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tv   News  RT  November 29, 2019 4:00pm-4:30pm EST

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3 people injured in the netherlands in a stabbing the suspect is currently on the loose. in the u.k. capital 2 people have been stabbed to death investigators they say is a terrorist. with a group of political instability. and publicly humiliate rivals of ousted president. here. and i want people to. see. this.
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thanks for joining us you're watching. on the main shopping street in the. 6 thank you it's good luck but they've now from our correspondent a stand off good evening what is the latest information coming out on this story. well indeed as you've said 3 people have been injured in the hague in the netherlands on the main shopping street the gras to mark now for your interest and of course it is friday so it is it was bound to be bustling with people but at the same time it is the black friday so there's even more shoppers out there in the streets of europe looking for the best deal so it does
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a very bad time if it was indeed an attack because we do not have the confirmation from the police just yet that it was terrell related by i mean there's plenty of speculation going on right now because of the events in london also all across europe right now there's plenty of christmas markets have been targeted by terrorist attacks in the past and now we've seen videos of people running in chaos and in general just all carriers breaking loose on the streets in the hague now again we're waiting for more information to come out on that particular incidence of the suspect is so far easier hasn't been caught he's loose and the police they have released a statement that they are looking for a man between 40 and 50 years older wearing a gray running soup so there is that the suspect is still loose. hopefully no more violence comes out of that and the police are on the lookout for
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that at the same time though here in paris the guards you nor railway station the the main railway station of paris has been evacuated just a few minutes ago over reports of the suspicious package. the whole railway station is completely evacuated the police are on the scene and apparently there are pictures going online there are pictures being spotted online or of something resembling a mortar shell in a blue bag so. again there's no confirmation whether or not there was there's no official confirmation whether or not there was an explosive device in that bag and god you nord here in paris but certainly everything that everything suggests and the photos in the pictures and eyewitness accounts from the ground they suggest that something went wrong there as well now very little information here of course i will be standing by to bring you all the latest ok thank you it is done after
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a correspondent with that update. only a matter of hours earlier a stabbing attack occurred in central london police there a class that is a terror attack to the public were killed and show you why and witness videos taken in the area a busy thoroughfare in the city as you see people were wrestling it seems with the suspect trying to pin him to the ground one man managed to get a knife off of the attacker is seen with his weapon drawn the short time later shot is heard police have confirmed the attacker was shot dead at the scene our correspondent. has details. mass evacuations happening from the office building surrounding the london bridge vicinity it was indeed a major incident and earlier this afternoon the assistant police commissioner near passthrough confirmed it was terrorist related as you would expect due to the nature of the incident we responded as though this was terrorist related are now in
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a position that it has been declared a terrorist incident it is with the heaviest of hearts that i have to inform you that as well as the suspect who was shot dead by police. 2 of those injured in this attack. in the london bridge area have tragically lost lives the suspect who was also. a hoax explosives attached to him he was shot down at the scene on london bridge it's understood that before he was shot down dead there are members of the public that were pinning him down that was video footage that emerged that reportedly at this moment in time as i say the incident broke out somewhat 3 hours ago and since then there were convoys of emergency services flooding into the scene descending on to london bridge including counterterrorism officers at the time it was a precautionary measure of course now it's been confirmed as terrorist related but
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accompanying them was also specialist armed force officers too as well as the ambulance services and indeed the fire. fire brigade we understand that many victims are now being treated at hospitals for injuries some of which are at a serious level the place is still offering statements saying that there the public must remain vigilant and stay calm at this moment in time as they say the instance over it's no longer ongoing but of course earlier this afternoon there were scenes of absolute pandemonium and chaos rushing people falling over each other smashing. people. that was really quite i think in the car yes it's a big cloud of people rushing around calling every time i think somebody was. basically there was a lot going on the panic. like one of those kind of counselors are like a wave or something going on. and then suddenly everybody said go down into the
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basement we are taken down into the basement feel so strongly now we've been evacuated well we have had some reaction then from the prime minister boris johnson clearly my thoughts 1st my. 41st with the emergency services with the police the bravery they showed in going towards danger as they do i also want to pay tribute to the extraordinary bravery of those members of the public who physically intervened nice prineville in the capital of london is at a record high so at the moment people are understandably very worried and concerned and dates.
