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tv   News  RT  December 5, 2019 4:00am-4:31am EST

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we're watching closely watching the hawks. midday here in moscow in the headlines for you. germany's decision to expel 2 russian embassy staffers calling the move on friendly and unjustified germany claims as evidence to link russia to the murder of a georgia national what happened in berlin several months ago will bring you up to speed elsewhere. with elections looming delayed the leader of britain's labor party is smeared by accusations of spreading so-called russian this information but the main accused in the daily telegraph newspaper has apparently used the same dossier of before itself. the u.k. universities under fire for guidelines set for staff traveling to its new campus in
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dubai which suggests they should hide their sexuality i guess laid out their opinions on that. there are thousands of. people who work in the united arab emirates and do so for many many years this is simply a money making exercise at the university of birmingham has put profit before human rights. so good afternoon plenty to talk about the soft news in this thursday the 5th of december live from the arts international world news center is kevin i with you for now if you can stick around as we go through the news of the day starting with this russia's foreign ministry says the expulsion of 2 embassy employees from germany is unfriendly an unjustified claims of evidence to link moscow to the murder of a georgian national in the german capital several months ago. chancellor angela merkel is also accused russia of not sufficiently cooperating with an investigation
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into the shooting. we took this measure because we did not see russia supporting us in clarifying this murder and in bilateral context of course he also talked about this with allies we consider this move unjustified and unfriendly politicized approach to the end of us to geisha is unacceptable we are forced to implement an integrated response the 40 year old victim was an asylum seeker of chechen descent he was targeted in a burlington park on the way to a mosque with witnesses saying he was shot in the head and chest by a man on a bicycle with more details on the case our correspondent in berlin today evangelos sepsis them. initially the 2nd screwball case in the media less attention was given to the victim himself who has sought asylum here in germany his name is as in a car concourse fi who some course has been described as a political point of lead in the airport and he is an ethnic chechen who later
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became a georgian citizen a right hand man to terrorists during the 2nd chechen war his role to lead extremists groups in the caucus and recruit spies kind of those meetings reported paramilitary career continued into 2012 when he said to have assisted a georgian operation like it says former comrades considered a terrorist by the russian authorities he was also put on a list of potential islamist threat here in germany as well but there you can definitely see that there are certain interests who want to poison the relationship between russia and germany and this is a for more than 100 years on going straight to g. at certain hours and it seems that there is some cleaning up we're going on with isis and everything around and this high profile terrorist who might be related to all these happenings in there with isis and syria and so on so i think
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there can be many more reasons. why this was done and who did this apart from russia now various media outlets this media the name cat that those here center and the insider have published their own conclusions to is there their evidence includes for comparisons and killing patterns of a man who had been on a hiding list for interpol and russia and suggests they want to murder was hired by moscow to then do the same thing who did murder but the federal investigation in germany is just beginning now there is not nor has there ever been any evidence that russian governmental structures have anything to do with this incident but back in august the speculation and media hysteria had already squarely blamed russia so perhaps reports of this type of nature are not coming as
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a surprise the problem is that we cannot trust any of those explanations from german governments at all it was already was this creep out it was with iraq all these so-called big evidences turned out to be just nothing and in this case to make such a big thing like sending 2 people home is without any proven fact it is just a disgrace i'm feeling very ashamed of the federal bureau of foreign affairs. elsewhere upcoming elections in britain seem to be the next russia linked scandal on the horizon then the u.k. labor party leader now has been accused by the country's daily telegraph newspaper of helping to spread russian disinform ation expose leaked documents on the u.s. u.k. trade talks but it comes just months after the very same paper itself published a story partly based on the leak of the very same documents it is nicaea report.
