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tv   News  RT  December 5, 2019 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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i france is crippled by a nationwide strike over pension reform plans with protests in the capital descending into violence. the russian foreign minister rejects germany's claims that moscow has not been cooperating with an investigation into the murder of a georgian citizen in berlin. and twitter faces fresh censorship accusations after a change do its terms of service leads to fears of shadow grammy.
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broadcasting live from our studios in moscow this is r.t. international i'm sean thomas certainly glad to have you with us france has been paralyzed by its biggest strike in years with this thursday workers are protesting in mass against the government's plans to overhaul the pension system transport networks have been brought to a standstill with schools and hospitals badly affected as well demonstrations have been held right across the country one of the largest trade unions in france and says 1500000 people marched in support of the protest while the interior ministry estimates 800000 took part. has been following the protest and. this is against the proposed changes by the french government the pension system here in france the idea is that they want a model number of different systems around 42 different systems into a universal system but people say that i will have a massive impact on their pensions because it will mean. but that pensions perhaps
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could be lower in the future or in fact that they might have to work even the long gun that has caused a huge fury here in francais here plasterer public but i can tell you that the crimes go all the way back more than a close to god do nor which is where this process was originally due to start off with what was come for many hours has turned to a huge tensions with clashes between the police and the protest as you might be able to hear some of those plus going off behind us that's tear gas that's being thrown into the protesters the taxes have set light to several parts of the streets around me including some of the electric scooters they've been bringing items to put on to the fire we saw a van. on fire and they got tear gas really coming quite close to us and you might get a sense of it just down that you can see there more tear gas down into the protesters trying move people away from the sand so the fire crews can get on with the job
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which is to try and put out that fire i get you get a sense of some of the damage that's being cool was hit by a shell to hit has been smashed that's something we see quite regularly in the protests another fire taking place across the street actually as are not just that big fire with a big plume of smoke but of course hey it really looks like in the last sort of 10 to 15 minutes hell is broken loose have also been tensions elsewhere in fronts not just here tensions in places like no other cities across from the reality is the people here are angry figures coming in from the prefecture and from the police when the course fronts say that more than 450000 people have taken part in this strike today not just transport workers but teaches students health workers plumbers a fire fighters and even the police people. adamant that they want to have their
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voices heard and it seems like today they've come out to the streets to make sure that's happening among the other protests around france a giant effigy supposedly of president wearing a crown was out on display in the southern city of protesters there were seen hitting it with sticks as it dangled from a tree destroyed there also saw some sporadic violence as demonstrators clashed with police we have been speaking to some of those who have been taking part in these protests. but this is not a strike by railway employees only but a national strike all the employees who don't want to have their pensions and don't want to work more earning less than $3.00 that they did i'm 28 years old i've been working for 10 years and as things are it's clear to me i won't be able to retire it will be impossible to survive until then nobody cares about our working conditions at all. while we're doing is good very good is imposing their will
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present we want to live and work and earn a decent living the same goes for retirees who should get these in pensions because this affects us all we are working youth have to work for us for the unemployed and the pensions it all falls on us and we work poor jobs we want to fight against it. russia has flatly rejected germany's claims that it has not been cooperating with an investigation into the murder of a georgian national in berlin in august russian foreign minister sergei lavrov told r.t. on thursday that it appears moscow will again be blamed for a crime it was not involved in with the story here's archie's my unfinished. relations between moscow and bearly now going drastically downhill germany's unexpected decision to expel 2 russian embassy staffers on wednesday has left more scope fuming angela merkel complained russia didn't do enough to have ceased tame the investigation into the murder of a georgia national back in august and now barely says there is real and sufficient
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indication that russia was behind it i asked russia's foreign minister sergey lavrov for his response in the city is going over russia and germany have special channels set up to tackle issues such as violations of the law we should use them they said we did not cooperate enough this is groundless some countries today recalled the tragedy of m.h. 17 my dutch counterpart said we didn't do enough then we supplied them with all the necessary information with data from our radars and so on we gave them everything where all the satellite images to us promised nobody answered that we asked them what kind of cooperation they want from us they responded by saying you have to confess you did it that would be corporative if germany wants to follow suit nothing good will come of it that's not a good way to deal with anyone and with russia in particular is in him 100 was a 40 year old georgia and citizen of chechen origin he was targeted in