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well london has been at the center of a knife crime epidemic with 132 fatal stabbing so far this year that after last year's sori surge in the number of killings in the capital to 130 epidemic is now close to being the highest in a decade or u.k. police officer peter coker believes it's difficult to prevent such incidents a big part of the problem with this type of terrorism is there is no big organization behind it for the police and security forces to infiltrate to carry out surveillance on and so forth. and so you've got the self starters if
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you like individuals often with petty crime mental health and other problems in their background who self radicalize on the internet and they may not of even talk to anybody and certainly they rarely talk to many people around them or any people around them. the mayor of a small town in bolivia who was brutally assaulted by protesters amid unrest triggered by the country's political crisis is refusing to resign but this other says now left hospital images of the attack on her emerged on social media the revealed the violence towards politicians of the party of ousted leader you may find these images coming up disturbing. team are all as mob paraded foot cut to her in public and sprayed at red before our
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ordeal she was made to kneel and sign a letter of resignation she told us that she is still being treated for kidney damage sustained from the blow she received. when all what happened was disgusting i am now recovering from brean all damage that i suffered during the assault and i am still in pain the also cut off my hair they beat me up but they can change my views everything was so confusing at that moment many of them covered their faces but we recognize some of them it was sad to see all those people attacking me it's been a difficult time for my children to see their mother in such a condition i don't want this to happen again. but of his now facing political uncertainty the self-appointed right wing government of senator johnny 9 years has already been accused of abuses of omar is resigned after the country's military suggested he step down but on the back of a wave of protests following autobus election and allegations of vote fraud his supporters a protesting against what they say is
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a coup spine so during the country's post-election unrest 34 people were killed more than 800 injured but it shall say again says the violence must stop. but if you're going to be i can't betray my people those who believe in me i would like to express my gratitude to the staff who have stayed with me and are dedicated to improving the city we will keep working to achieve all our goals it was very difficult to return here after everything they did to me and it was terrible to see the city hall in such a state after all the work that was done to improve it after everything that's happened how can it get any worse people need to reflect and stop harming each other we need to restore unity i've never hurt anybody i've always worked for my city and i want people to take a step back and. i think they believe and people cannot believe like this. iraqi prime minister. says that he will resign to allow more makers to form a new government records have been celebrating the news these latest pictures
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coming from the capital the prime minister's announcement follows weeks of violent protests across the country people have demanded a change of government angry over poor service is unemployment and chronic corruption more than $300.00 people have been killed thousands more been injured since the rallies began last month and listed the gulf state arlit exactly sandro bruno believes that the p.m.'s resignation won't though solve iraq's problems. i don't think that the situation will change considerably in fact they think this is a what they call a pyrrhic victory yes they've got the agreement for the prime minister to resign but what will actually change rockets particularly under streets i don't think anything will change. given the structural problems infrastructure is feeling there is not enough money to the public salaries economy has changed at
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all. since the american invasion until. a serious reconstruction program begins i don't think the so-called democracy can do anything to fix the real problems facing iraqis. european union has made much in recent years of the issue of climate change which is that he's evangelists obsesses been finding out they don't appear to practice what they preach. this is the people have gathered behind me in the large numbers to participate in a protest called fridays for future it's aim to bring more awareness on climate change the topic is becoming ever more popular with a lot of people getting in on the acting clued in hollywood stars activists politicians and european union lawmakers recently the european union even when i went as far to the clay or