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it's crunch time ahead of the u.k.'s general election meaning it's now or never to smear anyone and everyone in red in other words link them to russia this week it's mostly comrade jeremy corbett as we can see from this headline bounce off the corp and produced a leaked cache of documents part of which he says reveals how pm boris johnson put the n.h.s. up for sale during trade talks with the us q damage control from mr prime minister the n.h.s. is not for sale and under no circumstances will this government or any conservative government do anything to put the n.h.s. up for negotiation in trade talks or progress and if you know that those documents represent meetings that took place between a british minister and officials in the usa i think it's time they gave us the shorts that they will not sign off our n.h.s. that they will not sell off our public services as part of a trade deal with the us and i just garage sales aside it's the least dossier
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that's grabbing attention if not from the russians when i could coburn's documents have possibly come from corbin calls it nonsense but among the pack of those demanding the labor party come clean it seems the daily telegraph knows better independent researchers said the documents carried the specter of foreign influence as they had been published online using methods that directly mirror an earlier russian descent from asian campaign the daily telegraph draws that conclusion from a social media a little expert that works with nato as atlanta counsels think guaranteed impartiality then all maybe the guise of the telegraph are looking for answers in all the wrong places it seems the outlet got its hands on a strikingly similar dossier let's take a closer look here's an excerpt from the dossier corben what there was much talk which printed do you commission as the bad guys it is easier to change your regulation before it's finalized ok again that was from the leak obtained by the
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opposition leader and this from the dossier published by the telegraph 4 months ago see the difference. british negotiators said washington had repeatedly painted the e.u. commission as the bad guy american officials said it was easier to change a regulation before it is finalized there was much talk which created the you commission is the bad guys it is easier to change your regulation before it's finalized well maybe we should ask the authors of the july report who their source was that they have a new russian friends who might have provided the documents also here's a tip keep a close eye on the online comments section some of it's really worth a look like this one posted more than 2 weeks ago with links to the very scandalous documents at the center of it all available for anyone and everyone to enjoy however it would seem that the people most concerned about the origins of the dossier happen to be those at the telegraph the u.s. u.k.
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trade talk minutes found their way on to the internet the cabinet office to investigate and if not do you think they should be. i'm not the answer is no you know how they are to approach the daily telegraph or comment as a footnote to this is still only about 9 minutes past 9 in the morning this is the days if we do get a reply we'll let you know throughout the day meantime tipple but what's coming up a different foreign intervention in bricks and goes ations has been welcomed the leader of an irish anti breaks a party says that comments by the us house speaker was a game changer will tell you why that is and the thoughts behind it in a few minutes time. but before we talk about this. a leading british newspaper is being branded shameful and appalling over its advisory guidelines for staff traveling to its campus in dubai which suggests they should hide their sexuality. this is so deeply humiliating for l.g.b. d.q. staff be prepared to answer questions about your relationship statues what the hell
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is this meant to mean make sure you take the time to prepare convincing lies about your partner's last family entirely transphobia a century trans people should put themselves through mental torment for the pleasure of going to the brine. university of birmingham we value diversity as long as it doesn't get in the way of profits for a back story here the university of burma opened its campus in the united arab emirates last year offering a range of course is set to u.k. standards is currently expanding with plans to accommodate more than $4000.00 students however some lecturers have refused to take up positions of the emirate over human rights concerns there is some of the advice in a bit more detail that the university says is to protect students and staff do not do anything that may be perceived as a public display of affection by the same sex or opposite sex even if it's intended
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to be innocent try to avoid dressing in a way which is not traditionally associated with your perceived gender if you are in public do not wear any clothes or accessories which could be considered to be a form of the l g q advocacy early here that we discussed whether or not an educational institution like that should be offering this kind of advice at all. there are thousands of. people who work in the united arab emirates and do saw for many many years i have friends there who work there so i don't think it is that much of an issue from the point of the. university it's about protecting students and it's about having the right guidance and support in place to protect students as they study in the country of the university of birmingham has a very clear and very good equal opportunities policy a very strong policy around human rights diversity and inclusion and by going to dubai it is violating its very own rules and principles may i think quite clearly
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this is simply a money making exercise the university of birmingham has put profit before human rights i can't is to be with anything peter said about the regime in the u.a.e. or saudi arabia or some of the other desperate regimes in the middle east where there is no human rights and there is no freedom but i think it's important for individuals to know the expectation you know now that the universities there how they should behave in terms of protecting themselves sorry let me rephrase that how they should conduct themselves how they should protect themselves their own safety and the safety of their peoples and i think that's what the university was trying to do for a balance in terms of security and in terms of safety can't have one law for people in britain and then a different law for people in dubai that smacks of arrogance it's next of western privilege it smacks of disrespecting the human rights of the people of divide and i
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want to say that this is not just about the human rights of the lecturers and staff of university it's also about the human rights of the people in dubai itself who live under a very very oppressive regime reality is the university is there and they've got a juicy a moral duty to make sure that the safeguard and protection of their stuff and their peoples. and they've done it in that way which i think is most responsible giving advice to people. donald trump's banned journalists from bloomberg news now from his election campaign events after the media company announced it won't be investigating any democratic candidates including its owner michael bloomberg the decision by bloomberg news to formalize preferential reporting policies is troubling and wrong since they have declared their bias openly the trump campaign will no longer credential representatives of bloomberg news for rallies or other
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campaign events welcome to berg is a u.s. multi-billionaire the founder of financial media company bloomberg lp he also served as mayor of new york city for 11 years until 2013 then he entered the presidential race last month and is one of 15 democratic candidates for nomination now bloomberg news says it won't be investigating their own or further they say the very same rule goes for michael bloomberg democratic party rivals too because they say the move be unfair however there's a time for donald trump they say investigations into him will proceed undeterred if we go then the u.s. president's call that the move is biased political and social commentator and it believes the trump ban on bloomberg journalists was justified. they put out a statement saying that they were going to be biased and the upcoming election coverage so they put themselves into weird situation so the child came pain has no choice but to retaliate in kind i mean since chops been in office since john was
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running to become the president has been very aggressive because the left and much to deliver politicians on their side are connected with people in the media so they work together to try and make sure that look bad this whole thing about impeachment as we close it to the election especially if the liberal candidate is floundering you're going to see much more aggressive and negative coverage towards a president not so much on the opposing side because they are one in the same the opposing side the left it is a much of the mainstream media they're all but in the same this is a lie from russia great to have you with us hope you stick around coming up among stories ahead at the protests and the when iran israel calling on washington to turn the screws even tighter on terror.
