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jokes on the small blue planet is that you can stand on almost any continent throw a rock and you'll probably hit a u.s. military base with roughly $800.00 bases in over 70 countries around the world the footprint of the united states military on this planet is immense and quite often catastrophic to the communities that surround them take one of the favorite playgrounds of the u.s. military iraq where the intercept is now reporting that according to a new study children and babies born near the tile air base in southern iraq have not only been showing severe birth defects including near up near a logical problems congenital heart disease and paralyzed or missing limbs but also had corresponding elevated levels of a radioactive compound in their bodies no news for you now where a where would you find the chemical element thore them you may ask well about in the united states military frequent use of munitions containing depleted uranium one of the study's lead researchers told the intercept that quote doctors are regularly encountering anomalies in babies that are so gruesome they cannot even
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find precedents for them the war has spread so much radiation here that unless it is cleaned up generations of iraqis will continue to be affected but if you think the problems of the u.s. military bases are confined to the far away corners of the world think again stars and stripes is now writing that the government accountability office has warned that here in the united states more than 100 military installations are vulnerable to water shortage risks due to climate change issues and they're saying just those bases like site 51 in nevada now this is affecting bases ranging from a naval air station in key west all the way to the joint base lewis mcchord in washington state. so with the reach of the us empire quite literally turning toxic i think it's time for us to start watching our next. story.
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that i got. going on the watching ox i am tyrone ventura joining me today is investigating journalist the creator of truth and media one always a pleasure but. you know other problems that we're seeing on these this is a fascinating bit of you know empire gone wild in my opinion are the problems we're seeing ultimately examples of the u.s. military empire being stretched too thin using these wrong munitions the i mean we're seeing now deformities in these kids in iraq it's heartbreaking it is heartbreaking it's but when maybe one of the worst things about the ongoing war on terror right which is that beyond the millions of people who have died the destruction of countries around the world which have generational impacts in
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addition to that we are now seeing the generational impacts of these munitions that you were talking about depleted uranium used in them this that is in them which is eventually causes horrific and very serious birth defects and what so unbelievably sad about this. is that beyond the actual suffering that these children are going through is the fact that our military and our government won't even recognize it discuss it talk about it or accept that this is a reality of again the ongoing consequence of these wars it and that's a great point that you bring up because they they don't discuss it i mean you you you have to twist arms just to get them to talk about the after effect. the burden pits in iraq are caused on veterans who have come back and the amount of neurological damage and other strange diseases there and let's just talk can we just mention something about it because the burn pits are important for viewers who don't understand this so the u.s. military when they're in these locations have these pits where they burn chemicals and they burn all kinds of. toxic items they're thrown into this and the inhalation
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from those burn pits causes not only birth defects as well and serious issues but chronic issues in u.s. soldiers as well so you know one thing that rarely gets talked about anymore is something called gulf war syndrome right to go back to the 1991 gulf war the original one right 250000 veterans who served in the gulf war of the 600 and i think what something like 697000 who served have gulf war syndrome now when you say go for syndrome that even sounds like a p.t.s.d. kind of thing it's not these are physical defects these are chronic headaches and migraines and then again the birth defects that can come from that as well so going back to the original go for we still have veterans who are suffering from that and you know those numbers pale in comparison to the number of veterans who will suffer as a result of these wars that we're in right now it's true and that's the thing that you know when i read these stories about you know you have kids being born you know
