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tv   News  RT  December 5, 2019 9:00am-9:30am EST

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boy. the nationwide strike come. on the program. calling. for our agency ruptly. terrorism.
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just after 9 am and also 10 pm and 5 in the evening here in moscow this thursday december the 5th welcome to our international. part of life its biggest strike in years this thursday with workers protesting primarily against pension reform plans the country's transport systems have been brought to a standstill and schools and hospitals are closed hundreds of rallies are expected nationwide let's cross live. parra charlotte big. big why. well huge anger here so over these proposed changes to the pension system. basically what the french
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government emanuel might want to do is to amalgamate the foodie to current systems into one universal system now other people on the street say they're angry because that could mean that their pension could go lower and they might have to work even longer and that anger is palpable here on the streets not just in paris but across france at the moment i just want to give you a sense of how many people come up to this march 1 of the main marches we're looking down at one of the main streets that will go all the way to god a lasting god nor we walked along that it's just over a kilometer long and it's packed with people early indications suggest that around 180000 people across france have come out to demonstrate today but i think we're going to find that those figures are much higher as we get another official count later on today people are fed up there are unhappy with the changes the reforms under the current french administration and they want to show that they're unhappy that this strike is being previewed for several months it was originally meant to
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transport workers only so train workers metro stuff etc but it's now expanded to be something much much bigger than that we have got airport staff involved hospital staff firefighters teachers students every day people and even some police on strike today that gives you a sense of just how much to schools there is here in france at this protest is one of around $250.00 taking place across the country in the idea is to power lies france not just today but the suggestion is that the strike will become a rolling strike and could go on for the next few weeks if it does that then it might match those strikes back in 1995 the last time a french government try to mess with france's pension system we've been speaking to some people out in the street to find out exactly why they've come here to support this nation. strike. divine truth also if it is i'm 28 years old i've been working
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for 10 years and as a things are it's clear to me i won't be able to retire it will be impossible to survive until then nobody cares about our working conditions at all. while we're doing is good very good is important oh we're all present we want to live and work and earn a decent living the same case retirees should get decent pensions because this affects us all we are the working youth have to work for us for the unemployed and the pension. and we work poor jobs we want to fight against it oh. well the government would say it's necessary to reform the system to make it fairer more just but that's not how many people here on the streets feel while there is common paris the moment though there are protests where they have been massive tensions in other parts of the country with projectiles thrown by the protesters
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towards the police until at last being deployed in response that to try and contain the crowds to give you a sense of what the security situation is here today we've got in the 6000. police offices that have been deployed in the parish to try and control it and in fact the area we're in which is plaster hope publique pretty much all of the exits around this area are at the moment stationed by the police as you can hear people are throwing noise project is going to aides into the we have seen some projectiles thrown towards the police but for the moment in paris it is calm as i mentioned this strike is about the pensions but there is a general malaise here malays we've seen now for more than a year that started back in november last year with the yellow vest protests that have been continuing week on week over. 50 odd weeks now that they've been out on
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the streets and they've actually come themselves also to support this strike action today this is seen is something that could break the micro government the people here hope it will mean the french authorities will perhaps look and make a huge soon on this decision on the pensions as the french administration did back in 1995 i made those 3 weeks of strikes over for the moment all calm here in paris the idea is though that this strike isn't just about today this now could continue until the end of the year and is being seen is the biggest test of a mark on this presidency so far yeah that's nothing all those yellow vests still show there on the background of your picture shara thanks very much for the update there are our to charlotte he live in the french capital. russia pluckily rejected claims that it was involved in the murder of a georgian national in berlin in august calling such allegations baseless its
