percent and it will be in a few years that they have reached out level so there will be a huge improvement of european defense potentially wherever it is as you say africa
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is very important for the moment i mean the french are fighting nearly alone there in mali for the moment with some help but the trickle from the u.k. from belgium from all the armies so the hope is that if europe wants to improve its defense it will not be by looking at russia as an enemy and the letter sent by president putin could well change the face of the world order in the coming years because nato now under pressure by my craw and it's good of him to do that we'll have to think again about its purpose and about what it does it's much more important to look at the southern front here of europe and the problems that are created by immigration and by thinks of the kind and so the french need help in mali we don't have logistics enough in the european armies even the french or the british that fulfill the 2 percent requested by by the americans so we need to make
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a big improvement and then only can we speak about european defense so michael had a point this one isn't. last summer morning so much going on fronts i contacted to any piece today and they said that they are of course curious at what will happen but that they agreed with the president this time ok let's go back to paris to many well i mean the polls have talked about creating a trump the polls i lived there for many years even under communism they're one of the most pro-american countries in europe but you know showing that you know being pro-american actually has a price tag to it and it's something that one of them though it had to say i mean building up european defense against what ok i what do you need all these planes and tanks for is it to defend the no boundaries in the sovereignty of these countries are they or is it just to make them spend money so these arms can companies get all of these contracts i mean it seems to me that again they're.
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creating monsters to slay that don't exist in their real monsters out there that you're dismissing like the southern tier of nato with immigration in the mediterranean you have islamic terrorism it seems to me nato is a blunt object and it just expensive go ahead emmanuel. i think you are right on this point. the fish and machine they are creating their own needs and bottom line is when you speak to persons in the army they are saying that most of the time their planes are in really bad condition when you are in mali for example that the sand was a big problem i was talking to a european m.p. 2 weeks before the event in mali and he said to me we are going to have big problems there because our men are just trying to stay alive they knew that and 2 weeks after we see that so i found there is
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a dick called to me between what nato asks for and what we really have to work with what the layman what down to earth men have to do when they are on missions what they have to work with the equipment they have i don't know where all the money spent on nato goes but i know it's not on our guys because they have to do with very little and. you know it's the saying they are tigers led by donkeys really if you think about. that i think we should i think will change the title of the program just to that there mark if you again public opinion polls the majority of germans would like to see american troops go home ok i mean that's that's not reported widely in the mainstream media of course i read antiwar dot com and they made a big deal about it but the average american has no idea that they're not wanted in germany anymore there's a lot of troops in germany and that's just for operations the united states is
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running in the middle east ok again using europe as a conduit a many well brings up a very very good point is that you know these militaries are not high tech there's not a lot of money put into it there it's not high prestigious far as i understand but it's for washington it's an important public figure leaf you know that they have this big expensive shiny alliance. but it's more for ego than anything else not for a purpose ok look what happened in afghanistan all right and again we have all of these armies and we don't fight in the snow we don't fight in the rain we don't fight it dark i mean these are all big leaps ok the united states wants to say this is the international community well it's not the international community it's watching down and its allies in europe that's all it is it's a huge big leap and it's a fraud go ahead mark well certainly it's obviously true for american public opinion it is good to be able to say look we have all these hours we have the mother of all alliances taking part but coming back to a point you're making earlier about poland and you know we've both been of
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a generation who remember these places in the cold war and yet i did europe the huge change it seems to me is that when you had a crisis for instance over the i.m.f. issue the cruise missiles and so on in the 1980 s. when push came to shove the german public the british public the french public all voted for candidates who supported american policy today we find even amongst quite conservative people there's an alienation from trump and in a sense ironically the mainstream media's relentless parrot against trump has actually damaged the links between the americans and their european allies because most people so trumps the american president they don't think of him as a person and the other side of this course is that when one was 1st in soviet bloc in the 1000 seventy's eighty's you never came across and western opinion even members the communist party were not anti western whereas now in particular we see in russia but in some other countries to the disillusionment with the west since the collapse of communism since the failures of the economic advice that went badly wrong means that we actually now have
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a popular base for anti western policies in some countries which didn't exist when you had a monopoly of communist propaganda but people didn't believe it now in some ways you have a kind of popular underpinning of this so we have 2 things we have. o.d.u. dissolution with its links with the americans which is growing as you say particular in germany. and also the rivalry with russia as a city didn't really have in the time of creation of nixon or even reagan and gorbachev. that's a very good point because i can tell you living i've been living in moscow for over 20 years and there's this illusion with the west is very very real because words and actions are very different they see the the hypocrisy all of the time and a lot of russians that i that i know that have known for a very long time don't understand why they have to be deemed as an enemy when they repeatedly reach out to try to have
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a european house you know i go back to we can go back to got a bunch of president putin when he came to power in 2000 said the same thing when president made their voice president he said the same thing but the answer is always no or you can join the club but you have to sit at the children's table that's the deal go ahead look well with you fully get all nato is outdated and we don't need tanks because we're not going to fight tank battles like the bottle in the past the. in the in the plains of poland to this is chris so the european defense must adapt to the threats which comes from the south as i said from africa france cannot be alone there physically and we should help more that are all their issues with iran with pakistan and that have the bomb bore or could have it soon so i understand what europeans need their defense organized better it's probably not for the nato i agree in the sense that america wants to go they don't want to be
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the umbrella protecting europe anymore the cold war is finished and so they have all their issues in the far east so they want to get the military back in and free for other missions so europe must think about its own defense so i see it in 2 steps 1st nato must refocus and thanks to my current seems it is possible all thanks to putin in a sense but. wanted to be focused on different missions to the sounds and it put it to the south it won't be nato anymore it could be european defense force ok and then as it should be emmanuelle before we are almost out of time should turkey stay in the ne to allow an alliance i mean they always talk about nato values turkey in line with the real quick one middle of the thing is if we're going to make a if if we have if we have decided that nato is outdated and we want something more of a european defense we don't want turkey for example in turkey in our in i mean i don't personally so that's that well i want
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a i mean they're short yeah that's very short but you know that that's what i think it's really important to mention that in this kind of conversation because we talk about values having shared values here and we've seen since the attempted coup in 2016 with all of these purges of the military and then you have going going into syria as a nato member again that's a trip wire that we all have to be careful of why would we want to fight a war against syria because of turkey it's food for thought there that's all the time we have many thanks to my guests in brussels paris and oxford and thanks to our viewers for watching us here at r.t. see you next time remember.
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young elephants have come to us. especially brutal bludging incidence because the baby elephants often do see their mothers. killed but also be caught and butchered . i do believe they laugh and smile i see it in these little ones they home facial expression changes. in. the. always still means that you tie it indeed that's ruthless need.
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to call her over her cool cool or discredit it in your home. and who want to take it on you think about it. each you want to look at him as all . get to be a good tone. often to get the if you go to fail when i'm not good children tell him with all that you can fire going next time you don't come fall. what politicians do something. they put themselves on the line and they get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president or injury. or somehow want
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to. have to go right to the press it's like the full story in the morning can't be good. i'm interested always in the lawyers in the house. they sit. in a world of big partisan movies lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the back and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks.
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of the show but don't take thanksgiving for his father up a visit to afghanistan using the occasion to tell us troops face that talk to the top dog. with the libya in the grip of political instability we talked to a local man who was brutally beaten and publicly humiliated by rivals president evo morales. the also cut off my hair and beat me but they can change my tubes and i want people to seek a step back and think the believe in people cannot believe like this. flock friday shoppers are out in the wild we look at the dhaka side of the buying frenzy.


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