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a berlin park on his way to a mosque with eyewitnesses saying he was shot in the head by a man on a bicycle his murder was then dubbed by the media as scree paul 2.0 and the victim labeled as a kremlin opponent but who was the victim a right hand men to terrorists during the 2nd chechen war his role was to lead extremist groups in the caucasus and recruit spies and hunger shrill as reported paramilitary korea continued into 2012 when he is said to have assisted at georgian operation against his former comrades considered a terrorist by the russian i thought. says he was also listed as a potential is the miss threat for some time in germany to now various media outlets have published their own conclusions into his death the evidence includes 4 to comparisons and killing parton's of a man who had been hiding from interpol and russia and the reporters suggesting the
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wanted murderer was then hard by moscow chechnya to do it again the federal investigation in germany is just the beginning now on google merkel says she hopes russia will help german investigators but it seems no matter who was behind it their embassy expulsion indicates that the verdict has in fact already been given. our to reporting from europe. traders updated terms of service says it will now be able to put limits on content raising fears the social media platform could apply the so-called shadow bans that effectively mean suppressing publicly posted content without the users knowledge that their posts are not visible to followers it is an accusation twitter has faced before but it's hard to see gorged on of comments it could become the norm as of next year. twitter is coming out of the shadows remember all these media figures accusing these social
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platform of sneakily hiding their posts from their followers feeds what big brother hides from us what is referred to as shadow banding may be even more pernicious if you're on the left maybe you're ok with this but if you're not on the left or even if you are and you revere the 1st amendment you should be concerned that's actually been well substantiated vice news which is not a right wing outlet says that this is happening on our own team basis to a lot of folks on the right side of the aisle but almost never people on the left side of the aisle do not know our people very least that's what i think is that you've got to be balanced house leader kevin mccarthy wrote our chairman a letter and said hey this is going on and we think your committee should investigate it and how the twitter boss made a surprise an innocent face saying that oh no no no they're definitely not going behind anyone's backs to quietly hide their opinions twitter under took no behavior
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to selectively censor conservative republicans or conservative voices on your platform correct correct well apparently all those assurances were just a big pile of nonsense now for those of you not to tech savvy i'm talking about a thing called shadow banning to the shadow band user everything looks just fine they can log into their account follow calm and like even post tweets but crucially their posts are simply not shown in other people's feeds even if they are subscribed to the user twitter had been adamantly denying that it does this until it slipped this one smooth change into their constitution we may also remove who refused to distribute any content on the services limit distribution a visit. realty of any content on the service suspended terminate users and reclaim
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usernames without mobility to you it's a case where just a couple of words make all the difference the part about limiting tweet visibility was not in the previous edition of the document here it is nothing of the sort there and one can only wonder why twitter has decided to come clean all of a sudden perhaps because after all the outcry from the users wronged by the platform it simply made no sense in denying it anymore or and maybe because the twitter star had previously outright confessed to shadow banning already on hidden camera one. shadow. oh ok from one of. us. but i want to share. there's even a lawsuit against twitter accusing it of discriminating against conservative voices by your employing its shadow banning tactic. but now that it's in the terms of
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service some users will just have to accept that they are talking to themselves it's not so much that twitter or facebook or any other social media platform have influence what they have is the power to promote certain people's opinion on d. promote tells the people's influence on twitter that is the critical thing and what we need to do is have a fair platform we need to have a free and open discourse and we need to allow everybody to have a similar right to say what they've got to say i don't agree with absolutely everything that he said on twitter not even the conservative stuff that we're talking about but actually it shouldn't be for these big tech companies to decide all discourse all discussion all debates in our own country that is manifestly unfair and it's not a business decision actually it's a public utility and that's a critical point. next week's
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a general election in britain seems to be the next to russia link to scandal on the horizon the opposition labor party leader has been accused by the daily telegraph newspaper of helping to spread russian this information this is after he exposed leaked documents on u.s. u.k. trade talks but it also comes just months after the very same paper published a story apparently based on a leak of the very same documents artie's nichiren explains. it's crunch time ahead of the u.k.'s general election meaning it's now or never to smear anyone and everyone in red in other words link them to russia this week it's mostly comrade jeremy corbett as we can see from this headline bounce off the corp and produced a leaked cache of documents part of which he says reveals how pm boris johnson put the n.h.s. up for sale during trade talks with the us q damage control from mr prime minister the n.h.s. is not for sale and under no circumstances will this government any conservative
