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even more automobiles want to write this i want to ride a bicycle movement it's global and it's going the world is going to go it's going to change. the. u.s. house democrats really said their report in the next chapter of the donald trump impeachment inquiry outlining claims the president abused his position for personal political gain. to celebrate the military alliance is 70th anniversary but some hail its success question its relevance today. and we have proven every day that. even though. the u.s.
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president tries to force the hand of his french counterpart in support of the military alliance and the threat of a crippling it. doesn't get a fall in line donald trump apparently has some other ideas. that. are broadcasting live from our studios in moscow this is our team international and john thomas certainly. and democrats on the u.s. house intelligence committee have published their report detailing how president trump allegedly abused his office for personal gain and solicited interference from ukraine in the 2020 election the release of the 300 page document which is based on testimony given in a series of closed door and public hearings marks the start of a new phase in the impeachment. assess how he's come up and has been taking
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a look. while the report from the house intelligence committee democrats essentially alleges 2 things about donald trump 1st it alleges that he conditioned military aid to ukraine on an announcement that would have been beneficial to his reelection campaign and secondly it alleges that he obstructed the house of representatives impeachment inquiry investigation now adam schiff representing democrats came forward and painted a pretty grim pricks here donald trump and his activities this is adam schiff this report chronicles a scheme by the president i'd states to coerce an ally ukraine that is at war with an adversary russia into doing the pleasure of the president's political dirty work and he was willing to sacrifice the national security of the united states by withholding military aid and diplomatic recognition in the form of that white house
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meeting in order to get what he wanted now before departing the country on monday donald trump dismissed the allegations that were expected to be leveled in this report this is what donald trump said prior to leaving the country before the report was released by the radical. democrats decide what i'm going to set up a year ago that what i'm doing that was. one of the most important. thing. for them to be doing saying putting the feet of the table which. i grew up with in a recent interview the ukrainian leaders the lenski also dismissed these allegations about president trump behavior and interactions with him look i never talked to the president from the position of a quid pro quo that's not my thing i don't want us to look like bagus now before this report was released. on monday we had
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a report from the republicans that was released it was 123 pages long and the defendant the actions of u.s. president donald trump saying that his dealings with ukraine had not been appropriate and had not violated the law and many are continuing to point toward the timing of the release of this report the fact that donald trump is out of the country celebrating the 70th anniversary of nato the north atlantic treaty organization that many have pointed to the timing of the report as being somewhat suspicious however while some are looking at the report and saying it shows very very damning evidence against donald trump others are looking at the report and saying it's simply a rehash of long discredited allegations different views from different sides of the political spectrum here in the united states what we have here is unprecedented and no one knows what it means because it means nothing let's assume the president is impeached so let's assume he's tried in the senate and they vote on
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a super majority $67.00 votes to remove him which is impossible but let's say through some act of god or he is removed can he run for president again and the answer to most legal questions of course is it depends but the answer is yes it's still unsure the constitution provides you can impeach as in the cases of judges you can impeach somebody and prevent them as a part of the sentence in almost a separate proceeding to keep them from ever running again but absent that additional ruling or an additional finding that they can never seek office again there is nothing to prevent a president from being impeached tried removed. running again and being reelected. has been
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a landmark day for nato with of the leaders of its member states that convening in london to mark the military alliances 70th anniversary having been hit by a series of high profile disputes in recent months including over defense spending it's looking to promote internal unity at the summit and it would seem the organizations chief has been feeling optimistic. and that is your breakfast president trump. it also soul was a good breakfast. brought tolls total oranges purchased. as always paid by the states so. we asked people in london for their thoughts on nato and its successes today. most people what they think are the main 3 achievements of nature. i'm not going to even though. in terms of achievements know very little i don't
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know what it's about have no idea of any avantage of me tell you what you know i honestly don't know anything if i don't see the flag see the day and only my husband recognize what it was who it's a good question. let me think of a little bit. so one is probably yeah to be honest i don't have i don't have even one. day one laptop and leaders headed to buckingham palace for a reception within the queen crowds gathered in central london in protest some adopted the slogan no to trump no to nato is how it was excellent. as donald trump and other world leaders arrive in london for the nato summit these protesters have gathered with many different fighters many different causes coming together we see how the site. against the potential to run we've seen many other battles against the good as it were good in the new libya but also in the course of the whole
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domestically many fan is in support of the n.h.s. national health service and one for just fear could be an attempt to privatized the n.h.s. in the in the event of a post briggs a trade deal between the us and the u.k. not something that's long been feared by those particularly on the left it is. the kay and were expecting a number of n.h.s. workers national health service workers to join this protest as well in order to show their solidarity not just against donald trump and nato but also again on those domestic issues and earlier i was joined by. the belgian and she worked to visit also alexander noir the german parliamentarian who gave me their views on everything to do with donald trump. we are here because we want to protest a nato summit is taking place today and tomorrow and we are doing this because for