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the european union's tendency to believe that is and represents europe has long been a major gripe for russia but as the e.u. experiences significant internal difficulties it is studied to reassess what it is and what it stands for what does that process mean for the countries sharing the continent with. my feeling with this world it's what now is we're folkenflik news and we're for and this certain generation that's controlling all the politics around the world still when that generation dies off and children are brought off of this new reality are less materialistic don't really care about these things concrete even more automobiles want to live right beside job want to ride a bicycle this movement is global and it's going the world is going to have to go in this direction and it's going to change.
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israel's prime minister's age to america to exert even more pressure on iran saying sanctions have sparked protests against a run across the middle east. that president trump has placed. for mendus pressures and sanctions on iran i think we're seeing we're seeing the iranian impart taught or we see demonstrations in the u.k. or on demonstrations in baghdad demonstrations in the beirut and i think it's important to increase its pressure. and rest in iran kicked off last month after a decision to high gas prices and made ongoing economic hardship caused by mounting u.s. sanctions and indeed the u.s. has acknowledged that that was the plan all along he goes down and for ports. the
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u.s. has had its sights on iran for a while and now with protests engulfing the nation washington is sinking its claws in a rare is hearing perhaps the. people. that's where they. are here to see what's going on our list of numbers which are their big news which are really really knows but i. think the world has to be watching. true with reports of more than 200 people killed in the unrest there is plenty of reason for the condemnation except while the u.s. is quick and eager to destroy tehran over its handling of the unrest washington is conveniently a meting what has led to the unrest in the 1st place each team to the situation with sanctions is not our fault it is strange and so stimulating instability in the
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region there are those who move by the white house we have no choice other than resistance and standing against those who are opposing you essentially. there's a lot of truth to that to iran's economy flatlined after the u.s. imposed sanctions pulled the plug on the country's oil industry and speaking of health care america's economic blockade also killed iran's medical imports leaving tehran literally begging the world to let the life saving medication in instead of arrogant threats or holo people promises asked monica health center to sell products and needle in iranian kids with the e.p. to cover their wounds us economic terrorism on iran is designed to starve and in the case of medical supplies kill innocent citizens with the economic backbone splintered iran has seen its inflation skyrocket g.d.p. dive and people gradually lose their jobs this domino effect has now erupted into
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a full blown revolt as a valid sensually can. started by the renewal of sanctions. and while some may accuse the us of being 2 faced for exploiting the unrest they helped create their geopolitical game the u.s. itself does not the sanctions have been incredibly effective and were simply were simply doing this to keep america safe to keep the middle east more stable and to enable the right of people to. convince the regime that it needs to change its ways in the most fundamental and basic were to just ask iran to be able at a normal country another argument proving these sanctions ignited the unrest is a pull from last year when the vital signs of to iran's economy were within the norm 80 percent of a rainy and didn't want any changes to the political system but now the u.s. is willing to parade riots of their own making all over the internet even creating
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a channel rallying iranians to share their footage from the streets what the heck why not just have to run into submission all together how broke every turkey in the world is really arabs iranians americans europeans and everyone else united for one purpose hope the long suffering iranian people gain open access to all social media a worldwide how. for freedom call up your most brilliant friends. red bull and cool through the night to do them possible the times when you needed a vial of anthrax at the un to take down a country over it seems the times when you needed the un to approve of anything 1st our over all together a few cans of energy drink will do us rhetorical that says that we support the reigning people such as what trump is saying or secretary powell i would say is
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ludicrous because you cannot support a people. and sanction them at the same time a lot of the pressure the reigning people are under is because of u.s. sanctions i mean cancer patients are finding it very difficult to for example find their medicine because of u.s. sanctions here a new currency has lost over 70 percent of its value because of u.s. sanctions so the reining in people have been highly affected by u.s. sanctions much more than the uranium government saw when something as the weeks of protests in iran happen in any kind of these events you see the u.s. administrations they come out and support these protests only because they want to topple the iranian government is not any real or sincere support of democracy in iran. there's probably been some foreign intervention in those long drawn out. reporting next leader should fade away party is called u.s.