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government do anything to put the n.h.s. up for negotiation in trade talks or problems and if you know that those documents represent meetings that took place between a british minister and officials in the usa i think it's time they gave us the shorts that they will not sign off our n.h.s. that they will not sell off our public services as part of a trade deal with the us and i just garage sales aside it's the least dossier that's grabbing attention if not from the russians when i could corbin's documents have possibly come from corbin calls it nonsense but among the pack of those demanding the labor party come clean it seems the daily telegraph knows better independent researchers said the documents carried the specter of foreign influence as they had been published online using methods that directly mirror an earlier russian descent from asian campaign the daily telegraph tools that conclusion from a social media a little that works with nato's atlanta councils think guaranteed impartiality then
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all maybe the guy is the telegraph are looking for answers in all the wrong places it seems the outlet got its hands on a strikingly similar dossier let's take a closer look here's an excerpt from the dossier corbin out there was much talk which printed do you commission as the bad guys it is easier to change your regulation before it's finalized ok again that was from the leak obtained by the opposition leader and this from the dossier published by the telegraph 4 months ago see the difference. british negotiators said washington had repeatedly painted the e.u. commission as the bad guy american official said it was easier to change a regulation before it is finalized there was much talk which painted do you commission as the bad guys it is easier to change your regulation before it's finalized well maybe we should ask the authors of the july report who that source
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was did they have any russian friends who might have provided the documents also here's a tip keep a close eye on the online comments section some of it's really worth a look like this one posted more than 2 weeks ago with links to the very scandalous documents at the center of it all available for anyone and everyone to enjoy however it would seem that the people most concerned about the origins of the dossier happen to be those at the telegraph the u.s. u.k. trade talk minutes found their way on to the internet the cabinet office to investigate and if not do you think they should be. i'm not the answer to that. the international olympic committee has thrown its weight behind claims of anti-doping tampering in a moscow laboratory prompting a response from russia that's very much watch for brits are the interim.
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economic system known as capitalism has generated more wealth than any other system in history in many ways it has defined maternity itself hundreds of millions have been lifted out of poverty however capitalism has also witnessed growing income inequality the appeal of socialism currently on the rise in countless and. you know world of big partisan group. and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smart we need to stop slamming the door. and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now we're watching closely watching the hawks.
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international head of the international olympic committee has back to the findings of a world anti-doping agency panel over alleged tampered results in the moscow laboratory database russia has strongly denied the allegations after performing its own technical investigation artie's medina coach of a picks up the story. group of russian technical experts have conducted their own investigation and rejected claims that moscow manipulated after its test results in its laborious tree database they claim that moscow has transferred all the information required to wada and never tempered with the results of the probe now
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it turned out doubt the database could have been altered by those who had admin access to the system and according to the experts those people would be the program developer and his team who actually back in 2015 fled to the united states right as the doping scandal aska latest russian experts say that they were the ones who tempered because they had admin rights russian experts have found that the developer of the limbs of the most mr meek each of and his colleague mr socialist how did ministries access to the system as a result of the research the russian side has determines the database used to the most has been changed from time to time and after mr rajan give and so believe ski fled to the us the database had been in fact run via the internet from los angeles until june 26th seen the situation changed in 2016 when it was revealed that
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such manipulations took place the russian agency was guarded and 2016 within you had of the department of pointed but a problem seemingly still exist there are actually 2 copies of the database one that was given to wada in 2017 by an unknown whistleblower and the other one provided by the russian side in general this year and the group of experts now believe that it is essentially wrong to compare these 2 copies because of their different origins while the 29000 copy was produced following all the necessary technical requirements the other came from unknown digital front here after possibly being tampered with and that is backed by avid and found during the investigation conducted by the experts. a russian led criminal investigation has found a mechanism of deliberate tampering with a doping test results deeply integrated into the lymph system so what do we have
