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tv   News  RT  November 30, 2019 11:00am-11:31am EST

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awkward. carnival for much of the body. a man suspected of stopping 2 people to death in the british capital is revealed to have had a previous conviction for terrorist offenses the suspect in and not the stopping incident in the netherlands remains at large. u.s. democrat strategist who want to put barack obama accused of creating fake local news in a bid to sway its 2020 lection in crucial swing states. and john need to class not the mike when crisis is officially over their new figures suggest integrating new converts to the country hasn't been the greatest success of.
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7 pm here in the russian capital whether you are in the wild banks choosing ought international welcome to the program on all top stories this hour the suspect in the fatal stabbing of 2 people in central london on friday has been identified he recently stopped time for previous terror related offenses the british prime minister has criticised the practice of automatic release. it's clear to me that. this guy was i thought he'd served half of his sentence he was out on automatic early release and i have long said that this system simply isn't working it does not make sense for us as a society to putting terrorist people who have convicted of terrorist offenses a serious violent offenses out on early release and i'm quite clear that it's the job with the joint terrorism analysis and to see the system at levels. for the for
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all ties be civil which means that it's like a study like the a couple weeks ago it was taken to reduce that to substantial which research uk is likely but even the police told the story service or anybody else was let's make sure that all the posture of the police wrote this was less so but the police are still doing their job or the resource to the stretch to do what they can to keep us safe 28 year old man khan had a prior conviction for terrorism and was only released from prison last december he was initially jailed for planning a bomb attack on the london stock exchange and 2010 it's also now widely reported his other targets back that included both the u.s. embassy and boris johnson the mayor of london at the time he was still wearing his electronic tag when he carried out the attack in which on top of the 2 fake talent sees 3 others were injured these are eyewitness videos filmed in the area which is a busy thoroughfare in the city as you can see on the screen are some civilians
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wrestled with the suspect pinning him to the ground one mind even manages to get a knife off the attacker who was then shot dead by police here's how some describe the moment of the attack. crushing people for each other. in the way. i think in the bar yes it's a big flaw that people brushing probably hoarding every year was a lot of. the comic. trying to count towards america why do you have something going on. and then suddenly everybody said go down into the basement it was extremely frightening yeah but if you don't want to do it you know you have done something just i don't want to do you think it's wise. to get the british prime minister has paid tribute to members of the public who helped bring down the puppet traitor it's the fos terror attack on british soil since boris johnson took
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office they're not in recent u.k. history. former british intelligence officer believes feel for it he's were wrong to have recently downgraded the u.k.'s terror threat level. interesting that the threat level was reduced very shortly before this attack happened but it is we're seeing
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more and more previously convicted islamist terrorists being released back into u.k. streets the high level of threat would be because there was specific intelligence indicating that some sort of attack was being planned and it would be reduced if there was no such specific intelligence to substantial as a general threat level in this case because he was acting apparently as a lone wolf there would be no indication that he was planning anything there had been potentially no chatter out there to be intercepted so they would have seen any of the a preemptive intelligence that our spy agencies are actually mandated to try and gather all that they seem to be able to do at the moment is gather intelligence which they can then use off to an attack in the manner of our police forces to gather evidence to try and piece together what happened in the run up to such an attack that is not the work of intelligence agencies that is the work of the police and it's an intelligence failure. not us where democrat strategist who previously worked for brought a bomber are now being accused of creating fake news in
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a bid to sway in next year's presidential election but after they've launched a media company what courier news room with the aim of countering donald trump dominance online in key swing states of dubs deeper. it's certainly daring to take the one thing people still trust in this skeptical and cynical world you local news run by your neighbors people you know and trust and to pervert it into a tool of propaganda macchiavelli himself would be proud while the article she publishes are based on facts nothing alerts readers that korea publications aren't actually traditional i'm time newspapers but political instruments designed to get them to vote for democrats the movie titanic was based on facts the movie 300 about those spartans was also based on true events the end result was fiction i'm just
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giving you a heads up for the next time you hear the phrase based on facts it means fiction all of this is brought to you by a woman of questionable more oddity. gallon who go to yes we can campaign slogan tattooed on her arm because a bomb a sign that this is the kind of journalism a company acronym puts out warning it's a scream or. cry. what tara is going to do is stalk you on lud facebook buy up information about your browsing habits the stories you click if you're susceptible to fake news and then she's going to pay to serve you carefully tailored pro-democrat stories that have based on fact and after she's
