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and i'm french born washington here's a look at what we have on deck today after a major slide in stocks on trade worries slightly jumped on reassurances from the u.s. president richard wolfe a professor at the university of massachusetts amherst joins us to sift through the shaky market in the latest telecom threats plus rules undergone a major shake up amid antitrust threats from some of the nation's top political figures walk ins of simpler trading joins the show to break down the details of how the move or how interest concerns have ramped up and later. and major companies are continuing to ramp up their investment in space exploration r.t. correspondents brings us the latest from the ground in los angeles on how major companies are launching their own space programs we have so much to get to today so let's go . and we begin here with the latest claim by president trump regarding the u.s. china trade talks because as of today president trump says the talks are going very
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well this of course is more positive than what the president said on tuesday when he indicated that a trade deal might have to wait until after the 2020 election we'd be clear here every time the president says that the trade deal may take a little bit longer stocks take a dive which didn't requires the president to say that a deal was close or the talks are going well in order to bring the market back up and that's exactly what happened on wednesday after the president made his statement to reporters at a meeting of nato leaders in london say the president said quote discussions are going very well and we'll see what happens and then sure enough proof like magic stocks rebounded on wednesday as the president also indicated that the 2 sides are closer to agreement on how many tariffs would be rolled back in the states one of the deal and another trade deal on the horizon the japanese parliament on wednesday approved a trade deal with the united states which was negotiated by the 2 contract leaders earlier this year the deal which cut tariffs between the 2 nations will go into effect. at the start of 2020 after the deal was made between president donald trump
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and japanese prime minister shinzo abbay in september the us president said the trade deal will open the door for 7000000000 dollars in u.s. beef and agricultural products to be sent to japan with tariffs lowered or removed on beef pork wheat cheese corn and wine now in the deal a 2.5 percent tariff on japanese vehicles will still remain in place japan is currently america's 3rd largest trading partner for foreign products importing roughly $14000000000.00 worth of products per year now joining us to discuss the latest in the u.s. trade is richard wolffe professor of economics at the university of m. hurst and host of the economic update professor wolf it is so good to have you here today. i want to i wanted to start with this trade deal between the u.s. and japan because i couldn't help but think about the fact that the obama administration had to go she did the transpacific partnership which did include japan but it was widely disliked by the labor community and members of his own
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party due to some not knowing what was in the deal due to fast track but is this deal to go should by president trump a better deal for the u.s. than the transpacific partnership. no the simple answer is simply no let me explain in the t.p.t. that was negotiated by obama which had a lot of problems it's not a question of liking it or disliking it when trump withdrew from that unilaterally the other countries didn't they went ahead and canada australia and they have very important in these meet and beef movements they all stayed together and that put the united states as an at a disadvantage because the t p p that they stayed with lowered the terrorists on for example canadian and australian beef into japan all that these new deals have done is give the united states back to get them back. to where the other countries are it's a kind of
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a catch up by mr trump so he can look like he won't make deals like t.p. p. and then when all the dust clears all he's done is made a private arrangement with japan to get the united states back to where it would have been anyway if it had stayed with a t p p this is a classic game in which your posturing as being mr tough guy who doesn't go along and then quietly later on making the deals to go along after all so professor voted take a macro look at this trade deal especially with what happened there with the t p p and now this unilateral deal in your opinion or just factually are you know admiral deals generally worse than a multilateral deal like the t p p. no it varies depends on what's in these 2 agreements there's no necessary better or worse it's a question of how you work things out the more the economy is globalized which has
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been going on now for decades the more reasonable it becomes to get a deal once and for all get everybody around the table and kind of work it out otherwise every time you negotiate a new deal one on one with another country all the people you negotiated with last month or last year feel that they have been left out that they need an update now you have to renegotiate everything it's a chaotic disorganized system so in general folks prefer the general agreements it's harder to get the agreement but you have more something real to hang on to and remember farmers and businesses have to plan months years ahead they need this ability which are one on one arrangement would be almost certain to on do so mr trump postures the tough guy who's not going to go along and not going to be cheated but what he's actually doing is introducing the very uncertain t. that is. the problem for so many businesses which is why they are so questioning