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house speaker nancy pelosi no less a game changer in the talks after she warned a trade deal with the u.k. might not happen without ensuring there's no odd border in ireland the biggest game changer actually in the whole bragg's a conversation didn't happen on this silent or neighboring island it happened in the united states it happened when nancy pelosi said listen up folks there's no tree deal if you mess with ireland or if the good friday agreement is undermined shem phrases it managed to lobby washington to pressure britain on an open border between northern ireland and the republic of ireland the reintroduction of border controls could complicate the free movement of people and goods of course of the brics and jeopardize the good friday peace agreement that was introduced to end decades of sectarian violence in northern ireland known as the troubles of the time shem phone and b.p. martin around us and told us that there's nothing wrong with outside intervention if it saves the peace deal. make no apologies nor colleges fern davian an american nor apology for the work that we have done across the the making sure that we have
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garnered the international solidarity it's only right and appropriate that any responsible person and we applaud the work that nancy and all those have done in america to protect the good friday agreement the 7 m.p.'s they do not take their seats but they have influence they have a force and they have used that lie and clear and they've used it in america they've used it in your and thankfully they have done that and now this why we have the good friday agreement protected night from the savvy way that it was going to be attacked and on to mind if there had been a harder border on the island of ireland if the british government had of had its way of destroying a peace and political process but another view northerners political activists fraud who says he thinks that the situation room contrary to american stance on
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other countries interference and political processes. they have a rake to express that foreign policy in the different theaters through the word war when they call on other countries and the legals politicians and governments not the interfere or choose a particular candidate and the elections are to be involved somehow swaying the american i think it's quite critical for the end to dictate it from halfway across the world or what happens on european compliment between britain and ireland the north of ireland and the other evolution 27 countries and when you consider that just in what's american and diffuse more than just an electoral process in many countries i think it's actually a case of double standards and as american policy seems to stick to it do as we say not as we do. leave you with that that's right and so for the software for all schools so much more on to go home and the social media will sponsor on the next m
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for me kevin no it makes watching. i'm going to repeat it purposes oh possible to the people i promise to be you know we will bots be. really really. really good. now you want to work. no.
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big. coming coming. all the yen the euro and the dollar they all refer to each other and they're all going deeper and deeper into debt so there's no basic there or there there's no so there's no way to measure the dead against something that is could be considered money remember j.p. morgan said only gold is money everything else is credit or debt ok so without that there is no way to measure that debt and there's no at the moment you know my my view is that this is leading to a neo feudalism or you have just a few private equity firms owing 98 percent of all the assets and everyone else is a living as serfs on the road heading back to the dark ages.
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hello and welcome to worlds apart just as the canadians or the chileans have long thrived about the united states appropriating their words a married couple or american for itself so to have the russians about the european union calling itself and only itself to europe or european as the e.u. like the us commerce to us what it is and what it stands for what does it mean for those sharing the continent pretty well to discuss that i'm now joined by photos of ghana editor in chief of russian global affairs magazine still can if it's good to talk to you again thank you very much for coming over thank you for having me now
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earlier this year you published a very interesting article in one german magazine on the future of european integration and what's interesting about that article is that while the content was the same it had very different titles in russian and in english in russian it was the house construction is finished meaning the e.u. enlargement is worse in english it was something about the new dawn in the e.u. russia relations others 2 things indeed related. of course. relations the relationship between russia and the european union and it's interesting to remember that the russian federation. incarnational russia and the european union is a contemporary incarnation of european integration were born almost. it was russia emerged on the will stage in december $91.00 and european union formally it
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was established february 19th to show we are of the same age of course and it is. very long tradition the russians or addition european integration the relations on indeed. on what will happen inside the european union. and we need to know what kind of transformation is ahead of european nations before we conclude or we can speculate what kind of relationship we can build between russia and when you talk about the new dawn which is you know it carries a positive meaning i think you're someone suggesting that the. whole should the e.u. enlargement actually preserve a chance for improving this relationship where is the continuous expansion i would presume would have.


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