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foreign minister sergei lavrov drew parallels on thursday between the escalating scandal and the dawning of m.h. 17 arguing the blame is again being unfairly pinned on moscow with more on what we know here is maria from russia. relations between moscow and barely now going drastically downhill germany's unexpected decision to expel 2 russian embassy staffers on wednesday has left more scope fuming angela merkel complained russia didn't do enough to have ceased tame the investigation into the murder of a georgian national back in august and now barely says there is real and sufficient indication that russia was behind it i asked russia's foreign minister sergey lavrov for his response in the us he is going to. russia and germany have special channels set up to tackle issues such as violations of the law we should use them they said we did not cooperate enough this is groundless some countries today
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recalled the tragedy of m.h. 17 my dutch counterpart said we didn't do enough then we supplied them with all the necessary information with data from our radars and so on we gave them everything where are the satellite images the us promised nobody answered that we asked them what kind of cooperation they want from us they responded by saying you have to confess you did it that would be corporative if germany wants to follow suit nothing good will come of it but that's not a good way to deal with anyone and with russia in particular. zimm 100 really was a 40 year old georgian citizen of chechen origin he was targeted in a berlin park on his way to a mosque with eyewitnesses saying he was shot in the head and chest by a man on a bicycle he's murder was then dubbed by the media as scree paul 2.0 and the victim labeled as a kremlin opponent but who was the victim of a right hand men to terrorists during the 2nd chechen war his role was to lead
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extremist groups in the caucasus and recruit spies and is reported paramilitary korea continued into 2012 when he is said to have assisted a georgian operation against his former comrades considered a terrorist by the russian authorities he was also listed as a potential is the miss threat for some time in germany too now various media outlets have published their own conclusions into his death the evidence includes 4 to comparisons and killing parton's of a man who had been hiding from interpol and russia and the reporters suggesting the wanted murderer was then hard by moscow chechnya to do it again the federal investigation in germany has just the beginning now on google merkel says she hopes russia will help the german investigators but it seems no matter who was behind it the embassy expulsion indicates that the verdict has in fact already been given.
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totty reporting from europe. a producer working for artie's video agency was the taint at this week's nato summit in london a question to under the terrorism act police chief content officer you katherina my friend covert talk me through the details. whole incident came as a complete surprise to us as a video agency were of course going to cover nations 70th anniversary summit our producer was accredited for the event for which he got confirmation via email from organizers so he went there on wednesday to pick up the past so he could go and film inside which is completely normal procedure for journalists he showed him he showed them his acceptance email and passport and they told him he had to wait in the lobby at this point he was approached by a plain clothed man who presented
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a police warrant and requested he waited for questioning and i believe we can now listen to our own producer's own account of what happened i was approached by a number of police officers who requested my id and asked me to explain what i was doing i told them that i was a journalist waiting for my credit ration passed and i identified myself by giving them my passport press card and the accreditation approval letter the police then proceeded to detain me under the terrorism act they searched me and my belongings then he was told that his accreditation had been revoked and then police left like i said we were very surprised to hear all this because our producer has been covering various events for a play in the u.k. including the state of events and others and as an agency ruptly has extensive coverage does extensive coverage of things happening in the u.k. for example we were the only media organization that filmed julian assange as he
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was dragged out of the ecuadorian embassy in london last train as for this incident in accordance with nato accreditation procedures as they say there reserve the right to revile meditation even if already confirmed in exceptional circumstances as they say what kind of exceptional circumstances. here remains unclear to us we've filed a formal request to the organization asking for clarification right after the incident but we haven't heard back from them yet ok. was it a one off arch nature of age. i wouldn't say we've experienced anything like this with nato as such by. 2017 we were denied accreditation for an event which was organized by nato strategic communications center of
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excellence this is not part of nato or say by. a nato accredited military organization so they are connected so in an e-mail sent to us back that they stated that they were denying us accreditation because we are part of artsy and as they said they don't consider r.t. to be a journalist organization wow as for this current summit near london we know that reporters from r.t. are working there apparently from without any problems so we're still waiting to see what the reason was for denying properly access. issued a response to accusations made by a committee of the world doping agency rejecting claims that moscow manipulated athletes test results and its laboratory data base russian authorities stress that no deliberate changes were made by staff members of the law the database was handed over to wada back in january but russia's own watchdog. pending an investigation