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i'm being polite here what the president is doing let's move on to the china u.s. trade talks and i know you have a lot to say about this on tuesday the trouble in the strait and said might have to wait until after the 2020 election for a deal to get done and then of course on wednesday change that the president said as i just mentioned the talks are going very well so here's the thing professor are we in a position now where as we've talked about before there really isn't going to be a significant deal either way a lot of this is just posturing by both china and the u.s. ultimately but is this a game being played to kind of game the stock market because every time he says no deal he goes down and so he's got to bring it back up and if he essentially artificially pumping up the market to make it look like the stock market is doing well. well i think the way to understand this is to focus on your 1st point where i think you really hit the nail on the head nothing fundamental is going to change
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the chinese have a model that has given them economic growth that is the envy of the world this year they will grow 6 plus percent the united states will go 2 plus percent it speaks for itself they're not going to change something that has worked so well for them so that they are now the number 2 economy in the world is simply not going to happen mr trump can't make it happen and it isn't going to happen so what we're left with is a little details here or there yeah they'll cut a tariff here they'll cut another one they're each side will claim that they stuck to their guns and they really did well that's for their domestic political support but we're watching shadowboxing game here that isn't real nothing fundamental is going to change i think this stock market stuff is stuff that nobody else cares about the people playing the stock market see an up and down they can make some money there but the president is busy playing a political game he's trying to get reelected and he's trying. to keep the
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attention on him not his impeachment not his problems but where he can posture as the savior of the american economy and fighting the chinese and all of that drama is positive for him especially given the problems his actual situation creates for him here in the united states professor wolf sticker on the theme of china there's the big nato summit going on right now in london and the need to secure a 5 g. communications came up during the summit which of course brought up the issue of chinese telecom giant weiwei now president trump said when asked about the use of y.y. tech in 5 g. implementation i do think it's a security risk it's a security danger i mean we've talked about this before but it is the u.s. is going to continually be left behind as they make these points about why our way over and over again to try and get back at china. absolutely it is a process in which i think we will all be looking back at mr trump's regime and saying this was a time when the united states economically speaking was shooting itself in the foot
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this makes no sense why way announced over and over again what everybody who knows about technology already knew which is they are the leader in 5 g. technology they've been mad for a year or 2 now they've now produced their own smart phone with no us components they're racing ahead every other country was making deals with wild way it's a kind of peculiar argument this national security argument until the chinese caught up and surpassed the united states everyone in the world was using u.s. equipment and they were worried about the national security implications suddenly when the chinese are a real competitor everybody's worried about the national security implications the weiwei has promised and many european countries have accepted this promise that they will not do anything that is not understood by the west and accepted by the west that is the deal. it has to be made by them and they would be self-defeating
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if they undermine their own deal they need to grow all they want the world as are our system or just as apple and google and amazon do and that's the real driver of what's going on the host of the economic update professor richard wolfe thank you so much for joining us today. my pleasure thank you. but we are now only hours away from the saudi aramco i.p.o. price is being locked and so far what has been billed as what could be the world's largest i.p.o. has not disappointed the summer 4th is the end of the book building process that's for allocating shares to institutional buyers we're talking about asset managers insurers and pension funds well so far the institutional tranche of saudi aramco as i.p.o. have been almost 3 times oversubscribed receiving orders worth $189000000000.00 reals which is worth about $50000000000.00 when i say it again the saudi aramco
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i.p.o. has been 3 times oversubscribed oversubscribed is the term for when i.p.o.'s demand is greater than the number of shares issued typically i.p.o.'s in saudi arabia tend to be subscribed many times over although the unprecedented size of a saudi aramco listing means its harder to benchmark the level of demand around co as previously said that point 5 percent of the offering will be allocated to retail investors and would leave about one percent or $2000000000.00 shares for institutional buyers again this deal could be the world's biggest i.p.o. if it tops the 25000000000 dollar listing of online shopping site ali baba well meanwhile speaking of oil opec says that it expects to deepen production cuts later this week but still has to get agreement from allies like russia which is not a part of opec and instead is part of a grouping known as opec plus opec plus has been curbing output since 2017 trying to counter the oversupply as a result of booming output here in the u.s. which has become the world's biggest oil producer and will not be taking part in
