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tv   News  RT  December 2, 2019 1:00am-1:30am EST

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conservative and labor parties accuse each other of failing to prevent the early release from prison of the london bridge attack to put the issue up for the. membership of any terrorist organization should have a life imprisonment that would resolve the what do you mean. how in the. us investigative journalism struggles to survive a mirror of big corporate media powerful political. reporter claims that reclines and cut him off when he started investigating hollywood producer harvey weinstein sex offender. residence of a former mining town in canada speak out against plans to change its name due to its negative connotations. and also russia and china strengthened their ties by
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launching a strategic natural gas pipeline to the power of siberia. from moscow watching r.t. international i'm daniel. from thanks for joining us on the program. we start in the u.k. where dozens of people convicted of terrorist offenses who were released early on license will have their cases reviewed that's according to prime minister boris johnson this comes after it was revealed that the suspect in friday's london bridge attack had himself been released. early or in the same he was allowed out there was no in this has nothing to do with there was nothing to do with how many legally same's legally there. or friday 20 year old who's won
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a car and killed 2 people and injured 3 others before being shot dead by police in 2012 he was jailed for plotting to bomb the london stock exchange according to some reports he also wanted to target the home of boris johnson who was serving as london at the time the attack was released a year ago and took part in a divided congress ocean programme with the u.k. general election in full swing the question of early release has entered the debate these people darren should never ever be let out of prison unless we're absolutely convinced they do not have the jihadi virus people don't want history lessons after this terrorist atrocity what people want is to put victims 1st and keeping communities safe 1st and if he had been sentenced under our rules he would still be in jail today no terrorist should be released without being properly fast whether or not they still pose a risk to the public scotland we have indeed automatic early release for prisoners
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sentenced to more than 4 years in prison and while the prime minister blames labor for introduction of the early release scheme labor blames the conservative budget cuts for failing to implement it properly i guess debate of the issues raised by early release. since september the 11th we've released 500 terrorists who have committed acts of terrorism in the u.k. that these 2 men a and clearly we need to toughen up our laws but at the end you've got to remember that these people are quite quite unusual of whilst we need to control them we also need to be very clear that we cannot infringe on civil liberties. because they are so important because these post isis post liberal post in lighten if you like terror attacks happening on home soil they've often come home grown terrorists radicals criminals whatever you like to call them but they have been institutional failures the state security apparatus can do better should do better and isn't
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doing better and we have to ask questions why i remember the police the security services the courts are attempting to prevent these violent terrorists from attacking this country the question here is what are we doing about those people who are involved in terrorist organizations but have not yet committed serious terrorist offenses i say membership of any terrorist organization should have a life imprisonment or if that would resolve the what do you mean member should know even know who carries it but how are you lot buses are not terrorists and friends on drawdown going on there you know be under its own country i don't have a terrorist organization i've got no problem on terrorism the hard line thing to saying like throw away the key or terrorism should terrorists go to prison forever that's absolutely fine you know i'd even open up a dialogue on is capital punishment appropriate some people in some cases ok however what we have to do is ply apply fairly across the board if we have allowing
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entrapment cases where people are sent to syria and then they come back we reduce their citizenship we transduced their rights you talk about civil rights and human rights what about the bethnal green schoolgirls who at 14 or 15 were transported to syria if you join a terror organization we have to find out why we have to tackle these issues properly we're talking about people going to syria. or go into training camps in pakistan people are engaging in acts of terror whether that be fund raising where that be terrorist training or whether it be actual acts of terrorism in terms of violence those sorts of people should no more be treated reasonably than somebody who turns around and says i only murdered this woman because it was a crime of passion the law needs to change membership of terrorist organizations needs to hold a maximum penalty of life in prison and then judges can choose whether that maximum is appropriate on a case by case basis that to me seems sensible. to us journalists claims his former boss and friend hillary clinton distance herself from him because he planned
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to investigate the now disgraced hollywood producer harvey weinstein. who worked for years as clinton special adviser since 2011 when she was u.s. secretary of state harvey weinstein meanwhile donated tens of thousands of dollars to clinton's $26000.00 presidential campaign and that's before the sexual assault scandal unfolded little quarter looks at how investigative journalism generally is going harder in the age of big corporate media. hollywood often portrays investigative journalists as knights in shining armor risking it all to protect the truth is that legal what is it is that we do it for a living what will happen if we don't publish. we will lose the country will lose. i was doing my job and you never want to. hear it because i think you're going to tell this story and we're going to tell it right and reality though snooping around the lives of influential people could have serious repercussions it could land you in trouble even if we're talking about hollywood royalty like ronan farrow he was
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essential to the new yorker's 2017 investigation into rape allegations against harvey weinstein the same one that received the pulitzer prize and through the me too movement into the mainstream before his journalism career farrow worked as a lawyer at one point serving under the then secretary of state hillary clinton as her advisor for global youth issues they made quite the team that is until farah began digging into weinstein's dirty laundry it's remarkable how quickly even people with a long relationship with you will turn if you threaten the centers of power with the sources of funding around them ultimately the results of people out there who operates in that way they're beholden to powerful interests and if you go up against those interests you become radioactive very quickly did you feel pressure from hillary clinton on and her staff raised concerns about the fact that i was working on this story about one of her most significant donors that they had