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example the nato is forcing its member states to increase their difference budget for my country for example belgium it means doubling defense budgets while we are asked to have an austerity policy and the same time they are transferred using this money to transform armies into intervention armies we have seen what this means in libya or in afghanistan destabilizing countries and sold another important issue is the confrontation policy to towards russia which is exactly creating this kind of arms race so there are many many issues why we have to oppose nato that's why we are here if hypothetically tomorrow nato ceased to exist would not create perhaps a security vacuum a security problem in europe that would lead to war instability this is an old argument done by the conservatives a little word i don't think so what we need is a new security architecture what i say to the security collective want to bloody all stop this is what helps. to secure. the alliances that chief also says
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he expects the member states to agree on methods to further strengthen the block at the summit that is despite growing divisions inside the organization itself as artie's mccarran reports. happy birthday nato that's 70 years of strategic economic and security stability especially if you ask them yourself we or we are proving every day that this alliance this. is our joy is active and it's that liberating nato is the most successful alliance in history that strive to join showing the historic suspects of no 2 on the liberal nato and they does been the most successful alliance in the history and the reason why nato is the most successful launch and history is that we have been able to change in the world is changing but not everyone is in a party mood the thing is the alliance members just don't get along as well as they used to. the advent of donald trump s 13 least which stopped the dynamics
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nato is obsolete it covers the soviet union which is no longer in existence this led to questions over whether the alliance can even survive donald trump perhaps in an effort to mollify him nato has announced a new spending projections and a new formula which will spread the costs of the alliance in central budget between its members a move that might prevent any more embarrassing trump tirades aimed at his nato partners the relationship with nato has been very good the relationship with the secretary general's been outstanding i said it was obsolete it's no longer absolutely but the truth is he's not the only potential party pooper. in october this year president emmanuel mccrone of france stole the spotlight when he dubbed nato strategically brain dead while questioning the validity of article 5 of its founding treaty that is the commitment to collective security system of the
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defense critic nato is a collective defense alliance against who and what is organizing who is our common enemy what are our common issues these are questions that deserve clarification but this idea. it's quite similar to the one expressed by another dissatisfied nato member turkey. turkey has not received the kind of robust support it expected from nato in recent years meanwhile turkey's president appeared to demonstrate his true feelings towards the alliance when he chose to spend money on russian defense systems rather than american so what exactly the model that nato member but despite these similar complaints about nato tensions have escalated between turkey and france in recent weeks with mccracken warning turkey it that it cannot expect solidarity with its nato allies if it continues to carry out military operations in syria was a response only up the ante so. i'm talking to france's president emanuel
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macron also say that nato 1st of all have your own brain death checked. as for the u.k.'s boris johnson well there's a lot of us are a gathering could not have come at a worse time. for boris is clearly invested in maintaining the special relationship with the us he knows that a loose lips trump giving a glowing endorsement could be catastrophic donald trump is coming to terms very shortly he offered his support for you and indeed for michael ignatieff are wrong on this radio station is that welcome what he what we don't do traditionally. as loving allies and friends what we do traditionally is is get involved in each other's election can speed when nato was forms the common goal was clear to stand against the u.s.s.r. but i think that once held the alliance together is now the missing piece what is nader's biggest threat today. uncertainty and unpredictability we haven't
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identified one main target but we see a much more complex a much more unpredictable security landscape with a more assertive russia and nato needs a purpose and result russia as an enemy they have no real purpose so it is propaganda to have russia as an aggressor and this is a good reason to buy a lot of. rocket bases and so on and so on most probably they will continue to accuse russia to be an aggressor so they have a reason of existing and they would continue to buy arms billions of dollars and this is not the very good contribution to peace in the. but tensions in the alliance were on full display during a joint news conference between the american and french presidents or his day before their marriage donald trump had described
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a suggestion that nato is in terminal decline as nasty the pair then went on to joust over a range of issues in front of reporters including the fate of european isis fighters in this bizarre exchange. for the right for. you. when you are little pieces. or enough over mine to go wrong on this for me from the c.e.o. from the big. one will hire uses he. is more he's a great politician because that was where we're going to not hear if you're going to hurt or. just hours before that meeting of the u.s. president threatened to impose huge tariffs on french goods including cheese and champagne parties have more. to add into those tensions that nato