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these cuts. time now for a quick break but hang here because when we return there has been a major shake up in the tech sector as google continues facing heat from regulators to do walk ins of simpler trading joins us just after the break to dig into the recent moves and how a trust threat may have played a role plus a new space for. this is heating up but with some new actors and with some new goals are to correspondent. helps us understand how companies are racing to launch their own stellar explorations as we go to break here the numbers at the close. in a world of big. and conspiracy it's time. to
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dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell. we need to be smart we need to stop slamming the door. and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. they put themselves on the line they did accept the rejected. so when you want to be president. wanted. to go on the road this is like the 3 of them or people. interested always in the waters in the. city. up until recently politics were
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about policy preferences and ways to implement them that is not the case today your political views are now what define you as a person and there is a moral dimension bias against those who are not politically correct is the last acceptable form. of discrimination this is the end of. the european union's tendency to believe that. it represents europe has long been a major gripe for russia but as the e.u. experiences significant internal difficulties it is started to reassess what it is and what it stands for what does that process mean for the countries sharing the continent with.
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one major shift at google as the company's long serving c.e.o. and president are both stepping down from google's parent company alphabet larry page and sergey brin are stepping down as state and federal regulators along with the department of justice and congress are taking a look at google's possible abuse of privacy practices and whether antitrust laws are needed to curb their market power as we reported google is facing a heavy scrutiny here in the united states but has received several enormous fines in the for violating privacy standards page in britain they have already disappeared from public view at least in the role of company representatives and it will be no surprise that sunder shah who acts as the chief executive of google has been groomed to take over alphabet so he'll run the whole the u.s. semiconductor giant qualcomm says it will appeal a south korean court's ruling on wednesday to uphold 873 $1000000.00 fine over antitrust concerns the time really was initially imposed by the korean fair trade
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commission in 2016 citing unfair business practices regarding patent licensing and sales of their mobile modem chips the fine in question was the highest ever levied by the k f t c judge no tape of the soul of the high court says in its ruling the defendant exerted a significant influence over mobile phone. manufacturers either through unfair relationships or making them depend on the dependents supplies of my modem chipsets qualcomm continues to face antitrust suits throughout the world including one by the us federal trade commission now ben i actually want to bring you into this conversation because we just had those to begin to address stories and you've been covering this for quite some time and it appears we're hearing more about these maybe they're not more actual suits but we're hearing more about it in the news why are we seeing more and more about this of these unfair competitive practices being like publicly yeah i think i think the question is do they ever actually become suits or are they just threats write veiled threats about size look tech companies have done something that really has not happened in
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a very long time if you go back to the original purpose of antitrust all the way back to teddy roosevelt right antitrust was done in order to bust monopolies and to create fairness in the marketplace we really haven't seen companies expand the way that tech companies have until recently and so what happened with these tech companies is they aren't just massive tech companies they're in the everything so we talk about google right being involved in health care and google being involved in the cloud computing amazon being you know not just an online retailer but also doing a department of defense contracts the bottom line is these companies are enormous and they're in so many areas and the thing they have in common that needs to be broken up is the tech part of it the fact that they have all this essentially data on consumers and they're using that data to transfer across industry and across companies and i think that's where you'll see the break and now we've we've seen you know these big fines but for a company like facebook or google or even qualcomm who is one of the largest chip makers in the world you know they don't do anything they don't hurt the company
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because it doesn't bother their bottom line in fact facebook had set their money aside so what is really going to be done to affect these companies yes the fines are a joke the only way you affect them is to either break them up or to ban them in certain countries in fact what i would say is that the fines are actually a positive if you're a google or an alphabet or you know the. look you benefit from fines and the reason for that is because it essentially creates a system where you don't get competition necessarily coming in because competitors can't pay the fines but the behemoths can so that so the fines are actually positive for you because you set aside as you said facebook sets aside $4000000000.00 as we can pay fines on the giant bucket of money but your competitors can't they can't come along and do that well this is interesting we're going to follow because we see more of this more and more of this every single day so let's bring in t.v. watchers and. the director of stocks simply trading to give us a little bit of insight on what this is doing to these company's bottom lines and what the what it's doing to the markets thank you so much for joining us today. has gone great so even though qualcomm is facing this $873000000.00 fine from