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and given criteria to fulfill in order to be reinstated meantime the committee is now calling for further stricter punishment to all rushing to a 4 year from hosting major sports competition and forcing athletes to compete on flag a final decision on the case will be made on the. night more news coming up after the break. the european union's tendency to believe that. represents europe has long been a major gripe for russia but as the e.u. experiences significant internal difficulties it is studied to reassess what it is and what it stands for what does that process mean for the countries sharing the
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continent with. my feeling with this world it's what now is we're so confused. here for and this certain generation that's controlling all the politics around the world when our generation dies and children are brought all this. really are less materialistic don't really care about these things even more automobiles want to. want to ride a bicycle this movement is global and it's going the world is going to go with a star action and it's going to change. quarter an hour into the program you're very welcome back let's start in britain
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because upcoming elections there seem to be even next russia links. in the u.k. labor party leader has been accused by the country's telegraph newspaper of helping to spread russian this information about software he exposed leaked documents on u.s. u.k. trade talks but it also comes just months after the very same paper itself published a story a partly based on a leak of the very same documents it's crunch time ahead of the u.k.'s general election meaning it's now or never to anyone and everyone in the red in other words link them to russia this week. it's mostly comrades jeremy corbett as we can see from this headline bounce off the court and produced a leaked cache of documents part of which he says reveals how pm boris johnson put the n.h.s. up for sale during trade talks with the us q damage control from mr prime minister the n.h.s. is not for sale and under no circumstances will this government or any conservative
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government do anything to put the n.h.s. up for negotiation in trade talks or problems and if you know that those documents represent meetings that took place between a british minister and officials in the usa i think it's time they gave us the shorts that they will not sign off our n.h.s. that they will not sell off our public services as part of a trade deal with us and i just garage sales aside it's the leaks dossier that's grabbing attention if not from the russians when i could cobain's documents have possibly come from corbin calls it nonsense but among the pack of those demanding the labor party come clean it seems the daily telegraph knows better independent researchers said the documents carried the specter of foreign influence as they had been published online using methods that directly mirror an earlier russian descent from asian campaign the daily telegraph tools that conclusion from a social media
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a little that works with nato's atlantica council's think tank guaranteed impartiality then all maybe the guys the telegraph are looking for answers in all the wrong places it seems the outlet got its hands on a strikingly similar dossier let's take a closer look here's an excerpt from the dossier corbin what there was much talk which painted the you commission as the bad guys it is easier to change your regulation before it's finalized ok again that was from the leak obtained by the opposition leader and this from the dossier published by the telegraph 4 months ago see the difference. british negotiators said washington had repeatedly painted the e.u. commission as the bad guys american officials said it was easier to change a regulation before it is finalized there was much talk which created the u. commission is the bad guys it is easier to change your regulation before it's finalized well maybe we should ask the authors of the july report who then
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a source was did they have a new russian friends who might have provided the documents also here's a tip keep a close eye on the online comments section some of it's really worth a look like this one posted more than 2 weeks ago with links to the very scandalous documents at the center of it all available for anyone and everyone to enjoy however it would seem that the people most concerned about the origins of the dossier happen to be those at the telegraph the u.s. u.k. trade talk minutes found their way on to the internet the cabinet office to investigate and if not do you think they should be. the answer is no the telegraph is yet to reply to an article request for comment. 10 years ago today the 5th tragedy struck in the russian city of perm a deadly fire ripped through a nightclub leaving 156 people dead as russia commemorates the horrific incident we
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spoke to one of the many families still suffering from the loss. etc the state has just asked alice what is it. that in washington yes favored it becomes. a sort of i write. this to you could just get spliffs if you. still didn't. answer questions. concerns.
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been spinning. nearest. national news report. which. might push. it on the border to. me and did it just to finance a finance financing. or something to thank you for quitting camilla and janet get upset when you have a shuttle was lashed just for said. thank you again vice chair of future support it .