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iraqi children being born with these birth defects just 10 kilometers or you know and under away from these bases the thing with them immediately springs into my mind having known about gulf war syndrome and the issue of the burn pits is are we now going to see us soldiers who served in these areas now come home and suddenly this rise in birth defects i mean is that a real issue that we have to see i think it is a real issue as i mentioned because we seen this with the gulf war now we haven't seen the same kind of issues in terms of birth defects as as we're seeing with the issues the soldiers themselves care of the veterans themselves are carrying severe issues in terms of what they come back with but the children who are in iraq right now this next generation. iraqis we're talking about thousands who have not only the birth defects as a result of the uranium but then would pass that along to their children very possibly as well so again it's a multigenerational and this is what's so frustrating i think when you cover the war on terror is the fact that everything is viewed in the mainstream you know kind
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of viewpoint as being the right now and what's next and very little looks at here's the consequence of what we're doing you know veteran suicides we talk about it quite a bit right it's a major issue just as the health care issues we're talking about trillions with a t. trillions of dollars in health care that have to go to the u.s. veterans who have served in these wars and we're not even slowing down there is no appetite in washington to say let's slow down and recognize the consequence of this for generations to come it's hard enough just to get washington to recognize the consequences of the 1st responders of $911.00 let alone the blood let alone the constant but health consequences that's happened to the veterans over the years because they don't they're very quick to always parade the veterans out and maybe they'll give them a little bill here and there just to kind of say hey look at how great we are but there's not any real long lasting real hard core look at what the issues are because you don't make money off right you can't make money off the veterans and what they're going through but you do make money off continuing to build weapons continue to send those weapons and no interesting but it's also the general
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accountability office as i mentioned is claiming that the effects of climate change are now directly affecting the water supplies here at the bases here in the united states and their domestic installations is that one of those things that we could suddenly see like oh oh now here at home we're being affected because everyone likes to wave the military flag when we're on the campaign trail could that actually kind of backdoor politicians and the putting up some infrastructure to fight climate change even regardless of who's responsible for right you know what i was going to decent but do you really think that's going to have it i mean of course not i don't talk about that but he had asked me do you think it's a good question right now is there an appetite that i don't think there is here here's what's amazing to be. so i come from the desert grew up in el paso which has actually the physically largest military installation in the entire country and you tell us which is fort bliss and white sands missile range all of that kind of combined together what's fascinating is that fort bliss has seen a humongous influx of soldiers over the last 10 years but what they did to prep for
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that because el paso doesn't have water right it's a right it's in the when does it just doesn't have it there were some incredible facilities that were built at the time that allowed for basically detoxifying water and repurpose in water right they built this enormous plant to do this and this was you know many 30 years ago that this was 1st designed put together and and if you go through the list of u.s. military bases right now that have water shortages fort bliss is not on that list interest it should be of all these different places it should be and it's not so i think more so then just recognizing that ok there's there's a lot of water in these places because the u.s. military uses massive amounts of water is how do we use technology in a smart way to resolve not just around military installations but in general how do we how do we fix the problems of water shortages for the populations because it shouldn't just be fixed with a military installation no because there's always people who live around that know exactly what nestle pump and how much water out of the tributaries of the great
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lakes and everybody looking to you know abuse fresh water and even even the waste that we see in our waste systems in this country of the waste of fresh water this is a major issue and all that anyone is really paying attention to is how valuable freshwater is going to be in the coming future and again this isn't about the debate of whether or not who what creates climate change and that we see that something's happening so we need to react to when there is a very quiet process is taking place because the next great wars will be water war yes they absolutely will be a lot of people don't know this but the israeli government goes around the world buying up water reserves in countries all over the world including countries in latin and south america like in chile the you know the israeli government owns water reserves there so. what you know we're going to see in the future are wars over water it's the most important resource and it is becoming more and more scarce next to air and water and air is probably neck and neck or for the most of the order i think it would be somewhat but always a pleasure because of what they can without regard to. geoffrey dobb student creepy