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a south korean court the american chip maker is still thriving in fact on tuesday they unveiled their new snapdragon 865 processor 5 g. phones to be released next year and the chip will power show me is me 10 and the high end models by another chinese manufacturer apo qualcomm stock is down more than 10 points over the last month but where can we expect it to go i mean you've seen these big contracts. well coming from my perspective from simpler trading and being somebody that looks at the market and stocks and charts you know the chart for qualcomm is in an uptrend and it's looking fine we look back a little over a month ago they had earnings and the price skyrocketed for earnings and coming from our world and what we look at it just outran support outran it's moving averages support and we say well what comes up must come down and it's coming back down to some major support levels and we're looking at that just saying well you know when it goes up like that sometimes they just look for news to bring it back down but overall qualcomm is in an uptrend and it's looking just fine just kind of
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need to get back down to some reality and start walking back up. you know images just a minute ago about the heads of alphabet both stepping down at the same time how much of this do you think is actually to prepare the way for sudden or push i to take over the company and not be as related necessarily the antitrust is just their time has passed. yeah i would seem quite a bit like that you know i would say 1st of all having one leader one boss is better than having 3 you know there's kind of a teamwork there that might have kind of out run its time its duration the other thing there's really no piece of information that's very interesting is that this year is a record year for c.e.o. departures from u.s. based company i don't little over 1100 and the only other one that's come close to this was 2008 so it might be that there's actually something bigger going on or maybe there's a generational thing but there's something about this year where a lot of c.e.o.'s are departing and the google situation might just be kind of one
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of those in this bigger broader range of what's going on you know i know you said you know it may be the time here but i mean what does google actually have to could be concerned about here alfabet if you will in this move with their c.e.o. stepping down with some type of you know as we talked about the antitrust i mean is this something that concerns number one investors and the company is more antitrust lawsuits coming against google. as far as the investors there have been really seem to be any kind of problem i mean google's been up it's been doing well over the last several weeks if not a few months you know we just don't see anything really wrong or bad as far as the stock in the performance of google itself and as far as the you know what's going on with the rest of them you know we're starting to see that there might be a little bit more political pressure going on you know some of the candidates that are out there trying to run for president are talking about breaking up big tech and that there might be some pressures coming from that the other thing is that with all this technology that's come out there there might be a need
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a new breed of c.e.o.'s that need to come out in order to run these companies that it's a new era for them and they're trying to adjust. yeah it's kind of fascinated when you look at the fact that right now you have americans who love the products of these companies they don't necessarily love the companies and so whether you're on the republican side or the democratic side everybody's kind of against these big companies wants to break them up and it seems like it's more or less kind of a winning strategy but i do want to ask you quickly about the stocks that jump today after that 3 day slide much of it the result of what the president said about very good discussions taking place on phase one of the trade deal you know richard wolffe was with us a few minutes ago made a comment that the markets it's all kind of a side show doesn't really matter but but it seems to matter certainly in terms of what the president constantly says about his record with the markets he gets record high stock markets and by continually saying how they're getting close to a deal he keeps the market up does he not. yeah i kind of have to laugh at that you know again us with the traders in the stock market we're
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a little bit jaded to this we see the news all over the place we see conflicting headlines you know down close not close there's a hesitancy we're on a good roll and it is all kind of all over the place and really when we look at this we were as a as a team and as stock traders were looking at this kind of running out this trend that we had in the market running out and looking for a pullback and then yesterday i just gave a class saying look at us we're going to bounce probably tomorrow off of this other moving average you know we just look at the news and say ok this is explaining what really we're seeing in the chart so which came 1st the chicken or the egg about this absolutely fascinating stuff and we'll keep watching everything to jaywalk watkins of simpler trading thank you so much for your insight today thank you very much i i. i i i. the race to space is a worldwide effort and the cost of it isn't cheap the current space endeavor actually has its own economy which is growing exponentially argy correspondent