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there is even if the simmering tensions between france and the us this comes after the u.s. has threatened to add more taxes on french products in retaliation for the so-called gaffe attacks this is a tax on digital joints such as google amazon or facebook and apple suggesting it will levy those taxes of up to $2400000000.00 some of that product such as champagne on luxury goods such as handbags and also the famous french cheese some of these products could see taxes of up to 100 percent doubling that price for u.s. consumers now the u.s. trade representative's office has said that this so-called gaffa tax is discriminatory and trump escaped out against that tax saying front's will not be taking advantage of his watch. friends say terrorists are on our companies again these are companies that are against you know they were against free if i read the papers correctly or whatever we're going to be we're going to be there
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supposed to be very powerful and you know one so maybe they're not so her but there are companies i don't want to bridge trashing american companies if they're going to be taxed it's going to be. well for france's part they think that they have a right to the slice of the pie of the profits of these big digital giant saying it's unfair that they've chosen to put the european headquarters in low tax countries and that's why they slap this 3 percent levy on these companies this year and the french finance minister says he's furious it is unacceptable that america is now threatening more taxes. this is unacceptable behavior by the united states. stew was one of its main allies france and europe in general in case of new american sanctions the european union would be ready to respond. into the mix of the other tensions we've seen over the past 2 years between the 2 administrations
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things such as the iranian nuclear accords and of course the us administration pulling out of the paris climate accords and it looks like there's going to be lot of discussions a lot of faces at this meeting meeting an unlikely that they're going to be popping the champagne corks as they should be celebrating the end of this story. popular free dating apps and such as tinder and others owned by the company match group are not protecting their users from sex offenders on their platforms and you investigation has found out the investigators took a look at more than $150.00 incidents of sexual assaults over the last decade they found that the majority of victims were women who met their attackers through match apps in 10 percent of the cases they were matched with men who had already been accused or convicted of sex crimes match group which owns many of the most
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popular apps says they conduct a background checks on their users but only for paid memberships a representative for the company admitted that there are definitely registered sex offenders using their free services at the same time the company claims they do not agree with the investigations results and that they are unable to get the necessary data to screen millions of users for criminal background checks. well let's put this issue up for debate with political analyst chadwick moore and a women's rights advocate reese everson to you both thanks for being with us this is a highly charged topic to be sure. so to both of you i'm just going to open it up throw it out there there have been many cases of sexual assaults where the parties met through dating apps such as tinder do you think that they should also be responsible for that as well son i think that. they're mad.
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risa go ahead you started chadwick will gets in there in a 2nd go ahead. ok the matzoh group based on the findings of this study has not taken the steps necessary to screen any of the people that are on the free platform that's something that they've acknowledged why not take a small percentage of the profits from any of these companies that they own and simply do background screening from according to a similarly situated company which was true dot com they were able to pay only a $1000000.00 a year the magic group is a $1000000000.00 company there's no reason why they couldn't allocate just a small portion of their revenue to screen the people on their abject still that there is just a smaller since of increased safety it's a precaution it's a measure but it's deserved what he said.
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i think we should i probably have the exact same goal protecting women and to make sure this doesn't happen now my concern would be and i agree that the match group is $1700000000.00 company the i'm in the $1000000.00 number seems very low but that could absolutely be true my concern is these companies are in a aren't tory asli slimy they lie all the time in their increasingly authoritarian so if you start if they if you're if they're suddenly saying that we want in order to join the service we want to perform background checks on everyone who joins 1st of all that would kill the business and they know it i think that's why they're being a little covertly about this because even though these companies probably do have all this information about you necessary they don't want to admit that they don't want to admit that they basically know everything about you and at the same time where does it end it is essentially goes so so they can put flags in your profile if you were arrested for minor drug offense nobody's going to want to join these apps with these kind of if they're doing that they're being this invasive out
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background checks with that said people maybe. be on them especially women ladies if you want to meet a nice man and go to church that's your best shot at it and not only are these dangerous for women but it's destroying women but it's absolute destroying women women have now this generation especially has gotten so sucked into hookup culture it's destroying their sexual market value it's making them miserable and alone so just give up the dating apps if you don't perform your own background checks on in your own time with your own money get off go to church go to community center meet men elsewhere because these apps are really bad for society she was like you have something to say reese. utterly preposterous 1st of all there is no link that connects needing someone on an app to hook up culture yes to there has been advertised initially as an app for young people who are just looking to hook
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up but it's evolved in people that are professionals and young adults or even more mature adults are using it to find marriage and the love of their life so that's not it but here's the 2nd thing we're not going to restrict women from using the internet because there are predators and who are sexual predators that are known to these companies so here's what we need we need the companies to take a moral stance or at least have some sort of responsibility to protect the women that utilize their app by screening these people when is it going to be a panacea is it going to be a one stop solution absolutely not but at the end of the day we do desire for these companies to at least take the step into the right direction and to say oh well you know we just have to get off the internet altogether no women are being targeted by men whether it's in person or online whether it's at church i mean if you think about it there is one other thing up and screams people for sexual predators you