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done with you she'll target your friends and your family with fake news everybody who clicks on my eggs or shares an article we get that data back to create a look like audience to find other people with similar attributes in the same area so we continually grow our ability. define people one could argue that this is the kind of insane short sighted selfish behavior that is destroying trust in journalism in the media but tara isn't going to listen to her journalism is dead she's just making a quick buck kicking the corpse yeah it's for profit a lot of people i respect will see this media company as an affront to turn the mystic integrity because they want in their eyes be balanced what i say to them is balance does not exist anymore unfortunately says 33 year old with yes we can tattooed on but it's ok she's a democrat if a democrat sets up
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a fake news network buys out people's personal information serves them with political dissent from asian that's 5 but only democrats kremmling bots continue to stoke political divisions in the us the misinformation on social media are so detailed one about the social media interference weaponization of information by the russians and their proxies their bots and their trolls and everybody else we've been paying the price from russia russian buyouts to fake news americans heading to the polls have had to grapple with the question of what is real and what is feet yes they will have to question what is real and what is fake democrats literally setting up fake news websites and serving americans with fake news to sway elections i mean the mosques came off last year when democrats were
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caught creating fake russian bots to set up and smear a republican candidate an explosive allegation by a government whistleblower that the white house in gauged in a cover up by stashing records of the president's phone call. with a foreign leader in a top secret computer that's for a times call for desperate measures and these are desperate times for democrats no massaro no hero candidate has come forward to be trub so they're getting their hands dirty doing everything live queues to russia of the question is on election day why would people vote for a side whose hands a new cleaner than trumps. now to a hot topic the environment despite pledges to go green up u.k. supermarkets appear to have been misleading their customers a report by environmental group greenpeace claims they've been using ever more
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plastic having promised to use less it's shocking to see that despite unprecedented awareness of the pollution crisis the amount of single use plastic used by the u.k.'s biggest supermarkets has actually increased in the past year our survey shows the grocery retailers need to tighten up targets to drive real reductions in single use packaging and items greenpeace's report says 7 out of 10 supermarkets in the u.k. used more plastic packaging this year than in 2018 the amount of plastic has also risen to almost $1000000.00 tonnes a year the report also indicates the main ways in which supermarkets can improve their green track records firstly they should increase the shower of recyclable packaging currently the u.k.'s leading players interest cycle between 30 and 40 percent they should also reduce the shower of plastics with the main supermarkets falling significantly short of their own targets in this respect despite that
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they've made quite a song and dance promoting their green policies. morrisons has announced it is removing black plastic from all of its own brand food and drink packaging to make it more easily recycle apple in an attempt to reduce plastic waste items including pastor. wine and washing up liquid will be available at waitrose without any packaging charge george is a lecturer in environmental studies at the u.k.'s kill human fast team she says supermarkets promise a whole lot but actually do very little. to go past 3 and a lot of these things require is a quite big behavior change cost not that it's so cheap just flip and try something
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and that it doesn't work what we've seen what we've seen in some supermarkets trialing trialing different tool to into projects and because there's not an immediate short term make them switching back and think a little bit to move at the moment this or same they'd be greener and this is his big action been taken with the easy things so plastic bags check out this plan massive shifts none of the big supermarkets are doing things like even offering paper bags which is a great move but that's an easy fix we now need to move on to the heart of things and i think that it's going to take more than just taking a box and say well we don't have it and they are in need to really think about this and they need to be more investment in real solutions that really haven't taken impact. down some festive spirit millions of shoppers across the world queued up for hours to get the best deals during the retail fast known as black friday
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bought despite being billed as a ball going to the gansa the event has a secret as caleb maupin from new york explains. after the traditional thanksgiving feast many americans might feel a need to go exercise and burn off that extra weight well another annual tradition that was adopted more recently called black friday might be useful for that the day after thanksgiving has been coronated by retailers as it day for massive discounts and low prices on items that might normally be expensive while supplies last of course and in some shopping districts it's almost like a war zone. the stampede over shirts with jackets people see shopping each other one sales rep whining on the table to ski. area or. was.