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uncle the one percent is back in the headlines again yes a new lawsuit filed this week by 9 different users against is the state claims that up steve's sexual abuse of children began as early as 1985 targeting victims as young as 13 years old or to emerge as rachel bloodworms has been following the story old the here is her report. the estate of convicted pedophile jeffrey epstein has been hit with yet another lawsuit and this one alleges that his abuse of young girls started nearly 35 years ago the last day was filed by 9 women who were identified as jane doe one through 9 and they say they were between the ages of 13 and 23 when they were sexually abused by epstein and his associates at least 6 of the women claimed they were raped by epstein and the timeline of the abuse dates back as far as 1985 and last up until 2007 the lawsuit claims epstein abused young girls in just about every location where he owned property including his homes in
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manhattan and palm beach his massive ranch in new mexico and of course his infamous island in the u.s. virgin islands now this lawsuit is also notable because it is one of the 1st and which we have seen epstein accused of targeting much younger girls past victims of said they were 16 or 17 and epstein led them in with a promise of careers and modeling their dance but the latest lawsuit claims the victims were as young as 13 and 14 meaning they were children and were still in middle school now these women join more than a dozen who have filed lawsuits against epstein's a state which is estimated to be worth more than $577000000.00 abstain curiously signed a new will just 2 days before his death. in which he moved his assets and who were trust creating concerns that it would be exempt from lawsuits filed by the woman he had used then last month executors of epstein's estate asked a judge in the u.s. virgin islands to establish a voluntary restitution fund to compensate his victims however many of these women have said that it is not just about the money they want to see the close friends
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and associates of epstein who enabled and joined in on his abuse actually face consequences but we have yet to see any arrests tied to the lawsuits that have been filed by epstein's victims and his close friends like sean looper now and going maxwell have seemingly disappeared leaving many to hope that the onslaught of lawsuits will of bench really make a difference for watching the hawks rachel blevins archie. all right as we go to break or quarters don't forget to let us know what you think of the topics we've covered on our social media be sure to check out watching the hawks the podcast is now available on spotify up of years ago and everywhere you go see your favorite or well not so great for progress coming up we delve into the latest news surrounding a new travel ban being levied on the president of venezuela because of the doro by the united states and 14 other countries in that american hemisphere a black alliance for peace is now freeman joins us to discuss these 2 to watch.
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the european union's tendency to believe that. it represents europe has long been a major gripe for russia but as the e.u. experiences significant internal difficulties it is studied to reassess what it is and what it stands for what does that process mean for the countries sharing the continent with. my feeling with this world it's what now is we're so confused and fearful and the certain generation that's controlling all the politics around the world still when that generation dies off and children that are brought out of the smooth movie are
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less materialistic don't really care about these things don't even more automobiles want to live by the side job want to ride a bicycle this movement it's global and it's going the world is going to has to go this direction and it's going to change. in the special case somebody who can benefit a citizen of the middle. but doesn't get us a little bit also if. you talk to home don't think in russia think was over for get it. through a couple of pressure we have them all still some of the muscle so that is. russia methods eligibility for the international competition says that state list includes events like the tokyo olympics and the fifa world cup in qatar if i am in the early as last. year when you can one of those just as it was 4 years ago in moscow anti-doping plavix at the center of the scandal so who tampered with the doping
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samples database and one does greegor you want to give have to do with it and you know she's stupid but as we start to pull zameen you know. about the little spokesmen that used to push on the issues you will ship by to expose me emotion that's a little too little so the bullshit in usenet. all right welcome back my friends let's move on now to the nation of venezuela where the united states and its allies are continuing to make life as difficult as pos. for nicolas maduro and his government yes the u.s. and the trump administration still have not given up on their dreams of regime change in the south american country whose socialist policies of long been a thorn in the u.s. corporate interests in that region reuters reporting the 15 countries who are part of the interim american treaty of reciprocal assistance or t.r.