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bring up a good point there about the screening the offenders. themselves they have a responsibility they're breaking the law in some cases if they have been convicted of trying to use this as a predatory type thing do you think that dating sites and apps are placing their users in danger by not better screening sex offenders what he said of that absolutely think of who else screens over screens oberst green i don't know if you can look i agree oh no we're not talking over because of that. go ahead. why do you want to put your safety and your health then they'll be saying women need to get off the internet i'm just saying it would be they'd have happier lives if they were trying to do it on the internet but why do you want to put that kind of power on these monolithic tech companies that are notoriously bad actors when it comes to handling people's data when it comes to you know banning people for no reason by the way i've been kicked off dating apps for saying i'm a trump supporter so these companies shouldn't you should not be trusted with any
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kind of information you can't trust these companies to tell you who's good and who's bad you need to take that into your own hands so if you meet someone do a background check before you get before you go out on a date and up saying you know banned women from dating apps i'm simply saying you shouldn't rely on this and why do you want to company you can't you can't ever trust any of these companies like you can't ever trust a government to ensure to ensure your own safety get a gun ladies protect yourselves a legal handgun and do your own homework and do your own background check and by the way raise your daughters that way ok and we don't and by the way these incidences are obviously extremely rare and you know by and large the vast majority of men are not sexual predators they're not hunting the streets this isn't the congo but pit to take your own safety into your own hands get a gun do the work yourself don't put your faith into some tech company in silicon valley i want to bring up a point about the fact that these are very easy to use they're easy to register for
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and we've been talking about adults up to this point what about kids when kids start using them do you have a responsibility there and how do you protect kids from predators online. so that's the other thing there was a case where a young lady was 12 years old and she was sexually assaulted by a person that she met on tender. and to an extent honestly quite so that's how a 12 year old had a cell phone that she could utilize tender on and more importantly that she was able to go and meet someone and so yes there is a modicum of of responsibility that the parents have to provide when supervising their children and making sure that they are not where there or there where they're supposed to be that's true but here's the thing we have apps like google who screen their drivers because they provide a public service of being able to transport people from one place to another tender and match dot com also provides somewhat of a public service allowing people to meet online versus going out in public and
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that's fine but what we require from these companies is that they are willing to at least do the work on their end and what we're seeing from the match group is that they're completely unwilling they don't have a program or what to do in the event that someone is raped they actually don't have a process for dealing with that in-house their employees have complained that they have to sort it out on their own so my issue is with the company taking the steps that it needs to take so bottom line where do we go from this i mean there's a responsibility on the people who are using the side of the responsibility on the people who are registering with the site itself and then there's the law enforcement where do we find safety when this all comes down to it. what i would like to see is for you to allow people to opt out.
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just really quick i think the app should allow people to average out of the way sort of match with people who are sorry about that i think they actually allow people to act out of matching with people who have been reported for sexual assault abuse and for people who have have known sexual predator history. chadwick. and that's that's i mean that's obviously a good approach but i just i simply don't think it'll work if we don't train people to start looking out for themselves you know maybe one thing they could do is make it very easy within the app to look up local police records to look at the person yourself or just give you resources or advice i don't necessarily think that the comparison with works i mean there are over 5000000 people went in there and they're not contract employees like drivers are so obviously if you're contracted employer employee that absolutely 100 percent yes the background check i think we're very very much on the same page here about wanting to protect people i just
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simply think you can never trust these companies and you just need to have a more aware and smarter citizenry and makes better choices all right thank you guys i wish we had more time to discuss this we could talk for hours i'm sure and again that's chadwick more and reese evers thank you very much for being with us here everson sorry about that thanks we're going to hear in our international and of course the views of our guests our there's not ours here at our t.v. that's just a great disclaimer you're watching to international back with more news of the top the hour stay with us. on this but it's something we can be so there's reason to believe that. yeah the if it wasn't the elsewhere. you thought the whole don't be good russia think was over forget it. but it's still part 2 of the full meal to throw away a couple of through what we actually have the most the summer's mazel so you did.
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rush now it's eligibility for the international competition says that state this includes events likely to kill him picks and the fee for world cup and guitar. bass if he stays goes i think it is going to sit on the i mean that you know when you can you know if the human body is not a show wheelchair it's not. just. as it was 4 years ago the moscow anti-doping lab is at the center of this scandal. tampered with the duping samples database and one does. have to do with it. a new mug she's just one starter for i mean you could ask me what is the pressure on the shoes for. me in the front of it all the world there are so the publishing they're doing is noble.


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