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bungler of hollywood money not to mention pharaoh's original collaborator and b c refused to publish the weinstein revelations all together but this isn't even the only major story that the mainstream media big wigs have tried to smother a.b.c. anchor amy roebuck recently went public about her investigation into geoffrey epstein's pedophile operation which was killed by the network 3 years ago it was unbelievable what we had with him. i think. i tried for 3 years to get on a veil and now it's coming out examples war well of revelations we had a person on real their whereabouts. get out years ago so is that it have the rich and powerful become so strong that investigative journalism has no place in the 21st century you probably can't reach. you know 1020000000 people with investigative stories that really attack it wealthy and powerful when you do investigative journalism which i do for a career and
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a living and you bump up against the rich and powerful especially if if your publisher is friendly with those who are rich and powerful you. you know you pay a price you either are taken off the beat and given something else to do like write a bit you areas or you are you know in the worst case you're fired. or you're sort of let know that you know your career is not going anywhere there so you should look elsewhere hollywood's got its films about closed and shut cases like watergate but if filmmakers decide to join in the risk investigative journalists take perhaps they'll soon be a movie about the clinton's relationships with weinstein and epstein. authorities in a small canadian town want to change its name because it makes people think of they say asbestos the current name is also bad for local business the name change
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discussion has been brewing for some time there was really a negative perception around us best us we have lost businesses that don't want to establish themselves here because of the name. described as the most dangerous town in canada for many years provided the mineral from which its name derived material used to be the heart of the local economy over the mine closed in 2012. of course used to be widely used as insulation for home use it's been banned there would more than 60 countries around the world the tiny fibers it's made of can be inhaled and cause cancer so locals of the how asbestos though want to hold on to the name. i think to the point of changing their name but it's part of the history of the town showers changing it would be like raising not history so we'll have to find a name that's on a b m i c c i don't want that i spent my entire life for me to not only perhaps for
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the next generation it would be better to change the name but i would prefer to stick to my. past you know they should not change i was raised here it's my hometown and if used to come here because it is dangerous to leave here my entire life and i don't have any problems. we can get some mileage you someone from montreal told me that when people hear the name is best they can. do in the recent years in my house was in the morning just to read this draft and spartacus. it's not a good idea to change the names but this person's mind is no history. power of siberia a gas pipeline is being launched today president vladimir putin will watch as russian gas starts pumping through to feed chinese industries it took 5 years to be built and was the biggest investment project so far for russian companies. the
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power of siberia a pipeline running through mountains swamps and on to red has and i'm fishes project uniting the northern hemisphere is 2nd largest gas producer with the wild 2nd largest gas consumer 3000 kilometers of pipe smoking economic unity and friendship between russia and china are launching today. and for china it couldn't be more timely the country has been increasing amounts of
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gas and with its powerhouse status showing no signs of slowing down it's a trend that looks set to stick around and it's a wonder then that the project has been welcomed with open arms or usual this is a major strategic project for boy lateral energy cooperation it is of great significance to deepening all round corporation between the 2 countries and integrating our interests are pretty pleased at this time of events russia. we are starting the biggest construction projects in the world there will be nothing bigger in this sphere for years to come but this is not about breaking records this is an extremely important project for both russia and china but we all know that energy is a sticky topic and there's no pleasing everyone especially when someone's been cut out of the deal so who could not so wound up at this particular project you guessed it the world's largest producer and consumer of natural gas the united states wants
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. inten is perhaps regretting driving to out cost countries together after waging an economic war with $1.00 and slapping sanctions on the other the us is ongoing trade with china has driven beijing's consumption of america's flagship liquefied natural gas right down a gas like no other part any this one has a unique american flavor. increasing export capacity from the freeport and then g project is critical to spreading freedom gas throughout the world but giving america's allies a diverse in the food will source of clean energy china russia's energy cooperation is a double whammy for the u.s. which is also saying some of its all the gas consumers turning that box on it in a matter of months and not the energy pipeline will stream to will stop flooding europe with the russian gas at a cost cheaper and greener rate than its american alternative washington must be scratching its head to how some european leaders could schon its uniquely favored
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gas in favor of closer ties with moscow despite its best efforts to convince them otherwise so we're taking germany were rejecting friends were to take both of these countries and numerous other countries go out of the pipeline deal with right where this thing is of the others in the coffers of russia that's one of the concerns the president has about nordstrom to why your would voluntarily itself even more to russian energy supplies and we make a tough case about ensuring that germany doesn't become dependent on russian energy we don't want your energy supplies to be depended on whether. as washington's client seems green a pastas maybe it's time for a rethink of its customer service after all no one likes being bought up by an angry cash on no one likes overpaying even if freedom is part of the deal.