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agreed on tuesday to ban $29.00 venezuelans including the oil producing countries president nicolas maduro and his close allies from traveling within their borders as part of diplomatic efforts to push him to step down t.r. by the way is an accord between these members of the organization of american states that promises a mutual defense among them but while there were bans being dropped on venezuelan political officials bans were being lifted in the name of baseball is reuters is also reporting that the u.s. treasury department has created an exemption from its venezuela related sanctions allowing for transactions with the country's local baseball league this moved out paves the way for players under contract with the u.s. major league baseball teams or their minor league affiliates to participate in the venezuelan league known as the l b b p so baseball good socialism bad and all the venezuelans are trapped in between joining us now to discuss is a coordinating committee member of the black alliance for peace not for freeman
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knepper always a pleasure having you on sir thank you so do you recently returned from venezuela what do you think the effect of this travel battle will be for those 25 as whalen is affected by it and the president nicolas maduro so again is going to it's going to. increase the isolation of the country and people tend to look at these bans on individuals as not so harmful as is something you know this only targeting people who are guilty of something but they really meant to impede the ability of country to create deals and to do different things and i mean people just need to be able. travel in order to make to work things in this global interconnected world so it's going to actually have some tough implications along with that deal that they made along with this. this agreement was also that if any of these people can be
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extradited those officials could be extradited if they happen to be one of these countries that is greece to or somewhere else that agrees to this this this thing i think it's important for us to understand what's happening in these countries there and it's important also to look at the countries who are doing it brazil colombia. argentina and and so these are countries that are in the right word shift they are you know and so now with the united states is doing is up in the ante against trying to assert its interest in the region it's a solidification of what we call the black alliance for peace the pen european nato e.u. axis of domination and so it's not just in like in the opening it's not just the government's socialist policies it is that largely but it's also the in business well in particular but also other countries there is
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a mass popular these movements the socialism and what's being built there is a little led by masses of people of color and so that is very disheartening for them because we're talking about decades or maybe even if you say centuries of european nation in these countries there is not just the political thing but it's also comes with all kind of other cultural affinity and things like that to actually might have something to do with this exception when it comes to baseball which is very interesting it is a very exceptional suddenly popped up you know it's when you talk about this too it also struck me that this is coming right not long after what we saw happen in bolivia with. alice the president there who you know went to mexico and now they're trying to get him back and it almost kind of struck me as one of those things like if they do for men what they want to see that regime change they want to see you know this is one of those kind of travel bans that sets up torpey tries to escape to a fellow country you know ok now we can ship him back now we can you know we you know
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he can do it and my girl with enron you know if that were to happen down there. i want to ask you how does you know and that's colleagues were next question how do you think that this kind of plays into those plans that they've been trying to from about regime change about trying to ferment you know how does this bear on them as people play into those coins like so that makes it more isolated i keep them isolated some isolated but also it's it's a solidifying of these countries who are actually struggling in their own countries with a lot of popular unrest and things like that part of this agreement is also not under the radar also which is related to this agreement but it's not the same is that the united states has pledged to help these countries stop what they're calling demonstrations now poppy demonstrations turn into riots this is what their claim is but what they're trying to this is a very dangerous precedent and that kind of things are they actually being able to to really help what are unpopular governments keep power be by you know on what they're going to send their military or whatever and so we're not even and they
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don't want to understand that these are this is popular unrest so it's really a solidifying of their interests and the players in the region that we're seeing they already know that countries like. nicaragua and venezuela and what other popular or. not do anymore but those known i could do any more but these countries have had to. come together and band together in order to ward off imperialist aggression so they're trying to counterbalance the solidarity and international solidarity of those countries and they have to do this with a lot of propaganda. you know it was interesting too when we mentioned the baseball producer lee because i'm seeing a lot of you know you see a lot in american media and things like that especially on capitol hill here in washington to see that kind of pearl clutching over you know the evil venezuela you know you see going to jack ryan t.v. show all of that. but yet we suddenly allow venezuelan baseball players to come and
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go back and forth and i wonder if that's because at the end of. they were talking about major league baseball america's pastime but moneymaker that it is these talented gentlemen you know are playing in that thing but it's kind of like you know what do you believe was behind that move by the treasury to suddenly say like ok we have these draconian sanctions on this country but let's let the baseball players i'm a man think you hit it on the head already is this is a big money maker and it seems it's not just a big money but it's seen culturally as you know representing you know america so to speak in its exceptionalism also it might you know and i'm not saying i don't know how much of this might be a motivation but what the u.s. state department has long tried to do with cuba is is get its baseball players and its other you know sports athletes to defect and become poster children for denouncing the country and so that's i'm sure that's i consider it if it's not a big girl but if. it's fasting i just when your saw that it was like you know 100