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advertising pumps up energy and anticipation of the big day the black friday sale is now on the fact that let's make black friday bright. the deal that called out to you from a bunch of authors like most war zones there's usually some collateral damage before the sun goes down 48000000 americans still have debt from black friday 2018 and minor and even more serious injuries are not unheard of mother earth also takes a beating with all the electricity used a mere e-mail sent on black friday at a carbon footprint roughly the size of 4000 flights from london to new york not to mention all the other black friday activities anna wintour the editor in chief of vogue that's a magazine that certainly cashes in on the black friday antics urged her readers to slow down and be more into logically conscious
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a carbon footprint sequel to europe's a go be struck of clothesline food or incinerated every 2nd nearly 30000000000 pounds of unsold stock burnt to protect the breeze brand new. the fashion industry is no stranger to environmental abuses i think. that. climate protests have also been scheduled this year to coincide with the annual shopping stampede so which wars will win out climate concerns or consumerism in the past it's always been the market that takes the cake people are there protesting because they think it's bad for the environment i mean they're going to write it like. you know if. you don't depends how you see it. if for the environment you know the pens were called to a place. comically the states because well. that's how it is you don't want to buy something you only got to why is nobody in flossy
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you know buying. that's how i see it you know and if you want to spend the money stranded. coming up with john mccain officials say the my point crisis is a thing of the pasta even though data on integration paints a follow us all rosy picture i'll see you after this short break. your industry is based on greed and that greed is based on this. rush to jimmy latest much paper wealth as possible even though it's not genuine wealth spot actual money it's not gold like a warren buffett just hoards of money like an old granny what hoard phone books and that doesn't credible damage because if it's into the population this notion of holy be.
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beneficial for russia is not chump is doing probably what is not doing for instance he. the contrary to his predecessors he did not start any war so probably it is it is a little bit. more predictable in these perspectives on the other hand the world is changing it is a true bill in the world and come on it's not supposedly mr trump who is making the world the dangerous place he is just the symptom of the change that's a. slightly gruesome story an investigation has been launched in france into the walk over human body donation santa at
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a prestigious university if the media reports that bodies have been left to decay and conditions for years it will start off reports from us. here in the university quarter of paris student life is bustling everyone's thoughts are clearly on the weekend and already on the upcoming christmas and there's absolutely no way of telling that what's been going on behind these walls could inspire a whole unthaw logy of our applause according to a recent report for more than a decade thousands of dead human bodies donated to science have been stored here in atrocious conditions heaped one on top of another decaying and rotting away in a hot room room infested with rats flies and maggots the absolutely noisy picture painted by the report makes this place look like a back room over torture chamber of straight out on medieval times the upper limb
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of one is placed on the belly of the other rubbish bags overflew with pieces of flesh the proliferation of mice flies and infestations many of the bodies and body parts have maggots in them. behaved lies on the ground you have the feeling of being in the 19th century or in their nations with the putrefied bodies which the doctors work all of this is bad enough where it gets worse though is that sometimes the bodies allegedly weren't used for medical science but rather were sold out to private companies at a price tag of about $400.00 euros per limb. and tonight when we read the article we got chills because we couldn't imagine that such things could happen in the faculty and that the corpses could have been treated like this with no respect to the wishes of those who donated their bodies things that break our ethical code so this shocked us deeply and this made us address the medical union to see if they want to react meanwhile the university has
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a shot the center down for an inspection and released this statement paris descartes university wishes to apologized. families about this situation the university reaffirms its full commitment to the dignity of donors and their families after several decades of activities some of the census facilities have become obsolete practices have changed and societal demands for respect for dignity and transparency have reinforced our ethical duties or if it's about who we are we hope it will be reopened soon because it's the biggest anatomy center in europe surgeons in paris and nearby towns need to practice surgery and so they need access to corpses so do students a certain amount of euros has been put on the table to make things better the proceedings will continue till 2023 what we hope for in any case is if the center is reopened it will have a surveillance system which is very important for preventing such things from happening again the scandal has already had this place known as the blood just massive graveyard in the center of paris i guess we'll have to see if the nickname
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sticks i mean has done of reporting from paris r.t. . and finally for this hour john many has declared to my current crisis has come to an adult however new figures suggest that integrating the newcomers hasn't quite gone to plan as eventually steps us explains remember this. question will not table to hand pretty easily and approach. shocking images highlighting the scale of the migrant crisis while the head of