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you go. ok those are news stories for a question though just what is on what incorporates europe oksana and worlds apart grapples with it in moments. join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guest of
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the world of politics sports business i'm showbusiness i'll see you then. all the yen the euro the dollar they all refer to each other and they're all going deeper and deeper into debt so there's no basic there or there there's no so there's no way to measure the dead against something that is could be considered money remember j.p. morgan said only gold is money everything else is credit or debt ok so without that there's no way to measure that debt and there's no at the moment you know my my view is that this is leading to a neo feudalism or you have just a few private equity firms owning 98 percent of all the assets and everyone else is a living as serfs on that we're getting back to the dark ages.
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in this community there are people who believe that it's ok to suffer at. it's really hard there are no jobs and you see the kids that ask and as a parent. i can come up with arguments and there's a lot of conflict within the game and between the teams most of the conflict i would say. is maybe. close one of the children's children is good because the state of california alone makes $6000000000.00 a year of the prison complex just to get some $25.00 where. you don't care.
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hello and welcome to worlds apart just as the canadians or the chileans have a long drive to the united states creating their words i'm married couple american for itself so too have the russians about the european union calling itself and only itself europe or european as the e.u. like the us commerce to what it is and what it stands for what does it mean for those sharing the continent pretty well to discuss that i'm now joined by federal of ghana editor in chief of russian global affairs magazine it's good to talk to you again thank you very much for coming over thank you for having me now earlier this year you published a very interesting article in one german magazine on the future of european integration and what's interesting about that article is that while the content was
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the same it had very different titles in russian and in english in russian it was the house construction is finished meaning the e.u. enlargement is over whereas in english it was something about the new dawn in the e.u. russia relations others 2 things indeed related. course . relations the relationship between russia and the european union and it's interesting to remember that the russian federation. incarnational russia and the european union is the contemporary incarnation of european integration were born almost simultaneously it was russia emerged on the wall stage in. well a december. and european union formally it was established february 19th to show we are the same age of course. this.
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very long tradition the russians or addition european integration tradition and so on indeed. on what will happen inside the european union. and we need to know what kind of transformation is ahead of european nations before we conclude or we can speculate what kind of relationship we can build between russia and when you talk about a new dawn which is you know it carries a positive meaning i think you're somewhat suggesting that the whole should the e.u. enlargement actually preserve a chance for improving this relationship whereas the continuous expansion i would presume would have. jeopardize this relationship even more. yes it would. be even more in. extension or. is officially called
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in the european union would continue i doubt because i think that the era of. growth of the european union is over we see the 1st ever example of a country. leaving the european union the whole atmosphere is completely different than we remember from 1904 early this century when extension of the european union was seen as an absolute. development inevitable development and one of the most prolific and. colorful politicians federalist politicians in europe. former a belgian prime minister give up hope he repeatedly called european integration a bicycle you cannot stall you should move along you should move forward otherwise
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you will you will lose something and now we see that this movement is over now in your piece you suggest the. next couple of years who knows exactly how many years focusing on its internal issues so it's rather a home improvement rather than a home expansion project and here in russia we have made any jokes about home repairs how arduous it is how it usually takes much more time money and skill than initially in the visit in case of the e.u. how big is the challenge it's around challenge is very big the challenge is very complicated and drugs have played a very interesting role in the whole debate on the one hand it demonstrated the european union. it has a big problem. the 1st country is about to leave. at the same time it demonstrated to all member states how terrible it is and how actually meaning
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slightly meaningless it is to try to destroy the times which have been established . centuries and. interestingly those euro spit skeptic forces in. or france or belgium wherever they dropped the slogan of this mantling the european union and that was very fair and to do i think that for that transformation will be very complicated by the end of the european union will iran have to do a new quality and we will see a new another union we don't know yet which one that one somebody renovate their home it inevitably f.x. the neighbors you hear the sound you see the masses sometimes neighborly relations get.


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