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a state of climate and environmental emergency if there's one area the world needs our leadership it is on protecting our climate. this is an it and exists tensional issue for europe and for the world here is something you might find very interesting this seems lawmakers that advocate for the environment take part in to work caravan between brussels and strauss work we convene enshrouded work for one week and then for the rest of the months they go back to brussels this cost taxpayers about a $114000000.00 euros and it's not that it's only costly but it's very bad for the environment as well disappoint claiming to be a cop a neutral institution the 12 trips to strasburg each year and still make to him it between $11900000.00 tons of c o 2 emissions per year all this back and forth is like putting $4000.00 additional vehicles on the streets every year driving nonstop including the ones on the
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streets so how is this reducing seal to emissions well a german politician says he felt the way to stop this costly practice according to the treaty of amsterdam the parliament has to have a seat in stroudsburg not specifically in the city of strasburg he went as far as making a you tube video to prove his point he got a champagne bottle smashed it in the seat of parliament in brussels and he called it strauss work so it seems like the problem is solved so from this day on this planet. shall be known as. we asked people what they think of the e.u. lawmakers schedule i think it's. their lives they should travel every month like for one week i think it will change because france wants to have this so it's not going to change there should be one european parliament and there should be one
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place where it's located it's really bad they said just decide to stay in one place i don't care if it's soft book of presses but day soaps take a decision about it. place in hong kong and moved in and ended a 2 week university campus siege by protesters. did you enter the campus yesterday and this morning to remove a large amount of dangerous items and collect evidence for crimes. alcor than was the at the campus was handed over to the university management abundant. this really alarming for hong kong. and its policy if have been foray into the hands of young students. so let's take a closer look now with what police found on campus it seems the protesters were storing thousands of petrol bombs and explosives they had hundreds of bottles
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filled with corrosive liquids in a vista campus became a central battlefield between activists and the police during the fiery standoff protesters bill barricades to protect themselves used bricks and pirtle bombs on with bows and arrows the police responded with tear gas arresting more than a 1000 activists international independent china specialist under long believed that the situation has come to a head well this is different this is definitely decisive chapter of 6 months of antigovernment protests and all the campuses. we've been turning into factories of producing petrol bombs and the university administration simply were powerless the whole generation been brought up in a system which has not given them any sense of chinese nationhood most of them do not feel themselves of consider themselves as chinese anymore.
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and they reacted quite. strongly perceived to be intervention in holocaust internal affairs. a huge new bridge between russia and china has been completed it's the 1st of its kind between the 2 countries. a palestinian journalist has been shot in the reportedly by israeli forces the incident happened while he was covering clashes in the west bank i find this video
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now disturbing. he saw that spoke to r.t. about what happened. we covered a demonstration by people from serif against the confiscation of their land by israel the rally was suppressed and there was some clashes. while we were covering the clashes i was shot in the eye by an israeli sniper i was wearing a reporter's uniform and anyone can identify me as a journalist from far away thank god i only lost my eye and not my life when i was shot i thought i was about to die i fell on my head was going to explode i thought i was breathing my last and then my colleagues came to carry me away. on a has received a wave of support after the story went viral palestinian activists and journalists held demonstrations in bethlehem in solidarity with their injured colleague
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a couple of days after the incident some of them joined the flash mob on social media both in photographs of themselves with one eye covered while the palestinian journalist syndicate says 60 journalists have been hit by live ammunition this year the majority of them in gaza. israeli police have a claim that they used only non-lethal force which was not directed at the photographer they also say his injury could have been caused by rioters that north on monday thinks what happened to him was no accident. and that israeli occupied is do no one the rest of the world to see the repression palestinian journalists are showing the world what the occupation is doing to our people disregard for human rights palestinian journalists are exposing these crimes upon a senior journalists are being killed some muslims patient does not care or respect any of the contrary the suppression of journalism with the collusion of some of the countries is enabling israel to escalate its crimes against the palestinians.