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natasha sweet has the details from los angeles. the global fascination with outer space is hitting an all time high and now commercial activity is skyrocketing in the space industry private companies are jumping in hoping to make the most of inhabiting the final frontier the good news as satellite and rocket technology evolves costs are coming down and now private companies like space x. blue origin and virgin galactic are hoping to make big profits on the future of space there are 3 major sectors of the space economy products and services everything from television radio cell phones to weather tracking makes up 55 percent of the economy infrastructure like space vehicles space stations and terminals make up 25 percent of the economy and government which would consist of space agencies like nasa and the european space agency account for 20 percent of the economy. to be developing the viper rover that i got
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a firsthand look at which will allow us to explore and perform experiments on the south pole of the moon in preparation for our return of human american astronauts to the. as you can see the excitement to revisit the moon as a priority for many in this day and age vice president mike pence's the viper rover will allow the u.s. to take a big leap toward mars and even develop technologies to live on the moon for years developing a new generation of nuclear powered spacecraft at a level that actually help us fly further and farther faster than ever before the investments being made in the space industry are astounding from the year 2000 to $2051100000000.00 was invested but from 2012 to $28.00 that number exploded to $10200000000.00 and according to goldman sachs a whopping 13300000000 has been invested into newly launched space startup since the year 2000 showing just how much of an interest this has brought to the private
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sector and a big part of that now we're volves around the interest of tourism. the origin and virgin galactic are hoping to launch the 1st space vacations next year but the concept isn't exactly new in fact dennis tito an american businessman paid $20000000.00 to become the very 1st space tourist back in 2001 pre-paid tickets for a 90 minute suborbital flight with virgin galactic is currently priced at $250000.00 now technologies are continuing to evolve all while the interest to explore the unknown grows with space being a $1000000000.00 industry who knows just how high that economy will soar over the next few years in los angeles and. a fascinating report from natasha there and i found a couple of things interesting number one did you know that after our space capabilities are so much worse after the initial moon landing and now than they were then it's crazy because we we weren't developing it and more importantly vice president mike
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pence thinks we're going to put human americans i'm glad there are humans on the moon he seemed very unsure about about his statement or i think is trying to parse it very carefully like maybe we weren't there originally. but look what i do think is it just didn't seem to i thought what was interesting was the guy you pay $20000000.00 for sub orbital flight and the price is now 250000 i mean the party paid $20000000.00 the price they're always going to know if you didn't have to pay the $250000.00 but would you go yes i go for the truth if you paid for that is our report for you today. youtube dot com slash boom bust artie. thank you because you know. once we got. to know what they're tracking this wired to me is a great with him he will. freaking out when it's anywhere near.
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a. page didn't. humane conditions on puppy from i mean 67 years you know they've been locked up in cages outside you see no protection from the weather the heat you know the courtier the rain the snow the funder nothing they have no protection. particularly you. know it's a kid. across the u.s. cruel puppy mills are supported by dog shows and pet stores most of the puppies that are coming from these large scale factory farming kind of operations are being sold in stores even joined a good businesses are involved like ogling mom sent to there's been a shocking amount of organized opposition to efforts to increase the standards of care for dogs bred in commercial breeding for so many most of that opposition is coming from huge agricultural groups and industries that have nothing to do with
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jobs don't buy dog. you know world of big part of the new lot for years and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that made history media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the bath and shouting past each other it's tolerance for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for washing clothes for watching the hawks. in this community there are people who believe that it's ok to suffer x. food on my table it's really hard there are no jobs and you see that i've got kids that ask and as a parent. i can come up with lots of targets there's
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a lot of conflict within the game and between the teams most of the conflict i would say overall is around money and. has made a. close one on each of those he knows each other is good because the state of california alone makes $6000000000.00 a year of prison complexes you get some 20 a life where. you don't care and. so you don't care might anything. germany expels it to the russian embassy staffers in berlin saying there is quote sufficient evidence to link russia or you know to the murder of a.


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