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sides good and bad women who are sides good or bad lipped it does interest me when i saw that dynamic i also want to talk to you because you you were recently in venezuela and it's always nice to talk to someone who's been there on the ground to see the culture see the people and their minutely you know it's been a month you know i think it's been about a month when your last there yeah what do you feel is the biggest misconception that the u.s. you know in u.s. citizens have of the venezuelan culture and vice versa what is venezuela the cultures biggest misconception of the u.s. . so i don't know. bennis will and then a minute when the culture of it is when people have a lot of misconceptions about the weather in the united states has a way you could even get us television well there is a. lot of articles on all these guys and so but you won't get the vice
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versa and so there is a lot of misconceptions here about minutes will and particularly the mass the. the mass media i want to call i guess mass media. doesn't show us i think art can do that other. people like more people warranted outlets the waves of demonstrations like when i was there the coup in bolivia happened when i was there and actually didn't even know they were being they were visiting african afro minutes when the community and they asked this and they interviewed a few people what's important for this and what do you think about the believe and i was. i didn't i didn't know about it and had to find out more about it but. that day or that maybe it was the next day there was a big demonstration of venezuela sing this. libya and we were there for that after this in this conference every statement was mentioning bolivia and everything and i mean even. i know the african people all over the place with the transatlantic
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slave trade but there's afro believe me still. and they were you know made a statement and there was also lots of statements in solidarity with indigenous people so african and business people have that commonality of being trying to work for the colonization and so in that there was a mass demonstration it was like took place the next day is a lot i mean you told my thousands of people going through the streets of caracas you don't get that and you won't hear. people in the media you won't hear any kind of relationship between countries while believing in its will and also the. things are going on you know sanctions makes the harbor people are just like you know they're just thing they're trying to cope and also one that thing happened in bolivia and this is what people don't. know when it's real it fortified because right after that ministry she made threats against our enemies and they're like ok new gotta watch out and people were talking about that the venezuelan drill i am
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a regular venezuelan you know we're not going to let the happen we got you know they they were brought knuckling down they believe in their country even their leaders so that was that was that was some of the things they were seeing there it's interesting it's very interesting i want to say thank you so much for coming on the band illuminating my audiences as always you do and it's always a pleasure having you so much thank you. guess what hawk watchers the universe is apparently no longer flat yes for years scientists in the strawman have been measuring our universe as geometrically flat but now a team of cosmologists have discovered that according to the latest measurements the universe the universe my friends has curves entered the planck satellite a joint effort between nasa and the usa to map the cosmic microwave background across our sky and according to plans for off. it appears the numbers suggest a curved universe not a flat one but what does this mean well for one thing since we all started from the
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big bang a flat universe would mean we just keep expanding forever out into the horizon while a curve universe says that we will eventually come back into it so the universe will come back into itself and something cosmologists are calling the big crunch. now well now the big problem is can we finally can we finally now that we realize the universe is curved can we finally move beyond the whole flat earth mass please it's a globe i'm sorry it's not flat. all right everybody come out the stars are over there remember in this world we are not told that we love them up so i tell you all i love you i robot keep on watching all those hawks out there another great day and . all the yes and the euro the dollar they all refer to each other and they're all
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going deeper and deeper into debt so there's no basic there or there there's no so there's no way to measure the dead against something that is could be considered money or never j.p. morgan said only gold is money everything else is credit or debt ok so without that there is no way to measure that debt and there's no at the moment you know mike my view is that this is leading to a neo feudalism poor you have just a few private equity firms owing 98 percent of all the assets and everyone else is a living as serfs on that for getting back to the dark ages. thinking of getting a new phone the ones we got our shoes from rome why is he didn't know until he was trapped in this tiny little wired we don't need a crate with him he will just. freaking out into the wall when it's pretty much anywhere near and thousands of breeding dogs
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a caged in the in human conditions on puppy farm i mean 67 years you know they've been locked up in cages outside you see no protection from the weather the heat you know the cold air the rain the snow the thunder nothing they have no protection. when you. get to kids. across the u.s. cruel puppy mills are supported by dog shows and still most of the puppies that are coming from these large scale factory farming kind of operations are being sold and that's. there's even a good businesses are involved like. there has been a shocking amount of the organized opposition to adverts to increase the standards of care for dogs bred in commercial breeding for so many most of that opposition is coming from huge agricultural groups and industries that have nothing to do with dogs don't buy dog. treats.
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france is crippled by a nationwide strike over pension reform plans with protests in the capital descending into violence. the russian foreign minister rejects germany's claims that moscow has not been cooperating with an investigation into the murder of a georgian citizen in berlin this summer. twitter faces fresh censorship accusations after a change to its terms of service leads to fears of a shadow banning. the same here.


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