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hong kong based political scientist rose of chang told us why because a win win project about russia and china. this is significant for both china and russia china even sun lot in terms of energy security in terms of diversification of use energy sources from the east africa and so on to to the russian siberia it is also significant for russia because it means that it is less and under group in market it opens up the china market with tremendous potential and infrastructure built can also be used to supply oil and natural gas to south korea and japan so there is a lot of potential to develop the asia pacific market in support of the development of soviet of russian far east and eastern siberia in russia.
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more news coming up i just thought of a short break. what politicians do. they put themselves on the line they get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. want to be. too great to be close as you like them before 3 of them or can't be good. interested always in the why. they should. seem wrong. just don't call. me. to say
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proud just being educated and engagement equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. pretty. much the program over to germany now where a change in leadership in one of the ruling coalition parties has left a big question mark hanging over the alliance's future with new people at its helm the social democratic party is expected to tilt further to the left something that's likely to upset their conservative allies parties about his hips us look at how the long standing status quo in german politics could soon change and who may
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fill a vacuum. for decades now german voters have always favored parties in the center of the political spectrum radicals no thing to give us a stable moderate government and the c.d.u. and s.p.d. were always there had been had to meet that demand but some say that this is a little bit too dull well it's because it was but not anymore and might belong in the past if the s.p.d. is leadership is anything to go by meet walter and saskia as also known in germany as the and merkel coalition. the real question is are we able to find dances together to the really important questions and that's far from certain it is the english say with the grand coalition there is no way we can build a fan future there is no future in it so why is the s.p.d. leaving its old palls well it seems that the party is going through its own little
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crisis at the moment and they have been losing one election after the other and the grand coalition seems to be losing its popularity so in a desperate move to win more voters the social democrats are turning to socialism one the one raise minimum wage increase infrastructure and will for spending something straight out of coral marxist book no doubt and the party is going even further left calling for the country's largest brants to be put under collective ownership and nothing less without great civilization overcoming capitalism is inconceivable the key factor is not the distribution of profits is controlled democratically as the s.p.d. is moving closer to the red corner the blue or right wing corner seems to be going through its own little struggle they've made opposition party alternative for germany is even more popular now in the eastern states causing major headaches for the center right c.b. hugh as the eye if they pushed merkel's party into 3rd place in the latest
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elections in 3rd. the shell shocked to see you was even forced to sit down and have a dialogue with the very anti immigration party that they wants labeled as nazis and colleagues from the f.t. faction are just as good as those from any other factions i see the a 50 is a conservative party almost 25 percent of voters gave that ballots to the party and i don't agree with this tendency to portray the all is nazis and the already smelled blood. tar there will come a day when we can see do you only one option. if you are expecting the alternative for germany party to embrace and into mainstream politics you'll be disappointed even film time during the 2 day congress led the centrist c.d.u. and s.p.d. and the new leader that got elected doesn't seem that he wants the change the agenda and why what he this is what got the party votes in the 1st place as the
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popularity of the centrist party is all fades voters find comfort in the corners of the political spectrum blue or red some say that this is just a temporary reaction while others believe this is a permanent change eventually for r.t. . and your team has just taken off the e.u. commission with germany's. president they've pledged to keep the book united and fight for democratic values have a more guns there for sport and some possible complications. it's all about perspective if you're standing here the european union looks like an apex democracy freer than free fairer than fair if you budge over and stand here it's an increasingly all for a tarion club ruled by a cabal of a few dozen commissioners who no one ever elected and who only to the same