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germany's migration and refugee office insists that is all in the past the crisis is over and has been for several years however. also admit it would take here is to integrate migrants were all praising the integration courses billions of year olds have been spent to deal with the crisis and help new arrivals in the hope and such long term investments will pay off but let's have a closer look 1st at the courses which so more praises for its effectiveness and had a questionable effect with increasing numbers failing the basic german language exam and course providers sued for false of lying documents 2nd migrants continue to come to the country that critics say is unsustainable numbers the minister also says that $145000.00 are estimated to arrive this year only just down from 161002018 the minister also wants migrants to be taken back from their home
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countries and once the e.u. to help set up jobs for them there europe must help african countries to create jobs for people so that they can live in their homelands meanwhile the recent eagle reporter warns integration problems may produce an entire lost generation of young migrants the young age of many newly arrived persons and the backgrounds of conflict and persecution requires smart investments for successful integration this report aims to contribute to reflection on how to achieve this thus making sure that a whole generation will not be lost germany's interior minister warns unless the issue is tackled the migrant crisis will get worse and then the one that peaked 4 years ago we need to do more to help our european partners with controls at the user external borders we've left the money in for too long if we don't do this will experience a wave of refugees like 15 or perhaps an even larger one germany worries there is no common e.u. approach to migrant policy end that puts the country at risk yet even germany's
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ministers appear to disagree among themselves with the migration chief insisting. crisis of 2015 could not happen again with this government the asylum chaos similar to the one in 2015 cannot be repeated we asked people on the streets of berlin and i will think of the migrant integration process has been deaths not working so well because when when there are too many people around a day to cannot integrate so good i think they're doing a better job than other countries i know a couple of other countries that i thought about moving to that don't really care about people who aren't them i mean obviously we are in germany experience of the 2nd world war that it's tough to build up your country but you know someone has to do it and so therefore most probably we need to support these guys. to go back to their old country and you know and we have them to develop their infrastructure.
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that's all from me and huff and neil harvey will be head to take over but don't go too far because up next it's the. world is driven by a dream shaped by our own person. no
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dares thinks. we dare to ask. this is a story about what happens auster a stray bullet kills a young girl in the streets. what happens to her family and daughters in florida you know the mother daughter is buried in a cemetery in healing messes with your head what happens to the community the public was screaming for a scapegoat the police needed a scapegoat so why not choose a 19 year old black kid with a criminal record who better to pin this on than him and what happens in court b b b b. shot after shot as far as
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a side we feel. we don't know still just from. the end of this trial unfortunately you too will still not know childress. join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to us of the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then.
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i'm max ties or this is the kaiser report a lot of people in argentina and all over south america central america wondering when you're coming down to see us and the answer is very soon very we've got the tickets booked we're heading down to argentina we're going to have some fabulous steaks down there and we're going to be meeting y'all we're going to have a big love in right max and stacey with a 1000000 of our fans i'm looking forward to yes we're going to argentina uruguay rio de janeiro and colombia card to hang at columbia so if you're out there and you know when it comes to maybe do some meet ups down there definitely one of stories i know once being organized around the big queen community so you know the fact that we're going to be in argentina just happens to coincide with our financial collapse usually a financial collapse and chaos to follow is max kaiser arriving this one is signaling your arrival imminent time learning of
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a time. you know which is pretty cool much ng the last time you go in paris on the marlon brando i thought you were in trying to speak some spanish because you. unmercifully trolled on. you tube whatever i try to speak spanish i don't really speak any spanish but of course much of latin america is certainly argentina at the moment certainly chile ecuador. bolivia you know what they're going to encounter very soon are many people coming to help them coming to rescue them and they'll come with nice fancy suits in private jets and they're from the i.m.f. and we're here to help you just to let you know they're going to feel good about themselves they will speak at conferences in new york in europe and say how they rescued the people down there but in fact they've taken your sovereignty and packaged it into their own identity so that's the truth that's why we go there and talk about gold silver bitcoin and i'm also going to compare it to.


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