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the black friday shopping stuff again this is underway in shops all around the world today unless the saying that americans alone will spend around $87000000000.00 the chasing the very best deals but there is a darker side to this retail spectacle auntie's down of culture explains. black friday is coming up big box retailers are gearing up for their annual mega sale super profits and consumer stampedes that will probably result in more than a few injuries in a georgia wal-mart to women fighting over pots and pans one refusing to let go. that wasn't brutal enough for you there is an even darker shade of black friday the kind that takes place on a darker shade of the internet called the dark web it's a place where black marketeers pursue huge profits with alluringly low prices just
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as much as the legitimate guys probably more so and there are plenty of consumers looking to buy those contraband goods society has become more digital and on without so his crime despite their activities being on rule from an illegal. returned in surprise in a sense i'm not looking to maximize the opportunities it's no small enterprise either last week the european union published a report about online narcotics sales in the u.k. it said 24000000 pounds sterling worth of the stuff was sold in 201720188 low and on black friday everything from credit cards fake passports and illegal drugs are for sale at bargain bin prices and marketplaces that are specifically designed to be completely untraceable and while buying illegal items puts you at risk with the law you should also be aware of the very vendors you're buying from security experts are sounding the alarm and how you can avoid black friday.
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as we head into the holiday shopping season notice there is a new online scam that involves fake retail websites that look real but they are not scams come in many forms one popping up more and more is fraudulent websites that look exactly like the real thing no doubt the authorities will be hard at work trying to stop these dark web deals but what about the consequences that come with legal black friday consumerism for so long 'd the overproduction and overconsumption that characterizes the holiday have been cordially accepted as the norm no matter the frenzy that overtakes many or the damage it wreaks on the environment the latter has become so bad the french government is debating on banning black friday altogether but for now expect the usual frenzy for anybody who takes part in a black friday as to who wants to be part of this when ever there is a chance fraudulent activities especially with what we know about the dark web in certain facets of the internet and with all of the hacking capabilities firewall
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breakings and all this other stuff we need to be taking personal responsibility individual responsibility and being sure that we are in charge of what happens to our finances and where we are putting our finances that it really takes advantage of the the. narrative that people have to shop on black friday that that is the only time you can get presents for your children for your family for your loved ones and your friends and so it really gives the some of these hackers or these dark web or some of these false sites an opportunity really to to prey on these on these shopping sentiments and to try to find people who are going to be likely to give in to any deal that looks too good to be truly and because we don't take the time to look into that especially on black friday when it when and so it's not only a frenzy but there's a time constraint we have one hour we have a certain amount of time or it's going to be over and you'll miss it forever and that's what gets people in these modes where they're not going to look it up they're not going to research to see which sites are legitimate which sites aren't and that's where they might be able to be taken advantage of and appreciate company
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this evening thanks for staying with me for updates on top stories and often. that you know i am. i now. see this says.
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i say let's move. on to. the records are these prisoners. who want to think about you think about it. you want to look at them as all. of them do eat too much stuff to get to be i get told. off me to get those people to fail when i'm i'm not good with all this you can say when next time you don't come fall.
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best guys are worth more of my guide to financial survival this is fun it's a my issues by professional scallywags to earn money. that's right this has flaws are simply not accountable and we're just adding more and more to that. totally destabilize the global economy you need to protect yourself and get in for god's guys or for.
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well. we'll leave. 'd when we have a new baby we will often hang up hang a blanket and the baby will go into there thinking it's the shape of the mother and put his hand up 'd to suckle 'd and i think it's the texture on the face and the fact that it's soft and we're trying to replicate to
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a point the mother so that he'll put his head on that instinct put his head out so we can get the bottle to get him to. lose the world. was being with us all 2 weeks to the day actually it was 2 weeks ago today that we rescued with ok and so we crossed the 10 day mark i mean he arrived she had very young very vulnerable and we didn't know it was going to be touch and go. and. deprived of their mothers' baby elephants can't survive in the wild without help. unlike some other animals elephants won't real young that isn't. found a descent of a wolf and animals to help them get back on their feet and prepare them to return to the wild.
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to keep. it secret. that. is so they elephants they start off the day when the sun rises in the morning the handlers come they clean out the stables they feed the fence and then they let them out and they walk with them from the nursery. to the bush which is a $300.00 take to pisa version bush that they've got to themselves just the handlers and a few antelope so they come here in the morning they roam around freely together they feed they eat range of things leaves roots grass different things and they feed. drink water they also.


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