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people that elected them there's nothing scandalous about comparing the soviet union and the e.u. both have only one right ideology and the boones of that ideology are considered to be repressed living both unions unthinkable the european union of soviet socialist republics it's catchy and don't forget this is the eastern european saying so stonier back in the days of the u.s.s.r. complained about having to pay unelected commissars in moscow so they bailed when they could joined up with the european union and now they're complaining that they have to a bay unelected commissioners in brussels commissars and the commissioners it was 10 years ago by the way that the 1st comparison or one of the 1st was made by a soviet this event it is no accident that the european parliament reminds me of the supreme soviet it looks like the supreme soviet because it was designed like it
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similarly when you look at the european commission it looks like the politburo they are exactly the same unaccountable to anyone not directly elected by anyone it's all on paper or rather on the front cover it looks different europeans elect the european parliament which sounds important but in reality is virtually powerless their ultimate power is that they can recommend things to the european commission which can then entirely ignore the will of the people and. do whatever it wants like draft a new 5000 page long regulation and how to safely and securely screw in light bulbs exactly like the soviet police they don't have to answer to anyone they obey no one and packages being independent they command they decide they authorize a couple of dozen unelected commissioners dictate the fate of 500000000
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european citizens. those seasons feel excluded from you decision making they have only indirect sway they're like the european parliament but that body holds little power this is the notion that the us something opposed democracy you can always hurt but you have no genuine choice which was almost exactly the case with the u.s.s.r. supreme council the supreme soviet they were elected representatives of the people and exercised the bad as much power as christmas tree decorations there was hope for the european union manfred weber a candidate running for the european commission presidency wanted to end power parliament and weaken the commission introduce some accountability naturally his career ambitions ended early in the u.s.s.r.
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no one went against the police bureau in the e.u. no one messes with a commission the problem with commissars and commissioners is that inevitably when you give someone too much power and too much space they use it it changes them and they change the system they live in everything with red tape they stall everything with bureaucracy change becomes the enemy the u.s.s.r. tried it and failed miserably and god alone knows why the europeans think they'll fare and the better. stray bullet coming up next on the documentary channel exploring criminal justice system in new jersey we're back at 10 a most good time with another global news right now. and once started for greenwald on the side of those nations which for us you know and best solution was there a commission to search one of the foremost yes was
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a no no good job no correct needed in some tricks to teach the. group shouldn't be whether. it's in the ring on the side on the wire the 20 points he never talks in the 3rd can tell you the how to. use it without holding her it's a good time to use consistent coverage courage or a bit of crimes were you able to establish where the phone was across. the $24.00 to the generation system poorish you say that just comes with time. that. say an economy has and i meant the work was from scientists from south africa nation state and in fact it's well it's. no total nonsense it's. been to your heart. and you're still on the road you have mr gross of course will. testify that my
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client there are more is a number of pretenders there. and. you don't have any role whatsoever of the investigation of this case evolving. further of genesis recall right and you have no personal information whatsoever with regard to how this murder took place if. you weren't there where it was you did see fire the shots did you know the thing for. the caller. let's talk about some and you were arrested on september 21st 2015 for the distribution of possession of the intent to distribute drugs correct those cases still tenuous not been resolved it was another pending charge you were arrested on july 6th of 2016 percent harold rath. that's not yet been resolved i guess as you sit here today
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testifying on behalf of the scape those 2 pending charges have not yet been resolved is that correct to. target started as a 57 you recognize that all that's your statements of the police do. when you say that. you said that you were sweeping up a little bit correct. but the fact is your own sweep you were selling drugs correct it'll blow up. for the part. of this it will be through the home through the through your face names on the record. how do you see the hope it will resume 6 showpiece in oregon you know leaders want to move the 3 a calendar a normal good month it could have been sort of i'm not impressed with.
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ted it was really hard to kofi since i found the scene you were never able to connect those showcases with any specific or. i don't know if a company or the recovery. of the 3 or possibly. very well as you know. if you could still be. there your pocket but the evidence that we have. since you were there that's the problem that's that's the problem so me personally i roll but i'm not letting people decide my fate and they get their own opinions on what went down that's what i ask not what i want i want to know what.


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