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now well despite numerous offers coming from russia to create a united and independent investigation team into this matter whatever has been either avoiding or even rejecting these attempts russian experts explain why they think this happened in this case we think that during its probe what is intelligence investigations department tried by all means not to undermine trust in the information provided by the whistleblower and the conclusions made by mr mclaren and now a final decision on the case will be made on december the 9th in paris russia could now face a 4 year ban from hosting major sports competitions and cleanup flits made to compete under troll flack. one of the stars of the hit netflix series narcos wagner mora was blamed or has blamed a leads back in his native brazil for creating a political monster he spoke exclusively to our tea spanish channel host and former
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ecuadorian president rafael correa. illimitable mean how could the people who great brazil choose such a primitive person is both an arrow as an elegant i would this is a good question well perhaps the fact is that when. you know. you don't even think even you have no one so it was in a bubble. but during the government of lula and deal we lived in a certain isolated world the country has reached a new level 30000000 people have moved out of poverty airports are full of people like never before more black students are attending universities we lived in a certain isolated world because lula is a magician and he cheve a reconciliation between social classes which was unlikely to ever happen in brazil told the bankers don't worry everything will be fine the only thing i want is to get people out of poverty you will not lose your positions and your income yes and
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for some time despite high prices for war materials everything went well but then the economy collapsed and humans did not possess the same ability or charisma and then delete which temporarily agreed to this agreement said that's it but some of what it is and even think that the same elite which had no other choice but to support while so narrow is now beginning to realize what kind of a monster they've created and is now trying to distance itself from the stance on the newspapers wrote that was an unsolved murder they do the same with culture figures here that for example i have a lot of lawsuits with journalists as i did not know that i will sue them if they say that i use the law to promote culture because i have leftist views and support leftists ideology and i filed lawsuits against the media but what happened to move is a real mess. 10
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years ago december the 5th tragedy strike in the russian city of perm a deadly fire ripped through a nightclub killing 156 as russia commemorates the horrific incident we spoke to one of the many families still suffering the consequences. because at the current state of us dollars which is a hit to. the marchioness favorite it comes. right . christine you could just get spliffs if you. still didn't. answer questions. concerns.
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been spinning. nearest. the national news or both. sides at which this explanation might push. it on the border texted. me and did it just to finance a finance financing. or something to thank you for quitting ashqelon and janet get them to sign up and shut
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off was last explosive. thank you again vice chair of future support it if. you will. people didn't get to food. czar to international more news at the top there. my feeling with this world is what now is we're so confused and fearful and the certain generation that's controlling all the politics around the world still when
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that generation dies off and children are brought off of this new reality are just materialistic don't really care about these things don't even more automobiles want to live by the side job want to ride a bicycle this movement is global and it's going the world is going to house to go this direction and it's going to change. some of the european union's tendency to believe that is. represents europe has long been a major gripe for russia but as the e.u. experiences significant internal difficulties it is studied to reassess what it is and what it stands for all what does that process mean for the countries sharing the continent with it.
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and its community there are people who believe that it's ok to sell practically food on my table it's really hard there are no jobs and you see that i've got kids and asked to eat and as a parent. i can come up with lots of arguments there's a lot of conflict in the game and between the 2 most of the conflicts i would say are over balls around money and. close one on the children's. is good because the state of california makes $6000000000.00 a year of prison complexes. live where. you don't care. there are a lot of lawmakers in the. financial contributions busy . and there is no doubt. that those same groups pressured
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lawmakers to overturn proposition. before the session even started there were bills that were pretty filed just that because it was repealed but you know. as. for this i mean just the fact that. there are so many issues out here. everybody is struggling in their own way. and face this neighbor the other neighbors and i will meet them at church. at the
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restroom at the sale barn and i'm responsible. and i think this is where the buck ends we individually have to take responsibility as producers and as consumers i think for the public very clearly you know you have a choice in the. at the store. here going to try to fix it i felt more like. if you can't.


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